Smallville: The New Gods (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent stood in the middle of his room, and watched through the window as
his father and mother, Jonathan and Martha Kent drove away. It's about time,
Clark sighed. He ran downstairs and grabbed the telephone. He finally had the
house all to himself and had only one thing in mind.

As soon as they were gone, Clark Kent called Lana Lang and invited her over.
She came and as soon as she saw him, she gave him a big kiss. He smiled and
kissed her. They looked at each other. Both of them were quite in love with
one another. Lana looked at Clark Kent, the boy she loved. Recently, both of
them had changed. Clark Kent had finally accepted his destiny as Kal-El, the
last member of the race of Krypton. He had discovered his new powers. He
could fly now. His strength had increased to god-like proportions. He could
move faster than the eye could follow. Also, Kryptonite no longer bothered
him. He was immune to it. Jor-El had seen to that. When Clark finally
embraced his destiny, he stepped into a chamber inside the Kawatche Caves
which transformed his mind and body.

Lana Lang had changed as well. Her ancestor, the mysterious Witch known as
Isabel was gone forever. Yet Isabel's powers remained inside Lana Lang. Lana
Lang had gained all the powers and knowledge of the most powerful Witch that
ever lived. She could do amazing things now. She could fly and command the
elements when she wished. She could also throw crimson energy balls from
her hands. The magical powers she possessed also made her youthful body
invulnerable to ordinary weapons. Lana Lang had changed. Now, she and Clark
were of the same kind. Sort of. They were superhuman beings living in a world
of ordinary men and women. They had a secret relationship. Lana Lang loved
Clark Kent and was fiercely loyal to him. Clark Kent loved Lana Lang too. He
saw her as his queen-to-be, destined to sit at his side when he became the
ruler of the planet Earth.

Lana Lang and Clark kissed. They embraced. Their passion for each other knew
no bounds. They went to bed and hastily undressed. Lana Lang simply wished
Clark Kent's clothes away and they were gone. She looked at the handsome nude
body of the young man she loved. Although he had the power of a god, he still
looked like the boy she fell in love with so long ago. She loved him like no

"Make love to me, Clark." She said.

"Yes, my sweet." Clark replied.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed the soft flesh of her neck. He
caressed her back. His hands found her soft, firm breasts and he gently
massaged and caressed them. Lana was not inactive. As her body was driven
aflame by the desire she felt for Clark Kent, she also wanted to bring him
pleasure. Her hands caressed his body. She reached between his legs and
gently stroked his cock. He kissed a path down to her groin and started to
feast on her pussy. She gasped when she felt his tongue inside her. He
licked her and his fingers explored her womanhood. She was writhing on the
bed. He licked her and finger-fucked her pussy for a long time. He ate her
out, taking care to please her most sensitive spots and bringing her
pleasure. When she came, shouting in ecstacy, he held her in his arms.

Lana looked at Clark with slitted eyes. She smiled at the young man she
loved. He had taken such care to bring her pleasure. She only wanted to
return it and make him feel as good as she felt. She summoned a powerful
wind into the room and used it to carry them both into the air. Clark was
surprised by that. She knew he could fly on his own but she wanted him to
relax completely. The wind gently carried them into the heavens and her
hot young body pressed against his. She kissed every inch of his fantastic
male body. She looked at his erect manhood and wanted to make him happy.
So, she took his cock into her mouth and sucked it. Clark let his body be
carried by the wind summoned by Lana's magical powers. He could fly but
her wind supported them both in the air. She sucked him as they rose into
the heavens. Clark gasped. She sucked his cock and licked his balls until
he came in her mouth. When he did, she drank his seed. She took all he had
to give. His shout of sheer pleasure caused her to lose control over her
magic and they fell toward the earth. For a moment, the most powerful
female magic-wielder on the planet panicked but the strongest man in the
universe caught her in his arms and carried her off to a mountaintop.

She lay on the soft grass which had miraculously grown atop the mountain.
She looked at him. He looked at her. She wanted him so badly. He took her
right then and there. His hard cock entered her wet pussy. She gasped when
he entered her. Her hands gripped his shoulders. He thrust into her. She
screamed. He cried out her name. She begged him for more and he gave her
all that he had. She loved to feel his hard manhood inside her. He slammed
his cock into her. They went at it for a long time until he came. She
screamed loud enough to wake the dead when he came inside her. He pulled
out of her. She looked at him. She wasn't done with him yet. She smiled a
cunning, mischievous smile. He looked at her sexy female body and wanted
her more. She got on all fours and waited for him. He smiled. She knew what
he wanted and gave it to him freely. She was his as much as he was hers.
There were no boundaries between them.

Clark Kent positioned himself behind Lana. Lana reached behind her with her
hands and spread her big butt cheeks wide open, exposing an obvious target.
His cock pressed against her butthole. Slowly, he entered her. She feels his
hard cock inside her tight little ass. He is fucking her and she is loving
it. She encourages him to fuck her harder and faster. He did. He fucked her
hard and fast, thrusting his cock as deep as he could. She felt his hard
cock stretch her anal walls. He was really giving it to her and she was
loving every single minute of it. She fingered her pussy while getting
fucked in the ass. He slammed into her. She pushed back against him and
drove him deeper inside her. They went at it like this for a long time until
he came, flooding her ass with his cum. She came almost at the same time,
getting an intense orgasm from getting roughly penetrated. She screamed and
so did he. He slowly removed his cock from her butthole. They lay side by
side on the mountain top, recovering.

They were naked, like the first man and woman in history. Clark held his
beloved Lana in his arms and smiled as he looked into her angelic face. She
gently kissed him. Her eyes glowed with emerald power. He was a god-like
hero from another world. She was a goddess in her own right. They loved each
other. There was nothing she wouldn't do for him and he for her. Lana gave
everything she had to her man. He cherished her above all others. Although
Lana had inherited the undying powers of Isabel the Witch, she was still
mortal. Clark Kent held her. Almost protectively. Lana smiled as he held her.
He was so protective of her. Of course, he didn't know how protective she
was of him. Lana Lang would kill anyone who threatened Clark Kent without
hesitation. He was the man she loved. Sometimes, she feared for him since
there was plenty of Kryptonite in the world. Lex Luthor had recently
discovered that Clark Kent of Smallville, Kansas was also the alien known as
Kal-El of Krypton. Luthor was their enemy. The Kryptonian technologies inside
the ancient Caves had rendered Clark Kent immune to Kryptonite but Lana Lang
did a magic spell and magically transported all the green Kryptonite in the
world inside the sun, where they melted. Now, there was no more lethal green
kryptonite anywhere on earth and the man she loved was safe.

Lana Lang took Clark Kent's hand in hers and kissed it. Soon he would find
the hidden Kryptonian weapon which he would use to take over the world of the
humans. He would become the ruler of the planet Earth and she would be his
Queen. She looked at Clark's handsome features. He was truly beautiful. As
beautiful as she. She wondered what their children would look like. Doubtless
any son or daughter of theirs would be very beautiful and immensely powerful.
Lana Lang looked forward to the future. It looked glorious. She and her
consort would live like no one ever has. They would be Gods Among Men.

The End


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