Smallville: The Face Of Thor Part 1 (MF,mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Scandinavia 6000 B.C.


Thunder filled the skies. Atop a mountain, a man stood alone. He was a tall,
muscular man with long blond hair and pale blue eyes. He wore a costume made
of animal skins. In his right hand he held a heavy-looking Hammer. The man
stood there and gazed at something in the distant horizon.

He looked at a magnificent fortress that was heated with the sounds of
battle. He knew that his fellow gods were battling the forces of evil,
mainly the Demons and the Giants. He knew he should be there but he had
another calling. This was the time to face his ancient enemy. A day that
was pre-ordained since the beginning of time.

His eyes gazed in all directions for some time before he seemed to ease up.
He seemed to relax. His pause would not last long. The ground underneath him
shook. Suddenly, something came out of the ground, moving with terrifying
force and speed. The creature that came out of the ground was unlike anything
the world had seen before. A monstrously huge Serpent. This was no mere
Serpent but Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent. This creature was immortal, a
longtime enemy of the man who stood facing him. This man was not exactly a
man but Thor, the God of Thunder. The Lord of Battles.

Thor shouted out a challenge to his longtime enemy. The beast answered with
a great hiss. Then, it charged him. Thor threw his mighty Hammer at the
Serpent and it dodged it. The Hammer came back to Thor's hand. The Serpent
was upon him. It spat fire and reared its ugly head, trying to swallow the
god whole. Thor came at it and started beating it with his Hammer. He struck
with superhuman force against the titanic reptile. The Midgard Serpent
recoiled, faking a retreat before spitting out fire which caused the Thunder
God to take a step back. The Serpent moved forward, uncoiling and ready to
strike. Thor once more threw the Hammer and it struck the Serpent in the
head. Jormungand hissed in pain. The Hammer came back to the divine thrower's
hand. The Serpent charged and spat its venom, the most powerful poison in
all the world. The god of Thunder screamed as the poison fell upon him. He
charged the titanic beast, knowing that he did not have long. The Serpent
used its tail to batter the god of Thunder, each blow containing enough
force to shake the earth or shatter a mountain. Still Thor came.

He leapt into the air, and struck at the Midgard Serpent. The Hammer struck
the serpent and embedded itself in its skull. The immortal beast shrieked and
thrashed about. It struggled to expel the Hammer from its skull. Myelnir, the
Hammer of Thor was made of Uru, the awesome Asgardian metal. Nothing could
destroy it. The Serpent's struggles was in vain. Soon, it fell and lay still.
Thor stood over the body of his slain enemy. The Midgard Serpent's titanic
body was easily a hundred and twenty feet long and as wide as two grown men's
bodies. The dark powers that inhabited the monster's body died within it.

Thor was victorious. He could sense the end was near. He knew that the gods
and goddesses of Asgard had fallen. They had fought the Forces of Evil and
both sides had annihilated themselves. Thor was dying. The poison of
Jormungand had been true to its name. Still, the Thunderer had something to
do. He summoned forces older and greater than himself and commanded them to
wipe out all evidence of the Underworld, its monsters as well as the gods of
Asgard themselves. All supernatural forces withdrew from the world of
Midgard, which would henceforth be the World of Man. The Age of the Gods was
over. The Age of Man had begun.

Thor welcomed oblivion after countless thousands of years of battling the
forces of evil. Still, he knew that evil never died. He was worried about
what might happen to the world of Man if evil were to return and there were
no gods or goddesses to defend humanity. Thor willed everything that he was
into something indestructible. A mask made of something that ressembled gold
but was actually made of Uru, the indestructible Asgardian metal. All the
powers of Thor went inside the Face, as he called the mask. All of them. If
humanity needed them one day, a worthy man or woman would be able to don the
Face and wield all the powers of Thor, the God of Thunder. The forces of
evil would once more have a formidable opponent.



Martha Kent woke up in her room on the Kent farm. She was a tall woman in
her early forties, with long reddish hair and dark eyes. She looked at her
spouse, Jonathan Kent. Even though the two of them had been married for over
two decades, she still enjoyed something as basic as waking up next to him.

"Hello, husband." she said. Jonathan was still sleeping. Martha looked at
him. He looked so handsome in his sleep. She smiles mischievously as she
thinks of the best way to wake him up. She leans over him bringing her face
close to his. She want to just grab him and kiss him deeply, but she don't
want to startle him yet. This has to go just right. She starts to slip his
pants down to his ankles, taking care not to wake him up yet. She looks at
his almost nude, masculine form.

Jonathan Kent is a man in great shape. She slid down his boxers and looks
at his manhood. Even at rest it is still big. She slowly strokes him. Her
fingers slide over him, feeling the wonderful texture. She slowly takes it
into her hand and slides it into her mouth. Jonathan is a "natural" man.
His erect, uncut cock is usually eight inches long. Right now, it's a
little more than half its normal size but Martha wants to fix that. She
knows how.

She starts sucking his cock and licking it. He doesn't move. He is still
asleep. She continues, licking his cock and balls. She runs her tongue up
and down on its length, like it is the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted.
She is enjoying every second of it. His cock is growing harder and longer.
She continues to suck it. Some. He's still not fully awake, but the
pleasure is sinking in. Martha kisses him again and this time lets her
teeth brush his flesh. She feels his whole body stiffen. He is almost
awake. She kisses him again and resumes sucking his cock. Jonathan's eyes
snap open. She looks at him lovingly. Jonathan is shocked to see his
darling wife sucking his cock.

"Martha...?" he says. Martha stops. "What are you doing?" he asks.

"Loving you, Jonathan Kent." Martha says.

She won't take no for an answer and resumes what she was doing. Jonathan's
body is loving what she is doing to him. Jonathan himself is mesmerizing by
the sight of his beautiful wife as she does her best to pleasure him.

Martha Kent watches as Jonathan closes his eyes in pleasure. Now it's time.
She sucks him until he grunts. She knows him well enough to know what is
coming. Jonathan screames as he erupts inside Martha Kent's mouth. She
swallows his cum and uses her agile tongue to clean up his cock and suck
him dry. Martha feels Jonathan's strong arms pull her to him. She smiles
as he draws her close and kisses her. She is happy that he is happy. Even
though they are married, she doesn't usually go that bold with him. Jonathan
Kent is a loving man but he is also a traditional man. He doesn't mind when
she initiates sex, though.

He whispers words of love into her ears. She is not done with him. She climbs
on top of him. He pulls her down so that he is on top of her, the dominant
male once again. Martha smiles, spreads her legs and Jonathan Kent looks at
her. Her eyes ask him to take her. He takes hold of his erect cock and rubs
it against her pussy. She holds his cock and guides the head to the warm
tightness of her hole. Not the usual one either. Her tight backdoor.

Jonathan starts to press. He feels the resistance start to give way. Martha
feels his cock upon her asshole. She feels a bit of fear but that fear is
replaced by her love and trust in her partner. Her ring opens, accepting the
intruding cock and pulling it inside her. Martha moans loudly and shoves
her hips back to meet his thrust. Jonathan's cock is going deeper inside
her. She winces but doesn't want to stop. Her husband is plowing into her,
thrusting his cock deep inside her butthole. His teeth bite her neck and she
moans. He starts to push into her, driving his cock in and out of her ass.
Martha's eyes widen as he goes deeper than ever before. She bites her lip. He
really starts to give it to her. His cock is sliding in and out of her ass.
Jonathan growls.

Martha knows what is going to happen. She feelss his cum start to race up
his cock even before he starts to scream out in ecstasy. He cums and floods
her ass with his hot seed. His whole body shakes and collapses on top of
her. Martha Kent takes it all without screaming, until the blast of hot cum
running inside her anus proves too much and she screams out in both pain and
pleasure. Jonathan is resting on top of her.

"Thanks, Martha, that was the best ever."

The voice of Jonathan is still rough with passion. Jonathan leans over and
kisses her. Then he pulls himself off her, his big cock sliding out of her
ass with a small popping sound. Martha lay on the bed, catching her breath.
"You're welcome, hon." she says.

Martha and Jonathan Kent look forward to starting their day. What they don't
know is that Clark Kent heard the whole thing. He didn't mean to. He is just
a teenager and the subject of his parents having sex is still gross to him.
He went down to the kitchen and makes breakfast for everyone in record time.
He watches his parents coming down the stairs, holding hands.

"Good morning, Clark." They say.

Clark smiles and waves. He shows them the breakfast that he made. "Coffee,
buttered bread, omelette." he says. "Just for you guys."

His mother smiles. "Clark, you shouldn't have." she says.

His father grins. "Thanks a lot, son."

Clark smiles and eats his breakfast.

It is 7:00 and school starts at 7:45 at Smallville high school. Clark knows
he can make it with his super speed. He eats breakfast with his parents
before leaving the Kent farm.


Clark Kent does something he doesn't usually do. He walks to school. He has
a lot on his mind. He thinks about the world in which he lives. He is just a
guy who wants what everyone wants. He is also the last member of a race of
human-like Aliens known as the Kryptonians. The Kryptonians were this
technologically advanced race of people with super powers. Clark Kent is the
last of his kind. He is all alone on Earth. He tries not to think about it.
At least not more than ten times a day. He has a lot of secrets that he
keeps. Not everyone can be trusted with his secrets. He only told Pete Ross,
his lifelong best friend. He had other friends that he wanted to tell. Yet
he couldn't.

There was Lex Luthor, a guy who was cool, if a bit secretive. There was also
Chloe Sullivan, his best gal pal. Oh, and Lana Lang, the girl he had loved
since he was just a little kid. None of them could be trusted with his
secret. None at all. He marched down the dusty road, brooding over what might
have been.

Sometimes, Clark Kent felt mad at the world. Clark Kent was raised by his
parents to be a decent, honest and caring individual. He had another side
to him, though. That side was Kal-El. Kal-El of Krypton was meant to be a
conqueror. Clark Kent had many powers. He had awesome, seemingly limitless
physical Strength. He could move at dazzling Speeds. He could See through
solid objects. He could also Hear sounds human and animal ears couldn't
pick up. He was also Invulnerable in every sense of the word. He had Heat
vision, the ability to emit an optical wave that caused things to burst
into flames. It was one of his most special powers. One power he hadn't
grown into yet was the power of Flight. Eventually, he would.

Clark Kent walked down the road. He didn't notice a car drive by. The driver
took a long look at Clark Kent as he walked.


The driver of the car was Lori Berndheim. She was a young girl from Germany.
She was also a student at Smallville high school. Lori drove to the school
parking lot and hurried inside. She didn't want to be late again. She kind
of got distracted by that really cute guy on the side of the road. He was so
damn hot. He looked sad, though. She wanted to give him a ride but was kind
of fearful of hitchhikers, even real cute ones. Lori walked into her first
period class. Intermediate Algebra. The teacher, Miss Jones was a nice lady
when she wanted to be.

Lori had been at Smallville high for almost two years now. She moved there
with her father, Dorn Berndheim. He had started a successful business in
Metropolis. He didn't like the big city, it reminded him too much of Berlin,
which he left. Lori just wanted a normal life. Still, she was a shy girl so
it wasn't easy. Add to that the fact that she was six feet two inches tall.
A lot of people seemed to have a problem with a tall girl. She sat down
through class and noticed a familiar face. There he was. That tall, handsome
guy from the road. That was Clark Kent? Her classmate? Wow! He was....cute!!!

Clark Kent walked out of class as soon as the bell rang. He walked out with
two people. A black guy named Pete Ross and a pretty blonde girl named Chloe
Sullivan. They were Clark's buddies. Lori could tell that Chloe liked Clark.
She could also tell that it was an unrequited relationship. Clark Kent had
issues to deal with, that much was clear. Still, as she checked out his back
side, Lori was more than willing to help him with any issues that he might
have. He was a fine lad!!!

Lori was so absorbed into looking at Clark Kent that she almost forgot that
her history class was going into a field trip. She rushed down the stairs to
the meeting place. She saw several of her classmates from her History class
walking to the bus. She sees her teacher, a tall man with red hair. His name
is Karl. "Hi, Mr. Karl." she says.

He looks at her. "Lori, right in time." he says.

Lori smiles and boards the bus. She sits down next to someone she is sort of
friendly with. A black girl named Kendra. The two girls chatted while the
bus left Smallville and took the highway, heading toward Metropolis. They
were going to the Metropolis Museum of Antiquities. Supposedly, there was a
display of Ancient Norse art there.

It took the bus thirty five minutes to get to Metropolis. They walked into
the Museum. It was a large building. Students were talking. The teacher and
chaperones urged them to be silent. Kendra, always the loud-mouthed black
female had something to say. Lori was just glad not be at school. Well, she
wasn't entirely glad. She wanted to see more of that cute guy, Clark Kent.
Boys that fine didn't stay single for long. She walked into the Museum with
her classmates. The place was big. There were security personel members
there. Not to protect the high school students from harm but to protect the
antiquities from the high school students. Lori would have found that ironic.
She looked at pieces of art and antiquities. Large hammers, axes, swords and
shields. The weapons of the brave men of her country's heroic past. She was
German and thus a part of Scandinavia.

She was still looking at these things when something caught her attention.
Something that was glowing faintly into a distant room. Lori watched out
for the personel and the students and sneaked away. She wandered around the
Museum for some time before finding the room. Strangely enough, there was
something that seemed golden. It was on a pedestal. She approached the
seemingly shimmering object, eager to find what it was. As she got closer,
she saw what it was. A mask. A small mask no bigger than her hand. The mask
sat on a stone pedestal. There was nothing around it to protect it from the
hands of people. She had to assume that people seldom ventured into this


She took a closer look at the mask. It was a beautiful piece of art. It was
made to ressemble a man, she thought. The features were masculine, after a
fashion. There was a symbol on the mask. She couldn't resist holding it in
her hands. She felt a bit of a tingle when the mask's surface touched her
bare skin but attributed it to the adrenaline one must feel when in
potentially dangerous situations.

A naughty thought ventured in her skull. Why not put it on? She hesitated.
What would happen if she were caught? Nah, she couldn't do this. Still,
something inside urged her to put the mask on, if only for a second. She
couldn't resist the urge. She held the mask and put it on her face. She
pressed it against her face. What happened next she would never forget...

The mask simply slid inside her head. The thing melted inside her head like
butter in sunlight. She felt a rush of warmth followed by an icy chill as
the mask went inside her head. She panicked. What had happened? How could
this be? No! She touched her face and did not feel the metal on her features.
The mask had disappeared inside her head. How could this be? She was still
thinking about that, panicking, when she heard a voice. It was her friend

"What are you doing here?" asked Kendra.

Lori looked at her friend. "Mask." she blurted out.

"Let's go." said Kendra. "Before you get into trouble."

Lori followed her friend. Kendra had not noticed anything out of the
ordinary. The mask had really disappeared inside her skull. How could this
be possible?


As she rejoins her classsmates, Lori tries not to think about what just
happened. In fact, before the field trip ends, she has convinced herself that
nothing actually took place. She got through the field trip and went back to
school with her class. She was looking forward to an afternoon of sleep. She
walked to her car as school ended and went home. She drove on the road. Her
eyes wandered through the cornfields on either side of the road and she
caught a glimpse of something amazing. Something that looked like a man, only
it was moving through the cornfield at amazing speeds. Lori couldn't believe
what she saw ! Wow ! She was so distracted that she didn't see a truck coming
at her until it was too late. The truck slammed into her car and sent the
much smaller vehicle flying. Lori's world went black right after the impact.

Lori woke up slowly and painfully. She felt like she had been hit by a
bulldozer. She looked about frantically before realizing where she was. She
was on a hospital bed. There were people in the room. Her father, for one
thing. She looked into his face, for once seeing love instead of his stern

"Are you alright, sweetheart?" he asked.

"Yeah, dad." she said. "What happened?"

He told her how he got a call from the hospital saying that his only daughter
got in a car accident. He was very relieved to see that she was alright. Lori
felt pain all over but she had no injuries. Not even a scratch.

"You're lucky to be alive." said the nurse.

Lori looked at her father questioningly. He told her. "The car was totaled."
he said. "Scrap metal." He was amazed that she didn't have a scratch on her.
And grateful. "God be praised." he said, as he hugged her.

The doctors insisted on keeping her overnight for observation. Lori felt
annoyed. She was glad to be alive. Still, two things bothered her. What about
the mask back at the Museum? And who the hell was that guy moving at such
speeds through the cornfield?


Clark Kent sat in the passenger seat of Pete's car. The two boys were going
to school.

"Dude, we need to have field trips." said Pete. "Mr. Karl's history class
went to one a couple dayss ago and we never get any."

Clark listened absentmindedly. "Yeah." he agreed.

They went to school. They headed toward their math class where a small crowd
of people were gathered around a tall blonde girl. "Tell us about it, Lori."
someone asked.

"Damn, this girl is fine." said Pete as he looked at their tall classmate.

Clark looked at her. Yeah, she was a pretty girl.

Meanwhile, Lori looked at the other students. Plenty of people were surprised
to see her walking, having seen her totaled car in the news. Usually people
didn't walk from those car accidents, much less walk to school. She felt
annoyed by all the attention she was getting from her classmates. People who
didn't usually pay attention to her. The boys were usually checking out her
figure with lust. The girls were usually envious of her. She didn't like such
small-minded people. She looked away from them...and gasped.

She found herself looking straight at a tall young man with black hair and
blue eyes. Clark Kent. There he was, clad in a black jacket, red shirt and
blue jeans. He looked at her. There was something about his eyes...damn. He
nodded politely. She nodded back. The bell rang and everyone went to his or
her respective class. Lori went to her seat, her fifteen seconds of fame
over. She sat down in class. She wasn't focused on the math. Her mind was
elsewhere. She didn't know what but something bothered her. First the mask
incident in the this.

She looked around and for a moment, she saw everything different. She looked
at the boys and girls around her. She could see them in a way that she never
could before. She could see something glowing inside each and every single
one of them. A blue light that fit inside their bodies. She didn't know what
to make of it. Human Soul, something inside her said. She could see people's
souls!!! She looked around and saw it again and again inside each and every
person that she saw. She looked at Clark Kent....and gasped. He had a light
inside him too...but his was different. His was bright yellow, as opposed to
blue like everyone else's. Wow!

She looked around and for the remainder of the day, she saw the souls inside
each and every person that she knew. And people that she didn't know. Someone
bumped into her. Andrea Weir. The head cheerleader of Smallville high school.
She was a tall, fiery-haired girl with green eyes and the kind of body men
liked and women envied. As Andrea bumped into her, Lori saw right into the
girl's soul. She saw division. She saw...loneliness. She knew that Andrea had
a boyfriend, Keith Sanchez of the football team. The problem was that Andrea
was attracted to Keith's divorced mother Helen, and didn't know how to handle
it. Wow!

Lori kept on walking. She thought she knew someone and then...poof! Big
surprises! She shook hands with her friend Kendra, and once more saw into
someone's soul. Kendra was very scared of large gatherings of people. She
was insecure and covered it up with a lot of angry loudmouth talk and
bravado. Lori shook her head. She kept seeing these things every time she
touched someone. Every single time. She could see right into their souls.
She wondered why she never saw any yellow souls, other than Clark's. She
touched a girl named Mindy and knew that the girl was fated to die before
the end of the week. She touched the hand of Matthew Skrill, the school
bully. The bastard's insecurity had to do with his great fear of snakes
and his secret lust for other boys. Wow ! Lori could see people's most
closely guarded secrets very easily. That was scary. Still, something
inside her enjoyed figuring these things out.

She went to Gym class and started working out. For some reason, she felt like
testing herself today. She went over to a hulking young man's side and asked
him to spot her. She lay there and he asked how many pounds he should put.
She asked for the amount of weight he would put on the weight-lifting bench
when he worked out. The young man whose name was David proudly told her that
he could lift one hundred and eighty pounds.

"Are you sure you want this ?" he asked her.

"Sure." said Lori.

He put the weights on the bar and lifted it. Lori reached out with both hands
and held the bar. For a moment, she felt like it was too much for her...then,
all of a sudden, all that changed. Something liquid flowed inside her. A hot
liquid that tingled inside and seemed to rush out of nowhere into her heart
and lungs and brain, arms and legs. She felt confident, ready for anything.
She held the bar...and lifted. Before the young man's amazed eyes, she lifted
it one hundred and thirteen times.

Clark Kent sat in his Physics class. When he looked at this girl that
morning, he felt something. He, that wasn't it. Not lust, that's
for sure. He felt something inside him stir. Something primal. He had felt
that way when he became Kal-El for the first time. Kal-El was his other self.
Clark Kent was basically a normal guy with feelings, thoughts, emotions and
insecurities. Kal-El was the Super-Macho Conqueror with a lot of Power and
Ambition and a total disregard for Human Life. Clark Kent would never admit
it to anyone but when he became Kal-El...he liked it.

Suddenly, he felt strange. No pain but some discomfort. He knew why. There
had to be Kryptonite nearby. Clark Kent looked at the boy next to him.
Gerald Chan. The boy was playing with a small chunk of Red Kryptonite. He
noticed Clark's discomfort. The boy grinned and placed the glowing red rock
in Clark's hand. Clark gasped. The Red Kryptonite sent wave after wave of
invisible energy through him and he felt a rush of it inside him. It
affected his muscles and blood, flooded into his brain and inside every
cell in his superhuman body. It went inside...and remained. The young man
who looked back at Gerald Chan was not Clark Kent. He was Kal-El of Krypton.
He slipped the Red Kryptonite inside his pocket and smiled at the Asian boy.
"Thanks, man." he said.

Gerald Chan, a closet case blushed as Clark Kent smiled at him.
"You're welcome." he said shyly.

Kal-El left the classroom. He moved so fast that no one saw him leave. He

He hated being Clark Kent. Clark was weak and had been raised by humans.
Kal-El was the way Clark Kent would have been if he had grown up without
human influence. No soft feelings. No pity. No fear. Just a burning desire
to do battle and conquer. Kal-El knew he was meant to be a god among men.
The best Clark Kent could become was a Superman. Kal-El ran through
Smallville. He hated the place....but he had something to do. He took to
the air, soaring in the heavens using the powers that were his birthright.
He used his X-Ray vision to locate the many, many chunks of Green
Kryptonite that were in Smallville. He used his Heat Vision to reduce them
all to smoldering dust. He scanned the whole town, then the whole state of
Kansas. He made sure there were no more Green Kryptonite. He took the
remnants of the burnt chunks of Green Kryptonite and flew over the sea. He
tossed them inside a volcano somewhere in one of the many islands of the
Ocean. Satisfied that no weapon on planet Earth could ever defeat him, he
flew. He would conquer this place and make it his...

First, Kal-El went to the city of Metropolis. He robbed a bank and took about
forty grand in unmarked bills. He hired an expert to forge an identity for
him. He went by the name Karl Elroy, from Keystone city. He stayed at the
Hilton Hotel. Kal-El, or rather, Karl Elroy contacted a hustler named Andy
DeVilbiss to help him out with certain things. Andy was a tall, slim guy with
red hair.

"Anything you want, kid." DeVilbiss said. "Just ask me and I'll get it for
you." Kal-El smiled.

He liked the way DeVilbiss did business. He liked it a lot. A half hour
later, Kal-El gets on a limo and goes to Club LeMonde. It's basically this
sex club for adventurous men and women. Kal-El is more than eager to get
there. He goes into the club and what he sees he likes. He sees a lot of
men and women and the atmosphere is sexually charged. Kal-El approaches a
woman that catches his eye. She is tall, with black hair and dark brown
eyes. Her skin is light brown. A fine Black Woman. She is good-looking,
with big tits and a nice, round ass. She notices him too and comes to him.

"Hi, I'm Lolita." she says.

Kal-El smiles the way he knows women can't resist. The way Clark Kent smiles,
only with more masculine confidence. He starts talking to Lolita. She is a
nice-looking woman. She has had a couple of drinks inside her.

They go to a secluded room. She undresses in front of him and he likes what
he sees. She lied about her age. She could easily pass for thirty something
although Kal-El's expert eyes know that she is forty. She looks at him as he
undressess. He sees undisguised lust in her eyes. She comes to him and kisses
him all over. She grabs his cock and starts to suck it hungrily. Kal-El looks
at her as she sucks his cock. He shoves it deep down into her throat and she
gags a little bit before adjusting to his cock's girth. She is an expert
cocksucker and rapidly sucks his dick. He feels a rush in his loins and cums.
She gasps as he shoots cum all over her face and then licks him clean.

Kal-El grabs her by her long hair and tells her what he wants. She turns
around and gets on her hands and knees. A lot of ass is in front of him,
waiting to get fucked. Kal-El shoves his cock into her ass. He can tell
that she has done this before. He shoves it deep. Once Kal-El gets his
dick between those deep cheeks, she howls like the bitch that she is. "Oh,
baby yeesss! Fuck me up my big ass! It's all yours!"

Her ass is tight and she knows how to work her ass muscles. He fucks her big
round ass as hard as he can and she continues to keep a smile on her face.

"Oh, you big booty ho! Your asshole is so damn good!"

He fucks her, hard. He shoves his dick deep inside her ass. It feels do
damn tight around his cock. He fills her up completely. She takes the anal
ramming, grunting and moaning from time to time. Encouraged by this, Kal-El
brings his hand down hard on her ass. She is surprised and gasps. He grabs
her hips and thrusts even deeper inside her. He is fucking her asshole and
it is dilating to accomodate the length and girth of his cock.

That bitch is a pro! He fucks her until he feels his cum rushing out and
cums, shooting his load deep inside her. Lolita screams as hot cum floods her
ass. Kal-El pulls out of her with a soft pop. She lays there trying to catch
her breath. A half hour later, he leaves the club.


Clark Kent's parents wonder where he could be. Martha Kent and Jonathan are
quite worried. Martha is frantic and thinks something must have happened to
her son. She grills Pete Ross with questions but the young black man knows

Pete Ross goes to school. It is the third day since Clark Kent disappeared.
Pete is a bit worried too. Clark Kent was the strongest guy he knew so if
something happened to him, they were all in big trouble. Whoever was powerful
enough to take out Clark Kent was very dangerous indeed. It wasn't like Clark
to just go on a joyride and have some fun like a bad-ass teenager. Clark Kent
was mister responsible. Pete Ross was walking when someone tapped him on the
shoulder. He turned around and saw a tall, beautiful girl with long blonde
hair and pale blue eyes.

"Hi, I'm Lori." she said.

"Pete Ross." he said.

"Don't we have math together?"

Pete nodded. She asked him questions about Clark Kent. "Your guess is as good
as mine." he said. "He disappeared."

Lori looked at Pete Ross. She thought that he knew more than he was letting
on. As he walked away, her hand brushed against him. For a moment, she saw
into him...Pete Ross was a regular joe with a big secret...his best friend
Clark Kent was not exactly normal. That's all that Lori saw in that instant.
She watched Pete Ross as he walked away.

It was suddenly important for her to see Clark Kent and not just because he
was cute...

Something inside told her that he was somehow connected to all those new
abilities she seemed to be having. She could see right into people's souls,
she was incredibly strong and seemed to be able to shake off physical harm.
Maybe he and her were alike. Maybe he had a mask, or rather, a Face inside
his head. She had recently found out that the mask that had disappeared
inside her skull was the Face of Thor, the ancient Norse god of Thunder.
Maybe this was the source of her superhuman powers. She could see into Clark
Kent's aura that he was different. She was excited about the prospect that
maybe the guy she was sort of attracted to was a lot like her. She tried not
to think about it too much...


The place is a tall building in downtown Metropolis. A group of men and women
are seated around a large round table. They are the most powerful people in
the city. Collectively, they are known as the Order. A secret society that
rules a large chunk of North America. The people of Metropolis know these
people as businessmen, lawyers, politicians and actors. They are all that and
more. Their leader paces around the room.

He is a tall man in his early forties. His hair is dark brown, his eyes a
steely blue. He is handsome, clad in an expensive business suit. His name is
Michael Stone. He is known to the world as the CEO of Matherson Enterprises,
one of the fortune five hundred. He has a lot of wealth and power. Michael
walks around the room and feels the dozens of people there nervous around
him. They come from all kinds of backgrounds. They are black, white, Asian
and every shade in between. They are male and female, good and bad. Their
lives and allegations are known to him. Among them are liberals,
conservatives, Christians, atheists, feminists and environmentalists. All of
them are elitists to the full degree of it.

Michael Stone came into the Order when he was a grad student from MIT. He
worked his way up. After decades of backstabbing and double-talk, he made it.
The way to the top was treacherous. The men and women in this game of power
were extremely dangerous. They would do anything to get what they wanted.
Michael Stone got to where he was at by besting those men and women who were
considered the best. He was more ruthless and more dangerous. By far. One of
the most dangerous men in America.

"People," he said. "We have a problem."

The problem was that there were a lot of people in the city that were
uncontrollable. Men and women with extraordinary powers. The stuff of comic
books come to life. They were Meta-humans. The world did not know of their
existence yet. The criminal underworld knew of these genetically altered
freaks. Those people were causing a problem. The Order wanted them under
control. They would be controlled or wiped out. That was the way the members
of the Order did business. The Order had been around for centuries and its
members had always been powerful. They eliminated threats. They did not bend.
They seized and controlled. The Order had its hands in the White House, the
CIA and FBI. It also had its hands in Interpol.

"The Meta-human problem will be dealt with." Michael Stone told his people.

Across the room, none of the men and women spoke. They looked at their
leader. In those days, anything the leader said was law. Michael Stone had
the power. He enjoyed it. Also, if he so much as slipped up, the people
around the table would turn on him like sharks upon their wounded. The Order
was no place for sentimentality or weakness. These people did not play games.
Well, they did but these games are deadly. Michael was still talking when
suddenly a door burst open.

A young man walked through. He was tall, dressed entirely in black leather.
He casually looked at the members of the Order. "Good evening, folks." he
said. They looked at him, astonished. Michael Stone looked at him. "Who are
you?" he asked. The young man smiled.

"They call me Kal-El." he said. "Learn the name."

A moment later, security guards came into the room. They opened fire upon the
young man right before the members eyes. Michael Stone smiled to himself as
bullets struck the cocky young man. When the guns clicked on empty and the
smoke cleared, the young man was still standing. He was standing there,

"Guns don't work on me." he said.

He did something none of the men and women at the table would ever forget.
He moved so fast he became a blur and tossed the security guards around like
dolls. He even took their guns and crushed them in his hands.

"Gentlemen," Kal-El said. "I've got the power and you don't. I am your new

Michael Stone looked at the arrogant young man. He didn't know how the guy
did what he did but that was friggin scary. Michael wasn't too impressed,
though. "I am the boss here." Stone said.

Kal-El strode toward Michael Stone and the members of the Order held their
breath. Kal-El threw Michael on the floor. A female security guard came at
Kal-El, armed with an AK 47. Kal-El grinned and did something very strange.
Waves of red Heat came out of his eyes and s struck the security guard. The
woman screamed in pain as her hands burned. She dropped her gun. Kal-El
looked at her, shook his head and walked toward the center of the room.

"I am Kal-El, your new boss. Anyone who opposes me shall die a horrible
and painful death." he said. He smiled and waited for any objection and

After a moment, when no one said anything, he sat down. "You're the boss."
said an older black female, speaking for all the members of the Order.

"Damn straight." said Kal-El.


Lori was in her room in her house in Smallville. She lay there, thinking.
She had discovered that there were many things that she could do. She could
turn off her ability to see into people's souls when she wanted. A touch
from her could reveal someone's true self or be a mere normal touch whenever
she wanted it. She liked what was happening to her just slightly more than
she felt scared of it. She had asthma her whole life but it had recently

She could do so many things that she thought she couldn't do. For starters,
she discovered that she could effectively lift twenty five times her own
weight. She could also run faster than most people. Not cheetah speed. More
like that of a racing dog. While watching a television show, she cut herself
because she got so distracted that she forgot the knife in her hand. The
same knife she was pealing the orange with. She watched blood flow from her
wound. The blood flowed for a while and it hurt. A few minutes later, she
was healed. One hour after being cut, there was a scab over the wound. Three
hours later, she couldn't even see the scar. The injury and all trace of it
had vanished. She had regenerated. Wow ! She grinned. She felt so giddy that
she almost jumped in her bed. She picked up the phone, wanting to call her
best friend Kendra and tell her but she decided against it. Kendra was cool
but she might not understand the fact that her best friend Lori was now
sharing her body and soul with something very ancient and powerful, a certain
Norse god of Thunder !

Lori watched the evening news. She watched footage of a mysterious bank
robber whom the police seemed unable to stop. The bank robber seemed
impervious to bullets. Lori couldn't believe this. The guy had to be wearing
Kevlar from head to toe. She was uncertain that she might be able to take so
many bullets, even with the powers of the Thunder god residing inside her.
She wondered who the guy was. She lay there and thought. It seemed to her
that she was not alone in her thinking. The god of Thunder was thinking as

THOR: The one who is doing those things is not of this world.

Lori: Who or what is he, then?

THOR: There are other worlds out there. We gods have been to many and faced
awesome beings in our travels.

Lori: Are you telling me the thief is an alien?

THOR: Yes, a being of great power and intelligence sent to conquer the world
of Man.

Lori: How can he be stopped?

THOR: The alien will be attracted to seats of power.

Lori: How can he be stopped?

THOR: Stronger weapons are absolutely necessary!

Lori found it strange, to be talking to a being who was probably older than
time itself. The god's voice was loud and clear. She tried to let her mind
rest. Instead of resting, she saw into the god's mind. She saw into the mind
of the Asgardian god of Thunder. She saw Thor and all the human beings who
had ever worn the god's Face. The men and women who served as his Avatars.
The avatars wore the god-Face. When they died, the Face expulsed itself from
their heads and was ready for a new avatar. She saw the faces of countless
Avatars. Men and women that had the privilege and curse of serving as the
Host body for a god.

She realized that becoming the Host of a god did not guarantee survival. The
gods were often pitted against supernatural creatures. Lori saw an ancient
avatar of Thor, a young man named Sydru. Sydru had worn the Face of Thor
since he was a mere youth. He gained the god's incredible powers. He also
lost a lot. By the time Sydru died, after a lifetime of battling demons and
monsters, the young man was an old and decrepit geezer. Sydru had been slain
by a Giant. The Face of Thor had gone to a woman named Sela. Sela wore the
god-Face for some time before being slain by something called the Serpent of
Midgard. The Midgard Serpent died and was reborn countless times, just like
the angry god it loathed.

For such a famous deity, Thor did not seem that powerful to Lori. At least,
that's what she kind of thought, when she remembered the myriad abilities
deities were givn in classical mythology. Well, Lori was quite surprised
when she went out the next day. The god of Thunder suddenly seized control
of her, body and mind. It was like she was trapped inside her own body.
Something other than her was in control. Thor had taken control of the young
woman's body. He did something that she would remember for the remainder of
her days. He made her run. Lori was surprised to discover how fast Thor could
run. The god of Thunder ran so fast that they could not be seen. Thor took
her to the top of a nearby hill.

From there, they could see the town of Smallville. Thor/Lori looked at the
heavens. Thor began speaking in a language that was old when the human race
was young. As the god spoke, Lori felt funny. She watched as the skies
darkened and suddenly, she felt the menace of a gathering storm in the
heavens. Thunder roared overhead. Lori saw a flash of lightning. Thor raised
her hands and Lori swore that the Thunder god was calling out to the elements
of nature. The girl's eyes widened in amazement as the dizzying lightning
came down in the form of electrical blasts that Thor grabbed, using the
girl's human hands.

Amazingly, the lightning did not hurt Lori. Thor was holding the lightning
bolts now. It may be her body but he was in control. He threw the lightning
bolts back into the skies and they flew in a blazing white arc in the
heavens. Thor soared after them and watched where they fell. Lori could feel
the Thunder god's anticipation...

"Where are we going?" she asked her divine partner.

Inside her head came the god's voice. "We are seeking my Hammer Myelnir, the
sole weapon capable of slaying the alien monster bent on conquering the world
of Man." Thor's voice was full of excitement. "The lightning bolts have
marked the location of Myelnir, soon I may embrace my favorite weapon!"

With that, Thor took to the air.

It seemed to Lori that an invisible force was lifting her into the air and
carrying her aloft. She soared into the heavens, well aware that the Thunder
god was taking her places she had never dreamed of to fight an enemy the
likes of which humanity has never seen...

To be continued...


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