Smallville: The Matinee Idol Part 1 (Mmm,Mmmff,mf,inter,anal,voy)
by The Fan ([email protected])

These are the stories of the private lives of the citizens of Smallville,
Kansas. Smallville is the small town Clark Kent calls home. Clark Kent is
the teenager who will one day become Superman. At this time, Pete Ross is
one of his best friends. Lex Luthor is a good buddy of Clark's and so is
Chloe Sullivan. Jonathan and Martha Kent, Clark's adoptive parents are
still in their prime. These tales occur in a bygone age. An age where
young men and women could explore their sexuality freely in the heartland.

The Discovery

Chloe Sullivan came to the Kent farm for a visit. She was accompanied by her
best friend, Lana Lang. She just came there because there were some things
that she had to discuss with Clark Kent. He was a good friend of hers and one
of the regulars for the Smallville Torch, the school newspaper. Ok, she came
for more than that. She liked him a lot and he was a rather good-looking guy.
Lana Lang liked Clark too but he was not exactly the most consistent guy so
she had to let him go.

The two girls searched the house looking for Clark. But they could not find
him. They went deeper into the farm, into the yard. It was Lana's idea to
check into the stables. They went to the stables and sneaked a peek through
a window. Both girls gasped. What they saw shocked and amazed them. They were
seeing something that they would not believe.

Clark Kent was standing there, naked as a jay bird. He was looking gorgeous.
His body was muscular. His cock was erect and stiff, it was very long and
stiff. Lex Luthor was on all fours. He was sucking Clark's cock. Clark thrust
his cock deep into Lex's mouth. Lex looked like he was about to scream but
he couldn't because of the girth of the big cock inside his mouth. He was
getting serviced at both ends. Pete Ross had been licking Lex Luthor's ass,
licking that boy's ass like it was the sweetest thing he'd ever tasted. Pete
positioned himself behind Lex and rubbed the head of his big black cock
against Lex's ass. He slowly began to slide his cock into Lex's ass. Lex
froze. His face twisted into an expression of pain as Pete Ross began to ram
his thick cock into his ass. Pete had fucked asses before but Lex's was very
tight. He thrust hard and fast into the white boy's ass.

Chloe and Lana watched the scene. At first they were shocked but later,
something changed in them. The sight of three gorgeous men going at it turned
them on. Lana, always the prude wanted to go away. But Chloe wouldn't let
her. Chloe kept looking at Clark shoving his cock inside Lex's mouth and Pete
Ross ramming Lex from behind. She was more than a little turned on by it. She
started boldly toward the door. Lana could not believe this. She wanted to go
home and forget what she had seen. Chloe had other ideas.

"Hi, guys." she said. "Is this a guy only thing or can a girl join in?"

Clark looked surprised to see Chloe walk in. Pete too. Both boys started
mumbling something but Clark looked at her. "If you think you can take the
heat." he said.

Chloe smiled at him. She started undressing herself. Clark looked at her. She
had a nice enough body. Slim, with nice breasts and a really nice ass. Hmm.
The naked girl walked toward him. She looked at Lex Luthor.

"He looks like he could use a break." Chloe said.

She knelt before Clark and, taking his cock out of Lex's mouth, took it into
hers. She licked the head of Clark's cock and started caressing it with her
tongue. She licked his balls and massaged them.

Pete Ross flipped Lex Luthor on his back and put the other guy's legs up in
the air. He shoved his cock right back inside Lex's ass. "Hi, Chloe." said
Pete. "Glad you could join us."

Chloe stopped sucking Clark's cock for a moment. "Glad to be here." she said.

She resumed licking Clark's cock. For some reason, his cock tasted different
than any other cock she had ever sucked. And Chloe Sullivan had sucked her
share of cocks. She wanted to make Clark cum so that she could taste it.

Lana Lang watched all this from the window. She could not believe what Chloe
had just done. They caught the men they thought they knew having a homosexual
threesome. Chloe wasn't phased at all. She just marched in there and demanded
to suck some cock. Lana watched her as she greedily took as much as Clark
Kent's thick cock as she could. She watched Chloe's head bobbing up and down
on Clark Kent's cock. So Clark Kent was bisexual...Geez.

Without realizing it, Lana Lang began to sweat. She slid her hand between her
legs and began to masturbate. She was getting seriously turned on by what she
was watching. Suddenly, Chloe turned in her direction and said, "Lana, stop
being such a chicken and join us."

Lana gasped. She thought about leaving but something compelled her to stay.
She slowly walked into the stables. "Hi, everyone." she said meekly.

She looked to see that Lex and Pete had changed positions. Pete Ross was now
on his hands and knees. His black butt cheeks were spread and Lex Luthor was
rubbing his cock against Pete's ass. He slid his cock between those cheeks
and began pumping white cock into the black boy's ass. Chloe was lying on a
table, her spread legs resting on Clark's broad shoulders. Clark was
thrusting his cock into Chloe's pussy with the same energy with which he had
been fucking Lex's mouth earlier. Lana slowly undressed, feeling a bit
uncomfortable in front of all these people. People that she had known. She
never would have suspected that Clark Kent, Lex Luthor and Pete Ross were gay
or bisexual. They were such fine, masculine men.

She couldn't help being turned on by what she saw. She started fingering
herself and was surprised when she felt a wetness between her legs. Acting
bolder than she truly felt, Lana Lang decided to join in on the action. She
came to Lex and Pete. Lex Luthor was lying flat on the floor and his erect
cock was thrusting deep inside Pete Ross's ass. Pete was facing away from
Lex and crouched on him, bouncing up and down on his cock. His boyish face
was twisted in pain. Lana Lang couldn't help notice the black boy's big cock.
She came closer and reached out to touch it. She held it in her hand. She
got curious and put it into her mouth. While she sucked Pete's cock, she
looked not at him but at the splendid picture of Clark Kent ramming his cock
into Chloe Sullivan's pussy. Lana sucked Pete's cock, determined to make him

Pete Ross grunted when he felt Lana Lang's delicious mouth around his cock.
Lex's fat cock inside his ass was tearing him apart but Pete couldn't take
much more of the deliciously hot pain. Lex was loving it, judging by the way
he thrust into Pete. Lex was about to cum. Pete came off him suddenly and
grabbed his cock. This almost threw Lana back. She watched Pete as he held
onto Lex's cock and came and joined him in licking it. Lana tasted Lex's
cock. It had a strange taste. It was also different from Pete's. She licked
Lex's balls and he grunted in pleasure. He soon came and Lana gasped as hot
cum filled her face. She saw Pete gulp it down greedily and did the same.
Lex's cum tasted kind of salty. Lana looked at Pete as he licked Lex's cock.
His own cock was huge. Lana's mouth was watering just by looking at it.

Pete saw what she was looking at and grinned. "Can I...?" she asked.

"You want a ride on the Ross-machine, huh?" Pete grinned.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Lana kissed Pete back. He made
her get down on all fours. Doggy style. Pete grinned. Lana had a nice-looking
ass. He caressed her firm butt and she shuddered. He spat on his hand and
rubbed the spit against her asshole. Lana froze. She suddenly felt something
press against her ass.

"Pete, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Giving you a ride!" he said as he thrust his cock deep into her ass.

When Pete thrust his cock deep into her ass, Lana just froze. She wanted to
scream but she couldn't. Pete began to energetically thrust his cock into her
ass. She gasped when she felt it sink deep into her bowels. She was in pain.
After a moment, the pain was replaced by a curious feeling. She felt full.
She began fingering herself, masturbating to a frenzy until Pete's cock
stiffened inside her and spat hot cum deep in her ass.

Lana screamed at the top of her lungs. Her eyes darted right and left and
she saw that Lex, Clark and Chloe were engaged in a hot threesome. Clark
was underneath Chloe and thrusting his cock into her pussy while Lex was
thrusting his cock into Chloe's ass. Chloe was screaming in both pain and
joy. The two young men worked her over. They fucked her with a vengeance.

"Do you like that big cock in your ass?" Lex asked. He yanked Chloe back by
her blonde hair.

"Answer the man." Clark grunted.

"Yes, fuck me!" Chloe said.

She loved being serviced at both ends by her energetic young lovers. It was
rough, hot and steamy. Just the way she liked it. She kept on bouncing up and
down on Clark's cock, loving the way it filled her pussy. Lex's cock was
filling her ass nicely. She felt...wonderful. She couldn't take it much
longer and soon came.

"That was different." said Chloe, once all the sex had stopped.

"Yeah." said Lex. "I hadn't fucked a chick in a minute."

Chloe looked at Lex and grinned. "You can make up for lost time anytime you
want, boy."

Pete smiled at Clark. Lana looked at the two. "So that's what you guys were
always doing behind our backs."

Clark scratched his head. "Lana, I wanted to tell you, but...."

Lana scoffed. "You thought I couldn't handle it." she said.

She looked at Clark. She shrugged. "You act like I can't handle anything. If
you are into guys, that's okay. I still love you."

Clark looked at her. "Lana, I like women. I always have. I've liked men,

Lana looked at him. She took his hand in hers. "It's called bisexual." she

"Yeah, I'm bi." said Clark.

"Me too." said Pete Ross.

"Me three." Lex Luthor chimed in.

A little while later, everyone showered and went home. Pete Ross left. He had
a date with a girl named Melanie Dawson, a cheerleader from Smallville high
school. Lex had a business deal to attend to in Metropolis. He also had to
see former supermodel turned actress Liandra Dailey, his girlfriend of the
moment. This left Clark Kent with Lana Lang. As anyone can guess, Clark was
not exactly comfortable.

"So, you're okay with this?" Clark asked Lana once everyone had left.

Lana looked at him. She had always liked Clark. She didn't want to get
attached to someone but she always liked him. He was so nice and handsome.
Always ready to help people. Still, he was bisexual...that might be a
problem. Lana Lang had never gone out with a bisexual guy. Whitney Ford
was a straight dude if there ever was one.

"I don't know what to make of it, Clark." Lana said.

Clark looked at her. "This is what I am, Lana. I've always been attracted to
men and women and I always will be. I can't change what I am. I have tried.
I just have to accept it." He paused. "I just want someone to love. I'm no
different than anybody else."

Lana looked at him. He looked so sad. She went to him. "Clark, it's okay."
she said. "I love you and I always will."

With that, she kissed him. Although he was a bit surprised, Clark kissed her
back. She broke their kiss a few moments later.

"Just give me time, Clark." she said. She got on her car and drove away.

Clark watched her go. He knew Lana Lang wanted him. He also knew that there
were plenty of other men and women out there who would desire him the moment
they saw him. He liked Lana and sensed that if given time, she could accept
his bisexuality and be with him but he didn't want to be tied down to anyone.
Monogamy was unnatural.

He went back inside the farm and flipped through his phone book. He found the
number of Lisa Benton, a beautiful black girl from the high school basketball
team. He called her. After a few minutes of sweet talk, she agreed to come...
with lingerie. Clark went into the house and changed his clothes.

Forty five minutes later, he opened the door to see Lisa Benton there. The
girl was tall, black and sexy. She wore a really short dress.

"Like what you see?" Lisa Benton asked Clark.

"Oh, yeah." Clark said.

They went inside. He complimented her on how beautiful she looked. They ate
the dinner he had cooked at superspeed and watched some television. Clark
Kent put on a Luther Vandross CD and let the delicious music work on her. He
dimmed the lights. He and Lisa went on the couch and watched a movie. "Some
Kind of Wonderful." A movie starring Eric Stoltz as a geek and Mary Stuart
Masterson as the sexy tomboy who falls in love with him.

While watching the movie, Clark put his arm around Lisa. She didn't appear
uncomfortable. In fact, her hands wandered where they had no business going.
She leaned down and started unzipping his pants. The black girl took Clark
Kent's cock in her hand and started sucking it. She licked it real good and
then started sucking at his balls. She licked his balls like they were ice
cream or something. She was real good at it. Her mouth felt like a friggin
vaccum cleaner, drawing out everything he had. He couldn't resist and soon
came, shooting his cum inside that mouth of hers. She licked the cum off her
lips and licked it real good. She cleaned up his cock. The black female knew
how to suck cock like a champ.

Later, he found out she knew how to take it, too. Just to be a teaser, he
asked her for some anal action. She said no. He said ok then spread her legs
and began ramming his cock into her pussy. Her pussy was so damn tight. He
fucked it real good, going in nice and slow. He made her get on all fours
and facing away from him. He touched her smooth black female's butt. Hmm.
Nice. He smacked it.

"Ow!" she said.

Clark just laughed. He popped a finger inside her rectum. She gasped but
didn't say anything. She didn't do anything when he started twisting his
finger around and fucked her butthole with it. He replaced his finger with
his cock and she went stiff. He slowly slid his cock into her asshole. She
grunted as his cockhead popped inside her asshole. He started to fuck her
nice and easy. He thrust hard and fast into her tight ass. Clark loved
fucking a tight ass. Male or female, it didn't matter. He felt a rush in
his loins and came, shooting his load into her ass. She screamed when hot
white boy's cum filled her asshole. It spilled out. Clark watched the cum
leaking out of her asshole.

"How was it ?" he asked her.

"Fantastic." said Lisa Benton.


Lisa Benton showered and left. Clark went to bed. He was thinking. He
wondered if he had done a good thing by letting Lana Lang know he was
bisexual. Oh, well. He knew that she did the freaky dicky with Lex and
Pete, so if she started shooting her mouth about him, he'd have some
leverage. Also, he knew some dirty secrets of hers. Yeah, she had a
hot booty and he wanted some of that. He already had Chloe's. He
congratulated himself on having such a bunch of lovers. Hot women and
handsome, well-hung young men. He felt like a superstar. Like a friggin
idol or something. Life was good.

The End


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