This story is a work of fiction. Not to be taken seriously. It's just fantasy
so relax people. This is based on the episode in which Pete and Chloe become
infected with an alien parasite at a rave that takes place in an Indian cave.
The parasite made them both wild and out of control. In my story I thought it
would be interesting if Lana's the one that gets infected. This story
contains ff, mf, Ff, inter, oral, reluctant, mind control.

Smallville: The Evil Lana
by MaiIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Its early morning at Smallville high school and Chloe catches up with her
friend and roommate Lana

"Hey, look what I got, Lana," said Chloe.

Lana looked at the black and white flyer that said 'Party of the year! A rave
to end all raves! This Friday night 7 PM at the famous Indian caves right
outside of town. Its the only place to be!'

"Woah, that looks like fun, you gonna go, Chloe?"

"No doubt, I don't get an invite to these things everyday, after all I write
for the Torch (the school paper for those of you who don't know). Usually, I
get left out, people are afraid that I'll write about illegal activities that
go on at those parties. I assured them though, I'm just a girl who wants to
have a good time."

"I hear ya, hey, I'll be off work around 7:30 could you stand to be a little
late and maybe give me a lift?"

"Of course, its best to be late and make an entrance."

The two girls giggled. They then made there way to class.

At the end of the day Chloe picked up Lana at the Talon. Lana was looking
hot, but dressed a bit sexier than usual for the party, wearing light blue
low-rise jeans with a white belt and a short red top that exposed her flat
tan tummy and white slip on sandals exposing her cute red painted toes.
Chloe went with tight white pants and a V-cut black top, and black high
heeled sandals, she wore a little more makeup then usual. After all she
always felt less attractive around the beautiful Lana Lang.

The two found that the music was quite good at the rave with some amateur
bands playing. They were having a blast. Both of the attractive girls had
little trouble finding someone to dance with. Chloe even drank some alcohol
which was unlike her. The party seemed to be going well but things changed
around midnight, as one guy, apparently drunk, climbed a cave wall then
jumped. He fell to the ground and killed himself instantly.

Unknown to everyone though, there was an alien parasite that had crawled into
his body that influenced his decision to jump. Lana was there first to see if
he was OK. This however allowed the parasite to crawl onto Lana, then it
burrowed its way inside of her. It felt like nothing more than a bite to Lana

Lana screamed, "Ouch!"

Lana immediately started to feel strange her eyes had an evil glare to them,
her smile suddenly seemed more scary than pretty as it always did.

(Opening Theme for Smallville)

After they both talked to the police about the suicide (or so they thought)
they made their way back home. Lana was sitting on her bed and holding her
head, she felt as if something was trying to take over her subconscious mind.
Lana tossed her shirt off and was rubbing her head as she saw Chloe walk out
of the shower in just a towel. Suddenly a smile came across Lana's face. Once
again, it wasn't no sweet smile that one would expect on Lana's face, though.
It was a devilish smile of lust. Chloe dropped her towel displaying her naked
backside in front of her dresser as she looked for night clothes. Lana was
struggling to keep her mind under her own control, but seeing Chloe's naked
body she lost all control.

Lana stood up from the bed. She dropped her jeans leaving her in just her
red bra and panties. She made her way over to Chloe. Chloe heard her coming
behind her and spoke to her, but didn't turn around.

"Should be plenty of hot water left Lana if you wanna shower, too."

Lana came behind Chloe and slid her hands up Chloe's hips and cupped the
blonde's breasts in her hands.

"I think its plenty hot right here, Chloe!"

Chloe froze in shock, her roommate was coming onto her! Lana had never showed
any hint of an interest in girls before. She was sure Lana wasn't a lesbian
but now Lana's hands were saying otherwise.

"Um.. OK, Lana funny joke, now stop, your freaking me out!"

"Well, your body is making me hot, Chloe," She responded.

Lana's hands went lower to the blonde hair between Chloe's legs. She slid a
finger inside of Chloe's pussy causing the blonde to moan. Chloe started to
realize Lana wasn't joking around! She was gonna stop her but it had been a
long time since hands other than her own had touched her there. Now that the
beautiful Lana Lang was touching her there and it felt so good she couldn't
persuade herself to make Lana stop. Lana took her free hand and reached back
unhooking her red bra, and pushed her breasts into Chloe's back. Chloe was
turned on at the feeling of Lana's pointed nipples against her back and
pushed her ass back into Lana's already wet panty covered crotch.

Lana kept fingering her blonde roommate as she turned Chloe's head and began
kissing her. Tongues met tongues as the two hot women swapped spit and
they're bodies gyrated in rhythm. Lana finally broke the long wet kiss and
dropped to her knees behind Chloe. She turned her body around got between
Chloe's standing legs. Wasting no time Lana started licking her pussy. Chloe
gripped the dresser with her hands as her legs spread giving the beautiful
Lana better access. Lana got her finger wet then slid it inside of Chloe's
box. She slid it in and out as her tongue found Chloe's clit.

Chloe gripped the sides of her dresser her nails digging her nails into the
wood as Lana licked and sucked on her pink hood. Lana took her free hand and
slid it down her red panties and started fingering herself as her mouth
consumed Chloe's womanhood. Chloe pulled on her pointed red nipples as she
felt her orgasm on its way. No guy had gotten her to orgasm in this short of
time, but Lana easily did it in record time.

"Oh Lana ohhhhh I....I............ ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God!!!!!!"

Chloe released her orgasm coating Lana's face with her girl cream. Lana
licked it all up finding the taste delicious. After that Lana took Chloe by
the hand and led her to the bed. Lana got on top of her, yanked her red
panties down and straddled Chloe's face.

"Your turn, eat my pussy, and make me fucking cum bitch!"

Chloe couldn't believe her ears, Lana never said a bad word that she could
recall. Yet here she was straddling Chloe's face and cursing. Chloe certainly
had no problem with the idea of returning the favor to Lana though. So she
darted her tongue deep inside the naked brunette, while her hands squeezed
Lana's ass. Chloe got deep into Lana with her tongue using it like a little
cock, as Lana rode it like one. Lana squeezed her breasts as Chloe's tongue
licking seemed for expert than novice to Lana!

Lana wasted little time in getting off, her back arched and she felt her body
release onto Chloe's face. Chloe felt as she would suffocate with the way
Lana getting rough and buried her lap in Chloe's face. Luckily the orgasm
caused Lana to lose her strength enough so Chloe could get some air. Lana
recovered much sooner than you would expect and laid back on the bed. She
grabbed Chloe by the hair and pushed her into her pussy.

"Eat me out your not done yet blondie, I wanna cum again!"

"Lana I really don't.....

Chloe couldn't finish her words before her face was buried in Lana's pussy
again. Seeing that Lana wasn't gonna let her go until she came again Chloe
started licking Lana's pussy again. She was humping her crotch at Chloe's
face, her body was on fire and she didn't care if she suffocate the blonde,
she only wanted release. Lana finally got her orgasm as Chloe's tongue drove
her over the edge. Chloe pulled away, gasping for breath.

"God, what's wrong with you, Lana? I couldn't breath!"

"It didn't seem like you weren't enjoying yourself, Chloe, give me a break,
I'm going to bed, I have a big day tomorrow!"

Lana turned in for the night, not even bothering to put on anything for bed.
Chloe couldn't believe what had just happened. Still she turned herself in
for the night too.

The next morning Lana had lots of energy she got up and showered. She put on
lots of makeup especially dark eyeshadow and pink lipstick. She put on her
sexiest Fredrick's of Hollywood lacey white bra with a pink silk button up
shirt along. She slid on white panties probably a size too small that barely
covered her ass and a pair of black short shorts. She had somewhat outgrown
them and they really hugged every curve, they were so tight that the front
of them left no doubt to her gender. To finish of the outfit she decided on
pink high heels that matched her top with short lacey white socks.

She like her look in the mirror she looked absolutely luscious!

Chloe's jaw dropped walking in and seeing Lana dressed that way.

"Lana, are you wearing that to school?!"

"You don't think its to conservative do you?"

"Um no, its a little too little!"

"Hmm, I disagree I'm gonna change my shorts."

Lana tossed her shorts aside and instead slid on an equally short black mini

"Much better," she said with a smile.

Chloe watched as Lana picked up her purse, as she did her panties (or lack
of panties) were clearly exposed. As Lana left Chloe shook her head.

"I must be in the twilight zone." She thought.

Lana made her way to school. She found all male eyes and even female ones on
her body in the hallways. She liked the attention it turned her on. She
looked for Clark but had no luck finding him. She did find Pete, however.

"Hey Pete, you seen Clark?"

Pete was lost in the sight of how Lana was dressed so there was a long
hesitation before he answered.

"Oh, um you know Clark, always late."

"Well, I wanted to have some fun, so I guess you'll have to do."


With that Lana grabbed Pete and pulled him into the janitor's closet.

"Lana, what are you doing?!"

"I wanna get fucked, your not Clark but you'll do!"

Lana grabbed at Pete's crotch pulling out his limp cock. She immediately
dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock. Pete was shocked put
didn't protest as Lana sucked him off getting him hard until his black cock
grew to 8 inches. Lana looked up at him as her pink lips engulfed his shaft.
Pete reached down and started feeling up her breasts through her top. Lana
helped him out by unbuttoning her top, then unclasping her sexy bra in the
front, showing Pete her very nice firm tits. Pete felt up her firm breasts
as she swallowed all 8 inches down her throat. Pete was amazed at Lana's
oral techniques. Her mouth felt so good he didn't want her to stop. She did
however stop sucking him.

Lana hiked up her short skirt and yanked her panties down and bent over in
front of Pete. Pete didn't need to be told what to do. He aimed his cock at
Lana's wet cunt. With some hard pushing he entered her. Lana had been with
one other boy before, her ex Whitney. Pete however could swear that he was
fucking a virgin considering how tight Lana was. Lana's ass was perfect and
Pete loved the view as she bent over and he watched his dick slid in and out
of her. Lana was getting loud and Pete tried to tell her to keep it down but
she would have none of it.

"Fuck me, fuck me, give me that black dick, yeah that's it ram my pussy
fucking good!!!!"

Lana started pushing back and soon her body orgasmed, tightly squeezing on
Pete's shaft. Pete was coming too.

"Are you on the pill Lana, I'm gonna cum!!"

"Its OK Pete, cum inside me, I wanna feel it inside me!"

Pete shot his load deep in Lana. Lana moan and screamed in pleasure making
Pete all the more weary about them getting caught. After that Lana slid her
panties back up, and slid her skirt back down. She reclasped her bra and
button her silk top.

"Thanks Pete that will get me by until I find Clark, bye," She blew him a

Pete stood there a minute not believing what he heard.

"What just happened here?"

It was later in the day during lunch that Lana caught up with Clark.

"Hey, Clark, can we talk in private?"

"Well, sure Lana, but it has to be quick I can't be late to class again or
ill get detention."

"OK, Clark, I can do quick."

Lana took Clark to a private spot behind the gym.

"So what did you need Lana?"

"Your cock," she said with a lust filled smile.


With that Lana gave Clark a huge kiss and jumped into his arms her crotch
grinding into hers. Clark protested a little, wondering what had gotten into
her. Then he got lost in kissing her, something he had always wanted to do
so badly. Tongues met and the kissing grew more intense and Clark was getting
extremely hard with Lana's crotch grinding into his. Lana slid down and
pulled out his cock it was quite impressive at 9 inches. Clark stopped
protesting as Lana started sucking him and sucking him good. She teasingly
took her tongue all the way up then all the way down his rod. Then she went
back up and engulfed all of his dick.

Clark looked down on the beautiful Lana giving him head. She looked so good
he couldn't believe this was happening and where it was happening! Lana was
all over his crotch sucking his balls and stroking his rod. Lana unbuttoned
her top and unclasped her bra. Clark saw the most two perfect breasts he had
ever seen and squeezed them hard playing with the dark nipples. Clark felt
he was gonna cum. He tried to pull out but Lana gripped his ass and was
definitely wanting it in her mouth. Clark unloaded in her mouth. Lana never
knew a guy could cum so much but she swallow all but a few drops that slid
out of the corners of her mouth.

"Well, that was good for starters Clark. After school I want your cock inside
my pussy though, see you then."

Clark watched as Lana walked away, he could swear there was an extra sway
in her ass as she did. Clark then quickly realized he was gonna be late for
class, so using his super speed he made it to class with only seconds to

After class Clark caught up with Chloe and Pete in the computer room.

"Hey guys, you notice Lana acting different today?"

"Oh yes, there's definitely something going on with that girl, Clark," said

"What have you noticed, Chloe?"

"Um, rather not give details, but since last night she's acting really
strange. She got a bug bite but that's not so unusual in a cave."

"I noticed that she was acting strange, too," added Pete.

"You two went to that rave last night where that guy who was under the
influence, or something got killed didn't you?" asked Clark.

"Yeah, oh my God, you think Lana was drugged or something?"

"I don't know, but we better talk to the police after school and find out
what the guy was under the influence of."

After school Lana made her way to Clark's house. Martha Kent, Clark's mom,
answered the door.

"Is Clark here, Mrs. Kent?"

"No, Lana, he's not home yet, would you like to wait?"

"Yes, thank you."

Martha couldn't help but notice how Lana was dressed. If she didn't know
Lana, she would think that Lana was the kind of girl to keep her son away
from. Lana looked like a hooker. Lana was noticing Mrs. Kent too, she
thought she had very nice big breasts, much bigger than hers. Lana saw that
she was a very attractive woman for her age. Mrs. Kent served her some
lemonade and sat down across from Lana.

"Well, I've never seen you dressed so revealing Lana, is this a new style I
haven't heard about?"

"Its new for me you like it?"

"Well, its different."

"Well, your a beautiful woman Mrs. Kent, you would look good like this, too.
I bet you'd be damn hot I dare say!"

"Well,........... thank you Lana."

Lana got up and sat next to her on the couch. She placed her hand on Martha
Kent's leg.

"What are you doing, Lana?"

Lana didn't speak she just caressed the older woman's hair and looked into
her eyes.


Martha couldn't believe it as Lana leaned in and kissed her. Martha pulled

"Lana, stop it what's wrong with you?"

Again Lana went at Mrs. Kent, this time getting on top of her and forced her
into a kiss. Martha kept protesting, but Lana was persistent. Forcing her
tongue into the older woman's mouth.

At the police station they got little info on the kids death. Chloe was able
to help Clark find out information by distracting officers. Clark found out
that there was an unidentified parasite bite on the kid. It suddenly all made
sense now. The parasite from the caves that had something to do with Clark's
origin could be alien. If that was the case who knows how it would effect
someone, like the kid who died, or Lana! Clark realized that he had to find
Lana and quick. Using his speed he made his way back to the school.

Martha Kent was starting t give in to Lana's kissing. She hadn't been seduced
by anyone like this since high school, and never by another woman. Although
Lana was a very young woman at that. Martha was now kissing Lana back as the
two women's tongue darted in and out of each others mouths. Martha felt Lana
unbuttoning her blouse exposing her breasts in a plain white bra. Lana smiled
at the 38D breasts right in front of her covered by Martha's bra. Lana got
her own shirt off revealing her bra to Mrs. Kent. Martha's heart was racing.
She had never done anything with another woman before. Yet here was the sexy
Lana Lang wanting her, even forcing for into the idea of lesbian sex.

Lana took Martha by the hand.

"Let's go to your bedroom, Mrs. Kent."

Martha took a deep breathe, then nodded and made her way upstairs with Lana.
Once in the bedroom Lana peeled off her mini skirt and kicked off her heels.
Martha slid down her blue jeans her panties much like her bra were very
conservative, high cut white panties. Lana took her by the hand and took her
to the bed. She went immediately at Martha's bra and unhooked her. Her eyes
lit up at the sight of her big breasts with pink aureola's. Lana took her
breast in her mouth as her hand roughly squeezed the other. Martha loved
feeling Lana's warm mouth on her neglected breasts. Lana went back and forth
between her tits giving them both equal attention. Being sure to suck each
nipple. Martha pulled the younger girl into her cleavage. She grinded her
panties into Lana's feeling the warmth in the younger girl's core.

Martha unhooked Lana's bra and returned the favor, kissing the younger girls
breasts. Giving each nipple a hard suck and gentle bite until both nipples
were hard and pointed. Lana brought Mrs. Kent into another french kiss as
hands were soon back on Martha's big breasts feeling them. Martha could tell
the younger girl was quite impressed by her breasts. When the kiss broke Lana
looked at Mrs. Kent and said...

"Why don't you take off your panties Mrs. Kent?"

Martha stood up and grabbed her panties waistband and slid them down, her
shapely round ass showed no sign of age, probably due to never giving birth
to any children, since Clark was adopted. Her pussy was hairy with
reddish/brown pubic hair. Lana smiled that evil smile again. Then slid off
her own panties revealing her pretty pussy. The two women wrapped their arms
around each other lying on the bed, females bodies entwined as they kissed
passionately once again. Lana slid down between Martha Kent's legs and teased
her kissing her inner thighs.

Then she would teasingly kiss the older woman's lips and blow on her
sensitive slit. Martha's eyes looked into Lana's. Lana saw her eyes pleading
with her to stop the teasing and eat her pussy already. Lana finally did that
spreading her pussy lips encased in her forrest of pubic hair and stuck her
tongue inside of her. Martha let out a loud series of moans and screams of
pleasure as she enjoyed the tongue of the sexy teen. Lana got even dirtier
as she wet Martha's asshole with her tongue and fingered Martha's pussy with
two fingers. Martha was humping Lana's face like an animal as her body was
enjoying the oral. It had to have been years since her husband had gone down
on her and Lana was oh so good at it.

Lana spread both of Martha's legs far apart and really licked on her, sucking
her clit and getting the older woman all that much hotter. Martha couldn't
hold herself back any longer and was soon coating Lana's face with her female
cream. Lana licked it up with her tongue like it was ice cream. Martha looked
down at how sexy Lana looked with her juices dripping from the hot teenage
girls chin. She turned her over so she was on the bottom, and decided she
would return the favor. She was glad to see that Lana's pussy was nicely
trimmed making her pussy easier access.

Martha went down on another woman for the first time. Kissing her pretty
pussy before snaking her tongue inside of Lana. Lana grabbed her ankles and
pulled her legs wide apart, almost like doing the splits on her back. Martha
darted her tongue deep in Lana squeezing on her tight ass as her tongue went
deeper and deeper in her.

"That's it, ohhh Mrs. Kent, ohh fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, oh that
feels so good!"

Martha was certainly not eating like a first timer and Lana was going crazy
with Martha's hot clit biting and blowing on her wet hood. Lana was so hot
she was already cumming and coating Mrs. Kent's face with her sweet cum.

Lana got her breath back and said....

"Let's 69."

Martha didn't understand that term, so Lana slid under her and pushed
Martha's head to her pussy and started eating Martha out again. Martha got
the idea and they engaged in a hot lesbian 69. Much like a ying yang symbol
they were an endless cycle of tongues and cunts. The two women were both
pushing each other towards another mind-blowing orgasm.

Using his super speed powers Clark had just checked the school and the Talon
with no sign of Lana. Suddenly it hit him, Lana said she would see him after
school, maybe she went to his house. He took of there immediately.

"Oh Mrs. Kent, ohh, your gonna make me cum, ohhhh, I'm cummming, I'm
cummming, I'm cumming!!!!!!!!!!"

Lana pulled Martha up so Mrs. Kent was sitting on her face facing away from
her. Lana reached up to squeeze Martha's big bouncing tits, as her tongue's
magic work sent Martha to an earth shattering orgasm for the second time!"

"Oh Lana, oh God, your so good at this I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum all over
your pretty face baby, here it comes!!!!!"

Clark using his super speed was home at the Kent farm quickly. There was no
one in the front room, but he heard sounds coming from the bedroom, so he
blazed quickly upstairs. He entered the bedroom like a shot, then he saw what
he never imagined. His mom was riding Lana Lang's face to an orgasm.

"Mom, Lana!!!!"

Both women were startled and jumped. Lana seeing Clark immediately tried to
get off the bed, but lost her balance and hit her head on the hard wood floor
knocking her unconscious.

"Clark, look, I um, I.............." Martha started.

"Don't worry about it mom, Lana is sick she's got some kind of a parasite in
her affecting the way she's acting. I gotta get her to the hospital help me
get her dressed."

Hours later Lana Lang was waking up, she had a mild concussion and a horrible
pain in her neck from wear the doctor removed a never before seen parasite.
She saw Clark, Chloe and Pete plus Mrs. Kent there.

"Ohhhhh (Pain ringing in her neck) Hey, what....what happened to me?"

"You had some kind of parasite in you, Lana, it was controlling your mind
somehow. Do you remember anything?"

"Well, I remember the rave last night and talking to the police about the
suicide, then....going home........."

"Anything else, Lana?" asked Mrs. Kent.

Lana shook her head.

"No...........that's all I can remember. Um this thing, you say it influenced
me, how?"

"Well, it doesn't matter all that matters is, your gonna be OK, they want you
to stay in the hospital overnight, but you can go home tomorrow if everything
checks out OK." said Chloe.

"Why don't we leave Lana to get some rest," said Mrs. Kent.

They all said there good-byes and left Lana to sleep. Clark couldn't help but
wonder what would have happened if she hadn't hit her head and he hadn't
taken her to the hospital right away. One thing was for sure a small part of
him was gonna miss Lana's dark side. His mom having lesbian sex with Lana,
and him and Lana behind the gym would forever be in his mind. Sure it was
wrong but in a way Clark wished he could have haven just a bit more time with
the evil Lana.


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