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Smallville: Last Night
by DCForever

Smallville, Kansas - Present Day

The cold driven dark night air sent chills through a struggling blonde
girl's athletic body as a large hand remained closed over her mouth. The
side of her face pressed hard against a hard, rough brickwall, body
shaking and spasming with no end. There was no consent. Her tears gather
on the attacker's hand as he pistons his hardened cock deep into the girl's
bowels. There is no escaping. There is only the inevitable. Only minutes
go by, but much is lost in that time. The girl's body is left limp and
lying over a trash can sitting in an alley, her blood running down her legs
and dropping in a pool around her feet. She's been broken. Taken. Seeks
comfort and solitude, though there is none. She finds herself with only one
thing...misery, esctasy, and sleep.

* * *

"Good morning, Clark," said Chloe Sullivan with her normal peppiness as she
started her day as usual, pouring herself a cup of coffee in The Torch's
office...her office.

"Chloe," Clark Kent responds in his normal chagrin.

"So did you hear about the girl that got attacked last night in Cedar Ally?"
Chloe asked, making her way over to her computer with her coffee mug in hand.

"Nope, can't say that I did. When did it happen? Did you get a name?" Chloe's
coffee spilled on her desk as she set it down too hard, frustrated that her
friend and colleague had yet to learn one thing about true journalism.

"Okay Kent, an aspiring journalist you are not. They never ask where, when,
how before the very important who. How many times must we go over this?"
Clark always seemed to be in the doghouse for something when it came to his
relationship with Chloe. They never really met eye-to-eye on anything, except
for the brief boyfriend/girlfriend hook up that drastically went awry.

"I'm sorry, Chloe. Got a lot of stuff on my mind. So who was the female
that got attacked?" The tall, studly farmboy asked as one of his other best
friends entered the room and immediately let his presence felt.

"So did ya'll hear about Chelsea Turner getting raped in Cedar Ally last
night after she left The Talon?" He blurted out to Clark and Chloe's dismay.

"Pete!" Chloe's frustration turned from one victim to the next, but she was

"Chloe, you never said that the person was raped. Now why wouldn't a
journalist mention something as important as that to her colleague?" She
was beside herself.

"I swear I didn't know. I guess I turned on my police scanner a little late
this morning."

"Forget scanners. It's all over the school. Seems she was an alumi of the
school, graduated in the Class of 2000. If you two ever left this office for
more than coffee runs and classes you could hear these things." He looked
over toward Clark with a knowing smirk. If anyone should be able to hear,
see, or know anything it should be him. Supes as Pete liked to call him.

"Pete's right, we should get out more...what do you say, Clark?" Clark
dropped his guard for a second, realizing Chloe's phrasing of her words were
very similar to the girl of his dreams, Lana Lang. He couldn't help not to

"I am? Chloe's admission was as big of a shock to him as Chloe's eye contact
was with Clark. "Of course I am." Stated Pete, suddenly full of himself.

"Come on Pete, you're not falling for this are you? You know, as well as I,
that she is only agreeing with you because she wants something. It's the only
time she ever openly agrees with either of us."

"Ah man, kill the ego boost will ya. See Chloe, you almost had me there for
a second. So what does the lovely and talented Ms. Sullivan want?" She shot
Clark an evil stare.

"Nothing. I swear. I just felt you were right is all. We do need to get out
of the office more." Pete once again caught the eye contact and slight smile
coming from his female friend.

"Oh, I see where this is going. You weren't talking about us as in us three.
You were talking about us, as in you and Clark. Hot or Cold?" She blushed.
Pete cracked her, but Chloe wasn't known for being speechless. Clark found
himself blushing as well, but not quite sure why.

"No comment."

"So Pete, since you seem to have a bit more knowledge on the subject, do you
know if the police have any leads already?" Chloe asked, getting away from
the previous embarrassment and back to what she did best; being a reporter.
When in doubt, ask questions.

"That I don't know. I already gave you the extent of what I've heard. That's
all this frontline reporter has to offer." Pete turned to Clark.

"Clark, what do you th...where did he go?" He asked, alarming Chloe to
Clark's disappearance. She looked around and didn't see him either.

"Another great Kent escape I guess. How does he do it?" She wondered.

"Light on his feet perhaps." Pete suggested, knowing the truth Chloe
continously seeked. "I'm going to class, Chloe. Let us know if you find out

"Hey, I've got classes too you know. How would I find out anything?"

"Come on, Chloe. You're Chloe. I've come to expect more from you. Later."
She smiled, knowing Pete knew herself as good as she knew herself. She
quickly sat down at her computer and opened her electronic police scanner
program a hacker friend had installed for her. She filled in all the
important keywords she had for the time being and started the search,
hoping that by the end of the day, she would have plenty of reports and
information leading to the accident in the ally.

* * *

Smallville, Kansas - 4 P.M.

The hip and popular teen joint, The Talon, is raking in the business as
usual; students and town people drinking, eating, and chatting away their
afternoons. One booth in particular was occupied by Chloe, Pete, and Clark
as they too sipped coffee, cappuccinos, and ate pieces of the experimental
cheese cake Lana had made earlier in the morning before attending school.

"Okay guys, as you probably already know, I did some snooping and what I
found...well, it's pretty disturbing. I tried my sources at the Sheriff's
Office, but everyone is being hush-hush about the whole incident. I think
they are keeping something from us. Though I couldn't get anything from
them personally, I was however able to hack into their criminal database.
They really should safeguard those backdoor security entrances. An amatuer
could get in."


"Oh sorry. The report was clear on somethings, but really vague on others.
It wasn't a well written report."

"It's possible that it wasn't completed. Maybe they were hoping to get more
evidence or something before I finished it." Pete added.

"Hey, you could be onto something there, Pete. Good thinking. Well what I
did find out was interesting. The girl was taken and examed at Smallville
Medical Center. She had a high level of alcohol in her system. She was
previously a virgin." Chloe's admittance to her last statement threw the
guys off. They were shocked that she would even mention such a topic in
their presence considering she had never allowed herself to be open with
her own experience(s) or non-experience(s).

"You don't have to go on if you don't want to, Chloe. Pete and I can read it
ourselves if you don't want..."

"I'm fine. Journalists don't always have to agree or like somethings about
the job, but they have to do their job. So what if this is my first rape
investigation. I'll be fine. She was a virgin."

"You said that already." Pete said before realizing he may have just stuck
his foot in his mouth. Chloe didn't comment, but she wanted to.

"Oh, orgasms. Yeah, there was something in the report about non-stop,
consistent orgasms. Let's see." She opened the folder in her hand and looked
for the specifics on her printouts. "Yeah, here it is. It seems she ohhh...
wow...ummm...that's a long time. Sorry, three hours. She had consistent
orgasms for a period of three hours after the incident." Chloe felt a wetness
growing between her legs.

"Is something like that even possible?" Clark asked, unsure as to why; just
the thought of it causing his member to harden in his jeans.

"Think she was one of Smallville's meteor freaks?" Pete asked, getting a not
too pleased look from Clark's direction.

"I can't say. I guess it could be possible. The freak thing...not the you
know." Again her face had turned red from blushing.

"Something to look into then." Clark suggested before Pete had a chance to
say something ill-regarded again.

"That's not all. This wasn't in the Sheriff Deputy's report, but it was in
the pictures I was able to download from the medical center. There was a
light residue around her pubic area where the attacker burned her pubes off.
I'm thinking a propane lighter or torch that you can pick up at a regular
convenent store or something. I only say this because I once burned the hair
on my arm by playing around with one. The same looking residue was left

"Chloe's really finding this difficult to talk about, but she's doing it.
You go girl," thought Clark as he listened closely to every detail Chloe was
able to dig up about the ally incident.

"Have there been others? I mean, it could be possible that none of that has
anything to do with the other. We don't know this person. I know that look,
Chloe. I'm just saying that we really can't establish an MO unless there have
been others, right?"

"You could be right, Clark. Even though we can't establish an MO, we can
in the meantime try and cover all the angles we can think of and hopefully
stumble upon something useful in helping the Sheriff." Chloe commented with
a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

Clark wasn't one to push anything. He knew when to keep quiet. "Well, Pete
and I will ask around school tomorrow to see what people are saying. Like
he said earlier, we need to get out of the office more. Maybe someone knows
something that could help us. Anyway, I've got to get to the farm. Chores
as usual." Clark's beeper goes off as he is standing up to leave.

"Whoa...when did the primative Clark Kent get himself a pager?" Chloe asked.

"His buddy Lex probably." Pete mumbled, showing his ill-will for
Smallville's million dollar man, Lex Luthor, son of the Metropolis
power-hungry conglomerate, LuthorCorp, owner and founder, Lionel

"No. Actually it was a gift from a woman that I helped out last weekend.
It's nothing."

"Clark Kent, always the hero." Chloe added with a smile.

"Hero? Hmmm...wouldn't exactly call a person a hero for helping a woman in
need with her groceries. I wouldn't except money and she refused to let me
go without something, so she gave me one of the beepers she was selling and
said she would have it activated immediately."

"Oh you mean Margaret Sellers?"

"Yeah Pete, I believe that was her name. Why, do you know her?"

"She's been selling pagers and phone services in and around town for years.
How do you think I got mine? Except I helped her wash her car last year."

"I tried to not accept it, but I figured that would just be rude. So I
accepted it. I figured it could come in handy. She insisted that we swap
numbers in case either of us needed the other at some point."

"So in other words, you were turning up the Kent charm?"

"Chloe girl, you can't blame my man here if he was. Ms. Sellers...damn,
the woman is finer than fine and I hear that she is still single. We never
swapped numbers. You dawg, you! Maybe you should punch up those digits of
hers and get yourself some of that."

"Wow, guess we know what kind of research Pete has been doing all these
years. Little much there pal." Chloe wanted to get back on topic.

"What about the page you just got? Aren't you going to respond?"

"Yeah, sure I due time."


"Just kidding. You need to lighten up on that caffeine. It was just a
reminder from my parents to pick up a few things from the market before I
went home. And if I don't get going...that'll be two things I'm late for."
Clark picked up his bookbag from beside the booth, headed up to the counter
to tell Lana something, and then left. Chloe and Pete weren't far behind
him in dispersing themselves.

* * *

Smallville, Kansas - The Following Day - 3:30 P.M.

Pete busts through The Torch's office door, breathing heavy and panting hard,
attempting to find a much needed breath.

"I think I may have got something on your story, Chloe. Now what I have...
well, it's serious. I'm saying this upfront...I didn't make this up, it's
what I heard and later was told. So, have either of you ever heard of
something called 'The SVC'?" Clark and Chloe both shook their heads in

"Well, supposedly it is The Smallville Virginess Club. Okay, I know what
you're both thinking, but I swear I didn't make any of this up. I overheard
some of the jocks talking about it in the lockerroom earlier. They were
talking about how it was such a coincedence. Our victim, Ms. Turner, was in
that club. Okay, it is more of a list than a club. Either way, she was on
it. I approached and asked the guys what they knew of the incident. They
didn't seem to know more than what we already know. But they were able to
tell me a little about 'The SVC.' Seems it was originally called a club to
throw off snoopers. In fact, it is nothing more than a book, well, orginally
a it's become a database of some sort that dates back some fifty
years. Seems once a Smallville High female attendant was devirginized she
was crossed off the list. It is believed she didn't necessarily have to be
or have been a student. Teacher. Principal. Janitor. Coach. Didn't and still
doesn't matter as long as you are a female and have walked through the
school's sacred front doors." Clark and Chloe were both taken back by Pete's
words. Unsure of really how to respond.

"So this list is still active then?" Clark asked, receiving a nod from Pete's
direction, before looking toward Chloe who was slowly shaking her head. "Is
there anyway we might could get our hands on the list?"

"No can do. I asked them about its location, but they only seemed to have
knowledge of the list, having never seen it themselves. They pretty much
learned of it the same way I did. Overheard some people talking about it.
Sorry guys."

"So, someone knows of this list and its location? If it is already spreading
around the school that Chelsea Turner was on the list then someone knows more
than what they saying or not saying. Good job, Pete. At least it is something
more to go on. I bet not even the Sheriff knows of this list. 'The SVC?'
What a sexiest name for a club/list...or whatever the hell it is." Chloe
immediately started taking down everything Pete had just told her and Clark.

Outside the office, a major ruckous was being made by a student running down
the hall screaming at the top of his lungs. Chloe and the gang heard the
noice and rushed out into the hall to investigate the interruption. One of
their fellow students ran past them screaming, "Get the nurse. Someone's just
been raped."

Chloe looked back at the person, giving Clark a window of opportunity to
perform yet another disappearance act. He didn't know where the victim was
in the school, but that wasn't going to stop him from finding and helping
her. Students left hanging around school were rushing into the halls from
all directions as the result of the news. Clark flashed and dashed around the
school and the mob of students in his way, using his blazing, unseen speed to
find the girl, which he finally did. He only had seconds before the mob
arrived on the scene, giving him just enough time to cover her spasming body
in his flannel, plaid shirt, lift her up in his strong, comforting arms, and
rush her to safety.

Due to his growth and maturity in using his abilities, he reached the
Smallville Medical Center approximately the same time Chloe, Pete, and
the rest of the students reached the scene of the crime in the school's
gymnasium. The only evidence of anything happening at the scene, was
traces of the girl's blood. Pete suspected the girl's sudden disappearance
was rationally linked with Clark and at the same time, Chloe was having
the exact same suspicion, though she would never mention it, yet admit it.
The students felt they had been had and rushed after the student who ran
around spreading the news.

"They seem pretty angry." Pete commented as the students started screaming
and running after one of their own.

"He could probably use a Clark Kent right about now, that is for sure." Chloe
responded, paying close attention to Pete for any type of weird reaction.

"A hero indeed." She couldn't read him, but deep down she knew Pete knew more
about Clark than he was letting on.

* * *

Smallville, Kansas - Smallville Medical Center - 4:20 P.M.

"Young man, would you care for something to put on? Hospitals can get
pretty nippy at times if you know what I mean." Clark looked down at his
well-defined bare chest.

"Thanks. That's very nice of you." He stood up from his seat and accepted
the bed shirt from the nurse, put it on, and then found his seat again.
"Will she be okay?" He asked with genuine concern.

"The deed was done. Everything points to a good bill of health, but after an
experience like this, the trauma can never be diagnosed. We'll just have to
see how things go. It's a major plus that you were able to get her here so
fast. By the way Mr. Kent, how did you get her here so fast?" Clark wasn't
prepared for the question and did the only thing he could do...he reached in
his pocket and triggered his pager to go off.

"I'm really sorry, I probably should get this." He said as he pulled out
the pager and followed through with his acting performance. He trotted
over to a phone on the wall and fake dialed a number and started up a fake
conversation, all to throw off the noisy nurse. Luckily, the nurse was
called away by a doctor needing some assistance.

* * *

Smallville, Kansas - Day Three - 6 P.M.

Lex Luthor, dressed in a black armonty suit, walks into The Talon, orders a
cappuccino, and finds Clark sitting alone in one of the corner booths.

"Ah yes, Clark Kent, the hero once again." He chimed as he sat across from
his best friend.

"Hey, Lex. See you heard."

"Heard? Oh no. Try read." He handed Clark a pre-release of tomorrows
Smallville Ledger. "Front page, my man. Way to go. Just how do you always
end up at the right place at the right time?" He asked, knowing he would
never get the truth. He knew Clark wasn't what he seemed to be, an ordinary
teenage, farmboy.

"Just lucky I guess." Clark answered with an oldie, but goodie.

"Well it was a good thing you did. You know, if you don't care for this to
get out, I could always pull a few strings and make sure it never leaves the
midnight presses. Your call."

"It's fine. I've found my name in a few papers in the past, it won't kill me
to be in another."

"Clark, having your name in a paper's by-line is much different than being a
headliner. You'll see. You may even wished you could turn back time and have
me handle the problem before hand."

"Well, he all have to make choices in our lives. We live by them and we die
by them. I'll live with this one."

"At least it's a catchy headline, 'Local Boy Comes to Rescue.' Not bad. It's
a pretty good written story. Might have to make sure the reporter gives a
nice award for his excellence."

"You don't have to do that, Lex."

"Fine, I won't. I see you seem a little occupied with something. I'll go and
let you be. See ya around, Clark." Lex left Clark to his thoughts and the
papers he had been reading over before Lex's arrival.

* * *

Half hour later, Clark finished up his research and had over half of his
English assignment completed when he decided to call it a night and retreat
back to the farm. He packed up his books, said goodbye to Lana, and walked
out of the cafe. As he was leaving, Chloe was entering.

"Hey Clark."

"Hey Chloe."

"You headed home?"

"Yeah. Between everything that's been going on and homework...I'm just

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm just here to get something to take home
with me for a snack later. Oh, I heard that the Ledger maybe writing up a
piece about your heroism." Clark smiled and reached into his bookbag,
producing the pre-release paper Lex had given him.

"Here, maybe you would like to read it before everyone else." He smiled his
famous Kent smile and handed his friend the paper.

"Thanks, Clark. Should be interesting reading."

"Enjoy the reading. See ya at school tomorrow. And drive home carefully." He
kissed her forehead before making his way to his father's red pickup truck.
Chloe proceeded into the cafe, accidently knocking over a man on his way out
as well.

"I'm sorry, sir. I wasn't paying attention where I was going."

"It's okay." He was immediately alerted by the teenager's pretty smile.
"Names Henry. And you would be?" Chloe reached out and shook his hand.

"Chloe. Chloe Sullivan."

"Would your father be Gabe Sullivan?"

"Yes sir, it would be. Do you know him?"

"Sir? Man, you make me sound old. It's okay though. Only pushing thirty here.
I worked under Gabe at the fertilizer plant. I'm sorry. I guess I'm a little
nervous. Again, I'm sorry. I really don't know when to shut my mouth."

"It's okay. I get the same way sometimes."

"Gabe never mentioned he had a daughter quite as stunning as you. Guess
he didn't want his precious one hanging out with the likes of me and the

Chloe didn't know what to say. What could one say to a stranger who was
turning on the charm and obviously firting with her. It wasn't something
she had much experiece handling. "I'm sure you and the guys aren't that
bad to hang out with. Maybe we can do it sometime. Hang out that is. Not
that I meant do it. Okay, now I'm going to shut up before I make myself
even more embarrassed."

"Did you know your nose crinkles a little when you're unsure of yourself?
It's kind of sexy."

"Thanks...I think."

"My pleasure. Well, Ms. Sullivan, maybe I'll see you around sometime."

"Maybe." Chloe couldn't believe it...not only was a stranger flirting with
her, but she was flirting back at the guy. "I'll be sure and run you by my
dad first. You know with me being his precious one and all."

"You got me. Well, have a great night."

"You to." The guy walked off while Chloe made her way over to the ordering

"Hey Chloe." Lana Lang said as she greeted her friend and recent roommate.


"Your usual?"

"Times two. I foresee a long night ahead of me. And make those to go." Chloe
said as she laid the copy of the Ledger on the counter and started reading
the article on Clark's rescue.

"What are you reading there?" Lana asked as she put the styrofoam cups of
cappuccinos in a bag.

"It's a copy of tomorrow's Ledger. Clark gave it to me. Obviously a gift from
Lex. He's the only person I know that could get his hands on a pre-release of
anything in this town."

"So what's the article about?"

"Clark rescuing that Melissa girl yesterday at school. Though technically it
wasn't a rescue. He just aided her in getting to the hospital."

"Well, I know if I was ever raped...God help that never happens...but if it
did, I would hope and pray there would be someone there to help me. I'm sure
that Melissa girl feels the same way. Call it what you may, but I feel Clark
was very heroic."

"Can't disagree with you there. Seems he's always there when you need him.
You don't think us being friends for so long that...I don't know...maybe
we've come to depend on him being there for us?"

"I don't know about you, Chloe, but I yeah, I have. It's nice knowing we all
have an angel like Clark watching over us. How he does it I don't know, but
I do know one thing...I'm glad he does it." Lana handed Chloe the to-go bag
she prepared.

"Amen to that sister. Amen. Guess I'll see you at the house later."

"Yeah, I'll be coming straight home after I lock up. Drive safe."

"Will do." Chloe grabbed her bag and exited the cafe.

She walked over to her car with the paper in one hand and the bag in the
other, her keys dangling on her finger before falling to the ground. She
set everything on the top of the car as she reached down to grab her keys.
Instead, she found herself being grabbed and gagged with a hand pressing
hard against her mouth. Her possessions remained in place as she was
dragged into the ally behind the cafe, her flailing arms and legs causing
the attacker no problems. With one punch to the back of the head, Chloe
was out like a light. Her attacker quickly stripped her of her clothes and
gagged her with her own pink thong, just in case she gained consciousness.
His cock ripped through her virgin hymen, allowing her blood and juices to
coat his raging manhood, making it easier on the both of them as he ravishly
fucked away at her pussy. He immediately shot his load, plastering her
insides with his seed as his hands mauled her large caucasion breasts. He
was relentless with his attack, knowing full well what he wanted from the
girl and taking it as he saw fit. His bloodied cock pulled free as her body
started shaking and violently orgasming. He positioned himself at the girl's
other unchartered hole and drove his manhood hard and deep into her ass,
filling up her insides completely. Her body rocked and convulged in another
orgasm. The cycle had began. Her attacker pulled her limp body over and
leaned it against the back wall of The Talon, grabbed the water hose from
the wall, and turned on the water. He washed the girl's naked, abused body
down and proceeded to fuck each of her holes again with the water hose,
making sure to clean ever part of the girl's body. Once done, the hose was
dropped to the ground as he knelt between her legs and set her pubes on
fire. Chloe wasn't much on keeping a bush, but what fine pubic hair did
line her mound, was soon removed by the small secluded fire. He next opened
her mouth, pulled out her tongue, and a second later, pierced it with a
Metropolis University Fraternity pin. Blood covered her tongue and entire
mouth. He slapped her hard across the face before picking up her body and
setting it in place. Soon after, he departed the ally, leaving Chloe behind
as yet another one of his rape victims.

* * *

Sometime, later in the evening, Lana arrived at the Sullivan residence where
she was staying while her aunt was living in Metropolis. She walked up to
her room and knocked on Chloe's door. Getting no answer for her efforts, she
assumed Chloe had already called it a night. Little did she know.

* * *

Back in the ally, Chloe sat in a puddle of water, as her cellphone lied open
and lit beside her. Her head was buried in her hands as she tried to make
herself believe the rape never happened along with the piercing. She didn't
know why she couldn't stop spasming, it wasn't like she had anything left to
get out of her. She was drained and in extruciating pain. This is the way
Clark found her when he came to pick her up. At the time, he was the only
person she could think of to call.

"Chloe! Chloe!" He called out as he saw her form leaning against the side of
the building. As he approached, he saw her shreaded clothes lying about the
ground. Then he saw his best friend, naked for the first time, wishing it had
been in better circumstances. He took off his jacket and walked over, helping
the teenage girl to her feet and wrapping her up in the jacket. He grabbed
her cellphone from the pavement, then picked her up in his arms and sped off
toward home. Her head was buried in his chest as she was out of it.

"Clark, son, I'm glad that you were able to be there for Chloe, but what you
did was dangerous. She could have seen something."

"I know mom, but it was the right thing to do. She was pretty out of it when
I picked her up. I don't think she is going to remember anything

"Yeah, I know son. Don't you worry. She'll be fine. She confided in you, not
me, so when she wakes up I think it should be you that is with her and not
me. If you feel she needs someone to talk to then I will be more than willing
to talk to her, but be sure first. And if I was you, I wouldn't jump to any

"Thanks, mom. I won't."

"Good. Let her tell you what she thinks happened."

"I will." Clark had left out a very important piece of information when
relying what really happened to Chloe. He never mentioned the shreaded
clothes. All Martha Kent knew was enough information to suggest possibly
an unusual overdose of drugs and a night of extreme wild behavior for the
teenage girl. Clark never mentioned rape. "Promise me, mom, dad doesn't
find out about this."

"He's sleeping like a baby."

"Good. Goodnight then."

"Night, Clark. Watch over her tonight."

"Thanks again, mom. I love you."

"I love you too, Clark." Martha stepped down the barn stairs, leading up to
Clark's loft, and exited the barn, while Clark laid another blanket over
Chloe's sleeping form and whispered aloud.

"If it's the last thing I ever do, I promise you Chloe, I will find the
person that did this to you." He kissed her head and settled down beside her,
unable to find sleep himself.

* * *

The next morning when Chloe awoke, she found herself up in the Kents' barn
loft, wrapped in various blankets. She moved to unravel herself only to find
she was naked underneath. Looking around the loft, she spotted some clothes
that Martha had left for her lying on a lockerbox. She quickly started
dressing, feeling down between her legs as pain shot through her body. She
remembered what had happened, every last minute detail, whether it was
through her subconscious or not. She knew she had to get home. Looking out
the loft doors, she realized it was still dark out and might be lucky enough
to sneak back into her house. Clark would be the only one to know of last

Chloe was dressing in the laid out clothes when Clark came back up the
stairs. On first glance, he was caught offguard by her great nude form, but
quickly diverted his eyes elsewhere. "I'm sorry, Chloe."

"It's okay, Clark. I'm almost done. There. You can look now." Clark turned
back to his friend, unsure of what to say or do, realizing it would be up to
Chloe to start things off.



"Would you mind running me home?" Clark knew here was his chance to find out
if Chloe remembered anything about the way she got back to the farm.

"Sure, no problem, but don't you think it might be quicker if I drove you in
the truck? Plus, I'm not sure I could hold you for that long." He tried to
lighten the mood.

"Truck would be just fine." Her reporter instinct kicked in, wondering if
it was possible he had another way to take her home...possibly by running.

"I'll take you. Was there anything else that..."

"No Clark, I just need a ride." He knew what Chloe was doing. She was
avoiding any reference to last night. He knew she would talk about it when
she was ready, whenever that might be. Even he was still in the dark as to
what actually took place in the ally.

Chloe was lucky enough to be able to sneak into her house and decided that
after what she had gone through just hours before, she felt like spending
some time with her father. She looked at the clock before silently rushing
upstairs and changing into her sleep attire and just as quick returned to
the kitchen where she began fixing a breakfast suited for a king. When Gabe
awakened and walked downstairs, he was shocked and very thankful he had such
a loving daughter. He and Chloe ate in peace.

* * *

Throughout the entire school day, Chloe couldn't bring herself to look at
Clark. It was too painful. She knew he was hurting as much as she was due
to her ill-treatment toward him, but she just wasn't ready to deal with
any of it. It happened. But what she didn't expect to hear not
only happened to her during to night, but also to two other females that
previously attended Smallville High School. Those two rapes were reported
and again the news spread around throughout the student body faster than
any other means.

"Did you hear?" Pete asked as he stepped into The Torch's office.

"Yeah, we heard. So what do you have for us, Pete...our main frontline
reporter stud?" Oh Clark thought she was laying it on thick.

"Just names and that they too were on the list."

"Okay, that does it. We need to find out how to get our hands on this list.
You two ask around and see what people know of the list. Force the issue if
you must. I want that list and I want it yesterday!" Chloe demanded as she
pounded her fist down on her desktop. Pete didn't know what to make of her
sudden attitude.

"Yeah, we can do that. Come on, Pete."


"Trust me, come on, Pete." Clark grabbed his friend's arm and led him out
the room, looking back only to see a tear-faced teenager dropping her head
into her hands.

"Wow, I've never seen Chloe like this before. I wonder what got into her?"

"Trust me when I say this...I'm not sure we won't to know."

"Oh, you think it's that time of month?"

"Can't say. I just think it is best if we steer clear of her for a while.
Maybe a few days of alone time would do her some good. We should check in
occasionally with her, but for the most part we should probably leave her
alone. Wouldn't want friendships to be lost over something like this."

"Yeah, you're probably right. Is there something you know that you aren't
telling me? Cause if there know I'm pretty good at keep secretes.
Look how long I've kept yours."

"I don't know what is going on inside her head right now." Clark responded
without fabricating an entire lie. He didn't know what was going on inside
her, but he did know more than he was letting on he knew. This was one thing
that Pete would just have to stay in the dark about.

* * *

As lunch time was rolling around, Clark found himself looking at the
activities bulletin board hanging in the hallway, when he got an idea. He
rushed to find Chloe to run his idea by the girl. She was getting a soda
from the vending machine when he found her.

"Hey Chloe, I've been looking all over for you."

"If it's about..."

"No, it isn' a way. I was just reading over some of the activities on
the posting board in the hall when I got an idea. You know how Pete said that
this list was actually called a club? Well, what is a club? Where do they
come from? Aren't they usually chartered."

"So what, you think because it was called a club that maybe it wasn't to hide
the fact that it was list?"

"Exactly. What if there are other lists...other clubs? In today's time, if
there were such things, where might one look?"

"The internet! Clark, you are a genius. I'll get on it right away." She
started to walk away.

"Hey wait up. I'll help you. Let me just grab Pete first and then we'll meet
you in the office."

* * *

Half hour later, Chloe's persistance in dealing with pop-up porn pages
finally paid off.

"I think I've got something here." Clark and Pete gathered around her
computer monitor. "Wow. It doesn't look like this is just a highschool thing.
The names listed here are for towns, not high schools."

"So what Pete heard was only half true. The list pertains to all females to
live in Smallville?"

"That is what it is looking like." She looked over the website again and
again, but nothing seemed to lead to anything of major importance or useful.
"There doesn't seem to be anything here. Wait a minute. If what you seek
isn't in plain sight, then just maybe if we look a little deeper..." She
opened up the webpage's source code and scanned through lines and lines of
html, javascripting, and dhtml coding. "Ah ha! Bingo."

"What did you find?" Clark asked as he looked at the code in confusion.

"An address for a hidden link." She highlighted and copied the address to
the computer's clipboard and immediately afterwards pasted the address into
the internet search field. A few seconds later, a pop-up window came up
asking for a proper username and password. "Damn!"

"Chloe, you've been at this thing long enough. Why don't you take a little
break and I'll try my hand at trying to find a way into the site."


"Take Pete with you."

"Come on, Pete. Let's go see what the vending machines have to eat." Pete
and Chloe left Clark infront of her computer. Once they were out of sight,
he set his magically, speedy fingers to work. Time was precious. By the
time the others got back, Clark was already logged into the website, had
found Smallville's list of virgins, and had unchecked Chloe Sullivan's
name, and started up the multipage printing.

Chloe walked over to the computer and set a soda down for Clark, then looked
at the computer screen. "Clark, you got in? But how?"

"A magician must never reveal his secrets." He smiled at her and winked at
Pete when she wasn't looking, enthralled by the long list floating by on the
screen. Pete could only shake his head in disbelief.

"It didn't take me long either to figure out there are some dissimilarities
in a few of the lists. Some of these haven't been updated in ages, but all
the ones in the general area surrounding Smallville and Metropolis, have been
updated quite regularly. In fact, too regularly. And some of the database is
incomplete. It seems the only complete databases are for Metropolis and would
you care to guess the other?" Clark asked as he typed away at the keyboard.

"Smallville. Great job, Clark. I'll make an investigative reporter out of you
yet. Okay, so we have the list now. Now what? It isn't like we know who's
been updating the lists."

"Ah, but we can find out. There have only been three IP addresses logged.
Why don't we just 'whois' each domain and see what we get?" Chloe patted
Clark on the back as she watched his nimble fingers type away at the
keyboard, noticing for the first time how good a speed typist he was.

"Looks like we have Metropolis Museum. Of course we know who owns that. Could
be one of the employees. Second IP address is the Smallville Public Library.
Could be one of many. We might need to see if the library has some kind of
loggin system on their computers. Might could narrow it down that way."

"What about the third address?" Pete asked, getting caught up in all the
computer mumbo-jumbo.

"It's coming up now. Oh wow, isn't this something. It belongs to RealTalk,
Inc., here in Smallville."

"Well what's so interesting about that?"

"The name listed under the contact information is none other than Margaret
M. Sellers."

"What? The pager lady?"

"Yeah, unless there is another Margaret M. Sellers that works at RealTalk,

"Clark, do a search for our Ms. Sellers through the school's database. I'll
use your computer and run her through the state police's mainframe."

"You have access to...oh never mind, I don't think I even want to know." Pete
shut himself up and moved to stand behind Clark as Clark did his thing with
the multiple databases he was scanning through.

"Here we go. Ms. Sellers, graduated from Smallville High, class of 1998. Five
years ago. Pete why don't you..."

"No need to finish, I'm on it. One 1998 class year book coming up." Pete ran
down to the school's office and returned minutes later with year books from
1995 to 1998. Once he was back with the books, he and Clark began scanning
through them for any and everything they could find on Ms. Sellers.

"Ouch! Didn't know we ever had this student category. 'Couple Most to Drop
Off the Planet After High School.' Damn, that's just cruel."

"Let me guess, Pete, Margaret Sellers and Henry Rothchild?"

"Yeah, how did you guess?"

"May 15, 2001, Margaret M. Sellers taken into custody by Metropolis P.D.
for stalking ex-boyfriend, a one Henry Rothchild, son of Larry and Sandra
Rothchild, of Rothchild Oil Industries. Case never went to court. July 22,
2001, Henry Rothchild has a restraining order put on former high school
girlfriend, Margaret M. Sellers. Charges were later dropped by Henry
Rothchild. May 15, 2002, Margaret M. Sellers taken into custody by
Metropolis P.D. for falsifying charges of rape by former boyfriend, Henry
Rothchild, Sr. on two separate occasions."

"Troubled young lady I would say."

"Pete, why don't you take the year books back to the office. Doesn't look
like we'll need them anymore."

"Sure thing." Pete grabbed up the books and exited the room.

"Clark, last night, I ran into a guy that works with my father. His name was
Henry. You don't suppose she suspected..."

"I don't know what to think. I'm sorry to have to ask this, but I must know,
Chloe. Your attacker, could it have been a woman?"

"It was a guy. He had a dick."

"So if we're right and Ms. Sellers is involved, then she has someone else
doing the crimes for her. You think we have enough to go to the Sheriff

"Most definitely."

* * *

Smallville, Kansas - Sheriff's Department - 4 P.M.

After being brought in the following night and being interrogated through
much of the night and the following day, Margaret Sellers finally cracked
and Clark, Chloe, and Pete were in the next room, watching through the
two-way mirror, when she did.

"He said that he loved me and then the sorry bastard dumped me the very next
day. I knew we were always meant to be together. He loved this part of Kansas
and said he would never leave the great state, so he got purchased home here
in Smallville and in Metropolis. He would only marry women from here and
there and because of his so-called christian beliefs they had to still be
pure. For christ sakes, what a loser. He had the best thing his sorry ass
would ever be good enough to have and he blew me off." The woman admitted.

"So you're telling us you decided to make it your goal to become the only
virgin left in the area just so he would marry you?"

"Marriage? Hell no. I wouldn't marry that asshole if he was the last man on
earth. I just wanted him to be my first. After that he could have died for
all I cared. He promised me. We made a promise to each other that if neither
of us hadn't had sex by our sixteenth birthdays, we would deflower each
other. I held up to my part of the bargain, but he backed out because he was
in a relationship with another girl at the time. He's always had this thing
for virgins. They were the only ones he would ever sleep with."

"This woman is a major whacko if you ask me." Pete said as he continued to
listen in on the interrogation.

"So you had all these woman and girls raped just so you could have a moment
with Mr. Rothchild? Is that what we are to understand here today? Speak into
the microphone please." The Sheriff's Deputy spoke.

"Yes, that is what I'm say." Responded the woman.

"Now it is obvious you didn't perform these rapes. Would you care to name
your accomplice(s)?"

"Go to hell! I'm finished talking. Do with me as you please. I won't say
another word."

"Just so you know, if you don't help us find the rapist you may not ever see
the light of day again?" Their last question went upon deaf ears. She meant
it when she said she was finished.

Chloe and the gang were excited that they had caught the woman, but still
feared much harm could still be done with the rapist still on the loose. The
Sheriff thanked them for their help and tried to find out exactly how they
were able to gather said evidence, but no answers were to be given on that

* * *

The group decided to meet up at The Talon for a celebration amongst
themselves. While waiting for Clark and Pete to show up at the cafe, Chloe
couldn't help herself. She walked around the side of the cafe to the ally
where she had been attacked. Nothing seemed any different from the last
time she had been there. Looking around, she saw the trashcan her attacker
had laid her limp, defeated body upon before leaving. The hose he had
plunged up her pussy and ass was still lying on the ground. There was no
blood. No attacker. No limp body. Things were different and she realized
that. When she had seen enough, she made her way back around the side of
the building and for a moment was blinded by a bright light. Shielding her
eyes with her hand, she realized the light was a reflection from the lense
of a security camera across the street. Immediately, she looked both ways
before rushing across the street and disappearing into the store the camera
was watching. A few minutes later, she re-appeared with a tape from that
night. She was hoping to find out the truth about what really happened.
She stuffed it away in her bookbag and met up with the guys at The Talon.

As they were leaving, Clark pulled Chloe to the side. "Chloe, everything
will be okay now. I'm sure the Sheriff will find the guy. As long as you
have people that love you, you will be safe."

"Thanks, Clark. You have no idea what that means to me."

"Do you want me to drive you home?" He asked.

"No, I have my car. Call me later though, okay?"

"Sure thing. Take care and drive safe." The two hugged as they went their
separate ways.

Chloe was both excited and scared to get home, knowing very shortly there
was a chance she would find evidence to put her attacker away for life.
She rushed up to her bedroom and pulled the vhs tape from her bookbag. She
pushed the tape into the vcr and fast forwarded to approximately the time
she felt she was attacked. The recording was dark, but it did capture what
she had wanted to know. She immediately turned on her computer and opened
up her video capturing software. Half hour later, she now sat at her
desktop computer, playing with lighting filters and zooming capabilities.
She played the recording in slow mode, hoping something would be there. In
a way she wanted to see something and then she didn't. She zoomed into the
ally the best she could with her software, just enough to make out two
black dots moving toward and away from each other. She was watching herself
get fucked. She was watching herself get raped in a back ally outside of
her favorite hangout. She watched her attacker start to run away...finally
he was nearing some light. Chloe watched intensely as the video slowly
played forward. An entourage of tears suddenly dropped from her eyes.

"Clark." His image on the screen suddenly went blurred, like he wasn't even
there. This caught Chloe's attention. Wiping the pain-filled tears from her
eyes, she backed the recording up and played it at normal speed. She didn't
blink her eye. One second he was there...the next he was gone.

"Clark." Her teenage crush was all she could think about as she fell asleep.

* * *

The next day, Chloe cornered Pete and talked him into ditching school
with her for the day. They drove out to Miller's pond, where she confessed
everything to her friend, even the part about Clark possibly being involved.
She reluctantly left out the part about Clark being her rapist. As hard as
it was to talk about, it was good for her to get it all off her chest.

The two of them visited Ms. Sellers house that afternoon, breaking in
through the back door. In the house, they discovered an assortment of pagers
in various colors. In her bedroom desk drawer, was a notebook with pictures
of each of the young men she had used over the years as assallants. Clark's
name was in the book with several astriks surrounding it along with a note.
'This one is special.' In the back of the book, Chloe discovered the real
truth. Written out were several pager numbers, each one designating a
different purpose for different people along with their number on the list
that had ultimately brought the woman down. The list Clark was so masterful
in finding and cracking into. The formula she used for the brainwashing
serum was also laid out in the book. Chloe Sullivan was now in possession
of the book that could haunt Margaret M. Sellers, herself, and every other
virgin in the world for the rest of their lives. She had no idea how to
counter the brainwashing, but at least she now knew what the woman used to
activate her willing men.

"Let me guess, I distract him and you grab the pager?"

"Pete, you're learning."

"It's like I always say. 'Great minds think a like'." Chloe dropped her head
against Pete's chest with tears in her eyes and the book in her hand.

"That they do."

The End


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