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Angelina Jolie as Fox (Wanted)

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Smallville/Wanted: Wanted Part 2
by Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] or through the message

Jimmy Olsen sat at the table waiting for his girlfriend Chloe to arrive. She
was running late, which wasn't like her. He had not seen her for a few days,
nearly a week in fact. Being an intrepid reporter for the Daily Planet she
was very busy and was working on a big story. Jimmy was just a photographer
at the newspaper and an intern one at that. Chloe, even though she was
several years younger than him at only 20 years old was one of their lead
reporters. She had a knack for getting stories that went back to her
Smallville High days.

Fact was Chloe and Jimmy were having problems. They had been getting more and
more distant. She was working on bigger and bigger stories while Jimmy was
left taking pictures of the blue ribbon hogs at the Kansas State Fair. He had
won an award from Manure Weekly magazine for those though, so he was kind of

But Chloe and he had been drifting apart. When she called earlier and said
she missed him and wanted to talk and suggested this nice restaurant (even
though he could barely afford it) he was glad. Maybe this was the chance for
them to reconnect.

Jimmy looked up from his soda and smiled wide as Chloe walked in. She looked
great. She was petite and blonde with a tight body. She was dressed for
success in a lean short skirt, showing off her legs and a light silk blouse.
Her heels made her legs look incredible.

"Sorry I'm late."

"No problem."

Jimmy leaned in for a nice long kiss but Chloe turned her head and gave him a
peck on the cheek. They sat and traded small talk while looking over the

After ordering, "Look Chloe, I'm really glad you called. I've been wanting to
talk to you."

"Yeah, me too Jimmy..." Before she could continue, Jimmy cut her off.

"I know things haven't been great between us but I think if we just try a
little harder we can get back to when things were great. I really love you so
much Chloe and I want this to work."

Chloe looked like she might cry, "Oh baby, I know you do and that's what
makes this so hard."

"Um, uh, what?"

"Look Jimmy, you're a great guy. But I just need to focus on my career right
now. I mean I have a chance to be one of the top journalists in the city and
I can't let myself be distracted."

"What? What are you saying?" Jimmy had a bad feeling about where this was

"I think we should break up. I'm sorry. Look it's not you, you're great, but
I think I need to be with a man who has more...initiative."

"What? Initiative? I have plenty of initiative!"

Chloe nodded in what looked a lot like she was patronizing him, "I'm sure you
do, but let's be honest, you're in your mid-twenties and still an intern. I
need someone a bit more stable is all."

Jimmy was trying hard not to cry, "We can make it work Chloe, and I know we

Chloe just shook her head, "I don't think there's much point Jimmy. I'm
really sorry." She got up and collected her purse. Just then their waitress
came over with their food. Chloe reached into her purse and pulled out two
hundred dollar bills and put them on the table.

"Here Jimmy, I know you don't have much money, I'll get dinner. Again, I'm
sorry. Let's stay in touch." She turned and walked away. Jimmy was speechless
and distraught.

As the waitress set the plates down, she turned and walked away quickly,
evidently sensing the awkward moment. As she left, Jimmy heard her mutter
under her breath, "How humiliating."

Jimmy got up and left immediately, not eating and leaving Chloe's money. The
waitress was right and he knew it. It was humiliating. Chloe had always acted
like she was too good for him and he always sensed that she was patronizing
him. She studied world events, he played his Xbox. She read classics, he read
comics. She listened to opera, he jammed to Guitar Hero. In his heart he knew
this day had been coming but he ignored it.

He decided to walk home through the city. As upset as he was, he didn't
notice the woman who got up and followed him out of the restaurant. He had
been walking for nearly an hour and was approaching home when he stopped into
a local liquor store to pick up something for later. He fully intended to get
wasted that night. He walked into the dingy corner store unaware he was being

Across the street, a woman lowered her sunglasses slightly as she eyed her
target. His name was Jimmy Olsen. He was a local photographer for a paper.

"Doesn't look like much," she muttered under her breath as she crossed the

She wasn't sure why she had been sent after this young man. But hers was a
sacred duty and it was not her place to question the orders she had been
given. It was her duty to simply carry them out, which she fully intended to
do. She was going to fuck him and kill him. It was what the Oracle wanted and
she was the instrument of that destiny.

She walked into the liquor store and sauntered up to the young man who was
picking out a bottle of bourbon.

Jimmy looked over and noticed a tall thin woman walking towards him in the
aisle of the liquor store. She was staring right at him and walking straight
towards him. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She was stunning.

She wore a light tight sheer dress that wrapped her body and showed off her
curves. It was short, revealing a pair of long lean legs. She had on spiked
heeled knee high leather boots that made her nearly 6 feet tall. She had a
large full chest, at least C cup's maybe one size larger even.

But as incredible as her body was, her face was even more striking. Jimmy had
never seen a woman as beautiful as she was. Her lips were full and luscious.
Her eyes were big and alluring. Her cheek bones high and perfectly round. She
had long thick luxurious hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her

She slinked up next to him. He nearly dropped the bottle of whisky, fumbling
for it. She laughed.

"Hi there," she purred at him. "You look lonely."

"I, uh um, no. Not at all. Why?"

"Because you do. Want some company?"

Without waiting for an answer she grabbed Jimmy by the belt and began walking
down the aisle towards a back door at the end of the line of shelves. She was
practically dragging him behind her.

"I, ah, what? Where are we going?"

She turned and gave him a wry look, "Somewhere more...private."

Once through the door, she yanked him by the belt and nearly threw him across
the storeroom. He slammed into some shelves. As he was registering the pain
as his head bounced off something hard, he suddenly realized that this
mystery woman was kneeling down in front of him and pulling his pants open.

"Uh, what, what are you doing?"

"What's it look like I'm doing Jimmy?" With a one quick motion she pulled his
belt free of all his pants loops and off. It made a sharp `CRACK!' sound as
she whipped it off his waist and tossed it behind her.

She reached in and pulled out his hardening cock. She smirked at his size. He
was big. Not that it mattered to her much. She had a job to do, big or small.
But she preferred big.

"H-how did you know my name?"

She held his cock in her hand, stroking it to a full erection, "I came
looking for you Jimmy. By the way, my name's Fox."

She wrapped her lips around his cock and Jimmy's eyes rolled back in his
head. Her mouth was warm and wet and felt incredible on the sensitive skin of
his organ. She began working his cock with her mouth hard, taking long and
strong strokes up and down the shaft.

Jimmy grabbed the shelves behind him and nearly snapped the wood in his hands
as he fought to stay on his feet. He couldn't believe how hard she was
sucking on him. Chloe had never been a big fan of giving head. She had always
felt it was demeaning for a woman to service a man like that. Fucking

He hadn't made a big deal out of it. He was used to Chloe getting her way and
since she didn't want to do it, he accepted it. But if he had of had any idea
what he was missing, he would have insisted. Hell, he'd have shoved her head
down on his cock and made her suck him off a long time ago.

"OH MY GOD!" he cried out as he looked down and saw Fox's head moving back on
forth over his crotch. After a minute or so, she stopped. Jimmy looked down
hoping she wasn't done. She held his cock in one hand with a line of drool
strung from the tip of his organ to her lips. She had a strange look on her
face, like she wasn't sure what to do next.

Then just as quickly her normal self assured smirk came back across her
features. She stood and pushed Jimmy backward. He fell back over several
cartons piled in the middle of the store room. He was lying on his back on
top of them. She grabbed his pants and pulled them halfway down his thighs.

"I-I, I'm not used to this kind of thing," he muttered.

She pressed her finger to his lips, "Don't worry, you let me do all the work.
It will all be over soon."

Fox pulled her dress up, revealing she had on no panties and straddled his
waist. Lowering herself, she guided his cock into her cunt and began riding
the shocked young man with earnest.

Jimmy was moaning in pleasure and grunting as he fought to hold his load in.
For her part, the woman on top of him seemed workman like. She had a cold
look on her face. Not that Jimmy cared much at this point, but she didn't
seem to be enjoying herself.

Fox was doing her job. She needed to get him off and be done with this. She
felt a few pangs of guilt though, `He's cute', she thought to herself but it
didn't matter.

Suddenly, a sharp sensation of pleasure shot through her. As she lowered
herself, taking his cock deep inside her, it started between her legs and
shot up her spine and throughout her entire body. Fox stiffened and her body
jolted, like she had received an electrical shock.

"What the fuck was that?!" She said out loud.

"Huh? What was what?"

"Nothing! Shut up!"

Fox began grinding his cock into her even harder, determined to make him cum
and get this over with. Another few seconds went by when...

"OH SHIT!" She cried out again as she felt a new wave of pleasure wash over
her. Fox threw her head back and grabbed her huge tits in her hands and began
to twist her nipples. Jimmy also let his head fall back and he closed his
eyes. The sight of her massaging her gorgeous breasts was too much for him.
He knew he'd cum if he kept watching her.

Fox was sweating now with droplets dripping from her forehead and chin;
running down her back and arms. She looked back down at Jimmy through her
hair which was wild and wet and covering her face.

"What the hell is going on here? This shouldn't be happening? OH MY GAWD!"

The strongest jolt of an orgasm jerked Fox's body as her face twisted in a
grimace of pleasure. She bit her lip so hard she tasted blood in her mouth.

Jimmy was about to cum when she fell off him and to the floor. It took Jimmy
a second to realize she wasn't riding him anymore. He sat up.

"What the hell? What's wrong? Don't stop now."

Fox grabbed Jimmy by the lapels and lifted him to his feet. He couldn't
believe how strong she was.

"W-who the hell are you Jimmy Olsen?"

"W-what? What's wrong? You seduced me remember?" She had a crazy look on her

"I ALMOST CAME!" She screamed in his face.

"B-but isn't t-that what's supposed to happen?"

"No," she let him go, "not to me it's not. Not for a very long time in fact."

She was trying to figure out what was going on when the door to the stockroom
flew open. It had been kicked open by the large man standing in it now. Both
Fox and Jimmy were taken by surprise. He was dressed in head to toe in black
with combat boots on. His face was covered with a hood which showed only his
eyes. He was dressed for combat and in his hands he had a very large gun.

Suddenly Fox regained her senses and screamed at Jimmy, "MOVE!" She threw him
and he fell back into a row of shelves lined with boxes and bottles. There
was a large crash as Jimmy was at the center as the shelves all collapsed on
top of him.

As he did, the man opened fire.


He sprayed the store room with gunfire as Fox moved towards him. He tried to
shoot her but she moved faster than anyone he had ever seen. She leapt up and
spun, driving the heel of her spike boot through the man's eye socket.

She pulled her foot free from his head and he fell to the ground, dead.
Suddenly, Jimmy was being pulled free from the pile of debris covering him.
He looked up at Fox who was standing over him.

"We've got to get out of here now."

Fox didn't know what the hell was going on, but things had changed over the
last few minutes. She had come in here to kill this man. She was sworn to
fuck Jimmy, make him cum, and then kill him. It was what she did. What all
the women of her Sisterhood did and had done for centuries.

But what had just happened changed things. Fox had nearly orgasmed. That
wasn't supposed to happen. In fact, it hadn't happened in over ten years,
since she joined the Sisterhood. There was only one explanation, but that
couldn't be true. He couldn't be the One! Could he?

Fox didn't have time to wonder. She had to keep this putz alive long enough
to get some answers. She grabbed Jimmy and jerked him to his feet.


"Who the hell is that guy?"

"Mercenary. Came to kill one of us. Probably me."

The Sisterhood had pissed off lots of groups over the years. The mob, the
government, corporations, and most of them wanted Fox, the Sisterhood's
leader, dead.

"Then just let me go. I'm not part of this."

"Shut up! I need keep you alive until I can figure out what the fuck is going

Fox grabbed two guns from the belt of the dead mercenary's belt and kicked
the storeroom door open. Suddenly, there was a deafening noise as dozens of
guns opened fire all at once. The walls began to splinter as bullets tore
through them.

Jimmy collapsed, covering his head, praying he wasn't going to get shot. Fox
began to return fire, firing both guns at the same time. Every bullet she
fired hit its mark, killing someone. The liquor store was filled with
mercenaries, dressed like the first one she had killed.

Fox kept firing until her guns were nearly empty. She had killed more than a
dozen of them but there were more. Thinking quickly, Fox grabbed a tank of
propane and tossed it into the center off the store. As it sailed through the
air, she fired the last bullet in the clip and hit her mark. The tank
exploded, igniting all the alcohol and creating a firestorm. The flames blew
into the storeroom and Fox was thrown back into the far wall.

It took only a few seconds to regain her senses and she was on her feet
again. Jimmy was nowhere to be seen. She moved to a blown out window and
looked out. She saw Jimmy running down the alley behind the store. She also
saw more mercenaries on the roof tops.

"SHIT! Crazy fool is going to get himself killed!"

Fox leapt out of the window and ran after Jimmy. The men above her opened
fire. Bullets were hitting all around her as she moved back and forth dodging
dozens of rounds fired in only a matter of seconds. She grabbed a trashcan
top as she ran and tossed it, sending it spinning into the back of her
target. Jimmy was knocked off his feet, but before he could fall into the
gutter, she caught him and leapt, with Jimmy in tow, through a dirty window
into an adjoining building.

Fox was on her feet instantly as Jimmy lay on the floor panting and scared.
She knew they were safe for only a few seconds until the merc's could
regroup. She scanned the room, looking for anything that would help her.

They were in an automobile repair shop. The room was littered with tools and
half taken apart cars. She didn't see anything that might help until she
looked to the back of the shop. Grabbing Jimmy, she dragged him towards the
motorcycle leaning against the rear wall. It was a crotch rocket. A sleek
Japanese bike with lots of power and speed. It was perfect for her. She
grabbed a screw driver and jammed it into the ignition and started the

She was about to put Jimmy on the back and climb aboard when she saw a roll
of duct tape on the workbench and had a wicked idea. She raised her hand and
curled her finger towards her, "Come here boy." Jimmy didn't like how she was
looking at him.

Outside, several large black SUV's and Hummers screeched up to the front off
the building where their target was hiding. Dozens of men poured from the
vehicles, all armed. They took up defensive positions as they coordinated
their upcoming attack.

Suddenly their perpetrations were interrupted by the shrill high pitched wail
of a motorcycle engine. Several men were knocked back as their target, the
woman called Fox, burst through the large glass window covering the front of
the shop. She was riding a large red motorcycle as she sailed out the window
and through the air. The bike landed on the hood of one of the vehicles and
she gunned the engine, driving it up the windshield and leaping the machine
into the air.

The mercenaries were firing at her, but she seemed to slip between the
bullets and none found their mark. Several of the men firing couldn't believe
what they were seeing. It wasn't that they couldn't seem to shoot her or that
she was flying through the air.

It was the fact that she wasn't alone on the motorcycle. Lying on the seat on
his back was a totally naked young man. His head was hanging off the back of
the bike with his wrists taped to the rear foot rests and his ankles taped to
the front ones. He had a terrified look on his face as he screamed his head
off. His voice was drowned out by the engine and the gunfire though.

Not only that, but he had a huge erection and Fox seemed to be riding not
just the motorcycle but also his cock. She had her dress pulled up over her
waist and she was standing with her legs on either side of the bike. But
Jimmy's cock was pointing straight up and was buried half way inside her

Fox brought the bike down in the street, landing on top of two of the
soldiers trying to kill her, crushing them. She moaned as she felt a rush of
orgasmic pleasure pulse through her as Jimmy's cock was driven deep into her
as they landed. Jimmy also cried out but in pain as it felt like the shaft of
his cock might snap in two as her weight came down on him.

As they accelerated she bent down and grabbed several guns lying on the
ground that had been dropped by the mercenaries she had landed on. Fox
directed the bike towards a man about to fire and ran him down. She gunned
the engine as the large rear tire caught the man between his legs as she rode
over him. She spun the rear wheel, ripping his genitals apart with the rubber
as she peeled away, smiling to herself.

Within seconds, she was halfway down the street with Jimmy still screaming
underneath her. "SOMEONE HELP ME!"

She was about to tell him to keep quiet when she saw two helicopters dropping
towards the ground, cutting off their escape. Standing in the open doors on
the sides of the aircraft were men with assault rifles, firing at her.

"HOLD ON!" she yelled at Jimmy but since he was taped to the machine and she
was riding him along with the bike, he had no choice.

Thinking quickly, as bullets ricocheted all around the street; she aimed the
bike at a large pile of sand that a construction crew had left on the
sidewalk while working on the street. Opening the accelerator all the way,
the bike hit the pile and acted like a ramp, launching Fox and Jimmy into the
air for the second time.

She passed right between the helicopters, the blades of the machines whizzing
within inches of her head. As she sailed between them, she stretched out her
arms and opened fire with two submachine guns she had picked up.



Spraying the cockpits with hot lead; she raked the occupants, killing several
of them, including both pilots. She fired the machine guns until the clips
ran dry. In the same moments, Fox was grinding Jimmy's cock deep inside her
and she felt a full blown orgasm rock through her.


Fox screamed at the top of her lungs as she threw her head back, closed her
eyes and she climaxed in a way she had never felt before. The mixture of
Jimmy's cock, the motorcycle, and the battle, combined to create a sensation
she, and maybe no woman on earth, had ever felt. It was an orgasm beyond
anything she had ever thought possible.

The bike slammed back to the ground, driving Jimmy's cock again into her and
sending new pulses of pleasure through every nerve ending in her body. She
dropped the guns and grabbed her tits, digging her fingers deep into her soft
sensitive flesh. Behind her a huge fireball engulfed the helicopters as they
spun out of control and slammed into each other. They exploded and fell to
the earth.

Jimmy couldn't believe what was happening. The worst day of his life was
getting worse by the second; dumped by his girlfriend, kidnapped by a crazy
woman; strange men trying to kill him. And now he was tied to the back of a
motorcycle as some insane cunt raped him and he was sure he was about to die.

Fox was in the midst of her orgasm and had lost all thought of where she was.
She had her eyes closed and her head back as her hair was blowing in the wind
as the bike they were on travelled at well over 90 miles per hour down a busy
street. Jimmy couldn't believe they hadn't been killed.

He looked up at her. "Uh, Miss Fox?"

The bike kept going.


She was ignoring him and grunting as she kept cumming. Jimmy looked past her
thighs and saw that the street they were on was ending a few hundred feet
ahead of them. At the speed they were going, they would hit the row of parked
cars in front of them within seconds.


She ignored him.


Suddenly, she grabbed the handlebars and jerked them hard. The bike turned to
the side and screeched to a stop. Jimmy opened his eyes; his face was only
inches from the rear bumper of a Ford parked at the curb.

Fox was panting as she held the bike up with one leg, recovering from her
climax. After a few seconds, the peeled away again. Looking back over her
shoulder and down at Jimmy beneath her, "Don't call me a bitch again Jimmy!"

And with that, she tore down a side street and away from the mercenaries who
were just now trying to come after them. By the time they regrouped, the two
of them, Jimmy and Fox, were long gone. Jimmy closed his eyes and wondered
where this psycho was taking him, terrified for his life.

End Part 2 - To be Continued.


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