Some chapters rated NC-17 for f/f sex, cons., rom.

Note: Tina Greer and Kyla are still alive in my universe. Tina didn't try to
escape and Kyla wasn't badly hurt jumping out the window and was arrested

The mad goddess Callisto, Alexis Luthor, and a time travelling sentient
robotic killing machine; (the T-X, calling herself Tara Matrix), arrive in
Smallville! Are Kara, Lana, and Chloe in their sights?

Smallville/Terminator 3/Xena Warrior Princess: Escalation! Part 2
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected]) and Tyval ([email protected])

It was just getting dark when Clark finally got home. Pete had long ago left.
Jonathan and Martha were in the living room.

"Clark," Martha said as he entered the house.

"Are you all right son?," Jonathan asked, "Pete told us you were going to see
Dr. Swann again."

"Yea, he had some new information for me," Clark said, hands in pockets, "I,
he gave me a lot to think about it."

"Clark, I know this must be hard for you, but you know that you can talk to
us about it," Martha said concerned, "No matter what it is."

"Your mother's right Clark," Jonathan said, "If it was something important
about Krypton, keeping it in, good news or bad, will only make it worse."

"Actually, I think I do want to talk about it," Clark said sitting down and
pulling out a picture of Kara, the only good one that even Dr. Swann could

"Who is this girl?," Jonathan asked.

"She may be, Dr. Swann believes, she may be my cousin," Clark said, hiding
his emotions, "He has the 'key' to her ship. I've read it, held it, it's

"Clark, she's adorable," Martha said, "Oh, her eyes are so sad."

"Mom, dad, I may not be alone," Clark said, "Dr. Swann thinks that she's
looking for me."

"Why would she be looking for you Clark?," Martha asked.

"I don't know," Clark shook his head, "Her 'key' mentions me, by my
Kryptonian name, but how did she survive? Does she know anything about
Krypton? Does she have my abilities? So many questions."

"Does she have a name?" Martha asked.

"Kara, Kara Zor-El," Clark said, "She took out the hyphen to blend in."

"I'll call the bus and train stations, see if anyone matching her description
got off in Smallville," Jonathan said.

"Jonathan, do you think that's a good idea?" Martha asked.

"I can just say we're expecting a relative," Jonathan answered, "Nobody could
get suspicious over that."

Clark felt like he should say something, but he couldn't think of any harm
that could come from a phone call. One of Jonathan's old football buddies
worked at the bus station and confirmed that a teenage girl had gotten off
in Smallville that afternoon.

"Had brown hair though, a little dirty, all she carried off was a plastic
bag," the man said.

"We didn't know that she was coming or we would have met her," Jonathan
said, "I'll find her."

"Brown hair, maybe a wig?" Clark asked.

"Possibly," Jonathan said hanging up, "But chances are it's her. How did she
know where you lived, but we know nothing about her?"

"She was raised in a convent orphanage, but her records only go back 7
years," Clark said, "I'm older, 6-8 months, I think."

"We'll find her son," Jonathan said, "This town is called Smallville after
all, and if she has your abilities she shouldn't be in any danger."

Clark nodded. His stomach was in knots. His cousin could be out there. Her
'key' had asked him to look after her. What was she like? Had she ever
known loving parents? Clark felt like his brain would explode from all the
questions that filled his head.

* * *

Alexis had taken a shower, dressed casually, and was now at a computer. Lex
walked in with his keys.

"What are you up to Alexis?" Lex asked.

"Nothing really," Alexis smiled.

"C'mon Alexis," Lex grinned," You're a Luthor. You may be the nicest Luthor,
but you're still a Luthor. Luthor's are ALWAYS up to something."

"If you must know," Alexis sighed, turning the monitor around, revealing maps
of Smallville, Kansas, and the Smallville high student register," Smallville
has the perfect location that I'm looking for to open a nightclub and a small
movie studio. Metropolis to the northeast, Kansas City to the southeast. And,
checking the school records, theres a much greater than average ratio of
girls to boys. It's almost 2-1."

"Let me guess," Lex said knowing her plan, "You find, recruit, seduce,
whatever some young, fresh, lonely, horny farm girls to work at your club.
This draws in rich, neglected 'trophy wives' for the cash flow, and also
curious, horny college girls. The more 'enthusiastic' Smallville and
college girls will star in your amateur porno movies making you millions."

"You know me so well Lex," Alexis laughed.

"Ready for a tour?" Lex asked," Not much to see. Smallville rolls up the
streets pretty early."

Alexis smiled. The 2 of them went down to the garage area. They had their
choice of several vehicles. Alexis ran her hands over the silver 'Lexus'.

"I was always partial to this car," Alexis smiled.

"You should, it used to be yours," Lex smiled," I bought it back after you
were forced to sell it to pay your way to Los Angeles. I've been waiting a
chance to give it back to you."

"Thank you Lex," Alexis softly said," You are the only one in our family
who's ever treated me like a human being and not a freak."

"I'm not that nice," Lex grinned," I know the kind of money you can make with
your sex club and movie studio. I estimate that with your name and popularity
as the premiere girl on girl adult actress behind it, sales and rental of
your films, plus the revenue from your club could generate at least 100
million a year. I figure I can get a cut with a bit of an investment."

Alexis and Lex both started laughing. Lex of course was right, the adult film
industry was a multi-multi billion dollar industry. Amateur and pro-am was
one of the fastest growing segments of that industry. Even with Alexis going
'speciality', both of them knew they could make a LOT of money.

They hadn't driven far when they saw a woman in black leather walking right
down the middle of the road. Callisto had seen several of the 'metal dragons'
as she had slowly walked. No 2 seemed to be alike. By now she knew that there
people inside of them, but where they controlling them or being eaten?

Young men inside some of the 'dragons' passing her had hooted and made
remarks that Callisto knew were obscene even without knowing the language.
Others had simply yelled out obvious curses. Callisto was ready to throw a
fireball at the next such remark. Darkness was starting to fall as Callisto
could now see a sign, Smallville 1 mile.

Callisto couldn't read the sign, or read period for that matter, but the
meaning was clear, a town was nearby. Two lights, headed towards her, caused
Callisto to again recoil. This was also pissing her off! Callisto had faced
monsters, armies, insane gods, even death. She had the powers of a goddess
within her, and yet this world was so alien to her she was jumping like a
scared child in the dark.

Another 'metal dragon', this one with blazing eyes that lit the darkness was
coming towards her. So be it, she thought, ready to fight.

"Lex, theres a woman in the road," Alexis said.

"I see her," Lex said, slowing the car down, "Is she crazy walking down the
middle of the street like that?"

Callisto watched the car stop. She was curious as she watched Lex and Alexis
get out.

"A little early for Halloween," Lex said noting her outfit.

"Don't mind him," Alexis smiled.

Callisto didn't understand their words, but her curiosity was really piqued
now. Touching the hood of the Lexus, Callisto felt warmth. The sound, was it
purring? Did that mean that people controlled these 'dragons'? Were they like

Callisto now turned her attention to the 2 people. The young man, he was
handsome in a way, his baldness actually made him look more attractive. As
the obvious 'master' of the metallic creature he had an aura of confidence,
and of ruthlessness. Callisto had known only one other man with the same
qualities, Caesar.

The woman had a slight resemblance to the man. Cousins perhaps. She was
attractive, long reddish blonde hair, big breasts, slim waist. She appeared
soft on the outside, but there was steel in her eyes. This was a woman who
got what she wanted by the force of her own will. Callisto had that look, as
did Xena.

"(Where am I?," Callisto asked, finally speaking, "Is this Tartarus or some
other land of the dead?)*

"What? I don't understand," Lex sighed, "It's all Greek to me."

"That's because she's speaking Greek Lex dear," Alexis smiled, "I spent 4
summers in Athens. She's using an older form, I didn't make out everythng.
(We mean you no harm. Did you arrive here by plane? Is your car broke down
around here?)"

"(I don't understand, plane? car?)," Callisto asked, shaking her head.

The girl spoke Greek, sort of, with an Athenian accent. Still Callisto felt
she should learn their language. There were 2 ways to do that, Callisto,
wanting them alive, chose that way. Callisto herself didn't know why she
chose Alexis as she walked over to her and kissed her full on the lips.

"Ahhhh, that should be better," Callisto said as she broke the pleasurable
kiss, "What a versitle language!"

"You learned English by kissing my cousin?," Lex asked.

"Cousin, how interesting," Callisto said, "What country is this?"

"This is Smallville, Kansas, in the United States of America," Lex replied,
"Are you on something?"

"Your country is called Kansas?" Callisto asked, "Is that near Gaul?"

"Lex, I don't think she knows about the U.S.," Alexis said, "It may sound
crazy, but I don't think she's even from our time."

"Now I'm wondering if you've been smoking something," Lex said, "Time travel
is impossible."

"Well, you did promise me I'd see weird things here in Smallville Lex,"
Alexis said, "Her style of dress looks like that of warrior women from 100
B.C. to 125 A.D."

"Alexis, are you saying she's an amazon?" Lex asked.

"I'm no amazon," Callisto snorted, "They are weak and simple minded. They
even made that annoying little blonde one of them."

"Please, don't be angry with us," Alexis said, extending her hand, "Why don't
we introduce ourselves, then we can go from there? I'm Alexis."

"I am Callisto of Cirra," Callisto smiled taking her hand while thinking,
'What in Tartarus is wrong with me? i should have killed them by now! I don't
feel like killing anyone! I know somethings wrong with me if I don't want to
kill anyone. I feel strange.'

Callisto had to admit that she wanted to know much more about this strange
world she found herself in. And this Aexis woman was exciting her. Callisto
knew that she had always been a lesbian. Her hatred of Xena and Gabrielle
was matched by her lust for them.

"Lex Luthor," Lex said, introducing himself in turn, "Miss Callisto, would
you like to come with us? Perhaps we could learn all about each other."

"Yes, perhaps we should," Callisto agreed, "Your 'dragon' is tame I assume
and will take us to your castle."

"How do you know I live in a castle?" Lex smugly asked.

"Because you remind me of someone I admire," Callisto answered, "Julius
Caesar, perhaps you know him."

"Let's just say I know of him," Lex said.

Alexis led Callisto to the car. Callisto, with some trepidation, sat in the
front seat while Alexis got in the back. Lex turned the car around heading
back for the mansion. He was just as curious about Callisto as she was of
them. In the back of his mind he rememberd some of his history class. Wasn't
there a mention of a female warlord named Callisto in northern Greece during
the time of Caesar? Her career had been short, only 2 years, although there
had been sightings of her for another 2 years after her suppossed 'death'.

* * *

On the other side of Smallville; electricity crackled in the air, much as it
had hours earlier upon Callisto's arrival. But this was artificially created
electricity. A metallic sphere appeared then shattered. The passenger was a
beautiful nude blonde haired woman.

Actually 'woman' was inaccurate. She was actually a T-X 'Terminator', the
ultimate in robotic technolgy. She had been built in a 'possible' future
where machines ruled and humans were to be eliminated. It's name was Skynet,
a super-computer that had been made too well. It had achieved a modicum of
sentience, but not quite as much as a true A.I. Still it was enough. Skynet
'thought' it was superior.

Humankind was taken by surprise when Skynet revolted. But after the initial
early victorys of the machines the humans fought back. Skynet lacked human
emotions, thought that emotions were a weakness. It was wrong. Emotions
gave humans 2 weapons the machines coudn't match; adaptabiity and

The 'hunter killers', the 'aero drones', the T-750 and T-800 series
soldiers, could only use 'programmed tactics'. The machines could field
greater numbers, the machines were stronger, the machines could win
battles. The machines were slowly losing the war.

The T-750 and T-800 series could no longer match the humans. Skynet's
prototype T-1000 had also failed and, after numerous tests, proved too
unreliable for another attempt. Skynet needed something differant it it
wanted to survive.

A combination of the best of the T-800 and T-1000 was created, but still it
lacked something. The solution was for Skynet to go step further than itself;
a true A.I. An emotion chip and human D.N.A. was added. The T-X was a true
A.I., fully sentient. Of course this created a new set of problems.

The T-X named herself, calling herself Tara Matrix. Having all human
emotions, even love worried Skynet's limited sentience. Also, the T-X had
the ability to not only have sex, but to enjoy it. With no time to solve
this problem Skynet did the best it could making T-X a lesbian, a kinky
deviant lesbian.

Arriving in the present day T-X now stood naked in one of the many corn
fields around Smallville. Scanning, T-X showed her adaptability. Skynet was
wrong. John Conner wasn't even a major target. The names flashed in her head;
Clark Kent ... main target, G.O.L.D. ... WHAT? does Skynet think I'm crazy
enough to take them on??? Lana Lang, Chloe Sullivan. Kara Zorel, Kyla, Tina
Greer, Alexis Luthor, secondary targets. What? I don't want to kill any of

Sighing she looked around. 'Wish I could just stay naked,' T-X tought. There
were other names on her list, but T-X filed them for later.

* * *

Kara relaxed in the tub. Bubble baths were definately one area where Earth
was ahead of Krypton. Kara had actually taken 2 showers before the bubble
bath and felt clean for the first time in days.

"Leave any hot water for the rest of us," Chloe smiled as she walked naked
into the bathroom, carrying some fresh towells," I knew there was a pretty
girl under all that dirt."

Kara closed her eyes and hid her face with her hands. ' Chloe is shaved
hairless,' Kara thought. Kryptonian girls were, of course, naturally

"What's wrong?" Lana said.

In surprise Kara looked and saw a naked Lana had also came in. Lana also
shaved bare. Kara's hands flew back to her face as tears formed.

"Kara, are you okay?," Chloe asked concerned.

"I'm a freak," Kara softly cried.

"Kara, what's wrong?," Lana said kneeling beside her.

"You can tell us anything Kara," Chloe said.

"I-I, I'm gay," Kara sobbed, "I'm a lesbian. I'm a disgrace to my family
name. You must hate me now. I'll leave."

"Oh sweetie," Chloe said," We don't hate you."

"Besides, you don't have any clothes," Lana smiled, "We threw out what you
were wearing."

"But we're all about the same size," Chloe grinned, "And we insist you stay."

"You, you mean you want me to stay?" Kara said, wiping her eyes.

"Yes," Chloe said as Lana nodded, "We can't judge you for making a choice,
and we both think you're nice."

Kara saw a glow, then a flash of light. Her 'data card' spoke to her. Chloe
and Lana were now lesbians. They were not forced to become so, their secret
desire was simply manifested. Kara watched as the nipples of both girls
became rock hard and grew to an inch long. Kara's own nipples did the same
as the 3 girls looked at each other, desire growing.

"I don't understand," Lana panted.

She was silenced as Chloe kissed her. Kara and Lana then kissed, then Kara
and Chloe.

"I'm so hot," Chloe gasped as Kara's hands found her breasts.

"Me too," Kara moaned," Kiss me."

Lana kissed Kara deeply. Lana and Chloe then helped Kara out of the tub. The
3 girls continued kissing as Kara towelled off.

"Lets go to bed," Lana whispered lustfully.

end of Chapter 2:
_ _ _

* translated from the ancient Greek.


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