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Smallville: Martha's Secret Love Part 2 (Ff, Ff-mast)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Martha Kent was having a hard time falling asleep. She was lying in bed with
her husband Jonathan, and he was snoring as usual. That wasn't the real
reason she couldn't sleep though. The real reason was that earlier in the
day, she had slept with her long time crush, the beautiful Lana Lang. It was
a dream come true, still she couldn't deny the fact that it was more than
just a crush, she was in love with Lana. What could she do though? Martha
was a married woman. Yet she still couldn't help but keep picturing the way
Lana looked naked. Her young body was so perfect. Plus it was more than sex,
she felt that she was falling in love with her. Martha thought that making
love to Lana would cure her of her crush over her. Instead it only made her
want Lana more.

She got out of bed and started cleaning house. Which is what she always did
to get her mind off things. As she cleaned the front room she saw something
that really caught her eye. It was slightly under the couch, reaching down
she realized it was a pair of panties, Lana's panties! Apparently Lana left
them when she was in such a hurry to sneak out. She caressed the silky
underwear in her hand. Putting it to her nose she smelled the sweet scent
of Lana's love juices. 'Its been a matter of hours since I saw her, but God
I need her' she thought. She looked at the clock, it was 3 am. She flopped
down on the couch, she was in just a white cotton nightgown. The gown came
down to right below her knees, but more impressive was how the faded fabric
was see-through. Martha never wore panties underneath and certainly didn't
wear a bra to bed, so it was a very sexy sight.

Martha started to slide her hand up her white thigh to her pussy underneath.
Her other hand had the silky panties of Lana's up to her nose. She realized
how this fetish could be demeaning but didn't care. The smell of Lana's
womanhood filled her nostrils as she rubbed feverishly on her clit. She
closed her eyes and imagined the beautiful face of Lana Lang as she shoved
two fingers into her pussy. She started pumping her fingers in and out like
a piston. Her hard nipples poked through the revealing nightie as her pussy
started leaking cunt juice.

Martha rode the sexual high for all it was worth as she smelled Lana's cum
stained panties. Her nose was glued to the crotch of the panties as she
forced a third finger into her pussy. Her cunt was on fire. She had
masturbated before, but had never gotten so aroused so quickly before. She
imagined Lana, her small breasts that had such a sexy jiggle to them, her
fit and trim body and that beautiful round tight ass. Lana had an ass that
any man or woman would drool over. She thrashed about on the couch
remembering the incredible sex she and Lana had. The finger play and panty
sniffing would soon became too much as she orgasmed all over her fingers.
Her juices dripped down to her ass crack causing her to squirm with delight.

Martha wanted to taste a pussy so bad, so she brought her fingers to her
mouth and licked up all of her own cum off of it. She laid back on the
couch and actually drifted off to sleep for a few minutes before waking up
abruptly. Realizing she had to do something with the panties she took them
to her room and put them in her drawer. After that she climbed back in bed
with Jonathan and went to sleep.

* * *

Lana Lang was waking up after a night of tossing and turning. Her mind still
wasn't believing what transpired the previous day with Martha Kent. Lana had
shared the most erotic experience of her life with another woman, which
happened to be her love interest's (Clark's) mom. Lana has had sex before but
never with another woman and never had anything felt as incredible as when
her and Martha got it on. Lana splashed water on her face as she looked in
the mirror, she always slept topless wearing only panties to bed, a black
thong in this case. She noticed that her nipples were already pointed and
hard as she thought about Martha.

Lana spent most of last night trying to tell herself that her and Martha was
just a fling, a one time experience that would never happen again. As it
turns out though, she didn't convince herself of that. Lana never saw herself
as a lesbian, but she couldn't convince herself that her and Martha sleeping
together again would be a bad thing. The incredible tenderness and sensuality
that girl/woman sex had. The softness of Martha's lips as they kissed. Lana
had always thought she was in love with Clark, but now...maybe she was a
lesbian. All last night she had fantasies, fantasies of being married to
Martha. Lesbian marriages used to gross her out when she saw them on the
news, but now she was fantasizing about having a wedding with Martha Kent!

Lana slid her thong down and stepped into the shower. She fantasized herself
being pregnant, and her lover Martha Kent caressing her expanded belly. She
saw them kissing each other passionately. She always dreamed of having a baby
someday, but now she wasn't seeing Clark in the pic anymore. Her head was
spinning she just couldn't get these thoughts out of her head. The warm water
was soothing as it hit her hard nipples. She decided to use her showerhead on
maximum power, it felt so warm as it hit its target, which was her pussy.
Lana opened her legs and got the showerhead inches from her pussy so she
really felt the warm stream of water hitting her sensitive areas. The water
was hitting right on her clit and Lana stuck two fingers into her tight box
and pictured Martha Kent's face.

Lana got weak in the knees as she collapsed against the shower wall in
pleasure and orgasmed all over her fingers. She got her barrings back and
finished her shower. She no sooner got out of the shower than the phone


"Hello Lana, its Martha."

"Martha its so good to hear from you!"

"Really, I didn't know if you wanted anything to do with me after what we did
yesterday, I didn't know how you felt about it."

There was a long silence before Lana finally spoke up "I liked it Martha, I
really liked it."

"Oh God I'm so glad to hear that Lana you wanna do it again...I mean...hee
hee...that came out wrong...would you like to get together again?"

"I'd love, to why don't you come over for dinner tonight, say 7 o'clock?"

"OK Lana, its a date, I'll see you then."

"Looking forward to it Martha, bye."


Lana immediately started getting ready, she wanted plenty of time to choose
her clothes so she made spaghetti for dinner, something good but quick to
fix. First there was her makeup, she put on purple eyeshadow and mascara
along with a bit of blush and red lipstick, her hair she wore down. She
decided on her favorite dangling silver earrings. Then she tore apart her
closet trying to find the right thing before she decided on something
simple, a short black dress. She went with black lacey boyleg cut panties,
not very skimpy underwear but the lace made them very sexy, and she wore a
strapless lacey black bra to match. She got out some black stiletto 4 inch
high heels that she was saving for a special occasion like this.

Martha was glad that Jonathan had gone to Metropolis and Clark was working on
the school paper with Chloe. It was good because it meant that she wouldn't
have to explain why she was getting so dressed up. Martha put on a cleavage
revealing red dress that went down past her knees. She wore no bra, loving
how good the dress made her breasts look. 'Not bad for a woman who's 43' she
thought. It had a slit down the side so even with its length it still showed
lots of leg. She decided against pantyhose figuring if she got intimate with
the lovely Lana that they would only get in the way. She put on just red
lipstick as far as makeup, and finished the outfit off with red high heels.
She got in her red dodge pickup truck and drove to Lana's.

Lana heard the doorbell, she checked herself in the mirror one last time. She
looked stunning. She took a deep breath then opened the door. There she was,
Martha Kent, a woman in her forties, but whose beauty had withstood the test
of time. The two met each other with a gentle embrace. Then Lana led her by
the hand to the table where she had the spaghetti ready for them. Lana was
treated to Martha pushing in her chair for her, then Martha sitting down
herself. This wonderful token of consideration gave Lana goosebumps. She
remembered when they made love how Martha said she had wanted Lana for so
long. So Lana knew that she wasn't the only one who was incredibly happy at
this moment.

After a great meal Lana was sure to point out to Martha how beautiful she
looked tonight. Martha told Lana that she was as beautiful as ever. Lana
couldn't help but blush at the statement. Not wanting to show that she was
blushing, Lana got up and found a radio station with some slow music playing
and asked Martha to dance with her. Martha nodded and joined her in the
middle of the hard wood living room floor. Martha put her hands on Lana's
hips and Lana's hands went around Martha's shoulders as the two beautiful
women swayed to the music. Martha held Lana tight against her as Lana rested
her head on the older woman's shoulders. The dancing continued as they kissed
softly, Lana never felt such contentment before, not even in Clark's arms.

Martha felt it was a dream come true. She had thought long ago that her
fantasies of Lana would always remain just that, fantasies. Now though, she
had the young woman in her arms and would never let her go. Her husband was
not even on her mind, she was in love with Lana Lang, and at least on this
night, nothing else in the world mattered. She kissed her with passion,
their tongues meeting. The two went on french kissing for several minutes
as Martha's hands went down to squeeze on Lana's ass. Lana's hands began
caressing Martha's impressive breasts through her dress, as the kissing

Martha broke the kiss and turned around, moving her red hair aside. Lana got
the hint and unzipped Martha's dress. Lana eyed the red thong panties that
went up Martha big round posterior as the dress fell to the floor. Lana
couldn't help but lick her lips. Then Lana's face showed a huge smile as the
near naked Martha turned around to reveal her huge tits. Not wanting to be
behind in the undressed department Lana pushed her dress down. Looking up at
Martha in her black bra and panties Martha smiled confirming to Lana that she
approved of what she saw. Lana reached back and unhooked her strapless bra
and tossed it aside. Again their lips met in a kiss and Martha reached back
and grabbed a hold of Lana's panties. Martha broke the kiss long enough to
drop to her knees and yank them off Lana.

She stood back up began kissing her again and asked Lana "Where's your

"Last door on the right." Said Lana as she kept kissing the sexy redhead.

Martha lifted Lana up in the air and Lana wrapped her legs around Martha's
waist. Martha kicked off her red heels as she carried Lana to the bedroom.
Laying Lana on the bed Martha slid her sexy red thong off. She then gazed
at her underaged brunette love lying naked on the bed except for her high
heel stiletto's. The heels, Martha felt, made her look even sexier. Martha
climbed onto the bed and spread Lana's legs. She kissed up her sexy legs...
past her knees and then spent some time at her sexy tanned inner thighs.
She planted soft kisses all over her thighs causing Lana to moan softly in
pleasure. It felt heavenly, but Lana was still glad when Martha went even
higher and buried her face in Lana's burning abyss.

She drove her tongue in as deep as it would go as her thumb rubbed on Lana's
already hard clit. Lana's ass went on and off the bed as she thrust about in
pleasure from Martha's tongue. Martha kept rubbing her thumb on Lana's clit
and shoved two fingers into Lana's vice-like pussy. With her free hand Martha
spread Lana's ass cheeks and found Lana's tight puckered asshole and began
licking there. Lana gripped Martha's red hair and moaned louder as the pink
intruder went up her ass. Martha's tongue and the rubbing on her clit was
getting Lana so hot! Lana didn't want Martha to stop, she would have loved to
have spent all night letting the beautiful housewife and mother do this to
her! Before too long though, the pleasure was too much to take.

"Ohh Martha oh I'm gonna cum ohh I'm gonna cum ohhh lick it lick it ohhhhhh
fuck don't stop ohhhhhhhhhh I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmminnnggggg!!!!!"

Martha licked up all of the tasty teen's juices, then made her way up to Lana
giving kisses to her flat tummy and giving each one of her breasts a gentle
suck along with each nipple. They met in another meaningful wet french kiss
as Martha loved the feel of Lana's wet and sticky body pressed up against
hers. Lana was loving the feeling of Martha's huge breasts pressed against
her smaller ones, she especially loved the fact that her hard nipples were
touching Martha's.

Lana rolled Martha over to her back and took one of Martha's big breasts in
her mouth. She squeezed and played with one breast while she sucked the
other. It was so big she couldn't even get all of Martha's tit in her mouth.
Martha caressed the brunette's hair, she could tell that Lana loved her big
tits and she was more than happy to let the teen enjoy them. Even though
Martha's real need was the inch she had between her legs. Lana could suck
on Martha's tits all night. She had always been envious of girls with a
big chest. Never had she ever wanted to suckle the breasts on a woman like
a newborn, like she wanted to with Martha's. Lana nibbled on one red nipple
then the other. Soon both nipples were as hard as bullets covered in Lana's
saliva. Finally as Martha started to grind her pussy into Lana, Lana caught

Figuring she made her sweet redhead wait long enough already Lana went right
to the target. She went through the red pubic hair and opened Martha's cunt
lips. She began by sticking her tongue in and out of Martha's pussy already
tasting a bit of female love juice. Her tongue went faster and faster digging
deep into her cunt as she gave Martha's ass a few nice slaps which she could
tell Martha really enjoyed. Lana loved seeing red handprints on Martha's ass
as she ate her out as best she could. She wanted nothing more than to make
Martha cum as hard as she did.

Lana then stopped tongue fucking Martha and tried a different approach. This
time she decided that she would just suck on the redhead's cunt lips. Lana
could tell by the increased moaning that Martha liked this new idea. So Lana
made it as hot and nasty as possible as she slurped and sucked on Martha's
cunt lips. Martha's nails dug into Lana's sexy backside as Lana couldn't help
herself and her hands once again found Martha's big breasts. Lana pinched and
pulled on the pointed red nubs as she continued sucking on Martha's slit.
Martha was going crazy with the rough pinching Lana was giving her sensitive
nipples and the sucking on her pussy. Martha's nails seemed to be digging a
little rougher into the brunettes back as Martha's orgasm neared.

Lana knew what it would take so she took one hand off of Martha's boobs and
used that hand to rub on Martha's clit. Martha was already close but the play
on her clit really helped her along even further. Lana sucked and licked all
over Martha, licking everywhere from her asshole to her pussy sliding her
tongue up and down both regions. Martha finally had more than she could stand
and she exploded all over Lana's face.

"Lana Lana ohhh baby yessssssss yesss Lana ohhhhhh thats it ohhhhh your soooo
fucking gooooooooodddddddddd!!!!"

Just when Martha thought it could get no better she looked down to see Lana's
beautiful face covered in cum. She brought the brunette up to another kiss.

When the kiss was broken Lana laid on her side next to Martha.

"Martha, this is tough to say but.....I think......that I love you."

"Lana, I have always loved you, I knew from the time you became a young woman
that you would be perfect for me, if you ever felt the same that is."

"So where do we go from here Martha, I don't wanna stop being with you."

"Well, I think I should divorce Jonathan, its apparent that we our meant for
each other."

"You'll really leave Jonathan? I like Mr. Kent though, he'll be heartbroken,
are you sure this is the way to do this?"

"Yes, Lana, I love my husband but what I feel with you...I've never felt with
anyone else."

"Me too." Lana stroked Martha's right breast.

"I'll tell him tomorrow, I'll just say I love someone else, I won't mention
your name. Then when the divorce is final it will be just you and me

"I can wait for you Martha, your worth waiting for!"

The two women snuggled up together, and before long they drifted off to sleep
with Lana in Martha's arms.


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