Smallville: Justice League Orgy (orgy,inter,oral,anal,slash)
by The Fan

Metropolis's Superman-in-training, also known as Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent, sat on the couch in the living room of the Kent farm, sighing in pleasure as Chloe Sullivan went down on him. Hot damn, his sexy blonde-haired female sidekick was the best cock sucker he'd ever seen. He'd been with many men and women before, superheroes and normal people, and Chloe was by far the best oral sex giver he knew. Why hadn't he hooked up with her sooner?

Chloe looked into Clark Kent's eyes as she sucked on his ten-inch, uncircumcised rod of man power. He had one of the biggest dicks she'd ever seen. Even bigger than Jimmy's. Also, he was the first uncut man she'd ever been with. Not that she minded. She liked Clark, the bisexual alien superhero, just the way he was. Kryptonians were a technologically advanced but incredibly atheistic bunch and they didn't believe in circumcising their sons for religious or medical reasons. This was an earthly practice Chloe herself thought was outdated and barbaric. So she licked Clark's balls and sucked his long and thick, uncut dick like there was no tomorrow.

Nearby, his friends Victor Stone and Arthur Curry (also known as Cyborg and Aqua-Man) were having a steamy three-way with Lois Lane. Lois Lane was on her hands and knees, face down and ass up. Standing behind her was a tall, good-looking Black man in his early twenties. His name was Victor Stone, and he was the bio-mechanical wonder known as Cyborg to superheroes and super-villains worldwide. Victor shoved his long and thick Black cock deep into Lois Lane's tight ass. The young white woman would have screamed but she was too busy sucking on Arthur Curry's long and thick cock. The tall, blond-haired and blue-eyed Caucasian surfer rammed his dick deep inside her mouth. Lois Lane finally shut her mouth up for a change. No way she could babble on with a big dick in her mouth.

The Justice League of America's leader and founder, Oliver Queen (also known as the Green Arrow) was having some fun of his very own with two very sexy ladies. One of them was Dinah Lance, a slender, blonde-haired tomboy known as the Black Canary in superhero circles. The other was Tess Mercer, the tall, auburn-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman who took over as CEO of Luthor Corp after the death of billionaire and super-villain Lex Luthor. Tess sat naked on the couch with her shapely legs spread wide open. Oliver Queen licked her pussy as she gently ran her hands through his short blond hair. Tess groaned in pleasure as Oliver Queen licked her pussy and fingered her snatch. If she'd known the billionaire adventurer was so good at licking pussy, she would have hooked up with him sooner.

While Oliver Queen licked Tess Mercer's pussy, Dinah Lance shoved a well-lubricated strap-on dildo into his ass. Oliver Queen loved having his ass played with. Like most of the young supermen in the Justice League of America, he was bisexual. A fact which didn't bother Dinah Lance one bit. She was bisexual herself, for one thing. Also, she liked watching two sexy gay or bisexual men together. There was something primal about man to man action. She rammed the dildo into Oliver's ass, smiling wickedly and winking at Tess.

John Jones, the tall, good-looking older black man who was the human disguise of the alien superhero codenamed the Martian Manhunter introduced Bart Allen, the young superhero known as Impulse to the love that dares not speak its name. The slender, blond-haired and blue-eyed young man sucked on John Jones long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. John stroked Bart Allen's head and murmured words of encouragement to him as the blond guy sucked dick and licked male ass for the first time.

Jimmy Olsen was having some fun of his very own with the sexy Lana Lang. He put the sexy Asian chick on all fours and gave her bald cunt a good licking before sticking his cock into her. Lana was a really good lay, which surprised Jimmy because he always thought she was uptight and uptight women weren't great in bed. Not really. Lana wrapped her arms around Jimmy and urged him to fuck her harder. The young photographer didn't need to be told twice. He thrust his cock deep into the Asian hottie's tight pussy. He'd never been with an Asian woman before but he heard they were spectacular in bed. Hot damn. Lana Lang certainly was.

Lana Lang surprised the hell out of him by asking him to fuck her in the ass. Jimmy Olsen was shocked, but he quickly jumped on her offer. Lana Lang assumed the doggy style position and spread her ass cheeks for him. Jimmy Olsen rubbed his dick against Lana Lang's asshole and eased his cock inside. Lana Lang grimaced as Jimmy began to fuck her in the ass. She hadn't had a man fuck her in the ass since Lex Luthor or Clark Kent. This left her with a bit of a craving for the rod in the butt. And Jimmy seemed like he could handle the job. He gripped her narrow hips tightly as he rammed his cock up her butt hole. Screaming in pleasure, Lana Lang realized she had chosen right.

Oliver Queen was sandwiched between two sexy and very horny women. Not a bad place for any man to be. He was now fucking Tess Mercer's pussy while Dinah Lance licked Tess Mercer's asshole. Dinah Lance loved munching on people's assholes. Male or female, it didn't matter. Ass licking was one of her favorite things to do. She licked Tess Mercer's ass and fingered it deeply with two of her fingers while spanking her. This drove Tess wild. With Oliver Queen's long and thick cock filling her pussy and Dinah Lance's tongue and fingers exploring her asshole, it didn't take the female CEO much longer before she came. And when she did, her screams filled the Justice League Watchtower.

Inspired by Dinah Lance's shining example, Lana Lang borrowed the Black Canary's strap-on dildo and used it on Jimmy Olsen. She put the young photographer on all fours, spread his ass cheeks wide open and eased the dildo into his asshole. Jimmy grunted as Lana began to fuck him in the ass. Truth be told, he was positively turned on by her sexual assertiveness. And he hadn't gotten a good ass fucking since the last time he hooked up with Clark Kent himself. The man with the super dick. He told Lana to pump his ass and the Asian chick did just that, ramming her dildo deep into his ass.

Meanwhile, Victor Stone slammed his cock into Lois Lane's ass like anal sex was going out of style. He got tired of fucking her ass and pulled out, leaving her formerly tight butt a gaping hole. Arthur Curry had a go with Lois Lane's ass next as Victor thrust his dick into her pussy. Lois Lane screamed as the two super studs double-teamed her, filling her holes with their giant dicks. It hurt so good and she absolutely loved it. It wasn't her first time trying double penetration but she had never been with two super studs at the same time. Hot damn, she ought to do this every day!

Oliver Queen pulled his dick out of Tess Mercer's pussy and decided to pay Dinah Lance back for what she did to his ass. The Black Canary grinned, and got on all fours, spreading her butt cheeks wide open. Oliver rubbed his dick against her backdoor, and pushed. Tess watched the two of them going at it, fingering her pussy while watching two superheroes having sex. It was definitely one of the hottest sights she'd ever seen.

John Jones put Bart Allen on all fours and thrust his dick deep into the young superhero's asshole. Bart Allen gritted his teeth as he got butt fucked for the first time. It hurt, having a super-sized Black dick up his ass. However, it also felt oddly good after a while so he kind of liked it. He stroked his cock while the Martian Manhunter rammed his dick up his ass. John Jones hadn't fucked anyone, male or female, ever since he temporarily lost his super powers. The Black superhero wanted to make up for lost time, and Bart Allen's ass was proving to be a very tasty morsel for the sex-hungry older man.

Clark Kent looked at Chloe Sullivan as she sucked every last drop of cum from his dick. Hot damn. Smiling, Chloe told him she could give him what he wanted. Everyone in the Justice League knew that Clark Kent was an ass man. It didn't matter if his lover was male or female. He'd butt-fucked so many women and men. Among them Lex Luthor, Victor Stone, Jimmy Olsen, Lana Lang, Lois Lane and Alicia, the deceased chick who could teleport. Chloe wanted Clark Kent to fuck her ass. Show him she would do for him what so many women and men balked at. She would give him her anal virginity.

Without further ado, Chloe Sullivan got on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open. Clark Kent came up behind her, and pressed his dick against her asshole. With a swift thrust, he went inside. Chloe gasped as Clark Kent's cock entered her ass. He was quite gentle as he penetrated her. Inch by inch, he pushed his way up her asshole. Gritting her teeth, she braced herself for more. Clark grimaced as he worked his dick up Chloe's ass. She had the tightest ass he'd ever fucked. And he'd hooked up with countless men and women who loved being fucked in the ass. He was enjoying this immensely. As Clark fucked her butt hole, Chloe experienced intense pain mixed with pleasure. Grimacing, she endured. That's what Clark loved doing to both men and women. And she wanted to make him happy. Even if it meant forsaking normal bowel movements for the next few days. So she urged Clark to fuck her harder, which he did happily.

Nearby, Oliver Queen thrust his dick deep into Dinah Lance's ass and the young superwoman screamed, urging him to fuck her harder. Oliver didn't need to be told twice. He looked around and saw his various friends and teammates fucking one another. Victor Stone and Arthur Curry were slamming their dicks into Lois Lane's asshole and pussy and the young woman was screaming obscenities as she got fucked by two men at the same time. Some truly nasty things were coming out of her mouth. Who knew Lois Lane got down like that?

Oliver noticed Clark Kent sodomizing Chloe Sullivan. He shook his head. For Superman, this was like shooting fish in a barrel. Chloe had been dreaming of hooking up with Clark for years. Hell, she recently switched bodies with her cousin Lois Lane just to get some loving from Clark. Everybody knew Chloe would do anything for Clark. Like giving up her anal cherry just to make him happy. Oh, well. If that's what made her happy. Oliver winced as he heard Bart Allen's screams. The young superhero known as Impulse was getting sodomized by the Martian Manhunter. And the older Black male superhero was fucking the Scarlet Speedster like there was no tomorrow. Oliver nodded in sympathy, knowing John Jones dick was even bigger than Clark's and could literally split a man's or a woman's ass in half. Speaking of ass splitters, was that Tess Mercer masturbating as she watched Lana Lang sodomizing Jimmy Olsen with a strap-on dildo? Apparently so. Oh, well. Now he'd seen everything!

The assembled superheroes sucked and fucked the night away. When dawn came, it found them lying in a heap of tangled naked bodies. Our very own Superman, Clark Kent was wrapped in Chloe Sullivan's loving arms. Lois Lane lay between the very sexy, masculine forms of Victor Stone and Arthur Curry. Jimmy Olsen lay near Lana Lang, his arm linked with hers. John Jones rested his shoulder on Bart Allen's shoulder as he slept. As for Tess Mercer, she lay between Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance. It was the best party in Justice League history.


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