This story is based on an episode of Smallville where Clark gets a class
ring, but is unaware that the red stone in his ring is a part of the
meteorite (kryptonite). While the green meteorite affects him physically the
red one affects him mentally. He holds nothing back, He lets known his
feelings to Lana and is ready to tell the world his secret (his powers). He
also decides his parents are holding him back from the money and powers he
could have. This story is an alternative story to that episode. It's a
FICTIONAL adult story so don't read if your under 18. It contains (MF, FF
cons sex oral, ANAL)

Smallville: The Class Ring
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

"I Can't believe your dad actually let you get the class ring Clark," said
his friend Pete.

"Well, you know my dad, he didn't give me the money without the usual speech.
Ya know of how its blowing lots of money, but hey this is high school the
best times of our lives. Gotta have something to remember it by."

Clark and Pete each got their class rings. They were at the table paying for
the ring when they noticed the new girl, Jessica. She was a very pretty
blonde girl. Long hair, wearing a black top and hip hugger jeans showing off
her nice midriff.

"Woah, how long before the principal tells her about the dress code you
think?" asked Pete.

"Give it a couple of minutes and she'll be sent home," responded Clark.

Clark slipped on his ring and suddenly his attitude changed. 'A girl that
looks that good should flaunt her body,' he thought to himself.

Jessica was confronted by the principal, "Excuse me young lady but we have a
dress code at this school, and what your wearing goes against all of it."

Suddenly Clark appeared next to them, "Excuse me sir, but she is new here,
and besides when a woman has style you shouldn't be critical, I mean its not
her fault you have none!"

"What did you say Mr. Kent?" asked a stunned principal. Clark had always been
a model student, now Clark was purposely insulting him. He finally responded,
"Well, this being your first day Miss we'll let it slide, but you wear that
tomorrow you'll be sent home am I clear?"

Jessica smiled, "Yes, sir."

After the principal left she extended her hand, "Hi, I'm Jessica."

Clark shook her hand, "Clark, Clark Kent."

"Thank you for that, so does this school have other hero's that are as good
looking as you to save me from authority figures?"

"Well, I'm not sure about that, but I'M sure I'll be seeing you again if you
need help, I have a knack for saving women in distress," Clark gave her a

"I'll be looking forward to that, see ya."

Clark and Pete watched as the sexy Jessica walked away, her ass swaying from
side to side in her tight jeans. "Clark what has gotten into you today?"
asked Pete.

"I don't know, I just reacted, I've always wanted to stand up to the
principal. That is one hot chick though."

Pete shook that off. "Well, hey Clark, speaking of hot women check out Chloe
today, she sure looks good in her short white dress don't ya think?"

Clark looked over to see Chloe by her locker, sure enough Pete was right she
was in a short white dress with pink trim on it. Using his x-ray vision he
saw that her panties were also white. He looked even more intensely and was
quite pleased at the sight of the short haired blonde's posterior.

"Did you know that Chloe has a cute little mole on her right ass cheek Pete?"

"Clark are you using your powers to check her out?"

"Yeah, I know she has a thing for me, just trying to compare her to some of
the other girls. After all I can have any girl I want, just gotta decided
who's gonna be the lucky one."

Pete couldn't believe what he was hearing. Clark had always held back on his
feelings to every girl he liked afraid that getting involved would mean
giving away his secret. Now for some reason it didn't seem like he was
worried about that.

Clark followed Chloe into the journalist room, it was early so she was in
there alone. Clark walked in and closed the door locking it.

Clark got behind her putting his hands on her waist. "Hey there Chloe, your
lookin' hot today."

She turned around. "Clark, um thanks, uhh what are you doing." She looked
down as his hands still on her waist.

"I'm trying to hit on you, do you mind?"

"Uh not at all."

"Good," smiled Clark. Clark started kissing Chloe's neck softly. Chloe
couldn't believe it, she had dreamed about this moment. She had always had a
thing for Clark, and here she was being taken by him much in the same way he
had taken her in her dreams. Clark slid his hands under Chloe's dress and
squeezed her ass, his kissing went higher until their lips met. They engaged
in a hot wet French kiss. Clark was an even better kisser than she imagined.

Clark turned her around he grabbed her panties waistband and quickly slid
them off and lifted her onto her computer desk. Clark buried his face in her
blonde snatch. His fingers played with her clit as his tongue flicked on her
pussy. Chloe grabbed his head with her hand as his tongue work seemed so fast
it was almost abnormal. Certainly though she wasn't complaining, in fact his
incredible tongue was already bringing her off. She wrapped a leg around
Clark as his tongue definitely got her off in record time.

"Ahh Clark ohhhhh God yesss that the spot!!!!!!! I'm cummminggggg!" Chloe
released her orgasm and Clark lapped up every drop. Clark met her in another
kiss, this time Chloe unzipped his pants and pulled out Clark's hard 8 inch
cock. She immediately slid down and took it in her mouth. Chloe looked up at
Clark as his cock disappeared in and out of her mouth. Chloe grabbed his ass
and swallowed as much of him as she could. Then she took him back out and
licked his cock from top to bottom.

Clark saw her breasts jiggling down the front of her dress, since Chloe was
braless, he reached down and began squeezing her perky boobs. Chloe swallowed
Clark's cock again as his fingers pinched on her pink pointed nipples.
Grabbing the blonde by her breasts he started thrusting his cock in and out
of her mouth. Chloe could barely keep up with him, if Clark would have been
any bigger she definitely would have gagged.

After a while Clark grew tired of the blowjob and decided he wanted more. He
pulled Chloe up and lifted her onto his shaft. Even with her being wet it
was still a tight fit as he entered her. Chloe wrapped her legs around his
waist as he started pumping into her. Clark pulled down the front of her
dress and started sucking on her tits, while lifting her ass up and down on
his cock.

Clark pushed her up against wall and started ramming her even harder than
before. He felt his orgasm coming on so he went even faster. Chloe though
she was gonna pass out at his deep and fast fucking. Clark finally unloaded,
he pulled out and shot his load all over Chloe's pussy. Chloe reached down
and licked off his cum from her pussy, then he sat her exhausted body back
down. Chloe kissed him once again, then they heard banging on the door. They
both got dressed quickly realizing school was gonna start soon, and that
they needed to get to class.

Clark gave Chloe a kiss, "See ya later at the caffe."

As the school day ended Clark met up with Lana Lang after cheerleading
practice. Lana was about to hit the showers with the other girls when she
saw Clark with a devilish smile.

"Hey Clark, what are you up to?"

"Well, Lana I've had feelings for you for a long time, I've just never told
you. The fact is I'm very interested in us going out on a date, what would
you think of that?"

Lana was speechless. "um I've always hoped you would ask me that Clark!"

Clark grabbed Lana and pulled her into a kiss. They're tongues danced in
each others mouths as the two held nothing back on their feelings they had
for each other for so long. Clark knew of a L shape brick wall behind the
gym, known as a popular make out place for couples.

"Wanna go somewhere with me real quick Lana?"

"Sure Clark, where?"

"Follow me."

The two went to the L shaped brick wall behind the gym. Once there Clark
was quick to lift her onto his hips and started kissing her. A shocked Lana
kissed him back and wrapped her legs around his hips. Clark lifted her
cheerleading top and wasted no time in lifting her black sports bra freeing
her medium size tits. He started sucking her left breast taking it almost
whole in his mouth. Lana grinded her crotch against Clark's. Clark went to
the other breast and licked and sucked on the small brown nipple. His hands
palmed Lana's firm buttocks. Lana was getting incredibly hot feeling his
hard 8 inch cock bulging in his pants and rubbing against her pussy.

Soon Lana had his cock removed from his pants and was stroking him off as
their lips met in another wet tongue kiss. Lana couldn't believe she was
finally gonna have Clark, she had dreamed of this day, but now it was really
happening. Clark slid aside Lana's black bloomers under her cheerleading
skirt and slid his cock inside of her. He was shocked to feel her hymen
inside. Lana was a virgin! Clark began pumping into her. Pushing her against
the brick wall as his cock tore apart her cherry. Lana moaned loudly
naturally feeling a lot of pain at first, but as he continued ramming her
Lana felt only pleasure. Clark seemed to go at a speed that she was unable
to keep up with as he stretched her pussy for all it was worth with his
massive cock.

Clark felt her orgasm, she cried out as her body seemed to spasm and then go
limp in Clark's arms. Clark let her down on the ground, he helped her to her
knees. Seeing Lana's perfect ass bent over Clark couldn't help himself, he
slid his already lubed rod into the sexy teen girls ass. Lana wanted to
protest but Clark was gentle at first and the pain wasn't so bad since his
cock was lubed by her pussy juices. He slowly slid inch after inch into her
until his balls her slapping against her tight ass. Clark was fucking Lana
on all fours as he reached around and squeezed on her breasts pinching and
pulling on her hard nipples causing her to moan louder and louder. Then Clark
released his load deep into Lana's ass. His hot cum made Lana cum for a
second time. Lana turned her head and kissed Clark ever so softly on the

Clark told her he'd pick her up around 6 for they're date. Lana just nodded,
hoping that what they just did was only a preview of things to come.

* * *

Clark met up with Pete later. "Hey man guess what?"

"What's up Clark?"

"Well, I fucked Lana and Chloe both!"


"Seriously I fucked both those bitches, it was so easy I talked real sweet
to them and they both gave it up! Plus I stole my dad's credit card and got
me a motorcycle I'm gonna pick up Lana on it tonight."

Pete was speechless this wasn't the Clark Kent he knew, stealing and playing
with girls emotions, something wasn't right here. Pete played off like
everything was cool, then he went to find Chloe and Lana. He found Chloe in
the usual place, the room where she works on the paper.

"Hey Chloe, we need to talk."

"Hey Pete, I see your wearing your class ring, didn't you hear, we're all
getting a refund on them? It turns out that the red garnet in our rings is
actually a meteorite, they decided to be cheap."

Suddenly it occurred to Pete, the green meteorite affected Clark physically
the red meteorite on his ring must affect him emotionally. He called Clark's
dad and told him everything. His dad had an idea, they just had to find Clark
before he did anymore damage.

* * *

Clark took Lana out dancing at a popular teenage spot in Smallville. After
dancing a while she went to get something to drink. When she came back Clark
was doing some dirty dancing with the new girl Jessica.

Lana's smile disappeared, she was hurt and ran out. Clark seeing this only
shrugged. He did some more hot and dirty dancing with Jessica. She was
wearing red hiphugger pants and a short white top that left her midriff
exposed. As Jessica made her way to the bathroom all guys were checking her

"Hey don't go checking out my bitch's ass," called out Clark.

The big guys went towards Clark ready for a fight. One by one they attacked
him, and one by one he knock them out. Throwing one into a table, knocking
another guy against the wall and throwing two more behind the bar.

"Anyone else!!!" he asked.

Everyone backed off. As Clark smiled an evil smile. Clark saw Jessica run
out and went after her. Outside he ran into Pete.

"Hey buddy sorry, but I'm kinda busy right now," Clark insisted.

"I'm sorry Clark, but I have to do this." Pete opened a box he had in front
of him in it was green meteorite. Clark felt the affect immediately and
dropped to his knees. Clark's dad Jonathan appeared with a sledgehammer and
swung at Clark's hand shattering the ring on his finger, therefore releasing
Clark from the influence of the red meteorite.

"You all right son?" he asked.

"Um yeah," Clark couldn't control his actions before, but he was now
realizing what he had done to Chloe and Lana. "Oh my God dad, what have I

"Well, your gonna have to do some serious damage control Clark, but hopefully
they'll be able to forgive you, as many times as you've saved their lives,"
said Pete.

Lana met up with Chloe at her house, the two couldn't believe what happened.
Clark had played both of them. Lana took it really hard, considering she had
lost her virginity to him.

"How could I be so stupid Chloe?" she said as she hugged her friend with
tears in her eyes.

"Hey its OK Lana, I though Clark was something special, too. He fooled us
both. Don't take it so hard, your the prettiest girl in school. You'll find

"Your so sweet Chloe, I can always count on you."

Lana leaned in and kissed Chloe on the cheek. They hugged again and Chloe
kissed Lana on the cheek. Suddenly the two looked at each other in a
different way, they both had shared the same heartache and for some reason
they felt drawn to each other. They leaned in again and kissed only this
time on the mouth. The two looked at each other both confused and yet
excited at what was seeming to be happening. They spoke not a word as they
leaned in to kiss each other again. Their mouths opened and this time their
kiss was a French kiss. Excitement went through their bodies as their
tongues touched. Soon the two girls arms were wrapping around each other.

Chloe hands slid down to Lana's ass and squeezed it under her red skirt. Lana
slowly unbuttoned Chloe's silk blouse finding a sexy black bra supporting her
breasts. Chloe lifted Lana's sweater off and was impressed by Lana's cleavage
in her plain white bra. The two held each others hand as they made their way
to Chloe's room. As they met in another hot lesbian kiss Lana unzipped
Chloe's skirt and let it fall to the floor. Chloe followed Lana's lead and
slid off Lana's skirt as well. The two stood there in their bra and panties
making out like life long lovers.

When the kiss was finally broken Chloe unhooked Lana's bra. She eyed her
perfect breasts, she always knew Lana was beautiful but for some reason she
never looked at her sexually until now. They made their may to the bed. With
Lana on top Chloe began to tongue at Lana's nipples as Lana grinded her panty
covered pussy into Chloe's. Chloe was amazed at how erect Lana's nipples
became. She started to suck them causing little gasps to escape Lana's mouth.
Lana felt up Chloe's tits as well, then unhooked her bra freeing her perky
tits that seemed to barely move as the bra came off. Lana pulled Chloe off
her tits wanting to taste Chloe's pink nubs.

Lana had Chloe lay back and began to swirl her tongue on the pink nips. She
easily took her smaller breasts in her mouth. Lana went from one tit to
another as she licked, sucked and even nibbled on them. Chloe stroked Lana's
dark hair as her head was spinning in this new experience of being with
another girl. Lana's tongue bath had Chloe's nipples so hard they ached.
Lana pulled away, and began to remove her own panties. Chloe wasted no time
and removed hers. The two kissed again, neither getting tired of each others
soft lips.

When they finally did stop kissing, Lana flipped her body over so her dark
haired pussy was in front of Chloe's face. Chloe's blonde pussy was also
right in front of Lana as Lana began to lick up and down her slit. Chloe
couldn't resist Lana's beautiful pussy that was presented to her. Chloe
found Lana's hot spot quite easily as she squeezed that firm cheerleaders
ass of Lana's and went to town. Lana was getting her so wet as she licked
up and down her love tunnel. The two young women engaged in a 69 as their
tongues found unfamiliar but very wonderful places. They're tongue work got
faster and faster as Lana did the splits over Chloe's face. The blonde ate
her pussy like it was a river in an endless dessert that she had to get a
drink from! Lana got her tongue deep inside Chloe, she would stop her tongue
fucking here and there to suck on the blonde's pink lips. The two were
moaning loudly now as they were hotter than they had ever been before in
their young lives. Chloe wrapped her legs around Lan a's back as her sucking
and biting on the blonde snatch had her in sexual bliss.

"Yesssss Lana ohh God ohh fuck! Eat my pussy ohhhhhhh God that feels so

"Yeah Chloe ahhhhhhhh I'm gonna cum ohhh your so good Chloe I'm gonna cum
for you God here it comes!"

Lana was the first to orgasm, and Chloe quickly licked up every bit of her
sweet juices.

Chloe wasn't far behind coating Lana's face with her girl cream. Lana licked
up Chloe's female essence like a kitten does milk. She was amazed at how good
another girl tasted. The two would send each other to several orgasms before
they collapsed in a bed with the sheets covered in each others girl cum and

As they both laid there the silence was finally broken.

"I love you Lana, I think I always have."

"I love you too, Chloe."

The two kissed again as they snuggled up close in Chloe's bed. They both
wondered what came over Clark. Certainly now though neither had to rack
their brains about the complex person that is Clark Kent. Someday they
could forgive Clark, for right now they only wanted to concentrate on
each other.


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