This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. It is also an adult
story so if your under 18 then you are too young leave now. This story
contains Ff, cons, oral.

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Smallville: Martha's Secret Love Part 1
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

It was a normal day on the Kent farm in Smallville, KS. Jonathan Kent was
doing chores, and Clark had gone to town for supplies. Martha Kent was
cooking dinner in the kitchen. She was pulling her casserole out of the oven
when she heard a knock on the door. She almost dropped the casserole when
she saw Lana Lang through the screen door. She sat the casserole down and
walked towards the door. She eyed the beautiful teen all the way. Lana was
wearing short white shorts and a pink top. Topping off the outfit was white
slip-on heels, that showed off her cute pink painted toenails.

"Lana, hi, what can I do for you?"

"Hi Mrs. Kent, do you know where Clark is?"

"Yes, he ran into town, he should be back soon."

"Hmmm OK, well he's kinda mad at me, you see... I told everyone I was going
to Paris for the summer, but the thing is, I let Clark know that I'm not
coming back."

Martha's heart sunk. For a long time Martha had a very big crush on the sexy
Lana. What got her by was the fact that because of Clark she saw Lana quite
often. Now the beautiful teen was leaving Smallville for good. Martha held
it in, but feared that tears would soon be flowing from her eyes by just the
thought of not being near this sexy teen goddess. Still she somehow gave a
brave face.

"Is this what you really want Lana, Smallville's always been your home?"

"Yes, Mrs. Kent, I've thought about it for quite a while."

"I see, please call me Martha, would you like some lemonade while you wait

"Yes,...Martha, that would be nice."

Martha was smiling but was heart broken. It was apparent that she may never
see Lana again. She had to tell her how she felt about her, somehow.

She checked her look in the mirror. She decided to untie her red hair and
let it fall free. Next she removed her apron. Then looking at her white
button up blouse she decided to unbutton an extra button. So now if she
bent over enough, she'd be showing Lana the lacey top of her bra. She
brought back the lemonade with cookies. She just had to know if Lana had
any feelings for her. So she bent over and sat the tray down in front of
Lana. It was the perfect opportunity for Lana to see down her shirt and
get a look at the 38D breasts contained in her bra.

Lana had always thought Martha Kent was an attractive woman, but had never
looked at her in a sexual way before. Now, as Martha set the tray down, Lana
couldn't help but ogle her bra covered breasts down her shirt. 'God I would
kill for boobs like that.' Lana questioned herself, why was she checking out
another woman's breasts? She had never had lesbian feelings before. Still
seeing Martha this way... 'wait didn't she have an apron on covering her top
half a minute ago?' Lana remembered. 'Her hair, she was wearing it down when
I got here, I'm sure of that.'

It finally hit her, 'Could Martha Kent be trying to seduce me?'

Martha Kent smiled sweetly at Lana, a smile which Lana returned as Martha
poured her lemonade. Martha then poured one for herself and sat right next
to Lana. Martha took a deep breath 'OK, its now or never' she thought.
Slowly Martha's hand found Lana's dark hair and stroked it.

"I really wish you would reconsider Lana, there are many people who care for
you here in Smallville."

"I know Martha...I just feel i need to do this."

Lana didn't seem to object, in fact she seemed to enjoy the caresses.
Martha's caress was very gentle and Lana occasionally closed her eyes in
enjoyment of the older woman's touch. Seeing it was so far so good Martha
used her other hand and placed it on Lana's knee.

Her skin was smooth like silk, just as Martha knew it would be. She looked
into Lana's eyes, she really didn't see any doubt in her eyes. It was as if
Lana was willing to let this happen.

"I'd really like it...if you stayed Lana."

Lana's heart was pounding she felt it was explode out of her chest. There
was no doubt Martha was trying to seduce her. Lana found herself giving in
though, she liked what she was feeling. Then Martha leaned in and kissed
Lana on the cheek. She then planted soft kisses all over Lana's neck. Lana
seemed to be enjoying this all the more as she let out little moans of
approval. Martha then wet her lips and prepared herself for what she wanted
to do the day Lana Lang had become a young woman. She leaned in and kissed
her on the lips. Her lips were so very soft. Martha relished the fact that
she hadn't got shoved aside or rejected by the sexy girl.

Going a step further Martha slipped her the tongue. Lana was enjoying the
kiss and graciously accepted Martha's tongue. In her mind Lana's conscious
was telling her to stop this, but her body was giving other signals. There
was just something about Martha Kent, maybe deep down she was attracted to
the sexy redhead. Maybe Lana Lang really was bisexual. Either way, she
didn't wanna stop kissing her, and her tongue was soon meeting Martha's. The
two were sharing a french kiss that was by far the most passionate they had
in their lives. When the kiss finally broke the two stared at each other.
There was a long silence.

Then Lana did something that surprised even herself. Her hands reached out
to Martha's blouse. Slowly she unbuttoned one button, then another, and
another. Soon Lana was removing Martha's blouse, and looking at a huge
valley of cleavage in a white lacey bra. She never imagined two breasts
looking anymore perfect than the ones in front of her.

Martha put her hands on the sides of Lana's shirt. Lana got the hint and
raised her arms. Martha saw a plain white cotton bra covering Lana's brown
skin. Certainly Lana wasn't well endowed in the chest like Martha, but her
breasts were still a very nice size, likely a B-cup. Taking her hands into
Lana's, Martha raised her to her feet. Martha dropped her skirt to the
floor, standing in front of the teen now in just a lacey white bra and
purple bikini panties. Suddenly Martha wished that she chose better
underwear, her bra and panties didn't match. She wondered if this made her
unattractive. Would Lana decide that this was further than she wanted to go?
Would Lana run out and straight to the Smallville sheriff and complain about
Martha. God how embarrassing would that be? Martha Kent would be known to
the town as some sick dyke pervert to an innocent girl, who isn't even 18

Instead Lana slowly slid down her ever so tight shorts. Her sexy little hips
swayed as she slid down her pink shorts. Lana's panties matched her bra,
plain white but silky. Lana was so very sexy still wearing her high heels.
Then for the first time since this began Lana spoke...

"Your bra Martha, would you take it off?"

Martha's eyes showed shock at Lana's request but she didn't hesitate,
instead she reached back and unhooked her bra. As the bra fell to the floor,
the housewife was topless in front of her teen crush. Lana reached out and
cupped both of Martha's huge breasts with big pink nipples. Martha moaned
in pleasure as she hugged her close and Lana felt her up like the horny
schoolgirl she was. Lana seemed mesmerized by Martha's twin globes as her
mouth went down to suck on the huge enticing breasts.

Martha's hands slid down to Lana's ass. Her hands slithered under the white
panties and gripped that tight ass of Lana Lang. That ass, the one she always
tried to get a glimpse of. So many times she prayed to get a view of Lana's
ass. She longed to see Lana bending over when she wore her hip huggers jeans,
a glimpse of buttcrack, or even just the way her ass sways when shes walking.
Now here she was with her hands all over that beautiful posterior.

Lana kept sucking each breast in her mouth. She would teasingly nibble on
the pointed nipples, causing Martha to moan loudly. Martha reached back and
unhooked Lana letting her small but firm tits fall free from her bra. Martha
loved the feel of Lana's tits pressed against her tummy and caressed her dark
hair as Lana made sexy sucking sounds feasting on Martha's breasts.

"Oh Lana mmmm yesssss that's it, oh suck them you beautiful girl, ohhhhh
yesss mmmm ohhh yeah that's it tease them ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm you know what I
love, oh Lana!!"

Lana nursed on Martha's breasts like a newborn, she couldn't get enough of
them. She bathed them in her saliva. She made sure they both got equal
sucking. After a while though her mouth finally left Martha's breasts and
found Martha's mouth. They started french kissing passionately as Martha
gave Lana's white panties a yank downward. Martha kept kissing her as she
squeezed and dug her nails into Lana's perfect butt.

Not wanting Martha to be overdressed, Lana broke the kiss and dropped to her
knees, then with a quick tug Martha's purple panties were history. Lana was
pleased to see the curtains matched the carpet as Martha's pubes were red
just like the hair on Martha's head. Taking Martha's hand in hers Lana
insisted "show me your bedroom."

Martha smiled and led Lana to the bedroom. Lana gave an approving smile as
the master bedroom was really big and had a nice brass bed in the corner.
Martha sat with Lana on the bed and the kissing continued. Lana and Martha's
tongues battled in each others mouths as Martha slowly pushed Lana back onto
the bed. Martha was on top of Lana as she kissed all over the teen's neck
driving her crazy, and making her give out sexy sounds of pleasure. Martha
explored lower, and found Lana's breasts. She took a breast in her mouth
sucking in the whole tit as Lana's pink painted nails brushed ever so
lightly across Martha's naked backside. Martha gave each tit equal sucking,
pulling, pinching and nibbling on each nipple.

Going lower still Martha saw Lana's beautiful pussy. Her lips were
completely visible as her only pubic hair was a small dark patch right above
her glistening wet lips. Martha went right to Lana's pussy, sliding a finger
into her tight box. Martha slowly went in and out of her as she found the
young girls clit and began to lick it with her tongue. Lana licked her lips
as she received oral for the first time from another woman. Lana's
ex-boyfriend Whitney had gone down on her, but he didn't find her clit near
as quickly as Martha did. Martha seemed to have a map of Lana's hot spots as
she was easily getting all of them in Lana's mind. Lana smiled at the great
sight in the mirror behind Martha, it showed Martha's big sexy ass arched in
the air while she ate Lana out.

"Yessssss Mrs...I mean Martha ohhhhhh God ohhhh I love it yeah mmmmmmm God
yessssssss lick it ohhhhh fucking yes lick it!!!!!!"

She opened her legs wide loving what Martha was doing as her female juices
began dripping down to her ass crack. Martha, ever eager to taste the sexy
girl, licked her all the way from her ass to her clit, getting every bit of
the tasty girl cream. Then she went back to focusing on Lana's clit. She
teased the little pearl under the folds of her lips as Lana kicked all about
on the bed. Martha stuck another finger in Lana's slick cunt, Lana's pussy
seemed to tighten around it like a second skin.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh I..... yessssssssssssssss Martha oooooooooooh I love your
tongue oh baby don't stop, oh don't you dare fucking stop!!!"

Lana was getting loud as her body was reaching its limits, she was either
gonna pass out in pleasure, or give Martha the creamy frosting from her pie.
The orgasm is what transpired. Lana's body let out what seemed an endless
stream of cream. To Martha it tasted similar to honey being squirted into
her mouth, and she didn't miss a drop of the sweet taste. Lana breathed
heavily riding her orgasm out to its end.

Lana finally looked up at the woman that she now saw as a lover, not her
potential boyfriends mom. Martha still had Lana's juices on her chin, but
that didn't stop Lana from giving her a huge wet french kiss. Minutes later,
Lana broke the kiss and ordered Martha not to move. She enjoyed the view of
Martha's ass in the mirror so much she wanted to see it up close.

Getting behind Martha, Lana immediately spread her gorgeous creamy white ass
cheeks. Lana then stuck her tongue in its primary target, Martha's ass. This
was something new to Martha, sure she had tried anal sex a couple of times
before, but never had anyone ever licked her there. It was a different
feeling, but she really liked it. She would love anything that Lana would do
to her, (especially if it involved them not wearing clothes) but this was an
unexpected surprise. Lana gripped Martha's ass tight and darted her
tongue deep up Martha's asshole. Martha dug her nails into the sheets, she
had never been so turned on before in her life. To top it all off, Lana
hadn't even touched her pussy yet.

"Ohhhhhhhh Lana that's it ohhhhhhh wow!!!!! Mmmmmm oh Lana your so naughty
mmmmmm I love it baby, ohhhh mmmmmmmm work that tongue oh God yes, yes, yes
you sexy bitch work it, work it in my ass you nasty girl!"

Martha wanted to cum, and this new ass licking taboo was sending her already
hot body reeling. Lana seemed to have her entire tongue deep up Martha's
arched derriere as Lana's hands finally seeked out another target. This time
it was Martha's pussy. Lana slid two fingers into Martha's overheated pussy
as Martha's big boobs swayed back and forth. Lana slid the fingers in and
out faster and faster as Martha thrusted her ass back to meet them. Lana
didn't stop her ass licking as she went faster and faster with a double
assault on Martha's ass and pussy.

Somehow Lana got a free hand to reach out and grab a hold of one of Martha's
tits. Martha was moaning and screaming in undeniable desire. This was beyond
her wildest dreams. Seeing Martha was close Lana knew how to send her over.
She stopped licking her ass and put her tongue in Martha's red haired pussy.
She didn't leave her ass without stimulation though, she pushed a finger in
Martha's ass.

"Oh yeah you naughty girl ohhhhh yessss mmmmmmmmmmmm here it comes baby oh
here it comes mmmmmmmmm here comes your reward."

Lana was certainly correct thinking that this would be the clincher. Lana's
tongue licking on Martha's pretty red bush, plus a hard pinch on Martha's
nipple sent Martha over the edge and she let out a monstrous orgasm.

"Oh Lana, Lana, I ohhhhhhhh God I'm gonna cum, ohhhhhhhhhh I'm gonna cum all
over that pretty face here its comes oh here it comes ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Martha collapsed on her stomach as Lana licked and sucked up all the female
juices like a little sex kitten. The two ended up in each others arms and
kissed softly.

"How long have you looked at me this way Martha?"

"Quite a while, I guess that I always worried you would reject me?"

"No chance of that." Smiled Lana, giving Martha another kiss.

"Mom I'm home" said Clark. Clark looked around then started upstairs.

Their eyes grew big, they had forgot about Clark. Lana leaped up and started
looking for her clothes but remembered, they were downstairs!!!!

"I'll go distract Clark Lana, then you can sneak downstairs and out the

"OK, when will we see each other again Martha? I've never felt this way
about anyone before."

"I hoped to here those words from you Lana, look I'll call you OK? I gotta
go or Clark's gonna catch us."

Martha grabbed a robe and covered herself, Lana gave her a quick kiss
goodbye, then she caught Clark as he was almost all the way upstairs.

"Clark could I have you help me with dinner, I was making your dad's

"Um sure mom, you seldom let me in the kitchen but...sure."

With Clark's back turned Lana sneaked down to grab her clothes and got
dressed in a hurry. Then, leaving her heels off so she didn't make any noise
on the hard wood floor, she sneaked off and out the door. Martha knew that
soon, when she had time, she would have to get a hold of Lana. She had so
many more things she wanted to say and do with her secret love, Lana Lang.


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