This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. It is also an adult
story so if your under 18 then your too young leave now. Now onto the story.
Contains: F/f, cons, oral.

Smallville: Martha's Secret Love Part 3
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Martha Kent had decided that today was the day she was gonna tell her husband
that she was leaving him. She made breakfast and waited for Jonathan and
Clark to come down. She and Lana already had a plan, Martha wouldn't say who
she was leaving him for. Jonathan would never suspect if she moved in with
Lana. Martha would just tell him Lana's taking her in until she gets on her
feet. Jonathan made his way down to the table and immediately started eating
his bacon and eggs.

"Jonathan, shouldn't we wait for Clark?"

"He won't be here for breakfast Martha, he left early to help Chloe with the

"Oh I see, well I was hoping he'd be here for this but, I guess I'll tell him
later. Look Jonathan... I want a divorce, I love someone else.

Jonathan looked at Martha, there was a long hesitation before he spoke.

"Who is it, who is the guy?"

"Doesn't matter Jonathan, I'm in love with someone else my mind is made up.
It's not that I don't love you. You can keep everything, the farm the house
the car. Don't fight me on this, divorce, my mind is made up. I'm moving out

"Where are you going, to move in with this guy!?"

"I'm moving in with Lana, she's gonna take me in till the divorce is final."

"So your not gonna tell me who this guy is your leaving me for? I mean do I
know this guy?"

"It doesn't matter who it is, but yes you know this person. I'm moving my
stuff out today."

"Today? This is all happening so fast!"

"I know and I'm sorry but the sooner we both accept this and move on the

With that Martha left the table and started loading up the truck. Jonathan
sat there stunned, he never even saw this coming. Jonathan tried to go about
his business and do the chores, but still talked to Martha here and there
trying to talk her out of it. He had no luck though she was still set on
leaving. After a while she got all of her things loaded in the truck. She
gave Jonathan a wave good-bye and was off.

She arrived at Lana's and started unpacking. With it being summertime now
Lana was working more hours so she was unpacking by herself. Martha was
wearing just her gray sweat pants and a plain white T-shirt with tennis
shoes. It was close to 3pm before Martha finally got everything moved in
and put away. She collapsed on the couch. She started thinking about things,
she realized that her and Lana would have nothing, financially speaking.
There was one person she could call though. So she called up her dad. Her
dad was a very rich man, he hated Jonathan, he always thought that Martha
could do better than some hick farmer from Kansas. He had always hoped
Martha married someone else, which is exactly what Martha planned to do.

She called her dad and told him the whole story. She worried about what he
would think about her getting together with another woman, but was pleasantly
surprised by his reaction. As it turned out he thought anyone would be better
for her than Jonathan was. He agreed to give her $100,000 enough money to get
on her feet and then some. She mentioned how Lana loved the Talon that she
worked at in Smallville, so he told her that he would build a Talon/apartment
for both of them in Metropolis as a wedding gift. Martha was hysterically
happy, she couldn't wait for Lana to get home to tell her the good news.

Back at the Kent farm Clark was arriving home after working on a tough story
on the school paper with Chloe. Imagine what a shock it was when his dad
told him that mom had moved out. He never imagined his mom would cheat, but
apparently she had found another guy. This made no sense to Clark, he never
saw any tension in their marriage before this was unbelievable. Clark and
Jonathan put their heads together to try and figure out who this mystery guy
is, but had no luck. Jonathan was going irate wanting to know who the guy
was. Clark calmed him down enough and insured him that he would find the guy.

Martha had just returned from Western Union to get the money wired by her
dad. She had also hired a lawyer and had filed for divorce. Getting back
close to 5pm she fell asleep on the couch waiting for Lana. She woke up to
someone kissing her on the mouth. She opened her eyes to see it was a
radiant beauty, her new lover Lana Lang.

"Hello sleep head." Smiled Lana.

Lana swung her leg over Martha so she was now sitting on her straddling her
waist. Martha smiled and lifted of Lana's black T-shirt leaving her in a
matching black bra. Martha then pulled the teen into another hot kiss. Their
tongues battled for supremacy in each others mouths as this kissed for what
seemed like hours though it was more like 10 minutes, before Martha broke the

"Oh I almost forgot honey, good news my dad sent us $100,000, and he's
building you a Talon/apartment in Metropolis!"

"Really!! That's great, now us being married is all that left!"

Lana gave Martha a lusty smile as her hands snaked under Martha's T-shirt to
feel up her breasts contained in the white sports bra underneath.

"Oh Lana, baby, I love that but we can't do it now. I've been moving all day,
I stink."

"I don't care I want you."

"Lana, seriously I sweated all I stink right now."

"Like I said I don't care now are you gonna let me fuck you, or am I gonna
have to rape your sexy ass?" Lana giggled.

"You are incorrigible Miss Lang...OK fine, but if I stink remember whose idea
this was."

Martha pulled off her top, her big jugs bounced in the sports bra as she
tossed the top aside. Lana smiled seeing that she was getting her way, and
dove right into Martha's cleavage. Seconds later Martha's bra was pulled off
her body and Lana was swallowing a huge tit in her mouth. Martha reached back
and unhooked Lana's bra as she caressed Lana's sexy, perfectly tanned back.
She held Lana's face tight to her big breast as Lana enjoyed trying to take
all of the huge tit in her mouth. Lana sucked and nibbled on the nipple
driving Martha crazy (which was what she lived for). She went to the other
breast and sucked on it biting on the nibble as she scissored her legs with
Martha. Lana grinded her sex into Martha's sex. Martha played with Lana's
white belt, unbuckling it and unbuttoning her low riding pants.

Martha pulled Lana off her boob long enough to slid down the light blue
jeans. She noticed her little sweetie wasn't only not wearing panties, her
pussy has also shaved bald.

"Oh my God!"

"You like Martha."

"Hell yes, mmmm I get a really good view of it shaved."

"That's the idea baby. Let's get those sweats off of you."

Lana yanked off Martha's sweats and took Martha's white panties with them.
This left both women naked and they both ended up on the floor kissing
liking the other person's mouth was their source of air. Naked bodies
grinded together. Both woman moaned in pleasure as Martha's big red nipples
rubbed against Lana's small pointed dark ones. The two women grinded their
pussies together as they kissed. Martha's warm pussy rubbed against Lana's
equally hot slit. Before long the two women were panting and screaming out
each others name in pleasure as the grinding sent them both to a monstrous

They both laid on the floor, but Martha was far from done. She kissed down
Lana's body giving each nipple a sexy love bite as she moved past her tits.
She went lower still past Lana's washboard tummy. She swirled her tongue in
Lana's bellybutton causing the brunette to giggle. Martha smiled, and went
past the belly to the bald pussy in front of her. She found that with it
bald the clit was easier to get to. Plus Lana's folds were already open as
she reached her lips. She blew gently on Lana's clit, giving Lana goosebumps.
She pushed her tongue inside Lana flicking it like a snake on the target as
she gripped and slapped the sexy girl's ass.

"Oh Martha mmmmmm ohhhhh baby yeah mmmm oh I'm so hot yeah, mmmmm oh yeah
that's it ohhh oh honey oh yes yes fuck yesssss!"

Martha sucked, slurped, and bit on Lana's love button as she pushed two
fingers into Lana's tight snatch. Martha ate out Lana as the brunette stuck
out her tongue and licked her lips in pleasure. Martha bathed Lana's clit in
saliva as she roughly pushed a third finger in Lana's pussy. Lana's body
convulsed and she was rocked with another orgasm. Martha licked up all of
her young lovers cum, the most delicious thing she ever tasted. She smiled
to herself thinking she'd be treated to a diet of Lana Lang's pussy cream
for the rest of her life.

The two women held hands on the hard wood floor of Lana's apartment as
they held each other close. Both were so content where they were right now.
Eventually though, they got up and decided to go take a shower together.

Months went by and Clark and Jonathan were scrambling to find the guy that
Martha was seeing. Clark even spied on his mother hoping to see this guy she
was leaving his dad for. All Clark ever saw was Martha and Lana together.
Clark thought nothing of that. Even more disappointing though, was that ever
since Martha moved in with Lana, Lana seemed to be uninterested in Clark now.
Whoever this guy was (a guy is only what they assumed it was) he was keeping
himself scarce and out of sight.

Several months later the court day finally came and Martha agreed to let
Jonathan have everything in the divorce. So Martha walked away with nothing
more than her own clothes. Even with her lawyer insisting that she ask for
alimony she refused. Naturally Martha didn't mention to the court or her
lawyer the money she got from her dad. She got the deed for the Talon in
Metropolis a couple of weeks later. This meant that at last Lana and her
could start their lives together.

With the divorce final there was no longer a reason to stay in Smallville.
The two didn't wanna arouse suspicion though so Martha left ahead of Lana and
Lana sneaked out that night and joined her in Metropolis. The two went to get
a marriage liscence (Where it was legal of course) and set a date.

When the wedding day arrived at last Lana Lang walked down the aisle in a
gorgeous white wedding dress with a 10 foot train. Martha stood at the alter
waiting for her in a black skirt and black heels, stockings and finally a
cleavage revealing white blouse with a black suit jacket. Martha smiled, she
was so incredibly lucky to be marrying this beauty. They both decided that
Lana would have her last name changed to Lana Kent. The two said their vows
and had a reception with only Martha's father there to congratulate them. He
informed Martha that he had paid her lawyer bill in full with cash. He was
glad to have Lana as his new daughter-in-law. Lana Lang was even more
beautiful than Martha had described to him.

They went into their new cozy apartment kissing as they entered. Both of
them were happy as they had ever remembered being as they poured champagne
in glasses and entered the bedroom. Martha untied her red hair that she had
in a bun for the wedding. She reached behind Lana and unzipped her wedding
dress. As the dress came down she was happy to see that her new wife wore
no bra or panties underneath. Martha found Lana very sexy in the wedding
veil, so she had her leave it on. Standing there in nothing but the veil and
white high heels Lana looked like a goddess, pure and simple. Lana looked at
Martha and raised an eyebrow as if to say 'your turn.'

Martha pulled off her blouse, her white bra was easy access since it unhooked
in the front. Martha released her knockers for Lana, then saw the priceless
look on the teen girls face as she saw a surprise.

Dangling between Martha's legs was a pink 8 inch strap-on dildo. This was
certainly unexpected for Lana, but she had to admit she found it very sexy
the way it looked between Martha's legs. Martha took the girl in her arms
once again and kissed her deeply. Lana got down on her knees and started
sucking on the strap-on. Martha got no physical pleasure from this of
course, but she did love watching the sight of Lana sucking on a cock.
Lana treated it like it was a real cock licking the tip with her tongue.
Then she would slide her tongue up and down the plastic shaft while she
cupped the fake balls in her hands. Martha gripped on Lana's hair and
started really shoving the fake phallus in and out of Lana's mouth. Lana
took it like a pro and treated Martha to the sight of her deep throating
her strapon. A sight only Lana's ex-boyfriend Whitney had been treated to.

As much as she loved the sight of Lana's blowjob she had many more things
she wanted to do with the teen goddess. So she lifted her back to her feet.
They kissed softly and gazed into each others eyes.

"I love you Lana Kent."

"I love you Martha Kent." Lana whispered back.

The two made their way to the bed and Martha laid her virgin bride down.
Martha kissed down Lana's thighs. Kissed her knees, then went lower. She
kissed Lana's beautiful calves and slid off the high heels. She then
kissed the bottom of Lana's feet and heard Lana moan in pleasure.

"Ohhh yes Martha ohhh that feels good!"

"Well, does my sweetie have herself a little foot fetish?"

"Oh yesssss Martha I like that oh don't stop.

Martha licked up and down the bottom of Lana's foot from the heel up to the
toes. Lana was going crazy at how good this felt. Martha would get almost to
Lana's toes but then would go back down. Finally Lana couldn't stand the
teasing and asked her new spouse for more.

"Please Martha...could...could you please suck on my toes?" Lana implored.
"It makes me so hot."

Martha took the lovely manicured toes in her mouth. She sucked on each one
like they were ten tiny little cocks. She sucked them in her mouth and
tongued every single toe. Already Lana was wet between the legs. Lana was
amazed at how Martha seemed to know what Lana wanted even before she did.
She went from foot to foot, giving ever toe as much attention as the last
one. A toe isn't usually a sexy thing on one's body, but Martha found it
to be just as sexy as the rest of Lana. Plus anywhere that Lana wanted her
to lick, she would do gladly. Even if it was something new to her. A smell
started to fill the room, Martha looked up and to her shock saw that Lana's
bald pussy was already wet. She also knew that Lana was now ready, and wet
enough, for her strap-on.

Martha climbed back up and pushed her plastic cock into Lana. Lana
immediately screamed in pleasure as her pussy was stretched apart by the
cock. Lana felt her pussy lips grabbing the cock and pushed her hips to
meet it. Martha just tried her best to fuck Lana like a guy would. The
strap-on had a nub on the other in that pushed back into Martha as she
fucked Lana. Lana and Martha gave each other more sloppy wet kisses as
Martha pushed more and more cock into Lana.

"Oh yes oh Martha oh take my cherry, ohhh make me a woman Martha, I'm just
a little girl now, but you can make me into a woman, ohh take me, my body's
yours!!!! Oh fuck me with that pink cock baby yess yesssss!"

Martha rolled Lana over so Lana was on top of her. All of the cock penetrated
Lana as she rode it hard. Soon her cherry was gone and even through the pain
she smiled knowing she waited for her true love to take her virginity from
her. This feeling also caused her to cum all over the fake rod. Martha thrust
upwards, causing the fake balls to slap against Lana's ass. Martha reached up
to play with her teenage wife's nipples, pulling and pinching on the hard
nub's. This drove Lana crazier as Martha felt the nub on the strapon being
slammed into her pussy making her cum. She came hard looking straight into
the eyes of her lover. Unlike a man though, Martha's fake dick stayed hard,
so Martha new there was just one position left to try.

"On your knees Lana Kent!" She ordered with a smile.

Once on her knees Martha got behind her and shoved the cock into her. Getting
up high on her feet she really slammed the cock into Lana. She started to
understand why guys like sex so much. She was slamming hard into Lana and
Lana's moans only made her wanna drive the strap-on into her harder. Martha's
big boobs bounced sexily as she fucked her newlywed sweetheart doggy-style.
Getting into even more she started spanking her ass. The sight was so
incredible, the ass that Lana had it was the sexiest ass on the planet Martha
was sure of it. Finally the pumping of the strapon became more than Lana
could handle and she came for a second time.

Lana and Martha cuddled together, this would only be the beginning of many
nights of incredible sex. A week later Lana walked into the room while Martha
was paying bills.

"Hey hon, remember the I had the invetro?" Asked Lana.

"Yeah what about it?"

Lana held up a pregnancy test, it showed a blue line, Lana was pregnant.
Martha picked her wife in the air and kissed her. The two women kissed and
hugged tightly.

Months later they were shopping at the mall for baby clothes. Lana was
certainly not wearing her low riding jeans anymore, not when she reached her
second month. Those pants were replaced by stretch pants. By the third month
her sexy bra's were replaced by sportsbra's as her breasts got big due to her
pregnancy. They even started to rival the size of Martha's breasts. Martha
watched her lover gradually grow from a little pudge in her belly, to a full
pregnant tummy. Even being pregnant Lana lost no beauty she still took care
of herself and took pride in how she looked. Much to Martha's delight.

Martha never thought much of Jonathan anymore, he was a part of her life for
many years but now she felt she was really where she belonged. Martha was
getting ready for bed when she saw Lana coming out of the shower naked. She
went up to her lover hugging her tight from behind. She caressed Lana's
beautiful, very pregnant belly. Never had she known a prettier pregnant
woman before. Just like never imagined she would raise another baby. Even
the waking up at wee hours and the feedings and diaper changes was something
she looked forward to with Lana. They found it humorous that people would
mistake them for mother and daughter. They didn't sway them otherwise though
not wanting to rock the boat.

The time finally came and Lana went through 12 long hours of child birth.
The baby came out healthy at 10 lbs and was a boy. They named him William
after Martha's dad. Martha and Lana had each other and had a baby to raise
together. Martha helped Lana to the car days later as they took the baby
home. Martha looked at her new wife and smiled as she kissed her softly on
the lips. Martha then started up the new van they had bought and drove back
home. On the way Martha laughed to herself. It was apparent that what only
seemed to be a secret crush on Lana Lang was much more. It was love, true


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