Sorcerer's Apprentice: Caroline Flack And Alex Barnes (Fg,anal,fist)
by Akura Nakamura ([email protected])

"Good morning," Caroline said brightly, walking into the dining room just
as the children were starting their breakfast. Or, at least most of the
children. Caroline, eagle-eyed as ever, spotted who was missing straight
away. "Where's Alex?" she asked and got the reply of, "She's still in bed"
from one of the more awake students sat around the table.

"It's really strange," the girl continued, "we tried to wake her when the
bell was rang but for some reason she just said, "Five more minutes..." and
then went straight back to sleep again afterwards. And this is after all
that business of her going straight to bed after supper last night as well.
Perhaps she isn't feeling all that well..."

There were murmurs of agreement from the other girls in the room, as though
this was precisely the way that it had been a short time earlier. This was
exactly the answer that Caroline had been expecting to hear. It was perfect
and just as she had planned, that Alex was apparently still in bed, and
trying to create as little fuss as possible, she quietly left the children
to their food, slid out of the room and headed for the stairs.

Constantly on the lookout for either more students or, more importantly, any
teachers who might be hanging around, Caroline ascended the stairs and went
directly for the girls' bedroom. On the first day of filming of "The
Sorcerer's Apprentice", a magic training school type programme starring kids
and for kids on the BBC; it had been made clear to all present that no girls
were allowed to set foot in the boys' bedroom and no boys were allowed to
enter the girls'. If they did so then severe punishment would be the
consequence of their actions.

But, Caroline wasn't a boy and she was heading for the girls' bedroom, so it
didn't matter. Still, it would be a little odd if the show's presenter was
clocked heading into someone else's bedroom, the students' bedroom and so she
figured that it would be better if she tried her best to avoid detection,
rather than blatantly advertise what she was doing. Despite her carefulness,
she seemed to get there in next to no time at all.

The door to the room was shut, which obviously meant that she couldn't see
anything that was happening behind her. However, when she stopped for a
second, with her hand curled tightly around the knob and about to turn it to
open the door, she paused because she could hear and feel her heart beating
a mile a minute. This was genuinely exciting. God only knew, then, what kinds
of feelings she would be experiencing when she actually opened the door.

A moment or so later, this was exactly what she did. She had expected to see,
having done this, Alex lying fast asleep in bed. Having cased the joint, as
it were, already, in preparation for what she was about to do, she had noted
that Alex's bed had been the one furthest from where she was standing, on the
left hand side of the room. The one closest to the door that led into the
bathroom. Knowing of the difficultly that she appeared to be experiencing
getting up in the morning, this was exactly where Caroline thought Alex would
be, but she wasn't. Seeing this, seeing Alex's bed lying empty and unmade,just like the other seven in the room, Caroline couldn't help but feel a rush
of disappointment. She had waited for this moment for such a long time, had
planned so thoroughly that it seemingly couldn't go wrong, but this was
exactly what was happening.

Everything that she had hoped for was unravelling before her very eyes. When
she had administered the sleeping drug that she had skilfully popped into the
girl's drink at supper the previous evening, she had been sure that she had
enough of it but this now suggested the opposite. It had been a tricky thing
to gauge for Caroline. She had wanted enough of the stuff to knock her out
and send her practically straight to sleep and enough to want her to be
groggy come the morning but not too much so that she would be completely out
of it when she, herself, came into the bedroom at this time.

Clearly, it looked to her, that she had been slightly skimpy with the dose
and cursed herself, momentarily, for not putting enough in. For all she knew,
she would walk downstairs, after composing herself, of course, she had to
look not disappointed in the slightest when she walked back down the stairs
and into the dining room to see Alex sat there, smiling and laughing with the
rest of her classmates.

Then, she calmed down slightly as a thought flashed into her head. There was
only one way from the bedroom to the dining room and she had just covered
that route. Therefore, if Alex had left the room, the two of them had to have
passed one another, either on the stairs or on one of the corridors, but they
hadn't. Absolutely no way had they crossed paths. So, unless Alex had master
the art of teleportation or something, she must still be in the room

This may have been a magic school, Caroline thought, but even so, there was
no way in hell that a twelve year old who had only been here a matter of days
would have been able to do that already. She had to be in the room, then.
There was no other possible and realistic explanation. Except she wasn't. She
wasn't in the room.
Caroline walked from the door and over to the bed that Alex had slept in.
Putting her hand on the mattress, she could feel that it was still warm,
indicating that wherever she had gone, it couldn't have been long since she
had got up. Racking her brains for some kind of explanation, Caroline was
deadly quiet for a moment or so and in that short time, the answer came to

In the silence of the room, Caroline was sure that she could hear a trickle
of water coming from somewhere. She looked behind her and noticed through the
slight crack in the bathroom door that the light to the room was switched on.
Walking closer to the door, she could hear the sound of running water getting
steadily louder and when she came to open it, pushing it gently with her left
hand, so that it would open just a little bit wider, she could make out the
outline of what looked like a young girl's body behind the glass of the
shower. Again, upon her eyes meeting this sight, her heart began to beat just
that little bit faster. She smiled and left Alex to her business.

Suddenly she felt a whole lot better about things and rushed to lock the door
to the bedroom so that the pair of them wouldn't be disturbed when Alex got
out of the shower and went back into the bedroom to get dressed.

Caroline had been shown round the grounds and had met the children that were
set to take part in the magic series, on the very first day, prior to the
filming beginning. It had been explained in the contract that she had signed
beforehand that she would be a back up to Barney Harwood, the show's
presenter, should something happen to him. Illness, accident, the occurrence
of unforeseen circumstances, whatever. Fortunately for her, these unforeseen
circumstances had occurred.

After a couple of days of everything going swimmingly, Barney told the show's
producer that something had happened in his personal life and he had to leave
the set. He hadn't gone in to too much detail but knowing Barney from
previous programmes that they had done together, the producer knew that he
wouldn't ask to leave unless it was something really important or serious and
so let him go and told him to take as much time as he needed. The producer
then asked Caroline if she was ready to step in and in about a quarter of a
second, she agreed to.

There was one reason and one reason only why she had signed the papers in the
first place and it wasn't what people might have expected, if they knew. It
wasn't the money that would come her way. She didn't need that, she already
had loads of it thanks to the success of programmes such as "TMI" and "Escape
From Scorpion Island". No, the real reason why she was doing this, though
naturally, she wasn't going around telling everyone; the real reason why she
was doing it was because she knew that it would give her a great opportunity
to indulge in her favourite pastime, having sex with young girls. This was
something that she had come across during her previous work, "TMI"

Half of the guests that came on the show were young girls and during filming,
quite early on, she noticed that she had an attraction to them. This had
almost happened by accident but one morning, at the end of a particular show,
she had left the set with one of the girls and they had walked together
backed to her dressing room. Caroline had invited her in and after one thing
had led to another, they had had sex right there and then. And Caroline had
loved it.

It had been the best sexual experience of her life and once it was over and
the girl had left the dressing room and Caroline to sit and ponder her blown
mind for a while, she decided that she would try to make this a weekly thing
if she could. Once she had purposefully set out to do it, she was amazed by
how easy it was. Girls would fall at her feet left, right and centre,
positively gagging for her to have sex with them and the only trouble that
she had was making sure no one else discovered what she was up to.

When the series winded up and the offer of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" landed
on the table in front of her, once she knew that there would be more young
girls available for her to get acquainted with, she hardly read anything on
the paper, asked for a pen and simply signed. Then, when she met the boys and
girls for the first time, on that Monday morning, she noticed that the one
that she simply had to have was Alex Barnes.

There was something about the young girl that made Caroline all of a sudden
get very wet and excited. Once Barney's departure had been confirmed to her,
she knew that this was the chance that she had been waiting for and her head
had switched on and started working immediately as she tried to find a way of
getting Alex alone. After that, going on what she had learnt from her past
experience, the rest shouldn't be too difficult. Just a few choice words and
actions and Alex would surrender her young and attractive body to Caroline in
no time at all.

With the door locked and the two of them alone and not likely to be
disturbed, Caroline had to work out how she would like herself to look in
Alex's eyes, once the young girl emerged from the bathroom. She was fairly
sure that she would be shocked to see the woman there, in her bedroom, but
would it be too much of a shock if Caroline was wearing little or no clothes?
Caroline couldn't quite be sure which way to play it. Eventually, she decided
that all or nothing might be a bit too extreme one way or the other and so
after much deliberation, she removed only her shoes, socks, jeans and t-shirt
and left on her bra and panties. She was happy with the middle ground that
she had reached. With only her underwear on, she came to the conclusion that
when Alex opened the door and saw her standing there, or sitting there, it
wouldn't take her too long to realise Caroline's intent, but at the same
time, she wouldn't be intimidated and scared, as she might have been if
Caroline had been totally naked. This was Caroline's theory anyway, it might
turn out that she was completely wrong but she had made her decision to be
dressed how she was and she was sticking to that. All that was left for her
to do now was wait.

Alex took longer than Caroline expected her too and in the end, she was
forced to sit down on the corner of the girl's bed, while she stared
continuously at the closed bathroom door, hoping that it would open as soon
as possible. Eventually, it did and through a cloud of steam, Alex emerged,
covered practically head to toe in fresh, clean white towels. As Caroline
had predicted, her presence in the room did initially take Alex by surprise,
who thought that she would have the bedroom to herself to get ready.

"Caroline," she said, trying to keep the sound of shock out of her voice as
she spoke, "what are you doing in our bedroom? ...And why do you only have
your underwear on?"

This was Caroline's moment. This was exactly what she had been wanting for
the past couple of days, since she had seen Alex for the very first time, in
fact, and she was absolutely determined to get what she wanted. She knew from
her previous experiences in similar situations that now came the time for her
to seduce the young girl in her company and she was fully confident in her
ability to do just that.

Getting up from the bed and walking over to where Alex was standing, she did
the one thing that she was convinced would work. She told the girl the truth.
She put her hand on Alex's shoulder, one of the few parts of her body that
wasn't covered by soft, fluffy fabric, she answered the question posed to her
by saying, "Look Alex, it's like this. From the moment that I first saw you
the other day, there is something that I have wanted to do to you..."

"Oh, yeah" Alex responded, a certain amount of curiosity in her words,
"What's that?"

"Well," Caroline continued, "put simply I want to fuck you. I want to fuck
your brains out. Do you know what that means?"

She may have only been twelve years old, but yes, understood. Alex's
curiosity quickly turned into nervousness as she nodded her head in reply to
Caroline's question. Straight away, Caroline clocked the change in Alex's
demeanour. The last thing that she wanted to do was scare the young girl,
that wasn't at all what this was about. This was meant to be an extremely
positive experience for both of them and it was this point that she tried to
get across to her the next time that she spoke.

"Look..." she said, keeping her hand clasped to Alex's shoulder, "We won't do
anything that you don't want to do. The second that you become uncomfortable
or feel that I am hurting you, you just say so and I'll stop. How does that

Still looking a little scared of what was happening, Alex nodded and then
asked, "So, what do you want me to do?"

"The first thing that I want you to do," Caroline answered, "is to take off
all of those towels that you have got on..."

"What about you?" Alex asked, all of a sudden feeling an air of confidence
come over herself, "Aren't you going to take off what you're wearing as

Caroline smiled. This was exactly the kind of positive remark that she had
been hoping to hear. "Yes," she said, "shall we do it together?"

"I've got a better idea," Alex countered, "Why don't we take the stuff off
each other?"

"Good idea," Caroline said in agreement before finally taking her hand off
Alex's shoulder and stepping away from her.

Both were now smiling, full of the anticipation of what they knew what was
imminently about to happen between them. Caroline went first. Having stepped
away from Alex for a second, she now moved back towards her. Her first
thought was to release the girl's long, dark hair from the towel that was
placed over it. Alex stayed perfectly still while Caroline did this and
within seconds, her hair was free and the towel had been cast aside, quite a
distance away from both the bed and where they were standing. Being a fair
bit older than Alex, and more mature physically, Caroline was also taller
than her. This made it easy for her to get her arms around Alex's young body
and pull the two sides of the large towel that was covering the majority off
it, away from Alex. As this was happening, Caroline began creaming

"This is it!" she was saying to herself, "This is it! This is it!" That was
all that she could think of.

Alex, despite all of her inexperience, noted the smell of excitement that was
suddenly coming from Caroline and she had to admit that she liked it, even if
she didn't really know what it was the smell of or where it was coming from.

Again, it didn't take long for Caroline to do what she wanted to do and in
moments, Alex was stood there, in front of her, with nothing on whatsoever.
Caroline could have quite easily fainted. Alex's beauty was obvious and even
though her body was far from being fully developed, it was as Caroline would
have described it, "very fuckable". In fact, thinking about it very quickly,
she found it hard to think of any of the girls that she had had sex with that
was sexier or had a better body. There was sheer silence for a short time
while Caroline just took in the wondrous sight that was opposite her.

"You are very beautiful," she said, finally, her voice very quiet, "Do you
know that?"

"Not as beautiful as you," Alex replied, "I want to see what you look like

"Okay..." Caroline answered, "Do you need any help with my bra?"

"No," Alex said, "I think I've got it." She had got it.

Expertly, as though she had done this sort of thing many times before, she
reached around Caroline, either side of her and put her hands flatly on her
back. Then, she found where the bra was and unclasped the clip in an instant.
Caroline then held out her arms slightly away from her body so that Alex
could take it off altogether. Now it was Alex's turn to just stand and stare.
She had never imagined before this morning that she would ever find the sight
of another female's breasts even the slightest bit attractive or sexy but
that was exactly what she was finding now. For the first time in her life,
Alex was experiencing a strange feeling in her stomach. It felt all light and
floaty. Then, she noticed that the lips of her young pussy were beginning to
get a little moist. "What's happening to me?" she asked, knowing that
Caroline, with all of her age and experience, would be able to give her an
answer, "I feel all funny..."

"It's okay," Caroline chuckled softly, "It means that you're ready."

"Ready for what?" Alex asked, still confused by what was going on.

"Ready to have sex," Caroline responded, "It's a good sign, it's a very good
sign, in fact."

Alex was pleased that this was "a good sign", but she still had no idea what
it meant. It wouldn't take long, though, before she did.

"You can take my panties off now if you like," Caroline said and in no time
at all, Alex was on her knees, with her hands on Caroline's hips.

She pulled gently on the item of clothing and they went down slightly but
there was something stopping them from coming off fully as they should do.
With the force that she had used thus far, Alex had managed to move them a
couple of inches before they had stopped.

Looking directly in front of her, at the body of the woman that wanted to
have sex with her, Alex could see the beginning of what was a strip of pubic
hair that would go vertically down to the slit of her cooch. What a sight
this was for the young girl and it only served to intensify the strangeness
that she was still experiencing within her own body.

Seeing the girl's dilemma of not being able to get her panties off her,
Caroline instructed her to "pull a little bit harder". Alex did as she was
told and sure enough, after a bit of resistance, the garment did come away
from Caroline's wonderful body. Alex pulled them all the way down to her
ankles and then watched as Caroline stood away from them.

"Pick them up...", Caroline directed, "and you will see why they were so
difficult to get off me.

Alex was still very much in a haze about what she was experiencing but now
she was to receive the answer. With the panties in her hands, she opened them
and on Caroline's instruction, she felt the fabric on the inside, at the
very part where Caroline's pussy had been. As she did this, she was shocked
to find that there wasn't the smoothness and dryness there that she had
expected. Instead, there was a funny mix of damp patches and what felt like
crusty bits. "What's this?" Alex asked, still kneeling down on the floor and
looking up at Caroline.

"That, my dear girl," Caroline replied, "is the result of what you have done
to me."

"I don't think I understand..." Alex said.

"Okay..." Caroline smiled, "Why don't you stand up and we'll sit on the
bed and I'll explain it all to you."

Alex got to her feet and walked over to the bed, followed closely by
Caroline. The smile that had been ever present on Caroline's face for a while
now was still there. This almost always happened when she was having sex with
a girl of Alex's age or thereabouts.

"You know a minute or so ago," she started, "when you said you were feeling
funny?" Alex didn't say anything, she just nodded. "Well," Caroline
continued, "that feeling that you got and the wetness that you have in your
pussy, I said that this meant that you were ready to have sex. It's actually
more than that. It shows that you are horny and excited. Not only are you
ready to have sex with me, you also want to. As for me, I have been thinking
about this all morning, since I got dressed. Since I put that clean pair of
panties on. I have been so wanting to have sex with you since then that I
have got so excited that my snatch has made this. It's called lots of things
but I like to call it girl cum. As it has been released from my sex, it has
dried onto the material of my panties. Then, more recently, when I was
waiting for you to come out of the shower, when I took the towels off you
and when you took my bra off me; all of these things have made me even
hornier and my fanny has released even more girl come."

Alex was looking thoroughly astounded by what Caroline was saying. She
understood, but she was still finding it difficult to take it all in.
Caroline, though, was in full flow by now and wasn't about to stop talking.
She liked the idea of educating the girls that she slept with, before she
slept with them.

"The same thing will happen to you," she said, starting up again, "if it
hasn't already..." Caroline stopped her explanation for a moment because
suddenly, she was fascinated to see exactly how wet Alex was.

Alex simply let Caroline open her legs wide apart and place her fingers onto
her pussy. As she did this, Caroline knew instantaneously that Alex was
getting turned on by all this talk of sex. Even though she had just touched
the very tip of Alex's cooch, this was sufficient enough an action to allow
her fingers to be liberally coated in fluid. Once again she smiled as she
moved her hand away from Alex's body and brought it right up to her eyes.

"You see," she said brightly, having looked closely and carefully at it for
a significant amount of time, this proves that you are getting excited. Maybe
not quite as excited as me just yet but it won't take long for that to
happen, believe me..."

"What do we do now then?" Alex asked innocently.

"This..." Caroline replied.

Being as young and as inexperienced as she was, Alex had never imagined what
it would be like kissing someone before, never mind actually having sex with
them, but now that it was having to her, for the first time, she couldn't
believe how good it felt. The second that Caroline had finished speaking, she
moved closer and closer towards Alex before finally, their lips touched and
they began to kiss. To begin with, it was a soft and sensuous experience for
both of them. Caroline, remembering what she had said to Alex earlier about
not wanting to go too far and do things that she didn't like, had been
careful to take things as slowly as she could. When she was confident that
Alex wasn't going to pull away, which she knew after a very short period when
Alex began to kiss her back; when she was confident of this, she decided to
take it a step further and push her tongue into the young girl's mouth.

Alex, who was having difficulty keeping up with everything that Caroline was
doing to her was taken aback somewhat by this latest advancement but after a
few moments of getting used to it, she soon decided that it was probably just
about the most wonderful thing that she had ever experienced in her whole
life. And she wanted to tell Caroline exactly that. Reluctantly pulling out
of the kiss, because in a way, she did want it to continue forever, she
opened her mouth and exclaimed, "Wow! That was fantastic!".

Caroline was delighted to hear her say this. She had thought that Alex had
broken it off because something was the matter, she didn't like what Caroline
was doing to her, but what she heard confirmed that this assumption couldn't
be further from the truth. "You enjoyed it then?" Caroline asked, looking
deeply into Alex's eyes.

"Yes," was the response, "It was just brilliant!"

"Well," Caroline giggled, "It's about to get a whole lot better."

Alex wondered what Caroline had in mind, but she didn't have to wait long to
find out. Caroline moved away from the young girl and asked her softly to lie
flat on the bed. Alex did as instructed and before she knew it, Caroline was
climbing directly on top of her. If she had been impressed with what she had
seen a few moments earlier when she had helped Caroline to take her clothes
off, this new sight that she was seeing was yet more impressive.

In order to get on top of Alex, Caroline had to open her legs wide, so that
she could place one on either side of the girl's body. As she did, she
allowed Alex to catch a glimpse of her wet pussy from another, new angle and
it looked, in the young girl's eyes at least, more incredible than it had
done the first time. That thin sliver of pubic hair that Caroline had
covering her slit, all sopping wet with her creamy fluid was just the most
wonderful sight to behold.

But, Alex had no time for that. Once again, things were happening far too
quickly for her to take everything in and the next thing that she was aware
of was Caroline's lips meeting with hers for a second time. This shook her
back into some kind of consciousness and before long, the pair were feeling
the wonderful satisfaction that came with sharing a kiss. If it was the most
unbelievable thing that Alex had ever experienced, it wasn't far short of
this for Caroline either. Though she would never dare say such a thing to the
young girl, rarely had this kind of thing felt so good to her. The girls that
she had done on "TMI" had all been good in their own, individual ways, yes,
but this was something else. She knew, from the very first time she had
spotted Alex, a couple of days ago; she had known then that there was
something extra special about her and now, she was having this theory proved
to her and in the most spectacular way possible.

As far as she was concerned, she would have been perfectly happy and
contented, this kiss could have lasted forever, but she knew that things
would get even better if she stepped things up a gear. She noticed when she
finally and reluctantly pulled out of the kiss, that Alex still had her eyes
closed and she took this as a positive sign that she was doing things
correctly. Not that she necessarily needed any kind of boost to her
confidence when it came to her powers of seduction. But, none the less, it
was pleasing to see, from her perspective.

Her plan of attack, in these kinds of situations, was always the same.
Get the girl in question purring by spending a decent amount of time
concentrating on her breasts. This, she knew was a sure fire way to get
them as horny as hell and ready for the next stage, when the suitable
time came for her to move to that. The problem that she had, when doing
this with girls so young was that they quite often didn't have much going
on in the chest department. Not yet, at least, anyway. This didn't really
matter to her, though, they all still had nipples and what they had in
relation to breasts was more than enough to be getting on with.

Alex quickly opened her eyes when she felt Caroline's presence move down her
body and watched as she began work on her nipples. Alex giggled as Caroline
quickly licked the left bud and blew on it. The cool sensation that she felt
on her breast made her shiver slightly before having the intended effect
which was to heighten her arousal. Alex decided that the best thing to do was
to just lie still and let the expert on top of her get to work. Which is
exactly what Caroline did.

With the position that she was in, Caroline's own chest was roughly level
with Alex's pussy and she was sure, as she began to suck away on the girl's
nipple; she was sure that she could feel a few drops of girl goo transfer
from Alex's snatch onto her breasts. She loved this, because, again, it was
yet another indication that she was doing things right, doing things that
were beginning to get Alex excited. Another clue came when Alex's nipple
began to harden in her mouth.

This was an involuntary action, one that Alex had no control over but this
didn't mean that it was an inaccurate showing of her horniness. Caroline,
having done this many times before, of course, knew exactly what it meant,
even if her new lover wasn't all that sure. Pretty soon it was rock hard, as
hard as it could possibly be, as she continued to suck on it. At the same
time, she was also playing with the other one, the right nipple, rubbing it
between her thumb and forefinger. It didn't take long for this one to become
hard either, but Caroline thought it only right that she swapped from one to
the other and after a while, she moved her mouth from the left bud to the
right and started to suckle on that one.

Alex couldn't believe that her morning had started out this way but she was
glad that it had done. Her snatch, by now, was creaming uncontrollable and
she was feeling out of this world. In the end though, the pressure that had
been building in her thighs for quite some time now was too much to bear and
instinct told her that she had to do something about it. She had never
masturbated before, not properly, at least. She had had the odd touch and
feel and play around, but she had never come close to bringing herself to
orgasm. The idea of how to do this hadn't even crossed her mind, not once.
However, somehow, she just knew that the only thing that she could do was to
start fingering herself.

Her right hand was lying free, by her side, not doing very much, apart from
feeling all tingly and horny like the rest of her body, so she slowly brought
it up to her flat stomach and began to move it into the gap that existed
between her and Caroline. However, as she got closer to her goal, she noticed
that Caroline's body was in the way and that she couldn't go much further.

Caroline, who was rapidly beginning to lose herself in what she was doing to
the chest area of Alex's body, suddenly felt something wriggling underneath
her and wanted to know what it was. So, she stopped sucking on Alex's little
tits and moved away from her body altogether while she investigated what was
going on. Instantaneously, as she did this, she spotted what it was that had
disturbed her and in a mock telling-off kind of voice, she said, "What do you
think you are doing?"

"I was..." Alex stumbled, looking for the right thing to say, "I wanted...I
really want to play with my...thing..."

Caroline had a little chuckle to herself inside, "Oh, you wanted to finger
your cooch, you mean." Alex didn't say anything, inside deciding that a nod
of acknowledgement would suffice for the time being. "I see..." Caroline
responded, folding her arms in another attempt to look jokingly cross, "Well,
I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that..."

"Oh, why not?" Alex asked, perhaps not quite getting the joke.

"Because that would mean that I would have nothing to do," Caroline
continued, "We can't have you coming on your own, without me doing anything
to help, can we?" Alex still seemed to be lost for words, so Caroline spoke
next, "Lie down, again" she said, reassuringly, "and I promise you, you'll be
coming in no time.

Alex lay down for a second time and the first thing that Caroline did to her
was open her legs. Without hesitation, she then proceeded to move her head
closer and closer to her target until, eventually, her nose and mouth were
only a matter of centimetres away from Alex's soaking wet pussy. She stuck
her tongue out of her mouth and very sensitively and tentatively, at first,
licked up and down Alex's slit. Feeling this happening to her, Alex's eyes
nearly came out of their sockets. This whole experience was getting better by
the second. But, Caroline had only just started. This was what she really
loved, tasting the girl's cum, getting the flavour of it and consuming it.
She knew that it was highly likely that when she orgasmed, Alex would shoot
her cum ferociously and she would gobble it all up until there was absolutely
none left. But, she always felt that there was something extra special about
this pre-cum. The stuff that was emitted from a pussy before the orgasm came.
In many ways, this was almost as nice as the final prize. Almost.

She couldn't help but think what delights were soon to come her way as the
taste of the initial stuff hit firstly her tongue and then, latterly, the
back of her throat. All girl goo was unique to the girl, she knew, and she
had to admit that this was up there with the best that she had ever tasted.
What she wanted to do now, was delve deeper. So far, she had only brushed
over the surface of Alex's sex with her tongue. In order to give the girl
real pleasure, pleasure seemingly beyond anything that she had known up until
this moment, she would have to go in deeper.

This wasn't an issue for her. In fact, she couldn't wait to do it. Without
warning, saying nothing to Alex of her intentions, she opened her mouth wide
and then, a second or two later, forcefully thrust her tongue as far into the
girl's snatch as it could possible go. Immediately, Alex squirmed with
delight as yet another wave of pleasure emanated from her pussy and flowed
through her body.

Witnessing this from the very source of the eruption, Caroline was suddenly
reminded of exactly how she felt the first time that this had happened to her
many, many years ago now and how unbelievably incredible it had felt. "The
poor girl won't be able to walk for days, after this," she thought, while she
continued to eat her out.

Alex, while greatly enjoying the fact that Caroline had moved onto the part
of her body that, in her mind, needed to most attention, missed the feeling
of her nipples being sucked and played with. She figured that what she was
feeling would only be enhanced if she could somehow managed to get the two
things going at the same time. She understood that Caroline was too busy with
her tongue in her pussy to be realistically able to do anything to her chest
and so decided to take the job on herself. She had paid enough attention to
what Caroline had been doing to her a couple of minutes earlier to have the
confidence to have a pretty good go at it herself. So, she did.

Although she wasn't quite sure she knew what happening, she was beginning to
feel the start of her orgasm building up inside of her and when she started
rubbing her nipples with her fingers, in exactly the same way that Caroline
had done, she began to bring herself just that little bit closer to the
natural and inevitable conclusion.

She wasn't there yet, though, and Caroline knew that no matter how good she
was feeling, she was still quite a way off. Reluctantly then, she pulled her
tongue out of Alex's cunt and in fact, moved her head away altogether. Alex
was so wrapped up in what she was feeling and the focus and attention that
she, herself, was giving to her tiny breasts, that she hardly noticed that
Caroline had stopped eating her out. But she had, as she now had something
else in mind.

However, she had to hang fire for a second while she surveyed the scene in
front of her. She thought that it was only right to officially label Alex's
snatch a mess. While there was no hair there, to get in the way, pretty much
all that Caroline could see was girl goo. It was everywhere. Lining the
girl's slit, running upwards in the direction of her stomach, on the sides
of both of her thighs and in a nice pool on the sheets of the bed, right
underneath the place where it had all come from. Best of all, though, and
most spectacularly, it was all over Caroline. All over her face, not just
around the area of her mouth, but on her cheeks, her chin and even the odd
spot or two was splattered onto her forehead. It was also in her hair and
covering her hands and the top part of her naked chest. It was her hands that
she observed next because she knew she would need them, or at the very least,
one of them, to take Alex over the edge.

Alex was only just starting to come round to something like normal when
Caroline moved over her for a second time. "What's happening?" she asked,
as though she had just awoken from a good night's sleep.

"Nothing, baby," Caroline replied, "I was just about to make you come. Now
sit tight. This could get pretty intense..."

"Intense?" Alex thought, the last fifteen minutes or so had, without
question, been the most intense of her life. If that hadn't been intense,
what was she supposed to expected now? She didn't think too much about it,
though. By now, she trusted Caroline implicitly and knew that her sole
objective was to make her feel as good as possible. So, she did as she was
told and waited for the next part of this incredible experience unfold.

Caroline took a deep breath before she continued because she knew that this
was the important part. This would be the bit that Alex would remember for
the rest of her life and while she had enjoyed immensely everything that had
happened to her so far, it was vital that she kept her concentration and
finished the job off properly.

Having already had her tongue deep in there, Caroline knew that Alex's snatch
was as tight as anything and as she had expected, only one of her fingers
would go in to begin with, without causing the girl a certain amount of
distress. So, in went the long index finger of her right hand and soon it
was surrounded by the warm feeling that the folds of Alex's pussy gave off.
With it inside, her first job was to try and work up a rhythm that would
ultimately result in Alex coming wildly. Naturally, as she did this, the
muscles of Alex's cooch began to loosen and the hole of her pussy became
bigger and more welcoming to more digits that Caroline might wish to insert.
Which, of course, she did.

After a while, and with Alex exceptionally excited as it was, Caroline took
the one finger out and replaced it with two. The index finger again and this
time the middle finger next to it. Before doing so, though, she took a moment
or two to sample the delights of Alex's juicy product another time. Her cum
coated finger was just two tempting for her to pass on and in an instant,
after a quick licking of the lips, it was in her mouth and she was savouring
the fantastic flavour of the young girl's excitement. But, she wasn't
allowing herself to get carried away with the party that was going on in her
mouth and this time, slid two fingers into the waiting snatch that was gaping
at her, right in her line of sight. She started off slowly again, attempting
to get that rhythm that she knew from experience would give Alex the best
orgasm possible.

It wasn't long though before this was replaced by sharp and forceful thrusts
of the two long, thin fingers in and out of Alex's hairless cunt. It may have
hurt Alex, but she didn't care. All that mattered to her now was that she
enjoyed what was happening to her as much as she could. She had picked up the
rhythm that Caroline had set and was riding her fingers in perfect time.
Caroline noticed this and it only spurred her on to finger the girl as
quickly and violently as she could.

Alex, who had been fairly quiet up to now, only letting out the odd moan or
two of appreciation and pleasure, all of a sudden began groaning loudly and
then advancing onto yelps and screams. She was almost there, she was so
close, all it needed was something to send her over the edge and into
ecstasy. And Caroline was right on hand, as she had been all along, to
provide her with the necessary assistance. She had been in control
throughout, instructing Alex what to do and when and now was no different.

She began to whisper quietly into the girl's ear, while continuing to finger
fuck her with gusto, "Come for me, baby. That's it, come for me..." Saying
this over and over again did the trick, as she knew it would and just in
time, Caroline moved in front of Alex's sex as she exploded all over the

Caroline was about six inches or so away when the moment finally came and
as she had so wanted, she got a massive covering of Alex's thick, warm and
creamy cum. She laughed out loud as it happened, knowing that she had
succeeded in her operation. The white fluid was dripping from her face and
her hair and right onto her chest.

Alex watched as Caroline began to greedily gobble down as much of the stuff
as she could. Her prediction had been spot on. The stuff was absolutely
incredible. She had never tasted anything quite like it before. Now it was
her turn to get lost in the moment and forget where she was and who she was
with. Alex couldn't quite believe what she was seeing and after a short
while, felt compelled to ask Caroline, "What are you doing?"

On hearing Alex's voice, Caroline stopped what she was doing, swallowed what
was in her mouth at that moment and then said, "Oh, sorry baby. Got a bit
carried away with myself there. Here, do you want some?"

"What on earth is it?" Alex questioned.

Caroline had to laugh, "Clearly, the girl was so out of it when she
orgasmed," she thought to herself, "that she doesn't have a clue what
happened to her..." "This came out of your pussy when you came. You
exploded, my dear."

Yet another look of utter puzzlement was evident across Alex's face, "I did
that?" she asked, Caroline nodded, "Yeah, you made this. Here try it. I
promise you, it's fantastic. You won't have tasted anything quite like it
before in your life."

Tentatively, Alex opened her mouth and allowed Caroline to put one of her
cum coated fingers into it. Alex closed her mouth, as well as her eyes, and
Caroline felt her swallow. A second or so later, the eyes opened again and a
smile presented itself on her face.

Caroline removed her fingers and whilst smiling herself and knowing what the
answer would be already, asked, "So? What do you think?"

"You were right," Alex giggled, "That was beautiful. Can I have a little bit

"In a minute," Caroline replied, first of all, just let me do this."

Alex knew what was coming and the pair shared a long, sticky kiss as they
tongue wrestled with one another for a while. There was lots of cum
flavouring in this and it was quite some time before it finally ended.

When it did, though, Caroline knew that this meant that it was now her turn
to come and she couldn't wait for it. Again, directing near enough Alex's
every movement, she said to her, "You said you wanted some more cum, well
there's quite a bit left on my chest there if you want to lick all that up."

Alex really didn't need asking twice now and Caroline watched with definite
eagerness as the girl set to work licking and sucking her chest clean.
Caroline closed her eyes, arched her neck back slightly in order to protrude
her chest and shuddered ever so slightly. Alex, for her part, very much
wanted to return the kind gesture to Caroline and for perhaps the very first
time, decided to take the initiative. She knew, from her own recent
experience, that if she did things correctly, it wouldn't be all that long
before Caroline was rendered incoherent and so she would have to do things
on her own, without Caroline telling her what to do.

So, with this in mind, once all the girl goo had pretty much gone from
Caroline's breasts, she chose to begin playing with them and sucking them,
just had Caroline had done with her own, not so long ago. She could still
remember how good a feeling this had been for her and she figured that if
she could do the same to Caroline, it might be as good for her. Her
assumption was right on the money. She knew that what she was doing was
more than adequate when shortly after she started running her tongue over
the flesh of Caroline's right tit, soft moans began to come out of Caroline's
mouth. She was going to enjoy every minute of this and from what she had seen
and felt so far, she was confident that Alex had what it took to make her
come comfortably without much indication from herself as to what to do.

There was one thing, however, that Caroline was sure that Alex wouldn't know,
but she was prepared to wait before she explained it to her. For the time
being, she was more than happy for Alex to be continuing with exactly what
she was doing. Alex was still paying the most attention to the flesh part of
Caroline's breasts. With her having hardly any breasts of her own and
obviously, having not been in anything like this situation before this
morning, she was fascinated to discover as much as she could about the fully
matured female body. She knew that she would be like this herself, one day,
and she wanted to know all of the ins and outs of it, right now.

Earlier, she had got a pretty good glimpse of a woman's pussy, when she had
taken Caroline's sticky, cum filled, panties off and her face had been right
up close to her lover's snatch and now she was in the ideal position to
explore her breasts. By no means were Caroline's orbs big. They were, if
anything, maybe slightly smaller than what might be deemed an average size
but to Alex, they were still an incredible sight to behold and while she was
licking them all over, she was making sure to take in all that she could
about them. Their size, the softness of them, their contours, how they felt,
everything. In the end, though, she knew that she couldn't ignore the nipples
any longer and as she moved into the first of them, the left one, her heart
began to quicken ever so slightly.

This was what Caroline had been hoping Alex would do. What the girl was doing
felt nothing short of fantastic to her and she wanted her to take her time
and do a proper and thorough job but there was a certain amount of relief
when her focus moved to her nipples. They were already bullet hard when Alex
put the first of them into her mouth and couldn't possibly get any more erect
but it still felt incredible to Caroline when Alex began to suck.

Alex was understandably tentative and tender in her actions. She still wasn't
completely sure that what she was doing was what Caroline wanted, even though
Caroline was constantly producing moans of desire of appreciation, and as
such, she was very soft with her tongue and mouth movements.

It was now time for Caroline to intervene, as she had planned to do. With
her head remaining in the same arched back position and her eyes staying shut
tight, she opened her mouth to say to Alex, "I love what you are doing to me,
baby, it feels amazing, but if you suck just that little bit harder you might
get a nice surprise."

Alex had no idea what she meant by this but decided not to question what
Caroline had said to her and instead, just did it. Immediately, Caroline felt
the pressure around her throbbing bud intensifying and it was only a matter
of a couple more seconds before what she had wanted to happen, happened.

Alex, sucking as hard as she could now, was shocked almost beyond belief when
she felt the trickle of warm liquid enter her mouth. Just as she was about to
pull away, having sensed that this would happen, Caroline gently placed her
hand on the back of the girl's head and asked her not to move away and carry
on with precisely what she was doing. But Alex couldn't do that. It wasn't
that she was put off by what she had just witnessed, more that she was
intrigued to know exactly what was going on. "What was that?" she asked.

Caroline opened her eyes, "What do you think it was, honey?" she smiled, "It
was milk, of course."

"Milk?" Alex questioned, "What do you mean?"

"It was breast milk," Caroline said, in response, "You know, what women feed
to babies when they are born..."

"Yeah, I know what it is," Alex replied, "But, what I want to know is, why is
it coming out of you?"

Caroline had to admit that she was stumped as to what sort of answer she
could give to this question. "I don't know" she said, eventually, after a
rather long pause for thought, "I've just noticed that it happens. Whenever
I'm really turned on, like I am right now, I just have the ability to produce
it and make it come out of my breasts. What do you think?"

If she was honest, Alex didn't really know what to think. It was fascinating
in a way, but it was also a bit weird, "It's okay, I guess..."

"And the taste..." Caroline added, "What do you think of the taste?"

Alex couldn't deny that of the small sample that she had consumed so far, it
had a really nice, creamy flavour to it and if she was even more honest with
herself, she wanted more of it, lots more. "It's nice," she said, unsure if
this was the right answer to come out with in this situation, "but I might
need some more of it, just to be sure, you know?"

Caroline laughed as she nodded in agreement to Alex's request and before she
knew it, Alex's mouth was round her nipple once again. As soon as Alex had
stopped sucking last time, the milk had stopped flowing from Caroline's
nipple and so Alex had to suck fairly hard again before it started to come
through. When it did, though, it came through freely and Alex enjoyed
mouthful after glorious mouthful of milk.

From Caroline's perspective, when the milk began to come out of her, it only
further heightened her horniness and her desire to have a massive orgasm.
Nevermind Alex not being able to walk for a week, she was pretty sure that
she would be in the same boat if things carried on the same way. Alex took
her time draining both of Caroline's breasts of their sweet nectar but when
she had done so, she was feeling satisfactorily full and ready to move onto
her next task.

Not that it was a task, not in the slightest. Giving back the pleasure that
she had received from Caroline was at the very forefront of her mind now and
nothing would stop her from making sure that she did just that. Caroline
realised that Alex was growing in both confidence and authority and so was
more than comfortable with the seemingly new way of things when Alex asked
her to get on all fours.

She had no idea what the young girl had in mind but was pleased to see that
she was now using her own ideas and not somebody else's. What Alex did have
in mind, in fact, was probably the most unlikely thing that would have ever
crossed her mind before she had woken up groggily this morning. Where it had
come from, she didn't know, but she wasn't about to change her thinking. To
her, it seemed to be the perfect thing to do.

Once she told Caroline exactly how she wanted her, silence fell between the
pair again. Caroline closed her eyes in sheer anticipation of what was about
to happen and Alex breathed deeply as she knew this was the start of the next
step of the process. With Caroline on all fours and her legs spread quite
widely apart, Alex moved to the back of her body and quickly shuffled her own
legs in between Caroline's, she then moved herself closer and closer to the
older woman's body until her face was only a short distance in front of
Caroline's ass. This was exactly where she wanted to be.

Fresh in her mind was still the wondrous flavour of her own love juice, her
own cum. This had subsequently been washed away by the nearly as good taste
of Caroline's breast milk. Now she was eager to discover what Caroline's cum
tasted like and without any hesitation whatsoever, grabbed hold of both of
Caroline's ass cheeks and then plunged her long, extended tongue into the
snatch that was waiting for her.

A loud, very loud, gasp came from Caroline and her body shook as she took in
what Alex was now doing to her. It was incredible. She could feel the girl's
tongue inside her, wriggling around with the soul intent of making her have
the best orgasm of her life. It felt both wet and warm and she thought for a
second or two, before she realised what she was saying to herself, that this
girl had done this before. But, of course, she hadn't. She was simply a
natural cunt eater, that was all that it was.

Once again, Alex's mouth was being filled with another warm and thick liquid.
Only, this time, and for the first time, that liquid was the girl spunk of
another woman. She wasn't quite able to place the taste. At times it had a
salty flavour, at others it was reasonably sweet but all along, what wasn't
in doubt was that it was absolutely, without question, 100% delicious. It was
so tasty, in actual fact, that she found herself having a hard time trying to
work out whose was the nicer, hers or Caroline's. She remained undecided, but
it didn't matter. What mattered was that both of them were enjoying this
experience immensely.

All the time, Alex was eager to try out new things, to see if this worked or
if that worked. Most of the time, what she did was often followed by a long
groan of appreciation from Caroline. Slowly but surely, she was heading
towards sheer bliss. The best reaction that Alex got was when she started to
nibble gently on Caroline's juicy clit. The gentle chewing motion that she
developed was soon driving Caroline crazy and the older woman began to
thrash around in all sorts of directions on the bed and it was only with a
tremendous amount of effort that Alex was able to keep up with her. In the
end, it did become just that little bit too much for Alex to handle and so
she decided to try something else, something that she might have just a
little bit more control over.

She pulled away from Caroline and allowed her a minute or so to calm down
and then with a quiet tone to her voice she said, "Right, I'm going to do
something else to you now and we'll see just how long you last before you
explode everywhere like I did."

Caroline didn't say anything in response, she was too busy trying to catch
her breath from what she had just been through but showed that she understood
by nodding her head.

With no instruction from Alex to change her position, Caroline remained on
all fours and waited for what was next on Alex's agenda. If Caroline had run
into a small bit of trouble trying to get more than one fingers into Alex's
cunt to begin with, the young girl had no such difficulty doing the same to
Caroline. Clearly she had done this many times before because her pussy
wasn't nearly as tight as Alex's had been. There was a gaping hole staring
right at Alex and it was easy for her to slip two of the fingers of her right
hand straight into it. Of course, being a fair bit younger than Caroline, her
fingers were bound to be smaller, but even so, if she had been a fully
matured woman, it would have been most unlikely that she would have been met
with much resistance from the muscles of Caroline's cooch.

So, in they went and as with everything that she had done previously, Alex
started off reasonably slowly and carefully, not wanting to cause Caroline
any pain whatsoever. However, it didn't take all that long for her to build
up a head of steam and quickly she found herself really going at it. This was
fine as it was, she thought, Caroline, from all of the noise that she was
making, appeared very much to be enjoying what was happening to her. But,
ever the perfectionist, Alex wanted to make this as good as she possibly
could and it was with perfection in her mind that she came to the decision
that it would probably be a good idea to slip more digits into Caroline's
pussy if she could.

It was a tight squeeze at first but after a little work, Alex was able to not
only get a third finger in, but also a fourth. Whether Caroline was aware of
it or not, all four of the fingers on Alex's right hand were now inside her.
And she was riding them all with as much energy as she had left in her. It
probably wasn't right or fair for her to compare all her young, female
lovers, past and present, but she knew, without any uncertainty at all; she
knew that Alex was far and away the best of the lot. And by no means was the
girl finished yet.

She knew that she could go one further. It might be a bit of a challenge,
but she was sure that she could push it just that little bit more. It was
definitely tight around the second knuckle, no question about that, but once
that found its way inside Caroline, the small part of the thumb that remained
moved in easily. For what seemed like the hundredth time or more, Caroline's
body squirmed uncontrollably as another wave of pleasure made every last inch
of it tingle with pleasure. Now she knew what Alex had done. "Christ!" she
thought to herself, "The girl's fisting me! She's actually fist-fucking me!"

And she was. Alex's hand was so far inside Caroline's cunt by now that
nothing past the beginning of her wrist was showing. The pumping action that
she was employing, powerfully pulling and pushing the entirety of her hand
inside and out of Caroline's pussy hole was working wonders on the older
woman. Caroline was still finding it difficult to believe how good this was
and how adventurous Alex was being with what she was doing. But, Alex was
about to take things one step further and what she was soon to do was
something that Caroline could never have anticipated.

Alex's right hand was now full consumed by Caroline's hungry snatch. However,
her left hand wasn't doing very much at all. Until, that was, she came up
with idea of exploring Caroline's asshole with it. Caroline simply didn't
know what to think when she felt something enter her anus. This was a
complete shock to her, not least because it was something that had never
happened to her before.

During all the sex that she had had in the entirety of her life, no-one had
ever put anything into her ass. And certainly not any of the young girls that
she had been with. Up to now, she had been slightly less than proactive of
exploring this particular area of sexual behaviour for one reason or another,
fear more than anything else. She had always wondered what it was like to be
fucked anally but she had never really had the courage to go through with it.
This was, therefore, totally new territory for her but she wasn't about to
tell Alex to stop what she was doing. Now she knew what it felt like and how
amazing it was, she couldn't believe that she had missed out on it up until

Alex didn't really know what had compelled her to stick her finger into
Caroline's ass but she had the idea to take it yet further and try and put a
second finger in there, if it would fit. Which it did. Caroline was almost
screaming with delight now. Not only did she have a young girl's fist in her
fanny, now she was being double-finger fucked in the asshole. She was sure
that nothing had ever felt this good. There were beads of sweat forming not
only on her forehead but also on various other parts of her body. As for her
pussy, there was cream practically pouring out of it as she came ever closer
to orgasm.

Alex suddenly had the feeling that Caroline was coming close to climax. Her
breathing was becoming more and more ragged all the time and the noises that
she was making were getting louder and more heightened. The enthusiasm with
which Alex was going about her work was a sight to behold and both of her
hands, now, seemed little more than a blur as she concentrated absolutely on
what she knew was now only moments away. In the end, Caroline couldn't
possibly hold it any further and with the loudest yelp of them all, collapsed
prostrate on the bed as a massive torrent of cum poured out of her pussy and
she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life.

Alex, who had been in prime position to get covered in Caroline's cum, did
exactly as her lover had done earlier and began to drink up all of the juice
that had come out of Caroline and had landed on her naked body. Her face was
a warm and sticky mess. If she could look at herself in the mirror at that
moment, she would have seen that there were small, creamy white gobs of fluid
all over her face, as well as in her hair and many other areas of her body.

For the next couple of minutes, while Caroline was recovering from what had
happened, Alex was content to lick her hands clean of the stuff and also get
some more of it off other parts of her body. When Caroline finally came
round, though, there was still more than enough of her own product on the
young girl's body for her to lap up some of it for her own consumption. She
too was like Alex had been earlier, unsure of whose cum was the more
beautiful to swallow. She was still busy making her mind up, Alex came over
to her and started to kiss her again.

Caroline had no problem whatsoever with this and for what seemed like an
eternity, the pair shared a series of long, slow and very passionate kisses.
Both were thankful for what the other had done to them and more than anything
else, this coming together was a show of affection and a way of saying thank
you to their new lover.

In the end, it was Caroline who suggested to Alex that it might be a sound
idea if they got themselves together and made sure that they were seen
downstairs very shortly.

For the first time in ages, Alex remembered where she was and that she was,
technically, late for her lessons, lessons that must have started some time
ago now. But she wasn't in any rush. If she had her way, she would stay in
this locked bedroom for the rest of the day, having sex with Caroline as
many times as she could before they were discovered by somebody.

Caroline, though, had a more realistic perspective on the situation. She knew
that one of the teachers would be up to the room where they were, much more
quickly than Alex was imagining, and it wouldn't be the best thing in the
world if they were caught in the act. No doubt that would spell quite a lot
of trouble for her and she would be booted off the programme rather sharpish
if it came out that she had had sex with an underage girl. This was something
that she had been bright enough to avoid thus far in her career and she
wasn't about to be sussed out now.

So, very, very reluctantly, she instructed Alex to get dressed again and go
and find out where the rest of her classmates were. Alex did so and within a
minute or so, was running out of the room, reeking of the smell of fresh sex.

With the door closed and Alex now out of sight and on her way, Caroline fell
flat on the bed, pulled the covers around her and burst out laughing. Her
plan had worked out perfectly and Alex had been more than a million times
better than she could ever have hoped for. What was on her mind now was how
she could possibly get away with doing the same thing again.


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