When a mysterious young woman arrives in Smallville a chain of events causes
more weirdness in a town already in crisis. Timeline, near end of season 2.

Many characters owned by DC comics. Other possible characters owned by

NC-17 for f/f, f/f/f sex, cons, rom. (all teens in sexual situations with be
legal age 18).

Smallville\Xena Warrior Princess: Escalation! Part 1
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected]) w/Tyval ([email protected])

She got off the bus at the Smallville bus station. Dark glasses hid her blue
eyes, an old brunette wig she had found and cleaned hid her blonde hair, her
clothes were little more than rags, beach flip-flops were what passed for her
shoes. Today was her 17th birthday, but there was no one to celebrate with
her. She had no luggage, all her worldly possessions were in a plastic
grocery bag.

"Here you go miss....," the driver said, "Smallville."

"Kara, Kara Zorel," the girl smiled.

'I could have ran here faster,' Kara thought as the bus drove away.

Her stomach growled. It had been 5 days since she had last eaten. She was
used to being hungry, didn't even know if she really needed to eat, but she
knew that she felt better if she did. As she walked towards the downtown area
she picked up every penny she saw on the ground. Counting them she saw that
she had 24 cents, not enough even for a candy bar.

Passing by a converted theater called the 'Talon' she saw a 'help wanted'
sign. There seemed to be a lot of kids her age there, perhaps the one she was
looking for came here. She was so close, she had to know if she was alone, or
if her father had been right and her slightly older cousin really was alive
and living here.

"Hi, you coming in?" a pretty short haired blonde asked as she also walked up
to the door, her eyes showed concern as she saw the girls state.

"Yes, uh, I was here for the job," Kara said, thinking the girl had such a
pretty smile.

"You're new in town," the girl said, smiling her friendly smile.

"That obvious huh?," Kara said.

"It's a small town. I'm Chloe, Chloe Sullivan," Chloe extended her hand.

"Kara Zorel," Kara smiled, then blushed as her stomach rumbled.

"I think I know why you are looking for a job," Chloe said, "Why don't I buy
you a sandwich and then we can talk to Lana."

"But...," Kara started to protest.

"Just call it a loan," Chloe said sympathetic, understanding the girl had

A sandwich turned into 3, as Kara wolfed them down. Kara then noticed Chloe
looking at her and felt shame. 'I should be stronger than this,' Kara
thought, 'I can bench press a tank, run at the speed of sound, I can shoot
fire from my eyes, and I almost beg for food. I'm pond scum. I am unworthy
of the house of El.' Kara had of course taken her glasses off by this time.

"So, what's your real hair color?" Chloe asked, "That wig is not flattering."

"Um, how do you know I'm wearing a wig?" Kara asked.

"I'm the editor of the school newspaper, even did an internship at the 'Daily
Planet' over the summer," Chloe flashed her friendly smile again, "And in
this town I'm the reporter of the weird. It doesn't set right, like your hair
is longer, and I can see some blonde curls peeking out the right side."

"Um, I'm not a runaway, or being looked for by the cops. But I am an orphan,"
Kara admitted.

"So, why Smallville?" Chloe asked, her curiosity piqued.

"I'm looking for my cousin," Kara said, "He'd be about 6 months to a year
older than me. Probably dark hair."

"Does he have a name?" Chloe asked.

"I don't know what name he'll have now," Kara sadly shook her head, "I know
his name once was, um Kal."

"Oh no. And you think he's here? In Smallville? Ah, there's Lana," Chloe said
waving to her best friend and 'sister'.

Chloe's heart was really going out to this poor girl. Lana smiled as she
walked over to them. 'These girls are sooo hot,' Kara thought as she was
already in love with Chloe and thought Lana was a knockout too. For her
part Lana was just as full of compassion as Chloe over this poor girls
obvious plight.

"Lana, this is Kara Zorel," Chloe said, "Kara, this is Lana Lang, she runs
the place. Lana, I think Kara was inquiring about a job?"

"I know I don't look like much Miss Lang, but I'll try really hard," Kara
bowed her head, "I'm a lot stronger and faster than I look. I'm no stranger
to washing dishes."

"I'll tell you what," Lana smiled, "Call me Lana and I'll start you

"On the condition that you'll stay with us until you find your cousin," Chloe

"T-thank you," Kara said, near tears at the kindness of these 2 only slightly
older girls.

"It's settled then," Lana smiled," Cousin?"

"My father told me he lived here in Smallville before he..., well, I've spent
the last 7 years in a convent orphanage," Kara had to fight back tears.

Kal probably didn't remember his parents, probably didn't remember anything
about Krypton. Kara did. The 'survival ship' her father had built was nowhere
near as good as the ship Jor-El had built for Kal. The 'Argo City' was
basically a barge that drifted through space without power.

Kara's father, Zor-El, had hand picked 20 of his cities best to try to save
the Kryptonian race. For 6 years they drifted, barely surviving, but keeping
the hope of Krypton alive. Zor-El tried to build a powered ship with his
limited resources, but tragedy struck the 'Argo City' just as it had struck
their home planet.

The meteor shower destroyed the ships fragile hull. Zor-El, much as his
brother Jor-El had done with Kal-El, placed Kara in the experimental ship in
a desperate attempt to save her life.

"Find your cousin Kara," Zor-El told her, "If Jor-El was right all those
years ago, he should be on the planet Earth near some small town called
'Smallville' he called it. If Jor-El was right the yellow sun will make
you strong, but use your abilities for good. Find Kal-El, he will be a
good man if he is anything like his father. May Rao and the 'House of El'
protect you."

"Daddy!!" 8 year old Kara screamed as the hatch closed and the rockets
kicked in. She was spared the sight of her fathers death as she was put in
suspended animation.

For 2 years she flew towards Earth asleep. Her ship was not as well built as
Kal-El's, barely protecting her as it crash landed deep into a mountain in a
remote part of Montana. When Kara woke up she was naturally frightened.
Taking the ships 'key' and 'data card' she stumbled out of the new makeshift
cave. The temp was just above freezing, but thanks to the yellow sun Kara
barely felt the cold.

The ship had taught her English, Chinese, French, and Spanish as she slept
so Kara was confident she could find someone she could talk to. By a strange
twist of fate she wound up in a state park where a group of nuns had stopped.
Long story short, she had spent almost the last 7 years in an orphanage. She
had lost the 'key', not knowing a sister had taken it, but the 'data card'
was still hers.

* * *

Clark and Pete Ross were in Clark's loft doing school research on Clark's
laptop when the e-mail came in. Thinking it must be from Chloe, despite their
recent troubles, Clark went to retrive it. Then stopped cold as he saw it.

"Clark, what's wrong?" Pete asked.

"It's in Kryptonese," Clark said, as Pete knew his secret, "It's from Dr.

"Dr. Swann? Are you sure it's him again? Maybe someone else figured it out,"
Pete said.

"I'm sure Pete," Clark said.

"Why?," Pete asked

"He's the only person who calls me Kal-El," Clark said, "He wants to see me

"What does he need to see you for?" Pete asked.

"The messge says that he was wrong, I may not be alone," Clark said standing
up, "I've got to know. Pete, tell mom and dad I'll be back as quick as I

Clark zoomed out. At top speed he'd be in New York in minutes.

* * *

Clark found himself expected as he was ushered to Dr. Virgil Swann's private
elevator. Dr. Swann himself was differant as he smiled when he saw Clark.

"Hello again Kal-El," Dr. Swann smiled.

"You're off the resperator," Clark smiled back.

"Yes, but it's you I'm concerned about Kal-El," Dr. Swann said, "The small
box on the desk, open it."

Clark cautiously opened the box. His eyes grew wide at the contents. The
metallic hexagonal shape was all too famiiar. The message was to him. Only
one symbol on the 'key' was slightly confusing. A shield with an 'S' shape
inside. The 'key' to his ship had the same shape, but with an '8' shape.

"This is Kara of the 'House of El', please take care of your cousin Kal-El,"
Dr. Swann said as he had read the 'key'. The 'S' in the shield is the sign of
your house Kal-El. I didn't know when I saw you the other day."

"Kara... Where did you get this?," Clark asked, barely keeping his voice

"A nun had it until a few days ago," Dr. Swann said," Since I met you I've
been looking for more clues. I saw an interview with this nun, 'Sister
Agatha', as she was known, she was retiring as head of an 'orphanage' due
to poor health. That piece was in the picture. Despite the poor quality of
the picture I saw the symbols right away."

A computer screen came on. Headlines of a blonde haired girl breaking school
athletic records clicked, one after another. The girls name, Kara Zorel.

"She kept herself in resonable human limits," Dr. Swann continued, "I believe
her last names really Zor-El. The writing says she's your 'cousin', I believe
on your father's side because of the El name."

"I'm not alone?" Clark said, "Sister Agatha?"

"She died a few days ago," Dr. Swann said, "A 'contribution' got me that and
some information. She's looking for you Kal-El. She let the orphanage a few
weeks ago, headed for Kansas."

* * *

A flash of lightning heralded the thunderstorm over Smallville. The woman
rose to her feet. She was tall, beautiful, blonde, but madness seemed to ruin
her brown eyes. Clad in black leather she screamed into the storms fury.

"Xena!! You can't escape me Xena!" the woman cried out.

The woman looked around at her surroundings. The seemingly endless rows of
corn were a mystery to her, as was the paved road just off to her right. She
had seen the Roman roads of brick, but nothing like this. The country side
was flat, very flat, a far cry from the rolling hills of her native Greece.

The storm broke as quickly as it had started. The sun peeked out from behind
the clouds as the woman started walking down the middle of the road. An aura
surrounded her briefly as she dried herself.

A sound caused her to look up. This woman had seen many strange things in
her life, including Tatarus itself, but she had never seen anything like the
Lexcorp helicopter that flew overhead. Her mouth dropped open. A loud nose
from behind caused even her to jump as a truck passed her, the driver yelling
someting that sounded like a curse.

"Where am I? What pit of Tartarus am I in?" she said.

Callisto the mad goddess did not scare easily, but for only the third time,
as mortal, immortal, and goddess did she know fear.

* * *

At the Luthor mansion, Lex was awaiting the arrival of of his own cousin
Alexis. Alexis was the only one of his relatives that Lex could stand being
around for more than a few seconds. Alexis was the only one of his cousins
who never looked at him differantly. At the same time Lex had never judged
her, when she confessed to him that she was gay. As a result Alexis was the
famiys 'Black Sheep', more than even Lex.

The family had 'cut her off' when she finally 'came out'. Alexis then became
a porno actress, workng only in all girl films. This scandal was the final
straw for the Luthor family, but they found that they couldn't stop her. When
the Hilton girls started going wild they simply ignored her as the pressure
was now off.

Lex always found her amusing. When she had called him, saying she wanted to
visit, Lex said yes, just to spite his father. He envied his friend Clark
Kent. Alexis waved as she exited the helicopter. Lex waved back. Alexis was
actually dressed very conservatively, in a red sweater with black slacks.

"This will drive your father nuts," Alexis smiled after a quick hug.

"I hope so," Lex laughed.

"I heard a rumor, do you actually like this town?"

"Yea, if you want to know the truth," Lex said as they walked to his study,
"This place has changed my life. In more ways than one."

"I thought a small town like this would drive you crazy," Alexis smiled, "You
and I and 'Club Zero'. Ha, remember that one girl that we both tried to pick
up, and we didn't know we both were trying."

Lex had to smile about that one. What a surprise they had both had at the end
of the night.

"That was a good night," Lex smiled.

"So, what goes on around here?" Alexis asked.

"Let's see, a shapechanging girl, crooks who walk through walls, an invisible
boy who tried to kill me, the usual stuff," Lex smiled tickng off just a few
of the bizarre things he had seen in Smallville.

"You're kidding," Alexis said, eyes growing wide.

"Nope. Wanna stick around a few days?" Lex asked, "I can practically guaranty
someting strange will happen."

"With a promise like that how can I refuse?," Alexis laughed.

end of chapter 1:


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