DISCLAIMER- This is a Smallville parody. I own none of the characters
mentioned within, disregarding those I have created myself.

WARNING: This fic contains mature themes and should be read by a mature
audience only.

(thick, ropey jets)
Smallville: Super Cum Part 2 (m/f,oral,ws,reluc)
by Bishop Datone ([email protected])
2002 New York Nights no rights reserved

"Suck it."

Lana Lang sat on her knees in front of her boyfriend, Whitney Fordman, with
her eyes wide. His black pants were unzipped and his six-inch cock was
bobbing up and down in her face. Her beautiful brown eyes followed it as it
bobbed less and less, and Whitney laughed at her.

"Oh c'mon Lana, you've touched it before." He said as he stood there,
watching her sexy mouth part in surprise.

"Yes, but I've never actually seen it... until now."

Whitney grinned, running one hand through his short blond mane. "Too much for
you, huh?"

Lana looked up at him with a mixture of indignation and hesitation. Maybe it
was, but she was fifteen now, and most of her girlfriends had already been
sucking the boys around town for two years running. She didn't like being
thought of as the school prude.

Her light-blue turtle-neck lifted up her breasts and (as a present for
Whitney on their day off, she hadn't worn a bra) her tits made small
impressions in the fabric. Her floral pattern skirt bunched up as she moved
forward on her knees, growing closer to his cock. No...right now, it was her
cock. And she wanted to please it.

"What are you smiling at," Whitney asked her.

Lana didn't reply. Instead she grabbed his cock with one hand and lifted it

"Ooh," he exclaimed, and her smiled broadened. She could do this.

She mover head next to his dick and sniffed it with her cute pixie nose. It
smelled like sweat and another, stronger odor she couldn't place. It turned
her on to no end. Sticking out her tongue, she tasted it. It tasted like salt
and leather.

Growing more confident, Lana slowly licked the underbelly up Whitney's cock,
and he fell back against the couch that had luckily been behind him. His dick
slipped out of her grasp.

"Fuck, Lana, you're a natural cock-slut."

The dark-haired girl crawled up between his knees and again took hold of his
pulsing member. She reached under it and massaged his balls as she continued
her oral exploration. His cock was hard but still soft, like licking a rock
under a silk skin. The head was especially plump and soft. Lana watched the
piss-hole open and close as her hand locked around his prick and jerked it.

"Oh god, that's so fucking good." Whitney moaned, pressing his hands against
his face.

Her lips curled back as she noticed a small amount of liquid begin to seep
out from the hole. Lana leaned forward and pushed her pink lips against his
cock-head, kissing it. Her tongue curled out of her mouth and lapped at the
pre-cum, loving its salty flavor.

"Ah, fuckin' Christ, suck it you hot cunt!"

Suddenly she felt Whitney's hands grab locks of her straight black hair. With
her tongue already against his dick-head, Whitney brutally forced her mouth
to surround his cock. It ran through the length of her mouth until it reached
the back of her throat.

"Gmmph, GUCK-SMMPHEE!" She protested around the dick lodged in her gullet,
but Whitney ignored her. Lana gagged as his prick ventured further down her
throat until she found herself amidst his pubic hair, smelling the lust
running off his balls. She grimaced and scrinched her eyes shut as she
continued gagging.

"MMMmmph, gggrrrmpph!" Her protests only seemed to throw him into further
ecstasy. She didn't want to hurt Whitney, but she was choking on his cock.
Here she was, Lana Lang, head cheerleader and school beauty queen, with her
head in Whitney Fordman's lap, being choked to death with his six-inch dick.
She could feel her juices soaking through her panties at the thought.

Whitney pulled his dick back, allowing air to rush into her lungs. She gasped
in more air as her tongue lathered his prick in her spit.

Just as she was regaining her breath he plunged his cock right back down.
Yanking and pushing Lana's head by her hair, Whitney skull-fucked his
girlfriend with wild abandon, grinning as she looked up at him with her big
doe eyes, her lips perversely stretched around his thick cherry-popper.

"Guk-guk-guk-guk" was the only noise the young girl could make as Whitney
raped her mouth, plunging in and out faster than she could handle. He jerked
her head back and forth in his lap, watching her as she tried to grow
accustomed to his size. He felt his balls growing tight and decided to move

"Ooh, yeah." The jock removed his dick from her mouth. Lana choked on air and
held one hand up to her throat.

Whitney kept one hand in her hair and grasped his cock with the other,
forcing her face up. She watched him as he rubbed his cock against her lips,
a constant line of his pre-cum and her saliva wetting her skin. Her boyfriend
ran the long fuck-stick against her soft cheeks and then slapped her in the
face with it.

With her other hand Lana pulled her skirt up until she could reach into her
panties. The cheerleader ran her fingers along her swollen, juicy cunt lips
before plunging two of them inside.

Whitney grinned and took her hand from around her throat. He put it around
his cock and then removed her other hand of her pussy, filling her place. She
closed her eyes in ecstasy and kissed his cock again. With one hand still
tangled in her hair, Whitney yanked her head back.

Lana yelped and looked up at him like a hurt puppy. He pinched her clit.
"Keep your eyes open, slut. Now jerk my cock so I can cum in your face!"

Exhilerated and afraid of this Whitney she'd never seen before, Lana nodded
and began to piston his cock furiously.


Lana screamed as Whitney shoved all four fingers up her cunt while he tore at
her clit with his thumb.

Her hand jerked slickly at his sweaty cock, and she saw his prick-hole open
up in a shudder. Whitney kept her face in the direct line of fire as the
first creamy rope shot out, splattering against her left, round, chipmunk
cheek. Another followed immediately, going farther up. It streamed across her
forehead, the white spunk contrasting her tanned, soft pink skin.

The next load landed directly in her right eye, the brown of her iris lost
underneath it. Whitney gave a lusty chuckle as she tried to jerk her head
back and wipe it out. But he wouldn't let her, watching instead as two more
great white spurts blew from his prick, landing on her sparkling white teeth
and her chin, too thick to break apart. He continued to cover her beautiful
face in his cock-cream.

Strands of it launched onto her right cheek, the arch of her nose and even
more on her forehead. With his last spurt Whitney pressed cock into her other
eye, which she closed quickly.

"Dammit," he whispered in a heated breath, watching his final line of cum
eject itself into her lashes. He poked her eyelid with his prick and she
yelped again. "Lana, you closed your eyes..."

Whitney withdrew his hands from her pussy and hair.

Lana groaned, rubbing her hips against him. "C'mon, Whitney, make me cum."

He shook his head. "You closed your eyes."

She looked at him in shock, digging the cum out of her right eye. "Yeah, and
I also let you call me those names and choke me with your big dick and cum in
my face. I think I deserve a little in return!"

"Oh yeah? You think you deserve to get off after I found your little Clark
Kent dream book?"

Lana looked down dejectedly at the mention of her outed secret.

Whitney sighed. "Okay, I'll do it. But only on one condition."

She looked at him suspiciously. "What's that?"

"I want to piss on your face."

"WHAT?! No way!"

"Oh, come on. You were going to have to get all that splooge off your face

"...I don't know, Whitney. That's pretty sick."

Whitney got up and started to put his penis back in his pants. She grabbed
him before he could. "All right, okay. You can pee on me. But we are even
after this, right?"

Her boyfriend thought about this, then smiled mischeiviously at her. "We'll
see." Staying on his feet, Whitney again took Lana's head in his hands. "You
can close your eyes this time, Lana."

She gladly accepted the opportunity, shutting them tight. He looked at her
angelic face checkered in his cum one more time before he moved his half-mast
cock in front of her face and let his bowel loose.

A sudden stream of warm, stinking piss crashed onto the bridge of her nose,
spreading down both sides of her nostrils. The white globs of cum were washed
down her face as his urine splashed in its place.

Lana wasn't sure she was going to admit it to him now, but she thoroughly
enjoyed being used and demoralized like this. The thought of letting someone
piss on her was growing more and more erotic as his hot, stinking pee cloaked
her features in wash of yellow. The running current didn't let up, pooling in
her ears and soaking her hair.

"Open your mouth."

She did so quickly, wanting to be used like a toilet, a disposal for his
waste. She wanted to smell like piss, to gulp down his hot piss like that
urinal she was. She opened her eyes. "Do it, Whitney, empty your cock-piss
into my mouth, I'll take all that's left," she cried as the warm liquid hit
her tongue and splashed against her lips.

"Shut up and drink, bitch." He said, his face contorted into an even more
pleasurable guise then when he had cum on her. She liked this a lot, taking
his dick into her mouth and sucking the piss out faster. It rushed down her
throat like a tiny waterfall. She gagged at first from the strong taste, but
was soon gulping down almost as fast as it was coming. Her face felt warm
and sticky and fantastic.

Unable to deal with such a copius load despite her craving, Lana's cute
cheeks swelled with Whitney's piss. A couple lines of urine started to run
down her lips and drip onto her shirt.

Finally his cock twitched on last time, and Lana was able to drink the rest
of the liquid unhindered. He watched her throat work as she took his waste
into her stomach. When she finished, he sat back down on the couch and
signalled for her to follow.

She was doing so, pulling her dress and panties down to her knees as the
front door opened and slammed shut.

"Lana, I'm home! The town is crazy today, you wouldn't believe the amount of
black people I had to deal with. It's like there's a parade or something!-"

"Nell!" Lana gasped. Whitney quickly put his dick back and zipped up his
black jeans. He reached over to the left side of the couch and grabbed his
varsity jacket as Lana rushed up the stairs to her room. Nell entered the
living room a second later.

"La-oh hi, Whitney. Waiting for Lana?"

Whitney looked up at her and smiled innocently. "Yes ma'am."

Lana's aunt suddenly grimaced and gagged, pinching her nose shut with two
fingers. "Dear God, what is that smell?"

Whitney's brow furrowed and he sniffed at the air. It reeked of piss and cum.
His saintly smile returned. "I don't smell anything, Miss Lang."

She waved her other hand in the air. "Oh, pooey. It smells horrible. I'm
going out back to feed those wretched animals. Have a good time with Lana,

He grinned as she walked away. "Oh, I have."


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