Disclaimer: This story is pure fantasy. I DO not AGREE with rape and
aggressive sexual violence against women. Just a little fun with our
favorite Smallville/WB/Kansas/Vancouver resident..Not to be taken
seriously. Contains NC Rape and drug use. If reader is underage and
Nc-17 behavior offends, please refrain from reading. My FIRST fic,
be nice all.I absolutely Have NO literary skillz but always wanted to
read a Lana Lang NC fic, so I wrote one myself..

Smallville: Precipe Redux Part 1 (MMMf,drugs,ncon)
by Dirty Sanchez ([email protected])

The Talon; 8:45 p.m.; 15 minutes before closing. Loud voices and screams of
laughter fill the almost empty coffee house. The last patrons enjoy their cup
of joe on this brisk spring night in Smallville. Three college fraternity
guys especially seem to enjoy the coffee here since they are the ones making
all the noise in this pleasant community gathering. Maybe it was because they
had Bailey's Irish Crme at hand to sweeten the coffee a bit. Lana is alone
working at this late hour and abhors to serving the obnoxious and rude
fraternity patrons.

"Damn...when are these guys gonna leave?" Lana whispers under her breath. So
disturbing are these guys that the Talon seemed to clear out rather early
considering it was a Saturday night. Over and over, Lana checks her watch,
painfully watching time crawl to a snail's pace. Meanwhile the ever more
rowdy frat boys continue to swig their liquor/coffee, all the time keeping a
keen eye on the beautiful Ms. Lang. Lana was a stunner, absolutely gorgeous,
and the frat guys seem to notice more and more.

"Hey Baby.." cooed the guys.

Lana couldn't stand their rude behavior much longer. The guys started to talk
amongst themselves about how good the waitress looked.

"Man, what a fucking piece of ass!" said one guy.

"20 bucks says she's a virgin prude bitch", said another.

"I want a piece of that tight ass of hers" said their so-called leader. This
guy was by far the craziest looking guy of the group. The other guys called
him Boss, because he was a take charge kind of guy who always got what he
wanted. Boss was the guy who eyed Lana sinisterly and made Lana nervous. "I
gotta a plan" said Boss.

He pulled out of his pocket 3 Xanax bars, and told his buddies, "We got 15-30
minutes before closing and we get kicked out, so we dump this in that hot
waitresses drink, wait as long as it takes to have effect and get a piece of
that young ass. You in guys?"

The other guys looked at each other drunk and a little frightened. "We're
only in cuz you want to, not us."

"Whatever, you pussy fucks, just follow my lead," said Boss.

By this time, Lana was busy cleaning off the tables in the Talon and getting
ready to close. She was going in and out of the backroom to load the dirty
dishes to be cleaned. The frat boys saw this opportunity when she was in the
back to slip the 3 crushed Xanax bars into her Chai Tea Latte. The boys
watched eagerly as Lana finished her drink and grasped her head beginning to
feel the effects. The Frat boys knew that Xanax made girls high, woozy, and
forgetful. They always dumped it into girls drinks at their house parties.
Fucked up on Xany Bars = PUSSY. The Boss smirked in anticipation at the same
time clutching his raging hard on. The other 2 boys seemed frightened by
breaking the law but decided to trust the Boss.

"Oh man..I feel real tired," Lana said to herself. She took a seat to rest
glancing at her watch that read 8:55. A minute later she got up and said to
the frat guys "Closing in 10 minutes and remember, the coffee here is
strictly non-Irish, take it outside if you want to.."
The Frat guys quickly shot back a "Ooohhh...the sweet little thing said we
have to go soon."

Lana paid no attention and simply rolled her eyes. "What's happening to me?"
Lana thought to herself. Her vision began to blur and she felt really drunk,
just like that one time her and Chloe stole Gabe's six-pack of Budweiser. "I
really got to close up fast and get home...hopefully a good night sleep will
help." Lana again thought.

Making her head hurt worse was the loud frat guys who wouldn't leave. Lana
then flat out took a seat feeling the ever growing effects of the Xanax. Her
eyes looked dazed and her confused stare unto the cappuccino machine waved a
green flag to the Boss and his 2 friends.

"Haha..go get her.." said the frat guys to the Boss. The Boss walked up to
the ever growing high Lana and said "I heard this place has the BEST service
in town!"

Beginning to feel a little frightened she shot back "Take your friends and
just go." Trying slowly to make her way to the emergency call button under
the countertop just in case things got out of hand.

"What the fuck!" screamed the Boss as he grabbed Lana by the arms and swung
her crashing body into a rack of dishes.

Lana lay still on the floor, her head spinning, not quite sure what was
happening. All she knew was that she was in trouble, BIG trouble.

The Boss screamed to his boys, "Quick, lock the front doors and turn off
the lights, then help me bring her into the back."

Little did Lana know the horrors that lay ahead. She still couldn't get up,
so woozy off the drugs, she managed to whisper, "stop."

One by one the Talon lights switched off till the coffee house was dark. Only
the back room was brightly lit. The Frat boys then roughly carried the semi
lucid Lana Lang to the back.

"Oh man.I wanna fucking eat that pussy and fuck the shit out of it!" said the

The two others nervously began to get excited and the growing bulges in their
pants confirmed their excitement. The Boss then positioned lana's body flat
in the middle of the floor. He then began to visciously strip her clothes
off, taking time to suck and lick every part of this virgin's body. Lana's
tried to push him away but all that came out of her mouth was just a lowly
repeated "No" and "Stop" to no avail, as this just made the boys hornier. The
Boss did his damage first as the boys looked on. He ripped off Lana's bra to
expose her small and firm tits. He greedily sucked on them and bit down on
her nipples. Lifeless tears began flowing from Lana's eyes. The Boss then
ripped of her panties to reveal a slightly hairy bush of hair covering her
virgin pussy lips.

"Oh shit yeah!" screamed the boss as he mounted Lana 69 style, all the while
jamming his fingers inside of her and eating off all the vaginal juices
coming from the princess of pink. His raging hard-on poked at the crying,
mascara ridden face. "Open your fucking mouth bitch!"

Lana didn't respond; so the Boss jabbed his cock-head into the small mouth
of Miss Lang. "Ughhmmmpphh.ummmppghhh" were the only sounds being heard as
the Boss ate her out and fucked her mouth. Meanwhile his friends could not
contain their excitement and began fingering, sucking and rubbing their rock
hard cocks onto her.

"Okay..time to open this bitch's hole REAL wide!" screamed the Boss. He got
up turned around and placed each of Lana's slender and beautiful legs upon
his shoulders. With as much as force as possible he rammed his hard cock into
Lana's sex hole, ripping right through her virgin hymen. "Aahh...yeahhhh...
tight...sooo fucking tight" screamed the Boss.

Hard thrust after thrust he plowed Lana's pussy with reckless abandon. Balls
slapping on Lana' asshole and cheeks; he then screamed with pleasure as he
took her roughly for at least 10 minutes. The other two couldn't just watch
and jerk off; they both took turns sticking their cocks in Lana's mouth. The
two guys positioned their cocks in her mouth and lay flat on the ground skull
fucking Lana. At this point Lana seemed barely conscious, tears flowing from
her eyes hoping it will all be over soon.

it...hurtsssss...sooooo...badddd." were the constant cries from Smallville's

"Oh shit...oh shit." Were the cries from the two friends as their climax was
almost upon them. They then viciously grabbed Lana's face and pried her mouth
as wide open as possible. Each then stuck their cock as far deep as possible
pulling Lana's raven hair into their fists, gripping her head and pistoning a
throat gagging Skull fuck (all the while choking Lana and cutting off her air
supply). Faster and faster they each fucked her small head and after a few minutes of
this torturous treatment, they let go of their seed. Spurt after spurt of cum
went into Lana's throat, soon spilling out of the sides of her mouth.

"Hahhaa" laughed the Boss as he continued to stretch Lana's ever loosening
cunt hole with his cock. Coughing and spitting, Lana's face was a mess of
cum and saliva. She couldn't take much more, a low grunt escaped her mouth
each time the Boss pounded into her. The guys then took turns spitting and
slapping Lana yelling "nice fucking slut...swallow bitch...swallow..."

One of the guys then passed out after being spent of his cum. The other
friend began jerking off to watching the Boss fuck Lana Lang's brains out.
"Oh it cums" cooed the Boss. "Oh yeah...fucking tight...sooo...
fucking tight."

At first the Boss wanted to come into Lana's mouth, but the sight of a small
pool of cum collecting in Lana's mouth made him decide otherwise. They made
Lana swallow as much cum as they could but cum still pooled in her mouth.

"Fuck it!" screamed the Boss. "I'm gonna knock this slut bitch up with my

"Ahh yeah...there it is ahhh it comes...ughhhhh...ugghhhh...
uugghhhh," screamed the Boss as wave after wave of cum spurted into the
fertile womb of Smallville's princess. "Ugh...Ughh..." he cried as the last
streams of semen deposited itself inside Lana.

Lana screamed in pain as she felt her pussy tearing a little from the trauma
of the Boss's cock. He was ramming her so hard, coffee cups fell from the
shelves and broke reeling from the room vibrations.

"That's it take good...soo tight" he yelled.

Semen and blood then started dripping from the limp body of Miss Lang as the
Boss got off of her. Lana then fell unconscious from the pain and grief; body
slumped over in a gooey mess of semen and vaginal juice mixed with a little

"Oh fuck, what do we do now?? Let's get the fuck out of here!" yelled the
frat boy.

"Get up dude, let's go!" as he woke up his passed out friend.

The three guys hurriedly put their clothes on and grabbed the security camera
tape to hide the evidence. The unconscious, cum stained and bloody body of
Lana lay there motionless as the guys ran out the back door.

TO BE CONTINUED...if reviews are favorable...already have more but keeping
all in suspense is cool. If u like tell me, I'll post next part....Any
suggestions are welcome!!


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