So Weird: Desires (m/f)
by Soulfire Stories

Chewy bubblicious and coco-pop
got you on my mind and it just won't stop
tilt-a-whirl baby girl, slip and slide
we can swing it left, cause I think you're fly

You got the curves, the sway
I can't look away
girl, you got my pure devotion
with every move you make
I'm so hard I could break
girl you're poetry in motion

Ooh, baby you know you're driving me crazy
but tonight I'm watching, every dream I have come true
you say I will show you mine, if you will show me yours
and one by one we're throwing all our clothing on the floor
you say don't blow out the candles cause I want you to see
and suddenly you're naked standing right in front of me
(baby I see you)

You got the mouth, the lips
girl I pick to kiss
all your body's made for pleasure
you make me feel like a man should feel
like a man of steel, you've got a hidden treasure

Pop rock baby you don't stop, we got this
met her on the L train, radiator hotness
orange tootsie pop and a Colgate smile
visions in my mind of me and her getting wild
shimmy-coco-pop boogie down fluffer nutter
if you get with me then there can never be another
come on everybody, let's all get down
I need a real love baby won't you please come round

Carey laid on his usual messed up bed, his eyes closed, as he listened to
"I will show you mine" by LFO, he pushed the repeat button on his CD player
and let his body relax into the song. God this song drove him insane, just
like the youngest of his 2 female companions and his mom, Fiona Phillips was
in the room next to his, he could hear her clicking away on her laptop, Carey
licked his lips and turned the music up, only wanting to hear the song. He
wanted to get lost in the song and for once since he has been on the road,
not obsessing over the beautiful young woman in the other room, for once he
wished Jack was here with him. Jack was visiting his girlfriend Gabe for the
week and Clu was in Santa Cruz doing the college thing so that left him all
alone with Fiona.

The bus took a sharp turn, the bus seemed to be taking forever to get to
Arizona, he desperately wanted to get up and tell his dad to hurry the hell
up, but he didn't, he would get himself smacked for doing something like
that. But having Fi so close to him was starting to get to him, the
temptation to walk into her bedroom when everybody else was asleep and put
his hand over mouth and whisper sweet sexy things into her ear and slowly
undress her was getting damn unbearable and this song wasn't helping any
matters, but for some odd reason he couldn't turn the song off. He had his
desire and lust for Fi under control today well until he saw her, she had
slept in and everybody which was Molly, Ned and Irene had went to a record
store and he had stayed behind waiting for Fiona to wake up but when she did
he wished he had left with the adults. Fi had come out in blue tube top and
a short black mini skirt. She had looked so damn sexy, that the minute his
eyes saw her, he had got instantly hard and all he wanted to do was grab her
and rip her clothes off and screw her right there and then but instead he
had said the stupidest thing ever.


He offered her cereal.

"Wanna fuck?"

Was what he really wanted to say, but instead he offered her a stupid bowl
of 'Lucky Charms'. Carey was never the shy kind, he was the sort of person
that made the first move, if it was anybody but Fiona Phillips, he would had
already been inside of her. He would have already screwed her a couple times,
he would of pumped her so hard until she screamed his name so loud that Rick
Phillips heard it from his grave.

Just the thought of having the chance to make love to Fi made him anxious,
wait… he didn't make love, he fucked or screwed but he never made love. But
he wanted to make love to Fi, but fucking Fi would be more fun because making
love is slow and tender but fucking is fast and hard and it had you grasping
for some reality, your whole body is soaked with sweat and you got so much
desire and lust that when your orgasm finally comes, it's great, you feel
every cell in your body scream with ecstasy, the screams are so loud that
finally you have to scream out. He wanted to make Fi scream, he wanted her to
scream his name so loud that it gave him an earache, he wanted her to leave
bruises, like marking her territory.

Carey forced his eyes open when his CD player suddenly turned off. "Damn
batteries!" Carey growled as he pulled the earphones off and pushed himself
up but then he fell back over when he saw Fi standing in front of his bed.
"Geez Fiona, you scared me. What are you doing up this late? Your mom is
going to kill you for pulling an all-nighter."

Carey looked at Fi, waiting for her to say something but she said, she just
stood in front of his bed. Carey felt his throat get all dried up when he
saw what Fi was wearing. She was wearing a baby tee and some boxers, god she
looked incredibly hot.

"Fi wanna sit down?"

Carey moved over on his bed and patted a spot on his bed, inviting Fi to sit
down next to him, Fi nodded and sat down next to Carey and pulled her hair
up in a bun, Carey's eyes were transfixed on the back of Fi's neck.

"Carey can I ask you something?"

Carey shook his head and put his CD player down on the ground and looked back
at Fi and nodded. "Sure Fi, anything"

Fi smiled and turned her body to him, her brown eyes connecting with his.
"Do you find me sexy?"

Carey blanched, surprised by the question. "What Fi? What do you mean?" Carey
hit himself mentally; just say yes you dumbass Carey yelled at himself.

Fi lowered her eyes for a second and then she raised them again. "I was
talking to Clu on the computer and he was telling about this girl he met in
college and he said she was sexy... and I was wondering if I was sexy."

Carey growled under his breath, she was talking to Clu? Carey felt jealousy
rise up in his chest and the feeling of jealousy mixed with the lust in his
body for the yearning girl in front of him, made him almost lose control.


"Oh just forget it! You don't find me sexy either, you're just like Clu..."

Fi pushed herself up from Carey's bed and turned to leave. Carey watched Fi
start to leave, for a second he told himself that it would be better to let
her leave, she wants Clu not you but after all he was a man, and everybody
knows that men think with their cocks, so he got up nearly tripping over his
own feet, he grabbed her by the arm and twisted her around to face him.

"You're sexy okay?"

Fi let a smile tug at her lips. "But not for Clu... he thinks I'm a child"

Fi went to leave but Carey twisted her around again a little forcefully then
before. "I'll make you sexy enough for Clu."

Fi stared back at Carey, with a look of confusion on her face. "How can you
do that?"

Carey let Fi go and slammed his door shut and locked the door and went back
over to her and guided her over to his bed and pushed her down to it. "Just
trust me."

Fi backed all the way up against the wall and watched Carey warily, he had a
look of pure lust on his face, his eyes were narrowed and he looked as if he
was a lion hunting it's prey and she was it. Carey saw the thoughtful look
on Fi's face; he picked her up and caught her pink lips in a frenzy of
kisses. His teeth scrapped against her lips, he felt her struggle, he forced
her mouth to open and then he forced his tongue in her mouth throwing them
both on the bed. Fi went to push him off her but instead she wrapped her arms
around his neck and closed her eyes when she felt Carey slip his hands down
to the ridge of her boxers. Carey played with the boxers for a second,
snapping them against Fi's skin loving the way she squealed in his mouth but
then he pulled the boxers off in a second and threw them somewhere in his
room not sure where though. Carey arched his hips brushing his throbbing
erection across Fi's vagina, he smiled when he felt her panties instantly
dampen, he could smell the sweet juices, the aroma was strong and that sent
him over the edge, there was no looking back now.

Carey slid his hand in Fi's panties sliding them down her legs, he parted
legs with free hand and brushed his fingers across Fi's yearning vagina, he
felt her body tremble every time he slightly touched her.

"Damnit Carey just do it!"

Carey smiled and grabbed her lips in another hard kiss and he entered two
fingers into Fi's wet and hot vagina and started massaging Fi's clit, he felt
her tighten around him. Carey took his fingers out of Fi and unbuckled his
pants and pushed them down to his ankles with his boxers and thrusted into
Fi fast and hard, Fi went to scream out from the pain of the penetration of
Carey's cock but he put he put his hand over her mouth. He went to pull her
shirt over her head but it wouldn't come off, he growled tearing if off, he
unfastened her bra and licked the tip of Fi's hard nipple, he nipped at it
and licked some more before finally taking her breast into his mouth as he
made fast thrusts. Their bodies were glistening with sweat. Carey felt Fi
take his shirt off, he stopped sucking at Fi's breast and removed his hand
and kissed her soft but then his kisses became fast and hard, their tongues
intertwined with one another's and Carey let out a deep shudder into Fi's
mouth when she scratched at his back. Carey made his thrusts even harder and
faster, and with the hardest thrust he sent them both over the edge, he
removed his mouth from hers just in time to hear her scream his name as loud
as she could. Carey and Fi relaxed in each other's bodies and soon they were
both asleep.

Carey let out a content moan and he went to hug Fi but all he felt between
his arms was an overstuffed pillow, he looked down at the pillow and saw a
note on it, he picked up the note and read it carefully:


Thanks for last night, that was... well last night was just whoa... Well I
thought I should get in my own bedroom before morning and plus after last
night I need some computer time. Thanks for saying I was sexy and thank you
for the lesson, thanks to you I am a woman.

Love Fi

Carey smiled but then he crumpled the letter up and threw it in the trash and
walked over to Fi's bedroom door and knocked on it but when no one answered
it after three knocks, he walked in but Fi was nowhere to be found, he
frowned and saw that her computer was on. He walked over to it and looked at
the screen and growled when he saw Clu's screen name... she was talking to
him? Carey began to read the chat transcript.

Clu Bell: Morning doll face….

Rockerbaby: Never call me that again Cluet

Clu Bell: Aww you're so mean to me. How are you this morning? I missed
talking to you last night, did I say something wrong?

Rockerbaby: Me mean? Never. I thought you wanted some alone time with the
'sexy' college girl.

Clu Bell: You always come first.

Rockerbaby: She rejected you.

Clu Bell: No

Rockerbaby: Yeah she did, haha

Clu Bell: Oh shut up! So what did you do last night?

Rockerbaby: The honest truth?

Clu Bell: The only way I like it

Rockerbaby: I had sex with your brother

Clu Bell: WHAT?

Rockerbaby: I'm not playing around

Clu Bell: Fi!

Rockerbaby: What?

Clu Bell: You and my brother? Why?

Rockerbaby: I don't know how it happened.

Clu Bell: How was it? *Arching eyebrows*

Rockerbaby: OMG, awesome

Clu Bell: So when you coming down to Santa Cruz?

Rockerbaby: Why would I do that? I'm not having sex with you, god!

Clu Bell: FI! No that's not why. I told you I wanted to come down last night

Rockerbaby: You really meant that?

Clu Bell: Like totally. Now go pack

Rockerbaby: Okay. See you soon dude

Clu Bell: Bye princess :)

[Rockerbaby has signed off]

[Clu Bell has signed off]

Carey turned the computer off. She was leaving? Carey ran out of Fi's bedroom
and walked over to his dad. "Hey dad?"

Ned mumbled something under his breath, motioning for Carey to go ahead with
what he was going to say.

"You think we could make a fast stop by Santa Cruz?"

Ned opened his mouth to say something, probably to protest but he just ended
up nodding, Carey smiled and sat down on one of the couches in the common
area of the bus, waiting anxiously to get to Santa Cruz, hopefully he would
get there in time to tell Fi... to tell her... what did he exactly want to
tell her? That he was obsessed with her?

Carey wasn't obsessed with Fi, he was in love with her. Somewhere in between
talking to Fi and making love to her, he fell in love with her and that
feeling wasn't going away. It didn't matter that Clu had started this, Carey
was finishing it. He wasn't going to let another girl that he cared about
just walk out of his life, this time he was going to fight for the girl, he
wasn't just going to back down, no way, he wasn't going to lose Fi.

:::Santa Cruz:::

"Eggs? Bacon? Hashbrowns?"

Fi sat on Clu's bed with her pants on and her bra, she made a pondering face
and then smirked. "All of the above"

Clu turned around to face Fi and he arched his eyebrow and grabbed his shirt
and threw it at Fi and turned back to the stove.

"We're mighty hungry aren't we?"

Fi chuckled and grabbed the shirt and pulled the long sleeved black t-shirt
with flames on the side of the shirt over her head.

"I'm a growing girl ya know?"

Clu laughed and walked over to Fi and sat down next to her and took her hand
in his.

"You really like my brother don't you?"

Fi looked up at Clu, her brown eyes glittering with love in her eyes.

"Yeah I do. I fell in love with him Clu, am I still your best friend?"

Clu rolled his eyes.

"Of course you are Fiona and hey we're even closer, you know with us sleeping
together and all..."

"You guys slept together?"

Fi and Clu looked away from each other to see Carey standing in the middle
of Clu's dorm room with a look of pure hatred in his eyes and a look of
heartache on his face.

"Well did you guys lose your vocal cords when you slept together?"

Fi opened her mouth to say something but Carey turned on his heels stomping
out of the dorm room. He searched through the halls for a second before
walking out of the college, dragging his heavy heart with him.

"Carey wait!"

Carey turned around to see Fi jogging up to him, her brown hair dangling in
her face, Carey tapped his foot waiting for her to get up to him.

"What do you want?"

Carey stared at Fi and reminded himself to be stern, that he had to be strong
and not give in just because she was beautiful, smart, funny... stop that

"Listen Carey, it's not what you think."

Carey rolled his eyes, managing a laugh out of his throat.

"Really? You and Clu didn't sleep together?"

Fi lowered her eyes, she had her eyes down for a second and then she finally
looked back up, her brown eyes were twinkling with tears.

"Yes we did but right after it, we decided that it was just a stupid thing to
do, actually it brought me and Clu together..."

"Woo hoo!"

Carey faked a big smile and waved his hands in the air before frowning.

"Clu knows I love you..."

Carey's frown vanished and a goofy smile replaced it.

"Did you say you loved me?"

Fi's eyes widened.

"Um, uh... well... uh... yeah I did."

Carey inched into Fi and smiled at her.

"Hey, I um, uh... well... uh... love you too."

Fi hit Carey on the shoulder for making fun of her and then she looked into
his eyes.

"About me and Clu..."

Carey shook his head and cupped Fi's face.

"Shut up Fiona Phillips and kiss me."

Fi smiled.

"I'll be more then happy to oblige."

"Enough big words... more kissing."

Fi wrapped her arms around Carey's neck and kissed him.


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