Smallville: Rough (mm,mF,anal)
by Miss Molly

Clark Kent opens the door of the Kent farm. He has a visitor. It's none other
than Bart Allen, the Speedster. Bart Allen is a cute-faced blond kid with the
ability to move at the speed of light. He was a mutant. They met no long ago.
Recently, they became lovers. Clark Kent brings Bart over for a booty call.
They get started right away.

Clark Kent sucks on Bart Allen's cock. Bart fucks Clark Kent's mouth with his
cock. Clark sucks Bart's dick as Bart thrusts into his mouth at super speed.
Clark sucks on Bart's cock and balls until the young speedster cums. Clark
drinks Bart's cum. Bart grabs Clark's head and makes him gag on his dick.
Clark licks Bart's dick until he is clean. Next, Bart returns the favor.
Clark Kent stands, leaning against a wall while Bart kneels before him. Bart
looks at Clark's cock. Clark has a big dick. Bart sucks on Clark's cock.
Clark thrusts his dick down Bart's throat. Bart deep-throats Clark. Clark
enjoys this. Bart likes the feel and taste of a big cock inside his mouth. He
continues to suck on Clark's cock until Clark cums. Once Clark cums, Bart
drinks up all of his cum. He looks at Clark. He wants some more dick. Clark
is ready to give it to him.

Bart Allen assumes the position and Clark Kent comes up behind him. Clark
enters Bart's ass with a firm thrust of his cock. Bart screams when he feels
Clark's cock up his ass. Clark's cock is so big. Clark continues to fuck the
shit out of Bart. He slams and thrusts into him. Bart's ass is tight. Clark
likes to fuck tight asses. He bangs the hell out of Bart. Bart moans and
strokes his own dick while Clark fucks him. Clark plows into Bart's tight
ass. He cums inside Bart and Bart screams at the top of his lungs. Clark
pulls out and sticks his cock into Bart's waiting mouth. Bart sucks on
Clark's cock, tasting his own ass on the dick. Clark smiles. He likes this.
A little while later, both young men put their clothes back on and go their
separate ways. After Bart leaves, Clark Kent is home alone. He feels
satisfied after the good sex he had with Bart. He is a bit surprised when he
gets another visitor. It's Lois Lane. She's wearing a sexy black dress. It's
painfully obvious what she wants. Clark doesn't care. For him, a hole is a

* * *

Clark leads Lois into the bedroom. He pushes her onto the bed. She kneels
before him, wanting a taste of the dick. Clark shoves his dick into her mouth
and she starts to suck on it. Pretty soon, Clark is hard as a stone. He tells
Lois he wants to fuck her in the ass. She assumes the position like an
obedient slut. He looks at her sexy ass and his dick gets even harder. He
pushes his cock into Lois's ass. Lois grimaces. Clark grabs Lois by the hips
and surges forward, thrusting his cock into Lois's asshole. He starts to fuck
her real good, banging her in the ass. Lois feels his big cock in her ass.
She asks him to fuck her harder. Clark pulls her hair and thrusts deeper into
her asshole, giving her the fuck she deserved for being the slut she was.Lois screams passionately as Clark fucks her. Clark slams his cock into her
tight little arsehole. He drills his cock deep into her. He continues to fuck
her until the tightness proves too much for him. He cums inside her. Lois
screams even louder. Clark Kent pulls out of her. She looks at him. She
clearly expects him to say something. He says nothing. She puts her clothes
on and leaves.

Clark steps into the shower. He feels unclean after sex with both Bart and
Lois. He doesn't know why. Although he considers himself bi-sexual, he has
never met a woman or a man he really wanted. He just wanted to fuck them and
leave them. Life was better that way.

The End


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