Smallville: Sex Addicts Anonymous (mF,inter,mc)
by The Fan ([email protected])

One day, Martha Kent was walking through the fields of corn near her farm
when she fell into a hole filled with green meteor rocks. Chunks of
Kryptonite, which altered her both physically and mentally. Martha Kent
became a sexual freak. A nymphomaniac without a conscience. Sex was the
only thing she craved. All she wanted. She went back to the farm, where
she ran into Pete Ross, her son Clark Kent's best friend.

Martha Kent looked at Pete Ross. The young black man looked so damn sexy.
She could just eat him up. Pete Ross looked at her. She could tell that he
wanted her. He always had. Martha Kent felt some level of attraction toward
the hunky black stud yet she was too prim and proper, too loyal to Jonathan
Kent to indulge herself. Well, Martha was different now. This sexy older
woman walked right up to Pete and kissed him. He kissed her back. Since that
moment, nothing was ever the same.

Martha took Pete to her bedroom, where she quickly undressed. Once they were
both naked, they got their freak on. Martha knelt before Pete and began
sucking his long, thick black dick. He thrust into her mouth, loving the feel
of it around his member. Martha, an expert cocksucker, began deep-throating
the sexy young black man. Pete was loving every minute of it. He drove his
cock deeper into her throat. Although he was huge, Martha took all that he
had to give. When he finally came, she drank all of his seed. Pete watched
as she drank him dry. Man, he'd fantasized about banging Clark Kent's mom
many times and now, his fantasy had come true!

One look at Martha Kent convinced Pete Ross that she wasn't done with him
yet. They went into the shower, and continued their hot little tryst. Under
the warm water, Pete Ross took Martha Kent a second time. He had her pressed
against the wall, with her long and sexy legs wrapped around his torso. He
thrust his hard cock in and out of her wet snatch. Damn, this stuff felt
good! Martha moaned as he fucked her. She rested her arms on his shoulders,
and he used his upper body strength to keep her in this position. As they
continued to fuck, a delightful idea sprang into Martha Kent's mind. She had
always dreamed of getting fucked by a sexy black man. Especially in her tight
white ass. She told Pete of her wish. He told her to get on all fours, and
show him that sexy ass of hers. He grinned, and spread her sexy butt cheeks
wide open. He rubbed his hard cock against her butthole, and pushed. Martha
gasped as the young man's hard cock went up her ass. Deep. Martha screamed.
Pete laughed and slammed his dick balls deep up her rear. He smacked that hot
booty of hers. These were days he lived for.

Pete continued to slam his cock into Martha's asshole. The sexy older woman
pushed back against him. That tight asshole of hers seemed to be really
hungry for some black cock and Pete was definitely the man to give it to her.
He held her by the hips and thrust into her. He sank his cock deep where the
sun didn't shine. He smacked Martha's hot booty as he fucked the hell out of
her ass. She seemed to be loving it. When he finally came, and pulled out of
her, she howled in sheer pleasure. The sound was music to Pete's ears. How he
loved the sound of an orgasmic woman who just got butt-fucked!

A few hours later, Martha Kent and Pete Ross parted ways. This wasn't the
last time they would hook up. They carried on their hot tryst. Clark Kent
and Jonathan Kent never found out. Neither did anyone else. When Pete wasn't
around, Martha fucked anything that moved. Jonathan fucked the hell out of
her in those days where she behaved like a bitch in heat. Jonathan Kent was
grateful for his wife's renewed interest in sex. What man wouldn't be?

The End


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