Smallville: The Reign Of General Zod Part 1 (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The advanced Kryptonian sentient machine known as Milton Fine freed his
master, the remorseless Kryptonian Overlord known as General Zod from the
Phantom Zone, where Jor-El imprisoned him eons ago. The consciousness of
General Zod was transferred into the body of Lex Luthor, who had been given
super powers by Milton Fine, through advanced genetic engineering. Lex had
been given all the powers of a true Kryptonian and now, Zod was loose upon
the world.

General Zod locked Clark Kent inside the Phantom Zone and began to advance
his plans for domination of the planet Earth. Things looked dire for all the
peoples of the world. Yet all was not lost. With the help of the Kryptonian
female known as Raya, Clark Kent escaped from the Phantom Zone, returned to
Earth and faced off against General Zod. Clark Kent managed to remove General
Zod's consciousness from Lex Luthor's body...but it did not end there.

The consciousness of General Zod was forcibly removed from the body of Lex
Luthor. It went into the body of the nearest Kryptonian, who was none other
than Clark Kent. General Zod took over Clark Kent's body. He destroyed
everything that was Clark. Oh, he still had all of Clark Kent's memories.
It's just that Clark Kent was completely gone. His essence consumed by the
transfer of consciousness. General Zod found it ironic. The greatest villain
and criminal mastermind in the history of the planet Krypton was living in
the body of Kal-El, currently Earth's mightiest hero, himself the son of
Jor-El, the greatest hero of the planet Krypton.

General Zod stood atop the LexCorp building. He smiled. Just recently, he
stole six million dollars in unmarked bills which Lex Luthor kept in his top
secret vault. His way of funding some of his top secret and most delicate
projects. These days, General Zod was finding life to be quite simple. A lot
simpler than Clark Kent, the original Boy Scout, found it. If Zod wanted
something, he took it. The good thing is that nothing ever bothered him at
all. He was loving every second of it. He rushed through the city, loving
the intense feeling he got as he raced among humanity. Yeah, he loved it.
Everything he wanted was going to be his.

First things first, though. General Zod went back to Smallville. He went to
visit Chloe Sullivan. The girl who loved his host body, Clark Kent. Enlisting
her as an ally would be a good thing. He thought as much. He showed her a
gift he had brought her. Chloe smiled when she saw the engagement ring. She
looked at General, shocked. General Zod smiled at her. He told her that he
had been thinking and realized that he loved her. He didn't want to be with
Lana Lang, a girl who had been nothing but trouble for him. He wanted to be
with someone who accepted him just the way he was. Someone who understood
him. Chloe Sullivan looked at him and saw only Clark Kent, the man she loved.
Her heart leapt for joy. At last, her prayers were answered. The man she
loved was now hers. And he loved her back. Chloe told him how much she loved
him. Then, she kissed him.

General Zod looked at Chloe Sullivan. Truly, this human female was
remarkable. She had been Clark Kent's best friend and most trusted ally for
years. She also secretly loved him. Her devotion knew no boundaries. Chloe
Sullivan was privy to all of Clark Kent's secrets. In fact, the girl had put
her life on the line more than once to save him. This woman was something
else. Women could be a man's greatest ally, or worst enemies. It all depended
on their intentions. Chloe Sullivan was beautiful, devoted, and fiercely
loyal to the man she loved. Zod thought that Clark Kent must have been a fool
not to make her his mate. A woman life that came along once in a lifetime...

General Zod only experienced such devotion once in his life. His wife, the
Kryptonian female known as Ursa. She was beautiful, intelligent and ruthless.
His ideal mate. Completely amoral yet loyal to him. He loved her dearly. He
felt a bit of anger when he recalled how Jor-El had her executed. Jor-El was
a cruel bastard. Once the love of his life perished, General Zod thought that
Jor-El would execute him as well. The General took relief in that he would be
reunited with his wife in the afterlife.

Yet Jor-El denied him even that. Instead of executing General Zod and sending
his soul to the afterlife, Jor-El chose to remove his consciousness from his
body and turn him into a wraith. The wraith was locked inside the Phantom
Zone. To dwell there for all eternity. It was a fate worse than death.
General Zod smiled at Chloe with Clark Kent's handsome, youthful visage. He
kissed her. Chloe put her arms around him, looked at him lovingly, and asked
him to make her his. General Zod picked up Chloe Sullivan in his arms and
took her to bed. He wouldn't keep her waiting a moment longer...

Chloe looked at Clark. This was like a dream. The man she loved felt the same
way. He loved her back. He took her to bed, and disrobed before her. She
feasted her eyes on his fine-looking, masculine body. Clark was a very sexy
man. She undressed before him, showing him her sexy, feminine body. He kissed
her, then began to caress every inch of her body. Chloe moaned under his
touch. He suckled on her breasts, caressed her smooth form, and found his way
between her legs... he began to lick and probe her pussy gently. Chloe
gripped the back of his head, and cried out in ecstasy...

Chloe opened her eyes, to see Clark sucking and licking her. His fingers
slid deep into her pussy. His tongue explored every inch of her. He was so
wonderfully good at what he did. Where did he learn how to do that? He made
her scream in sheer pleasure. Many times. Once she recovered from his expert
lovemaking, she returned the favor. She held his hard, uncircumcised cock in
her hand. He was both long and thick, which was a nice surprise. Chloe took
his cock into her mouth, and sucked him off. He got hard and began thrusting
in and out of her oral cavity. Chloe flicked her tongue over his balls, and
sucked on them too. When he came, she drank his seed. Clark looked at her, a
smile on his handsome face.

Chloe smiled as Clark pulled her into his arms, and placed her on top of him.
He entered her with one firm thrust. Chloe gasped. His cock felt huge inside
of her. Closing her eyes, and resting her hands on his shoulders, Chloe began
to bounce up and down on Clark. She lowered herself onto his member, until he
was deep inside her. Clark began to fuck her hard and fast. Chloe grimaced,
and he went deeper into her. Although it hurt at first, it was starting to
feel really good. She urged him to fuck her harder and he did. He filled her
up. They continued to fuck and suck all night, and finally fell asleep,
exhausted, in each others arms.

Chloe Sullivan looked at Clark Kent as he slept next to her. He was so
beautiful. If only he knew how much he meant to her. He had no idea. Well,
now, he told her he loved her and wanted to be with her. He'd even given
her an engagement ring. They were going to be together. Apparently, he had
realized that she loved him and she was perfect for him, not that ditzy
chick Lana Lang. Yes, Clark Kent had finally realized it. Chloe couldn't
be happier. They were going to spend the rest of their lives together.
Gently, she kissed his lips, and fell asleep.

General Zod rose from the bed he shared with Chloe Sullivan. He smiled at
her. She was beautiful. He had each and every single one of Clark's memories
of her. From the many times she saved his life to the other, simpler times
when they just hung out as friends. Yes, she was remarkable. She knew that
Clark Kent was a super-powered alien from another world, yet she was still
devoted to him. He couldn't ask for a better mate. General Zod thought that
Jor-El's son must have been quite a fool to let a woman like that go. He
wouldn't make the same mistake.

General Zod flew into the skies. He flew around the world, looking at the
world of man. The humans were an inferior species. They didn't live that
long. Their technology wasn't very efficient. They were a weak species. Yet
they were also quite cunning and very dangerous. He meant to rule them. But
he had to take care of a few things first. He went to the Fortress of
Solitude. The advanced security system created by Jor-El didn't stop him.
It mistook him for Kal-El. General Zod smiled. He walked into the Fortress,
and casually strode into the Stronghold of the House of El.

General Zod removed the consciousness of Jor-El from the advanced computer
system which controlled the Fortress of Solitude. He replaced it with
Brainiac, his faithful servant, the sentient techno-entity once known as
Milton Fine. This time, he didn't create any bio-mechanical host forms for
Brainiac to inhabit. Instead, he allowed the sentient computer to access
all of the Fortress's secrets, and to operate under his command. Now,
General Zod controlled all of the Fortress and had access to the largest
repository of Kryptonian knowledge and technology in the universe. Brainiac
repaired the Fortress of Solitude.

General Zod watched as the computer repaired the Gateway to the Phantom Zone.
He opened it. He summoned his followers from the Fortress. He discovered that
only the Kryptonian female known as Aethyr remained. Aethyr's mate, the
dark-skinned Kryptonian male known as Nam-Ek had been fatally wounded by the
treacherous Kryptonian girl known as Raya, Jor-El's former assistant and
ally. General Zod took Nam-Ek's deceased body, and ordered Brainiac to repair
it. The computer used advanced bio-engineering technology to reanimate
Nam-Ek's body cells and also to regenerate the tissue of his throat, which
Raya cut with her blade. Before Aethyr's amazed eyes, Nam-Ek was brought back
to life.

Nam-Ek, once a Kryptonian soldier, looked at what he thought was Kal-El, son
of his master's most hated enemy. He leapt at him. General Zod caught the
man's hand. Nam-Ek stared into Kal-El's eyes. He looked into the man's soul.
Instead of seeing Kal-El ( or Clark Kent), he saw instead a very familiar
mind. A kindred soul. A master of ruthlessness, manipulation and deceit. A
destroyer of worlds. General Zod, the greatest military mind in the history
of the planet Krypton. Nam-Ek smiled at his leader, who now inhabited the
body of the biological son of his most hated enemy. He smiled, and shook his

Nam-Ek turned to look at his mate, the lovely Aethyr. Back on Krypton, Aethyr
had been the toughest of the few female students at the male-dominated Royal
Military Academy. The strong woman who had won his heart. Aethyr saw the man
she loved revived before her eyes. Smiling, she kissed him. They embraced.
Both of them looked at General Zod, their leader and friend. Their master. He
was more than that to them. He was their god. They would do anything for him.
Their loyalty to him was without question.

General Zod smiled at his Disciples. He told them his plan. In the past, they
had been defeated because they acted too fast, without thinking. Nam-Ek and
Aethyr told him how they had been defeated by Kal-El before. The son of their
master's worst enemy had banished them to the Phantom Zone for a year. Now,
they were free. They would need to act more carefully from now on. They would
be discreet. They wouldn't allow anyone to know of their true nature. Their
presence on the planet Earth would be kept secret.

General Zod had a plan for dominating the planet Earth. He wanted to know
about the humans. Their strengths and weaknesses, their technology and
resources. He wanted to understand them before battling and conquering them.
It was best to gauge an enemy's defenses before battle. It gave one an edge.
Nam-Ek and Aethyr listened carefully. Their leader's plan made sense. As
always, General Zod was not only highly intelligent and ruthless, but he was
also crafty and wise. The planet Earth would soon be theirs. And they would
transform it into a paradise. According to their own design.

General Zod flew back to Smallville. Back to the arms of Chloe Sullivan. His
sexy bride-to-be looked at him lovingly and embraced him. He took her to
Senator Martha Kent's office in Metropolis. They told his 'mother' that they
were getting married. They also told Lex Luthor and Lana Lang. Invitations
were sent to all of Clark Kent's friends. His old buddies made an appearance.
Champion swimmer and animal rights activist Arthur Curry (aka Aqua-man),
petty thief and sometimes hero Bart Allen (otherwise known as the Flash) and
even super-strong football stud Victor Stone (aka Cyborg) and his girlfriend
Katherine also showed up for the wedding. In front of family and friends,
Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan were married.

Chloe Sullivan looked at Clark Kent, her new husband. They kissed, and
walked out of the church, hand in hand. He looked very handsome in a tux.
She looked beautiful in a wedding gown. Together, they drove off in a brand
new Mercedes, a wedding gift from Lex Luthor. They went to Hawaii for their
honeymoon (Clark flew Chloe there in his arms, hours after the wedding) and
came back to Metropolis two months later. Clark Kent graduated from
Metropolis with a degree in journalism. He began working as a reporter for
the Daily Planet. Chloe also graduated with a journalism degree. They worked
side by side at the Planet. Perry White returned to the Daily Planet as
editor in chief. Lex Luthor married Lana Lang. Lois Lane married Arthur
Curry. All was well that ended well.

Sixteen years later...

Except for what nobody knew...nobody knew that Clark Kent was dead and that
his body was inhabited by General Zod. Kansas State Senator Martha Kent
didn't know that the consciousness of her son Clark Kent was now a lifeless
wraith locked away forever inside the Phantom Zone. Career
woman-turned-housewife Chloe Sullivan didn't know that the real father of
her young son Connor Kent was not Clark Kent, the young man she loved, but
General Zod, a tyrannical Kryptonian super villain who destroyed entire
worlds in his quest for power. Lex Luthor did not know that the being who
once possessed his body now lived inside the body of his former rival. Lana
Lang, happily married to Lex, never noticed that her ex-boyfriend Clark Kent
was no longer a Boy Scout but a ruthlessly driven man. Nobody knew that
General Zod walked the Earth.

Nam-Ek and Aethyr lived among the denizens of the city of New York. They were
wealthy beyond most people's wildest dreams. They were also good-looking,
young and had super powers. Nam-Ek's guise in human society was that of a
professional football player. He made millions and started his own company.
Aethyr made a living as a supermodel and actress. She had a lot of fun these
days, and Nam-Ek was at her side, always. They waited for the day when
General Zod would order them to take over the world.

As for General Zod, he was very close to achieving everything he always
wanted. He had an heir, Connor Kent, born of his union with Chloe Sullivan.
Connor Kent wasn't a pure Kryptonian. He was part human. But General Zod
intended to raise him to be a true Kryptonian. He already manifested some
special powers. Connor Kent was invulnerable, and he was also very strong
and almost as fast as Clark Kent's old friend Bart Allen, the superhero
known as Flash. Someday, he would be able to fly. Not like a true Kryptonian,
but close. Also, he was immune to all varieties of Kryptonite, which was a
plus. General Zod himself was still vulnerable to the radioactive rocks,
although he had sent thousands of stealth-drones operating under Brainiac's
control to remove each and every single piece of Kryptonite on the planet
Earth. The drones had located the chunks of Kryptonite. With his spaceship
in orbit over Earth, General Zod used teleportation technology to beam every
last piece of Kryptonite found on the planet Earth into the sun. There wasn't
a single trace of Kryptonite on Earth. Not anymore.

General Zod's plans were coming to fruition. For years, he traveled in and
out of the Phantom Zone. Most of the Kryptonian criminals locked up by Jor-El
had died. They killed each other. Some of them could not die. The wraiths.
Those Kryptonian men and women whose consciousness Jor-El trapped inside the
Phantom Zone for all eternity after destroying their physical forms. General
Zod discovered an interesting fact. His old ally, the Kryptonian soldier
known as Nod was the last surviving wraith. General Zod smiled. He had the
perfect host body in mind for Nod.

General Zod went to Metropolis and captured Pete Ross, Clark Kent's former
best friend. These days, Pete Ross was a police officer. General Zod knocked
him out, and brought him to the Fortress of Solitude. Once there, he used
genetic manipulation and bio-engineering to transform Pete Ross body. Now,
Pete Ross had all the powers of a true Kryptonian. Super strength. Super
speed. The power of flight. X-Ray vision. Heat vision. Super hearing.
Invulnerability. Once the process was complete, General Zod wiped out Pete
Ross's mind and downloaded the consciousness of the Kryptonian soldier Nod
into him. Once more, Nod lived.

Nod looked at his former master, General Zod. The old Kryptonian soldier
looked at his master through the eyes of a young black man. He immediately
recognized General Zod, even though he now lived in the body of Clark Kent,
otherwise known as Kal-El, son of Jor-El. General Zod smiled at his master.
He also greeted his former students, the warrior Nam-Ek and his lover, the
fierce and beautiful Aethyr. At last, they were reunited. General Zod smiled.
At last, his army was here. He did the last thing he had to do. He destroyed
the Phantom Zone. It no longer existed. Jor-El's extra-dimensional prison no
longer threatened any Kryptonian. Kal-El existed no more. The wraith he had
become was destroyed when the Zone ceased to be. This pleased Nod, Nam-Ek
and Aethyr a great deal. At last, they were free.

Brainiac had a surprise for his master. The sentient Kryptonian computer had
succeeded in creating an exact duplicate of the Disk destroyed by Kal-El upon
his return to the planet Earth, following his banishment into the Phantom
Zone all those years ago. The Disk contained the information which would
allow a massively powerful Kryptonian Satellite to beam incredible energies
into the planet Earth and transform it into a new Krypton. General Zod
smiled. So did his followers.

General Zod looked into the heavens. At last, his plan had come into
fruition. First, he had to get rid of Chloe Sullivan. The woman had served
him well. She was a loyal mate, and she bore him an heir. Yet he knew her
well enough to know that she would be angry to discover that she had been
duped all these years. She would be shocked to discover that the man she
loved was dead and that his enemy, wearing his face, had lived with her for
years. Yes, Chloe Sullivan had to die. Only then could General Zod transform
his half human, half Kryptonian son Connor Kent into the mighty Kryptonian
warrior and conqueror of worlds he was meant to be. Chloe Sullivan would die.
Connor Kent would become an ideal Kryptonian. And General Zod would unleash
hell on earth in his quest for world domination. It was so simple, really.
All he had to do was do it.

To be continued...


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