Smallville: Passion (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent stepped in front of the door of the Baker house. This was the
place where his lady lived. He rang the bell and waited. A few seconds later,
someone came. It was her. His lovely girlfriend Alicia Baker. She looked at
him and grinned. Clark smiled at her. Alicia looked fantastic. Her long
blonde hair was braided nicely. She wore a skimpy black dress. Looking at
her, Clark felt really, really happy.

"Hey, there." he said.

"Hello, cutie." Alicia said.

She came to him and they kissed. Clark held her in his arms. It had been some
time since they last saw each other. Actually, only a week but to Clark Kent,
it felt like forever. She led him inside. Clark had come to the Baker house
dozens of times. Alicia's parents were busy worker bees. They were almost
never home. Clark Kent didn't mind. That meant that they had the house to

Clark Kent recalled how they met. They were in the same advanced physics
class and they were visiting the Metropolis Museum of Science in a field
trip. They took the elevator together. There was a malfunction and the
elevator plummeted with the two of them inside it. Clark Kent was forced
to use his powers in front of Alicia Baker. He used his superhuman strength
to punch through the elevator shaft and stop it. Alicia was stunned. She
had always thought that Clark Kent was an ordinary guy. Now, here he was
punching through steel walls. She was amazed. That prompted her to reveal
herself to him. Alicia Baker had been exposed to the mutagenic effects of
the Meteor Rocks that fell on Smallville. They had a very unusual effect on
her. She was altered genetically and developed the Power of Teleportation.
She could travel to any place she wanted in the blink of an eye. That day,
Alicia Baker found out that she was not alone. There were other people out
there with superhuman powers. People like her. People like Clark Kent. Her
prayers were answered.

Alicia was quite taken with Clark Kent. She had seen him around school but
they never really made a connection. Clark Kent had eyes only for Lana Lang
and the whole town knew that. Clark was a stud. He stood six feet two inches
tall, lean, with black hair and pale blue eyes. He had the face of a movie
star and the body of an Olympic athlete. He had it all. Many girls on campus
liked him. He was actually a nice guy, too. Easy to talk to and funny. Not
at all like the selfish jerks that Alicia saw around the school. Guys who
only wanted to get into a girl's pants. Alicia avoided those. A girl had her
needs, though. Alicia Baker once went out with a boy named Terence Bennett.
He was a member of the Smallville high school junior varsity basketball team.
He was tall and cute, with dreamy blue eyes and curly blond hair. She fell
in love with him. One night, they made love for the first time. It was the
very first time that Alicia Baker had sex with anyone. She was so happy. She
had given herself over to the boy she loved. She thought they were gonna be
together forever. Her dream soon became a nightmare. He cheated on her with
her best friend Sarah Patricelli.

Alicia had been very sad. She was also pissed. She went a little crazy. She
made them both pay. Oh, they were alive. They just wouldn't like what they
saw in the mirror ever again. They said that hell hath no fury like a woman
scorned. Alicia Baker was a young woman scorned... with super powers!!! She
spent a long time by herself after that. After what Sarah did to her, Alicia
Baker came to the conclusion that she couldn't trust other women. They were
all backstabbing bitches. They would betray her without a second's thought.
No, she couldn't trust them. Not at all. The men ? Most of them weren't that
bright and they were easy to fool. They fell prey to their instincts and many
women exploited that. Some men were okay. A few were actually pretty decent
and reasonably smart. Most of those were married or they swung the other way.
Damn it! Alicia Baker was alone for a long time. She had given up on hope and
love... until the day fate brought Clark Kent into her life!

From the moment they met in the elevator, he was never far from her thoughts.
Clark Kent was just... perfect. He was young and handsome. He had never been
with a girl before, although he'd had plenty of chances. Chloe Sullivan kept
throwing herself at him, as have many girls on campus. Clark Kent was a
really cool guy. He was sweet. He was easy to talk to. He had that sexy,
masculine swagger that she loved to see in a man. He was very, very smart. He
wasn't a skirt-chaser like most young men his own age. He was a very bright
student. His teachers liked him. His classmates liked him. The only obstacle
in Alicia's plan to get Clark Kent was the fact that he was fixated on Lana
Lang. Lana Lang, the nasty bitch whom so many boys (and a girl or two!)
liked. What was so special about her? Alicia Baker vowed that she would make
Clark Kent hers.

They began seeing each other and although it was awkward at first, they grew
to like each other. Clark Kent told her of the loneliness he felt as a result
of being different. He was just a regular guy... with super powers. He had to
watch out and make sure no one found out about him. He had to be extremely
careful. If people found out, they might come to think of him as a freak and
ostracize him. They might even try to hurt him. Alicia Baker knew exactly how
he felt. She had felt lonely and different herself. They got closer. They
could confide in each other. They could trust each other. Clark Kent could
trust Alicia Baker with his secret because she would have just as much to
lose as he did if the world learned of the existence of super-powered human
beings. Their secret bound them to each other. Out of budding friendship and
trust came the unlikeliest of all things... love.

Alicia Baker felt like the happiest girl in the world. She had met a fine
catch. A tall, handsome and masculine youth. Clark looked good enough to eat.
She had fallen in love with him... and he loved her back!!! She wanted to
make him happy and went on the Internet fishing for ideas. She got one and
got ready for a special evening.

Clark and Alicia sat on the couch, watching a movie. Something about gigantic
snakes hunting down people inside a massive complex. Alicia loved scary
movies. She leaned against Clark as the flick got more interesting and pretty
soon, they were lying on the couch. Clark felt Alicia's sexy body press
against him. Oh, God. Her body felt so tender and supple against his. She
moved slightly, and her sexy butt pressed against him. Clark felt himself get
hard. He gasped almost audibly. Alicia Baker's body stiffened. Oh, shit.
Clark Kent sat up. Alicia turned her beautiful face from the movie and looked
at him.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

Clark blushed. She had to have felt him get hard against her. No way she
could not have known. He'd best get out of there quickly. "I think I should
leave." he said.

Alicia looked at him. All evening she'd been waiting for Clark Kent to make a
move. Alas, super-polite Clark Kent kept his hands to himself. She had felt a
sliver of hope when she felt his hard manhood press against her buttocks
through his pants. Maybe it was not too late for what she had in mind. He
wanted to go, thinking he had done something wrong. She wanted him to stay...
and make things right.

"Stay with me tonight, Clark." Alicia Baker said.

Clark went back to his seat, looking both relieved and puzzled. Alicia
grinned and caressed his thighs, finally cupping his manhood which was
visibly hard even in his pants. She kissed him full and deep and began to
unbutton his shirt and unzip his pants. Clark just let her do it. She looked
at him. He looked so beautiful. His eyes stared at her like she was a marvel
or something. She grinned. He was in her power now. She knew that he wanted
her as badly as she wanted him. He was soon naked before her. Alicia reached
out and touched his body. Clark had a really great body. Broad shoulders,
well-defined chest, flat tummy, muscular arms and sleek hands. Strong,
muscular legs. Almost no body hair. The only body hair he had was his the
hair on his head and his eyebrows. She looked at his manhood, held it in her
hands. Clark Kent had a big dick. At least ten inches long and fairly thick.
She just had to get a taste of that.

Alicia made Clark sit on the couch and knelt before him. She took him in her
mouth. When he felt her warm mouth engulf his cock, Clark gasped. Alicia
sucked his cock and licked his balls. Clark was tense but began to relax as
she continued what she was doing. Clearly, this was a first for him. Alicia
looked into his face. He closed his eyes, trying to enjoy what she was doing
to him. There was nothing Alicia loved more than to give oral pleasure to a
man. That's when they were at their weakest. They completely lost control and
experienced release. She worked him up, bobbing her head up and down as she
sucked his cock. Clark moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, his body shook. Alicia
knew what he was experiencing and she knew what was coming. He was! He came,
blasting her mouth full of his cum. Alicia took all that he had to give. She
tasted his seed. Her eyes never left his face. His eyes snapped open as he
came and he had on an expression of shock, soon replaced by one of bliss as
he experienced an orgasm. He was breathing hard and looking at her with
glazed eyes. Only then did Alicia's cajoling mouth let go of him.

Clark was still catching his breath. Alicia looked at him. Her man was in
heaven and she had brought him there. Once he calmed down, he stared at her.
His expression was still one of bewilderment. She looked at him as if to say:
Yes, darling, there's more to come. She leaned over to kiss him. Clark pulled
her up and sat her down on his knees. Alicia grinned.

"That was..." he said.

"There's more to come, honey." she said.

With that, she straddled him. Mounting him. Down she went. His cock pressed
against her pussy. It slid inside her. The first thrust was slow. He was
careful when he entered her. He held her in his arms. She placed her hands
on his shoulders and began bouncing up and down on his cock. She felt his
cock thrusting inside her. She urged him to fuck her harder. He did. They
went at it like this for a long time before he came. As he was about to cum,
he stuck a sleek finger inside her ass. Alicia screamed. She couldn't help
it. She came as well. The sensation was overwhelming. She practically
collapsed in Clark's arms. He held her.

"Oh, Clark...." She said. The passion she felt still held her.

"What...." Clark just held her and kissed her.

They embraced. Alicia teleported them both to her bedroom where they fell
asleep. During the night, she woke up and looked at Clark. He was sleeping
with a smile on his beautiful face. Alicia reached out with her hand and
gently touched him. He was so special. Now, he was hers. She was never gonna
let him go. He was the greatest person she had ever met, and one hell of a
lover. She loved him so much that it scared her. She vowed that they would
be together forever. Two of a kind is what they were. Destined to be
together. She went back to sleep in Clark's arms and looked forward to the
rest of her life with her new lover.

The End


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