Smallvile: Smallville Sluts (ff,Mff,Mf,f-mast,mff,oral,be,inc,exhib,mc)
by El Diablo ([email protected]) & RauolDyke

It had been something of a strange day for Lana Lang. She had received a
bracelet decorated with pink stones from a secret admirer, and one that knew
her locker combination no less.

That night Lana was peacefully sleeping as the stones in her bracelet began
to glow. As the glow became brighter Lana began to stir. Lana began to dream.
In these dreams she saw herself submitting to the will of a strange man but
where his face would be there was merely a shadow. They were the most intense
she had ever had. All through the night she dreamed about sex. Not just
regular sex but also giving blowjobs, and anal sex to a man she didn't know
and without ever seeing a face.

When she awoke she found one of her hands in her pussy and the sheets covered
in sweat and cum.

"You must have been having some dream last night," said Chloe walking out of
the bathroom drying her short blonde hair, "You were tossing and turning all

"I don't remember," said Lana feeling embarrassed.

Lana got out of bed and went to take a shower but looking in the mirror she
noticed something different. As Lana was about to get in the shower she
caught a glimpse of her naked form in the mirror and thought to herself that
her breasts looked slightly larger. She took a closer look cupping them not
only concluding they were slightly larger but also they were a bit more

"Still got a bit to go before you over take Chloe." she thought to herself.

Deciding that there was nothing to this Lana showered then got dressed,
noticing that her bra felt tighter than usual.

She hitched a ride to school with Chloe and on arrival the two-parted company
with Lana heading to the library and Chloe no doubt heading off to work on
the latest edition of the Torch.

Chloe was just printing up her latest article when Clark walked in.

"Hey Chloe. What up?" he asked.

"Oh just the usual weird that is Smallville." she replied handing Clark a
number of photo's.

"What's this?" said Clark checking the pictures, which contained a large
breasted girl dressed as if she were a hooker. "Hey isn't this Lucy Johnson?
Man she's changed over the past couple of weeks."

"Now read this," Chloe said handing Clark a print out.

Turning pale Clark asked, "What happened to her."

"Coroner seems to think she drown. But get this, she drown on cum."

"How did she manage that?" asked Clark suddenly feeling a bit stupid for

"Witnesses said she came into this biker bar just outside of town begging
for sex and did every guy in the place in pretty much every way imaginable.
Obviously she sucked off a few to many and drown in their juices." stated

"But I thought Lucy was the original god fearing church goer." said Clark.

"She was. Which begs the question why would the good little church goer turn
into such a slut." replied Chloe.

Lana felt rather embarrassed. She had excused herself from Algebra a good
ten minutes ago. People would be wondering what she was up to. She was also
rather worried that someone had quietly come into the bathroom when she had
involuntarily moaned and that even now, they were listening to her as she
masturbated in the cubicle. If only she'd had a bit more experience with
masturbation, she wouldn't be taking this long or making this much noise
trying to bring herself to orgasm. As it was, she was pretty inexperienced;
Lana did not have (at least until today) a very strong sex drive.

Still, here she was, blue jeans around her ankles, with two fingers pumping
in and out of her pussy. Had she not been fantasizing about a threesome with
herself, Clark and Chloe, she might have been surprised by just how much of
her pubic hair had come off in the shower this morning. As it was, the
hairlessness of her twat just turned her on all the more. "Twat." The word
echoed in her brain. Again, she found herself unable to suppress a moan as
she began to orgasm.

After orgasming, Lana found that she was still terrible aroused, but never
the less decided to return to class. Maybe a few algebraic equations would
take her mind off these fantasies she was having.

As she was washing her hands, Lana looked in the mirror. She noticed her
nipples were rock hard and poking through her t-shirt. Feeling compelled to
rub them Lana found out they had become rather sensitive to touch.

Lana was doing her best to concentrate on the Social Studies lecture and she
couldn't help but think that her classmates were staring. Unbeknownst to
Lana, she was often lustfully eyed by her classmates but now; it was almost
as though she could feel their eyes on her. Especially on my breasts, she

She looked down at the front of her t-shirt to notice that once again, the
fabric appeared to have tightened across her breasts. She realized the state
of her nipples was probably apparent to all those eyes that kept quickly
looking away whenever she turned her head. Lana shifted uncomfortably;
somehow, she found herself annoyed by the tightness of the shirt. Must have
shrunk, she thought.

Despite how uncomfortable and how much her back was hurting her at the
moment, Lana really couldn't stay focused on these problems. She knew that
she was only imagining that she could smell her own pussy. Still, even as
Lana shifted in her seat to loosen the shirt, it was all she could do not
to moan as she felt how absurdly wet she had become.

Then there were the fantasies. She found herself fantasizing indiscriminately
about everyone in the room; gender, looks and weight -- everyone was kind of
sexy in their own way.

Suddenly, Lana noticed that there was even more attention on her. More
staring. She shifted uncomfortably and had to stifle a gasp. She looked to
the front of the room but found her teacher staring as well. They must have
said something to her when she was fantasizing. Unable to think of a
response, Lana yelped, "Excuse me!" and made for the door.

She made a quick dash for the nurse's office to get a sick note. She just
wanted to go home and sleep this off.

"Damned cutbacks," Lana said to herself. Chloe, of course, would have
remembered last falls cutbacks by the School Board after the property
assessment office had devalued the surrounding corn farms again. The
sign indicating the nurse's hours was a little misleading now; the words
"Closed Tuesdays and Thursdays" now appeared in large print below the
"regular" office hours.

On top of everything I'm getting bloated. This is going to be the mother of
all periods, Lana thought to herself. This was beyond anything she could
credit to her menstrual cycle, though. She could feel her bra straps digging
into her flesh and around her hips and behind, her jeans were horribly
binding. Actually, Lana thought, this couldn't possible be bloating; the
wrong parts of me are swollen.

Oddly, Lana found herself unable to suppress a slight giggle at her little
error in logic. How had she managed to confuse this strange new feeling with
something that happened to her every month? And why was that funny? She
didn't care and giggled again. God, I'm horny! Lana thought to herself.
Hadn't she just masturbated?

The thought of heading back to the girls' washroom seemed unappealing. She
would head home and deal with seeing a doctor later. She couldn't wait to get
into bed. Although she told herself that she needed sleep, she knew that the
moment she slipped between the covers, her hands would be peeling off her
jeans and touching her soaking pussy.

As she walked out the double doors at the front of the school, Lana reached
down to touch her crotch. Just as she feared, even the outside of her jeans
felt a trifle wet. It was all she could do not to touch herself again; her
cunt had responded to that touch, sending shivers up her spine. She found
herself practically running home to Chloe's, eagerly anticipating the moment
she would peel off her jeans again and reach inside... Lana couldn't believe
where the day had gone. She wasn't sure how long it had been going on but she
realized that she must have been masturbating for hours as she heard Chloe
letting herself in. Fortunately, she had just cum for the -- she wasn't sure
how many times she had orgasmed -- twelve times? She quickly leapt up from
where she had been panting in post-orgasmic afterglow on the bed and slammed
the bedroom door. She began rooting through her closet for something to wear.

Lana was looking quickly for something she could put out. She grabbed a clean
pair of jeans out of the closet and tried to pull but she couldn't seem to
get them up over her new flailed out hips. She threw them down on the floor
and tried to find something else to wear as the sound of Chloe's footsteps
drew closer. Realizing she wouldn't find anything fast enough and that the
bed was soaked in her juices, Lana rushed over to the door and pushed the
whole of her body up against it. She could fell Chloe pushing on the other
side, and then she stopped.

There was a series of knocks followed by Chloe's voice," Lana is everything
ok in there."

"Yeah everything's fine." replied Lana backed against the door.

"Well can I get in?" asked Chloe.

"I'm not dressed." replied Lana her hand making it's way back down towards
her wet snatch yet again. "Ok fine," said Chloe with a curious tone in her
voice, "If you're really alright then I have to go back out. I thing I've
found something that constitutes Wall Of Weird."

"Ooooo..." moaned Lana still fingering herself, "I'm fine"

"Ok." said Chloe.

Lana was so relieved when she her Chloe walking away and heading out the
front door. She couldn't believe how hot nearly getting caught had made her.
She stood against the door staring dreamily into space.

"Why didn't I want Chloe to come in." she thought probing her body with her
hands, "I bet Chloe would like my hot new body," she giggled as her fingers
pinched her nipples, "I bet Chloe would look good naked, she has nice looking

Lana suddenly stopped, an alarmed look replacing her blissful one. Something
didn't feel right. Since when did Lana say boobies instead of breasts and
since when did she think of Chloe that way.

It didn't matter boobies sounded so much better in her mind and Chloe
definitely was hot with a great set of breasts. Lana had always been quite
jealous of the fact Chloe was larger in that area well at least this morning
she was. Lana giggled again pinching and twisting her nipples returning to
her dreamy state.

Chloe let the door fully close behind her before pausing on the front steps.
Her inherently curious nature caused her to puzzle over Lana's last words.
What on earth was her roommate doing naked in the bedroom at half past three?
Starry-eyed Lana was someone Chloe was quite sure never spent a second naked
outside of the shower.

This didn't seem at all like Lana. I wouldn't be so suspicious if people
weren't constantly hiding things from me, she remarked to herself. What was
the real reason Lana had leaned against the door to keep her out of the room?

Slipping off her shoes and silently turning the doorknob, Chloe tiptoed into
the house, noiselessly closing the front door behind her. Almost as soon as
she entered the hallway, she realized that she was wrong. Lana hadn't been
lying. From the noises emanating from the bedroom, it was clear that her
roommate was almost certainly in an advanced state of undress.

As she continued to listen outside the bedroom as Lana gasped and moaned, she
found she could make out words between the gasps -- "Oh Chloe --" No -- she
couldn't possibly have heard that.

Shocked by what she had just heard through the door Chloe rushed out of the
house. She could still here Lana moaning her name. She knew they had gotten
closer since Lana moved in with her but she had no idea Lana was developing
feelings for her. "I've gotta tell someone." she thought, "But what if I'm

Confused over what she was going to do Chloe got into her car and headed back
to school. She was desperate to get back to her investigation into Lucy's
death and thought that a good mystery would take her mind off of Lana's
strange behaviour. She was heading down the corridor towards The Torch office
when she spotted Pete coming out of the changing rooms.

"Pete wait up." she called, "How was practice?"

"Hey Chloe. Clark tells me you're looking into Lucy Johnson's death." Pete

"Yeah. In fact I'm going to the bar where it happened to see if I can get any
information on what happened. You want to join me?" asked Chloe.

"Tell me why do I want to get involved in your little investigation." Pete

"'Cause if we can get any security tapes from the bar you get to see Lucy get
naked." Chloe joked.

"See you out front." said Pete heading off.

"Meet you there in five." said Chloe ducking into The Torch.

Chloe opened up her desk to grab her digital camera and her tape recorder
when she spotted long black box on her desk with a small card on it addressed
to her. Curiously Chloe opened the card but it had no name in it. All it said
was from a fan. "Weird." she said to herself as she opened up the box.

Inside was gold pendant with a spherical bulb attached to it. Inside the bulb
was a pink crystal. Thinking that this was all a bit strange Chloe was about
to shove the pendant in her desk but then she hesitated. "What the hell. It's
not everyday I get gifts from secret admirers" she muttered putting the
pendant on.

She quickly checked the pendant in her small mirror when it flashed a pink

"Must have been the light catching," she thought admiring the way the pendant
was drawing more attention to her cleavage.

It was an unexpectedly long drive to the bar. Located out on the highway
beyond the outskirts of town, the dilapidated log building looked quite
intimidating, rising, as it did, out of a large windswept gravel parking
lot. Over the course of the drive, Chloe had been rethinking Lana's crush
on her. Although she had never been curious in that direction before, the
idea of making out with her roommate seemed surprisingly appealing.

Of course, this newfound appeal might, in part, be a function of the fact
that she just knew that despite all his farm boy ethics, there was no way
Clark would be able to turn down a threesome with them. She blushed as she
recalled the thought.

Pete's voice broke her reverie again. "You've got that far-off look again,
Chloe. I bet I can guess who you're thinking about."

Chloe was pretty sure that Pete could not, in fact, guess what she was
thinking about. Not entirely anyway. Why had she been so myopically focused
on Clark anyway? There were plenty of hot guys in Smallville; even the
diminutive Pete looked okay. I wonder if he has a big dick, she wondered

"Well, I guess we'd better head in," Chloe said, somewhat nervous given the
bar's rough look.

"You sure you should be wearing that?" Pete asked.

Chloe wasn't sure what he was referring to. "Huh?" she replied.

"Well, that necklace makes you look both wealthy and... Uh -- easy. I'm not
sure how people in there."

"You're probably right," Chloe said, nonetheless enjoying Pete's look of
discomfort as she brushed her hand across his lap as she deposited the
pendant in the glove box.

Stepping out of the car, the two crossed the gravel parking lot and entered
the bar. Although she had removed the pendant, Chloe was continuing to think
in a sexually focused way. She couldn't seem to shake the thoughts of using
Lana's newfound interest in her to seduce Clark. Then as she and Pete
approached the bar doors she found the images of Clark, Lana and herself
were replaced with those of large muscular biker types in their tight jeans
and leathers. She suddenly found herself feeling very hot.

Fortunately for her it was early in the day and the bar was mostly empty
but there were a few of those large biker types dressed in their leathers
knocking back a few pints sitting around the pool table. The bar was little
more than a dimly lit hole with a very bad reputation for harbouring some
of Smallville's worst. Never the less Chloe found her eye's wondering around
the room staring at all the guys thinking about what it would be like to get
them all naked.

"I can definitely see why Lucy wanted to come here. Look at all the cute
guys." she thought.

Her fantasizing was then disrupted by the call of the bartender. "Hey, we've
had enough trouble here with kids. Now get the hell out."

Chloe looked over in his direction. He was a tall slim man about 6'2" with
dark hair, dark eyes and a couple of day's worth of stubble. "Mmmm he looks
good." She thought, "I bet he's hiding one huge cock behind that bar."

"Oh we're not here to cause any trouble we.... she just wants to ask you some
questions." said Pete. "Chloe."

"Oh yeah questions." Said Chloe snapping out of her dream state; "I wanted to
ask you about the girl who died here last night."

"Look I told the police everything that happened." Said the man.

"Are you sure you told them everything?" said Chloe hopping up on a barstool
being sure to flash some cleavage in the barman's direction, "Maybe you have
some security tapes I could take a look at."

"I can go check." He replied.

"Oh would you?" said Chloe in a flirty tone leaning forward to show even more
of her impressive cleavage.

As the barman went into the back offices Chloe spun round on the stool to
check out the patrons some more.

"What was that all about." Asked Pete feeling a little shocked at Chloe's

"What was what?" she replied trying to act very innocent.

"Since when do you use cleavage to get your way? I thought you were against
all that women as sex objects stuff." said Pete.

"Hey if you got it flaunt it." said Chloe spinning back round as the barman
returned, "And I definitely got it."

"Here's the tape for last night but it's pretty graphic stuff." He said
handing Chloe the tape.

"Thank you so much." Said Chloe in the same flirty tone, leaning over to kiss
the barman, making sure to give him maximum view of her cleavage.

"And what was that about?" asked Pete.

"Just being friendly." Replied Chloe her tone of voice still sounding very
flirtatious, "Now feel up to watching this."

Chloe was positively relishing the chance to watch the tape, she realized.
She felt herself moist with anticipation. She had already begun picturing the
scene from last night mentally, imagining the bikers she saw fucking Lucy on
the pool table she had seen at the bar. She guessed that was where the event
had taken place as it had still been surrounded with police evidence tape
back at the bar.

Back in the car, it was clear that Pete was having a little difficulty
disguising his own interest in seeing the tape. "So Chloe," he asked, "where
should we go to watch it?"

That was a point, Chloe realized. If only the footage were on DVD, she could
have played it back at the Torch. But on this primitive VHS tape, there were
only so many places she could think of watching it. It was then that a
devilish thought crossed her mind: I bet Lana would enjoy watching this with

She regretted now not having snuck a peek at Lana's autoerotic marathon
earlier in the afternoon. Overcoming the lingering effects of the pendant,
Chloe's scepticism reared its head. Why am I thinking this way? She wondered.
Thinking back, she was rather suspicious of her behaviour in the bar. It
wasn't like her to trade on her looks like that.

"Earth to Chloe," -- Pete's voice broke into her introspection.

"Yeah -- sorry Pete."

"My folks are already home. There's no way we can watch it at my place."

"That's okay," Chloe said.

"I should probably head home anyway. Let's meet up later to watch it." Chloe
didn't want to walk in with Pete in case Lana had been up to what she'd been
doing before.

She dropped Pete off back at his place and they made the drive back to her
own home.

She couldn't stop thinking about Lana. "I can't believe she wants me. But she
is hot. My god why am I thinking like this."

Her mind then wandered back to her odd behaviour in the bar. The only time
she'd ever sold herself like that was to get out of a parking ticket. But the
guys there were impressive.

"What is wrong with me? Why can't I stop thinking like this?" she thought to

The remainder of her drive home followed much a similar trend. Every time she
took her mind off her driving she would start to think of Lana or some guy.
Thankfully for her the images she was picturing were becoming less intense
but never the less they still were rather disturbing.

Chloe returned home making as much noise as possible to alert Lana to her
return, she really didn't want to face up to the possibility that Lana could
still be fantasizing about her not with her judgement this clouded.

She decided to prepare herself a sandwich and watch some TV before going up
stairs, giving Lana plenty of time to sort herself out, but as she flipped
through the channels all she could think about were the guys and girls on
the screen.

Chloe turned the TV off. She didn't understand why she was thinking about
all these guys she wouldn't have been interested in this morning and she
defiantly didn't know why she was thinking about the girls.

"I'm not a lesbian. Maybe I'm bi. No why did I even think that?" she thought.

She decided that maybe she'd feel better after a shower and a sleep so she
started making her way up the stairs.

Chloe stood outside her room and listened. She couldn't hear anything so she
slowly opened the door to her room, just enough to see if Lana was inside but
she could she her. Deciding the coast was clear Chloe went inside and shut
the door behind. As she was turning room she saw Lana coming out of the
on-suite bathroom, still dripping wet but with a towel wrapped around her
body that only just covered her ass and pussy but left plenty of her shapely
legs on display. Chloe wasn't quite sure but Lana looked slightly different,
her hips looked wider and her breasts looked bigger but she couldn't really
tell because of the towel.

Lana looked lustfully over towards Chloe, "I didn't here you come in," she
said walking towards Chloe slowly.

Backing up against the door Chloe said uncomfortably, "Lana I didn't know you
were in here. I'll just go back outside."

Lana put her hand on the door and pushed her body in closer to Chloe, "Oh
don't go on my account." she said in a sexy tone moving her lips towards

Chloe's heart was racing, she didn't know what to do, she knew Lana was
having feelings for her but earlier she was having feelings for Lana, she
didn't know what to do. She continued to push her back against the door as
Lana drew closer.

"This isn't you Lana." Chloe said starting to panic.

"You know this is what you want." she replied.

As Lana slowly leaned in towards Chloe she gently placed her lips upon hers.
Chloe's heart continued to race, she had never been kissed so passionately,
in her mind she knew she should stop this but her body had different ideas.
The touch of Lana's soft lips on her felt so good Chloe could help but return
the kiss with equal passion. But as their kiss deepened Chloe's mind suddenly
reasserted control over her body. She started to squirm beneath Lana trying
to escape but Lana clearly didn't want their kiss to end. Chloe was forced to
use a bit more strength to push Lana away from her. As the beautiful brunette
staggered backwards the shocked blonde quickly opened the door and rushed out
breathing deeply, she pulled the door shut behind her and stumbled forward
toward the stair banister and leaned over it as if to be sick.

"Oh my god." she cried, "What's wrong with me? Why did I just do that?"

Despite her unsettled feelings, Chloe's concern over Lana overcame whatever
battle was taking place in her psyche at that moment. Lana was not behaving
like herself at all; furthermore, there were those unsettling changes to her
appearance. As she stood at the top of the stairs contemplating what to do,
she heard Lana exiting the bathroom. Like it or not, it was obviously time
for her to have a talk with her roommate. Of course, it wasn't just concern
that motivated Chloe; there was also curiosity -- not that just of a reporter
but also a strange erotic fascination with Lana's apparently altered state.

Although the changes precipitated by the pink kryptonite had been arrested,
they had hardly been reversed. Not knowing this, Chloe wondered why it was
that she couldn't get the thought of that kiss out of her head, why she
found herself drawn back to Lana's bedroom. All that aside, Chloe was also
concerned for her friend who was now calling out to her. "Chloe," Lana's
voice said in a sort of singsong tone, "are you still here?"

"Yeah," Chloe found herself saying. She wondered why Lana had affected such
a high-pitched tone. "We need to talk," she added.

As Chloe re-entered the room, her eyes were drawn immediately to Lana sitting
on the edge of the bed. For some reason, the girl had an irrepressible, goofy
smile on her face. Looking more closely at her friend, Chloe could no longer
fool herself; Lana's body really did look different.

"Lana," Chloe began, "are you feeling okay?"

"Oh yes," Lana replied. "I feel so gooood... Especially when I do this."

Chloe was both aroused and horrified as Lana's hand scooted under her towel
and, with a 'squish', into her obviously wet cunt.

"I've been feeling sooo horny lately," Lana continued by way of explanation.

"Lana," Chloe said, "I think there is something wrong with you. How long have
you been feeling this way?"

"Uh---" Lana couldn't respond right away. "Just a second," she gasped as her
hips began to pump against her hand.

"Lana!" Chloe said, doing her best to fake indignation and disgust. "Stop
that!" Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she deposited herself on
the bed next to Lana and grabbed her roommate's wrist.

Almost immediately, she wondered if this move had been a mistake. Sitting
next to the mysteriously voluptuous Lana, feelings of attraction were once
again winning out over journalistic instincts. Trying to stay focused and
not pay attention to Lana's cuddling up to her, she asked, "Lana, how long
have you been feeling like this?"

"Ummm -- I -- I don't know. Since this morning for sure," she replied.
"You're such a good friend, Chloe," Lana added, placing the blonde's hand
on her thigh. "Ever since my tits got big, anyway."

"How big?" Chloe asked, already imagining herself suckling Lana's nipples.

"Wanna see?" Lana asked.


Suddenly, the towel was on the bedroom floor. Chloe was sitting next to a
naked Lana -- a naked Lana with F-cup breasts sporting unnaturally long erect
nipples. Her aureoles were also surprisingly large and reddish in colour. The
breasts hung there in an unnatural, gravity-defying way. Lana's waist was
also far more pronounced -- or rather it was exactly the same size as ever
but there were now sharp yet womanly hips below it. Despite the ridiculous
size of her breasts, the rest of Lana's body didn't seem to have gained any
weight, except for a little extra on her ass which had expanded with her

Chloe was speechless.

"It's pretty 'wall of weird,' isn't it?" Lana asked, even as she resumed
touching her shockingly hairless pussy again.

"Oh my God," was all Chloe could say.

"How could they grow so fast?" she thought to say after an uncomfortable
pause as she stared, fascinated and aroused at her roommate's hypersexual

"Touch them," Lana whispered.

"What?" Chloe replied, having heard her friend perfectly well.

Lana lay back on the bed, legs parted as she continued to slowly masturbate,
her hand intermittently and rhythmically colliding with Chloe's, which still
rested on her thigh.

"And they don't get flat," Lana added.

It was true. Lana's breasts jutted up like silicone from her chest, even as
she was now completely prone.

Chloe 'realized' that perhaps, in the name of science, she really should
touch Lana's marvellous breasts. She repositioned herself on the bed, seeking
the 'best position' from which to test the breasts. In the end, she decided
the best policy would be to kneel on the bed, straddling Lana's waist.
Looking deep into Lana's green eyes, she reached down to touch her breasts.

Instantly, as her palm brushed Lana's nipple, Lana moaned, "Oh Chloe."

As she massaged the breast more, she could feel Lana's autoerotic motions
quickening. It felt far softer than it appeared -- so yielding and smooth.
In the spirit of scientific inquiry, Chloe found herself wondering how Lana's
nipple might respond to being licked. It stiffened and lengthened, perhaps
even more. How about a nibble? Lana gasped as Chloe now began tonguing and
nibbling at her tit.

All pretence cast aside Chloe made no move to resist as Lana's hands pulled
her shirt and bra over her head. Had she been a little less swept away,
perhaps Chloe would have noticed the red marks on her own breasts where the
fabric of her bra had dug in unprecedentedly. Instead, she found herself
matching Lana's moans as her nipples now brushed against her friend's. And
when a wet, sticky hand guided hers into Lana's sopping pussy, she just
concentrated on making her roommate cum, something, which happened
surprisingly quickly.

Rather than to sate Lana, the orgasm simply rejuvenated her; with surprising
strength, she reversed their positions, pinning Chloe to the bed and
duplicating the movement Chloe's examination of her breasts. With Lana
straddling her, Chloe found herself even more aroused. Her worm's eye view
of Lana's new breasts was so erotic, watching them jiggle with her every
movement. And she loved the feeling of them against her chest and abdomen as
her friend licked and nibbled at her own, surprisingly firm breasts.

At some point, Chloe realized, Lana must have pulled her pants off because
now, the nipples which had been brushing against her own were now touching
her hips, now her thighs and now...

When Lana began eating her pussy, Chloe knew something was wrong -- but
somehow that just heightened her arousal. She found herself calling out.
"Lana -- oh God -- fuck me, lick me -- there -- there!" Half the time,
Lana couldn't hear these words as Chloe's thighs would clamp around her
head, covering her ears as she neared her first orgasm from oral sex.

Chloe cried out again as Lana brought her to orgasm. And seconds later, Lana
was cuddling her, kissing her.

"Lana," Chloe said, "I think there's something wrong. We're not like this."

"Shhh --" Lana replied, trying to guide Chloe's hand back to her pussy.

This move consolidated Chloe's growing resolve. She realized that Lana had
probably been continuously masturbating since sometime in the late morning.
"No -- Lana," she said, sitting up and wrapping herself in her friend's
towel. "Something unnatural is happening here."

"Please just once more," Lana said in a pouty voice.

Reaching down to extricate the girl's hand from the folds of her pussy, Chloe
felt a strange cold metallic sensation. Now this was rather odd; Lana was
completely naked except for a tight hand-made bracelet.

"Lana," she asked. "What's this?"

"Isn't it sexy?" Lana replied hopefully.

"No. It's just -- stop moving your hand. Let me see it."

Chloe turned the bracelet on Lana's wrist, exposing the glowing pink stones.
Chloe looked at the glowing pink stones, then something in her mind clicked.
Her own strange behavior started after she put on the pendant. Maybe the pink
stones were causing the changes. Lana snapped her hand away from Chloe.

"The changes stopped when I removed the pendant so maybe if I remove her
bracelet she'll return to normal." Chloe thought. "Lana, can I take a closer
look at your bracelet?" asked Chloe.

"Sure." replied Lana with a giggle holding out her hand.

Chloe reached out and grabbed the bracelet, but Lana caught on and pulled her
hand away again.

"It's mine Chloe." said Lana hiding her wrist in her other hand as if to
protect the bracelet.

"This is for your own good Lana." said Chloe rushing towards Lana and
grabbing her wrists.

"No...Let go of me." said Lana as Chloe pushed her back.

The Lana struggled to break her arms free of Chloe's grasp but all the
masturbating she'd been doing had left her tired. Chloe forced herself in
closer to Lana but in doing so her towel slackened and fell to the floor
leaving Chloe as naked as her friend.

As the girls continued to wrestle, Chloe pushed Lana down onto the bed, but
not wanting to let go of her wrists Chloe fell down on top of her. Their
naked bodies were in direct contact rubbing together as Lana constantly
squirmed beneath Chloe. The sensation of the naked breasts touching and
Lana's naked body squirming between her legs was getting Chloe worked up but
it was proving far too much for Lana. She could feel a powerful orgasm
building within her.

Chloe continued to wriggle and squirm up Lana's body moving closer to her
wrists her naked pussy rubbing against Lana's body, she had to fight hard
not to give in to the sensation she was feeling in her pussy. Lana however
couldn't take much more. She was on the verge of her most powerful orgasm

"Chloe...please stop....Oh I'm cumming...I'm cumming....Ahhhh." Lana moaned
as she reached a mind-blowing orgasm, which caused her body to go limp easily
allowing Chloe to force the bracelet off and throw it down onto the floor.

Chloe then got up off of Lana and looked down at her. The orgasm had been so
intense she had passed out. She was just lying there breathing calmly, her
huge mounds heaving up and down. Since her own thoughts had taken a while to
return to normal after only a couple of hours exposure to the pendant Chloe
concluded that it would take quite a while for Lana's changes to reverse
since she had been wearing the bracelet for nearly a day. Chloe quickly got
dressed then took a look around the floor to see where the bracelet went but
she couldn't find it.

"It must have gone under a drawer or something." She thought.

Not wanting to move anything in case she woke Lana, Chloe slipped out of the
room. She realized she now had two mysteries on her hands. Who was sending
her and Lana body and mind-altering jewellery and Lucy's strange death? One
thing she was sure of they were both connected.

While the video continued, Chloe turned on her computer. The pink stones had
jogged her memory about something in her files. When she had taken over the
Torch she had made a point of scanning all the articles from back issues onto
her computer especially the ones relating to all the weird goings on in
Smallville. Going through all the files she found articles from 1989, just
after the meteor shower, about a local jeweller, John Radcliff. As she read
through the article she discovered that prior to the meteor shower he was
rather unsuccessful in his business but then he started manufacturing
jewellery from the meteor rock and turned his life around becoming one of
Smallville's wealthiest businessmen.

Then she found what she was looking for, an article from 1994 which featured
John presenting a silver necklace, laced with pink rocks to Miss Teen
Smallville. The article went on to say that she became involved with Radcliff
for a while after being dropped from the beauty pageant following an
excessive boob job. Chloe pulled up a picture featuring the girl with her
necklace round her neck and a very large rack.

"Woah she's even worse than Lucy." She thought.

Further investigation into Radcliff showed that after 94 he was dubbed
Smallville's answer to Hugh Hefner. Every few weeks he'd make trips into
Metropolis and come back with a new girl of about 18 to 20 years old.
There were some pictures of him with his women at various charity events
and surprisingly they all looked the way Lucy did when she died. However
these women always seemed to disappear just before he showed up with a
new one. The police investigated him but the investigation turned up no

The final article about Radcliff was about his death in 1999 when he suffered
a fatal heart attack while having sex with one of his girls.

"Huh. Guess that rules him out." Chloe muttered to herself.

Then Chloe remembered that he had a daughter, Rachel. She had gone to
Smallville High until six months ago when Chloe ran an article in the Torch
about her seducing teachers to get passing grades, which ultimately got her,
kicked out of school. Chloe had to admit Rachel really was a slut; there
wasn't a single guy in the senior classes she hadn't slept with or at least
claimed to have slept with. She was always trying to bed some guy; she even
tried to get Whitney away from Lana a while back when it looked like he might
have made it to the big time with his football. She seemed to think that the
whole point of high school was to get laid and she actually looked down on
the other girls for not sharing her belief.

"I wonder if she's picked up where daddy left off?" Chloe said to herself.

Chloe was very proud of the progress she had made in investigating.
Nonetheless, not only was it getting late but she was finding herself,
despite her now-secure knowledge that her feelings could be attributed
to these peculiar meteor rocks, rather aroused by the photographs of Mr.
Radcliff's girlfriends. Still, she had made tremendous progress. Tomorrow,
when she was back to her old self, she would analyze the stones in the
necklace she had received and enlist Pete and Clark's assistance in
investigating Rachel.

Now that she thought about it, Chloe realized that she really should have
called Pete back. But now, it was past eleven o'clock and she didn't really
want to wake his parents. Hopefully, by tomorrow, Lana would be back to
normal and she wouldn't have to tell anyone about her roommate's strange
transformation. She still wondered how she would face Lana, though. She
wasn't sure if she would ever be able to see her quite the same way.

This time, when Chloe got home, the house was well and truly silent.
Nonetheless, she stopped to listen at Lana's bedroom door before proceeding
down the hall to her own. Part of her wanted to make sure Lana had picked
herself up off the floor and crawled into bed but she was a little reluctant
to risk it. Instead, she slipped into her room and noiselessly changed into
her nightgown. This time, when she changed, she noticed the red marks on her
breasts again.

"That damned necklace," she thought to herself, "if this doesn't wear off by
morning, I'll have to get new bras." While many girls might have relished
going from a large B-cup to a healthy-sized C, Chloe didn't feel that such
a development was going to do anything for her career as a professional

Getting to sleep was a little difficult for Chloe. She tossed and turned;
unbidden, various fantasies coursed through her mind, intermixed with
recollections of her experience with Lana earlier in the day and scenes
from the video. Much as it made her feel weak and manipulable, she
eventually removed her nightgown and spent some quality time with herself,
after which time she fell into a fitful slumber.

Chloe's dreams were, if anything, even more graphically sexual. Now, she too
had giant breasts like Lana's and Lucy's. She wasn't wearing the necklace
but rather, a bracelet exactly like Lana's. In the dream, she and Lana were
sixty-nining. Chloe loved the sensation of Lana's nipples pressing into her
abdomen while the girl's tongue slithered around her pussy. Surprisingly,
she found the taste of Lana's cunt delicious as she licked and sucked
revelling in the new textures of her roommate's sopping bald cunt.

As she approached orgasm, Chloe felt one of Lana's knees collide with her
face. "Owww --" Chloe mumbled and began to awaken. It was then that Chloe
realized that she had been dreaming -- or had she. Even as she woke, the
dream-like feelings dissipating, she found that there really was a tongue
in her pussy and pair of thighs were locked around her head. Oh God, it's
real, Chloe found herself thinking. It was true. Although Lana's pussy was
some distance away from her face, there was no doubt that she was looking
directly into her housemate's crotch and that the girl's tongue was inside

Chloe knew that something had gone wrong. But she couldn't put her finger on
it. Nor could she really concentrate on anything other than the wonderful
feelings coursing through her. She felt so horny. Instinctively, she reached
out, sliding her hands around Lana's ass and drew her crotch closer -- close
enough to lick. Which is precisely what she did.

Soon, Lana's vice-like equestrian thighs were locked around her ears as she
gave herself up completely to the sexual act, licking, sucking, probing...
It seemed just moments later that she was orgasming, trying not to buck her
pelvis too hard against Lana's face. But strangely, the orgasm did nothing
to mitigate her arousal. It accounted for a ten second pause in their routine
before Chloe resumed licking Lana and Lana's tongue found its way back inside

Chloe wasn't sure how many times she had cum when her alarm clock began
beeping, jarring her back into some kind of consciousness. Between breaking
physical contact with her friend and the piercing alarm, Chloe's mind
re-engaged. She still felt unbearably horny and her thinking seemed slow,
confused, yet euphoric. She stared admiringly at Lana's new physique before
catching her own reflection in the bedroom mirror. Here she was, covers on
the floor, completely naked on her bed with Lana, sporting not the C-cups
she had resented last night but instead D cup breasts, perhaps verging on
F. Furthermore, she could see other changes -- her flared hips, unnaturally
inflated nipples, her now-hairless pussy, open like a damp flower.

It was then that she noticed the pink stones glittering off the bracelet Lana
had evidently slipped onto her wrist during the night. Seeing Chloe's eyes
alight on the bracelet, Lana smiled mischievously. "I wanted you to feel as
good as me," she said innocently in that newly high-pitched voice of hers.

Much as she knew that she should. Chloe could not make herself take off the
bracelet right away. I'll just fuck Lana a couple more times and then take it
off, she promised herself.

Chloe began to run her hands all over her naked body taking extra time to
explore her new breasts.

"They feel sooo good," Chloe said in a sweet high-pitched girly voice.

"See I new you'd like them." replied Lana leaning over to kiss Chloe's

Lana continued to kiss Chloe's soft fleshy mounds working her way up closer
and closer to her nipple. She then changed over to licking her breast running
her tongue back and forth over the nipple.

Chloe could feel herself getting hot, she moved her hand down to her wet
pussy and began to finger herself starting with two fingers then moving onto
three. As Chloe continued to drive her fingers in and out of her wet pussy,
Lana took her nipple in her mouth and began sucking on it. Once again Chloe

She still had a voice nagging away in the back of her mind telling her that
this wasn't quite right, but she felt so good she didn't want to listen to
it. All she wanted was to stay in bed with Lana and continue their
exploration of each other's bodies.

As her fingers brought her yet another orgasm her blissful state was broken
by the voice of her father, Gabe, calling out, "Girls you better get up or
you're going to be late."

"Should we?" asked Lana looking down lustfully at Chloe.

"We could go and drive the boys wild with our new titties." Replied Chloe
with a giggle.

Sitting up she once again caught sight of herself in the mirror. She was
covered in cum but she couldn't help but admire her new form, she couldn't
understand why last night she had been so bothered about her increased
breast size they looked so good.

"We better get cleaned up." Said Lana licking some of Chloe's cum off her
face from last night's activities.

The two girls rushed naked into the bathroom and started to run the shower.
Stepping inside they let the hot water run over their naked bodies. As Lana
began to kiss Chloe on the neck then working her way up until she was
nibbling on her ear, Chloe picked up a bar of soap and began to work up a
lather in her hands. Then she began to rub the lather over Lana's breasts
slowly massaging it in.

As Chloe's hands moved behind Lana's back and started to rub the soap all
over it working her way down to Lana's shapely ass, Lana's hands worked their
way behind Chloe and began to squeeze and rub her ass and again the two girls

As Chloe began to rub the soap over Lana's flat stomach with one hand the
other made it's way down to her pussy and began fingering it.

Lana then took her hand from Chloe's ass and began to massage her large
breasts, which once again were larger than her own. She began pinching her
nipples while Chloe continued to wash her down making sure to spend as much
time as possible on her ass, breasts and clit.

Then Chloe handed the soap to Lana. She began to rub it over Chloe's body,
spending a great deal of time on her breasts, then moving down to her thigh
and slowly working her way up, and all the while Chloe's hands probed every
inch of Lana's body.

Once they stepped out of the shower they each grabbed a towel and began to
dry each other off once again spending considerably more time than was
necessary on their breasts, asses and clits. Then they each wrapped a towel
round their body, although it proved quite a tight fit over their new breasts
and headed downstairs for breakfast before they decided what to do.

* * *

Despite having used his super-speed, Clark was unable to beat Pete to the
Torch that morning. He'd received a call shortly after dawn; "I wanted to
catch you before you did your morning chores," Peter had said.

His diminutive friend, lacking the benefits of super-speed, had nonetheless
managed to get to school as the building opened. Clark was already worried by
Pete's tone in the early morning call but now, his feelings of trepidation
had increased.

"Any luck?" he asked as he entered the office.

Pete turned away from the TV he had been watching and replied, "No. Still no
answer. I don't want to call Chloe's dad while he's at that conference in
Metropolis. I thought we'd try to solve this ourselves before we get parents

"So she and Lana just aren't picking up?"

"No. The night custodian says that Chloe was in here until about 11 last
night. I wish I'd just come by here. I've been calling her ever since she
dropped me off yesterday afternoon." Pete didn't want to admit that his
initial motivation for those repeated calls to her house had been a little
less than altruistic. He had very much wanted to see the tape. Chances to
watch reality porn in high school were extremely limited and chances to
watch it with gorgeous blondes were even more so.

"I was in at the Talon," Clark added. "They haven't seen Lana since the
day before yesterday. She hasn't called in sick or anything. Lex has been
covering for her but he's in the middle of some kind of big deal and finds
it kind of demeaning to run a coffee bar, even if he owns half of it. I
don't think I've ever heard him sound annoyed at Lana. Anyway, now he's
not annoyed either. Just worried. So what were you and Chloe working on?
Could it have something to do with this?"

So, Pete recounted the story of Lucy, his drive with Chloe to the bar, her
peculiar behaviour and her promise to phone him as soon as she found a good
place to watch the video. "I just assumed she'd invite me over as soon as
her dad left for the conference," he admitted. Pete, having been more focused
due south of the region where it hung, had not noticed Chloe's peculiar

"So she didn't say anything about there being anything wrong with Lana?"

"No. Nothing."

"Damn -- usually, Chloe figures out what's going on and then I just go smash
whatever it is," Clark said.

"So what would Chloe do now?"

Clark stood pensively for a few moments before replying. "Well, if we can't
answer that question, we can do the next best thing. We can figure out what
Chloe was doing last night. I'll check the video and the files see if I can
figure out what papers she was looking at last night. Why don't you turn on
the computer and see if there's a way you can find out what she was looking
at last night?"

"And if they don't come to school today and we still don't know what's going
on, I'm going over to her house and smashing whatever it is anyway," he

* * *

While Pete and Clark began to look into Chloe's research, she and Lana were
still at Chloe's house searching for something for breakfast.

"Do you thing Breakfast would be more fun if we ate off of each other?" Chloe
asked bending over further to search deeper in the fridge, wiggling her ass
invitingly for Lana to see, "Wonder if we've got any whipped cream."

Suddenly they heard the door opening and the familiar muttering of Chloe's
father Gabe, "Forgot my damn briefcase again. Can't go to that conference
without it can I?"

Hearing the sound of Gabe entering the front room Chloe and Lana slipped
out of the kitchen and peered round the doorway to watch Gabe search for his

"Your dad's kinda hot Chloe." Said Lana.

Chloe then turned to face Lana and flashed her a devilishly sexy smile.

"Daddy. Whatcha doin'?" asked Chloe in her sexy girly voice.

"Just looking for my........" he cut himself off when he looked up to see his
towel clad daughter and her friend.

As the two girls slowly approach him in a very sexy way, hips swaying from
side to side beneath their towels, Gabe couldn't help but notice their new
enhanced forms and feel a bulge forming in his pants, "Are you two alright?
You look.... Eh .....diff...different." he said trying not to look at their
hot young bodies as they took up position on either side of him and began
to run their hands over his torso.

"You know Mr Sullivan I don't think I've ever thanked you for letting me stay
here." said Lana in her high pitch tone, standing up on her tip toes to give
Gabe a kiss.

Gabe swallowed hard, "I...It's... It's alright Lana I..em I don't mind."

"But we want to thank you daddy." said Chloe in a tone that was just as sexy
and suggestive as the way she and Lana were unwrapping their towels.

"Ok what are you two doing." said Gabe pulling back and falling over onto the
sofa while staring at the two beautiful naked girls before him.

"Don't tell me you haven't thought about this. You haven't had a woman since
mum left." said Chloe as Lana was unzipping Gabe's pants.

"My Mr Sullivan that's a huge cock you have." said Lana straddling Gabe's lap
and using her hand to positioning his prick at the mouth of her virgin pussy.
Then she began to press down as hard and fast as she could, taking about half
of Gabe's huge prick into her and taking her own virginity in the process.

Then without warning Chloe slipped down between her fathers legs and began to
lick his huge, thick shaft and fondle his balls gently with her hand, all the
while lubricating it so Lana could take it's full length. She had a voice in
the back of her head telling her that what she was doing to her father wasn't
right but that just made it feel so much better. She continued to lick her
fathers cock and ball and every so often catching Lana's pussy as she ran her
tongue up and down the shaft. It all just felt to good to be wrong.

Of course this whole process proved to be far too much for Gabe, as he shot
his load deep inside Lana but she didn't stop pumping away on his cock. Oh
no she wanted to experience her first cock induced orgasm so she continued
bouncing up and down until she came.

Lana then got off Gabe but before he could get up Chloe shoved him down on
his back, his still erect cock pointed straight up into the air. Chloe then
straddled her hips and impaled herself on his cock. With her dad's cock fully
inside and mounted, Chloe began to ride it hard and fast causing him to shoot
his load in seconds but like Lana she didn't stop.

As she continued to rock herself back and forth on his prick Chloe took
Gabe's hand and lead them to her newly formed tits and encouraged him to
play with them but he didn't take the hint so Chloe began using his hand
to massage her breasts. She moaned in pleasure as her fathers hand rubbed
over her nipples. But after he shot his second load he didn't need any help
from Chloe he was pinching and massaging her breasts all by himself, then
while one hand worked her breast the other found her clit as she continued
to rock back and fourth.

Gabe wasn't doing any of the work to fuck Chloe's cunt, he just lay there
and let his daughter fuck herself on his tool and she was loving it. He did
however, suck and play with her tits while she pumped away on his dick,
kissing her when he wasn't sucking on her nipples.

"Oh that's it faster baby faster." Yelled Gabe.

Not wanting to disappoint Chloe picked up her pace. As Chloe continued to
thrust her fathers cock into her cunt, his huge ball sack was smacking up
against her erect clit, and sending electrical shock waves through her
entire crotch causing her to pant, and shortly thereafter, moan in obvious

Again Gabe shot a load deep inside his daughter but she didn't stop. She
began to really pump her cunt rapidly up and down his shaft opening herself
up wide as she slammed her love tunnel down over his long thick cock and
then clamping her cunt tightly around his shaft as she strained at pulling
herself back up its length, as if she didn't want to let it out of her guts.

Leaving no doubt in anyone's mind this may have been a despicable thing for
Chloe to do, using her father to take her virginity, there was no doubt that
she enjoyed fucking herself on this monstrous Prick. She began squealing in
pleasure; her whole body shaking as she experienced the first of six cock
induced orgasms. She quit fucking herself on her fathers cock after the sixth
orgasm and, after recovering from this mind blowing experience, she gave him
A heartfelt, passionate kiss, and then pulled herself off of his huge shaft.

Absolutely exhausted Gabe just lay there unable to get his cock up again even
if her wanted to.

"Poor daddy, guess we were to much for him." said Chloe in a little girly

The girls slipped back up the stairs to their room and began going through
their clothes trying to find something to wear but their new forms were going
to make the task very difficult for them. As Lana was looking in the closet,
Chloe started going through her drawers checking out her underwear. "Why did
I wear all this stuff? No wonder Clark was never interested." she said
pulling out a black bra and thong.

She slipped the thong on and checked out how it made her ass look in the
mirror. The she picked up the bra, "Well this isn't going to fit anymore."
she giggled.

"I don't think we need them anymore." said Lana cupping her breasts.

"Oh yeah." Chloe giggled sitting down on her bed and bouncing up and down so
she could watch her breasts jiggling in the mirror.

Suddenly Chloe heard a ringing. Looking around she spotted her mobile phone
on her dresser. She took it into her hand. She must have had it set on
vibrate as well as ring. Feeling the vibrating in her hand she couldn't help
but slip it down to her crotch.

"Ooooo." she moaned before she decided to answer it.

"Chloe?" came the familiar voice of Clark.

"Clark. How's my favourite boy?" she yelled happily down the phone while
gesturing to Lana that it was Clark on the phone.

"You weren't in school today. Pete and I were worried you'd gone and done
something stupid." said Clark sounding just a bit annoyed.

"Oh your so sweet." Chloe giggled as Lana took up position on the bed behind
her and began kissing her neck.

"Chloe are you Ok?" asked Clark.

"Yeah I fine." she squealed as Lana began pinching her nipples.

"Then why aren't you and Lana in school today." he asked.

"Oh we don't feel like ourselves," Chloe and Lana both had to giggle as she
said that, "Maybe you'd like to come over and cheer us up after school."

"Fine. I'll talk to you later." Clark said in a suspicious tone as he hung

Chloe closed her phone, turned to look at Lana as they both started to giggle
and play with each others breasts again.

"Oh I bet Clarkie will love our new boobie's." said Lana.

"I bet he's got a nice big cock." said Chloe.

They both began to giggle again.

* * *

Back in the Torch Clark put down the phone and turned to look at Pete with a
concerned look on his face.

"Well?" asked Pete.

"I don't know. She said that she's fine and that she and Lana just aren't
well." replied Clark.

"So now we know she's not gone off on some stupid mission we can stop
worrying." said Pete getting up.

"I'm not so sure. She didn't sound like herself." said Clark.

"This may come as a shock to Mr I never get sick but us mere mortals tend to
get a bit moody when we're ill." said Pete slapping Clark on the back as he
headed towards the door.

"She didn't sound moody, she sounded happy. She was giggling and her voice
sounded different, more... giggly." Clark said.

"Well we do have that algebra test this afternoon so she could just be
fakin'. Or you know Chloe, she thinks there isn't a single problem that can't
be solved by caffeine and sugar. She's probably just hyper. Now we got to get
to class." said Pete.

"I guess you're right." said Clark still not feeling convinced.

Clark and Pete had to go through two classes before they had any free time.
Pete had been his usual relaxed self but Clark had things on his mind. He was
worried about Chloe. He was sure there was something wrong, something she
wasn't telling him when they spoke on the phone. So as soon as he had the
chance he slipped out and using his super speed rushed to Chloe's where he
hoped to find out that he was just being paranoid and that Chloe and Lana
were just feeling under the weather but his gut instinct told him that most
likely Chloe's curiosity had gotten her into trouble again.

Decelerating outside of the Sullivan's, Clark noticed that Chloe's car wasn't

"Odd," he thought, "If she's sick then why would her car be gone."

Going up to the front door, he rang the bell. No answer. Clark then moved
to the window and peered through. Nothing. Stepping back he began looking
through the house with his x-ray vision. He scanned every inch of the house
room by room but he couldn't see any sign of life in the house nor could he
see any signs of a struggle so he ruled out the possibility that the girls
had been abducted for the time being.

Now feeling very worried Clark rushed back to school to inform Pete.

As he arrived back at the school he looked around the schoolyard to make sure
Principle Reynolds hadn't seen him sneaking back in. But as he was coming
backing the door he was spotted by the large black principle who from the
looks of things had been standing waiting for Clark.

"Mr Kent. What have you been told about leaving school grounds during school
hours?" Asked the principle.

"I had a free and needed to get some books." Clark lied.

"Then why don't you have any books with you?" Reynolds said.

"I couldn't find them." Clark lied again.

"You've been warned about leaving school grounds Mr Kent, maybe an afternoon
in detention will remind you of the rules." Said Reynolds walking off.

"Great that's just what I need right now." Muttered Clark heading to the
Torch where he had arranged to meet Pete.

Again he walked in to find Pete slyly watching the bar security tape so Clark
cleared his throat to alert him.

"Clark man you shouldn't sneak up on people like that." He said switching off
the tape, "So are they at home."

"No there's no sign of them." Said Clark with a concerned look on his face.

"So I'm guessing my theory that they're just skippin' that test isn't so
stupid now." Replied Pete.

"I'm being serious Pete. I think they could be in some kind of trouble." Said

"Look Chloe said they were fine and they probably are." Replied Pete, "Maybe
she found something on this whole weird death thing and couldn't wait until
after school to check it out and she took Lana with her."

"Then I guess if we're going to find her we better look into whatever she
was." Said Clark picking up some of Chloe's notepads.

"Does this mean we have to watch the tape?" asked Pete.

"Probably." Replied Clark.

"Yes!" cried out Pete reaching for the remote control.

Pete and Clark decided that their best chance of finding them would be to go
through all of Chloe's research and try to figure out what she would have

Pete suggested that they start with the video tape since it was the first
clue Chloe came up with although from the tone in his voice at was quite
clear he had his own reasons for wanting to watch.

As they began to watch they each picked up some of the notepads and newspaper
clippings Chloe had scattered around her computer but as soon as the image of
Lucy throwing off her trench coat came on screen they stopped paying
attention to the notes in their hands. They watched her begging for the
bikers to fill her with their cocks and watched her fucking and sucking them
as often as she could, the image of her huge breasts bouncing up and down as
she rode one of the bikers was so transfixing that Clark flipped past the
page in Chloe's notes that had Rachel's current address on it.

As they continued watching they became harder and more uncomfortable while
paying less and less attention to Chloe's research. Clark had to look away
from the screen and close his eyes on several occasions to stop his heat
vision from destroying the TV. So by the time the first class bell went off
they had made no progress.

"So did you find out anything?" asked Pete trying to hide the obvious bulge
in his pants.

"Nothing," replied Clark, "We really need Chloe for this."

Unbeknownst to Clark, Chloe, Lana and the vehicle had only made it a few
blocks before crashing into a tree. She had been able to regain enough of her
focus to fell bad about her earlier activities with her father but only for a
second before she returned to her horny confused state.

In her muddled and aroused state, Chloe had taken nearly an hour to dress
herself and Lana. In the end she had had to give up on the idea of Lana
wearing any underwear or looking like anything other than a complete slut.

Lana was dressed now in her old cheerleading outfit, bra-less and pantiless.
Chloe had done her best to convince the girl to accept some of the more
conservative choices but unfortunately, there were few outfits to choose from
in the closet; most of Lana's clothes could not stretch to conform to her new
curves. With her jeans eliminated, Chloe had tried dresses but she found that
whatever give they had for Lana's rounder ass, they lacked in adjusting to
her massive rack. Lana had wanted to wear one of the dresses -- the one where
her tits completely overflowed, her nipples spilling out for all to see.
Chloe licked her lips again recalling how she and Lana had had to play, just
a little.

Still, Chloe was proud of her self-discipline. After the post-shower make-out
session she had pulled the bracelet off her wrist and begun to arduous task
of getting herself and Lana dressed. In her mind, there had been a vague plan
of going to Clark for help, though she was uncertain of what help he could
be. Instead, the requests for help kept getting mixed up in her mind with
visions of herself and Lana sixty-nining while Clark fucked her from behind.

Still, the mention of seeking the help of Clark had been the only thing she
could say to induce Lana to stop masturbating long enough to dress and leave
the house. Driving had proven difficult, though, not only with her reduced
concentration and nigh-unbearable arousal but also thanks to Lana's incessant
touching, caressing and probing. Her sweat pants had been down at her knees
when she noticed Lana was wearing that damned bracelet again. Forgetting the
road, she had begun trying to wrest it from Lana.

And now, here they were, crashed into a small grove of trees on a vacant lot
near the agricultural belt outside of town. What was worse still was that she
couldn't hold out any longer. She needed to cum before she could focus again.

She sat back down in the drivers seat and began to finger herself again. She
lay back in her seat and began trying to focus her mind on why she had been
trying to remove the bracelet but she found it was getting harder and harder
to think about anything that wasn't sexually orientated. She had become so
distracted so failed to notice Lana slipping between her legs and starting to
lick her wet cunt while he continued rapidly ramming two fingers in and out.

At first she didn't care about her friend down between her legs running her
tongue around her pussy lips, but again she caught sight of the glowing pink
rocks on the bracelet. Chloe knew there must be some reason why see wanted to
remove it, she knew it was doing something to Lana but it was getting harder
and harder to think.

As Lana took over doing all the work on Chloe's pussy she forced herself to
try and remember what was wrong with the bracelet. She kept having flashes of
reading all the newspaper articles relating to big-breasted sluts, which only
added to her arousal. Then she finally came and for a moment her mind seemed
to clear up slightly.

As she just fell back on to the passenger seat letting Lana continue with
eating her out Chloe started thinking back although her mind was quickly
returning to it's sexually orientated state. She remembered that she and
Lana weren't meant to be this way, the pink jewellery was somehow making
them behave this way that's why she wanted to remove the bracelet from Lana.
But why was Lana so willing to accept her changes, why wasn't she fighting
it like she was, maybe it was because she had been exposed longer or maybe
it was because Lana didn't know what was happening?

Then a disturbing thought entered Chloe's mind. Why was she fighting this?
It didn't seem right to fight something that could make her look and feel so
good. Somewhere a voice in the back of her head was telling her that she
didn't want to turn into a total slut, she was a smart strong willed girl and
she could fight this but more and more of her mind and particularly her body
kept telling her that she in fact did want nothing more than to give in, to
become a complete sex crazed slut.

Chloe kept trying to think straight but the more she tried the harder it was
becoming and it wasn't being made any easier by Lana's tongue buried deep
within her pussy.

Realizing that her mental state might be in danger of deteriorating due to
the mere presence of Lana's jewelry, Chloe opened the driver's side door and
collapsed backwards onto the ground, leaving her aroused friend alone in the
car. The feeling of cold grass against her warm flesh and sopping pussy
jolted Chloe into a standing position from which she did quickly pulled up
her sweatpants and re-arranged her formerly loose sweat top.

Trying not to look directly at Lana for fear of needing to give her a
good-bye kiss, Chloe fixed her eyes on a nearby tree as she said, "Lana, I
need to go for help. Promise me you will stay here and keep the door closed."

"Oh -- Ok --" Lana moaned. Chloe could tell the girl was approaching orgasm.

"Get away from the door, Lana," Chloe said before gingerly pushing the
vehicle's door shut. Lana was starting to scream out as she turned her back
and headed back to the road.

Chloe strode in a vaguely bow-legged posture. Her pussy was so sexually
sensitive at the moment, she had to do all she could to deprive it of
sensation. Once she reached the road, Chloe realized that she was still
within a few blocks of the town's residential neighbourhood. Determined,
she turned and headed towards the first occupied house she could find.
She would call Clark from there, she decided.

Chloe tried to run to make it to the nearest house but the sensations from
her crotch were increasing, she had to stop several times to try and regain
her focus. She wanted so badly to just stop and masturbate but she knew she
had to keep fighting.

As she tried to pick up the pace again she heard the sound of an engine fast
approaching. Although something inside told her it might be a better idea to
avoid human contact she concluded that this would be the quickest way to get
help for her and Lana. She scrambled out onto the road and started waving to
the driver as a truck fast approached her.

Seeing Chloe in front of him the driver slammed on the breaks.

Chloe quickly ran round the passenger side and opened the door. "Please
you've got to help me get back to town." she begged.

The driver who seemed incapable of seeing past her chest told her to get on
in. Chloe hopped in the car trying hard to hide the wet patch around the
crotch of her sweatpants. As he started up the truck again the driver began
to talk, "So what's a girl like you doing out here."

Chloe looked out of the corner of her eye to see the way he was looking at
her, like she was a cheap hooker. Something told her she should be deeply
offended by this but instead it was making her feel even more aroused. She
knew it would only be a 15-minute drive back into town but she didn't think
she'd be able to take this for much longer. She kept trying to stay focused
on what might happen if she gave into her desires, would she end up in some
bar fucking herself stupid like Lucy did? Again she knew that that should be
a bad thing but she couldn't help but start to thing about herself taking
all those cocks and her arousal grew even more.

After a few more minutes of driving and awkward shifting on her part, Chloe
found herself returning the drivers lustful looks. She wanted to have him in
her so badly, she didn't care that he was at least 3 times her age, greatly
overweight and from the smell of him, a pig farmer.

Again struggling to regain her focus, Chloe found her hand stroking his thigh
then moving over to his crotch and stroking his cock through his pants. She
could feel it getting hard. Suddenly she couldn't take it any longer she had
to have him.

She unzipped his pants and watched as his prick jumped up at her. She slowly
bobbed her head up and down in his lap, deep throating his cock, her tongue
swished back and forth along the side of his prick and one of her hands was
cupping his balls, gently squeezing them.

"This is ok. So long as I don't cum." she thought still convinced that it
would only take one final orgasm to push her over the edge.

As they drove Chloe continued sucking the cock all the way back to town.

After the first couple of minute she changed her slow and steady sucking,
designed to keep him hard but not get him off, to a much more urgent style,
in order to get him off. She didn't know why but it seemed like the right
thing to do.

Although she still didn't want to give in to temptation she couldn't bring
herself to lift her head, she actually felt like she was enjoying having a
cock deep in her throat she was actually beginning to think that this was
a far better use for her mouth than all the arguing and protesting she had
been doing.

Chloe sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed every last drop that came
out of his prick all the way back to town and just as the truck stopped he
blow on final load. He ended up loading her face with more than she could
physically handle, but the few drops that escaped via the corners of her
mouth, she licked up before cleaning his crotch with her mouth and tongue.
Again it just felt like the right thing for her to do after sucking him off.

Lifting her head, Chloe couldn't believe what she had done. In her eyes she
had just sucked this guy off like a pro, like the total slut she was afraid
of becoming but it felt so good, so right to her but thinking about all this
just added to the discomfort emanating from her cunt, she desperately wanted
to cum, even more so now.

Despite what clearly were the most serious and affectionate intentions of the
driver, the overweight, middle-aged man's penis was in no mood to co-operate.
The penis remained flaccid in his lap even though she had almost completely
removed her sweat suit. Still, the amount Chloe's body was turning her on
with its E-cup breasts and flared waist, she couldn't believe his apparent
physical disinterest.

"Don't you find me sexy?" she found herself saying, horrified by the tone and
register in which she spoke.

"Oh yeah," the man said, breathing heavily. "I'm on heart medication. That
was my first erection in five years."

"Would you mind if I...?"

It was clear he wouldn't mind. To her horror, not only did Chloe begin
masturbating in front of this stranger but she found herself incredibly
aroused by this exhibitionistic act. Sitting in the cab of this beat-up
truck, one hand practically inside her while the other played across her
ever more sensitive nipples.

Fortunately, she didn't need to touch herself much more before she was loudly
moaning in orgasm, finding herself even more turned-on as her eyes met those
of the farmer who was staring transfixed as this blonde adolescent came right
in front of him.

Sated, at least for the moment, Chloe thanked the gentleman with a peck on
the cheek, pulled the stretchy grey fabric back over her body and exited the
truck. As the driver sped off, she surveyed her surroundings. She felt a
little relieved that she was still capable of rational thought after that
powerful orgasm, even if she could feel the arousal building inside her

Quickly, she made her way to the nearby phone booth she had asked the driver
to take her to. And almost immediately, she felt like an idiot; she had left
her purse and all of her money in the car with Lana. Unbidden, the image of
Lana fucking herself with the various items in the purse sprang to mind.

* * *

Meanwhile back at Smallville high, Clark and Pete had continued their
investigation at every opportunity they had. They had been cutting classes
constantly trying to reach Chloe and Lana by phone but with no luck. Now
that they had a free they had headed back to the Torch to see if they could
retrace Chloe's last steps.

Clark began flipping through a pile of notepads Chloe had at the side of her
computer while Pete checked through all the lose files. They hadn't had much
luck when Pete found something in an open file. Then he went back to the
video to watch something.

"Clark," he called out "I think I might have found something."

"What?" replied Clark as Pete handed him blown up photo of Lucy giving some
guy a blowjob, "I don't have time for this Pete".

"No look at what's highlighted." said Pete.

Clark looked again and he saw that the earring she was wearing had been

"So what?" asked Clark.

"I checked the tape again. It looks like every time she came her earrings
glowed kinda like the meteor rocks do when your around." said Pete.

"So you think that those could be some kind of meteor rock." said Clark looking up from the note pads.

"Yeah and I think Chloe might have been wearing one yesterday." replied Pete, " She had this pink pendant thing on that was glowing, I just thought it was the light catching in it. She took it off but she was acting really strange afterwards."

"Strange?" inquired Clark.

"Yeah kinda well slutty like she was trying to sell herself or something."
replied Pete.

"Maybe these rocks do something to the physical and mental state making them
more sexual." said Clark.

"So who would want to do that to Chloe or Lucy?" asked Pete.

"Rachel Radcliff." said Clark.

"The jewellers daughter?" said Pete "Why would you think that."

"I don't but it looks like Chloe did." Clark said holding up some of Chloe's
notes dated last night which had Rachel's name and address highlighted on it.

"Wait her dad was dubbed Smallville's answer to Hugh Hefner and he always had
those hot girls around him. Maybe he use those rocks to get them." said Pete,
"Still doesn't explain why Rachel would give Chloe a piece of jewellery to
turn her into a slut."

"Chloe did get her kicked out of school." said Clark making his way to the

"Man the hot ones are always evil." said Pete following Clark out of the

"And she didn't like Lana either," Clark said, his brow furrowing with worry.

Pete held up the photo again. "Yeah -- you'd hate to see Lana end up like

There was an uncomfortable silence as both visualized Lana as a
giant-breasted cock-sucking slut. "No, we sure wouldn't want that," Clark
agreed earnestly, wishing his groin were a little more on-side with that

"I think we'd better split up," Pete said. "Why don't you track down Rachel?
I'll find Lana and Chloe."

Clark found himself almost inclined to argue. Part of him -- a very specific
part -- wanted to be the one to find Lana and Chloe. "How are you going to
find them, Pete?"

"I don't know," he replied pensively.

"Pete," Clark countered, "our first priority has got to be saving Lana and
Chloe. Once we know they're safe, we can worry about Rachel."

Pete had to agree.

"Why don't you phone around and check if anyone has seen them. I'll head out
and search," Clark added and then he was gone, hurtling out the door of Torch
at superhuman speed.

Almost immediately upon Clark's departure, the phone rang.

"Hello, the Torch," Pete said into the receiver.

"Pete?" the breathy voice on the other end of the phone said.


"I -- I -- I'm playing with my pussy," Chloe stated in a barely recognizeable

Pete could think of nothing to say in response.

"Help me Pete," Chloe said after a momentary pause.

"Just tell me where you are Chloe," Pete said, feeling a strange mixture of
intense arousal and fear.

"I...Uh...I'm in a phone box." she said.

"Where Chloe?" asked Pete.

She took several moments before she replied but in that time Pete could hear
her heavy breathing and moaning.

"On the edge of town just off the main street. Please help me." Chloe
continued to moan.

"Just hold on Chloe I'll be there as soon as possible." said Pete hanging up.

He ran outside hoping to find Clark to let him know where Chloe was but it
looked like he had run off at his super speed so Pete quickly made his way to
his truck.

Chloe didn't even bother to put the phone back on, she just sat down inside
the booth and continued to play with her pussy, she was desperately wanted to
cum but she found it was getting harder and harder to satisfy her sexual
needs with just her own fingers but she continued anyway not even caring that
there was the possibility that someone might find her masturbating in a
public phone box, in fact she was getting rather turned on by the idea of
being watched.

Chloe continued driving her fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy over
the next few minutes and as she did so she found that more and more of her
ability to thing rationally was fading until all she could seem to think
about was sex but still she couldn't bring herself to orgasm.

As she finally gave up trying to fight the thoughts taking over her mind she
heard a truck pulling up.

"Chloe!" came Pete's voice from behind the steamed up glass of the phone

Pete pulled the door open to find his friend sitting on the ground sweatpants
round her ankles and top hiked up with one hand driving in and out of her wet
pussy and the other playing with her very large breasts. Pete swallowed hard,
he always thought Chloe had a great set of tits before but now he could help
but get hard when he saw them. Shaking himself back to his senses Pete said,
"Come on Chloe we've got to get you out of here. Where's Lana."

"I...Uh..I don't remember." said Chloe still rapidly fingering herself, "I'm
soooo horny. I need to cum, please help me Pete."

"Chloe you don't know what you're talking about." Pete said knowing he would
kick himself for it later.

"Please I need your cock, please fuck me, please." Chloe begged.

"Chloe, let me take you to the truck," Pete said, attempting to sound

Fortunately, Chloe appeared to perceive this as Pete taking her up on her
invitation. However, she seemed to forget this as she moaned in response to
his hands pulling her sweat suit back on. No matter how arousing the touch
of Chloe's warm flesh, though, Pete could not ignore the fact that touching
her sexually right now would certainly be exploitive and might permanently
destroy their friendship.

Still, her mind focused away from sex for a few moments as she leaned on
Pete's arm as he half-carried her to the truck door, Chloe found some degree
of coherence returning. While it did indeed feel good to feel her soft warm
flesh against Pete's, she nonetheless began to recall that it might somehow
be wrong to have sex with her long-time friend. Even so, Pete's suitability
aside, there was the certain fact that she desperately needed to get off.

By the time Pete had walked around the truck and opened the drivers' side
door, Chloe had already removed the sweat suit and her fingers were busily
back at work inside her. The hand, which had been attending to her clit,
roved across Pete's t-shirt as she tried to start the truck.

"No Chloe, you're sick. You're not yourself," Pete said.

"Please Pete, I know, but please help me cum."

"No Chloe, just hold on. We'll get you help."

"Can I just see your dick? We wouldn't have to do anything. Just be a

"No Chloe. Just try to --"

"Please Pete."

"I'll tell you what Chloe," Pete said, desperate to ward off her advances
long enough to get her somewhere safe, "it would really turn me on if you
made yourself cum."

"Awww -- Peeete," Chloe said. But after effecting a pouty expression for a
moment, she withdrew her hand from under his t-shirt and returned it to the
upper area of her crotch.

The smell of Chloe getting off made it even more difficult for Pete to
resist the temptation of penetrating his friend. Instead, he rolled down the
driver's side window and drove out, with no clear idea of just where he was

While Pete was trying to fend off Chloe's advances, Clark was busy trying to
track down Rachel. The address Chloe had found had been where she had been
living when she was back in school but she hadn't been there for a couple of
months so he decided to pick up his search at the old jewellers shop her
father use to run just off of the town centre where she use to live when her
father was alive. The place was looking really beat up, the windows full of
dust and spider webs, if anyone was living here they obviously weren't taking
care of the place. Clark tried the door to see if it was open but it was
locked. He didn't have the time to sit around and wait for someone to open it
so making sure there was no one around he forced the door off it's hinges
with his super strength.

Stepping inside he could feel the presence of the green meteor rocks but they
were obviously in some kind of storage since the effects weren't enough to
bring him down just cause him some mild discomfort.

Looking around the shop he found several dusty and spider web covered bits of
jewellery that had eventually been intended to hold meteor rocks. He picked
up a bracelet lying on one of the counters, turning it over he saw the pink
rocks. He quickly through it down expecting it to have some kind of affect on
him like the green or the red but he didn't feel any different.

"Maybe the pink doesn't do anything to me." He muttered as he heard footsteps
approaching from upstairs.

Clark waited for whoever it was to come into sight before he made any moves.
He immediately recognised the girl coming down as Rachel. It was easy for him
to see why so much of Smallville's male population liked her. 5'7, blonde
with C-cup breasts and a killer ass, shame she was an evil bitch.

As she came into the main shop Clark noticed she was carrying a gun.

"I might have know that Clark Kent would be rushing out to try save his
friends." She said, "How they doing anyway? Tried to fuck your brains out

"So I'm guessing you had something to do with their disappearing?" asked
Clark starting to feel really annoyed.

"Not as such. Sure I sent them the bracelet and pendant but what they do
afterwards is their own doing." Said Rachel.

Feeling an overwhelming urge to take control of this situation and force some
answers out of Rachel Clark sprang into action.

"And what does this bracelet and pendant do?" asked Clark aggressively using
his super speed to rush Rachel, disarming her and pinning her to the wall his
arm across her neck restricting her breathing. "Answer me!"

"Ok...Ok." choked Rachel, "They affect a girls physical and mental state."

"How?" said Clark pushing harder at her neck.

"They make them more...well more slutty. The breasts enlarge, the hips widen,
voices become sexier, they become more sensitive to touch intelligence drops
and the mind thinks only of sex, they'll do pretty much anything for sex and
without any rational thought would be rather dangerous to anyone trying to
stop them from obtaining their goal." She said, "Once the process has started
they can fight the mental changes if they remove the jewellery but no matter
how strong they are they won't last more than 48 hours so one way or the
other Lana's gonna be a sex crazed airhead who's only cares are looking sexy
and getting fucked as often as possible."

Not believing how carefree she had been when saying that Clark again got
angry and pushed harder on Rachel's neck he didn't like the idea of Lana
being reduced to a sex crazed slut, "And what about Chloe?" he demanded.

"She only got her pendant yesterday afternoon so if she's not wearing it she
should still have some rational thought left but it will be fading with each
sexual activity she engages in although it will be getting much harder for
her to find satisfaction." Rachel said gasping for air, "I'd imagine she'd be
willing to do just about anything to cum right about now."

Clark again pushed against her neck until she was nearly blue in the face.

"How can I reverse this? Your dad must have known how to reverse the affects
for when he got rid of the girls unless he killed them" demanded Clark easing
up on her neck again long enough for her to answer.

"There's no way to reverse it dad just sold the girls off as hookers in
Metropolis. It was all they were good for with their limited intelligence and
heightened sex drives." Said Rachel.

"You're lying. Tell Me!" ordered Clark pushing against her neck.

"Ok. He sold the first lot off as hookers but he did find a way to reverse
most of the affects in the later ones, but I don't know what it is." replied

"What do you mean most of the affects?" asked Clark starting to feel worried
for his friends again.

"Some of the changes, either physical or mental always remained and the
humiliating memories." Replied Rachel as if she was actually proud of the
suffering these girls would have to endure.

Feeling he had all he could get out of Rachel, Clark threw her across the
room and stormed out. But as he got outside he couldn't understand why he
had thought his aggressive dominating behaviour was so right. He knew that
he'd have to find Lana as soon as possible if Rachel was telling the truth
and she had been affected for more than 48 hours and then he'd have to find
out what the cure was.

"I can't believe you just left it all at the store," Lex said.

His friend was right, Clark realized, how could he possibly expect Lex to
put his wife and employees onto figuring out a cure without a sample of the
offending meteor rocks? Still, his perfectly rational fear of the kryptonite
rocks around town was hardly unreasonable. Nonetheless, he could hardly
explain this fear to Lex.

Thinking as fast as he could, Clark instead retorted with, "Well, I guess I
just panicked -- and I was probably afraid to steal the jewellery with this
new sheriff in town. She's not very understanding."

Lex looked quizzically at Clark, as he seemed to do every Tuesday. This young
man never seemed afraid of anything normally. Still, feeling suspicious of
his friends was hardly an abnormal feeling for Lex. If anything, he felt
rather gratified that Clark had chosen to come to him before his parents now
that he and his friends were in trouble. The panicked teenager had burst into
his house less than fifteen minutes ago and poured out this bizarre and
horrific story about Lana, Chloe and Rachel, the jeweller's daughter.

"That's okay Clark," he said. "I'll head down to the jewellery store right
now. You just find Lana." He added, to himself, Let's see you screw up this
opportunity to fuck her brains out. "You just bring her here when you're

Clark didn't quite know what to make of the word "done." But decided not to
start an argument with Lex under these most pressing circumstances. Instead,
he just said, "Thanks Lex. I'd better get going then."

"Hey Clark," Lex yelled after him, already halfway to the front door.


"Do you need a ride? I can't see the truck."

"It's okay. Pete is picking me up at the highway in five minutes."

He was nearly out the door.

"Hey Clark --"


"Good luck!"

* * *

Meanwhile, Lana Lang was feeling very strange. Ever since she had found the
pendant in the glove compartment, she had been feeling so very good, yet so
very strange. She could practically feel her body changing, feel the energy
on the pink stones on her wrist somehow interacting with those around her
neck, hanging between the huge shelf of breast flesh that now obscured her
vision of anything below her chest.

Which was a shame. She wanted, more than anything else, to see her pussy --
the enormous oozing cunt that had now completely swallowed her right hand
which she had balled-up into a fist while it was inside her. She loved the
sensation of her pussy lips encircling her wrist as she pounded herself and
found herself wondering if perhaps she could make herself feel fuller by
adding a few fingers from her other hand. On the other hand, maybe it would
be better to jam them into her ass.

It was while she was considering this question, that Lana heard a strange
rending sound to her right. Suddenly, her wrist and cunt felt cold. Some
kind of breeze was playing across them. She opened her eyes, which she had
scrunched shut the last time she had cum, and was elated to see the person,
next to Chloe, that she most wanted to see -- Clark. She giggled at the
sight of him holding the passenger door of the car in his hands.

"Hiiii Claaaark," she said.

Clark pulled open the door revealing the huge breasted brunette masturbating
inside. She didn't seem deterred by the fact that Clark was watching.
Suddenly Clark caught sight of the pink rocks suspended from her neck and
around her wrist.

"Lana, I want you to take off the jewellery." Clark asked.

"No I don't want to." She giggled sounding almost like a little girl.

Clark decided he was going to have to try and remove the jewellery by
force so he reached out to grab Lana's wrist when he suddenly felt the same
overwhelming need to take control and exert his will over Lana.

"Give it to me!" he demanded grabbing her wrist.

"No it's mine." Lana giggled pulling away.

Clark again made an attempt to grab her wrist but Lana kicked him away then
exited the car by the driver's door giggling the whole time. To her this
seemed like some kind of game.

Picking himself up off the ground and shaking off his dominating feelings
Clark noticed Lana running towards a wooded area, her huge chest bouncing up
and down.

Stopping to think for a second he couldn't understand why he was suddenly
having this need to take control and exert his will over Lana. It was so
unlike him or maybe this was some kind of effect of the pink Kryptonite.

Clark then realized Lana was getting away so he chased after her at his super
speed but he was forced to an abrupt halt by a stabbing pain in his head.
Falling to the ground in pain, Clark noticed a warning sign in the distance.

"Oh great, leave it to Lana to crash near a meteor landing sight." He thought
to himself.

As Clark tried to pull himself away in the opposite direction Lana heard his
moans of pain and turned around.

"Oh Clarkie, you don't look so good. Can I make it better?" she giggled
rolling Clark onto his back and sitting down on him.

As she started to squirm about over his crotch Clark knew what was coming
next. He really wanted Lana to get off of him before she did something they
both would regret but without his super strength he couldn't do anything.

"Lana you don't want to do this." He pleaded trying not to pass out.

As Lana began to run her hands over his chest bringing the bracelet closer to
him Clark felt his controlling nature assert itself again but he couldn't act
on it.

"I bet you have a nice big cock." Lana said sliding down Clark's body and
unzipping his pants, but despite all her squirming he was still limp.

Taking his cock in her warm hands Lana began to play with and fondle it.
Nothing so she began to lick the tip while she continued to work with her

Clark was trying to pull away but he was losing more strength very fast.

"Your cock doesn't seem to be working Clarkie." Lana said lifting her head
with a disappointed pout on her face.

"Great the first time Lana wants me the way I want her and that damn
Kryptonite humiliates me." Clark thought to himself.

Then they heard the sound of a car horn from the nearby road.

Getting to her feet Lana began to head off.

"Maybe they have some nice boys." She said leaving Clark on the ground.

"Lana...wait." Clark called out in a barely audible voice.

He watched as Lana disappeared over an embankment then he heard the sound of
a car door opening and slamming shut before the car hurried off. Clark tried
to pull himself up but he was to weak so he reached down into his pocket for
his phone. He hit the speed dial for Pete and let it ring.

"Clark man...." Came Pete's voice getting cut off.

"Pete help." Clark called before he passed out.

By the time they arrived at her house, Chloe had spent enough time with
Pete that she was regaining some of her capacity for coherent conversation.
Although her libido continued to be overpowering, she was able to converse
with him in fits and starts, usually just after she had orgasmed.

"And Lana -- her pussy is so slippery and mmmm -- she is still in the car.
I think. Oh God -- her tits are so big now... and soft. But yeah, we should
go there, rescue her and then I could lick her pussy while you guys cure us."

Chloe paused, her brow furrowing. "And I -- I really hope you do. I don't
want to be like this forever... still, it would be cool if I could nail Clark
before I change back."

"Hey -- it's going to be okay, Chloe," Pete said, trying to sound reassuring.
"Anyway, we're here. We need to get your clothes back on."

It took some effort with Chloe trying to exploit his every touch, for Pete to
help her pull her clothes back on for the walk from the truck to her front
door. But once inside, Chloe peeled off the clothes almost instantly.

"Come on Pete," she said, in her most seductive voice. "We'll just pretend we
don't remember, when all this is over."

* * *

Meanwhile, Lana was feeling very cold and disappointed. The men from the
truck had now left her at the side of the road, their semen oozing out of her
orifices as she idly masturbated. She had tried to ask them for help but she
found that although she was pretty sure she needed help, she had been unable
to describe her situation coherently. It was just so much easier to fuck

But after bringing herself to two unsatisfactory orgasms, Lana decided it was
time to retrace her steps. She dimly recalled abandoning Clark. Hopefully he
was hard by now. She couldn't wait to ride his cock. But when she found Clark
he was still unconscious. She decided to check if he was hard yet but the
proximity to the Kryptonite was keeping him limp. Had Lana been able to think
about anything but riding Clark's cock she probably would have noticed he was
barely breathing.

Then she spotted his phone lying next to his hand. Picking it up Lana looked
through the names in it hoping to find someone who could satisfy her. Of
course the first name that peaked her interest was Chloe's so she tried to
call her, having forgotten that Chloe had left her phone in her car. She went
through the list until she came to Pete's name.

Pete didn't have the time for Chloe's advances, from the sound of his voice
in his phone call Clark was in trouble and Pete needed to go and help him.
The problem was Clark didn't manage to tell him where he was.

Pete had just got Chloe off of him again when his phone rang. Looking at the
name on it he realized the call was from Clark.

"Clark, where are you?" asked Pete as he answered.

"Pete." came the barely recognisable voice on the other end.

"Lana is that you?" asked Pete not quite sure if the voice was hers.

Chloe suddenly picked up when she heard Lana's name and was once again
running her hand over Pete's back and shoulders.

"Yeah. I'm soooo horny. I need to be fucked but Clark can't get up." she

"Lana where are you?" Pete asked again.

"I don't know," she giggled, "There's tree's and the river and the road and
one of those big meteor picture."

It suddenly snapped why Clark had sounded so bad on the phone he must have
been near a meteor crash sight. Thinking about it there was only one meteor
sight near a river on the end of town where he'd found Chloe so he decided
there would be a good place to search for Clark.

"Lana don't go anywhere. I'm coming to get you." said Pete.

As Pete started heading for the door he suddenly thought about Chloe.
Considering how she was looking lustfully out the window at all the passers
by it was a safe bet she wouldn't stay put if she was left alone. He was
going to have to take her with him.

Bribing her with the prospect of seeing Clark and Lana, Pete was able to
convince Chloe to get on some clean clothes although this time she hadn't
opted for the more conservative choosing a short skirt, which was probably
Lana's since Pete had never seen Chloe in anything that short, a pair of
knee high boots and one of her trade mark tight tops which was even tighter
over her enlarged breasts.

As they drove Chloe sat pinching her nipples through her top while trying to
convince Pete to fuck her. Pete decided to increase his speed, Chloe was
getting him really hard and if he was to be entirely honest with himself he
did actually want to give her what she wanted. Pete proved to be right about
where Clark and Lana were as he stopped his truck he spotted Chloe's car
wrapped around a tree. He got out with Chloe just behind him he ran down the
slope where he spotted Lana sitting driving Clark's phone in and out of her
cunt. He couldn't believe the girl in front of him was the same Lana Lang,
her huge breasts were virtually ripping out of her top and she was covered
in cum.

As Lana spotted them she got up and ran to Chloe while Pete headed over to
see how Clark was. He didn't look good at all.

Pete started to drag Clark back towards the roadside but he was rather heavy.
Turning around to see if he could get some help from Chloe and Lana he found
himself mesmerized by the sight of them French kissing while slipping their
hands up each others skirts.

Pete turned back to Clark and resumed dragging. He was listening to Chloe and
Lana talk about how hot they each looked, they he heard Lana say something
about Clark not being able to get up and then he heard Chloe say something
about him and Clark trying to find a cure. Then they went silent.

Pete didn't want to know what they might be doing so he resumed dragging
Clark with his back to them when he suddenly heard the engine of his truck
starting. He started to jog towards the roadside but he couldn't leave Clark,
so he went back to him and resumed his dragging.

Once he had got Clark to a safe distance he began to awaken.

"Lana." he called out.

"Gone, she and Chloe took off in my truck." replied Pete.

"We have to find them." Clark said obviously in some pain, "I found Rachel
and they're just going to get worse unless we can find the cure."

"I've just spend an hour with Chloe and I don't think she can get any worse."
said Pete.

"No, she's only been exposed for half the time Lana has, so she might still
be able to fight the urges." said Clark finally standing up without the
support of Pete.

"I don't really think she wants to fight this." said Pete.

"We have to get them to Lex so he can find a cure." said Clark.

"You got Lex involved?" asked Pete making no effort to hide his loathing of
the Luther's.

"He has medical staff who can help but he need Chloe and Lana so he can find
out exactly what's happening to them." said Clark.

Chloe was so proud of herself for having remembered to pull the truck over
before she diverted her attention to persuading Lana to give up the jewelry.
See, she thought to herself, I'm still smart and everything. It wouldn't hurt
to wear the pendant for a little while. It is mine, after all.

"C'mon Lana," she said, suppressing a gale of giggles, "it's, um, not... fair
you having both pink things. Like your tits are bigger than mine again."

Chloe wasn't sure whether Lana precisely comprehended what she was saying.
The girl had been disturbingly non-verbal since their reunion. Lana's
response to Chloe's statement was rather to embrace her passionately, driving
her tongue into her mouth.

Chloe was lost in the embrace for quite a while, especially as Lana's hands
rover her body, soon sliding under her clothes and caressing her flesh. While
one of her hands reciprocated, the still-cunning blonde used the other to
unclasp Lana's pendant from behind and slip the glowing pink stones off her
friend. Not wishing to break the embrace, Chloe decided to press her luck.
Maybe she could get the bracelet off Lana's wrist too. This project was
deferred for a few minutes as Lana's hands got to work on her pussy and the
girls became wholly consumed with finger-fucking each other.

Chloe was so proud of herself for having remembered to pull the truck over
before she diverted her attention to persuading Lana to give up the jewelry.
See, she thought to herself, I'm still smart and everything. It wouldn't hurt
to wear the pendant for a little while. It is mine, after all.

"C'mon Lana," she said, suppressing a gale of giggles, "it's, um, not... fair
you having both pink things. Like your tits are bigger than mine again."

Chloe wasn't sure whether Lana precisely comprehended what she was saying.
The girl had been disturbingly non-verbal since their reunion. Lana's
response to Chloe's statement was rather to embrace her passionately,
driving her tongue into her mouth.

Chloe was lost in the embrace for quite a while, especially as Lana's hands
rover her body, soon sliding under her clothes and caressing her flesh. While
one of her hands reciprocated, the still-cunning blonde used the other to
unclasp Lana's pendant from behind and slip the glowing pink stones off her
friend. Not wishing to break the embrace, Chloe decided to press her luck.
Maybe she could get the bracelet off Lana's wrist too. This project was
deferred for a few minutes as Lana's hands got to work on her pussy and the
girls became wholly consumed with finger-fucking each other.

Once they had cum and licked each others fingers clean Chloe went back to
trying to remove the bracelet.

Lana was lost in a sexual dream after cumming and at first didn't notice what
Chloe was up to, but she quickly came round and pulled away.

"You have your pink thing, this is mine." she said.

"You got to, um, like ware them both so I should like get to too." said
Chloe, "I just want to be more hot like you."

Lana began to envision Chloe with huge breasts just like hers but she liked
how sexy the bracelet made her feel so she refused.

Chloe still wanted the bracelet so she had to think for a moment, which was
proving very difficult, "I'm still like smart, I can think how to get the
pink thing from Lana. Mmmm Lana, she's so hot, I want titties just like

Chloe's thought pattern continued along the same path for a while until she
came up with what she concluded was a smart plan.

"Lana," she cooed, "You look so horny and your pussy is all wet and dripping
with cum. I bet you'd like me to lick it nice and clean."

Of course this offer was as much for Chloe's own benefit as it was for
Lana's. "Oh yes please." Lana giggled.

"Well if you like give me that pink thing I'll do it." Chloe said flashing
her sexy smile.

Lana removed the bracelet; handed it to Chloe they spread her legs.

Chloe quickly slipped the bracelet on and then set to work on Lana. She began
licking all the cum off of her inner thighs working up to her wet cum soaked
pussy. She started licking up around the outside lips before driving her
tongue deep inside Lana. Had the girls not been preoccupied they might have
noticed the jewellery flashing it's pink glow in time with the flickering of
Chloe's tongue.

Chloe continued her activities until Lana came, then lifting her head she
licked all the juices off her face that she hadn't managed to swallow.
Deciding that she wanted to get going to somewhere that she could find some
boys Chloe turned back to the wheel and started giggling, she could no longer
remember how to drive.

"I, um, like use to be able to make these things go didn't I" she asked Lana.

Rachel was still brushing the broken glass off her scalp when Lex arrived at
the jewelry store. The place looked horribly damaged. Furniture and display
cases were broken and smashed and the young woman who was piecing things back
together looked more like someone who had been in a head-on car crash than
someone whose jewelry store had been robbed.

Not wishing to betray his momentary twinge of concern for the girl, Lex began
by saying, "You must be Rachel," in the most neutral, level tone he could

"And you're Lex Luthor," she responded.

"Do you want to tell me what happened here?"

"Your friend Clark Kent came in here, trashed the store and beat me up. But
I'm betting you already know that."

Lex added this statement to his existing inventory of strange pieces of
information about Clark.

"You know there's a reason for that, don't you?"


"You're trying to reduce my business partner to a mass of mindless flesh,"
Lex replied. "Clark takes exception to that... As do I. So why don't you give
me those pink meteor rocks before even worse things happen to you and your

"Somehow, I knew you Luthors would want these once you found out about them,"
Rachel said, doing her best to sound confident and self-possessed as she
proffered a small lead box.

As Lex began to unclasp the box, Rachel bolted for the door, rushing out the
door and down the street. Lex quickly rushed outside but she had disappeared
most likely down one of the numerous alley ways on the street. He wasn't
really that bothered that she had got away, from the damage that had been
done to the store she had probably been telling the truth when she told Clark
she didn't know what the cure to the rocks was so Lex went back inside and
looked around again, finding several more items of jewellery laced with the
pink rocks as well as several laced with green.

He picked up one of the bracelets and examined it closely. He had always
wondered how Rachel's father always had such beautiful women around him, as
one of the better off businessmen in town the Luthors had had several
dealings with him and Lex remembered always having various fantasies about
those women. Well now he knew.

Lex dropped all the jewellery in the box and sealed it again. At least now
he had these to work with although he didn't think they would provide him
with any answers. Analysis of green meteor rocks showed that there really
wasn't anything unusual about them, even though he was quite sure they were
responsible for most of the weird goings on in Smallville, and he suspected
the same would be true about these pink ones. No what he needed was someone
who had been affected so he could analyse them and try and find some answers
which meant until they found Chloe and Lana they wouldn't get any answers.

He did have to wonder if Clark would choose to take advantage of this rare
opportunity when he found Lana, no probably not, Clark would undoubtedly be
the pillar of virtue but still it was going to be hard for him considering
how badly he wanted Lana. The thought did occur to him that he could just
strap a bracelet around some woman and use her, but even he wasn't that
cruel. No he'd just have to wait.

Before leaving he ordered his phoned his people and ordered them to send over
an all male team to tare the place apart and round up anything with meteor
rocks in it. He also ordered a guard to be left in place encase Rachel came
back but he was fairly sure she'd be expecting that.

* * *

Lex returned to the Luthor home where he had told Clark to meet him to inform
him of his progress but he wasn't there yet.

"Hmmm maybe I gave him too much credit, even Clark can only take so much." He
thought to himself.

Kicking his feet up onto his desk he took out some of the jewellery to
examine it more closely. From looking at all he could conclude was that these
were pink pieces of rock, there was nothing special about them so he decided
to call for a lab analysis of them just encase there was something unusual
about them.

"How long ago?"

"Five minutes. I guess."

"Sorry Pete but maybe I can still catch them." And with those words, Clark
sped off, leaving Pete alone in a vacant lot on the outskirts of town.

Pete found himself feeling a little resentful, having essentially saved the
day, to be abandoned by Clark and the two people he was supposedly trying to
rescue. He kicked at the dirt and then reluctantly ambled up to the road and
began walking back towards Smallville which, fortunately, was not too far

* * *

Meanwhile, Clark sped down the road. How is it, he thought, that I can have
super-hearing, super-speed and super-strength and I can't smell Lana and
Chloe from here? Fortunately, the simple framing of the question caused Clark
to realize that he did in fact have a way of finding the girls.

Attuning his super-hearing, he listened intently for the special tone of
Lana's voice -- that specially earnest, innocent, yet sexually-charged tone
with which she spoke. Of course, when he was finally able to separate this
special tone from the cacophony of sounds ranging from threshing machines to
squealing tires to the televisions in nearby living rooms, Clark found that
he was hearing not spoken words but inarticulate moans and gasps as Chloe ate
out Lana's pussy.

They're hardly any distance at all, Clark realized and sped down the highway,
arriving at the truck seconds later. Doing his best to exercise caution, he
maintained a safe distance from the rocking cab, instead using his x-ray
vision to take stock of what was taking place inside. Even away from the
pernicious influence of the meteor rocks, Clark felt his mind and body
positively surging with lust as he watched, fascinated, as the much-altered
Chloe pounded her pussy with both hands even while she lapped and sucked at
Lana's cunt. Lana, for her part, bucking her pelvis against the blonde's face
as her hands randomly caressed her body.

Appearing in clear, sharp relief against this scene were the glowing pink
rocks, that now adorned both Chloe's wrist and neck. Somehow, he would have
to get these things away from his friend, whatever damage they might cause
him. And so, screwing up his courage, Clark strode forward to the truck and
placed his hand on the handle of the

And so, screwing up his courage, Clark strode forward to the truck and placed
his hand on the handle of the passenger's side door. He knew he couldn't risk
getting to close to Chloe just yet, not while she had the meteor rocks. He
may not have been interested in Chloe the same way he was about Lana, but
he'd have to be a fool not to find her hot and even he had to admit he'd
thought about her on more than one occasion so he didn't want to run the risk
that he might act on his desires and take Chloe and Lana.

Pulling the door open caused Lana who was backed up against it to fall out
onto the road side moaning as she began to finger herself again.

Chloe looked up at him her face covered with Lana's juices, her face filled
with an expression of animal lust and her eyes devoid of any intelligence.

Clark began to back away beginning to feel the effects of the meteors. "Maybe
it wasn't such a good idea to leave Pete behind." he thought staggering
backwards trying to fight off the urges he was feeling as Chloe was crawling
over the passenger seat and getting out of the car heading towards him, her
mentality clearly more that of an animal in heat than the respectable
journalist she was 24 hours ago.

As he continued backwards, fighting his growing need to take them both Clark
fell over backwards. He quickly regained his senses but not before Chloe and
Lana were hovering above him, worse still the sexual urges he was feeling
were becoming far stronger, he could feel himself getting hard and filling up
with the same feelings of dominance and power he'd felt each time he come
into contact with the pink meteor rocks and he had to admit it felt good. For
the first time he was beginning to understand his peoples need to conquer to

Within a split second of giving in to his impulses, Clark was inside Lana. He
had her on all fours and was vigorously pounding her from behind as he held
her by the hair. In their near-mindless state, Lana and Chloe took no notice
of the fact that at one moment, their friend had been dressed and at the next
moment, he was inside Lana.

The sight of the giant-breasted Lana, nipples practically dragging on the
ground being fucked doggie-style by Clark aroused all sorts of conflicting
feeling in Chloe: lust, rage, envy (of both her friends)...

"No faaaairrrrr," Chloe whined as Lana began the first of a rapid succession
of orgasms. "Why not meeeee?" Nonetheless aroused by the sight of two of her
closest friends getting it on, she had begun fingering herself.

After bringing herself to orgasm while watching Clark and Lana, Chloe
decided to try and get into the act. Although Clark's powerful thrusts were
reverberating through Lana's body, Chloe nonetheless decided to begin by
kissing her. However, the force of Clark's next thrust simply resulted in
Lana's head crashing unexpectedly into Chloe's just as the blonde's mouth
had extended for a kiss.

Her ears still ringing from the collision, Chloe found the envy and lust
surging even more powerfully within her. Her friends were just going to fuck
each other and nothing would be left for her. It was so unfair. She was even
wearing the jewellery. Her tits were bigger than Lana's again (an impartial
observer would have estimated them at a G- or H- cup) and yet all this was to
no avail. She decided to make a last appeal to Clark.

Righting herself, she walked the few steps on her knees to bring her tits
level with Clark's face. Boys love tits, she reminded herself. So consumed
with lust were the three that none of them noticed the dazzling light Chloe's
necklace emitted as she dangled it millimetres from Clark's face. Already on
the brink of orgasm from Lana's pulsing, tight, glove-like cunt, the feelings
of power that surged through Clark pushed him over the brink, ejaculating
into Lana as Chloe pleaded "My turn Clark," in a lustful yet petulant tone.

The combined effect of having just cum in Lana, the sight of Chloe's mammoth
tits in his face and his proximity to the glowing stone caused Clark to be
once again overwhelmed with both lust and feelings of domination. If Chloe
wanted her turn, boy would he give it to her. It was time to assfuck this
annoying blonde.

Not caring that Lana seemed stunned by her head on collision with Chloe,
Clark withdrew from her tight cunt and grabbed Chloe by the hair pulled her
down onto all fours then used his super speed to move behind her before she
could react.

Clark then placed his cock against the entrance to Chloe's ass and began to
pushed forward. Her anal passage slowly stretched to accommodate his thick
cock. Chloe felt the cock enter her anus and she screamed. The sheer
thickness of him caused her body to tense up with pain but she did nothing
to try and stop him, she was just happy that she was being fucked.

Clark worked more of her rod into Chloe's shaking, inflicting more and more
pain as he stretched her ass. She howled in pain as her ass was stretched to
the limit, her tight ass clamping down on his cock with her anal walls but he
continued his assault.

As Clark picked up the pace and pounded her asshole with more force, his mind
was filled with thoughts of power, he was finally getting back at these two
for all the torment they had caused. Chloe with those tight, revealing tops
driving him crazy and Lana with all her mixed messages winding him up and now
he finally had them begging him to do what he wanted to do them.

"Why did I waste all my time waiting for this?" he thought I should have just
taken them when I wanted, I am a Krypton royal after all. I should have a
large harem of girls to fuck at my leisure."

His thought continued to be influenced by his proximity to the Kryptonite on
Chloe's body, thought of conquest and using the meteor rocks to enslave more
women for his pleasure. His mind then returned to the task at hand; Chloe's

As Clark continued to pump Chloe's tight hole, she finally relaxed her ass
muscles and accepted her fate. Her clit was soaking and throbbing and she
was very aroused by the anal intercourse despite the pain it caused her. Her
rectum was stretched wide and Clark's cock fucked easily into her butt now.
The pain quickly vanished. Her vision blurred and her face was flushed.

"Ooooo," she moaned out, "Faster Clark, fuck me pleeease."

Now totally enjoying the sensation of the cock driving in and out of her
ass, Chloe wanted Clark to ride her harder so she suddenly shoved her thighs
backward and then forward. She repeated this. The next thing Clark knew Chloe
was fucking him. Chloe moaned and humped her ass back and forth. She bucked
her hips and screwed him furiously but she couldn't move fast enough to
satisfy her carnal needs. All of a sudden, she tensed and she was hit by a
gut wrenching orgasm.

"Ooooo...I'm cumming, I'm cumming..." Chloe screamed in delight as she came.

She came over and over again as she took Clark's cock deeper into her
succulent asshole. She shouted in joy each time she came, her shout
eventually bringing Lana out of her stunned daze and getting her rather
aroused at the same time.

Lana began to finger herself while she watched Chloe continued to buck back
and forth.

Chloe never knew that getting ass fucked was so fantastic. She continued for
quite some time until Clark's white hot cum shoot into her bowels prompting
Chloe to cum again.

The sight of Lana fingering herself as he came inside Chloe was too much for
Clark. Pulling Chloe off his dick, he lunged forward in a single motion,
towards Lana whom he kissed passionately. He loved the feeling of her new
tits pressed against his chest. Seized with an idea, he immediately pinned
Lana on her back, thrusting forward to place his dick between her breasts.
The sensation of her nearly inch-long nipples denting the flesh of his pelvis
immediatley quickened the pace of Clark's thrusts. Too out of it to hold her
tits together, Lana's hands roved over Clark's body instead. Clark, for his
part, found that keeping his balance and rhythm was difficult as long as he
had to hold the girl's tits together to tighten he cleavage he was fucking.

"Chloe!" he called. The panting blonde was infront of him in seconds. "Hold
Lana's tits together while I fuck them," he commanded.

Still more coherent than Lana, Chloe immediately seized her opportunity,
sitting on the Asian beauty's face, as she grasped her tits and leaned
forward to begin a prolonged kiss with Clark. This was everything she had
hoped and more when she put the jewelry on: Lana was eating her pussy while
she frenched Clark and held Lana's tits together, moaning every time Clark's
cock slid forward between them and bumped against her thumbs.

It seemed only moments later Clark's cum was shooting out from between Lana's
tits, spraying onto Lana's neck and Chloe's hands and abdomen. It was then
that Chloe noticed that Lana wasn't licking her anymore. In fact the girl
wasn't even moving. The thought dawned on Chloe that perhaps she had been
pressing down on Lana's mouth and nose a little too hard. That would explain
Lana's flailing movements; she felt a twinge of guilt as she remembered the
sexual enjoyment she had derived from Lana slapping at her ass a few moments

"Clark," Chloe said. "I think -- um -- I think -- like, something's -- uh --

She rolled off Lana's prone form and began to back away, unable to stop
fingering herself even as she began to cry.

As Chloe and the meteor rocks backed away from him, Clark's sense of morality
returned even as he saw what was making Chloe cry. Immediately, Clark bent
forward and began performing CPR on Lana.

Fortunately, Lana began breathing again almost immediately or rather she was
French kissing Clark as though she had never stopped breathing.

Although his sense of morals was beginning to return he still found himself
returning the kiss.

Now fighting the urges, Clark broke his embrace with Lana, jumped up grabbing
his pants and backed away.

Even as Chloe was still crying and fingering herself the, huge breasted
brunette flipped over on to all fours and began crawling towards Clark as he
backed further and further away from Chloe and the meteor rocks.

"Awww what's the matter Clarkie?" Lana said in her sing song voice, her huge
breasts being stimulated by the blades of long grass and she crawled towards
him, "Don't you wanna keep fucking me?"

Putting enough distance between him and Chloe, Clark finally regained all his
senses and tried to reason with Lana, although he was sure he wouldn't make
much of an impact, "Lana, there's something wrong with you. This isn't you."

"But I feel soooo good." moaned Lana, the sensation of the grass on her
breasts almost bringing her to orgasm.

Clark had to think fast, he couldn't leave them encase they ran off again,
but he also knew that it would only be a matter of time before Chloe also
started coming after him again and once she got to close he would be fucking
their brains out again.

Looking over at Chloe, Clark could see he had a clear line of sight to both
items of jewellery. He thought that maybe he could use his heat vision to
shatter the meteor rocks, although it didn't work on green Kryptonite it
might work on the pink. His only concern was that he would hurt Chloe in the
process, targeting between her breasts and her wrist, which was so close to
her pussy, but he decided it was a risk he'd have to take.

Focusing first on Chloe's wrist he began to heat up the meteor rocks. He
could see them turning an amber colour as they got hotter and hotter. Clark
continued to heat the bracelet, which was now causing Chloe some obvious
discomfort but she still wouldn't stop masturbating, when he felt something
at his crotch. Lana. She was once again trying to remove his pants to free
his cock. Clark thought about moving but he couldn't risk losing his focus
and letting Chloe move.

Just as Lana freed his prick and began fondling it, the heat vision caused
the bracelet stone to shatter, startling Chloe. Fully in possession both of
his faculties and of his powers, Clark made short work of Chloe's pendant,
reducing it too to a fine powder. Not losing a moment, he quickly scooped
Lana up under his arm, much to her delight and then rushed forward to grab
Chloe. The sensation of carrying a girl under each arm was intoxicating but
did not last long. Knowing that Lex's suspicions would only escalate if he
didn't turn up in a normal way, Clark loaded the two girls back into the
two passenger seats in the truck as he took up his position in the driver's

But almost immediately, Lana was trying to clamber over Chloe to get at his
crotch -- an area to which the blonde was already attempting to stake a
claim. It didn't seem to matter how many times he pushed them away or the
verbal admonitions, the two giggling bimbos knew that Clark wouldn't really
hurt them -- or perhaps they didn't care.

In desperation, Clark found himself saying, "You know, girls, what would
really turn me on is if you made each other cum."

This request proved sufficient to distract the two as he started the vehicle
and sped towards the Luthor mansion. Still, in spite of himself, Clark
realized that his statement had been more truthful than he had suspected.
Despite his upright farm boy upbringing, he had already had his share of
fantasies about just what being roommates might entail for his two favourite
girls but what he was witnessing out of the corner of his eye was beyond
anything he could have hoped to see.

Clark watched out of the corner of his eye as Chloe began to French Kiss Lana
while one hand fingered her clit and the other was out at the side trying to
open the glove compartment.

For Lana's part she was happily returning Chloe's kiss while one of her
hands was working the blondes wet pussy and the other was going back and
forth pinching her nipples through her top.

Clark tried hard to focus on the road as he listened to the two girls moaning
down each others throats but every few seconds he couldn't help but steal a

As they continued to kiss, Chloe freed the glove compartment and began to
feel around inside. After a few seconds, without moving her head away from
Lana's to see what she was doing she removed a torch. It was about 8 inches
long and thick enough to insert into her cunt if she had wanted.

Breaking their embrace, Chloe whispered something in Lana's ear which caused
Lana to slide herself down between Chloe's legs face down on the seat and her
legs across Clark's lap.

Chloe was know kneeling with Lana's back between her legs and her exposed ass
just in front of her. Chloe then began to work the thick bulb end of the
torch into Lana's ass, which caused her to squirm about in both pleasure and

Looking out the side of his eye Clark could see the torch sticking out of
Lana's ass almost as if it were a cock.

Then lifting herself partly through the sunroof Chloe began to impale her
cunt on the torch inducing waves of pleasure in both herself and Lana as it
pushed into each of them. Chloe began to push down harder on the torch
driving it further into her cunt and deeper into Lana's ass.

Clark couldn't believe this, they may have become complete airheads but when
it came to getting fucked they could certainly come up with some unique

Chloe continued to bounce up and down fucking her cunt while at the same time
fucking Lana's ass, both girls were screaming with pleasure as Chloe moved up
and down faster and faster not seeming to care if they drew any attention to

Lana was calling out for Chloe to go faster while she began moving her leg in
such a way that it was rubbing Clark's crotch getting him even harder than he
already was.

As the girls continued, Clark's glances became more and more frequent. He was
again feeling incredibly aroused and actually found himself for a few seconds
thinking about taking advantage of the girls again, this time without the
influence of the Kryptonite but that thought was broken by The sight of
Luthor Manor.

No matter what he had heard from Clark, nothing could have prepared Lex for
the changes he witnessed in Lana and Chloe as he responded to Clark's plea
for his help in extricating them from the vehicle. Lana Lang, somehow, had
acquired F-cup breasts that stuck out as though they had just been purchased
in Rio. And not only was she furiously masturbating even as he carried her
bodily from the vehicle, there was a very large flashlight protruding from
her anus, apparently unnoticed.

It seemed that whatever negatives were associated with the effects of the
pink stones on Chloe, they had finally cured her sense of inferiority. She
was contorting her form with stunning alacrity as she squirmed again and
again out of Clark's grip to kiss him. "I knew you like me better than her,"
she squealed, unable to see that his decision to carry her instead of Lana
could have stemmed from anything other than her superior sexual allure. It
seemed that the transformed Chloe was so excited by this prospect that she
was practically orgasming just from the thought.

"I hate to tell you this," Lex said, "but my fianc‚e still isn't home yet,
but she said she will be here as soon as she finishes at the hospital."

"Have you had any luck in reversing the effects?" asked Clark deciding it
was in his best interests to let Chloe go.

"Not yet but we're working on it," replied Lex, "In the meantime I've had
my people isolate some rooms in the mansion where we can confine them under
supervision until Helen can take a look at them."

"Does she have any idea how we can undo this?" asked Clark sounding very
concerned for his friends who were struggling against Lex's security people
to get back into each others embrace.

"I didn't think it was a good idea to tell her this over the phone," Lex
responded, "Oh by the way some girl is using meteor rocks to turn local
girls into sex crazed sluts and I'd like you to find a way to reverse it
just doesn't sound very good over the phone, she'd probably think I'm

Clark had to agree with that, if someone had told him what was going on
without him actually seeing it he would have thought them crazy too.

Clark and Lex accompanied Lex's staff inside the mansion, to an isolated
area in the southern wing where Lana and Chloe were sealed in separate rooms.

"They should be safe in there for the time being, away from the prying eyes
of my father, although we will probably have to move them to the research
wing of Luthor Corp in Metropolis for further research if Helen can't find a
cure here."

Clark didn't like the idea of taking Chloe and Lana to Metropolis especially
if they escaped confinement before a cure was found, but he had to assume
that Lex knew what he was doing.

With that in mind Clark decided to go and find Pete to tell him he had found
Chloe and Lana, that and standing listening to the girls masturbating in
their separate rooms was getting him hard again and after that truck ride the
last thing he needed was more sexual frustration built up inside.


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