Smallville: Kal-El And Raya (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent stood over the body of Baern, the escaped alien killer from
the Phantom Zone. The alien monster had taken over the body of a young
African-American male and used it as a vessel to move about while on the
planet Earth. The alien had come close to killing both Raya and Kal-El,
but in the end, they succeeded in destroying it. But at what cost, though...

Clark Kent looked down at Raya, the beautiful Kryptonian woman he had only
begun to know. Twice, she had placed herself in danger to save him. First,
she enabled him to escape from the Phantom Zone and the other Kryptonian
prisoners turned on her for helping Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton. And
now, she had helped him battle an alien threat from beyond the stars and
save the world. She lay on the floor of the Fortress of Solitude, dying.
Baern had absorbed all the power contained in General Zod's Black Box and
used that power to strike Raya murderously. In spite of her Kryptonian
powers, Raya was dying.

Clark Kent held her in his arms, unable to help her. What could he do to help
this woman who saved his life? Baern had struck her fatally. She was dead.
Dead, when she should be alive and moving about freely. Dead, when she should
be with him. He had already introduced her to his friend Chloe. How he wished
she could have met his mother. Doubtless, Martha Kent would have been pleased
to meet the young woman who saved her son's life.

He looked at the unconscious body of the young man whom the alien monster
Baern once possessed. Using Jor-El's Special Ring, he removed the alien from
the human body he possessed. The world was safe, for now. Yet Clark Kent had
never felt so alone as he clutched the body of Raya in his arms. Why did this
have to happen? She was the first decent soul he met from his homeworld.

The other Kryptonians he had met had all been evil, from the sentient
machine known as Brainiac/Milton Fine to General Zod and his Disciples, the
dark-skinned Kryptonian warrior known as Nam-Ek and his paramour, the wicked
and beautifully lethal Aethyr. Raya showed him what it was like to be
Kryptonian and yet still be a decent soul. She was such a kind soul. How he
hoped she would be on Earth with him and that he would not be so alone. He
looked around. The Fortress of Solitude was cold and dead. What could he do
to restore it?

He looked at the Ring of Jor-El. The ancient Kryptonian weapon had extracted
the consciousness of the Kryptonian tyrant Zod from the body of Lex Luthor.
It had also extracted the consciousness of the alien fiend Baern from the
body of the young African-American college student he possessed. All this to
save the people of the planet Earth. A world that would never accept him
because he was different. Just when he found someone like him, fate took her
away. Forever. Well, no more!

Clark Kent stood in the middle of the Fortress of Solitude, and called out to
Jor-El, his Kryptonian father.

"Where are you, father?" He called out.

"I need your help."

Jor-El appeared in a flash of light. He wore the disguise he usually wore,
that of Lionel Luthor, the richest man in the world and father of Lex Luthor,
Clark Kent's most ruthless enemy and former Avatar of General Zod of Krypton.

"Raya is dead," Clark told him. "Baern killed her."

Jor-El looked at Clark Kent through Lionel's eyes. "I'm sorry, my son. Raya
was a good friend of mine. A devoted disciple, really. I am sorry for your
loss. She meant much to me too."

"Save her," Clark said.

Jor-El shook his head. "I am not a god, my son. Neither are you. We are men.
Extremely strong and powerful men, but men nonetheless. Bringing the dead
back to life is beyond both of us."

Clark stared angrily at Jor-El. He didn't like what he was hearing. "You
brought me back, once. When I was made mortal and got killed, you saved me.
Can't you do the same for her?"

Jor-El shook his head. "Son, I did not bring you back from the dead. I merely
extracted your DNA and created an identical clone body before transferring
your consciousness into it. Your previous physical form is no more."

Clark stared at him, shocked. "No way," he said. "This is my body."

Jor-El smiled. "An exact duplicate, my son, but a new body nonetheless."

Clark absorbed it all. So, he had really died and his father used alien
technology to remove his consciousness from his dead body and transferred it
into an identical clone body. Wow. Business as usual in his world. Welcome
to Smallville.

"Do the same thing for Raya," Clark said.

Jor-El shook his head. "Not when the Fortress lacks power."

Clark thought about it. "I will restore the power," he said.

Before his alien father's horrified eyes, the Last Son of Krypton pressed his
hands against the walls of the Chambers of the Fortress. He summoned all of
his power from deep within, and poured it into the walls in the form of pure

Jor-El protested. "Stop it, son, you'll kill yourself."

Clark Kent looked at his father. "Raya saved my life twice, father. She
means much to me. Besides, I'd rather be dead than alone on a planet full of

Clark felt his powers leaving him. He felt drained. Yet he didn't stop. He
thought about all the times he felt alone.

Lana Lang, whom he loved, could never accept him for who and what he was.
Jonathan and Martha Kent, though they loved, could never fully understand
what it was like to be him. Pete Ross, his former best friend, tried to
understand him but ended up using him. Chloe Sullivan, whom he loved as a
friend, accepted him but he didn't feel the same way. She was a great girl,
but she was not his kind.

He didn't want to be alone anymore. With that, he willed all of his energies
into the Fortress of Solitude. Then, he collapsed.

Jor-El looked at the Fortress as it came alive. Then, he looked at his son's
body. "What have you done, Kal-El?"

Clark Kent woke up slowly and painfully. He was lying on a strange surface,
in a white room somewhere. He opened his eyes, and gasped. Standing before
him, smiling, was Raya.

"Raya!" Clark exclaimed. "You're alive!"

Raya smiled and embraced him. "Thanks to you, Kal-El."

Clark looked at her, and smiled. He rose from the table where he had
been resting. He stood steadily for a moment, then wavered a bit. With
lightning-fast reflexes, Raya helped him up. "Be careful," she said.
"You're still recovering."

Clark laughed. "I still think I can race faster than you."

Raya laughed. "That's to be determined, Kal-El."

Clark looked around. Once more, the Fortress of Solitude was brilliantly

"Everything is back online," Clark Kent said.

"Jor-El's Avatar saved me," Raya told him. "Once the power was restored, he
used the Fortress's facilities to heal the damage done to me by Baern."

Clark smiled. "You look good, Raya."

Raya smiled. "So do you."

Clark smiled at her, then frowned. "Where's Jor-El?"

Lionel suddenly appeared before them. "Good to see you, Clark."

He nodded at Raya, then continued. "Jor-El is once more inhabiting the
Interactive Complex which regulates the Fortress. He used me to heal the
both of you."

"Thanks, I guess," Clark Kent said.

Lionel shook his hand. "Don't mention it, Clark. Glad I could help. Lord
knows how many times you saved the world."

Raya gently squeezed Clark Kent's hand. "He gets that from Jor-El. The House
of El has produced many great people."

Clark smiled. He was blushing. Suddenly, Raya's face was much closer, and she
bent to...

Lionel scratched his throat. "Son, you have been gone from the world for
hours. Your mother is worried sick. You should get home."

Clark smiled, and clasped Raya's hand in his. "Let's go home," he said.


Martha Kent sat in her living room. It was late and she wondered where her
son Clark was. It wasn't like him to just take off. Not without an emergency.
He was the most reliable man in the world. Where was he? She was worried
sick. First, that strange young man with the glowing eyes showed up at the
farm and then vanished, running away at super speed. Was he a rogue
Kryptonian going after Clark? Could her son handle him? She was worried sick.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Martha rushed to open. There he was,
her son Clark Kent. And he was not alone. Lionel was with him, along with a
tall, beautiful young woman whom she did not know.

Martha Kent hugged her son. "Clark, you're alright!" she said.

Clark smiled and hugged his mother. "I am now, thanks to these two," he said,
indicating Lionel and the female stranger.

Lionel nodded gracefully. "Glad I could help."

Clark pointed at the young blonde woman, who smiled gently. "Mom, I'd like
you to meet Raya," he said. "She's from Krypton."

Raya smiled at Martha. "Greetings," she said.

Martha looked at her son, then at his lady friend and Lionel. "Come inside,"
she said. "You can tell me all about it."

Six months later...

The gangsters stormed into the bank. Four men and two women, attired in
head-to-toe black gear and armed with guns. They wounded the policeman who
stood guard at the door. They took the money, knocked an elderly employee
in the head and were about to take off when....

Suddenly, twin blurs rushed through the bank. A red and blue blur,
followed by a streak of black and gold. These twin blurs were actually a
normal-looking man and woman, except that they were moving at super speed.
In no time, they took out the bank robbers, rushed the wounded policeman
to the hospital and returned the money to the bank vaults. All in less
than sixty seconds. They were out of the place before anyone saw them.

Clark Kent and Raya stood twenty blocks away, watching as the cops unmasked
the robbers and hauled them away to jail.

"Wow," Raya said. "What a rush."

Clark smiled. "I love super speed," he said. "Especially when it's time to
fight evil."

They were currently in the park, behind some rather tall and thick trees,
away from prying eyes. Clark wore a red shirt and blue jeans. Raya wore a
black shirt, black jeans and boots. Her long blonde hair flowed freely off
her shoulders.

"I must admit, living under a yellow sun does have its perks," Raya chuckled.

Clark lay on the grass, relaxing. Raya joined him on the soft grass. "It's
just so nice to finally be able to share it," he told her.

Raya looked at Clark Kent, also known as Kal-El of Krypton. He was simply the
most beautiful man ever. She felt drawn to him ever since she first met him
in the Phantom Zone. He was the spitting image of his father Jor-El, the only
man who stood up to General Zod's tyranny back on Krypton.

"You're not alone," she told him. "You need never be alone again."

Clark looked at her, and smiled. She smiled too, and kissed him. Clark
embraced her, and they gently rolled around on the grass. Raya climbed on
top of Clark. For so long, she had wanted him. It had been ages since she
made love with anyone.

"I want you, Kal-El," Raya said.

Clark kissed her once more. "I want you too," he told her.

He looked at her. "Not here, though."

Raya smiled. "Race you to the barn."

With that, the sexy Kryptonian woman ran through the streets of Metropolis
at super speed. Clark raced after her, laughing. When he arrived at the barn
of the Kent farm, he was in for a sexy surprise.

"I'm here," he told her.

Laughing, Raya disrobed. Clark marveled at her sexy, beautiful body.

"Do you want me, Kal-El?" Raya asked.

Clark nodded. "I've wanted you from the first moment I saw you."

Raya undressed him hastily, and looked at his fine, masculine form. He was
beautiful, especially naked. At last, she got to have the man she loved.
Clark kissed her, and caressed her face, her neck and back. Raya closed her
eyes and took his hands, guiding them to her breasts. She desperately craved
his touch. His hands caressed her breasts, then went to her buttocks. He held
them firmly in his hands. Raya smiled, and her hands went to his hard, aching

"Take me, Kal-El!" Raya moaned.

Clark Kent held Raya by the hips, and thrust into her. Raya gasped as he
entered her. Penetration was an all-too-familiar sensation, one she had been
denied through all those years inside the Phantom Zone. Now, the gal wanted
to make up for lost time.

"How does it feel, Raya?" Clark asked.

"Great!" Raya cried out.

She began to ride him for all she was worth. Each downward thrust of hers
drove his hard cock deeper into her. She groaned, aching to have more. She
wanted to feel all of him in her depths. Places inside her that ached for
him. Clark thrust into her, hard and fast, just the way she liked it. They
made love like this passionately, for hours. Unlike ordinary men and women,
they had almost no sexual limits. They made love countless times, until
exhaustion finally claimed them.

Clark Kent and Raya lay on the hay-covered floor of the barn.

"How was it?" Raya asked.

Clark slowly let out his breath. His lean, muscular body was covered with

"I've never felt anything like this before," he told her honestly.

Raya smiled and gently stroked his cheek. "Kryptonian men and women are
passionate," she told him.

Clark smiled. "Oh, that I know."

Raya looked at him adoringly. "Especially when they're in love."

Clark looked at her. Damn, she was really something. One hell of a woman.

"I love you too, Raya."

Raya grinned, and snuggled closer to him. Clark kissed her on the forehead,
then fell asleep. Raya looked at him. He was so handsome. The son of Jor-El,
the man she idolized. Back on Krypton, Raya the impressionable young
scientist had a crush on Jor-El, Krypton's greatest military scientist.
Unfortunately for her, Jor-El was utterly devoted to his wife Raya. Raya put
aside her feelings as she worked with the man she secretly adored. Now,
decades later, on a new planet, she had fallen in love with his son Kal-El.
And he loved her back ! Was she lucky or what ? She took his hand and kissed
it, then went to sleep as well.

Deep inside the Kent house, Martha Kent stirred. She had heard some rather
unusual noises and like the feisty farmer that she was, she decided to
investigate. She went by the barn, hoping it was merely a wandering coyote
and not some intruder. What she saw amazed her. Her son Clark Kent and his
lady friend Raya of Krypton, entwined in love.

Martha smiled, and did not disturb them. "It's about time," she said to

The End


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