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Rating:NC-17 (Incest, Sex, Threesome, Lesbianism and Bondage)

Parings: Clark/Lana/Martha, Lana/Martha, Clark/Chloe, Clark/Martha,

Smallville: Red Lust
by Robbins & Hamster

A LuthorCorp truck is in the middle of the town in Smallville. It crashes
into the wall. Red Gas leaks out Into the sky and floated out over the town.

* * *

In the Talon, Lana Lang sat behind the counter. Clark Kent and his adopted
mother Martha are at a table. Chloe Sullivan watches Clark from the side. She
wanted Clark so much but he could never get his mind off Lana.

Suddenly Red dust drifted under the door and spread throughout the Talon.

Lana felt different. She felt her inner most desires and secret busts
bubbling through to the surface. Others saw Lana walking much sexier with
much more swing to her hips. Chloe watched Lana with disgust. She didn't
want to be with Clark but she still comes between her, and Clark.

Clark watched Lana. He felt very horny. He could only think of having sex
with her. His cock was hard as steel and desperate for release ANY releas.
Martha saw the way Clark looked at Lana. She had a jealous feeling. She
felt strong burning feelings of lust for Clark. She knew it was wrong but
she didn’t care.

I love Clark more than anyone else could ever. Why shouldn't I express it
with him. She thought to herself only Clark matters now to her.

* * *

Back at the farm Clark is in the kitchen. Martha watched him. He was young
and strong and she wanted him so badly. She goes up to him. She puts her
hands on his shoulders.

"What are you doing?" he asked her.

"Just relax Clark," Martha says.

Clark enjoyed the feeling of Martha rubbing his shoulders. She really worked
them. He suddenly realizes she was coming on to him. He was horny as hell but
his mother coming on to him was too much. He stands up.

"That's enough," he says.

"No. I don't think so. I want us to be much closer to each other," Martha
tells him,and walks up close to him.

"We can't do this," Clark protested.

"I want to be closer to you than anyone. I want to make you a man Clark,"
Martha told him.

Clark suddenly stared at her, her face was beautiful and she had a great body
a voice inside his head was demanding that he find pleasure and soon. Clark
was so horny he didn't care If It was wrong. He moved closer to her and they
kiss. Their tongues entwine and Clark feels his desire build to greater and
greater heights. His hands strayed to her butt and he gave it a squeeze. His
mother had a remarkable ass. He felt her large boobs press against her chest
and this had the instant effect of causing his cock to swell and throb.

"We need to go where nobody can interrupt us." Martha said.

"Good idea mom." Clark agreed.

* * *

Later in the barn...Martha unzipped Clark's pants and pulled them down. She
then pulled down his underwear. She grabbed hold of his dick. Clark enjoyed
the feel of having her hand wrapped tightly around his dick. She puts his
dick Into her mouth, and begins to suck on it. Her tongue slid back and
forth against his solid member as she sucked as hard as she could on the
meaty shaft. Clark moaned with pleasure as he enjoyed the awesome blowjob
his mom was administering. Lana had come to the farm looking for Clark and
when she comes Into the barn she sees Martha swallowing Clark's juices. Lana
is completely stunned but more than a little turned own. She could only
stare with her jaw open.

"Oh my god!" Lana finally managed to say.

Martha quickly gets off Clark.

"This is sick!" Lana says.

"You can't tell anyone what happened here Lana" Martha begged.

Lana has a thought.

"I will keep quiet if I can join you" Lana says.

They were very surprised to hear Lana say this.

"Yes, absolutely." Clark agreed once he regained his composure.

"If it will keep you from telling anyone." Martha agreed.

"Well Clark is already undressed, its only fair that we should join him."
Lana suggested.

Lana started to undress. She took off her purple t-shirt and exposed her
smallish round breasts she then pulled down her jeans. Lana was wearing blue
panties which she slid off so that Martha and Clark could see her neatly
trimmed bush. Martha pulled off her red sweater to reveal her bra. She then
took off her belt and removed khaki pants then took off her underwear.

Lana stepped up to Clark and kissed him. She leaned back on a bale of hay
and spreads her legs wide, she almost completely did the splits. She grabs
hold of Clark's rock-hard, saliva-coated cock and guides it to her pussy.
It was slick from Martha’s blowjob so it slides right into her wet hot
pussy. Martha got above Lana, and spreads her legs. Clark puts his face
into her cunt, and begins to lick It. Lana continues riding him as Clark
licks Martha's pussy out.

"Oh Clark. That is so good!" Martha moans.

Lana’s pussy was receiving a thorough fucking that was causing her to wail
like a banshee.

* * *

Lana, Clark, and Martha are laying on the ground.

"Clark, why don't you get us some baby oil?" Lana says.

Martha gives Clark a you better do it look. Clark stands up. He gets dressed.
He leaves.

Lana moves up to Martha.

"What are you doing?" Martha asks. "We can have some fun ourselves while he
is gone." Lana says.

Martha is disgusted by this.

"Remember, I caught you performing oral sex on Clark" Lana said.

"I guess have no choice then" Martha said sullenly.

Lana smiled wickedly. Martha didn’t like this but she had no choice.

Lana spreads her legs.

"Now crawl over here and lick my cunt!" Lana ordered.

* * *

Clark walked out of the store with Baby oil. Chloe comes up to him walking
very sexy.

"Hi," she said.

Clark looks at her. When he realized how fucking hot she was for the first
time. He had the burning desire to fuck her brains out.

"Hi," he said.

Likewise Chloe wanted to feel Clark’s big cock inside her.

In the alley, a few minutes later…Clark has Chloe up against the wall. Her
skirt, and panties are pulled down. Clark had his pants pulled down. He is
fucking Chloe in the ass. Chloe enjoys finally being fucked by Clark. "Oh
Clark!" she moans. Clark enjoys this.

Clark pulled his pants up as Lana re-fastened her skirt.

"You were great," Clark says. "Really?" she asks.

"Yes, your as good as Lana," he says.

Chloe becomes very pissed by that comment.

* * *

At night Lana was in her bedroom. She enjoyed having a threesome with Clark,
and Martha. And then having sex with Martha. And the great thing is that
neither one of them can say no to her now, or their dirty little secret will
be out.

Chloe entered the room. She quietly steps behind Lana. She knocks Lana out.

Chloe smiles.

* * *

Clark, and Martha met in the barn. They kissed very passionately, their hands
exploring each other’s bodies as their tongues wrestled.

"I want you Clark," Martha said when they broke their kiss.

"I want you too," Clark replied.

They got undressed. Clark squeezed her tits. She moaned with pleasure as she
kneaded the flesh between his fingers.

"Oh Clark," she says.

Martha lay on the ground. Clark got on top of her. Clark rammed his dick in
her pussy enthusiastically, and began to ride her like a bucking bronco. He
drove his meat in and out "Oh Clark! My Darling Boy! I am making a man out
of you!" Martha cried out.

As Clark continues to fuck her, Martha thinks they will be very close from
now on.

* * *

Lana wakes up nude, and tied to the bed on her stomach.

"Time you woke up," Chloe says.

"What's going on?" Lana asks. "Lana, It's about time for you to pay for
coming between me, and Clark." Chloe says.

Chloe then shows Lana the paddle that she’s holding. She smacks her hand with
the paddle, and smiles.

"Please Chloe, stop this" Lana begs. "I don't think so Lana" Chloe says.

Chloe turns the stereo on.

"It’s time for you to understand that I am the Master, and you are the
slave!" Chloe says.

She brought the paddle visciously down across Lana’s ass. Lana on the butt.
Lana screamed and tears welled up in her eyes.

Chloe smiled. She was enjoying this this. She continued to smack Lana with
the paddle over and over as hard as she could. Lana wailed and thrashed at
the savage treatment and the redder her pale flesh got the more aroused her
tormentor became. Tears poured from Lana’s face as her delicate cheeks
reddened and jiggled.

"Beg me to stop slut." Chloe ordered.

"Please, please stop I’ll do anything."

"Anything?" Chloe asked.

"Yes, yes anything" Lana said.

"Then I want you to bury your tongue in my cunt you filthy slut!"

The End


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