Smallville: Secret Origins (MF,anal,viol)
by The Fan ([email protected])


The Spaceship hurtled through space. It soared in the darkness of space and
flew through the vastness of Milky Way. It entered a system of nine planets
orbiting a yellow sun. It careened past the dead worlds and seemed drawn to
the small blue planet that was the third rock from the sun. The Spaceship
flew into the planet's atmosphere. It went inside....and crashed.

The spaceship landed on the the planet Earth around 10,000 B.C.

Inside the Spaceship was one man. His name was Tor-El. He was an explorer
from the planet Krypton. His people were a technologically advanced humanoid
race. Quite similar to the humans of Earth. Yet they were different. The
humanoids of Krypton were energy-based lifeforms. The humans of Earth were
carbon-based lifeforms. On Krypton, Tor-El was no stronger or faster than
the average human being was. Yet, under the Earth's yellow sun, he discovered
that he had super powers. The discovery of these powers astonished him. He
developed the ability to Fly at Super Speed as well as what could only be
considered Superhuman Strength. His body became Invulnerable. Also, he could
see through solid matter. He also had super hearing. He possessed the ability
to emit nearly invisible fire-blasts from his eyes. An ability called Heat

Tor-El saw the primitive humans of Earth and decided that they were ripe for
conquest. He traveled to the land of Egypt and saw that in the Nile valley,
a primitive culture had gained dominance. Tor-El took over these primitive
peoples. He became the King of Egypt. On the planet Krypton, ordinary
Kryptonian males and females had a lifespan of a hundred and twenty years.
On the planet Earth, they had the potential to live forever. The cellular
process that caused aging in Kryptonians was completely halted when these
Kryptonians were exposed to the Yellow Sun. On Earth, an ordinary Kryptonian
would not age past adulthood and if the Kryptonian had already reached
adulthood, he or she would not age. So, Tor-El had not only super powers but
eternal youth as well. He came to see himself as more of a god than a leader.
He was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians.

Tor-El had the most beautiful women of the land to choose from. He was after
all a god in the eyes of these ancient people. He had many, many wives.
Countless concubines. His relationships with these human women sometimes
resulted in offspring. These offspring were odd, which was not strange
considering their progeny. They were half human and half Kryptonian. They
developed some strange powers. The children of Tor-El became the early kings
and queens of Egypt. They inherited incredible intelligence from their
father. They gave the ancient Egyptians the gift of civilization. Many of
them were worshipped as gods and goddesses.

Some of these human-Kryptonian hybrids went as far as ancient Greece and
became the gods and goddesses of mythology. They went to places like ancient
Africa and North America. They spread their knowledge. They were great
rulers. Tor-El ruled the world for thousands of years. He was the father of
civilization, teaching the ways of knowledge to the primitive human race. He
gave them all that and more. Tor-El used radioactive fragments of his home
planet of Krypton to genetically alter certain humans. In doing so, he
created the first meta-humans, those people with extraordinary powers that
were not of Kryptonian origin in any way. The meta-humans were bred to be
Tor-El's faithful warriors. Tor-El eventually became bored with ruling the
Earth. He vanished one day and no one knew why or where he went.

He was the first Kryptonian to come to Earth but not the last. Thousands of
years after the departure of Tor-El from Earth, another Kryptonian came. His
name was Jor-El. He was a high-ranking scientist on the planet Krypton. He
came to Earth to explore. He was looking for a possible new world for his
people to colonize since the planet Krypton was doomed to cataclysmic
destruction. Jor-El was a descendant of Tor-El. He left his wife Lara on
Krypton. She was pregnant with their son Kal-El.

Jor-El came to North America. He came with a sentient Kryptonian machine
known as the Eradicator. The Eradicator saw the works of Tor-El and the
influence that the ancient Kryptonian ruler had on the planet Earth. Jor-El
landed on Earth in the year 1400 A.D. This was many thousands of years after
the departure of Tor-El. Time on Krypton worked differently than on Earth.
While on Earth thousands upon thousands of years had passed, only four
centuries had passed on Krypton. Jor-El knew the exploits of his ancestor
quite well. Tor-El was known on Krypton as the infamous explorer who changed
the course of human history. The one who gave them the light of civilization
and the wonders and horrors that it could bring. Jor-El befriended the
Kawatche people of North America.

The Kawatche welcomed him among them. They called him Naman. Naman was the
great hero come from the stars. He was meant to save the world of Man.
Jor-El saw the influence that his ancestor had on the Earth people. A lot
of humans had been genetically altered by the Kryptonite that Tor-El brought
with him. The descendants of these humans still lived back then, different
from the rest of humanity and not knowing why. Meta-humans is what they were.
The human-Kryptonian hybrids had long since died out but the meta-humans
survived, and the genes were passed on. Jor-El noticed that most of humanity
did not know of what lived among the stars. They feared those who were
different and often persecuted them. Jor-El saw humanity's potential for

He implanted Kryptonian technology in secret caches in locations all
over the world. These caches were repositories of the alien technology
and knowledge. They would be of great benefit to humanity someday. Jor-El
programmed these caches to be activated only by someone with pure Kryptonian
DNA. A human-Kryptonian hybrid could not utilize Kryptonian technology.
Neither could a meta-human. Jor-El saw that the world of Man was suitable
for Kryptonian colonization. He thought that the humans and the Kryptonians
could live peacefully together given the fact that they looked so much alike
in outward physiology. Still, one race was carbon-based and mortal, and the
other was energy-based and under the Earth's yellow sun, positively
invincible. Jor-El returned to Krypton.

He returned to his wife and child. He spoke to his fellow Kryptonians and
warned them about the planet's impending doom. They refused to listen to him.
Jor-El took a spaceship and placed his infant son Kal-El inside. He and his
wife Lara sent their son Kal-El out among the stars so that he might one day
live. The spaceship had been programmed to fly to Earth. Inside it was a
truly precious cargo. The last son of Krypton. Jor-El and Lara and everyone
on the planet Krypton died that day. All that they had been was lost. Nothing
remained of Krypton. At all.

The spaceship carrying Kal-El landed on Earth. It landed on the surface of
the continent of North America. In the land of Kansas. Precisely, in the corn
fields owned by Jonathan and Martha Kent. They adopted the boy and named him
Clark Kent. Clark Kent of Smallville grew up a bit of an awkward teenager. He
was different from everybody else even though he did not look like it. He was
not human, after all. As he grew up, he developed super-powers. He was the
last son of Krypton. The last of his kind in the universe. Last member of a
nearly extinct species.

Or was he?

Suppose that there was another Kryptonian out there?

When he was on Earth, the ancient Kryptonian conqueror known as Tor-El had
many offspring. It is said that the human-Kryptonian hybrids died out even
though the meta-humans did not. Tor-El once loved a native american woman
named Kaleva, a name meaning "golden flower". Their union was fruitful and
resulted in a son. The son of Tor-El and Kaleva was named Skar-El. Skar-El
was a Kryptonian name meaning " Dark One". He was half human and half
Kryptonian. Tor-El did some bio-engineering on his son. This bio-engineering
corrected certain imperfections on Skar-El.

Tor-El handed Skar-El the land of Greece to rule. Skar-El was a brutal
leader. He had many powers. He had super strength and super speed. He did
not have X-Ray vision. He did not have Heat vision. He was invulnerable. He
had super hearing and also was impervious to the effects of varying types
of Kryptonite. He could also fly. Skar-El and the meta-humans who served
him ruled the land of Greece. They established themselves as the Gods and
Goddesses of the Greek Pantheon. Skar-El and his flock abused their power
to such extremes that Tor-El had no choice but to take action.

The war that ensued between Skar-El and Tor-El is known throughout mythology
as the war of Titans and Gods. Skar-El found Kryptonite and used it to strike
Tor-El. A dying Tor-El empowered an ancient Eradicator to cleanse the Earth
of all alien influence. The Eradicator built gigantic robots and sent them to
hunt the human-Kryptonian hybrids. Many of them were killed. The Eradicatoe
manipulated earthly temperatures and environmental conditions to create the
Great Flood which changed the face of the world forever.

Of all Kryptonian influences, only one remained intact. During the battle
between Skar-El and his father, the son of Tor-El had gotten trapped inside
a prison built for him by the Eradicator. He was sealed inside cave walls,
trapped by high-powered energy that he could not escape from. He was placed
in some kind of suspended animation for thousands of years. Skar-El remained
alive for thousands of years, trapped within the Cave Walls. The world
changed around him... yet the human-Kryptonian hybrid remained the same. In
his dormant mind, dreams of conquest still raged... he just wanted to be
freed so that one day he might reclaim the world that he knew to be
rightfully his...


The sun rose over the town of Smallville, Kansas. It's a small town in the
middle of nowhere. Basically fifteen thousand people spread over a heap of
farmlands. That was Smallville. The very heart of the American heartland.
The place where tradition still prevailed. It's usually a quiet and peaceful
place but the locals were in for a rude awakening today... an earthquake
hit... and shook all of Smallville... In the houses, people panicked and
rushed out. The earthquake lasted for a total of twenty seconds, an eternity
in a quake. This was a disturbance that no one was spared...

Clark Kent was lying in bed, sleeping when he heard the noise. Around him,
the house was shaking. Instantly, he was on his feet and rushed to his
parents's room. They all managed to get outside. The Kent family huddled
together in the early November morning. Jonathan Kent had his arm around
his wife Martha and their son Clark.

"What's happening?" Martha asked fearfully.

Jonathan Kent just held her. "I don't know." he said.

"It's a quake!" said Clark.

The Kent family huddled together until it passed.

Clark Kent was standing next to his parents when he heard a high-pitched
sound that came at a frequency that only he could hear.

"What is it, Clark?" his mother asked.

"Son, are you okay?" asked his father.

Clark just grabbed his head, wincing in pain. "I got to go!" he shouted.

He just ran and vanished in one second. When Clark moved at super speed, he
could not be seen by the human eye. He ran straight through the corn fields
and soon arrived at the Kawatche Caves. The cave had fallen, crumbling unto
itself because of the earthquake. From inside came the high-pitched sound.
He slammed his fist into the stone, smashing around and creating an entrance
for himself. He rushed inside. He wandered inside the vastness of the Caves.

He soon arrived at what he called the Kryptonian chamber. That's where the
Voice of Jor-El came from. Clark Kent looked into the Wall. His X-Ray vision
enabled him to see right through it. He could see the outline of a human body
inside the Cave.

"Oh my God!" Clark said. "Someone's trapped inside the cave wall!"

Clark Kent slammed his fists into the wall, hammering into it with superhuman
strength. He smashed it open and went inside. He could see a man in there. A
strange and naked man who did not move. Clark Kent took the man and prepared
to rush him to the hospital when the man looked at him. There was something
disturbingly familiar in those eyes of his.

"Tor-El ?" the man said.

Clark's eyes widened. The man just stared at him and asked in a language that
Clark Kent did not know but somehow understood nevertheless.

"Are you a Son of Krypton?" That's all he said, then he passed out.

Clark Kent rushed back to the Kent farm.

He found his parents still standing outside.

"Where did you go ?" asked Jonathan.

Martha Kent noticed the man Clark Kent carried in his arms. "Who is this?"
she asked.

Clark went inside the house and was followed by his parents. "I found him
inside the Caves." he told them.

Jonathan and Martha audibly gasped in surprise.

"He knows about Krypton." Clark said.

The Kent family looked at the man who lay on the couch.

"I should get something to help." said Martha. She went back into the house
and went to the medicine cabinet.

Jonathan and Clark looked at the strange man. He looked young, Clark noticed.
Barely in his twenties. Clark Kent couldn't believe it. They had draped a
sheet over the man's body. As Martha Kent came back into the room, the
stranger's eyes snapped open and he looked at them.

"Whoa, there!" said Jonathan.

"Who are you?" asked the young man.

"Our son here just saved your life." said Martha.

"We're the Kents." said Jonathan.

The young man looked at them. He stared at Clark. His eyes widened. "You are
not human." he said calmly.

The Kents gasped. Clark stared uneasily at the young man. The young man got
up. "You are a Son of Krypton." he said. "Like me."

Clark took a step back. The young man looked at all three members of the Kent
family. He extended his hand toward Clark.

"I am Skar-El." he said. "Son of Tor-El of Krypton." He nodded respectfully
at Jonathan and bowed gracefully before Martha Kent. I am of course grateful
for your help." he said.

The Kents stared at him. Clark shook his hand. Skar-El looked at him. "You
need not fear me." he said. "We are brothers."


The Kent family busied itself repairing what damages the earthquake had done.
Clark would usually be a great help but feared displaying his super powers
before the stranger. Jonathan and Martha were trying to fix the barn. They
were quite surprised when Skar-El offered to help.

"Thanks but we can handle it." said Jonathan.

Skar-El just smiled and casually lifted the tractor. He lifted it five feet
off the ground and put it on the side of the barn, then he carefully fixed
the hay in place.

"Wow!" said Jonathan.

"Amazing!" said Martha Kent.

Skar-El just smiled at them.

Clark Kent saw what Skar-El did. He was amazed. Apparently, the stranger was
as strong as he was. With his help, they fixed the barn and the house in
record time. Clark noticed that Skar-El was not only superhumanly strong but
just as fast as he was as well. He appeared to have Kryptonian powers after

The Kents sat down at the family table and their guest sat there with them.

"So, Skar-El..." said Jonathan Kent. "Where are you from ?"

Martha and Clark stared at Skar-El.

"I don't remember much before your son saved me from the Caves." he said.
He sounded honest. "I feel like I've been inside forever." He returned to
his food and ate with the appetite of one who had not seen food for a long
time. He just smiled when the Kents stared. When he was done, he stood up.
"I praise the man and lady of the house for their graciousness." he said.
"I am in your debt."

Martha smiled. "It's nothing." she said.

Jonathan said nothing. Skar-El looked at Clark Kent. "My brother." he said.

The Kents offered Skar-El a room for the night. He accepted. That night,
Jonathan and Martha Kent stayed up and talked about the events of the day.
The arrival of Skar-El had been a disturbance to say the least. They were a
bit worried about what the presence of another Kryptonian would mean for
their lives and Clark's future. Clark Kent was in his room. He stayed there
and couldn't help but overhear what they had to say about Skar-El. He was
thinking a lot of the same things. He didn't know what to make of Skar-El.
He decided to sleep on it. He had school tomorrow.

Clark Kent did not know that Skar-El could hear everything that the Kents
were saying about him. Skar-El heard it all. He lay in bed, looking at the
meager place in which he dwelled. Humans were an inferior species meant for
conquest. His father taught him that. He had been shocked to find out that
the Flood had wiped out most of what his father had built. His kingdom had
forgotten about him.

Heck, humanity had forgotten that super-powered beings once ruled it and
were its rightful masters. Skar-El would remind them. Only one thing bothered
him. He could sense no other Kryptonian on Earth. Except the one who called
himself Clark Kent. Clark Kent was a "purebred" Kryptonian. His biological
father and mother had been true Kryptonians and he was actually born on that
ancient world. As such, he developed super powers when exposed to the Earth's
yellow sun. Skar-El was half human and half Kryptonian. His father engineered
him so that he would have most of the Kryptonian's powers and none of their
weaknesses. Green Kryptonite did not weaken Skar-El. Red Kryptonite did not
make him go crazy. Black Kryptonite did not separate his atavistic "natural"
self from his moral and social self. He lacked some key Kryptonian abilities
like X-Ray vision and Heat vision. He compensated for those thanks to an
ability he uniquely had. He had the ability to manipulate molecular
structure. He looked at the clothes he had been given. A black shirt and
blue jeans. He peered through the closet and with a simple touch changed the
clothes to varying shades of black and red, his favorite colors.

Skar-El stepped outside. He flexed his muscles. He looked into the night sky.
He found out that he could not fly. His powers were also solar-based. He had
been in the darkness of the Caves too long. He would need more solar exposure
before he would be at full strength. His super strength, super speed and
invulnerability were great assets but his key power was his ability to fly.
That's what made the true Kryptonians different from the Krypto-human
hybrids. He had that power. It would return to him. He decided to explore his
new environment and took off. He ran around at full speed. Oh, how he had
missed it. Skar-El felt like screaming with pleasure as he cleared one
hundred and sixty miles in just a fraction of a second. He ran around the
town of Smallville and sped around the bigger city of Metropolis. He saw how
the world of the humans had changed. They had developed some interesting
technologies. He saw tall buildings. He saw airplanes. He saw helicopters and
computers. He saw the humans. They hadn't changed too much.

They dressed and talked differently. They all thought they were important.
Skar-El had never liked humanity. Thousands of years ago, he had ruled the
land of Greece with hundreds of other human-Kryptonian hybrids and legions
of meta-humans as his followers. He had been worshipped as a God. He and
his fellow superhumans had ruled humanity. There was nothing they couldn't
do. They had the most beautiful men and women to choose from as their toys.
No one challenged them. Skar-El had inherited the rulership of Greece from
his father. He had been worshipped as a God. He and his fellow superhumans
had been the Gods and Goddesses of the Greek Pantheon. Under the name Zeus,
Skar-El had been a really raunchy and harsh ruler. He indulged his every
whim. Anyone who opposed him was killed. When his father Tor-El opposed him,
Skar-El used Green Kryptonite to destroy Tor-El. He had destroyed his father
but not before the nasty old bastard activated a machine with power the
likes of which Skar-El had never seen. The Eradicator. A machine that knew
the strengths and weaknesses of each and every single superhuman on the
planet and had the means to conduct their termination. Skar-El watched the
death of countless meta-humans and human-Kryptonian hybrids at the hands of
the Eradicator. He had been on the run from the infernal machine. The
ancient Kryptonian killing machine was lethal. In its attempt to wipe out
all superhumans, it caused the Great Flood.

Skar-El arrived at a hilltop. He thought of the world he had lost. A world
where he was worshipped as a God. His word had been law. There were no limits
to the power he wielded. He cursed his foolish father for stopping him... how
he hated the old man. Now, he was alone. Well, almost. Would Clark Kent join
him in his conquest of humanity or oppose him? Surely Clark Kent would join
him. Kryptonians were conquerors. They were not peace-lovers. Skar-El smiled
at the thought. If Clark Kent joined him, they would rule the world and
restore Krypton on Earth. The humans would worship the only true gods, the
Men of the House of El. The Last Sons of Krypton.

Skar-El looked at the world of the humans and thought of the unimaginable
damages he could do to it. He remembered once how he lifted a huge rock that
weighed a hundred tons and hurled it into the sea, using nothing but the raw
force of his arms. There were no limits to his strength. He could literally
move a mountain if he wanted to. Yes, he would conquer this world. Clark Kent
was young. He might need some convincing.

He returned to the Kent farm in a flash.

Clark Kent offered to take him on a tour of Smallville. The younger
Kryptonian introduced him to his friends. Skar-El met Lana Lang and Chloe
Sullivan. He also met Pete Ross. Skar-El took a look around Smallville
high school. He saw that a lot of the local people had been mutated by
the radioactive Green Kryptonite. There were quite a few meta-humans in
Smallville. He smiled. The meta-humans hid their powers instead of
reveling in them like they did in the old days. Skar-El found it absurd
that superhuman beings with super powers feared ordinary humans. The
ordinary humans were an overwhelming majority but any powerful meta-human
could take on any human any day. The strong ruled the weak, that was the
law of nature. Apparently, on Earth, the weak ruled the strong.
Super-powered beings hid their abilities and pretended to be something
they were not. Maybe he could use that to his advantage. He would unite
the meta-humans under his irresistible leadership and they would conquer
the world.

Skar-El returned to the Kent farm. He found that Jonathan Kent was not home.
He found Martha alone. She was just standing there, clad in a white shirt
and black pants that were tight-fitting to say the least. She looked good.
A beautiful woman no longer in her youth but still in her prime. He looked
at her and sniffed the air. She looked at him and he could smell something
coming off her. In waves. The heat of desire. Martha Kent was a horny bitch!
He smiled. He knew she had desired him since Clark Kent first brought him to
the Kent farm.

"Hello, beautiful!" he said.

She looked at him. She hadn't gotten any in a long time. It seemed that her
husband no longer desired her. Well, he needed some too. He gestured with
his hand, beckoning for her to come to him. She came, hesitantly. His smile
reassured her. They kissed and she began to remove his clothes at once. She
was eager to touch his hard body. He looked at her. Slim waist, nice face,
nice ass. Hmm. Not bad at all. She looked at his nude body and her eyes
wandered to the space between his legs.

She saw his erect cock. She looked at it... hungrily. He let her have a
taste. She licked the tip of his cock then ran her tongue down the length of
his cock. She sucked at his balls. She sucked his cock, teasing and caressing
it with her tongue. Skar-El grabbed her by her long hair and thrust his huge
cock into her mouth, ramming it down her throat. She gagged on it a little at
first then got used to its girth. He soon came, filling her mouth with cum
and blasting it all over her face. She licked all of his cum and then looked
at him expectantly. Skar-El smiled. He knew she was down for business.

Skar-El positioned himself behind Martha Kent. She had a truly nice ass! He
caressed it with his firm hand. She purred. He took out his cock and rubbed
it against her firm butt cheeks. He placed his cock against her pink little
asshole, and pushed. His cockhead popped inside Martha Kent's ass with an
audible sound. Skar-El held her firmly by the hips and thrust his cock into
Martha Kent's ass. Martha wailed in pain as his hard cock filled her anal
canal. Skar-El hadn't fucked anyone in a long time.

He started to thrust his cock into her ass with all the energy that he could
muster, slamming it down her tight hole. Martha grunted. She'd never been
fucked into the ass before. Skar-El seemed to love it. He rammed his cock
down into her ass. Hard and fast he went. He cursed in a language that she
did not understand and then slapped her ass when she seemed to stop moving.
She whimpered. He slammed her even harder. She felt like her ass was being
split in two. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back and thrust his
cock deep into her bowels. Suddenly... he stopped... shuddered. Martha
gasped. Skar-El screamed. He came, sending wave after wave of hot cum deep
inside her asshole. Skar-El pulled out of her and started to re-adjust his

Martha Kent sat on the couch...and averted her eyes.

Skar-El smirked and walked out of the room. He hadn't had a fuck this good
in a long time. Now, onto some more serious business. He stepped outside, and
ran into Jonathan Kent. "Hi, Jon." he said.

Jonathan looked at him and smiled. "Hey, Skar-El." he said awkwardly.

Skar-El knew the human did not like him. Jonathan did not like anyone with
more power than he did. Skar-El knew another reason why Jonathan should
dislike him... he had just fucked his wife up the ass! He watched as Jonathan
walked into the house. He knew what the man saw. His wife sitting naked on
the couch, her body covered with another man's cum. Skar-El returned to the
house... he looked at the scene.

"What happened here?" Jonathan raged. Skar-El saw him grab his wife by the
arm and shove her against the wall. "You just fucked him, didn't you, you
whore?" Jonathan asked.

Martha whimpered and averted her eyes.

"You slut!" Jonathan said, looking at her disgustedly.

Martha's eyes widened. She moved her hand as if to strike him but Jonathan
caught her hand. He had the look of a madman. "I hate you!" Martha said.
He brutally shoved her. "You never make love to me anymore!" she said. "I
hate you!"

This time, Jonathan Kent hit her. Hard. Martha fell on the couch and looked
at her husband, in abject terror. Skar-El just laughed. He stood outside and
listened to everything that happened. He heard Martha's screams for help. He
heard her running to the phone. He heard Jonathan rip it off the wall and go
for his shotgun. He heard the gunshots. He heard Martha's death rattle. He
could hear Jonathan's sobs as the man realized what he had done.

Skar-El listened to the sounds of the police sirens. He saw Jonathan Kent
come out of the house with his gun. He shot one police officer dead and was
riddled with bullets by the other. Skar-El laughed his head off and then
took off at super speed. He had singlehandedly destroyed the Kent household.
Basically, the only people that taught Clark Kent the value of humanity were
gone. It would be easy for Skar-El to turn Clark Kent over to the dark side.

* * *

Clark Kent was at school when he heard the news. Jonathan and Martha Kent
were dead as the result of a domestic dispute. He couldn't believe it. He saw
the bodies of his mother and father. He couldn't believe what had happened.
No. It couldn't be. His father had killed his mother. The cops had killed his

Clark Kent screamed in agony. The cops tried to offer him some words of
comfort but he just took off. No one saw where he went. Clark Kent wailed in
pain as he ran. He ran faster than he ever had before. His heart was filled
with rage and pain. He did not know that he was being watched. He was watched
by Skar-El. The super-being who was once worshiped as a deity by millions
looked at the Last Son of Krypton.

"You are mine!" he said.

Clark Kent went to the only place where he felt... safe. The Kawatche Caves.
He was desperate. His parents were dead. He had seen the hidden power inside
the Caves work wonders as well as horrors. If anything on Earth could bring
his parents back to life... this would. He stood in the middle of the Caves.

"Jor-El!!!" he cried out.

Only his own voice answered him. Enraged, Clark Kent slammed his fists into
the Cave walls. "Answer me !!!" he shouted. He hammered into the walls.
Around him, the whole network of caves shook. He let himself fall on the
floor... and wept.

"I cannot imagine what you must be feeling." said a voice.

Clark Kent turned and saw Skar-El casually stroll into the Caves. "Go away!"
said Clark Kent.

Skar-El looked at him. "Humans are no better than animals." he said. "They
kill each other all the time. Husbands kill wives. Wives kill husbands.
Parents kill children. Children kill parents. It's ancient history."

Clark Kent got to his feet. "I told you to leave." he said. He faced

"I am not the enemy." Skar-El said. "The humans are the enemy." He smiled.
"Across the world, men and women are killing each other all the time. Men
batter women. Often, women batter men. They kill each other." He paused.
"They are but animals. We are above that." he said. He looked at Clark Kent.

"They were my parents!" Clark Kent shouted.

Skar-El shook his head. "Your true father and mother were Kryptonian and
they died eons ago, and you shed no tears. Don't weep for those lesser beings
when you would not weep for our fallen brethren."

Clark Kent came at him. Skar-El saw it coming and grabbed Clark Kent. He
slammed him into the wall. Clark Kent came at him again, slamming into
Skar-El with superhuman force. Skar-El was every bit Clark Kent's equal
in sheer physical strength and speed and also in Invulnerability but the
last son of Krypton was not an experienced fighter. Skar-El punched Clark
Kent and Clark staggered beneath the blow. Skar-El pummeled him.

Clark screamed in pain. Skar-El had seized him by the neck and lifted him
easily off the ground. "I don't want to kill you, kid." he said. "But I will
if I have to." Clark struggled in his grip.

"Calm down or else." Skar-El roared. He put Clark Kent on the ground.

Clark sat on the ground and looked up at him. "What do you want?" he asked.

Skar-El smiled. "I want you to be my second-in-command." Skar-El said. "We
are gonna take over the world."

Clark Kent actually laughed. "You're crazy." he said. "My parents just died
and you want me to join you in some war against humanity, are you nuts?"

Skar-El looked at him coldly. Clark realized that his fellow Kryptonian was

Skar-El looked at him. "We have great power, you and I." he said. "My father
Tor-El was a great warrior who conquered the humans. He was great until he
went soft and I had to destroy him." Skar-El looked at Clark Kent. "Your
father wanted you to be a conqueror. Just like mine did at first." he said.
"Once I ruled this world. Men and women worshiped me and bowed at my feet.
My word was law."

Clark Kent looked at the Kryptonian as he talked. There was such pride in his

"It was unlike anything you have seen." said Skar-El. "The humans worshiped
us." He looked at Clark Kent. "Do you know what it's like to be a god among

Clark shook his head. He could imagine Skar-El using his powers to take over
the world. He would be unstoppable. He must not allow that to happen. He
stood up and faced him. "No, I won't join you." said Clark Kent.

Skar-El shook his head. "Looks like you need to be taught a lesson." he said.

Clark and Skar-El ran at each other and collided. The Last Son of Krypton
faced the Dark One, as Skar-El was once called. Skar-El rammed his fists into
Clark Kent. Clark Kent punched him and sent him flying. Skar-El groaned in
pain and landed on the hard floor. Clark Kent leapt on him. Skar-El shoved
Clark Kent off him. Clark Kent recoiled. Skar-El was very strong! He decided
to try something else. He used his Heat vision to blast his enemy with
searing heat. Skar-El wasn't even fazed. His clothing burned but not his
invulnerable body. He laughed. "I will tame you, kid!" he said.

Clark gasped. Skar-El came at him, rushing at super speed. They connected...
and slammed into the Cave walls. They fought each other, hitting each other
with blows of superhuman force. Neither of them would relent. Clark Kent and
Skar-El were equally matched in strength, speed and invulnerability. Clark
Kent shoved Skar-El off him. It seemed that the fight would go on forever.
They destroyed the Caves around them and the earth shook under blows of
titanic force.

The power of the Kryptonians was incredible. Skar-El looked at Clark Kent.
Not since Tor-El had he seen a being of such raw physical might. He would
need more than raw power to defeat him... he was hurled against a wall by
Clark's fists. He landed on the ground. He noticed something green glowing
on the floor... Green Kryptonite!!! Skar-El held it in his hand. Clark Kent
rushed at him. Too late did he notice the Green Kryptonite and he slammed
into it. Skar-El shoved it into his chest. Clark Kent screamed in pain.

"Live or die!" said Skar-El. "Join me or die!"

Clark Kent sank to his knees and screamed. Skar-El pressed the Green
Kryptonite against his chest. Skar-El could see Clark's blood coming out of
it. He smiled. Clark Kent would not surrender. "I would rather die than to
join you." he said.

Skar-El punched Clark Kent in the face with all the strength that he could
muster, which was enough strength to move a mountain. Clark Kent passed out.
Skar-El looked at the young Kryptonian whose body lay at his feet.

"Nothing would please me more than to kill you." said Skar-El. "But I still
need you."

He grabbed Clark Kent's body and took off with it. He flew into the air and
carried the last "true" Kryptonian to a place that he had only recently
remembered. It was the place where, thousands of years ago Skar-El faced his
father Tor-El in a combat to the death. This was where Tor-El had died.
Skar-El went into a huge underground complex. He saw the ancient Kryptonian
machinery. It still worked after thousands of years. He placed Clark Kent
inside a "transformation" chamber. There was Kryptonite in that chamber. Red
Kryptonite. Skar-El activated the mechanism.

The process began. The machine used Green Kryptonite to basically cut Clark
Kent's body open and fill every cell in his body with Red Kryptonite. The
process was irreversible. The transformation was immediate. Skar-El opened
the door of the chamber. Clark Kent's body lay still. It had already healed
itself from the "surgery". Not a single mark remained. Clark's eyes opened
but it wasn't Clark Kent who looked out through them. It was a maniacal,
egotistical and hyper-violent individual with no morals or values. Basically,
a killer.

"Clark Kent, are you ready to join me?" Skar-El asked.

The Kryptonian came out of the chamber. He looked at Skar-El. Skar-El saw
that there was no humanity at all inside him. No soul. Just a lust for power
and destruction. "The name is Kal-El!" he said. Kal-El looked at Skar-El.
"So, you are the one who thinks himself the new boss." he said.

Skar-El nodded. "Join me and we can take over the world."

Kal-El looked at Skar-El. "What guarantees do I have that you won't use
Kryptonite against me?" he asked.

Skar-El activated a colossal machine the likes of which Kal-El had never

"Meet the Eradicator!" said Skar-El. "It will eradicate every trace of
Kryptonite on Earth."

Kal-El looked at the machine. "Cool toy." he said. He flexed his muscles.
"Let's go." he said.

Skar-El smiled.

The next moment, the two Kryptonians took flight. Equal in power, they raced
in the heavens. Kal-El looked at the world of Man. A world he knew he was
born to conquer. Skar-El saw this world as ripe for conquest as well. Kal-El
would serve him... for now. "What do we do now, boss?" he asked.

Skar-El looked at Kal-El. Kal-El was not human at all. He felt no pity or
remorse. He felt no fear. At least not the way humans understood fear. He
was just a killer without a soul. A killer who dreamed of conquest. Kal-El
saw a coldness inside Skar-El's eyes that matched his own. They were true
predators. No more human than a shark or a snake was.

"Kill some humans!" Skar-El said.

Kal-El smiled. The two Kryptonians flew toward Metropolis... it was party

The End


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