This story is fictional. No one under 18 should read it, since it is an adult
story. It is based on a storyline on the show, only I took it in a little
different direction. it contains (ff, mf, consensual, oral)

Smallville: The Return Of Tina Greer
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

It was late one evening at the Talon (a popular caffe and hangout spot in
Smallville). Clark and Lana had just finished fixing a leaky sink. Clark
waited until Lana's back was turned and used his heat vision to seal the
leaky pipe. Lana returned with a wrench and was shocked to see Clark had
fixed it so quickly. She smiled and just shook her head in disbelief.

"Someday I'll figure out how Clark Kent does the things he does." She said.

Later on Lana was in the back room working and Clark walked in seeing Lana
looking at a picture of her ex boyfriend Whitney.

"So....any word on Whitney overseas?" He asked.

"Nah, nothing, still missing in action. I really hate not knowing."

Lana picked up her necklace Whitney gave her. Clark had to move back since
the necklace was made from the meteorites that make Clark sick.

"Well, Whitney's a smart guy, I'm sure he's kept himself safe." Clark said.

Lana was still lost in the moment she hardly even noticed what Clark said.
She sighed then put the necklace back.

The next day at school Clark and Lana were planning on getting together later
at the Talon. Then suddenly the two saw a figure entering the school. It
looked to be a military man in uniform. As he got closer Lana recognized that
it was Whitney. The two ran towards each other. They gave each other a big
embrace right there in the hall of the school. Clark could only stare, not
having anything to say he walked away.

With Whitney back in town, Clark and Lana's plans had changed, they decided
to host a welcome home party for him. Clark debated whether or not he should
go. He ultimately decided the best thing to do would be show support for the
guy who defended his country.

Clark met up with Lana. Whitney, got very angry seeing them together. He
asked Clark had they been seeing each other. Clark denied that they had been
seeing each other as far as a relationship. Whitney's face showed he didn't
believe Clark. Lana insisted they were just friends, so Whitney let it go.
Surprisingly, later on when Clark saw Whitney in the men's room Whitney was
tearing apart the bathroom, even tearing the door off its hinges. Seeing
Clark again, Whitney got even more hostile. He threatened Clark and yelled
for Clark to stay away from Lana.

The next day a military officer came to see Whitney's Mom. He had something
to tell her but before he could Whitney came out of no where to hit him with
a baseball bat. His mother screamed as he beat the officer to death. Whitney
tied up his mother and gagged her mouth with tape.

Clark found Lana at school, he wanted to tell her what Whitney had done the
previous night at the Talon. Lana said to Clark that Whitney had told her
about Clark tarring apart the bathroom and telling him to stay away from
her. Clark tried to tell her that Whitney was the one telling him to stay
away and that Whitney tore apart the bathroom. Lana told Clark that she
didn't believe that he would do that, and that after all he's been through,
Clark should make something like that up. Naturally Clark told her it wasn't
made up that it was the truth, but Lana thought Clark was lying and walked

Clark went to visit his friend Lex, hoping to get some advice. He told Lex
all that had happened, about Whitney tearing apart the bathroom, then lying
to Lana and saying that Clark did it. Lex told Clark that it could be post
traumatic stress that Whitney was suffering from. In fact some employees of
his suffered from it after the tornado in Smallville.

"They saw a specialist in Metropolis and ended up a lot better afterwards."
He said. "Maybe its what Whitney needs, I can arrange an appointment for him
this weekend if you like."

"Its worth a shot" Replied Clark.

Clark arrived at Whitney's house. Whitney answered the door and again was
hostile to Clark. He not only refused to see the specialist he pushed Clark
to the ground. Which is not something that just anyone can do to Clark,
considering his strength. Clark used his x-ray vision on the house, he saw
Whitney's body strangely change shape. This reminded him of Tina Greer. She
was a girl obsessed with Lana, and because of the effects of the meteor
shower in Smallville years ago she could make herself look like anyone.

Clark could have easily called the police then, but instead decided he should
warn Lana. He looked all over at school but had no luck finding her. He did
however find Pete and Chloe in the journalism room.

He told them how he thought that Tina might be posing as Whitney. Chloe told
him it couldn't be Tina, she was even printing a story in the paper on her
that she had recently killed herself in the psycho ward, setting herself on

"Did they ID her dental records?"

Chloe's silence answered the question for Clark.

Clark walked with Pete in the halls. "If it is Tina were dealing with, we're
in a lot of trouble, she knows about my abilities. I used them to stop her,
with her locked up I didn't think it would matter." He told Pete.

"Does she know about what the meteor rocks do to you?"

"Yeah, she tried using Lana's necklace on me at one time. We gotta find Lana
we need to tell her what's going on."

"Tell me what?"

They both turned around to find Lana standing behind them.

"Lana, we think Whitney is really Tina Greer."

"Why would you say that!"

"I know its hard to believe, but I believe its the truth." Said Pete.

"I'm gonna try and find her, stay here with Pete, where your safe."

Clark left the school to find Tina. Lana turned around and began to walk
away. "I'm confused, I need to think." She said.

"I think Clark's right, you should stay put, that freak Tina is dangerous."

Lana turned around, a look of anger on her face.

"I know she is!"

Lana lifted Pete in the air. "Your not Lana, your Tina!" Pete exclaimed. She
then threw him head first against the lockers.

"Who are you calling a freak?" She said. Then she walked away.

Later in the day Whitney and Lana were talking at the Talon. Lana had no
idea what was going on with Pete in the hospital and Clark looking for
Tina/Whitney. Lana had to finally tell Whitney that even though he doesn't
remember it, she had broken up with him on a video message she sent him.
Whitney was sure it was because of Clark, but she assured him once again
that her and Clark were just friends. He finally acted like he accepted
that. He then asked for her necklace back as something to remember her by.
She gladly gave it to him.

Clark broke the lock to Whitney's house, making his way through the house he
found Whitney's Mom tied and gagged. He immediately untied her.

"Clark, I don't know who or what that is, posing as my son, but I know that
its not my Whitney." Insisted Whitney's Mom.

"I believe you Mrs. Fordman, now lets get you to a hospital."

* * *

Tina Greer was in Lana Lang's bedroom. She was also in Lana's underwear
drawer. She felt Lana's silk nightgown against her cheek, she imagined the
beautiful Lana in the nightgown. She looked in the drawer smiling as she
looked through Lana's bra and panties. Looking on the floor she saw a
recently discarded pair of black panties. Tina picked then up and like a sex
crazed pervert sniffed the crotch of Lana's underwear.

Suddenly she heard footsteps from the bathroom. Lana Lang walked out of the
shower wearing only a towel, over by her dresser was......Chloe her roommate.
Chloe was in Lana's clothes drawer, much to Lana's surprise. She held a pair
of socks.

"I hope you don't mind I'm sock deprived, mine are all on spin cycle." Chloe

"No help yourself" said Lana.

Lana noticed Chloe was dressed a little differently today. She was in a
revealing red blouse and skin tight white pants that hugged her small hips.
Lana had always had a BI curious side and seeing her close friend dressed in
a sexy way that she hadn't seen before magnified those feelings.

"Oh I bumped into Whitney."

"How is he?"

"Well, he said your not an easy girl to get over, but he hopes you'll find
happiness with Clark."

"My God, I told him, I don't know how many times, me and Clark are only

"Come on Lana, its obvious you two were meant for each other."

"OK now your acting strange, I mean considering your history with Clark,
your the last person I'd expect to play matchmaker."

Walking behind Lana and placing her hand on Lana's shoulder. "Don't think
its easy for me Lana, I just don't wanna stop what's meant to be, whoever is

Lana stood motionless as Chloe made her way to the front of Lana's towel and
untucked it allowing it to fall to the floor. There was Lana and that perfect
body. Her smooth dark skin, the figure of a supermodel, an ass that could
only be described by the word "perfection."

Chloe lean in and kissed Lana on the neck. Lana protest a little at first,
but didn't push Chloe away. Chloe gave Lana's neck little kisses all over, as
her hands began to wander. Chloe felt up Lana's firm B-cup breasts, causing
the brunette to softly moan. Chloe pressed her crotch hard against Lana's
ass, as the brunette let herself go in the moment. Finally the trail of wet
kisses Chloe was giving made there way up to Lana's mouth and the two began
to kiss. The kiss was intense and both girls found it hard to stand and even
breath as neither wanted the kiss to end.

When it did Lana caught her breath, and turned to face Chloe. Chloe slid out
of her red top, and taking Lana's hands placed them on her bra covered

"Undo my bra please," Chloe requested.

Lana's hands slightly shaked as she undid the front of Chloe's bra. She freed
the blonde's pale breasts with large pointed red nipples and put her hands on
them. Chloe moaned at Lana's touch as Lana was very gently pulling on Chloe's
nipples. Chloe unzipped her tight pants and slid them off. Her white panties
already had a tiny damp spot in the middle. Lana gave a little smile knowing
that she was the cause of her friends wetness.

Chloe put her arms around Lana's hips and pulled her close. Nipples touched
nipples as they met in another long wet kiss. Chloe backed Lana up until they
were on the bed.

Chloe broke the kiss and caressed Lana's dark hair, then slowly, keeping her
eyes on Lana the whole time, slid off her panties. Chloe spread her legs
showing off her blonde mound to Lana. That was an invitation Lana couldn't
pass up, and she made her way between Chloe's legs.

Lana caressed the blonde's inner thighs with her hands as her tongue made
its way to her pussy. Her tongue found her clit quite easily and she began
licking it vigorously. Chloe held one of Lana's hands tightly and pushed it
against her breast. Lana was certainly a novice, but Chloe wasn't one to
complain. Lana sucked on her clit and even blowed on it a little giving
Chloe goosebumps. Soon Chloe was humping Lana's face with her pussy. It was
so incredibly sexy seeing Lana Lang between her legs. Her face alone was
enough to make her orgasm, but considering what she was doing to her, she
was really unable to hold back.

So she released a gusher of her juices into Lana's face. Lana found it to
taste much sweeter than the cum of a guy. She had given head to Whitney
before, but didn't care for it, especially when he came in her mouth. Chloe
tasted much better!

After that Chloe pulled Lana back up to her and they exchanged another kiss,
giving Chloe a taste of her own juices. After that Chloe slid down under
Lana. Lana flipped her hair as she began to ride Chloe's face. Chloe dove
into Lana's pussy quickly, not wasting any time in returning the favor. Lana
was in pleasure, Whitney never went down on her before, all he ever gave her
was a fingering.

Chloe licked all around Lana's bottom half, even licking the sexy girl's
asshole. Lana leaned back and played with Chloe's nice breasts, as she sat
on Chloe's face. Lana's own breasts jiggled up and down as her body felt
pleasure like never before. She soon could take no more. She pinched on
Chloe's nipples as her body was rocked with an orgasm. Chloe's mouth became
coated with Lana's girl cum which she licked up every drop of.

The two teen girls snuggled in bed, as they enjoyed the afterglow of the sex
they just had. Lana finally got up.

"I gotta go to work at the Talon, look Chloe that was great, but I don't
think it should happen again, I think I was just lonely and reaching out for

Chloe's face turned from a smile to deep sadness.

"Its because of Clark isn't it?"

"Jesus Chloe, you sound like Whitney! I'm friends with Clark but that's all,
maybe I'd like to be more, but that's up to him. Look I gotta go."

Chloe turned back into Tina Greer as Lana left, it was apparent to her what
she had to do if she wanted Lana.

* * *

Later that night at the Kent farm, Clark was arriving home a bit late as he
had helped Whitney's Mom get to the hospital. He found his dad out working on
the tractor.

"Hey dad!"

"Oh, hey Clark, how's Mrs. Fordman?"

"They're gonna keep her overnight, she's a bit freak out."

"Well, who could blame her right? Any idea where Tina is now?"

"Nah, she could be anyone"

Clark's dad held up Lana's necklace with the meteor rock on it.

"Yeah, your right about that!"

Clark's dad/Tina Greer put the necklace on Clark and tossed him down in the
cellar. Clark's hands were tied behind his back. In his weakened state he
was unable to remove the necklace or stop the pain the necklace was causing
through out his entire body.

"Man that looks painful, Clark. I always wondered how you stopped me last
time, its apparent the meteor shower did something to you too. I should have
been smarter with how I handled the Lana situation. Whitney seemed like the
one to impersonate, but now I know who Lana really wants."

Tina changed her form to Clark.

"I'm gonna enjoy being you Clark, now I get to be with the women of both our

"NNNNNNNNNNNnooooooooooo!" Screamed Clark.

Tina left as Clark, while the real Clark struggled against the ropes. Tina
made her way to the Talon. Looking through the window there was Lana. She
was wearing a tight fitting pink sweater accenting her nice round breasts.
She wore Levi's blue jeans that hugged her sexy curves and would make any
teenage boy or girl wish they were denim.

Tina made her way into the Talon. She came face to face with Lana. Lana
definitely was glad to see Clark, by the expression on her face. Clark/Tina
told Lana how he had loved her since they first met. How he should have made
a move long ago, but it wasn't until he saw her with Whitney that he realized
just how much he cared for her.

Lana was at a loss for words, 'Clark Kent letting out his feelings?' She

Clark then leaned in and began kissing Lana. Lana started kissing back, it
was a moment she waited for, for a long time. As the kissing grew more
intense Clark's hands made there way under Lana's pink sweater. Clark
unhooked her plain white bra easily in the back and took a firm breast in
his mouth. Lana leaned back against the counter as her crotch grinded
against Clark's leg. Clark took his tongue and went back and forth tonguing
each hard nipple and getting the sexy Lana Lang to coo in pleasure.

Clark went lower sliding down Lana's jeans. He kissed between her legs as he
slowly slid down her white thong. Lana leaned back on the counter as Clark
ate her out.

* * *

Back at the Kent farm Clark looked over at his spaceship that was with him
in the cellar, hoping for some reason it would help him, and it did. His
ship sent out a bright light that slowly turned the necklace from green to
white. Destroying the green in the meteorite made it no longer harmful to
Clark. After that Clark regained his strength and broke the ropes easily.
Then he was off like a shot, to the Talon.

* * *

Lana had her legs spread on the counter as Clark was eating her out. She
felt herself close to an orgasm when she heard...

"Lana, get away, its Tina Greer!"

Lana looked at the door and saw Clark, she then looked down between her legs,
and to her shock she saw Tina Greer's face eating her pussy. She jumped back
as Tina and Clark began fighting. Lana pulled up her pants and jumped on
Tina's back. Tina threw her against the wall knocking her out. Clark then
threw Tina threw the glass window. The fight went on for a while as Tina's
strength rivaled Clark's. Tina grabbed a riding lawn mower that she was gonna
use to drop on Clark, but Clark moved and Tina's momentum carried her into a
sharp pole. Going all the way through her. Before dying she turned to Clark.

"Take care of.....Lana." With that she died.

* * *

Several hours later Clark arrived home with his dad after telling police the
whole story. Martha greeted them at the door as they came in.

"Clark are you OK?"

"I'm fine Mom."

"So Jonathan, there never was a Whitney that came home after all?" She asked.

"No, um the military officer that came to see Mrs. Fordman, came to tell her
that they found Whitney's body, he was killed in combat."

"Oh my God, that's horrible!" She hugged her husband.

"Yes, I know."

"Clark, you talked to Lana?" Martha Kent asked.

"No, I think she needs so time to digest all of this. (Sighing) I can't help
but think of Whitney though. I mean he gave his life for this country. I
mean he wasn't like me, his bones were breakable and yet he still risked his
life for others. I can't help but wonder if I was like him, would I have
that kind of courage."

Jonathan put a hand on Clark's shoulder.

"Son, there's no doubt in our minds that you would."

* * *

The next night Clark was in his own private place looking at the stars, and
thinking about things as he usually did when he was there, when Lana walked

"Hey Clark!"


"I feel so responsible Clark (trying to hold back her tears) I sent Whitney
that message, and he must have thought that there was nothing waiting for
him back here."

"Lana, its not your fault, don't do this to yourself."

"I can't help it, everyone I've ever cared about I lose! Whitney, my parents.
Clark, you are the ONE good thing in my life. I don't care if you have
secrets, I don't ever wanna lose you Clark."

Hugging her tight.

"I'm not going anywhere."

As the hug was released the two looked in each others eyes. All this time
Clark had never gotten too close, not wanting to risk exposing his powers,
not wanting to burden Lana with his secret. Now seeing her and holding her
now. Clark decided that this was the night that he wouldn't hold back his
feelings any longer.

He moved in and kissed Lana softly as they tightly embraced again. Lana and
Clark's tongues snaked around in each others mouths. They made there way to
the corner where there was an old blanket waiting for them. Clark pulled off
Lana's white midriff exposing her brown flesh. Lana removed Clark's shirt
revealing his chest. It was even more muscular than she imagined it would
be. Clark unbuttoned Lana's button flys and Lana stood back to remove her

She stood there and Clark was in awe of the sexy young woman in her bra and
panties. Lana unzipped Clark's pants and slid them off him. Lana reached
back and unhooked her bra, she tossed it aside. Clark held both her breasts
in his hands as his thumbs caressed her hardening brown nipples. Then she
removed Clark's underwear. Clark returned the favor sliding down her panties
and already picked up a trace of her scent. Lana kept Clark standing and
knelt in front of him. She took Clark's 9 inch cock in her mouth. Clark
closed his eyes as her warm mouth engulfed him. Clark stroked Lana's hair as
her mouth went slowly back and forth picking up speed gradually.

Clark had seen this image so many times in his dreams, his fantasies of Lana.
Lana giving him a blowjob, on her knees like a slut, not like the innocent
young woman he thought she was. The real thing was so much better though. He
decided he wanted her to feel pleasure too, so he slid to his knees and laid
Lana on her back. Lana felt Clark, licking between her inner thighs, then
ever so slowly his tongue made its may to her hot box. Lana opened her legs
wide giving Clark the best access that he could. Clark's tongue slid up
inside of Lana's pussy, Lana was amazed at how incredible Clark's tongue was.
It went in and out of her causing her to squirm and lift her tight ass in the
air. Clark started tonguing her clit as he slid a finger into her pussy.

Lana didn't take long at have her first orgasm as Clark licked her over and
over as her pussy exploded with pussy juice in his face. After that Lana
rolled Clark over and got on top of him. She directed his cock to her slit.
It was a tight fit, but Lana worked Clark's cock into her eventually. Lana
slowly rode him up and down. She pushed down further and further, each time
gradually getting more of the 9 inches inside of her. Clark cupped both
Lana's breasts, he played with the nipples as Lana increased her pace riding
him. Clark looked down to see his cock shiny with Lana's juices in the
moonlight. Lana was now jumping up and down on Clark as her body was rocked
by yet another orgasm.

"Oh Clark oh Clark oh yesss yeah baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

After that Clark rolled her over, he requested for her to get on her knees
which she did, her only response was a sexy smile, as Clark got behind her.
Clark squeezed Lana's ass cheeks as he entered her from behind. Lana gripped
the blanket hard. She liked Clark doing the work this time and arched her
hot ass in the air and let Clark have his way with her. Clark reached around
squeezing and pulling on Lana's hard nipples as he rocked back and forth
into her tight opening. Lana felt Clark was close as his speed of driving
into her became rapid. She reached behind and played with her clit wanting
to come again.

When Clark did finally cum, he shoved his rod deep into Lana, his hot seed
was enough to send Lana over the edge too, for the third time. The two lied
there naked on the blanket, and had some nice pillow talk as they both just
laid back and enjoyed looking out at the stars in the sky.

"I love you," said Lana softly.

"I love you too Lana, I always have."

They embraced each other tightly. Clark knew things would be complicated now.
He had finally expressed his love to Lana. This meant that his secret may
soon end up coming out one way or another. Lana also had the thought in her
head of what it would mean to her friendship with Chloe now that her and
Clark were lovers. For now at least though, the two just looked up at the
stars and didn't worry about the future too much. Just the incredible love
they had found in each other, in Smallville Kansas.

The End


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