Smallville: No More Mister Nice Guy (mf,mff,voy,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

There comes a time in every man's life when he has to decide what he is. Is
he a predator or is he prey? A champion or a victim? You can be a winner or
a loser. The choice is up to you. Clark Kent was the world's number one
do-gooder, until he got tired of it. He did good things like helping men
and women using his super powers but it didn't seem to get him anywhere.
Superhero or not, he is still a young man with certain needs. A decision is
made inside his head at the psychological level. He drops the 'nice guy'
syndrome and decides to just get what he wants. It's as simple as that.

This decision changes Clark Kent. He becomes more of a man. More assertive,
more aggressive. He is the most powerful being ever to walk the earth and he
is no longer afraid...let the men and women of the planet Earth beware...

Lana Lang was on her hands and turned to look at Clark Kent with a smile.
He easily slid his erection into her soaking wet pussy. Her body is eager
for him to enter. He holds her hips firmly and thrusts into her. He fucks
her like this, shoving his big cock deep inside her. She arches her back
and drives him deeper inside her. "Oh yes." she says. "Give it to me,

He continued to fuck her wet pussy as her body began to jerk and quiver. He
could tell she was getting close to an orgasm. He rides her like a dog riding
a bitch and grabs her hair, yanking her head back. She screams in pain and
pleasure and that only encourages him. "Fuck me." she screams.

He pulls out. She turns around, and he sees that her body is covered with a
slick sheen of sweat.

"Why have you stopped ?" she asks.

He gestures for her to assume the position once more. "I want to try
something new." he says.

She smiles and resumes the position. He looks at her. She is such a
good-looking girl, that long black hair and that bronze skin, such a pretty
face...and her pretty little ass looked so damn inviting.

Clark reaches down and guides his big cock to the entrance of her asshole.
She winces as he begins to press the head into her puckered hole. Hmm. The
huge cock bends as she tries to tighten the muscles to block his penile
intrusion. At this point, there's no doubt to him that this is virgin flesh.
His cock head forces its way through the little ring of muscle protecting
her ass and he just slides right in. She is jerking and moaning a bit. He
yanks her head back and thrusts into her. To the hilt.

At first, her body seems to freeze. Then, she is screaming in pain. Clark
begins to slide in and out of her sweet tender ass. It's so damn tight! He
loves the feel of her incredibly tight ass around his cock. Her grunt of
pain is matched by his groan of sheer pleasure. He continues to slam his
cock into her rear. He feels a rush in his loins, and cums. He explodes
inside her ass and she screams as her bowels are filled with hot cum. He
pulls out.

He looks at Lana Lang. She is disheveled, her face a mask of mixed emotions.
She looks wild...from a good fuck. He says nothing. "Are you okay ?" he asks.

She shakes her head. He pulls her into his arms and she practically collapses
there. He holds her for a few seconds and sees that her body is wracked with
sobs. "Feel better ?" he asks.

"I hurt a bit." she says. She smiles at him bravely.

"Ok." he says.

"Did you like it?" she asks.

"Yeah, thanks." he says sheepishly.

She smiles and kisses him.

"You have never done this before?" he asks.

"Nope." she says.

In spite of himself, he has to ask her. He is curious. "Why did you do it?"

She looks at him like he has just asked the dumbest question in the world.
"Because I love you, silly." she says. She gets up and they head for the

An hour later, Clark Kent left Lana Lang's house. He smiled to himself. That
was an interesting night. Who knew the prim and proper Lana Lang had such a
wild side?

Clark Kent felt alive and free. He decided to pay a little visit to his
friend Chloe. He hadn't seen her in a few. He knocked on the door and when he
heard some commotion inside, he went in. What he saw amazed him...

Clark Kent looked at the smiling faces of Alicia Baker and Chloe Sullivan.
The girls smiled at him and slowly began to strip. He sat down and watched.
They were both blondes with sexy bodies but he had to admire the details.
Chloe Sullivan was petite, and cute. Alicia Baker was damn hot and sexy,
with a slim waist, firm tits and a tight ass. Chloe was slim and cute, with
perky tits and a cute butt. "Hello, ladies." he said. "Come to me."

Alicia looked at Clark. "Just sit down and watch, pretty boy."

She looked at Chloe and right in front of Clark Kent, the girls embraced. It
was not a friendly embrace but lovers embrace. He looked at them, both naked
with their hot bodies pressing against each other as they kissed. Alicia
Baker caressed Chloe Sullivan's perky tits and tight butt. Chloe moaned and
continued to kiss Alicia and slid her hand between the other girl's legs.
Alicia moaned in surprised pleasure. Clark Kent watched all this. He was
getting excited.

He watched the girls as they went on the floor. Alicia had Chloe lying flat
out on the floor with her legs spread and was eating out her pussy. Chloe
moaned as Alicia's mouth explored her pussy, licking her clit and sampling
her juices. Alicia breathed in the smell of Chloe. Every woman tasted
differently and Alicia liked the way Chloe smelled and tasted. She slipped
a finger inside Chloe's pussy and Chloe gasped. She introduced another
finger and put this one inside Chloe's pussy then her mouth.

"Like the taste of your pussy?" Alicia asked.

"Yeah." said Chloe. Alicia tasted Chloe's pussy then fingered herself and let
Chloe taste it. "Yum." said Chloe.

Alicia resumed eating out Chloe and fingered herself as she did. They went at
it like this for a moment, then they did a classic sixty nine. Chloe Sullivan
found herself on top of Alicia Baker and licking her pussy. Alicia moaned as
Chloe fingered her and tenderly bit her clit. Alicia slipped a finger inside
Chloe's ass. Chloe gasped. Alicia Baker took her finger out and inserted her
thumb into Chloe's ass. She moved it in her in all directions.

Chloe responded by wildly rubbing her clit and loudly calling, "Alicia,
Alicia...OH God... OH..."

Her orgasm shook them both. She bucked and shuddered until wave after wave
finally quieted down a bit. Then she started crying.

"Do you like it ?" asked Alicia.

"Yes." said Chloe.

"Then why do you cry?" asked Alicia.

"I always wanted it but I was afraid to ask."

Alicia looked at the beautiful girl and smiled. "Pleasure is nothing to be
ashamed of. I'll show you." she said.

Alicia walked over to her dresser, and saw Clark sitting there. She smiled
and gave him a kiss. She came back to Chloe with a strap-on dildo. Chloe's
eyes went wild. "Don't be afraid." said Alicia. "It's gonna feel so good, I

Alicia Baker came up behind Chloe and reached between her legs to rub her
wet cunt. Some of her juices had gone down her thigh and Alicia gathered it
up and wiped it on strap-on dildo. Slowly, Alicia Baker rubbed the strap-on
dildo against Chloe's puckered anus. She entered her ass again. This time
Alicia Baker pushed inch after inch slowly up into her.

"Oh're in my deep big, so good...yes... for you,
only for you...yes baby, fuck your Chloe...oh..."

Alicia took this as encouragement and began to slam the dildo into Chloe's
ass. Chloe arched her back and this drove the dildo deeper into her as Alicia
firmly gripped Chloe's waist and slammed into her. Chloe moaned. Alicia
fucked Chloe. She looked up and saw Clark Kent. He looked so damn excited.

"Come here." she said.

He got up and came toward them. He undressed so quick it was almost scary.
He came and positioned himself behind Alicia. "Are you ready?" he asks.

Alicia turned and kissed him on the lips. "Take me." she said.

Alicia resumed fucking Chloe, shoving the strap-on dildo deep into her as
Clark began to touch her and feel her up. Clark Kent ran his hands all over
her back and on her ass, before he reached around and started fingering her
pussy...she reached down and started playing with her clit.

Although she was intensely aroused from fucking Chloe, Alicia felt she needed
something more...she knew what it was when Clark's firm hands held her butt
cheeks and parted them. She felt a slight twinge of fear when he rubbed his
massive cock against her butt.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yes." Alicia said.

She held tighter onto Chloe and slammed the dildo harder and deeper inside
the other girl, which caused Chloe to wail. He moved his cock against the
crack of her ass. Holding his dick, he rubbed the head up and down the
crack. He then placed the head against her asshole and stopped. Alicia Baker
groaned. "Put it in." She thrust the strap-on inside Chloe, who was busy
fingering her pussy.

"Put what in, Alicia?" asked Clark.

She took a deep breath. "Put your cock in. Please, don't make me ask like
this, just do it. Please?"

He just chuckled. "Put my cock in where, Alicia?"

She said through gritted teeth. "Oh, fuck. In my ass, Clark. Put your cock
in my ass, fuck my ass, I'll say whatever you like, but just do it now!"

Slowly, but firmly, he pressed until he was entirely inside her, his thighs
against he ass cheeks, then he stopped, pausing to enjoy the sensations.
Alicia Baker held Chloe firmly and shoved the dildo inside her and at the
same time, she rocked back against Clark, whose cock was sheathed inside her

There had been some pain at first but now she felt incredible. She felt good.
He held her firmly and thrust his cock in and out of her. He fucked her ass.
In turn, Alicia shoved the strap-on dildo so deep inside Chloe that the
blonde girl screamed and thought the dildo was gonna come out of her mouth.

Her screams mixed with Alicia's cry of pain and pleasure as Clark thrust
deep into her bowels. For a moment, he felt impossibly big inside her
tight ass. The pain lasted only moments, however, and now she found herself
wanting more. She wanted to be assfucked like a wanton slut. She needed this.
Rotating her slender hips slightly, she moved back against him. He fucked her
like this for a moment, thrusting deep inside her.

Clark began humping her furiously, pounding her ass hard. By now, he didn't
care if he was hurting her or not, but thankfully neither did she. They
established agood rhythm between them, with Clark Kent pounding into Alicia
Baker's ass with all he got and Alicia doing the same thing to Chloe

They went at it like this for another half hour, until Alicia felt like her
ass was gonna split, and Chloe lost her voice from screaming, and the
viselike pressure on Clark Kent's cock caused him to explode inside Alicia
Baker, filling the hot chick's ass with his cum. He pulled out. Alicia Baker
dropped on the floor and the strap-on dildo slipped out of Chloe Sullivan.

All three of them lay on the floor, bodies covered with sweat. They were

"That was great." said Chloe.

"Hmm, yeah." said Alicia Baker. She lay next to Chloe.

Clark grinned. "Fucking awesome." he said. He got up and in a flash, he put
his clothes back on.

"Where are you going?" asked Chloe.

"Home." said Clark. "I gotta go."

The girls looked at him and pouted.

"And here I thought we could have round two." Alicia said with false sadness.

"I do wish to have his big cock inside me." said Chloe.

"Oh, well." Clark Kent paused to look at them.

Here he was, in a bedroom with a couple of very hot, sexually uninhibited
young women and he was thinking about leaving. What was he gonna do at home?
Jerk off? Read? Think about saving the world? Yeah, right! "Round two it is!"
he said.

Chloe looked at Alicia and both girls smiled as they began undressing him.

The End


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