Disclaimer: This is a That 70's Show fan fiction story based when Jackie
moved in with Donna in Season 5. I do not own the characters in That 70's
Show and have no association with anyone involved in the show. Both the
girls are 18 or over.

Authors note: This is technically a crossover chapter. Two characters from
another show appear in this chapter and while some may ask what they're doing
in the 70s I would like to remind everyone that 70s show had many celebrity
guests stars so I think you can forgive me for this... can't you?

Keywords: FF, BDSM, Toys, Oral, Language, Rim, spank, anal, TV-parody

Smallville/That '70s Show: Donna's Bitch Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

"Are you sure about this mistress?"

"I'm sure, don't worry Jackie we'll be fine, I promise."

With that Donna took Jackie by the hand and led her bitch into Point Place's
one and only sex store.

Jackie had never been there before and couldn't help her eyes wandering over
the many tools for afflicting pain and pleasure. There were whips, paddles,
ropes, and all sorts of bondage goodies which Jackie couldn't even begin to
name. And of course there were lots and lots of dildos.

While Jackie's eyes were taking in the contents of the store, Donna's eyes
were drawn to the one thing that was different about this place from last
time she was here. The store was exactly how she remembered it except for
where a middle-aged man sat behind the counter before now there was a blonde
haired girl not much older than they were staring at them.

The blonde gave them a nod and a friendly smile.

Donna felt Jackie squeeze her hand tightly. The redhead was unsure whether it
was the frightening array of toys on the shelves or the blonde's smile that
made her girlfriend nervous but either way she felt inclined to comfort the
brunette who had come to mean so much to her.

"Jackie, we can leave right now if you want." Donna said turning to her girl.

"No, I'm ok mistress, I'm just a little nervous. I've never been in a place
like this before." Jackie reassured her mistress.

"Alright, but if it becomes too much for you just tell me ok?"


Donna and Jackie spent a few moments browsing through the store, picking a
few items up to look at them more thoroughly. Some they could recognise, but
others they could not.

After a while a voice broke them from their concentration, "Can I help you?"

It came from the blonde who still sat behind her desk and didn't seem to be
in any hurry to leave it.

"No thanks, we're ok, we're just browsing." said Donna.

"Ok." said the blonde who allowed them to browse for a few more minutes
before asking, "Is she your bitch?"

"Excuse me?"

"Is she your bitch?" the blonde asked again, "I couldn't help overhearing
when you came in that she called you mistress. Plus you have a very
distinctive Dom vibe about you and she is so obviously a Sub. Also, when you
came in here you were holding hands. So I would assume that your in a lesbian
BDSM relationship and you're the mistress and she's your bitch. Am I wrong?"

Donna stood there for a few moments letting everything the blonde said sink
in before turning to see Jackie was just as bewildered as she.

The redhead thought about her options.

She and Jackie had been fighting so hard to keep their relationship a secret
but they had come here looking for more than just toys, they needed advice,
she needed advice and maybe, just maybe this blonde could help her.

Biting her lip Donna turned back to the blonde and went with her gut instinct
to tell the truth and let the stranger know the secret she and her new lover
had been trying to keep to themselves.

"Yes... she's my bitch."

"I knew it," the blonde said clapping her hands together and grinning widely,
"I fucking knew it. I knew from the second you walked in that you two were
lovers. I'm never wrong about these things, it's a gift. Oh my god, I just
have to say that you two make such a cute couple. I mean look at you red,
you're still holding her hand so protectively, you're going to make such a
great Dom."

"Ok first of all the names Donna." said Donna, somewhat miffed about being
referred to by the same name as her boyfriend's father, "And who are you
anyway? And where's Mr Wolf? And what's a Dom?"

"Mr Wolf?" asked Jackie.

"My uncle," the blonde said quickly, "he runs this store and he doesn't much
like people calling him that, he's not a very big fan of fairytales. As for
who I am, I'm his niece... obviously and I'm running this store today as a
favour to him. My name is Chloe Sullivan and a Dom is someone who dominates
somebody else, like your little brunette friend there."

"Ok then." Donna said turning back to the many items on the store before
suddenly turning back to Chloe, "Wait a second, what do you mean I'm going to
make a great Dom? You know nothing about me, how do you know I'm not already
a great Dom?"

"Because you reek of inexperience and yet untapped potential." Chloe said
shrugging her shoulders.

"And your instincts told you this did they?" Donna said impatiently.

"Yes as a matter of fact they did." said Chloe, don't get me wrong I think
you could be great, you just like a little... experience... and knowledge."

"Again you know nothing about me, who used to tell me who I am and what I do
or do not know?"

Chloe picked up the item nearest to, "what's this?"

"Erm... I don't know."

"A cat of nine tails... what's this?"

"... weird clothes pegs?"

"Wrong, their nipple clamps..." seeing Donna was getting angry and Chloe
changed her strategy in a hurry to get her point across, "Ok something
else... how many times a day should you whip your bitch?"

"I... I..."

"It's a trick question honey... you whip her as much as you feel is
necessary. You see my point is not that you're not a great Dom, but you could
be a great Dom... with a little... training." Chloe said suggestively.

"Oh... and who would train me?" said Donna suspiciously, thinking she already
knew the answer.

She was correct.


Donna sighed and looked Jackie. Normally she wouldn't have given this woman
the time of day, but since starting her relationship with Jackie, Donna had
been having some insecurities about her own abilities as a mistress... or Dom
as this woman called it. If this Chloe Sullivan could help her better
understand how she needed to treat Jackie it could help her keep the brunette
who had come to mean so much to her.

Reluctantly the redhead sighed and said, "How much do you charge?"

"Charge... Oh honey, no charge, I just enjoy bringing people together.
Besides, there's nothing like introducing a couple into the world of BDSM,
especially one so obviously in love as you two are."

"Ok... so when do you want to do this? And for that matter how do we do

"Simple, in the back of the store right now."

"But... aren't you supposed to be watching the store?"

"Well yes, but it's a Monday morning and the store is always dead around this
time. Why do you think my uncle let me watch it? For that matter what are you
doing here. Shouldn't you two be in school?" the reaction on Donna's face
told Chloe she had been right once again, "Oh naughty, naughty. Skipping
school, I should spank you both for that... or I could just spank your bitch,
once for her and once for you if you'd like?"

"Look, we don't have all day, so either get to your point or else." Donna

You don't mess around to you... I like that... I'll tell you what Donna...
let's take a few minutes to discuss this in private... you know Dom to Dom."

"... Ok..."

"Great..." Chloe slowly slid off the stool she had been sitting on. As she
did so she smoothed down her short skirt and reach down to pull her panties
back up, "Ok Lana sweetie, why don't you come out and keep Donna's bitch
company while the grown ups talk in the back."

Slowly a long haired brunette girl crawled out of where she had been
crouching in the small space under the desk. The fact that she was blushing
bright red and her face wet with cream left no mystery about what she had
been doing down there.

"Donna... Donna's bitch, I'd like you both to meet Lana Lang. She was once my
best friend... now she's just my own personal little bitch. Say hi to
everyone Lana."

"...Hi..." Lana said weakly still embarrassed at being caught eating her
mistress's pussy.

"Ok Donna, let's go and talk in the back as our bitches get to know each
other better." said Chloe leaving to go to the back of the store.

Donna reluctantly followed her, taking one last look at Jackie before she
followed the blonde into the back.

The two brunettes stood around in silence for a while before Lana finally
asked, "So, how long have you two been together?"

"... about a month... you?"

"Two years."

"Wow really?"


There was silence again.

"... so... so how did you two get together?" asked Jackie.

Lana blushed again, "I was bitching about my latest boyfriend drama, she lost
her temper with me and one thing led to another and now here we are..."

Seeing this wasn't good enough for Jackie, Lana decided to clarify her story,
"... it doesn't feel like two years, it feels like a lifetime ago but once
upon a time I was kind of... a cock whore I guess... or at least that's what
my mistress calls my previous life... if you can call it a life... one
meaningless relationship after another... just looking for love in all the
wrong places not realising that I could have everything I ever wanted in the
arms of my best friend."

"... do you think... do you think you were always gay?" Jackie asked.

Lana sighed, "... no... although I'm not sure what I am. For a while I
wondered if I was... you know... gay... but then me and my mistress had this
three way with one of our male friends and I enjoyed it too much to be a pure
100% lesbian. But what I do know is that although I enjoyed the sex with
Clark it in no way could compare to being with my mistress, and I don't think
it's because she's a girl... I think it's because I'm in love with her. In
some ways what happened with Clark and the others was good for us in the long
run because it's made me realise that although I'm attracted to many men, and
women, at the end of the day it's my mistress Chloe who I want to be with."

"... and... and does she feel the same way?" Jackie asked.

Lana smiled, "Not a day goes by without my mistress telling me how beautiful
I am... and how lucky she is to have me... and how much she loves me... God,
it's been two years and hearing her say those words to me still warms my

"... what about before?"

"Oh that, that was her establishing her dominance over me. It gives her a
huge thrill to let other people know that she can have a member of her own
sex go down on her at the click of a finger."

"But didn't you find it humiliating?"

"I would have if it was about humiliating me, which it wasn't."

"What was it about then?"

"Punishing me."

"Punishing you, punishing you for what?"

"For not bringing her to orgasm for a fifth time." Lana grins mischievously.

"But... but didn't we interrupt?"

"That's no excuse. I should have been able to bring my mistress to orgasm
with or without any distractions. I failed her, therefore I deserve to be
punished." Lana said matter of factly.

Jackie nodded slowly. She wasn't sure what was more perverted, the logic, or
the fact that she not only understood it, but agreed with it.

More silence.

"Does she ever... you know... call you bad names?" asked Jackie.

"All the time."

"And does it... does it..."

"Does it turn me on?"


"Fuck yeah. I love it when she calls me her whore, her slut, her bitch,
anything as long as she calls me hers."

They exchanged a knowing smile.

"I know exactly what you mean, I love being Donna's bitch." said Jackie.

At that moment Donna and Chloe reappeared from the back.

"Ok Lana, take Jackie into the back and... prepare her. Myself and Donna are
going to collect a few supplies for our little training session, and I expect
you both to be fully naked, weighting and willing when we're ready, or else."
said Chloe.

Lana nodded and slowly walked to the back, Jackie following closely behind
her. As they walked through the back of the store Jackie couldn't help notice
that it looked more like some kind of mediaeval dungeon than anything else.
There were many devices hanging from the brick walls, some which Jackie could
name, others were completely alien to her. There was various different boxes
lying around in storage and a desk with a few chairs surrounding it. From the
ceiling hung something that looked like handcuffs only there was a large bar
separating the cuffs.

"It's probably better if we strip here." Lana said, as she lifted her top
over her head and began removing the rest of her clothes.

Jackie agreed with a silent nod. She tried to concentrate on removing her
clothes but she couldn't stop glancing over at the other girl's body. Lana
was truly beautiful and it was obvious that the brunette worked out.

Lana looked back at her and smiled. It would appear that Jackie wasn't the
only one taking an interest in her fellow bitch's body.

"Come on, let's go." Lana said, taking Jackie by the hand and leading her
towards a door.

"Where are we going?" asked Jackie nervously.

"To prepare ourselves for our mistresses." Lana said, as she opened the door
to the stores only toilet and let Jackie inside.

It was a tight fit but both women could just about get inside it with the
door closed. There was a window behind the toilet with that special kind of
tinted glass which means that you can't really make out what's on the other
side of it. Jackie couldn't help notice the items spread out on a small
window seal. Most of the items she couldn't recognise, although there was a
few dildos and even a riding crop. All the items didn't seem like things you
would necessarily find in a toilet.

Picking up one of the items Lana held it up to Jackie and said, "This is
called an enema bag. Do you know what it does?"

"... No..."

"It clears out your bowels to make sure your nice and clean up their when
your mistress wants to use your butt hole."

Jackie blushed. Not long ago she would if slapped this girl for even
suggesting that she would have to endure such a thing, but since becoming
Donna's bitch Jackie had found that there was nothing that she wasn't willing
to endure for her mistress.

"... How... how does it work?"

Lana smiled, "Well when I'm done lubricating you I'll slowly insert this
nozzle into your anus and slowly fill your bowels up with water. When your
bowels are full you simply... release into the bowl and then you do me... if
that's ok."

"Alright." Jackie said, turning around and leaning on the toilet so that Lana
could have better access to her ass.

Lana smiled at Jackie's submissiveness as she took out a tube of KY jelly and
squirted some on her finger.

"What's that?"

"It's a lubricant jelly, I'm going to need to loosen your butt hole for the

"Oh..." Jackie said, a little disappointedly.

She had become very fond of rim jobs, both giving and receiving, and had been
looking forward to having this beautiful woman's tongue licking her puckered
little rosebud.

But as Lana pressed her fingers to her tightest of holes and began to massage
the entrance to her back passage Jackie couldn't help but moan in pleasure.
The pleasure increased as Lana slid first one, then two of her fingers up to
the knuckle inside Jackie's tight butt hole.

"Your ass is tight... but it's not virgin. I'm guessing your mistress likes
taking you this way." said Lana as she moves her fingers slowly in and out of
Jackie's ass hole.

Jackie blushed, "My mistress Donna has expressed a lot of... interest in that

"I bet she has," Lana said smiling, "and who could blame her? You have a very
beautiful little bottom, Jackie."

"Thank you." said Jackie, blushing a deeper shade of red.

"I suggest you give yourself an enema at least a few times a day. It will
help keep you clean and ready when ever your mistress becomes... interested
in your beautiful little bottom."


Lana spent a few more minutes fingering Jackie's back door, perhaps a little
longer than necessary, before pressing the nozzle of the enema against her
fellow bitch's ass hole.

"Jackie, I'm going to push the nozzle into you now and then I'm going to fill
your bowels with water, ok?"


The lubricant made it easy for Lana to slowly insert the nozzle into Jackie's
behind. The sensation of the water filling her bowels reminded Jackie of when
her mistress Donna fills her ass with her big strap on cock. Only this time
her bowels were being filled with liquid instead of unyielding hardness.
Jackie would have thought that this would have been easier, but the liquid
was tickling the inside of her colon and the more that filled her the more
she felt the urge to take a dump.

Finally just when she thought she could take no more Lana removed the nozzle
and stood back. Jackie couldn't stop herself, she just had to let go.

Sitting on a toilet in front of another woman was an interesting experience
for Jackie. Not one she was in a hurry to repeat, but at the same time the
sexual stimulation had suddenly turned into one of humiliation, which for
some reason turned her on.

"Ok, now me." Lana said, when Jackie had finished.

Jackie flush the toilet and switch places with the other brunette who handed
her the lubricant and an enema bag. Jackie knew this was a different bag
partly because it was full and partly because she saw the empty one lying on
the side.

Putting the other bag down for a moment Jackie squirted some lubricant on to
her finger and began to rub it on to Lana's anus.

Since the first time she and her mistress Donna had started having sex Jackie
had started to notice the beauty of another woman's body. Lana was incredibly
beautiful and the sight of her bent over in such a vulnerable position was
incredibly intoxicating. As she slowly slid a lubricated finger into her
fellow bitch's butt Lana let out a low moan which made Jackie feels so

Jackie had rimmed her mistress's tasty ass hole many times and had done many
wicked and wonderful things with the redheaded beauty but she was always
submissive in everything they did together. She loved everything they did
together and wouldn't change it for the world, but this... this was... this
was different... this was... kind of... fun.

"Your ass is also tight..." Jackie said biting her lip, "Is it virgin?"

Lana looked over her shoulder at Jackie and smiled, "... No, my mistress also
expresses a lot of... interest in that hole."

"What kind of interest?" Jackie asked slyly.

"Just the usual stuff." said Lana dismissively, "You know, shoving her
tongue, her fingers, and all kinds of dildos, most of which strap round her
waist, up my eager little bottom!"

"Don't you mean she likes to shove her tongue, her fingers, and all kinds of
dildos, most of which strap round her waist, up your eager beautiful little
bottom?" asked Jackie in mock innocence.

"Yes, right up my eager beautiful little bottom!" Lana giggled.

The laughter somewhat disrupted the sexual tension between them, but did not
destroy it. They were both incredibly attracted to each other but they both
knew they would have to save it. They couldn't keep their mistresses waiting
now could they?

Lana definitely wanted to try and sample some of this delightful girl. She
knew that there was a good chance that her mistress would allow her the
privilege of enjoying this beautiful fellow submissive girl and her pussy was
dripping with anticipation. Well anticipation, and the fact that there was a
beautiful girl's finger working its way through the sensitive walls of her

Jackie desperately wanted to fuck the other brunette and hoped against hope
that her mistress would allow her the honour of worshipping her fellow
bitch's body with her tongue and/or fingers. It was hard for Jackie to
control herself as she continued to slowly finger fuck Lana's ass, preparing
it for what was to come. But it wasn't only the enema Jackie was truly
preparing Lana's ass for.

Jackie knew in her heart that tonight, a couple of fingers and a little water
was the last thing their butts needed to be worried about.

Just the thought of what the blonde and the redhead might do to her and Lana
made Jackie's pussy drip with anticipation, but she had to concentrate on the
task at hand.

Putting the thought of what mistress Donna and mistress Chloe were going to
do to her aside for a moment, Jackie took as much time twisting her finger
around inside Lana's ass as she felt necessary before inserting a second
finger and then finally the nozzle of the enema bag into the other brunette's

The bag was soon empty and the moment Jackie removed it Lana sat on the
toilet and emptied the contents of her bowels, showing absolutely no shame
for the fact that there was someone else in the room. Jackie found it both
disgusting and fascinating.

When she was done Lana silently took Jackie by the hand and led her to where
they were to wait for their mistresses.

After a few minutes Chloe walked in with Donna following her, carrying a
basket of goodies with her. As Donna put the basket down on the table Chloe
eyed Jackie like a hungry wolf. Donna saw Chloe blatantly checking out her
girl and became jealous but immediately became a hypocrite when her own eyes
spent a little too long studying Lana's beautiful body.

Deciding it was time to get this show on the road Chloe walked over to her
girl and said, "Ok Lana, you know what to do."

Obediently Lana walked over to where a spreader bar was hanging from the
ceiling and lifted her hands up so her mistress could secure them into place.
She then spread her legs and allowed her mistress to secure her legs as well.

Without needing to be told Jackie went to go and stand next to where the
other spreader bar was hanging.

Donna walked over to her bitch and said, "Jackie, you don't have to do
anything you don't want too. If at any point you feel uncomfortable just say
so ok?"

"Yes mistress." said Jackie, lifting her arms so her mistress could secure

"I'm serious," said Donna, if at any time you want to stop you have to
promise me you'll tell me."

"I promise mistress, if at any time I feel uncomfortable I'll tell you."

"Ok," Donna turned to look at Chloe for a second before turning back to give
Jackie her full attention, "Jackie, I want you to choose a word, a word that
is significant to you, but something irrelevant to what we're doing like the
name of a fruit or a vegetable. This is called a safety word. When you say
the safety word I'll stop immediately do you understand?"

"Yes mistress, I understand."

"Good... what's your safety word?"

Jackie thought for a minute before saying, "... Strawberries... my safety
word is strawberries mistress."

"... Ok," Donna leaned in to whisper in Jackie's ear, "I love you Jackie."

"I love you too mistress Donna." Jackie whispered back as her mistress
secured the cuffs around first her wrists, and then her ankles.

When Donna turned she could see Chloe smirking at her. The blonde then turns
to look at Jackie and Lana, "Ok listen up bitches, you are both nasty little
tramps who shouldn't even be allowed to breathe the same air as us. You're
going to be punished for your sins and me and the redhead are going to beat
the evil out of you, and you're going to thank us for every blow. Isn't that
right sluts?"

"Yes mistress Chloe." Jackie and Lana said in unison.

"Good bitches." Chloe giggled, turning to her redheaded friend, "You
obviously have your bitch well trained."

The blonde walked over to the table and picked up two blindfolds from out of
the shopping basket she and the redhead had bought in. She handed one to
Donna before placing one over her bitch's eyes and kissing her gently on the
lips. Donna did this to Jackie but not before searching her eyes for any fear
or nervousness that her girl might be having. Seeing nothing but devotion in
Jackie's eyes Donna secures the blindfold on the brunette.

Chloe then hands Donna a whip before going to stand behind Lana and began
running her whip over her bitch's back. Lana's breath quickened as she
anticipates what is to come. Donna watches Chloe carefully and copies
everything the blonde is doing to Lana with her girl Jackie.

"Ok bitches, I suggest you listen carefully because I will not repeat myself,
you understand?" growled Chloe.

"Yes mistress." Lana and Jackie said in unison.

"Good, now myself and mistress Donna are going to whip your worthless backs
and you're going to count and thank us for every strike. Should you fail to
thank us or if you're unable to count high enough or if you have the audacity
to forget to call us by our proper titles we will whip you twice as long and
twice as hard! Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress." Lana said immediately.

"... Is there a problem slut?" Chloe turned to ask Jackie.

"No mistress Chloe... it's just... you haven't told us how many blows we are
to receive..."

Chloe walked over to Jackie until she was face-to-face with the blindfolded
brunette, "... We will beat you for as long as we feel necessary. At this
point if I were you I would thank God that you weren't my bitch because if
Lana had the audacity to question me like that I'd beat her until she was
black and blue."

Chloe then turned to look at Donna, "I don't know about your mistress Jackie,
but if I was her and you had just embarrassed me like that, I would make sure
you regret it. I wonder what your mistress Donna thinks?"

Donna said nothing, part of her felt angry at Jackie for embarrassing her but
part of her also wanted to take Jackie into her arms and carry her away from
this BDSM wonderland/nightmare.

The idea that she had embarrassed her mistress Donna cut through Jackie like
a knife. Why oh why couldn't she keep her big mouth shut? After what just
happened the brunette was sure now more than ever that she deserved a
beating, and that was just what she was about to receive.

Chloe walked back to Lana and without a word of warning brought her whip down
hard across her bitch's back. A millisecond later Donna's whip connected with
the soft flesh of Jackie's back.

"Owww... one, thank you mistress." Lana and Jackie said almost in unison,
"Ow... two, thank you mistress... ow three, thank you mistress... ow four,
thank you mistress... ow five, thank you mistress..."

Donna carefully copied everything that Chloe did, the force of her blows
matching those of the more experienced mistress. Each of the blonde's blows
seem to be different, never hitting the exact same place and each strike
varying in speed and power to the point where nobody but Chloe knew how hard
the next blow was going to be.

Tied up with the blindfold on Jackie had never felt so helpless in her
life... and she loved it. She felt completely and totally within her mistress
Donna's power and it felt wonderful. She was completely at her mercy, her
body nothing but a toy for the redhead to use as she saw fit. Perhaps under
this whipping Jackie would finally find the release from her guilt she

"Ow... sixteen, thank you mistress, ow... seventeen, thank you mistress... ow
eighteen, thank you mistress... ow nineteen, thank you mistress... ow twenty,
thank you mistress..."

Donna and Chloe were now in perfect sync with their whipping, the feeling of
power and lust slowly overcoming whatever feelings of guilt they may have
about taking a whip to their lovers.

Jackie's and Lana's cries had morphed into one voice of discomfort and

"Ow... thirty six, thank you mistress, ow... thirty seven, thank you
mistress... ow thirty eight, thank you mistress... ow thirty nine, thank you
mistress... ow forty, thank you mistress..."

Lana and Jackie waited for the next blow but it never came.

"Ok Donna, let me show you how to use a paddle." said Chloe, picking up the
paddles she brought in from the store and handing one to Donna.

Donna took a moment to study the paddle in her hand. It was long, black with
a wide surface. Looking up at her fellow mistress Donna could see that Chloe
was waiting for her, in perfect position to administer further punishment on
Lana's back already slightly pink.

Spanking had been something so intimate between herself and Jackie that Donna
was worried what the effect this session could have on their relationship. It
was so easy for her to become so caught up in this situation, her beautiful
little bitch Jackie tied up and helpless before her, her flesh so ready to be
beaten, all the while a beautiful blonde was doing the exact same thing she
was doing to another beautiful brunette who is tied up just like Jackie was.
Donna wanted to analyse the situation, but her arousal got the better of her
and she took her place behind Jackie.

Jackie found the worst part of spanking was the waiting, the anticipation of
the pain. It was also the best part. Not knowing when or where the next blow
with strike or even how hard it would be. In her current position she is
completely helpless against her mistress and this blonde they had met only a
few minutes ago. She had never felt so completely under Donna's controlled
before... and it felt... wonderful... but it was also scary. But Jackie knew
she was safe because in her heart she knew that her mistress Donna would
never truly hurt her.

When it came to whipping trust had ceased to be an issue between Lana and her
mistress a long time ago but she too found the wait to be agonising. She
wanted the pain, she needed the pain. She needed to feel punished for her
sins, she needed to feel the punishment only her mistress could give her.

Chloe loved teasing and tormenting her bitch. She could see how much Lana
wanted it as she began sliding the paddle over her flesh, hearing her gasp
and lean into the instrument, begging for the inevitable punishment that was
to come. Looking over at Donna she could see that the redhead was doing the
same to her bitch. Had she found a kindred spirit in this powerful redhead?
There was only one way to find out.

"Ok bitches, you know the drill. Start the count from one and you better
thank us for each and every blow." said Chloe raising her paddle as Donna did
the same.

"Yes mistress! Ow... one, thank you mistress, ow... two, thank you
mistress... ow three, thank you mistress... ow four, thank you mistress... ow
five, thank you mistress..."

The pain was very different this time. With the paddles the impact of the
blows were spread out over an area of skin so the pain was less intensely
focused on one area.

"Ow... sixteen, thank you mistress, ow... seventeen, thank you mistress... ow
eighteen, thank you mistress... ow nineteen, thank you mistress... ow twenty,
thank you mistress..."

Jackie loved the subtle differences of the paddle to the whip and hoped that
her mistress would purchase one to use in their private time together.

Donna had already purchased one of all the items in the shopping basket and
found herself quite liking this paddle. It was clear Chloe knew what she was
doing and Donna felt she could learn a lot from her, but the woman did seem
to be a bit... unhinged.

Chloe's desire to punish Lana was being satisfied and yet she knew she was
not truly hurting her precious little bitch. If anything she was holding back
so not to scare their two new friends.

Lana could tell that her mistress was holding back and she could also
understand why but it didn't stop the fact that she'd wish that Chloe would
strike her just a little harder.

"Ow... thirty six, thank you mistress, ow... thirty seven, thank you
mistress... ow thirty eight, thank you mistress... ow thirty nine, thank you
mistress... ow forty, thank you mistress..."

"Ok Donna, now I'm going to show you how to use one of these." said Chloe
picking up her favourite spanking device and handing a carbon copy of it to
her fellow mistress.

Donna studied the evil looking instrument in her hand. It looked like
something straight out of a mediaeval dungeon. It was a whip with nine long
lashes attached to it. Chloe had told her it was called a cat o' nine tails.

The redhead had misgivings about using it on her bitch but she had chosen to
trust Chloe and there was no turning back now.

Taking her place behind Jackie Donna brought the instrument down on her back
in the way that Chloe had told her too, making sure to strike her with the
full length of the 'tales' and not the tips.

"Ow... one, thank you mistress, ow... two, thank you mistress... ow three,
thank you mistress... ow four, thank you mistress... ow five, thank you

Jackie had never experienced any thing like this. This was worse and yet at
the same time better than either the paddle or the whip. It covered a lot
more ground than the whip and yet at the same time the stinging sensation was
far more intense.

Donna hated to admitted but she liked this. Spanking Jackie always did make
her feel powerful and holding this object in her hand seemed to increase that
feeling. She found it intoxicating.

"Ow... sixteen, thank you mistress, ow... seventeen, thank you mistress... ow
eighteen, thank you mistress... ow nineteen, thank you mistress... ow twenty,
thank you mistress..."

Lana just loved it when her mistress used the cat o' nine tails on her. That
widespreading of pain just couldn't be beaten. It was by far her favourite
spanking toy.

Chloe love to use toys when spanking her bitch but the cat o' nine tails was
her favourite. It was so wonderfully mediaeval and she knew for a fact that
it could cause just the right amount of widespread pain that her girl craved.

"Ow... thirty six, thank you mistress, ow... thirty seven, thank you
mistress... ow thirty eight, thank you mistress... ow thirty nine, thank you
mistress... ow forty, thank you mistress..."

Deciding that Jackie's and Lana's backs had received enough punishment for
now Chloe said, "Ok Donna, I think it's about time we moved down to our
bitches cute little spank-able asses, don't you think?"

It was a rhetorical question but Donna chose to answer it anyway in a lusty
voice, "Oh yes, I think it is."

"Great, first help me untie them, I have another position in mind for them."

Donna quickly released Jackie's hands from the spreader bars as Chloe did the
same with Lana. Donna decided to take the fact that Chloe didn't remove
Lana's blindfold as a sign that she shouldn't remove Jackie's, so she had to
take her bitch by the hand and slowly guide her over to the table as Chloe
did the same with Lana.

"Ok bitches bend over and lay your hands flat against the table." commanded
Chloe as soon as they reach the table.

Jackie and Lana did as they were told without question. When their hands were
in the correct place Chloe picked up the rope they had brought from the store
and began to tie one end of it round the right table leg and then the other
leg to Lana's wrists. She then tied her right leg to the other table leg.
Donna copied this action on Jackie. She was about to ask what they were going
to do about Lana's left leg and Jackie's right leg but before she got the
chance Chloe tied their legs together securing the girls in place.

"Alright now let's start from the beginning using the whips and you bitches
better not forget to count, you got that?"

"Yes mistress! Ow... one, thank you mistress, ow... two, thank you
mistress... ow three, thank you mistress... ow four, thank you mistress... ow
five, thank you mistress..."

The site of Jackie's bottom always had Donna drooling with lust. After all
spanking that cute little butt was what brought Donna and Jackie together in
the first place, and to see that tight little ass displayed for her this way
made the redhead wanted to perform sinful and forbidden acts on the other
girl's derriere. In fact it was a little hard for her to simply concentrate
on punishing the brunette, but she was just about able to control herself.

Being bent over and tied to this table made Jackie feel even more vulnerable
than in her previous position. Once again she felt completely at the mercy of
her mistress Donna, and the brunette loved it. She welcomed the sting of the
whip against her sinful flesh as she and her fellow bitch counted and thanked
their mistresses for each wonderful strike.

"Ow... sixteen, thank you mistress, ow... seventeen, thank you mistress... ow
eighteen, thank you mistress... ow nineteen, thank you mistress... ow twenty,
thank you mistress..."

Chloe love to have her bitch tied up before her in this way. It was one of
her favourite ways to punish Lana's sweet little butt, second only to having
the brunette lay across her lap, her girl raising her pretty little ass up,
presenting it for the spanking. Of course having her bitch bend over before
her, her beautiful backside on display for her, to do with as she pleased
always made the blonde mistress's pussy soaking wet.

Lana loved being in this position. Partly because it made her feel so
wonderfully helpless against her mistress Chloe, and partly because she knew
it pleased her mistress Chloe which was always the most important thing to
the young submissive.

"Ow... thirty six, thank you mistress, ow... thirty seven, thank you
mistress... ow thirty eight, thank you mistress... ow thirty nine, thank you
mistress... ow forty, thank you mistress..."

"Good... now the paddles..." Chloe said, after taking a moment to analyse
Donna's work.

She couldn't help be impressed at the redhead's progress. A few minutes ago
Donna had been increasingly unsure of herself, now she was brandishing her
paddle like she'd been spanking bitches for years.

Donna felt like a woman possessed, as if she wasn't somehow in control of her
own body, like all her anxieties about doing this to the woman she loved had
faded away and had been replaced with a clarity that she found herself
craving when she wasn't with Jackie. As she and Chloe brought their hands up
to continue the spanking the second to last thought that went through Donna's
mind was how natural this fell to her, how right. The last thought was an
uncertainty about what was happening, and the desire to analyse what had just
gone through her head. But that uncertainty only lasted for the briefest of

"Ow... one, thank you mistress, ow... two, thank you mistress... ow three,
thank you mistress... ow four, thank you mistress... ow five, thank you

Jackie welcomed the paddle as it gave her already stinging ass a break. After
experiencing all the various different instruments, provided only these three
types were to be used, the submissive brunette had come to the conclusion
that the paddle was the least painful due to the fact that it had less bite
than the other whips. But ironically Jackie found part of herself longing for
one of the other whips while at the same time enjoying the feeling of the
paddle as it was brought down time and time again on her bare flesh.

"Ow... sixteen, thank you mistress, ow... seventeen, thank you mistress... ow
eighteen, thank you mistress... ow nineteen, thank you mistress... ow twenty,
thank you mistress..."

Chloe watched gleefully as the paddle began to turn the subservience bitch's
ass cheeks a darker shade of pink. She did so love to watch the skin of a
submissive change colour under her punishing blows. It was making her very
horny and she knew was going to be a struggle to make it to the end of the
spanking session without leaping upon her helpless bitch and fucking her
until she was screaming her name in ecstasy.

The effect of the spanking was also getting to Lana, who would have been
thrusting herself back against the blows if it wasn't for the rope holding
her securely in place. The helplessness she felt right now was the best and
worst thing about being tied up. Initially it had been hard for her to give
up control to another person, but since her training had began Lana had
completely given herself to her blonde mistress and now she was content in
the knowledge that Chloe owned her completely and was hers to do with as she

"Ow... thirty six, thank you mistress, ow... thirty seven, thank you
mistress... ow thirty eight, thank you mistress... ow thirty nine, thank you
mistress... ow forty, thank you mistress..."

"Very good Donna. Very, very good. Now let's move on to the cat." said Chloe,
once again studying and being impressed by the redhead's work before picking
up the next instrument of pain.

Wordlessly Donna exchanged the paddle for the cat o' nine tails and began to
strike Jackie with it, carefully avoiding striking her with the tips of the

"Ow... one, thank you mistress, ow... two, thank you mistress... ow three,
thank you mistress... ow four, thank you mistress... ow five, thank you

The dominating redhead was surprised how well she kept her cool as Jackie's
ass slowly turned a rosy red under her spankings. Not only did Donna feel
secure with the situation that was unfolding, she felt empowered and,
strangely, at piece. Her pussy was dripping from anticipation about what was
to come next but her mind was completely focused on the task at hand... using
her just bought cat o' nine tails to punish Jackie's cute spank-able little

Over the past few days Jackie had been spanked constantly but none of her
previous punishments could compare to this. Well, that wasn't true, this was
a lot less intimate than when she had been over her mistress Donna's knee but
this felt far more... intense.

"Ow... sixteen, thank you mistress, ow... seventeen, thank you mistress... ow
eighteen, thank you mistress... ow nineteen, thank you mistress... ow twenty,
thank you mistress..."

Chloe licked her lips in sexual hunger. She was eager to move on to other
things but at the same time she can be quite happy with living an eternity in
this moment, a moment of such wonderful domination over another woman,
seconds away from having nasty lesbian sex with at least one beautiful woman.
It was moments like this that Chloe lived for.

Lana was enjoying this wonderful spanking but she too was longing for this
session to be over so she could be allowed the privilege of tasting the
delicacy that was a woman's pussy on her lips once again. Her mouth was
craving cunt and her own little fuck hole was crying out to the attention of
a woman's soft tongue... or finger... or fingers... or a nice hard strap

"Ow... thirty six, thank you mistress, ow... thirty seven, thank you
mistress... ow thirty eight, thank you mistress... ow thirty nine, thank you
mistress... ow forty, thank you mistress..."

By the time they were finished all four girls were breathing heavily,
perspiration covering their bodies.

The room felt like it was about to explode with all the sexual tension
however the experienced blonde was able to just about pull herself together,
"Donna, help me untie our bitches."

Donna nodded, not seeing the two items Chloe picked up before they advanced
upon their still bound bitches.

Chloe was the first to untie her bitch, removing her bounds and her blindfold
before pulling Lana into her arms, pressing her breasts into her sore back
and thrusting her soaking cunt against the brunette's freshly whipped ass.
Lana moaned submissively as her mistress's hands slipped up her sides and
cupped her breasts firmly.

Extremely turned on by this display Donna did the exact same thing with
Jackie, her girl's moans causing the river of desire in between her legs to

The redhead watched as Chloe pushed a few strands of Lana's hair out of the
way and licked up the side of her neck before whispering huskily in her ear
loud enough for the other two girls to hear, "I would dearly love to punish
your sweet little titties with my whips... but you have tempted your mistress
with your slut body so much that I can't help but want to fuck you. Make no
mistake... you will be punished for this... and I will have some serious fun
with your pretty little boobies... but for now this will have to do..."

Producing something the blonde had told Donna were called nipple clamps the
experience mistress attached the clamps to each of her bitch's nipples. She
had been expertly manipulating them into full hardness in preparation for
this moment. Once she was done Chloe through the other set of nipple clamps
to Donna who caught them with ease. Deciding to go with her instincts Donna
attached the clamps to Jackie's nipples, her bitch's moans music to her ears.
Once they were attached the redhead looked to the blonde for what to do next.

Grinning wickedly Chloe petted Lana like the faithful little pet she was
before pushing her towards Donna and Jackie, "Very good, now Lana, I want you
to go over there and kiss Donna's bitch as if you were in love with her!"

Lana obeyed wordlessly, walking slowly towards Jackie, her eyes locked on the
other brunette's as she advanced on her.

Jackie felt like those eyes were burning a hole through her, and it excited
her, but she didn't want to do this unless her mistress Donna wanted her to
do it. Turning her head slightly so she could look into the redhead's eyes
she searched her mistress's face for the slightest look of protest.

After a moment her mistress nodded in silent acceptance of what was about to
happen and let go of her.

Her disappointment of losing her mistress's touch was short lived as she came
face-to-face with Lana, the other brunette cupping her face in her hands and
pulling her into a soft kiss.

Jackie was a little unsure how to respond first but she soon decided that the
best way to please her mistress Donna was to obey the orders of both of the
two dominant women. So as Lana's tongue entered her mouth Jackie eagerly
accepted it and massaged it with her own. She closed her eyes and began to
kiss Lana like she was in love with her, because, in her mind, with her eyes
closed, she wasn't kissing Lana, she was kissing Donna, the woman she loved.

Little did she know that the other girl was kissing her with such passion
because in Lana's mind she was also kissing the woman she loved. In her mind
she was kissing her powerful mistress Chloe.

Donna was filled with a mixture of jealousy and arousal at the sight of her
bitch kissing another woman, although she had to admit to herself that she
was more aroused than jealous. Maybe it was the atmosphere in the room, maybe
with the room itself, Donna didn't know, all she knew was something about the
situation just felt so...

Once again she was awoken from her thoughts before she got a chance to
overanalyse the situation by her fellow mistress.

"Awww, isn't that sweet... they're like two little lezzie's in love..." Chloe
giggled as she walked around the kissing girls, "Don't they look beautiful
Donna... don't our two little bitches look beautiful kissing each other like

"... Yes... they sure do..." Donna said, unsuccessfully trying to hide the
lust in her voice.

Chloe laughed and continue to observe the kissing girls.

"Yeah... two beautiful little bitches who just can't help themselves... they
know it's wrong... but they don't care... it just feels so good..." Chloe
slid her hand down her stomach, into her panties and began to rub herself as
she watched, "Mmmm, watching two little lezzie's kiss always makes me so
hot... but I know something we can make our bitches do that will make me even

Chloe walked out of the room and returned momentarily with some large, soft
looking towels and laid them on the floor.

She then turned back to the brunettes, "All right you little lesbo's, that's
enough, break it up, it's time to move on to other things!"

Jackie and Lana immediately broke apart and waited for their next

Chloe smiled, revelling in her dominance, "Jackie, lay down on the towels, on
your back."

Jackie obeyed without hesitation and Chloe turned to her bitch, "Lana, go
kneel over Jackie so your knees are either side of her head and your pussy is
right in front of her face."

Lana did as she was told, knowing from past experience that she should be
kneeling over Jackie's face so she was facing towards the rest of the other
brunettes body, so she could lean down for a 69 position if she was ordered

When the girls were in position Chloe said, "Ok, now Jackie, beg me for the
privilege of eating my bitch's pussy!"

Not needing to be told twice Jackie begged, "Oh please mistress Chloe, may I
be allowed the privilege of eating your bitch's pussy? Your bitch has such a
beautiful pussy. It's so beautiful it makes my mouth water. I can't help it,
I'm a little pussy loving lezzie who just can't get enough cunt! Please
mistress Chloe... I want to eat your bitch's pussy! I need to eat your
bitch's pussy! Please, I beg you mistress Chloe, allow me the privilege of
sticking my cunt lapping tongue inside your beautiful bitch's pussy and eat
it until she cums in my mouth!"

Chloe smiled and said, "Well, I guess I could allow you the privilege of
eating my bitch's pussy... if your mistress Donna doesn't mind..."

Feeling like all eyes were suddenly upon her Donna said, "... Yeah... sure...
why not..."

"Ok Lana, you can lower your slutty little pussy onto Jackie's cunt hungry
lips now!" Chloe said after hearing what she wanted to hear.

Lana slowly lowered herself onto Jackie's face, being careful to keep most of
her weight on her legs so as not to hurt the other brunette. As soon as her
pussy lips came into contact with Jackie's mouth Lana let out a long, low
moan. Jackie's soft tongue slid over her lips, teasing but never quite
penetrating her.

The blonde and the redhead watched as Jackie began to lick her fellow
brunette's pussy, the look on Lana's face expressing her feelings better than
any words ever could.

After a brief pause Chloe said, "Lana, leaned down until your faces inches
away from Jackie's cute little cunt."

The brunette wordlessly obeyed, her eyes leaving her mistress's only
momentarily so she could lay her hands down either side of Jackie's legs to
support some of her body weight.

"Good girl, now it's up to mistress Donna if you're allowed the honour of
pleasuring her bitch with your little dyke tongue and since I know how much
you crave any kind of cunt you can get your little lezzie mouth on I suggest
you beg mistress Donna for the privilege of eating her bitch's pussy and make
it good my sweet little rug muncher!" Chloe said, her hand buried in her
panties, gently rubbing away at her clit.

"Oh mistress Donna please, I beg you, let me lick your bitch's sweet little
pussy with my little dyke tongue!" Lana begged shamelessly, "I'm a cunt
craving lesbo who needs to eat pussy and your bitch has one of the most
beautiful little pussys I've ever seen! I'm practically drooling all over it
I want it so bad! If you allow me the privilege of eating this beautiful
little pussy I swear I'll eat it until your bitch cums all over my pretty
little lezzie face! I want your bitch's cum on my pretty little lezzie face!
I need your bitch's cum on my pretty little lezzie face! I need to make your
bitch cum so I can have my pretty little lezzie face covered in girl cum!
Please mistress Donna, I beg you, let me put my little rug munching mouth on
your bitch's sweet little pussy and eat her out until she cums on my little
dyke tongue and all over my pretty little lezzie face!"

With every fibre of her being burning with desire Donna nodded her head
giving Lana the permission she desired.

It was true that her mistress Chloe was ordering her to perform oral sex on a
girl she had only met a few minutes ago but the truth was that Lana had
desired this girl since the moment she saw her. Jackie was hot, and her pussy
really was beautiful. Over the past few years Lana had come to really
appreciate the beauty of a woman's centre, the cute little entrance to what
was pure woman. And the taste... just thinking about the taste made Lana wet.
There could never be someone in her life that would mean more to her than her
mistress Chloe, and there had never been a better taste than the delicacy
that was her mistress Chloe's pussy, but if the submissive brunette was
honest with herself she did love the taste of a fresh pussy... of a new
pussy... and Jackie's certainly didn't disappoint.

Jackie let out a loud gasp as she felt the first swipe of Lana's oh so soft
tongue caress her pussy lips. She had become so completely lost in eating the
other brunettes pussy that she had forgotten how horny she was, how in need.

Since becoming Donna's bitch Jackie had become very selfless during sex,
always worrying about her mistress's needs before her own. Her mistress had
awoken a desire to please and to serve that Jackie never knew she had, but in
a 69 she could explore this new need to please and receive pleasure at the
same time.

Quickly reminding herself of the task in hand Jackie eagerly returned to eat
Lana's delicious pussy, the two brunettes quickly become in sync with their
tongues mirroring the movements of the others as they gently lick each other
towards orgasm.

Donna was gently masturbating herself at the extreme erotic sight in front of
her. She had become so completely entranced by the sight of these two
beautiful young submissive women going down on each other that she did not
see or hear the blonde slowly advance on her from behind until she felt one
hand slide over her hand which was tweaking her nipples and another hand
which slid into her panties joining her other hand in caressing her soaking
wet love hole.

Donna could feel the blonde mistress's hot breath on her neck as she
whispered in her ear, "They look so beautiful together don't they?"

Donna nodded silently in agreement, as if she spoke a word whatever wonderful
spell that had been cast would be somehow broken.

"You know Donna..." Chloe said, as she intertwined her fingers with the
redhead's and gently began caressing her new friends nipples and clit, "I can
finger myself all day, but since I turned Lana into my little pussy craving
dyke bitch I just haven't been able to cum from touching myself anymore. It's
like that little muff divers cunt lapping tongue and rug munching mouth has
ruined my pussy and now it won't settle for anything less than a girls tongue
to bring it to orgasm."

At this point the blonde gently pulled Donna's hand out of her panties and
brought them up to her lips. Staring into the redhead's eyes Chloe sucked her
pussy juice off of her fingers before guiding the other girls hand into her
own panties.

"What do you say Donna..." Chloe said, placing the redhead's hand over her
pussy, "Do you want to help me out?"

Donna stood there for a moment, her mind racing before she turned around in
Chloe's arms and pushed the blonde against the nearest wall. As soon as the
other girls back was against the wall Donna slipped a finger into the
blonde's cunt and began to gently fuck her.

"So, you want me to help you do you bitch?" Donna growled, her eyes burning
with lust.

"Well... I just thought... you know... I do you... you do me..." the blonde
said, for the first time unsure of herself. There was something deep in
Donna's eyes which both frightened and aroused Chloe. It was some sort of
dominant gleam that told the blonde that Donna was going to make a very good
Dom... a very good Dom indeed.

Donna paused and thought for a moment.

"... all right..." the redhead said, as she dropped to her knees, pulled
Chloe's pants and panties down around her ankles and buried her tongue as far
as it would go into the blonde's pussy.

Chloe let out a long moan, grabbed onto Donna by her long red locks and
pulled her face into her wet centre, "Oh fuck yes, that's right, just like
that, eat my pussy, eat my fucking pussy you redheaded little dyke! Come on,
eat me! Get your lezzie tongue into my beautiful cunt you little muff diver!
Oh that's it you sweet little cunt lapper, right there, lick me right there,
lick me right there with your sweet little dyke tongue you rug munching
little lesbo! Oh my God!"

Chloe was surprised at Donna's ability to eat pussy. She had been eaten out
by a lot of skilled carpet cleaners but there was only one who could lick her
this good and that was her little bitch Lana. Since they had got together
Lana had spent hours each day with her face buried in Chloe's cunt and
although the brunette had taken to muff diving like a duck to water Chloe's
bitch had now reached the stage now where she could have won a medal in pussy
eating if such an event existed. Lana had what Chloe like to call a made for
pussy eating mouth and it would appear that Donna's mouth was made for the
exact same purpose. If Chloe wasn't so sure that the redhead was a Dom she
may have tried to turn her into a bitch... her bitch.

The blonde's pussy juice tasted like the sweetest honey that Donna had ever
tasted. She just couldn't get enough. It was so intoxicating it reminded her
of her girl's mouth watering creamy cunt. Since getting together with Jackie
the redhead had grown to love going down on her bitch. Jackie had such a
delicious pussy, which was like the sweetest cream Donna had ever had, and
this blonde was almost as tasty as her girl. If Donna wasn't so sure that the
blonde was a Dom she may have tried to turn her into a bitch... her bitch.

As their mistresses became lost in each other Lana rolled them over so she
and Jackie were on their sides as they continue to eat each other out.

Jackie was very grateful of this development. Her back and bottom was still
very sore from the whipping they had taken and supporting her weight, and
some of Lana's, had put unwanted pressure on her beaten flesh. She tried to
refocus efforts onto eating Lana's sweet pussy, but Chloe's moans drew her
attention and she looked up momentarily to see her mistress Donna going down
on the blonde. The brunette couldn't help feeling a little jealous of Chloe
for having her mistress's talented mouth on her pussy. She wanted that to be
her cunt her mistress was eating but that was a little hypocritical
considering she was munching on Lana's yummy rug.

The thought of Lana suddenly reminded Jackie she had a job she was supposed
to be doing which was reinforced when she fell the other brunette's hand come
to rest on the back of her head and push her face back into her cunt.

Refocusing her efforts Jackie began to eat Lana's pussy like her life
depended on it, wrapping her mouth around her lips and sucking with the power
of a vacuum cleaner.

Lana moaned into Jackie's pussy as the other brunette returned her attention
to her needy hole.

Since becoming Chloe's bitch Lana had learned to re-evaluate her
understanding of the word pleasure. Her mistress Chloe had done all sorts of
weird and wonderful things to her, one of them being the joy of being eaten
by another woman. She had been with a lot of girls since becoming the
property of her mistress Chloe and all of them had made great little cunt
lappers, but Jackie's muff diving skills were putting them all to shame. All
of them except her mistress Chloe of course.

As the brunettes continued to eat each other out, Donna was really beginning
to get down to some serious carpet munching.

She had meant to start off slowly with things like teasing Chloe's pussy lips
and gently tongue fucking her but the redhead had soon found herself machine
gunning her tongue through her love tunnel in an attempt to get as much of
the yummy honey juice out of the blonde's wet hole as possible. Chloe's
nectar was flowing thick and fast but Donna had her lips firmly wrapped
around the blonde's centre so the only place that sweet honey could go was
down her throat.

Donna's mouth seemed to be sucking the life out of her through her cunt and
Chloe knew it wouldn't be long before she climaxed. To speed up the
inevitable the blonde began thrusting her hips forward to meet the inward
strokes of Donna's tongue, trying to get as much of it inside her as
possible. She used her hand to guide Donna to the most sensitive places
inside her pussy and the redhead seemed to hit every right spot at the exact
time it needed to be hit. The little dyke was licking places inside her the
blonde didn't even know about until she had turned Lana into her personal
little pussy eater. Jackie was certainly one lucky little bitch. Of course
right now Chloe was the lucky one.

"Oh yes, oh fuck yes, eat me, eat my pussy you fucking little dyke! That's
it, show me what weeks of rug munching has taught you! God, with that mouth
I'm surprised you found the time to stop eating your bitch's cunt to come
over here you redheaded little pussy slut! Yes that's it, lick me you fucking
muff diver! Lick my yummy little honey hole you fucking rug muncher! Lick my
honey from my hole you fucking carpet cleaner! Do you like the taste of my
honey? I bet you do, I bet you can't get enough, I bet you can't get enough
of my sweet honey flavoured pussy juice, can you, you fucking cunt lapper!
Oh, you're going to make me cum! You're going to make me cum and shower your
lezzie face in my sweet honey flavoured pussy juice! I bet you can't wait can
you, I bet you can't wait for me to shower your lezzie face in my sweet honey
flavoured pussy juice! Oh, here it comes, swallow as much as you can, swallow
it, swallow me you pussy eating dyke!" Chloe screamed as she came, her cum
covering Donna's face and pouring down the redhead's throat.

Donna tried her best to swallow as much of the delicious honey flavoured
pussy juice as possible but there was just so much cum that she couldn't stop
it leaking out of the side of her mouth and covering her face.

Chloe didn't care about this. Hell, she didn't even realise it. She was far
too busy having her eyes fluttered, her toes curled, and her fingers going
numb as she was rocked with orgasm. Chloe savagely thrust her pussy into
Donna's face, making sure that the redhead couldn't escape until she had
finished cumming.

Escape was the last thing on Donna's mind as she drank down as much of the
honey sweet cum as possible, not at all bothered by the fact the blonde was
using her face as a fuck pad.

Once her orgasm was finally over Chloe untangled her fingers from the
redhead's hair and allowed her to stand up. The second Donna was up she
grabbed the blonde by her hair, pushed her to her knees, pull down her own
pants and panties and pushed Chloe face first into her cunt.

"Your turn eat me, you fucking dyke bitch!" Donna growled, as she immediately
started to hump Chloe's pretty face. "I ate you, now you eat me you fucking
pussy whore! Come on, is that the best you can do? Fucking eat me you fucking
lez! Eat me with that little rug munching mouth of yours! Use your little
lezzie tongue on me! Fucking lick me and make me cum! Lick me and make me cum
you fucking pussy eating bitch!"

Getting the message the blonde buried her tongue into Donna's cunt and began
licking her pussy like the experienced little rug muncher she was. The
redhead's pussy tasted like strawberries and Chloe, who always was a fan of
fruit, was more than willing to get in touch with her submissive side to give
this delicious cunt the proper attention it deserved.

Chloe had no doubt that she was a Dom, but she believed no one was completely
dominant or submissive and to deny that she had a Sub side would be like
denying the colour of her hair. When she went down on another woman it
allowed her to experience her submissive side. Of course whenever she did
this she made it very clear to whoever was lucky enough to feel her talented
mouth on their centres that she was a Dom when it came time to bring out the

Jackie looked up from her pussy eating for a moment to watch as her mistress
Donna dominated mistress Chloe. It was an incredible turn on to see the
blonde's head bob back and forth as her mistress thrust her hips forward,
fucking the other mistress's pretty mouth as the redhead verbally abused her.
Oh it was good to see her mistress acting more herself again. Since coming in
here Donna had been acting a little unsure of herself but now that seem to
have passed and she was back to being her mistress again.

She was awoken from her thoughts by a whimpering sound coming from in between
her legs.

Lana, who was close to orgasm, was missing the feeling of Jackie's soft mouth
on her womanhood and was moaning at the loss of the other brunette's expert
rug munching skills on her cunt.

Jackie smiled and eagerly returned to eating Lana's delicious pussy, burying
her tongue as far as it would go into the other brunette to caress the most
sensitive areas of her feminine core.

At first both brunettes had been gently lapping at each other, not knowing
how long they were going to be eating each other for, but now they were both
horny and needed to cum. They humped each others faces as they used their
tongues to fuck each other, their mouths covering each other's cunts to try
and prevent any of the yummy girl juice from escaping but they both ended up
with their faces covered in cunt cream.

The brunettes weren't the only ones becoming desperate for orgasm.

The blonde's pretty mouth was driving Donna crazy. It was clear that Chloe
was quite the experienced little cunt lapper who had succeeded in bringing
the redhead to the brink of orgasm in only a short time after she started
eating her. After the blonde had talk trash to her and used her face as a
fuck pad, Donna had no problem giving Chloe the exact same treatment.

"Come on you fucking tramp! Eat me, eat my fucking pussy! Come on you little
dyke! Yes, that's it, show me what a good little pussy eater you are! Show me
what years of cunt lapping has taught you! Oh fuck yes, use your tongue, just
like that, yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy with your little lesbo
tongue! Fuck you know how to eat pussy! I wonder how you got this good at
eating pussy... oh I know, you probably whored out your fucking dyke tongue
to every fucking girl you've ever met haven't you... haven't you? Oh yes, I
bet you spend hours with your dyke tongue in strange girl's pussys you
fucking no good lesbo whore! Oh yeah, I bet you just can't get enough can you
bitch? You just can't get enough fucking pussy! You just can't get enough of
my fucking pussy! I bet you're a girl cum craving cunt lapper aren't you
bitch? Well guess what... you're in luck because I'm about to cum all over
your pretty little lezzie face! Oh yes, I'm going to fucking cover your
pretty little lezzie face in my pussy cream, and you're going to swallow as
much of it as you fucking can like the good little rug muncher you are! Yes,
that's it, eat me, oh yes, that's it, that's it you little muff diver! I'm
going to cum! I'm going to cum all over your pretty little lezzie face! I'm
going to fucking cum all over your fucking pretty little lezzie face you
fucking little dyke bitch!" Donna screamed as she exploded in orgasm.

It was a powerful climax which rocked her body. Most of her juice poured down
the blonde's throat but a good portion of it covered Chloe's pretty little
lezzie face. The redhead's fingers went numb and every molecule in her body
tingled, but she didn't start fucking Chloe's face with her pussy until she
was truly satisfied.

For her part Chloe drank down as much of the redhead's ambrosia like pussy
juice until every drop was either on her face or in her belly.

When she was finally done Donna pulled the other girl up by her hair and
kissed her passionately, forcing her tongue into her mouth. Chloe could taste
her own pussy on Donna's lips and she was sure that the redhead could taste
her juices on her lips too. This seemed to fuel both girls desires as their
lip lock grew in intensity, swapping both spit and pussy juice between them.

Eventually they broke apart just in time to see their little bitches cum in
each other's mouths, the loud slurping noises indicating that both brunettes
were trying to swallow as much of each other's girl cream as humanly

Both Jackie and Lana had become so concentrated on bringing the other to
climax that their orgasms had caught them completely off guard. They tried
their best to concentrate on swallowing the sweet girl cum down their throats
but the climaxes prevented them from getting it all which left them a little
ashamed. With all the time they spend eating pussy they should've been able
to get all of the other girl's cum. Clearly they needed more practice. A lot
more practice.

They were about to get their wish.

"If you bitches are done sucking on each other's dirty little whore holes you
can come over here and have the privilege of eating our beautiful cunts!"
said Donna, beginning to feel her inner Dom take control of her again.

Untangling themselves quickly the two brunettes crawled over to where their
mistresses were standing.

Before they reached them Chloe said, "No Lana, you eat mistress Donna. I want
to sample Jackie's little dyke tongue and see if she is as good a pussy
licker as her mistress!"

Both of the submissive brunettes looked to their mistresses for any signs of
hesitation. Seeing none Lana crawled over to kneel in front of Donna and
Jackie crawled over and knelt in front of Chloe. Each mistress spread their
legs, reached out to grab a handful of brunette hair, and pulled the two
girls faces forward into their cunts.

Both mistresses let out a long moan as both girls immediately went to work,
obediently licking at their pussys like the good little rug munchers they

"Oh fuck yeah, eat my pussy you stupid little dyke! Come on, fucking eat it!"
Chloe growled, thrusting her hips forward into Jackie's face, "Eat that pussy
like it was your last meal on earth bitch! I bet you'd like that wouldn't
you... you'd like your last meal to be pussy... hell, I bet you'd like every
one of your meals to be pussy! It doesn't matter what kind of pussy because
you're a total pussy slut who just can't get enough fucking pussy! Oh yeah
you're a cunt lapping, muff diving, rug munching, carpet cleaning, little
pussy slut who fucking needs pussy just like my little bitch Lana!"

"You've got that right bitch!" said Donna, pushing Lana's face further into
her cunt, "My little Jackie was born to eat pussy and so was your little
bitch Lana! I can't fucking believe the mouth on this girl. Is her mother a
vacuum cleaner or something? And how long exactly has she spent in between
your legs to develop that magic tongue of hers?"

"Oh I've lost count of how many times I've cum in that pretty little mouth of
hers." Chloe laughed at her bitch's expense, "Sometimes she just can't help
herself and begs me for the privilege of going down on me for hours. The only
reason I let her do it because I feel sorry for her. It must be so hard going
through life being a total cunt craver who hates going more than a few hours
without a pussy in her face!"

"Hours! Jackie has problems going minutes without eating pussy! I can see it
in her eyes, if she doesn't have her face buried in a nice juicy cunt,
preferably mine, she gets so horny she starts rubbing her little dyke cunt,
just dreaming of getting her mouth on a nice piece of pussy! Isn't that right

Jackie's reply was a frantic nod and muffled moan into mistress Chloe's cunt
which caused both Donna and Chloe to laugh out loud. Jackie paid them no
attention, she was far too lost in eating the blonde's heavenly cunt.

Before becoming Donna's bitch Jackie had never even thought about going down
on another woman. It had used to seem so... unnatural. Now it was the most
natural thing in the world to her. Chloe's pussy was the second that Jackie
had ever eaten and she had to admit to herself that she was loving every
minute of it. The blonde's tasted different, and yet similar to her mistress.
But where Donna's heavenly cunt tasted like strawberries, Jackie's favourite
fruit, Chloe's almost as equally yummy cunt tasted like a rich honey. It was
good, really, really good, but it just wasn't her mistress Donna's pussy.

Lana's little mouth was driving Donna crazy. Those wonderfully soft lips
caressed and sucked her pussy lips expertly as the submissive's tongue
rapidly moved in and out of her, every so often swirling inside her. She
could only imagine how much time the brunette must have spent between Chloe's
legs to be such a great little muff diver. Looking over at Jackie giving
Chloe head Donna couldn't help but feel a little jealous of her girl going
down on somebody else, but at the same time it was an incredible turn on to
hear an experience dyke like Chloe moan from having her girlfriend's tongue
inside her.

Chloe could remember dreaming about having girls going down on her for so
long when she finally got Lana's tongue in her cunt she almost didn't believe
how anything could be so good. Of course since she started dating Lana things
just seem to get better and better. Chloe now had experienced both a boy's
mouth and a girl's mouth on her pussy and she knew without a doubt that girls
made the better cunt lappers, and it was clear that Jackie was no exception
to this rule. The submissive brunette was obviously well trained in the art
of carpet munching, but the blonde had to admit she preferred her own
brunette's mouth above any other little pussy licker out there.

Chloe's pussy was the first that Lana had ever eaten but it certainly hadn't
been the last. The brunette had gone down on a lot of women since becoming
Chloe's bitch but no matter how tasty and juicy the pussy Lana always loved
her mistress's pussy the best. She had quickly learn to crave a taste of her
mistress's honey and even though she had never tasted a better pussy mistress
Donna's juicy love box was just as tasty. However Lana wasn't in love with
this pussy. She wasn't in love with Donna, she was in love with Chloe and it
was Chloe's pussy that Lana wanted to spend the rest of her life eating.

"Oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes!" Chloe screamed, as she slammed her
pussy into Jackie's face, "That's it, that's it, that's it! Oh you're going
to make me fucking cum! You're going to make me cum you little dyke bitch!
I'm going to cum in that pretty little lesbo mouth of yours and cover your
pretty little lezzie face in my cream! You fucking want it don't you... you
fucking cunt munching queer girl! You fucking want my cum in your pretty
little lesbo mouth and all over your pretty little lezzie face! You fucking
need my cum in your pretty little lesbo mouth and all over your pretty little
lezzie face! Well keep eating me and your going to fucking get it pussy slut!
Yeah, you keep eating me and I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum in that
pretty little lesbo mouth of yours and all over your pretty little lezzie

"Yeah keep eating her Jackie, keep eating her while her bitch fucking eats
me!" Donna cried, savagely humping Lana's face, "Your bitch eats such good
pussy Chloe! Her mouth was fucking made for this! And guess what, I'm going
to cum too! I'm going to cum all over your bitch's pretty little lezzie face
and fill that pretty little lesbo mouth of hers with my fucking cunt juice!
You hear me Lana, you stupid little dyke bitch? I'm going to cum all over
your pretty little lezzie face and fill that pretty little lesbo mouth of
yours with my fucking cunt juice! Fucking eats me you fucking dyke bitch!
Make me cum, make me cum, make me fucking cum! Oh fuck yes, just like that,
just like that, oh my god I'm fucking cumming all over your pretty little
lezzie face and in that pretty little lesbo mouth of yours too you little
fucking cunt lapping queer whore! Oh I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

Both mistresses screamed as the obedient little bitches brought them to mind
blowing orgasms. There was so much cum that Jackie and Lana just couldn't
swallow it all and their faces became drenched in fresh pussy juice.

Donna's and Chloe's knees became weak from the powerful climax they both
experienced and they were forced to lean against the table to support their
weight. Their bitches continued to greedily suck at their cunts until they
pushed away in exhaustion and staggered round the side of the table to where
the basket of goodies lay.

"Ok bitches close your eyes. Your mistresses of a surprise for you." said
Chloe as she reached in to grab her favourite toy and give a carbon copy of
it to Donna.

Jackie and Lana closed their eyes but both of them had a good idea what the
'surprise' was and both of them couldn't be happier about it. They also
couldn't be more right about it.

Donna and Chloe strapped on the harnesses before reaching back into the toy
box for a dildo to attach to them.

Seeing the dildo that the blonde chose, Donna said, "I thought you said at
this stage we were going to fuck each other's bitches?"

"We are." said Chloe dismissively.

"Well you're not using a 12 inch dildo on my girl."

"Relax Donna, I told you there is nothing like stretching a bitch out to make
her even more smitten with you then she already is."

"And if that's the case don't you think I should be the one to stretch her

Chloe thought for a minute and realised that Donna had a valid point, "Yeah
ok, you're right, but if I'm only going to use a 10 incher you've got to do
the same."

"Fine." said Donna, attaching a 10 inch dildo to her harness.

"And remember to try some of the other shapes and sizes on your bitch in a
future session together ok?" said Chloe as she put her 10 incher into place.

"Ok." said Donna as they each attached a set of balls to their respective
dildos before they advanced towards their bitches who were obediently
kneeling in the exact same spot they were before, their eyes tightly shut in
anticipation of what was to come.

"All right bitches, you can open your eyes now."

Immediately after Chloe said this Jackie and Lana blinked their eyes open and
smiled when they both saw a large dildo in front of their faces.

"Well don't just sit there looking stupid, fucking suck our fucking cocks!"
Chloe said, pushing her strap on against Jackie's lips.

Jackie obeyed without question, opening her mouth wide to allow the head of
the shaft passage through her lips to the back of her throat. She had been
expecting her mistress Donna's dildo, but she was sure that this wouldn't be
happening if her mistress didn't want it to happen and Jackie certainly
didn't want to displease her mistress. Besides, Chloe was hot and Jackie had
no problem sucking on her strap on.

The second the order was out of Chloe's mouth Lana's lips were wrapped around
the head of Donna's dildo and the submissive brunette was sliding her mouth
down the huge poll. She had been sucking cock long before becoming Chloe's
bitch but since her wonderful mistress had put her in her place Lana had
become such an expert cock sucker that she could probably put a hooker to

As both the submissive girls began to bob their heads on the dildos Chloe and
Donna grabbed a handful of brunette hair and began to lightly thrust their
hips forward, gently fucking the mouth of the other's bitch. They went slowly
at first, not knowing how good the girl giving them head was at deep
throating but they needn't have worried.

Sensing mistress Donna was trying to get more of her strap on in her mouth
Lana relaxed her throat muscles and slid her lips down the shaft until she
reached the base, with her nose pressed against Donna's pubic bone and her
chin pressed against the dildo's balls. She stayed there as long as she
possibly could until her eyes watered and she started to gag. She came up for
a few quick breaths of air before repeating this process.

Not wanting to be outdone Jackie did the same with Chloe's cock, sliding the
huge dildo down her throat until she could kiss the base. She'd had a lot of
experience sucking cock lately but not as much as Lana so she was unable to
keep the strap on lodged in her throat as long as the other brunette.

Because of this Chloe became impatient increasing the power behind her
thrusts into Jackie's throat, the balls of her strap on beginning to
rhythmically slap against the submissive brunette's chin.

"Come on you fucking cocks sucker! Fucking suck my fucking cock!" Chloe
screamed, twisting Jackie's hair as she fucked her face, "Is that the best
you can do? Oh my God you can barely take 10 inches in that fucking cock
depository of a throat of yours! What kind of bitch can't take 10 inches in
their throats for more than a few fucking seconds? If you were my bitch I'd
fucking beat your ass until you fucking learn that your throat just like
every other part of your body was made to be used and abused by men and real
women! Yeah that's right real women, not a cock sucking, cunt lapping little
whore like you! Look at you, on your fucking knees sucking on a fake cock to
please a member of your own sex! You actually think you're a fucking real
woman you fucking bitch? Answer me?"

Chloe pulls out of Jackie's throat long enough for the brunette to reply,
"No, I'm not a real woman... I'm a cock sucking slut... I'm a cunt lapping
whore... I'm a bitch... Donna's bitch."

"Oh really? Well guess what slut? Tonight you're going to be my bitch!"
laughed Chloe as she stuffed her strap on back inside Jackie's mouth, grabbed
a handful of brunette hair and began to viciously face fuck Donna's bitch.

Eager to please Jackie redoubled her cock sucking efforts, taking every
single inch of Chloe's large dildo into her mouth and down her throat.
Because she could not keep it lodged in her throat longer than Lana could
Jackie began to bob her head on the shaft, sliding her lips all the way down
to the base and then pulling out until only the tip was in her mouth. She
repeated this over and over, slowly increasing the pace, until her throat
relaxed to the point where she barely even notice just how savagely the
blonde was face fucking her.

A weird mixture of anger, jealousy, and extreme arousal flooded Donna's mind.
It made her extremely hot watching her bitch bob her head on Chloe's strap on
while she was receiving some expert head from the blonde's bitch but the same
time she was both jealous of what Chloe was doing and angry with her for
doing it even if this was supposed to help her relationship with Jackie.

She'd only agree to this because the blonde had pointed out that she and
Jackie need to experiment more with their sexuality before they can come to
any kind of conclusion about what they are. This means of course exploring
new and interesting sexual activities with each other and a variety of
different ways while the same time having sex with both men and women. Donna
was fine with that, but she couldn't help being jealous watching the woman
she loved with someone else. Plus some of the things Chloe was saying really
pissed the redhead off. Jackie's mouth was awesome and the blonde should
consider herself lucky to experience her girl's lips wrapped around her shaft
and just because Chloe's bitch was clearly a total cock slut doesn't mean
Chloe should have the right to compare her whore's mouth with her Jackie's
mouth. Of course her heart had melted when she'd heard Jackie say that she
was her bitch, as it always did, but then that blonde slut had the audacity
to say that Jackie was her bitch tonight! Well if Chloe wanted it like that
then tonight Donna was going to make Lana her bitch.

Donna began to speed up her face fucking, grabbing the back of Lana's head
and viciously thrusting her hips forward, "Come on bitch, is that all you've
got? Is that all you've got you fucking cock sucker? Come on whore start
showing me those cock sucking skills that your mistress has been bragging
about. She said you've spent days sucking cock, that since you two got
together the only time that you haven't been sucking cock is when you've been
eating pussy. Apparently you're as bigger slut for cock as you are for pussy.
Well you're going to show me, you're going to show me how much you love cock!
Come on, open up those slutty throat muscles of yours and take all of my
beautiful cock inside your whore mouth! Yes, that's it, take every inch, take
every fucking inch! Open that throat for me, open that throat for my cock,
open that slutty throat for my beautiful cock!"

The face fucking was brutal but Lana loved it. This was another chance to
prove to her mistress Chloe that she be willing to do anything to please her
and Lana loved the opportunity to prove to her mistress Chloe that she be
willing to do anything to please her. Besides, she loved being used as an
orifice for someone else's pleasure, especially someone as beautiful as

Watching Donna fuck Lana's throat Chloe decided it was about time to end the
strap on sucking at this point. Partly because the dildos were by now nicely
lubed for what was to come, partly because she was tired of Jackie's mouth
and longed to fucked this beautiful girls pretty pussy, but partly because
Donna's throat fucking was becoming so brutal that it actually had the blonde
worried for her bitch's safety and considering how much cock she had seen
Lana suck it took a lot to make her worried when it came to her bitch giving
head. Then again they had been a long time since Chloe had met someone like

"Ok, that's enough of that you fucking cock suckers! Come with me!" said
Chloe pulling Jackie's cock hungry mouth off her strap on and pulling her by
the hair over to the table.

Grabbing Lana's hair Donna followed them to the table where they removed the
basket and placed it on the floor before positioning the Sub's either side on
the table on their stomachs so they were facing each other. They then tied
the brunettes to the table so they couldn't move, their legs bound to the
arms, their hands tied together in front of them.

Positioning herself behind Jackie, the blonde pressed her strap on at the
entrance to Jackie's love tunnel as Donna did the same to Lana.

"Do you want our cocks sluts?" growled Chloe.

"Oh yes!" Jackie and Lana whimpered in unison.

"Then beg us to fuck you bitches!" Donna said, slapping Lana's ass cheek,
"Beg us to fuck your slutty little pussys!"

"Oh please, I beg you mistress Donna, please fuck my slutty little pussy!"
Lana pleaded shamelessly, "I want you to fuck my slutty little pussy! I need
you to fuck my slutty little pussy! I need it so bad! I'm a fucking slut
whore who needs your fucking cock! Please I humbly beg you with every ounce
of my worthless being to put your beautiful cock inside my slutty little
pussy and fuck me until you're satisfied! I'm an orifice who's purpose in
life is to be used and abused! Please fulfil my purpose in life by shoving
your beautiful cock inside my slutty little pussy and use me for your

"Oh please, I beg you mistress Chloe, please fuck my slutty little pussy!"
Jackie begged at the exact same time, "I want you to fuck my slutty little
pussy! I need you to fuck my slutty little pussy! I'm a worthless fucking
whore who needs your beautiful cock inside my slutty little pussy to make me
complete! Please, I'm not complete unless I have the strap on cock of a
beautiful woman inside me! I beg you with every fibre of my being to use my
whore flesh for your pleasure! I want to be used for your pleasure, I need to
be used for your pleasure, please use me for your pleasure!"

Donna and Chloe exchanged an evil smile with each other before they slowly
pushed the tip of their dildos through the bitches pussy lips and into their
cock hungry cunts.

Jackie and Lana let out loud moans of pleasure as they were filled with strap
on cock, the mistresses slowly sliding their dildos through their soaking
love channels.

Lubricated with saliva and pussy juice the fake cocks slid easily through the
bitches cunts until the blonde's and the redhead's thighs came to rest up
against the brunettes ass cheeks, announcing full penetration.

The mistresses gave the submissive's just enough time for them to relax
around the huge invaders before beginning to slide in and out of their oh so
ready pussys. But instead of giving them the hard pussy pounding that Jackie
and Lana craved, Donna and Chloe slowly moved their strap on cocks in and out
of the tied up girls.

Being bound to the table made Jackie feel completely helpless and she found
herself both loving and hating it. She loved being at the mercy of this
beautiful blonde and her wonderful mistress Donna but right now she needed to
be fucked and fucked hard and her restraints were stopping her from even
being able to push back against the wonderful invasion caused by mistress
Chloe's strap on.

Her pussy was wet and ready to be fucked but before she could beg mistress
Chloe to give her the fucking she desired she was interrupted by the
dominating blonde.

"Why don't you bitches provide some entertainment for your mistresses while
you're getting fucked! Let's see, I know why don't you two little lesbos
start kissing for us! Come on, kiss each other like you're just two little
lezzie's in love!" Chloe said, pushing Jackie's face towards Lana's.

Obeying eagerly Jackie pressed her lips against Lana's and pushed her tongue
into the other brunettes welcoming mouth. They began to slowly, romantically
kiss each other, turning their heads from side to side to give their
mistresses a good show.

"Oh yes, that's it you little lesbos, fucking kiss each other! Fucking kiss
each other like the little lezzie's you are! You just can't help it can you?
You're just two little lezzie's who can't help but want to kiss each other
because you're so fucking in love!" Chloe said mockingly.

Looking up at the redhead Chloe couldn't help smiling inwardly. Her plan was
working. It was simple, test Donna and Jackie's relationship by having them
have sex with different people and then talk about it. That way they would
discover whether they were gay or not and if it was each other they really
wanted to be with. From the look in the redhead's eyes Chloe could tell that
Donna was feeling both jealousy and arousal at the sight of her bitch kissing
another woman while getting fucked by that woman's mistress. So far the
results of her little plan was inconclusive, but it should be quite an
interesting little test, especially when it meant she got to fuck this sweet
little piece of ass.

Lana knew exactly what her mistress Chloe was up to and she didn't have a
problem with it. They had done something like this before and it had helped
two friends of theirs better understand their relationship with each other.
The idea was to help Donna and Jackie sort out some of the confusion they
might have about their relationship, which Lana could definitely sympathise
with. She could still remember how frightening her feelings for her mistress
Chloe had been at first before she'd accepted her true place in life, and she
hated the thought of anyone having to go through that alone. She certainly
hadn't been. She had learned that she was never alone. She always had and
always would have her mistress Chloe and if doing this helped Donna and
Jackie had something to get that was half as good as things were with her and
her mistress Chloe and this was the way they realised it than Lana would have
no problem playing along. And if that meant she had to kiss a beautiful woman
like Jackie while another beautiful woman like Donna fucked her then that was
a price she was just going to have to pay.

Jackie love the feeling of the other soft woman's lips pressed against her
own, their tongues dancing together like a work of art. It only increased her
arousal from being expertly fucked by the beautiful blonde. However mistress
Chloe was continuing to only fuck her in long, slow strokes and Jackie
really, really wanted to be properly pound fucked. The fact was that her
pussy had completely relaxed around the huge shaft inside her and now she was
desperate for a long hard fucking. When she was being fucked by her mistress
Donna all she had to do was beg and plead for a hard fucking and her
redheaded goddess would give her the type of toe curling pleasure that she'd
never received before, even with Michael and Stephen who were great fucks.
The only things stopping her from begging now will Lana's soft lips and more
importantly the unknown reaction from Chloe. Jackie had no idea how the
blonde mistress would react to her begging. Would she find it endearing like
her mistress Donna, or would she find it insulting? She wished that the other
girl would beg for the fucking first but she just couldn't wait any more.

"Oh my god please, I beg you mistress Chloe, please fuck me!" pleaded Jackie,
breaking her kiss with Lana, "Please, I need to be fucked! I need to be
fucked hard! Please mistress Chloe pound fucked my slutty little pussy until
I can't fucking walk!"

"Oh you want to be fucked do you, you fucking lesbo bitch?" Chloe growled,
pulling Jackie by her hair, "You wanna get fucked by me and my big fucking
girl cock? Are you a filthy little lezzie slut who needs her fucking little
dyke cunt torn apart by a big fucking girl cock for her to feel pleasure! You
are aren't you! Your a filthy little lezzie slut who needs to get fucked by
me and my big fucking girl cock so hard that your fucking little dyke cunt
gets torn apart! Aren't you bitch?"

"Oh God yes, please mistress Chloe, tear my fucking little dyke cunt wide
open with your big fucking girl cock!" begged Jackie, "I want to have my
fucking little dyke cunt torn apart by your big fucking girl cock! I need to
have my fucking little dyke cunt torn apart by your big fucking girl cock!
Please mistress Chloe, I'm a stupid, worthless, filthy little lezzie slut who
needs to have her fucking little dyke cunt torn apart by your big fucking
girl cock!"

"And how about you Lana?" Said Chloe turning to her bitch, "Do you want
mistress Donna to fuck your slutty little dyke cunt with her big fucking girl

"Oh mistress Chloe, I need mistress Donna to fuck my slutty little dyke cunt
with her big fucking girl cock!" Lana pleaded, "I want her to tear me apart
with it until I can't cum anymore! Please mistress Donna, I need to be
fucked! I need to be fucked by you! I need to be fucked by you and your big
fucking girl cock! I need you to fuck my slutty little dyke cunt with your
big fucking girl cock! I beg you mistress Donna with every fibre of my
worthless being to fuck my slutty little dyke cunt with your big fucking girl

"What do you think mistress Donna?" Chloe turns to the redhead, "Should we
take pity on these wretched little dykes and start properly fucking them

"Let's." said Donna with an evil smile.

With that the mistress's began to pound fucked the bitches cunts, the sound
of their hips slapping off the girls ass cheeks soon started to fill the room
along with the ear piercing screams of Lana and Jackie as they squirmed in
pleasure, their bounds still preventing them from moving.

Jackie's screams of pleasure were eventually silenced by Lana's soft lips as
the other brunette began to frantically kiss her as they were being fucked.
She welcomed those lips and the soft tongue that slipped out of them into her

Kissing Lana took her mind off the fact that she couldn't push back against
this wonderful fucking she was receiving from mistress Chloe. Of course the
blonde was doing a great job of fucking her without any assistance, but
Jackie had come to like slamming herself back against a dominating woman's
strap on and missed being able to do so here. Although she had to admit the
feeling of being helpless against mistress Chloe was extremely arousing and
the dominating blonde was doing a great job of fucking her like the little
bitch that she was.

Lana was unsure whether her mistress Chloe wanted her to continue kissing
Jackie or not but as long as her mistress didn't complain she was free to
sample those oh so soft lips and play with the cute little tongue of her
fellow brunettes.

She wanted to do this partly because she honestly enjoyed kissing Jackie but
partly because she didn't want to show her mistress Chloe just how well
mistress Donna was fucking her. Her mistress loved to watch her get fucked by
another woman, or even sometimes another man, but she became incredibly
territorial when she thought someone else was fucking her as well as she
could. Her mistress Chloe of course had nothing to worry about, Lana was a
loyal little bitch who couldn't imagine her life without her mistress, but it
didn't stop them getting jealous of each other from time to time.

The thing is while mistress Donna certainly wasn't doing a better job of
fucking her than her mistress Chloe, the redhead was doing just as good job
of fucking her as her mistress Chloe. The only question remained was did her
blonde goddess realise that mistress Donna was fucking her as good as she

Over the past few years Chloe had acquired a vast knowledge of all things
sexual. She could tell when her girl was getting properly fucked and it
couldn't be clearer to her that Donna was giving her a first-class fucking.

The blonde couldn't help being a little jealous of Donna. When she started
fucking Lana with a strap on Chloe had been able to become very good at using
it over a very short time. This of course was down to hours of practice.
Hours and hours of practice. Hours and hours of pounding Lana's pussy and
ass until her sweet bitch couldn't walk straight.

Either Donna had done the same with Jackie or the redhead was just a natural
at using a strap on. Either way Donna was clearly very skilled and Chloe was
going to have to make sure to give her bitch of proper fucking to remind her
who her true mistress was after the redhead was done fucking her.

Donna was really enjoying pounding Lana's sweet little pussy but she couldn't
take her eyes off Jackie.

Her bitch just looks so beautiful tied up while she was kissing a girl and
being fucked from behind by another. Donna couldn't wait until they got home
where she will be free to tie up Jackie in any way she wanted, bending her
pretty little body in all sorts of positions before teasing her for hours
until her bitch was begging her to fuck her. Or she might just cut out the
teasing and start slam fucking her the second her bounds were secure. Either
way Donna was definitely going to have some serious bondage fun with Jackie.
Turning her attention back to Lana the redhead studied the body of the tied
up brunette beauty. Lana looked so cute and helpless tide up. There was a
vulnerability to her and yet her pussy was so wet and ready for the hard
pounding of her strap on that it was impossible to believe that she wasn't
enjoying herself.

Unfortunately in her current state she couldn't push back against her
thrusting which bothered Donna somewhat.

Since she had started fucking Jackie with a strap on Donna had come to love
the feeling of her bitch pushing back against her as she thrust into her. It
always made her feel like her bitch's body was physically baking out for her
to fuck her harder, which was obviously impossible under the circumstances,
but then again there was always more than one way to make a bitch beg for her

Grabbing a handful of Lana's hair Donna pulled her mouth away from Jackie's
and yelled in her ear, "Do you like that bitch? Do you like me fucking you?"

"Oh yes! Oh god yes!" Lana replied hastily.

"Well if you like it, why don't you fucking beg me for it than you fucking
disgusting little dyke bitch!" screamed Donna, "Begged me for my big fucking
girl cock! Beg me for it you fucking lezzie slut!"

"Oh god please mistress Donna fucked me!" begged Lana, "I want to be fucked
by you! I need to be fucked by you! I'm a disgusting little dyke bitch who
lives to be fucked by a nice big fucking girl cock just like yours! I lie
awake at night thinking about girl cocks like yours and my mistress Chloe's!
I'm a total lezzie slut for big fucking girl cock! Please fuck me like the
total lezzie slut for big fucking girl cock I am! Please mistress Donna, I
need to be fucked like the total lezzie slut I am with your big fucking girl

"And what about you Jackie?" asked Chloe as she continued to pound into
Jackie's welcoming love hole, "Do you like the way my big fucking girl cock
is stretching out your slutty little dyke cunt? Well, do you? Answer me you
fucking lesbian whore!"

"Oh my God, I love it, I fucking love it!" screamed Jackie, "I love the way
your big fucking girl cock is stretching out my slutty little dyke cunt! It
feels so fucking good! It feels so good to have a girl cock inside me! I love
having my mistress Donna's girl cock inside me and yours feels so fucking
good as well! Oh my fucking God, I must be the biggest lesbian whore in the
whole world because I can't get enough big fucking girl cock! I can't help
it, it feels so good! Oh my god I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum all over
your big fucking girl cock!"

"Me too!" Lana cried with joy, "I can't help it, it feels so fucking good! I
want to cum! I need to cum! I'm going to cum!"

Jackie joined Lana in an ear piercing scream.

Chloe's skill at using a strap on, the sensation of utter helplessness, the
foul language spurting out of everyone's mouths, it all just caught up to
Jackie and she found herself exploding in a powerful climax. The orgasm was
immediately followed by another and another and another. Her orgasms rocked
her body, sending sensation's from her toes to her fingertips, the whole time
her eyes focused on how magnificently beautiful her mistress Donna looked
pounding into that whore Lana.

Jackie wasn't the only one who found everything was just too much for her.
The pleasure Lana was experiencing was just too much for her to handle and
she found herself screaming out, her body climaxing over and over in
submission to mistress Donna's fucking skills.

As the bitches came on the cocks the two mistresses stared into each other's
eyes as the combination of the clit stimulators and the sheer feeling of
power sent them both over the edge. Almost at the exact same time they both
reached down, squeezed their dildo's balls and shot a large load of gooie
girl cum deep inside Jackie's and Lana's cunts.

When Donna did this to Jackie it was like she was marking her territory, but
this was different this was invading someone else's territory. The redhead
found it both incredibly twisted and incredibly arousing.

In Chloe's mind she was invading someone else's territory and that's what
made it so hot. By laying claim to Jackie's cunt she would hopefully inspire
Donna to re-establish herself as Jackie's owner at a later date which, if all
goes well, would bring them closer together. After all, how could Donna and
Jackie know whether or not they were meant to be together if their
relationship isn't challenged, and this was a fun way to challenge the
relationship, especially for Chloe.

When Chloe was absolutely sure every single drop of her girlie liquid was
inside Jackie's pussy she slowly pulled her strap on out of her and watched
as the redhead did the same.

"Help me untie them."

Donna nodded her head and helped Chloe untie their bitches from the table
before pulling the girls into their arms.

"Ok, follow me." said Chloe, leading Donna and Jackie over to the final piece
of equipment she and the redhead had planned to use.

The blonde lead them to two pairs of handcuffs hanging from the ceiling. The
cuffs were coated with a soft fabric designed for comfort while wearing, but
on the inside there was strong steel which neither brunettes had any hope of

Placing her girl underneath the handcuffs Chloe ordered, "Lift your hands

Lana obeyed without question allowing Chloe to secure the handcuffs tightly
around her wrists.

Not needing to be told Jackie raised her arms to allow her mistress to cuff
her. Turning her girl to face Lana the redhead made sure the cuffs were
tightly around Jackie's wrists so she could not escape.

"I'm going to get a couple of things from the basket. Why don't you little
bitches start kissing again to provide mistress Donna with a show until I get
back." said Chloe, turning and walking back towards the table.

Picking up the box from off the floor Chloe placed it back on the table,
reached in for some more items she had bought from the store, and walked back
over to where Donna was watching the two submissive's kiss.

She handed Donna a replacement ball set for her strap on before switching her
own. When she had done it she did a fake cough to get the two brunettes
attentions and couldn't help smile at the look on their faces.

Lana was smiling lustfully but Jackie was in a state of wide eyed shock.

In Jackie's defence, she had never seen a dildo that big before.

"Don't worry Jackie, it's not just for you?" said Chloe, stroking the shaft
menacingly, "It's a 20 inch long double headed dildo so you can fuck a
beautiful girl like Lana while your fucking yourself. From what I hear Donna
has been using a 10 incher on you, much like the ones we've been using
tonight, you should be stretched enough to take half of it. Unless of course
you or Lana get greedy and try to take more than your fair share of it you
shouldn't have a problem taking it."

After she was finished speaking the blonde walked up behind Lana, gave a long
lick of her fingers and began to rub her bitch's soaking wet pussy. As Donna
did the same thing with her girl, Chloe pressed the tip of the massive
instrument against the entrance to Lana's pussy and began to push the huge
dildo inside her. The submissive brunette's cunt was already well lubricated
with both Donna's cum and her own so she had no problems taking her half of
the large shaft. Donna and Jackie watched in amazement as Lana took all of
the big fake cock into her cunt with nothing but a look of blissful pleasure
on her face. Chloe then held the dildo towards Donna and Jackie, offering it
to her fellow mistress to insert into her girl.

Donna had been frantically fingering Jackie to prepare her for what was to
come but there was little need. Jackie's juices were flowing as she thought
about taking the huge dildo inside her so when her mistress Donna took the
head of the fake cock and pressed it against her opening the submissive
brunette was able to take it with ease. Donna slowly and gently slid Jackie
forwards and the dildo inwards until her bitch was impaled on the man made

"Very good Jackie, I'm impressed. Now, you bitches stay where you are and
don't fucking move until we tell you too!" said Chloe, before turning to
Donna, "Would it be all right if I took a look at your bitch's ass?"

"Go ahead." said Donna, stepping away from Jackie to allow Chloe access to
her bitch's tight little behind.

Kneeling down behind Jackie, the blonde spread her ass cheeks to get a good
look at her cunt being spread out by the massive dildo and just above it her
cute little rosebud that seemed to be just begging for attention.

"You're right, she does have a cute little ass hole..." said Chloe licking
her lips, "Do you mind if I taste it?"

"Only if I can have a taste of your bitch's yummy looking ass." said Donna.

"No problem." said Chloe before she pressed the tip of her tongue on Jackie's
little starfish and began to force her way inside the submissive brunette's

Jackie let out a long moan of pleasure as Chloe's tongue pushed its way into
her pooper, the sensitive walls of her shit pipe giving her tremendous
pleasure. Since becoming Donna's bitch Jackie had learned to love anal play,
and had began to crave the feeling of a tongue inside her ass hole. Partly
because it was incredibly stimulating but mostly because it had always lead
to larger objects being crammed into her shitter.

As Jackie was enjoying having her ass hole being licked, Donna was kneeling
behind Lana and spreading her butt cheeks to get a good look at the delicious
looking puckered hole just above her well stuffed pussy.

The redhead licked her lips before she shoved her tongue as deep as it would
go into Lana's back door, the brunettes moans of pleasure encouraging her.
Perhaps not surprisingly Donna's tongue was met with little resistance and
she had no problem getting as much of her tongue inside the brunette's butt
hole as she possibly could. Lana's ass was as tasty as it looked and Donna
found herself becoming lost in giving a long drawn out rim job.

After two long years of constant anal abuse Lana's ass could take the largest
of cocks, be they real or fake, so Donna's tongue didn't bother her. Exactly
the opposite. The redhead's tongue felt good inside her ass. Very, very good.
In the past she had been able to cum just from having her ass licked out by
Chloe, but Lana could tell what this was. This was Donna and Chloe preparing
hers and Jackie's ass holes for those nice big dildos strapped around their
waists and Lana wanted to save her climax until she had one of those nice big
dildos buried balls deep inside her butt hole.

Chloe was thoroughly enjoying rimming Jackie's tasty ass but she was eager to
pound the brunette's poo passage so she tore herself away from the delicious
little butt and grabbed one of the little bottles of lube. She coated her
index finger in lubricant before pressing it to Jackie's shit hole and pushed
it into the knuckle. She then slowly moved it in and out, listening to the
brunettes moans as she finger fucked her ass.

"Hay Donna, lube up my bitch with this." said Chloe, passing Donna the other
bottle of lubricant without taking her finger out of Jackie's ass hole.

Remembering what Chloe had said before about how lubricant made it easier on
the girl receiving anal attention, Donna coated her finger in the lubricant
before sliding it slowly into Lana's welcoming poop shoot. The brunette's
rectum was so accepting of her finger Donna cautiously lubricated her middle
finger and inserted into Lana's dumper alongside her index finger. The
submissive girl took the two fingers with no problem and the redhead was even
able to fit in a third once lubricated.

Incredibly turned on by this Donna said, "Can I fuck your bitch's ass Chloe?"

"Only if I can fuck your bitch's ass!" Chloe said with a smile.

"Deal." said Donna as she stood up and pressed the tip of her strap on to the
entrance of Lana's bowels.

Lana's ass hole spread wide in acceptance of Donna's dildo, the head passing
through her tight little anal ring and sliding into the brunette's rectum.
Despite how many times she had cum already Lana was feeling horny and
desperate for the strap on around Donna's waist. She needed to have it all
inside her now. Lana relaxed her ass muscles, stretching to accommodate the
massive piece of man made cock into her shit shoot. Donna tried to go as
gently and as slowly as she possibly could but Lana's ass seemed like it was
starving for her cock and devoured her fake dick to the balls with surprising
ease. In no time at all the redhead's thighs rested against Lana's ass cheeks
announcing full pooper penetration.

As Donna was sliding her strap on into Lana's shit hole, Chloe was pressing
her own girl cock up against Jackie's puckered opening. The blonde slowly
but firmly force the submissive brunette's back door open to allow the head
of her strap on through her poop passage. If she was butt fucking her bitch
Chloe would have slammed her way through her bowels in a few quick hard
thrusts but she had been sodomising Lana since shortly after they had first
got together and she had no idea how much cock Jackie had taken up her ass.
She knew Donna had buggered Jackie before and it was obvious to her that the
brunette wasn't a total anal virgin but she was still very tight so Chloe
still decided to take her time filling Jackie's ass with her girl cock.

Donna decided to wait until Chloe was balls deep inside Jackie's butt before
she would start to fuck Lana's ass. She didn't have to wait long.

Jackie's butt didn't except all of Chloe's girl cock as quickly as Lana's
butt could, and had for Donna, but sooner than the blonde thought she would
she found her hips resting against Jackie's ass cheeks, her strap on
completely buried inside the brunette's bowels.

Jackie's tight ass hole was creating a wonderful friction on Chloe's clit via
her strap on cock but as much as the blonde would have dearly loved to grab a
firm hold of the brunette's hips and start seriously pound fucking her pooper
she couldn't take that risk. Despite how easily the brunette had taken all 10
inches of her dildo up her butt Chloe didn't want to risk seriously damaging
Jackie or her cute little back door by slamming her shitter too hard, too
soon. So after giving Jackie's pooper sometime to adjust to its penetration
Chloe began to slowly slide her dildo in and out of the brunette's butt hole,
stretching out her shit hole for what was to come.

As Chloe began to stretch out Jackie's shit hole Donna did the same with Lana
slowly pulling her strap on out of the brunette's bowels before reinserting
it back to the balls inside her back door. The pressure on her clit and the
wonderfully perverted feeling she was receiving from sodomising this
submissive girl made Donna want to tear Lana's ass wide open, but she knew
she couldn't. Lana's ass had clearly been well pounded, probably for years,
but there was no excuse for Donna to take liberties with another girl's
bitch. After all, she didn't want to damage Chloe's property.

Chloe's property love to be butt fucked but there was only one way she liked
her butt fucking, rough and hard. Donna's slow and gentle stretching of her
shitter had made Lana horny for the buggering she knew was coming and she was
in a war with herself whether or not she should show her desires. The
combination of the dildo in her cunt and the strap on slowly sliding through
her shit hole was driving Lana crazy but she didn't want to anger her
mistress Chloe by speaking without permission first. It was a rule her
mistress didn't always enforce, but there was always the chance that she
would displease the blonde if she spoke first and displeasing her mistress
Chloe in anyway would break Lana's submissive heart. But she could see her
salvation in Jackie's eyes. The other brunette's eyes spoke of a wanton anal
lust and the poor girl was obviously in need of a serious shitter slamming.
It was only a matter of time before the impatient Sub would start begging to
be properly buggered. But Lana didn't know if she could wait. She needed her
ass fucked and fucked hard. Gritting her teeth she decided to be patient and
hope that Jackie would start to beg soon.

Jackie's ass had stretched to the point where it was accepting Chloe's girl
cock moving inside it with absolutely no problem but the sensations were
making her crazy. Ever since her mistress Donna took her anal cherry Jackie
had grown to crave cock up her butt, but she hated the slowly and gentle anal
sex that her mistress Donna always gave her at the beginning of their butt
fucking sessions. It was the exact same slow and gentle crap that mistress
Chloe was now using to sodomise her. She understood the importance of
stretching out her shit hole so she didn't get hurt but mistress Donna, and
now mistress Chloe, always seem to slowly butt fuck her until the desire to
get her shitter slam fucked was unbearable and she cried out and begged for
them to properly bugger her. It was like they wanted to hear her beg.

Well they were going to, "Oh God please mistress Chloe, fuck my ass! Please
fuck my ass! I want my ass fucked! I need my ass fucked! Please tear my ass
hole apart with your big beautiful girl cock! I want it! I need it! Fuck me!
Fuck my ass! Fuck my fucking ass! Please mistress Chloe, fuck my fucking

"Oh you want me to fuck your fucking ass to you bitch?" Chloe growled,
pulling Jackie's hair, "You want me to fuck your fucking ass? Well then
begged me for it some more! I fucking love to hear a bitch beg for her
buggery! Come on bitch, begged me to fucking ruin your ass! Beg me to give
you the kind of proper butt fucking you crave you little ass whore! Beg for
mistress Chloe's big beautiful girl cock to rip your ass open like the little
anal slut you are!"

"Oh God yes, God yes, God yes fuck my fucking ass mistress Chloe I beg you!"
Jackie begged shamelessly, "Fuck my fucking ass with your big beautiful girl
cock! Tear my ass open like the little anal slut I am! I'm a fucking anal
slut! I'm a fucking ass whore! I'm a fucking stupid, disgusting, dirty little
anal loving ass bitch who just can't get enough dick up her butt! Please
mistress Chloe I'm a stupid bitch who is begging you to bugger her properly!
I need to be buggered properly! I need you to give me the proper butt fucking
I crave mistress Chloe! Please give me the proper butt fucking I crave!"

Smiling Chloe turned to Donna and Lana but before she had the chance to say
anything the redhead beat her to it.

"And what about you Lana?" said Donna, "Do you want to be properly butt

Knowing what was expected of her Lana spoke clearly, "Mistress Donna, this
cheap little piece of meat begs you from the bottom of its worthless heart
for you to butt fuck her with absolutely no regard for her well being! I
understand I'm an object to be used and abused as you see fit and can only
hope you find pleasure in fucking my slutty ass! I know what I want doesn't
matter but I can't help but beg you to fuck my greedy whore ass! Please, I
beg you mistress Donna, give me the proper butt fucking I need... give me the
proper butt fucking I crave!"

The mistresses exchanged a nod of agreement.

"Ok bitches, as you wish!" said Chloe, as she grabbed a tight hold of
Jackie's hips, "Just do me one favour and start rocking back and forth on
that double dildo! I want to see you sluts fucking and kissing each other
while where busting your butts! Oh and remember you asked for this when we're
ruining your fucking asses!"

With that Donna and Chloe began to savagely slam their strap on's in and out
of Jackie's and Lana's shit holes! The brunette squirmed under the initial
power of the pooper pounding, their lips crashing together to swallow each
other's cries of pain. Mere moments after they began tongue wrestling their
shit pipes adjusted to the force of the sodomy and they began to grown and
moan in pleasure into each other's mouths.

The force of the mistresses thrusts force them to move their bodies at first
un-willingly away from each other and back again, resulting in the huge
double dildo sliding in and out of their cunts. The wonderful sensation of a
dildo moving in both their cunts and asses soon had Lana and Jackie began
slamming themselves forward against each other, their clits banging together
upon impact before pushing backwards into the blonde's and the redhead's
inward thrusts, ensuring those magnificent strap on's went balls deep into
their bowels everytime.

Donna was concerned with just how brutal the buggering was but she was so
horny she found it impossible to control herself. She watched her girl
closely and to her tremendous relief shortly after Jackie's whole body tensed
up in obvious pain it relaxed again and that look of bliss covered her
bitch's face that always appeared when she was getting properly butt fucked.
Donna had only ever seen that look before when she was butt fucking her bitch
and made her a little jealous seeing Jackie have that content look on her
face from being buggered by Chloe. Luckily for the redhead she had a nice
tight ass hole to both enjoy and take her frustrations out on and from the
sounds of it Lana certainly didn't mind.

Lana could tell that mistress Donna was taking her frustrations out on her
ass hole and the brunette couldn't be happier about it. When her mistress
Chloe was frustrated she always fucked her ass twice as hard as she would
normally which, when Lana's ass was relaxed enough like it was now, would
provide her with twice the pleasure she would normally get from her
mistress's already expert sodomising skills.

As if the expert pooper pounding wasn't enough Lana's body rubbing against
Jackie's they were frantically humping against each other, fucking each other
with the double dildo. Her sensitive nipples with the crocodile clips still
attached while rubbing against Jackie's also clipped nipples as their tongues
twirled in each other's mouths, only adding to the stimulation in their

Lana had been DP'ed many times before since becoming Chloe's bitch but never
in this position. It was a little hard to keep her balance, but the handcuffs
kept her in place and the sensation of being sandwiched between two beautiful
women never failed to drive her crazy, especially when one of those women was
her beautiful mistress Chloe.

Words couldn't do justice to just how much Lana loved her mistress Chloe,
especially when she busted her butt with a huge strap on. Her mistress Chloe
had always been good at butt fucking her but Lana had to admit that the
blonde had gone from a good ass fucker to a great ass fucker since she had
started slamming her shitter. Mistress Donna was certainly proving herself to
be an excellent pooper pounder but Lana couldn't help crave her mistress
Chloe's girl cock in her poop hole. She could only hope that soon after
mistress Donna was done wrecking her rectum her mistress Chloe would re-
establish her dominance over her by buggering her so hard that she wouldn't
be able to shit properly for a week.

Chloe watched her bitch get properly ass fucked by Donna, the blonde never
missing a stroke inside Jackie's pooper. She could tell Lana was getting a
good butt fucking from the look of pleasure on her face and she was happy
that her girl was getting the buggering she deserved.

Chloe knew she would soon slam fuck Lana's shit pipe to make sure that her
bitch knew that her ass belonged to her and no one else, but for now the
blonde was enjoying Jackie's tight, fuck-able little butt hole wrapped around
her strap on which was squeezing her shaft as it moved through the
submissive's entrails, causing wonderful friction on her clit.

It was only a matter of time before Chloe came slamming into Jackie's sweet
little shit locker and she was determined to make the most of the brunette's
girl cock pleasing poo passage while it was still nice and tight, which
wouldn't be long if Chloe had her way.

Jackie could feel her orgasming approaching as the blonde expertly sodomised
her. Lana was certainly a lucky bitch to have such a skilled mistress, but
not as skilled as her mistress Donna.

Her mistress Donna saved her from a life without anal sex and Jackie was
forever in the redhead's debt for that. Ever since her mistress Donna took
her anal cherry Jackie had thought of her ass as just as much a fuck hole as
her pussy. She craved cock in her pooper just as much as she craved cock in
her cunt and right now she was receiving cock in both. She had only been
DP'ed once before and it had been wonderful. Feeling herself trapped between
two bodies, two hard cocks slamming in and out of both her fuck holes, it was
just fantastic.

She had never felt like such a slut.

Then again she was a slut, her mistress Donna's slut.

Jackie was awoken from her thoughts by mistress Chloe.

"You like that you fucking anal bitch?" the blonde screamed as she ruthlessly
hammered Jackie's ass hole, "You like me fucking your stupid little whore ass
with my big beautiful girl cock? You liked the way I stretch that ass hole
out? Well, do you?"

"Oh mistress Chloe, I fucking like the way your big beautiful girl cock fucks
my stupid little whore ass!" Jackie screamed, momentarily breaking the lip
lock with Lana, "I fucking love it! I fucking love the way your big beautiful
girl cock fucks my stupid little whore ass! Please stretch me out, stretch me
out just like that! Stretch me out with your big beautiful girl cock until I
can't fucking shit right! Stretch my stupid little whore ass out with your
big beautiful girl cock until I can't fucking shit right!"

"How about you Lana?" Donna asked, pulling the brunette's hair as she butt
fucked her, "Do you like the way I fuck that worthless cock depository you
call a ass hole? Do you like the way I'm stretching it out so it can
accommodate even the biggest big beautiful girl cock? Answer me you pathetic

"Oh yes mistress Donna, I fucking like the way you fuck that worthless cock
depository known as my ass hole! I fucking love the way you fuck that
worthless cock depository known as my ass hole! My ass hole is nothing but a
fucking cock depository for big beautiful girl cock like yours mistress
Donna! Please stretch out my cock depository so it can accommodate even the
biggest big beautiful girl cock! Please mistress Donna, stretch out my cock
depository so it can accommodate your big beautiful girl cock!"

The pounding cocks and foul language finally, mercifully brought Jackie to
her desired climax. The scream she let out was deafening. As stars flew past
her eyes Jackie frantically humped herself back and forth between the
invading dicks, switching from pushing herself forward to impale her cunt on
the double dildo to pushing herself backwards on Chloe's inward thrusts into
her pooper to ensure she got every inch of that magnificent strap on to the
balls inside her fart factory. She seemed to experience orgasm in both her
cunt and her ass hole at the exact same time. Before she had a chance to
recover from one another exploded inside one of her holes. Seconds later the
other hole would do the same. This process repeated itself until Jackie
became a mindless animal, desperate to be fucked in both its holes.

Lana was experiencing the exact same treatment, her pussy and ass on fire as
orgasm rocked through them. The only way she could possibly keep her sanity
was to put all her efforts into slamming back against Jackie, frantically
fucking herself on the double dildo as she pushed the wonderful bitch pleaser
into her fellow submissive's cunt, the other brunette's thrusting doing the
same to her. She wasn't sure if their clits banging together created more
powerful orgasms or just more orgasms, but she didn't care. She didn't
anything about anything except those wonderful dildos slamming her cunt and
ass hole.

The clit stimulation and the sheer perverted pleasure of buggering another
woman was more than enough to send Donna over the edge and she came pounding
into Lana's pooper. As orgasm rocked her body the redhead reached underneath
her to grip hold of her strap on dildo's balls and squeeze them emptying the
contents inside Lana's rectum. Just like when she had filled the brunette's
cunt with her cream, Donna felt like she was invading someone else's
territory by shooting her cum inside Lana's bowels... she felt like she was
invading Chloe's territory by shooting her cum inside Lana's bowels. It made
her feel a combination of guilt, lust and power stronger than any she had
ever felt before. It was wonderful and it was terrible at the same time.

As Donna filled Lana's ass with her cum Chloe did the same to Jackie's
pooper, using her squirting strap on to fill the brunette's shit factory with
her girl juice as she came from pounding Jackie's ass. Although the blonde
found it impossible to concentrate on her orgasm, even though it was a very
good one, when she saw just how hard her bitch came from being butt fucked by
Donna. And now the redheaded bitch was filling her girl's ass hole with her
cum. Lana's ass hole was Chloe's cum depository and the blonde felt an
overwhelming urge to prove that right now to both Donna and her sweet little
bitch Lana.

When every drop of her cum was buried in Jackie's butt Chloe slowly pulled
out of the brunette's rear and watched as the submissive's back passage
successfully closed before a drop of the liquid escaped.

"I have to say I'm impressed Donna," Chloe said, as she walked over to the
shopping basket to retrieve a fresh pair of fake balls, "Your bitch just
closed her ass up trapping my cum inside it like a good little cum dumpster.
It took weeks training my bitch's slutty ass not to leak my cum, I can only
imagine how much pounding Jackie's pooper has taken lately."

"You have no idea." said Donna as she slowly pulled out of Lana's butt and
watched her abused and battered back door slowly close without losing a
single drop of her cum, "Looks like my bitch isn't the only cum dumpster
around here."

"Believe me she isn't." said Chloe as she un-cuffed Lana's hands, do you mind
if I spend some quality time slamming my bitch's shitter? After the pounding
you gave her I suddenly feel the need to show her who's boss."

"Only if you don't mind me quickly reminding my bitch's ass who owns it."
said Donna lustfully as she un-cuffed Jackie.

"No problem." said Chloe before turning to Jackie and Lana, "Well don't just
stand there you stupid bitches, bend the fuck over and spread your cheeks for
your mistresses!"

Jackie and Lana obeyed without question. Kneeling down on the towel facing
away from their mistresses, the obedience Subs rest their hands on the towel,
reached back and spread their butt cheeks, presenting their ass holes to
their owners.

Kneeling behind their bitches Donna and Chloe spreads on quite possibly
unnecessarily lube on their strap on's before pressing them to Jackie's and
Lana's vulnerable little back doors.

"Beg for our cocks!" Donna said, as she ran her dildo up and down the
sensitive flesh of Jackie's ass crack.

"Oh please, I beg you mistress Donna, stick your big beautiful girl cock
inside my nasty little ass hole!" Jackie pleaded in total anal lust, "I know
my nasty little ass hole is unworthy of your big beautiful girl cock but I
desperately need it... I need you inside me. My only true purpose in life is
to take you inside me! My only true purpose in life is to take your big
beautiful girl cock inside me! My only true purpose in life is to take your
big beautiful girl cock inside my nasty little ass hole! Please mistress
Donna take pity on your pathetic bitch's slutty little shitter and ram my
rectum with your big beautiful girl cock until I can't even remember how to
shit right!"

Without needing to be told Lana began begging, "My wonderful mistress Chloe
your worthless bitch humbly begs for you to stick your big beautiful girl
cock into her disgusting little shit hole and use her cock depository of a
ass for your pleasure! I know I'm not worthy of having your big beautiful
girl cock inside my disgusting little shit hole, I know I'm a dirty little
slut who likes it up her whoreish butt, but I beg you with every fibre of my
worthless being that you take what little pleasure you can out of my
disgusting little shit hole so that your worthless bitch can try and fulfil
her purpose in life by pleasing you!"

The mistresses smiled to themselves as they revelled in Jackie's and Lana's
submission. Finally they took pity on their sluts and pushed their bitch
tamers through their tight anal rings and into their ass holes. Chloe was the
first to get balls deep inside her bitch's butt. Lana's ass had been well
loosened by Donna and after two years of solid pounding the blonde was
surprised it took her so long to get all the way into her girlfriend's
bowels. The fact that Lana's ass was still anything resembling tight was
amazing. Donna wasn't that far behind though, her strap on burying itself to
the fake balls inside Jackie's tight little rear only moments after Lana had
taken every inch of her mistress's dick up her ass.

Donna and Chloe gave their bitches as much time to recover as they possibly
could but they were unbelievably horny and soon they began to move their
dildos in and out of Jackie's and Lana's ass holes in a slow but steady pace.
As luck would have it the brunettes butt's had relaxed very quickly due to
the earlier pounding so Jackie and Lana were more than ready for a good hard
ass fucking when the mistresses started to sodomised them.

Chloe had taking a lot of pleasure out of slam fucking Jackie's shit hole but
she was glad to be back to the balls inside her girlfriend's tight butt. The
blonde loved to fuck Lana in a variety of ways but by far her favourite was
to shove a nice big strap on dildo inside her girl's pooper and pound it
until she would have problems pooping. There was just nothing like butt
fucking another girl to show her who was in charge. And Lana had a nice,
tight, firm butt with a ripe little hole which just seem to be begged to be
fucked all day long. Tired as she was Chloe couldn't go all day long, but she
would certainly try.

Lana had become a total anal slut since she became Chloe's bitch and had been
butt fucked many times by a variety of well hung guys and nicely strapped
girls but she was glad to have her mistress balls deep inside her poop shoot
again. Donna had done a fantastic job of sodomising her but as much as Lana
craved any type of butt sex that she could get it was her mistress Chloe who
she was in love with and it was her mistress Chloe's expert rectum wrecking
skills that the brunette was craving. Sadly the blonde was choosing to tease
her greedy pooper with the type of slow gentle butt fucking that drove them
both crazy. Lana's only salvation was knowing that soon the redhead's expert
shitter slamming would no doubt cause her fellow brunette to beg for a proper
buggering from mistress Donna.

Donna had enjoyed pounding Lana's pooper but now she was back inside Jackie's
ass she was going crazy. She wanted so desperately to slam fuck Jackie's shit
pipe until her bitch screamed, but she knew she couldn't risk damaging her
girl's already battered rectum. She had to wait until Jackie relaxed but it
was taking every ounce of her will power. The whole time she had been fucking
Lana the redhead had been salivating over Jackie and now she was finally
fucking her bitch again Donna was going to make sure to get every ounce of
enjoyment out of it that she could. That meant slowly buggering her girl
until she was ready for the proper butt fucking that she longed to give her.

Jackie was ready for a proper butt fucking now and couldn't stand this slow
and gentle crap. That dick felt so good in her ass but she needed it to pound
her hard and fast. She needed the kind of sodomising only her mistress Donna
could truly give her. Chloe had done a magnificent job of loosening her
bowels and is much as she had loved getting her pooper pounded by the
beautiful blonde she wanted, no she needed her mistress Donna to reclaim her
territory and slam her shit factory so hard that nobody, not Chloe, not Lana,
not Donna, not even herself could have any doubt who's bitch she was.

"Oh mistress Donna please, fuck my slutty ass and remind me that I'm your
bitch!" Jackie begged shamelessly, "I need you to put me in my true place in
life! I need you to show my heart, body, mind and soul that I belong to you
and I always will! I need you to fuck my slutty ass hole and claim me as your
property! I need you to fuck my dirty slutty ass hole and turn me into your
slut! I need you to fuck my dirty disgusting slutty ass hole and make me your

"You want to be my bitch Jackie?" said Donna, pulling Jackie's hair, "You
want to be my bitch? Well guess what... you are my bitch! You're my bitch and
you're always going to be my bitch! Now are you going to take a proper butt
fucking like a good little bitch for your mistress Donna?"

"Oh my God mistress Donna, I promise that I'm going to take a proper butt
fucking like a good little bitch just for you! Just for my wonderful mistress
Donna!" Jackie wept, "I'm going to do my best to prove to you that I'm worthy
of being your bitch by taking every inch of your big beautiful girl cock up
my slutty little butt hole and beg you for more as you give me the kind of
proper butt fucking that a bitch like me deserves! Please mistress Donna I
beg you, give me the chance to take every inch of your big beautiful girl
cock up my slutty little butt hole and give me the kind of proper butt
fucking I deserve and I swear I'll prove to you that I'm worthy to be called
your bitch!"

"And how about you Lana?" asked Chloe, not wanting to be out done, "Are you
my bitch and are you going to take a proper butt fucking for your mistress?"

"Mistress Chloe, I am beyond a shadow of a doubt your worthless little bitch
who does not deserve the privilege of being owned by you!" Lana said without
a moment's hesitation, "But I swear to you mistress Chloe, if you allow me
the honour of taking your big beautiful girl cock up my nasty little poop
pipe I'll take every inch of it and beg you to properly butt fuck me like the
dirty little anal whore I am! I understand it's not my place to ask this but
I beg you mistress Chloe from the bottom of my worthless submissive heart
that you allow me the honour of taking every single inch of your big
beautiful girl cock up my nasty little poop pipe and give me the proper butt
fucking a dirty little anal whore like myself deserves so that I can attempt
to prove to you that I deserve the privilege of being owned by you and being
called your bitch!"

Having heard all they needed to hear the mistresses grabbed a tight hold of
their bitches hips, lifted themselves from their knees to their feet so they
were in a crouching position and began to move at lightning speed through
their bowels, claiming what was rightfully theirs.

Chloe revelled in the power she was experiencing as she pounded into her
bitch's butt, her girl squirming underneath her as her hips smacked against
Lana's ass cheeks over and over and over again. As she watched Lana raise her
ass up to receive every single thrust of her strap on into her cock hungry
little butt hole Chloe's heart was filled with love. Lana was proving to her
what a good little anal slut she was by offering the blonde her ass up for
her pleasure. She was so lucky to have a bitch like Lana.

Her bitch's sign of submission made Chloe want to be closer to the brunette.
This slam fucking was great but she needed more skin on skin contact. Leaning
down she pressed her boobs into her bitch's back, her hands sliding from
Lana's hips to her breasts and began to massage them, running her fingers
over the clamped nipples. As she played with her nipples she pushed some
brunette hair aside and began to lick and gently bite Lana's neck, never
missing a rectum wrecking stroke.

Lana moaned as her mistress Chloe's teeth gently sunk into her neck as she
continued to butt fuck her. She couldn't help smiling to herself. She had
been with the blonde long enough to know when her mistress Chloe was marking
her territory and it made her heart flutter knowing that her mistress was
marking her in such a primal way, letting everyone in the room know exactly
who the brunette belonged too.

This sign of affection drove Lana crazy with lust. She wanted, no she needed
to prove her love to Chloe. She needed to give her mistress what was
rightfully hers.

As the anal pounding increased Lana eagerly pushed her ass up in time with
the powerful bowel destroying thrusts, her greedy pooper excepting every inch
of strap on with ease. She became absolutely shameless in her desire to be
sodomised by the woman who had tamed her, trained her, and turned her into a
bitch, her mistress's bitch.

Even though Chloe and Lana were making a lot of noise as they revelled in
their buggery they were completely ignored by the redhead and the girl who's
ass hole was currently being skewered on the dominating woman's fake dick.

Chloe and Lana were nothing but background noise to Donna as she slammed her
strap on into Jackie's shit factory, her mind completely lost in a world that
evolved around the tight little ass hole in front of her. Jackie was letting
out these wonderfully horny whimpers and was pushing herself back against her
in a attempt to get more of that cock that her bitch so obviously craved into
her poop hole. The sight of it really turned Donna on and she felt the need
to be closer to her girl, to control her, to consume her, for them to melt
together until they were one.

Unaware that Chloe had done this only a few seconds before Donna leant over
until she was resting her firm breasts and fully erect nipples against her
bitch is back, her strap on never losing it's rhythm inside Jackie's shit
pipe. As her dildo continued its journey through her girlfriend's poo shoot
Donna reached round and cupped Jackie's boobies, running her fingertips over
her clamped nipples as she did so. This caused Jackie to moan louder which
had a knock-on effect on Donna her insatiable lust to bugger her bitch going
into overdrive.

Jackie's eyes roll back in her head as orgasm approached. Everything was a
rousing her at this point. Her mistress's body pressed against hers, that
magnificent dildo slamming through her butt, turning her guts to jelly it was
all catching up with her and she knew climax was moments away.

Chloe and Lana won't even background noise to Jackie who had completely
forgotten about them as her mistress pounded her pooper so masterfully.
Jackie frantically pushed her ass back upon the invading dildo, impaling her
butt hole on the huge fake shaft that was bringing her so much pleasure.

As she did this she shamelessly begged for what she wanted, for what she
needed. "Oh mistress Donna, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your fucking bitch! Fuck
me and show everyone that I'm your fucking bitch! I need to take your big
beautiful girl cock up my slutty little ass and try and bring you pleasure!
All I'm good for is bringing you pleasure! Use me for your pleasure! Use my
slutty little ass to pleasure you and your big beautiful girl cock! I'm
begging you mistress Donna, use my slutty little ass to pleasure you and show
me and everyone else in here that I'm your bitch!"

"Oh don't worry Jackie I fucking will!" Donna growled, completely lost in her
sexual high, "I'm going to fucking use your slutty little ass for my pleasure
and show everyone in here that you're my fucking bitch and no one elses! Can
you see her Chloe? Can you see how well my bitch is taking it up her fucking
ass? She's my fucking bitch and no one elses and I'm going to make sure that
she, you, and your fucking slut remember that! And you know what? Soon
everyone is going to know! Soon everyone's going to know that Jackie is my
fucking bitch and she fucking belongs to me! Do you hear me blondie?"

"I hear you red. But there's something you should know! This right here,"
said Chloe gripping Lana's head by the hair and pulling it back, "Is my
bitch! She belongs to me and no one else! Isn't that right bitch?"

"Oh god yes mistress Chloe, I'm your bitch only your bitch! I'm your own
personal little bitch who's only purpose in life is to bring you pleasure in
any way she possibly can! Please use me like the bitch I am! Please use me
like your bitch! Please use your bitch! I'm your bitch I'm your fucking
bitch! Oh my god I'm going to cum! You're going to make your bitch cum!" Lana
whimpered as she began to cum, Jackie following her moments later.

The multiple orgasms that followed reduced Lana and Jackie to a shadow of
their former selves.

Lana's screams could have shattered glass they were so loud. It was her
hardest round of orgasms of the entire night which was impressive considering
how hard mistress Donna had fucked her, but there was just something about
being caught between her mistress Chloe, who had now become a ravenous animal
who was mercilessly sodomising her, and the hard stone which was only
slightly cushioned by the towel. It was awesome.

Jackie's climaxes made her body shake violently as pleasure over took her.
They were so powerful she lost her balance and collapsed onto her stomach.
Her mistress fell with her, continuing to slam fuck her butt hole as pleasure
ran from her abused back door to her brain and all over her body. She could
feel herself being sandwiched between the towel and her mistresses body. The
contact made her feel safe and protected, which was ironic considering the
pounding her ass was still taking.

Although Jackie wasn't aware of it Lana was extremely relieved that Jackie
had fallen because it gave her an excuse to do the same, her tired limbs un-
able to keep her upright anymore. To her joy her mistress Chloe followed her
down, her strap on never ceasing its assault on her ass.

Donna and Chloe came at almost the exact same time, the nub on the inside of
their strap on's doing their jobs nicely. Combined with the mental
stimulation of buggering their bitches Donna and Chloe both received a hard,
toe curling orgasm which took away the last of their energy, the physical
need to collapse and regain their breath now unbearable.

Before they succumbed to exhaustion Donner and Chloe simultaneously reached
for their dildo's balls and squeezed them tight releasing the contents deep
into their bitches bowels.

Lana's eyes fluttered as she felt her mistress Chloe's cum fill her rectum,
marking the deepest part of her shitty depths as property of Chloe Sullivan.
She knew this moment would come the second Donna filled her ass with girl
cream. Her mistress was marking her territory once again. Once again Lana was
Chloe's territory. Once again Lana was Chloe's property. Once again Lana was
Chloe's bitch.

Tears of joy ran down Jackie's cheeks as her ass filled with her mistress's
cum. She was being claimed like a piece of property by the woman she loved
and she couldn't be happier about it. This was the sign she had been wanting,
the sign she had been needing, the sign that even after everything that had
just happened she was still what she always was meant to be, her mistress
Donna's bitch.

Finally Donna and Chloe collapsed exhausted onto Jackie's and Lana's backs.
They lay there for a while regaining their strength as the cream filled their
bitches back passages. When they got their strength back, and every drop of
their cum was buried in the brunettes butts, Donna and Chloe untangled
themselves from Jackie and Lana, slowly pulling their strap on's out of their
poopers and watching as the abused holes slowly closed behind the invaders,
not losing a drop of the liquidy gift left behind by the blonde and the

The girls all got dressed and Donna paid for a few more new toys before she
took Jackie by the hand and led her towards the exit.

"Feel free to come back and visit any time." said Chloe as Donna and Jackie
were leaving the store.

Donna smiled, nodded and led her bitch out of the sex store.

The Vista cruiser was parked in a side alley behind the sex store. The girls
managed to reach it without being seen by anyone.

Jackie got into the car and secured her seat belt and waited for mistress
Donna to drive them away. When she didn't she turned to look at her. She
found her mistress staring at her intently.

Before her mistress even spoke Jackie could tell that this was going to be a
conversation about their relationship outside of the mistress Donna and her
bitch Jackie world they liked to live in.

"Was that ok in there?"

"Yeah... yes... it was... hot..." Jackie said struggling to find the right

There was a pause before Donna spoke again.

"Chloe said we should try experimenting with our sexuality. You know... have
sex with other guys and girls. We already covered girls tonight with Chloe
and Lana, and I think it's safe to say I'm not straight... at least not 100%
anyway... how about you?"

"I'm pretty sure I'm not straight... but am I..."

"Gay... I don't think so... but Chloe said we should test that theory out
before we go to our boyfriends with the truth."

"... like what?"

"Like another threesome... maybe with Fez again... or some other guy I
haven't decided yet."

"... you know we could..."


"But he has..."

"Jackie, I'm only going to say this once, I'm not having sex with Michael
Kelso!" Donna snapped.

"... ok..." Jackie said softly.

Donna sighed and said, "I'll tell you what Jackie, you can pick any guy you
want for a threesome... just not Michael Kelso ok?"

"Ok." said Jackie a little more brightly this time, "So we have another
threesome and then we tell our boyfriends?"

Donna looked hesitant, "Well... first there are a couple of tests I want to
do before the threesome. After we've done them and the threesome I promise
we'll tell the boys."

"What kind of tests?"

"You'll just have to find out." said Donna smiling. When she saw her girl was
looking a bit worried she cupped her face so the brunette was looking her
directly in the eye, "Jackie, do you trust me?"

"Yes of course."

"... Then just trust that... whatever comes next I love you and there's
nothing that I wouldn't do for you."

Jackie wasn't sure what to make of that but her mistress had just told her
she loved her and that made her heart melt.

"I love you too Donna."

Donna smiled and kissed Jackie gently. Unlike her usual deep lust filled
tongue kisses this was a more gentle, tender kiss but it was by no means less

The girls were lucky the alley was deserted, but by that point they didn't

Breaking the kiss Donna took hold of Jackie's hand as she drove her back home
to where they would lie in her bed, and go to sleep in each other's arms, not
caring what tomorrow would bring as long as they had each other.

To be continued...


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