Smallville: Kal-El And Isobel (MF,anal)
by The Fan

Prelude: Clark Kent. A mild-mannered, good-looking young man from another
planet. The youth who will one day be Superman. Lana Lang. A cute biracial
gal with seriously bad taste in men. First, a mean-spirited Footballer,
then a corn-husking Alien Farmboy, followed by a bald-headed Megalomaniac
with delusions of grandeur. In between, she dated some Meteor-affected
Psychopathic freaks and a gun-toting Mama’s Boy slash Football Coach from
Hell. Are these two boring or what ? The only time Clark Kent is worth
watching is when he’s under the influence of Red Kryptonite. That's when
he can fly, get laid and remind us that he's Superman in the making and not
some chump. The only time Lana Lang isn't boring to the point of tears is
when she's possessed by the Spirit of Isobel, the super-powered Witch.
Isobel acts badass, and gets laid without remorse. Oh, and she steals things
and kicks ass, too. Why not have Clark Kent and Lana Lang become their most
interesting alter egos at the same time ? Well, Watch what happens. It's
going to get intense up in here ! This is the Fan, your narrator for this

Isobel: Hello, there. My name is Isobel. A long time ago in Europe, I was a
Witch. Not just an arrogant bitch who's a pain to everyone but an actual
witch with super powers. In spite of my supernatural abilities, I wasn't
invincible. I was killed by my enemies. But I swore that I would come back.
And now, I am. I am living inside the body of Lana Lang, my direct descendant
through the centuries. Now, reborn, I walk the earth. In a body almost
identical to the one I once inhabited, so long ago. With my powers, I can
become the Queen of the World. And like every good queen, I need a king. The
last time I came to Smallville, I battled a foe of amazing power. Clark Kent.
A young man with amazing powers. He is definitely not of this world. Maybe he
can be my King and Consort. If we don't kill each other first. So, I
approached Clark Kent, disguised as Lana Lang, the girl he loved. He was a
mild-mannered youth with god-like powers. He had the power but lacked the
will to use it. I'm going to change that.

Kal-El: Howdy, folks. Do you know who you're talking to? Kal-El of Krypton.
Last surviving member of the Kryptonians, the Race Created to Kick the
Collective Ass of the Universe. I'm not Clark Kent's dark impulses brought
to life by Red Kryptonite. No sir. I'm the real Clark Kent, once he sheds
his human disguise. I'm the real identity. He is a mask which I am forced
to wear. Luckily, my girl Isobel freed me from him.

Isobel: Once I discovered the amazing effects Red Kryptonite have on Clark
Kent, I couldn't wait to use them on him.

Kal-El: She snuck up into Clark Kent's bedroom and put the moves on him. The
farmboy never knew what hit him. She doused him with Kryptonite. And then I
was back!

Isobel: I was surprised by what happened. Actually, I was thrilled. Kal-El is
something else! He's so different from Clark Kent!

Kal-El: Clark Kent is a little boy. I'm a grown man. Actually, more than just
a man.

Isobel: A Superman!

Kal-El: Damn right, girl. Are you gonna tell them what we did next or should

Kal-El: Oh, I will. They're gonna want to hear this. As soon as I came back,
I forged an alliance with Isobel. And we sealed the deal…my way. If you know
what I mean.

Isobel: We had sex.

Kal-El: Hell yeah! I mean, Clark Kent is around so many beautiful women all
day and doesn't do anything. Chloe Sullivan's in love with him but he won't
touch her. Lana Lang has the hots for him but he can't make upm his mind.
Lois Lane is a loud-mouthed bitch who NEEDS fucking but he won't tap that
ass either.

Isobel: You're right. Clark Kent is pathetic. (laughs out loud)

Kal-El (laughing too): We both made up for lost time, didn't we, babe?

Isobel: Heck yeah ! We did it right then and there, in Clark Kent's bedroom.

Kal-El: It was so hot. Clark Kent was already naked, so it was convenient.
Oh, man. My girl Isobel just climbed on top of me and got undressed. She has
a banging body and....

Isobel: Thanks, Kal. You have a hot body too.

Kal-El: Hell yeah! Say, woman, you're gonna let me finish the story or what?

Isobel: Continue.

Kal-El: Oh, man. It was hot. This girl is so wild, folks. I never knew she
could be like that. The girl kissed every inch of my body, and then she began
sucking on my dick like a pornstar.

Isobel: I'm better than a porn star. I have centuries of experience.

Kal-El: Hey, you'll hear no objections from me, babe. You were rocking that
first time. I just want them to get the picture, you know.

Isobel: It was fucking hot, Kal-El. I was there, you know.

Kal-El: So, yeah. She was sucking on my dick like oral sex was going out of
style. I got hard as steel and then...

Isobel: You're my Man of Steel.

Kal-El: Look, babe. Can I tell the story, please? Thank you!

Isobel: Touchy, are we?

Kal-El: Ah, come on. Don't be like that, baby. It's just that I want them to
know about my first time bagging a hot babe sans interference from Clark

Isobel (laughing): Do your thing, stud.

Kal-El: Isobel sucked my Jimmy until I came. When I did, she drank my manly
juice. Afterwards, I pushed her onto the bed and spread her legs. I went and
gave her pussy a good licking.

Isobel (licking her lips): You are so good at eating pussy, Kal-El. I think
you were a Lesbian in a Past Life.

Kal-El (laughing): I got mad skills, babe. So, anyway, I licked her pussy,
and fingered that snatch, and then....

Isobel: Oh, come on. Kal-El, spice up the story, stud. You licked my pussy,
then you shoved me on all fours and put that big dick of yours inside my

Kal-El: Oh, yeah, folks. It was hot! I grabbed her hair and shoved my dick
hard into her pussy. I made her scream my name.

Isobel: He owned that pussy. You did, didn't you, lover boy? You fucked
me good. You tore into my pussy with your big cock and made me scream in
tongues. Then, you spread my butt cheeks and fucked me in the ass.

Kal-El: My girl has a nice ass. It was so damn tempting. I couldn't help

Isobel: I like anal sex. I've done it before. Ever heard of lube, mister? I
mean, that first time really hurt.

Kal-El (smirking): Oops. What can I say, girl, it was my first time.

Isobel: Whatever.

Kal-El: I tapped that ass, folks. For those of you who've dreamed about it
all these years, Lana Lang finally got fucked in the ass.

Isobel: It's Isobel. Don't you forget.

Kal-El: Babe, of course. Who am I to disagree?

Isobel: Even without lube, it was definitely hot. I love getting fucked in
the ass. Kal-El here has the hardest dick I've ever felt.

Kal-El: The Man of Steel has the dick of steel, babe. Get used to it.

Isobel (laughing): That's for damn sure!

Kal-El: Man, it was awesome. Isobel's ass was wonderfully warm and tight.
Since her Host Body Lana had never experienced anal before, I got to take
her anal cherry. I fucked that ass like anal sex was going out of style.

Isobel: I was still sore the next day.

Kal-El: Pleasurably sore, I take it?

Isobel (pensively): Well, it was fun. Still, it hurt.

Kal-El: I tapped that ass like it was my last time. I buried my cock so far
up her ass, I'm surprised it didn't come out of her mouth.

Isobel: Bastard, you'll pay for that.

Kal-El: Whatever, babe. I'm just saying. You have a fabulous ass. I'm
addicted to you.

Isobel (dreamily): Really?

Kal-El: You have the best ass in the world, babe.

Isobel: Go on with the story.

Kal-El: Women, you gotta tell them what they need to hear. Anyway, I put my
hands on Isobel's hips and filled her ass with my cock. I yanked her head
back as I drilled my cock into her booty hole. She squealed in delight as I
fucked her. Laughing, I continued slamming my cock in and out of her booty
hole. We went at it until she begged for mercy. That's when I came.

Isobel: You could have warned me, Kal.

Kal-El: Sorry, babe. It took me by surprise too. Your ass was so tight that
my dick just couldn't take it anymore. So I blew my load inside you. It was
the best feeling ever!

Isobel: I felt like my ass was being ripped apart!

Kal-El: Hot damn, I'm that good!

Isobel: You're a real prick, you know that, Kal. You're lucky I love you.

Kal-El (picking Isobel in his arms): And I, witch, totally love you too.

Isobel: And that's how it began. That night, Kal-El flew the both of us out
of the Kent Farm and into Metropolis.

Kal-El: Hell, yeah. I wasn't gonna let my girl stay in no stinking farm. She
belongs in the big city, where the fine things are.

Isobel (blushing): Kal, I love you so much!

Kal-El: Right back at you, babe.

Isobel: Tell them how we conquered the world together.

Kal-El: First, I showed my girl a good time. We both needed a break. We had
some fun. I robbed fifteen banks and pocketed thirty million dollars in one
hour. I bought Isobel some diamond earrings and a hot red Kimono dress.

Isobel: He's so good to me.

Kal-El: We went around the world, flying and taking whatever we wanted.
Nobody could stop us.

Isobel: Until Lex Luthor came into the picture.

Kal-El: Don't remind me.

Isobel: But they must know! Lex Luthor figured out that Clark Kent was an
alien. He brought the US Army with him, along with various Law Enforcement

Kal-El: For all the good it did them. With my super powers and Isobel's
magic, we were unstoppable.

Isobel: Well, that wasn't totally true, Kal. You almost died.

Kal-El: That's debatable.

Isobel: Lex Luthor and his goons came after us. I turned the Army men and
women against each other by magically spreading paranoia. Kal took them down.

Kal-El: Piece of cake, I'm a living powerhouse, babe.

Isobel: Honey, you're not invincible. Sometimes, I worry about you. Lex
Luthor almost killed you.

Kal-El: The bastard came after me with a bunch of mutated freaks and a gun
filled with Green Kryptonite bullets.

Isobel: Lex Luthor had super-powered men and women working for him. I took
down most of them. Let's see, there was a big black guy who could throw
lightning out of his hands, and a super-fast red-haired girl. No match for
my magic but they distracted us long enough that Lex Luthor took a shot at

Kal-El: When he shot at me, I thought they were only ordinary bullets. I
didn't dodge them. I melted them with my Heat Vision. One of them got to me,

Isobel: Luckily, it was only in the shoulder. Still, when I saw Kal-El go
down, I frigging lost it.

Kal-El (laughing): Oh, Isobel. You're just a big softy.

Isobel: Watch it, Mister. I'm serious. You need to be more careful. You could
have died!

Kal-El: Chicks, man. They tend to overreact. It was just a flesh wound. Once
Lex Luthor injured me and I went down, his days were numbered.

Isobel: That's right, because nobody touches my man and lives!

Kal-El: Oh, man. She really let them have it. I used my Heat Vision to melt
away both Luthor's gun and his right hand. Isobel summoned lightning and
fried the others, both the US Army men and women and the Super Freaks. It
was awesome!

Isobel: I really did a number on them. They're all crisp critters. Lex Luthor
managed to escape, though. One day, I'll kill him.

Kal-El: Not if I kill him first. I healed pretty quickly and the scar is gone
now but damn, I thought I was a goner for sure.

Isobel: That's why I did an Elemental Transportation Spell. I summoned every
last chunk of Green Kryptonite on the planet Earth and sent them inside the
Sun. There's no more Green Kryptonite anywhere.

Kal-El: You did that for me? Oh, girl. You're awesome.

Isobel (laughing): Who loves you, baby?

Kal-El (picking up Isobel before rising into the sky): I love this woman!

Isobel: Say it louder, lover boy!

Narrator: With that, Kal-El and Isobel left the City of Metropolis. They're
the Planet Earth's First and foremost Power Couple. Nothing and no one can
stand in their way. Ordinary humans bow before them. Mutants gladly serve
them. They're known as the King and Queen of the World.


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