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Smallville: Lex Luthor Chronicles Part 2 (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Lex Luthor sat behind his magnificent oak desk in his office at LexCorp in
downtown Metropolis. He was a tall and slender young man, handsome and
distinguished-looking, clad in a black silk shirt and black pants. He had a
certain demeanor about him, a commanding presence. Well, he was a commander
in his own right. He was the owner of LuthorCorp and the CEO of LexCorp. A
young man not yet twenty five, yet easily one of the world's richest men.
Lex Luthor was a man who could have anything he wanted. He had a lot of power
and influence and used them to get whatever he wanted. That's what it meant
to be a top dog in the corporate world. This is how it felt to be Lex Luthor.
Currently, Lex was having a meeting with someone.

The person in question was a tall young man clad in a red shirt and blue
jeans. Clark Kent. Lex Luthor's best friend and most trusted buddy. How
those two could become friends was anyone's guess. A multi-billionnaire
industrialist and a farm boy from Kansas. Lex Luthor wasn't your average
man. He'd had barely believable adventures. Fast cars, fast women, lots of
money. He was the guy who set the standard for adolescent rebellion. Lex
Luthor was simply "the man". Lex Luthor had many sides to himself. He was
a ruthless businessman. He was a terrifying opponent to whoever opposed him.
Still, there were sides to Lex Luthor that no one knew. Lex Luthor was a man
in love. The person he loved was Clark Kent. Lex Luthor was a man who had
it all. Yet the only thing he's ever wanted was the one thing he couldn't

Clark Kent. The guy who would never betray a friend. The guy who would do
anything to help those he loved. The guy who had saved Lex Luthor's life more
times than the young billionnaire cared to admit. Lex Luthor really, really
liked Clark. Why? Hmm. Too many reasons to number. That smile. That body.
That personality. Hmm. Clark. Yeah. Since Clark Kent was in town today,
checking out colleges, Lex thought he'd show him around town. Somehow, they
ended up back in Lex's office. Lex had cancelled all of his meetings for the
day and spent the day with Clark Kent. Smallville's favorite son and
Metropolis's most ruthless businessman. The possibilities were endless. With
Clark, Lex could just talk and talk for hours. Seriously. Lex felt like
opening up to him and sharing all that he had. Unfortunately, he wasn't sure
how Clark Kent would react. Lex Luthor had always been the kind of guy who
chased hotties of both sexes. He kept his "bi" side hidden from the world,
of course. Still, he liked to explore many sexual possibilities. He liked
women just fine. Especially tall, attractive and classy gals. They were
usually sexual dynamos. Men just brought different sexual possibilities to
the table and Lex Luthor explored those possibilities as well. Life was
short. Why limit yourself?

Presently, Lex and Clark were in the office, talking. Clark was telling Lex
about his plans for college. He'd gotten accepted at Metropolis University.
Lex was happy for him. Clark Kent, the boy genius had won himself an academic
scholarship. For mysterious reasons, he turned down the athletic scholarship
offered to him by that same school for playing football. Oh, well. Clark Kent
was a mysterious guy who had his own ways and reasons for doing everything he
did. Lex Luthor had come to admire that and respect that about Clark Kent.
Lex Luthor wondered about Clark Kent. Clark dated girls in high school. He'd
always been in love with Lana Lang but she had rejected him. He'd dated
Alicia Baker, but she turned out to be a female sociopath with a mean streak
the length of Mississipi and an appetite for vengeance.

Currently, Lex didn't know what was up with Clark. Clark Kent was the kind
of guy to voluntarily go into the whole celibacy deal. Lex was NOT like
that. He made sure to get some every day. Sex was good for the mind and body
of a functioning individual. Lex Luthor liked to function well, at peak
efficiency. Lex Luthor really wanted to get into bed with Clark but he didn't
know Clark's deal. What was Clark Kent's sex life like? Was he straight,
bisexual or gay? Was he aggressive or passive ? A sexual tornado or a
repressed shmuck? Lex Luthor was dying to find out. Usually, he could tell
about a man's sexuality just by looking into his eyes. Unfortunately, Clark
Kent didn't send any sexual vibe or signal. At all. It was like he was a
member of another species or something. He was that different...

Lex would do anything to have him. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like it was
meant to be. Clark looked at Lex. He had grown used to him. He cared deeply
for Lex Luthor. In spite of Lex Luthor's secrecy and sometimes strange
attitude. Clark liked Lex. Still, he didn't know if Lex Luthor could ever
accept him. Clark Kent was not just a farm boy. He was a very confused farm
boy. He had always felt different from others, and not just because he was
an alien with super powers. He had another secret, one he kept from even his
parents. Clark Kent was attracted to both sexes. This was the secret he would
go to the grave carrying. He didn't want anyone to know. He had seen the
treatment that gay kids received in high school. He didn't want that. At all.
He had enough problems already. Man, his life was confusing. He never thought
he could be this way. He never thought he could feel like that. How could a
man feel sexually attracted to both women and men ? He didn't understand it.
He had always loved Lana Lang. She was his first love. Unfortunately, he also
had other desires. He had felt a special attraction to Pete Ross. He had
never told Pete about it. He liked Chloe. Still, there was so much that
couldn't be understood by other people...

Clark Kent looked at Lex Luthor. He envied Lex. Lex seemed to have it all
figured out. He was so handsome. He had so much wealth and power. Women were
all over him. Clark Kent was awkward around women. Heck, he was awkward
around certain men too. He had self-esteem and confidence issues. He had a
lot of things to work out. And that was on top of being the last surviving
member of a humanoid alien species known as the Kryptonians in the universe.
There were times when Clark Kent honestly did wish that he did not exist.
Sure, he had a lot going on for him. He had superhuman strength. He could
fly. He was invulnerable. He could see through solid objects. He could also
burn stuff just by looking at them. He was a teenage boy with god-like super
powers. Powers that were a burden to him because they forced him to live
a secret life and hide who he truly was. Clark Kent wanted to live in the
open and do whatever he wanted. He wanted freedom. He wanted to live life on
the fast lane. That's why sometimes he reverted to Kal-El, his Kryptonian
alter ego. Kal-El didn't care about anyone except himself. Kal-El was
merciless and pitiless. Kal-El had power and used it to get whatever he
wanted. Kal-El was cool. Kal-El of Krypton was the hidden side of Clark Kent
of Smallville.

Clark Kent wished he could have a normal life. He wished that people were
more accepting of those who were different. Clark had finally given up on
Lana Lang because she could never accept him just the way he was. What's
the big deal? He couldn't just go to her and say: "Look, girl. I love you
and I wanna be with you. I've got something to tell you. I'm really an
alien from another planet and my eyes can shoot laser beams. Don't be
scared. I'm nice and cuddly. By the way, I swing both ways, too." Yeah,
what girl could accept all those things about a potential boyfriend? Heck,
most women couldn't accept those things from a potential husband. Clark
Kent felt like he was doomed to be alone. An alien who looked human and
had super powers. That same alien liked to sleep around with both sexes.
Sounds fun? Yikes! Clark looked at Lex. Lex had it all. Clark Kent was
doomed to have nothing. Not love, certainly, because he was an alien and a
bisexual one at that. Not acceptance because if he ever revealed himself
to the world, the U.S. Army would try to take him out with everything they
had. Yeah.

Clark realized that he'd been staring at Lex for a long time and apologized.
Lex smiled and said nothing. Clark decided to leave. He didn't want to part
from Lex but why stay? Could Lex Luthor, the businessman and ladies man
accept a friend who was an alien switch hitter from outer space? Most likely
not. Also, keep in mind that for all of his sexual confusion and desires,
Clark Kent had never gone all the way with anyone, man or woman. He'd been
close, notably with Alicia Baker. Unfortunately, he had yet to fully
experience the act of love with anyone. He doubted he ever would. Clark's
path would always be a lonely path. So, Clark left.

After Clark Kent left, Lex Luthor spent some time pondering his sudden
departure. Had he said something wrong? No. The conversation had been open
and friendly. Unfortunately, Clark had to go. Lex sighed. He could never
have what he wanted. He was still musing what happened when his cellphone
rang. It was Valerie Snyder, one of his girlfriends. Lex called her back.
She sounded like a happy kitten. She told him that she wanted to see him.
Lex Luthor decided to pay her a visit. He left the building and got into
his Porsche. He drove through the city of Metropolis. He went to the west
side, where he knew Valerie had a condo. He went and knocked on her door.
He was greeted by the tall and sexy young lady who welcomed him in.

Valerie Snyder was a stunningly beautiful young woman. She was tall and
slender, with broad shoulders and an athletic, toned form. Her hair was long
and black, her skin a pale bronze color. She had light green eyes that looked
outright beguiling. She wore sexy lingerie. Lex Luthor liked that about her.
Valerie Snyder was a sexy lady who was proud of herself as a sexual being.
She was a Harvard Law School-educated lawyer. She represented the interests
of big companies. Valerie Snyder came from old money. Sort of. Her mother,
Victoria Hamilton Snyder owned a chain of restaurants. Over a thousand
locations nationwide. Her father, Luke Snyder was the founder of Snyder,
Wynters & Anderson. One of Metropolis's top law firms. Valerie was a lady who
liked to live dangerously. Lex Luthor met her at a business party. She was
there with her father. Lex Luthor was dating someone else at the time. Rachel
Douglas, a model turned activist. Lex had been fascinated by Valerie and
gotten her number. The next day, he sent her some flowers. They had a
"meeting". Since that day, he was addicted to her.

Lex looked at Valerie, who smiled at him. He embraced her. They kissed.

"You missed me." she said. It wasn't a question.

"You have no idea." Lex replied.

She led him to the bedroom. There, they undressed and began exploring each
other's bodies. One of the many things that Lex liked about Valerie was that
she liked sex as much as he did. She liked to get down. So did he. Soon, they
were rolling around on the bed, play-fighting and wrestling each other in the
nude. Lex found himself on top of Valerie, right where she wanted him.

They kissed again, and when he came up for air, saw how badly she wanted him.
His hard manhood pressed against her body and she spread her legs, welcoming
him. He entered her like this. Valerie winced as Lex's cock penetrated her
pussy. She wrapped her arms around him. He began to thrust energetically into
her. She moaned as his cock burrowed deeper into her. She loved the feeling
of a hard cock inside her. It was a wonderful feeling. Lex took her, fucking
her hard and fast. Just the way she liked it.

He plowed into her, working that dick inside her pussy. He fucked her like
this for a long time until they both came. Valerie screamed in pleasure and
Lex let go, filling her up with his cum. She was so wild. He could fuck her
endlessly. Naturally, neither of them was sated. There was so much more they
could do. They tried another position. Valerie got on all fours and Lex
positioned himself behind Valerie. He caressed her smooth, sexy buttocks.
She had the best-looking ass he'd ever seen.

The thing about Valerie is that she will do almost anything in bed. She's a
powerfully sexual being. Lex had enough energy to match hers. He took some
lotion she had provided, lubricated himself and her, then pressed his cock
against her bottom. She reached back with her sleek hands and spread her
butt cheeks wide open, exposing an obvious target. Lex smiled. Most guys had
to beg and cajole their girlfriends endlessly just to get a little piece. He
didn't. Valerie was a ready, willing and able sexual firestorm. He eased his
cock into her asshole, knowing how sensitive it was. He continued to invade
her willing ass. Valerie urged him to go deeper. And so he did. He slid his
cock deep into her ass, and waited. Yep. She was comfortable with a big cock
in her ass. He placed his hands on her hips and thrust into her. Hard.
Valerie moaned.

Lex continued to fuck her. There was nothing on earth he loved more than a
hot, willing ass. He didn't care who it belonged to. Dammit ! Her ass was so
fine and felt so wonderful around his prick. He continued to plow into her,
listening as Valerie made sexy grunting noises as he fucked her. They went at
it like this for another half an hour before reaching another climax and
falling asleep in each other's arms.....

Lex Luthor lay in Valerie Snyder's arms but he did not sleep. The young man
couldn't sleep in spite of having his energies drained in the "best way
possible". He felt good, though. Valerie Snyder was the kind of woman many
men dreamed of meeting. Beautiful, educated, refined, and when the time was
right, a sexual furnace capable of bringing down any man in a way he wouldn't
forget and most decidedly enjoy!

Yeah, he was glad to have her in his life. He felt sorry for his buddies.
Young and wealthy young men who were nevertheless stuck with women who
couldn't match their sex drives. Lex Luthor had learned the "hard" way that
some women's sex drives could definitely be equal to a man's. Case in point:
Valerie Snyder. Hmm. Lex Luthor knew that he should be happy. Business was
going good at LexCorp. He was in excellent health.

His secrets weren't threatened, but he wasn't about to let down his guard.
His most powerful enemy, Lionel Luthor, was out of the picture once and for
all. Lex Luthor was doing quite well indeed. So what could possibly be
missing? A certain hunky, conscience-driven, possibly repressed bisexual
farm boy? Not bloody likely.

Lex Luthor looked at Valerie Snyder. She was hot, he was happy to have her
in his life and that was that. Maybe he should try to keep her around. After
all, what did he have to lose? A farm boy who may or may not return his
affections? No thanks! Lex was keeping his woman! It's bye bye fellas. And
that included the Clark Kents of the world. Believe that!

To be continued...


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