Smallville: Well Not Too Small (mf,inter,voy,preg)
by Jeff Walters ([email protected])

It had been 6 months since Whitney had joined the reserves and had been
posted overseas. Lana had just finished her "Dear John" video to him, it
had been hard to make the decision but they had promised each other to be
honest with each other.

Lana was walking down to the post office to send her package, thinking how
the things she had and was feeling with Clark. Lana knew she wanted to get
to know Clark more and hoped that now she was single again that Clark might
open up more and confide in her. Lana knew that Clark was a gentleman and
was not going to do anything whilst she was in a relationship with Whitney.

Pete looked out of the coffee shop window and saw Lana walking towards the
post office. He watched as the wind blew making her dress cling to her body,
Pete looked up and down Lana's body. The wind pushed the material of the
dress cling to her large firm breasts and her taut stomach and her long
shapely hips and legs. As she hit the cross street the wind blew the dress
up and Pete saw that Lana was wearing a g-string. Pete needed to shift in his
seat as the site of Lana had caused his cock to grow.

Pete finished his coffee and went outside and waited to see Lana come from
post office, he moved around the corner when he saw her come through the
door and started to move trying to judge the time right so he would knock
into Lana. Lana turned the corner and then felt herself falling, she
looked up and heard Pete say, "I'm sorry I didn't see you there."

Lana smiled and grabbed Pete's extended hand and as she started to lift
herself up she noticed the shape at Pete groin area. They both started to
pick up the groceries that Lana had been carrying and Pete kept glancing at
Lana's cleavage, he couldn't tell if Lana was wearing a bra, but he knew she
had fantastic breasts. Pete said, "I was looking for you, Clark has been
delayed and has asked me to run you home and when he finishes he will come

They jumped into the convertible jeep and headed off to Lana's place. Pete
kept on glancing over and could see how the seat-belt divided Lana's breasts,
but at the same time Lana was glancing down and could see the outline of
Pete's cock. Lana had never thought of Pete in this way, she had always just
thought of him as a friend who just happened to be a guy. She had been in a
relationship most of the time of her teenage years and she felt strange
because of the things that were going through her head as she kept looking
down at Pete's groin. Pete pulled into the side of the house and grabbed the
groceries and carried them in, he walked behind Lana watching as her arse
moved back and forth as she walked. He handed the groceries to her and they
were soon packed away.

"Do you want a drink before you go, Pete?" Lana asked.

"Sure, that would be great," Pete replied.

Lana poured out two sodas from the fridge and headed back to the seats, as
she got close she tripped and the drinks fell landing over the shirt and
pants of Pete.

"I'm so sorry," Lana said grabbing a cloth.

"That's ok, I should have said I wanted the sodas to drink not as a coating,"
rips off his wet shirt.

Lana moved forward and started to clean the soda off his body and noticed
Pete's chest and abs, Pete being a football player had a well-defined body.
Lana moved the cloth down and didn't notice that where she was rubbing with
cloth until she felt a twitch. Lana looked down and noticed that she was
actually rubbing his groin.

"I'm so sorry," Lana said blushing.

"No, keep on doing that, I was enjoying it." Pete said pulls down pants. "I
have to take these off because there wet, maybe you could still pat this dry,
Pete replied revealing his cock.

Lana looked down and saw what she had just been rubbing, a thick 10 inch
black monster of a cock. Lana instinctively moved her hand down and started
to rub it, she had only seen one other cock, that being Whitney's. It had
been thick but no way as long as this cock. Pre-cum started to coat his cock
and made it easier for Lana to rub. Pete grabbed Lana and they stood face to
face and Pete moved in and started to kiss Lana, Lana not having been kissed
since Whitney left, just started to kiss back, her tongue moving into Pete's
mouth and their tongue moving together. Lana could feel Pete's cock against
her stomach and moved her hand down to it again and started to rub it, Pete
moved his hands to the front of Lana's blouse and just ripped it open. This
both scared and excited Lana but the scared feeling went away when she felt
Pete's tongue on her nipples. Pete couldn't believe how fantastic Lana's
body was he was now sucking on Lana's nipples that were perfectly round and
pink. Her nipples grew and Pete continued to rub and suck on her breasts

Pete knew he had to have her and so leaned down and lifted Lana up into his
arms. Lana was about to protest when Pete moved forward and started to
passionately kiss her again. He headed up the stairs and down the hall to
her bedroom; he opened the door and saw her bedroom for the first time. It
was just as he had imagined it, big double bed with a white and pink doona,
very girlish, very innocent and so very Lana. He laid her on the bed, and
asked her to remove the rest of her clothes. Lana stood up while Pete sat
on the bed stroking his cock while looking at Lana removing her bra and the
rest of her clothes.

* * *

Across on the next farm, Clark has just returned home and was in his room in
the barn changing his clothes; currently just in his boxers he decided to
look through his telescope. Clark was shocked but happy to see Lana through
the telescope he could see her topless and looking like she was taking it all
off. Clark continued to watch as Lana removed her skirt and he noticed that
she was wearing a g-string. She bent over and was removing her g-string
revealing her entire body to Pete, while Clark continued to watch. Clark
already had his hand inside his boxers rubbing his already erect cock. Lana
standing near her bedroom window was getting off on Pete watching her
undress, Lana started to move her hands over her breasts teasing her nipples
and one hand moving down between her legs. She felt how wet she was and new
that she wanted that black monster in her soon.

This was all too much for Pete and he stood up and moved towards Lana, he
took her into his arms and for the first time felt her complete nude body
against him. Lana started kissing down Pete's body until her face was in
front of his cock; she moved forward and took the head of Pete's cock in
her mouth. Across on the next farm Clark saw Lana naked and was rubbing
his cock harder, when suddenly he saw another body come into view. He
lessened the zoom and pulled back to see that it was Pete and he was naked
also and he was hard and touching Lana. Clark smashed his hand through
the wall in anger, but continued to watch, he saw Lana kissing down Pete's
body until she was at his groin level, and then found out that his best
mate was big. He saw Lana move her mouth to Pete's cock and she started
to suck him. Clark still rubbing his cock had been waiting for Lana to do
this to him but now she was with another guy, his best friend Pete. Clark
decided that if he wasn't going to get a fuck off Lana tonight as he thought
he was going to get he was at least get off while watching her get fucked.
It was at this time he felt something soft and warm on his own cock, he
looked down and to his surprise he saw golden blonde hair and her piercing
green eyes of his friend, Chloe.

"Oh My God Chloe, what are you doing? Clarke moaned.

Chloe who had walked into the barn a couple of minutes ago and had seen
Clark rubbing his cock, something Chloe had wanted to see for the longest
time. She had moved forward and had got down on her knees in front of
Clark's cock, but because he was busy looking at something through his
telescope he didn't notice Chloe come in. Chloe couldn't wait any longer
and she reached out and touched it, moving her hand around his shaft and
started rubbing it. It was then Clark looked down and Chloe looked back
up smiling at her friend. She heard him ask something but instead of
answering back she moved forward and licked the head of Clarke's cock
before taking it in her mouth. She moved her hands to her hand to his
boxers and pulled them down and for the first but hopefully not the last
time she saw Clark naked. She moved her hands to his ball sac and started
to gently stroke them.

Back on the other farm Lana had been sucking Pete for a couple of minutes
she now had his balls in her mouth as her hand masturbated his cock. She
moved back towards his cock licking up and down his shaft and then took it
back in her mouth. She felt Pete move his hand behind her hand gently
pushing her onto more of his cock. Pete knew he wouldn't last much longer
he had the feeling in his balls and was about to tell Lana when he first
load of cum shot out of his cock head and Lana being the girl she was
sucked and swallowed the cum and continued to suck harder while masturbating
his exploding cock. Pete had not cum like this before and he knew that the
stories off the cheerleaders at the school must be true.

Clark who was enjoying his own blowjob kept looking through the telescope and
noticed Pete jerking back and forward and noticed the white stuff coming from
Lana's mouth. She was swallowing his cum he thought, this thought was too
much for him and he started to cum himself, Chloe had sucked guys off before
and knew the signs and moved her face off Clarke's cock as the first load of
cum landed on her cheek, Clark kept on cumming and Chloe loved the feeling of
it going all over face. When the last drop of cum landed on her she lent
forward and continued to suck his cock, this was enough for Clarke to stop
watching Lana and Pete and concentrate on the this hot looking girl sucking
his manhood.

Pete took Lana to her bed and laid her down on the bed, they lay side by side
as they kissed each other and while Pete was rubbing Lana clit, he could feel
how wet she was but knew that she needed to be wetter if he was ever going to
get his cock fully in her pussy. He started to kiss down her body until he
came to his prize; Lana had always shaved her pubic hair leaving a tuft of
hair as a line to her vagina. Peter got between Lana's tanned legs and she
placed her legs over his shoulders as Pete moved his tongue to her clit and
started to lick. Pete flicked his tongue over the clit back and forth and
could hear Lana breathing heavier and moaning slightly. Peter moved his hand
down and opened up her red pussy lips and moved his tongue to her pussy and
then started to lick her inside. Lana you taste so nice, Pete said as he
continued to lick her, reaching her g-spot he licked and licked while his
finger and thumb rubbing her clit.

"Yes Pete, oh god that's it Pete, I'm cumming, yes lick me deeper," moaned

Pete knew this was the ideal time as Lana's vaginal wall would be coated with
her vaginal juices from her orgasm and quickly moved up between her thighs
and moved his cock to her twat and he then quickly inserted his cock halfway
into her. Lana was still feeling her orgasm when she realised that Pete had
stopped licking her and his cock was now entering her pussy. She spread her
legs wider knowing that this cock was going further then any other guy had
been before. Pete kept thrusting his cocking and out of Lana's tight hot wet
pussy, the more he thrust the more of him would go in, Lana was thrusting her
pelvis forward as Pete was thrusting his cock further into her pussy. Lana
moved her legs around the back of Pete and crossed them and lifted herself
further onto his cock when she felt her groin against the groin of Pete.
Lana couldn't believe that she had got all of Pete in her body and asked him
to wait so her pussy could get used to him.

"I know baby," Pete said, "your pussy now is only for big cocks like mine
isn't it."

"God yes, give me that big beautiful black cock, take me hard baby, I want it
so bad," yelled Lana.

When he felt Lana stirring underneath him he withdrew his cock nearly all the
way out and started to thrust back into Lana with such speed, that it knocked
the wind out of Lana, but she could also feel the stirring of a orgasm within
her, his big cock was rubbing up against her clit as he was thrusting in and
out. Pete was thrusting like he had never done before, Lana screaming into
his, y"es fuck me, fuck me, I've been a bad little girl, make me your whore
baby, fuck my pussy." This shocked Pete to hear but it also turned him on
even more, he slowed it down and had his cock head just at her pussy, he
waited till she was begging for him to thrust it into her, Lana was pushing
Pete back with her legs behind his back but not enough for her, Lana started
to beg to be fucked, Pete now knew that Lana was to be his slut. He started
to thrust in and out moving his cock around and around making her spread her
legs wider and she was now screaming through her second and then third
orgasm. Pete watched as this dark haired beauty was going through her
orgasm, watching her breasts move up and down with his and her thrusting.
Watching her body and the hot things she was saying was getting Pete closer
to cumming, as it got closer and closer he started to short quick thrust and
then finally after 20minutes of hard core fucking of this white girls pussy
he thrust deep and his cock unloaded his pent up cum deep into Lana's pussy,
she felt the cum move into her body and she concentrated as she milked his
cock with her pussy muscles. He started to feel his cock slowly start to get
smaller and he pulled out of Lana and got off her and lay beside her. He
knew girls love to cuddle after sex and fighting his urge to sleep he moved
and cuddled her, kissing her mouth, her ears, whispering into her ear how
great she was, how hot her body, how hard she had made him be and how long he
had wanted to fuck her. Lana smiled she loved to be held after sex but most
guys her own age had just fucked and then left or fell asleep, Lana moved her
hand down to her pussy and started to feel her pussy, her pussy lips still
slightly opened from having such a big cock in her. Pete moved his hands down
to Lana's breast, he started to fondle them and take one of the puffy nipples
and bent down and slightly bit on it. Lana smiled knowing that they had not
finished and she looked down and noticed that Pete's manhood was starting to
grow again.

But at the same time Clark was just finishing off licking Chloe's pussy,
Clarke had licked Chloe just licked her in the places he had seen Lana touch
her self when she used to masturbate at night. It must have been right
because Chloe has been screaming in pleasure for the last ten minutes. Chloe
couldn't get the smile off her face, here she was in the bedroom of the guy
who had been in her nightly fantasies since she hit puberty only 4 years
before. Chloe couldn't believe how quickly she had orgasmed; Clarke tongue
had flicked her clit faster then any one had done before.

Clark stood up and looked into Chloe's green eyes, his eyes roamed over her
body, he could see her puffy nipples sticking against the purple material of
her t-shirt, he eyes roamed down to her skirt and could see the juices from
her pussy leaking down her legs. Chloe moved forward and Clarke lifted the
shirt up and over her head revealing her large milky white breasts, her
nipples pink like a rose and so hard and puffy, he moved his hands over her
body and placed it behind her back and undid the zip of her skirt and let the
skirt fall to the floor. Here he stood naked with his friend Chloe she also
naked like the day she was born, he had occasionally thought about her while
masturbating at night but it was Lana that was mainly in his thoughts, at
this very second he couldn't even remember what Lana looked like, Clark
admired the body of Chloe in all gets glory, her pink pussy lips slightly
redder from the blood that has rushed there from the treatment Clark had only
recently finished. Chloe was doing the same looking all over Clarke's body,
he had a tight arse, a 9 1/2 inch cock and a chest and stomach that was
ripped that she was sure she could play the bongos on it. She noticed how
hard his cock was and couldn't wait to have it in her pussy, she moved
forward pushed Clark back on the bed. Chloe moved forward and sat astride
Clark's groin. Chloe lowered her face down to Clarke's face and started to
gently kiss his lips, her tongue licking at his lips, his tongue coming out
of his mouth to join hers. Her breasts rubbing up against his chest as
they continued to kiss passionately, she could feel Clarke cock against her
stomach and pussy and reached her hand down and took it in her hand and
guided it to her pussy. Chloe opened up her pussy lips and slowly lowered
herself down on to this super cock. She couldn't believe how well she felt
as her pussy started to grip Clark's cock as she lowered herself lower and
lower until their groins met. Clark who had been a virgin to this point
couldn't believe how good this felt, Chloe's pussy walls was grabbing and
moving his cock, her pussy felt like a warm silky glove. Chloe knew that she
got the most enjoyment fucking guys by riding them, that way she had control
of how fast and how much went in her, but she knew she wanted Clark fully
in her. Chloe didn't have to move much because his cock and the way she was
riding him made her clit rub against each other and she was close to her
third orgasm and she was only slightly rocking backward and forward. She
knew that Clark must have been a virgin because he had never seen him with
any other girl but himself and Lana and she knew that she wouldn't have
cheated on Whitney. Chloe knew it would be her that he thought of in the
future because you always remember your first. Chloe wanted this to last
as long as she could but was surprised that after 15 minutes of rocking
backwards and forward on his cock Clarke didn't even look close to cumming.
Clark couldn't believe the feelings his body was experiencing, he reached up
with both hands and started to feel her firm but large breasts, he was
rubbing her puffy nipples between his thumb and fingers and squeezed them,
making Chloe yelling in pain but also pleasure. Clarke knew h was close and
he wanted more control so he pulled Chloe to him and then moved so they were
in the missionary position. Chloe spread her legs up and over Clark's
shoulders and Clark moved his body back and forward just liked he had seen
the animals do it around the farm. He thrust harder and harder into Chloe
who was screaming out his name in lust and orgasm and then Clarke felt the
best feeling he had ever felt when cum started to spew out of his cock, cum
just kept on shooting out of his cock, spilling out of Chloe's body and
coating their groins.

Even though each girl's didn't know at the time they both moved from the beds
there were in to the window of each of the respective bedrooms, standing
naked as the warmth of late afternoon sun moved over their bodies. Guys in
each of these bedrooms looked out an admired the bodies of the girls that
were in front of them, both girls having a model figure and a fantastic arse.
Both guys got up and moved behind each of the girls and moved their hands
around the body, one hand moving down to their pussies the other to a breast.
Each girl melted back into the guys bodies and both could feel their man's
manhood between their legs, as if like it was fate both girls moved their
hands down and moved their guys cocks into their pussy from behind and
waiting to be fucked doggy style while looking at the magnificent sunset.

The following morning both girls were in town and both been at their
respective doctors. They both turned the respective corner when they looked
up and saw each other entering the chemist. They continued to walk in and
both handed over the prescription one after the other. "That will be a
couple of minutes more girls, go grab a coffee next door and come back and
see me." Both girls went next door and had a coffee, both looked at each
other and each saw that special glow in each other. They talked about
general things and both got up and went back to the chemist. The chemist
both handed them their respective prescriptions and the chemist asked them
at the same time, have you girls had the morning after pill before. Both
girls immediately blushed and in unison said they knew how it worked. Both
quickly handed over their money and quickly walked out the chemist. As they
stepped out of the chemist, they both looked at each other and smiled and
then laughed, both girls obviously had got some.

Lana said, "Do you want to comeback to the picture theatre, we don't open for
a while yet, we could chat".

Chloe smiled, "Sure!"

That sat down in the lounge and each took out their pill and swallowed it
down with a drink.

Both girls told the other of the bodies of the guys that had made love to
the night before without naming the guys that had done it with. They talked
about the size of the guy's cock and what they had done. They both laughed
how they had been fucked doggie style while watching the sunset. Both knew
that they both must of being doing it at the same time. They then heard some
noise and both watched as Pete and Clark walked in. The boys went to the
coffee machine and poured four coffees. They walked over to the booth where
the girls were sitting and Clark sat down next to Chloe and Peter moved in
beside Lana. The girls looked at the boys and then looked at each other,
they both smiled at the same timed. They both knew whom each other had been
with now. Clark had always sat next to Lana when they had coffee and Pete
always sat next to Chloe. Things had changed between them now but maybe for
the better as the girls held hands under the table.

The End


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