Note: It would be good for you to read Lost In Space: Lust In Space Part 1
to understand what has happened before.

Space 1999: Lust In Space Part 2
by Who? ([email protected])

Commander John Koenig paced impatiently around his desk in Moonbase Alpha's
Command Center. It had been almost an hour since they had picked up a small
Earth module with a single female occupant. She claimed to be Maureen
Robinson, the sole survivor of a Space Family called Robinson who had left
Earth in 1997.

However the moonbase computer had no information on any such family. When the
pod had been opened the woman was conscious long enough only to aim a strange
looking device at Koenig. Doctor Helena Russell and science officer Maya were
now examining the woman in the medical bay.

However none of the questions about the strange visitor was dominating his
thoughts. The tall, lean American commander had only one dominating thought -
he needed to fuck something!

"Commander?" Sandra Benich was Alpha Moonbase's all-purpose operative,
scientist, communications officer and military strategist.

Sometimes Koenig thought Sandra was the only operative in the center that was
allowed to speak.

The commander stared at the small Asian woman. Shan, as she was known, had a
trim figure. Her breasts were small but pert looking and the girl had a tiny
but inviting backside. Recently Koenig had allowed the moonbase uniforms to
be customised and Sandra was wearing a knee length skirt and calf length
boots under her tunic. The complete outfit was functional but quite inviting.

"I have the analysis of the space pod." Shan continued as Koenig leered at
her legs in their figure hugging boots.

"Give it to me!"

The small girl rose to her feet to read from a slip of paper. "The ship does
appears to be of Earth origin..."

"Not that!" Koenig crossed the room in a second slapped her harshly across
the face. "You slut! Give me some fucking pussy!"

He slammed Shan face forward over her console and began to force the girl's
skirt over her perfectly arse. Forcefully the Commander grabbed at the
waistline of the defenceless girl's nude tights and sensible nylon panties.
With just one tug the girl's lightly tanned backside was open to him.

With his free hand Koenig threatened to snap the girl's delicate neck.
"Fucking whore!" Koenig spat as he forced his rampant cock free from his
tight slacks. "You've been asking for this for fucking years, you cunt!"
Sandra could only cough and gasp in response. "I bet you've never been
fucked doggie style before!"

With that Keonig forced his huge cock into Benich's tight pink cunt. He
sighed as he felt the warm wetness welcome him. "Oh, you've got a lovely
cunt, Sandra!" He drooled into his captive's ear. "So fucking wet and
tight! I'm going to fuck you until you're fucking dry, you cunt! Fuck you
'till you're as loose as a ten dollar hooker!" With his full 11 inches
inside the girl, Koenig forced her backwards and forward over the computer.
Sandra tried to kick back at her assailant but with her knickers and tights
gathered around her knees she could do nothing but fail about helplessly.

Sandra's eyes were now almost popping out of their sockets as Koeing
increased his iron grip on her windpipe. He steadied himself with his other
hand on the girl's shoulder as he began mercilessly pounding away at the
girl's twat. "Hey, guy's" he yelled to the other operatives on duty. "You've
got to fuck this bitch after me! She's one hot tramp!"

"John!" Yelled a small, dark haired Italian. This was Tony Verdeshi, Moonbase
Alpha's chief of security. "What the hell do you think you're doing"?

Koenig didn't miss a stroke as he continued fucking his captive. "Oh, come
on, Tony!" He cried. "Don't tell me you've never fancied a piece of this
ass!" The commander laughed. "Or do you get your alien whore to change into
different woman ever night?" Verdeshi was seeing the Moonbase's science
officer Maya, who happened to be a metamorph from the planet Psychon. In
just the blink of an eye she could change form into any creature imaginable.

"When I fuck Maya I'm going to have to get her to change into Helena for me.
That way she won't complain when I try and fuck her!"

Verdeshi was still stunned. "When you have Maya?" He gasped. "What are you
talking about?"

"I'm going to fuck Maya, Tony!" Koenig announced matter-of-factly. "I'm going
to fuck all the women on this base, and you know why?" Tony stared at his
friend and commander in shock. "It's because I'm the fucking commander!"

The double doors at the end of the room slid open and in rushed Doctor Helena
Russell, Alpha's medical expert and Koenig's partner.

"Just take a seat," Koenig ordered as he began thrusting harder and harder
into Sandra. "I'll rape your ass in a minute, you frigid cunt!"

The middle aged blonde doctor stood as if he had been slapped. Never had she
heard John use such words, never in the heat of alien battle or even during
their tender lovemaking. Without thinking she drew her laser gun, pushed the
setting to stun and fired.

Koenig shook as if in shock. He withdrew from Shan and began to shake and
shudder across the room towards Helena. At first she thought the commander
was in spasm from the shock, but suddenly realised that Koenig had his
enraged cock in his hand and was still pumping it furiously.

"Fuck you!" He stammered. As his dick spat half a pint of hot cum over Helena
Russell's face and nylon covered Tits. Finally he collapsed into the Doctor's
generous bosom before sinking to the floor.

"Get him to sick bay!" Verdeshi ordered two burly security men.

"NO!" Snapped Helena. She had crossed to the console where Sandra was
hurriedly trying to pull her underwear over her bruised and sweaty thighs.
The doctor pulled a small rectangular device from her belt and ordered a
stretcher to be brought to the command center. This was a com-lock, a
combination personal communication unit and electronic key. "I'm taking
Sandra to medical center, I don't want them both in the same room."

The security chief nodded bitterly in agreement. "Take him to his quarters."
He barked. "And I want a guard outside until further notice."

As Koenig's unconscious body was dragged away the stretcher arrived for his
victim. "Take good care of her, Bob." Helena instructed her assistant Doctor
Mathias. "I'll be down to see her soon."

As the medical party left Verdeshi had managed to talk the rest of the
command center operatives back to work. He pulled the doctor to one side
and whispered urgently to her. John's cum was still dripping from Helena's
porcelain like face. In spite of himself Tony could feel himself becoming
aroused at the sight of the ice maiden doctor dripping cum.

"What the hell happened here?" He forced the words out. "What in God's name
got into John?"

"I don't know." Said Helena in her soft, measured tones. "But I wonder if it
has anything to do with that woman with the strange device we picked up this

* * *

Just at that moment Maya was in medical center examining that very same
strange device. "What is it?" She asked the middle-aged woman lying on a
nearby bed.

"I'm not sure," Maureen Robinson was in her mid forties, but her
old-fashioned hairstyle and stern make up made her look much older. "I left
all the scientific stuff to my husband. Men are so much better at that sort
of thing." She smiled. In fact it was her that had created and built the
inhibitor suppresser and she had used it to take control of her own ship,
the Jupiter Two.

Maya sneered at the sexist slur. "It looks very impressive, but doesn't seem
to have a function." She muttered while accidentally activating the device.
For a second her finely chiselled face was bathed in a green glow. The
Psychon blinked and knitted her strangely bobbled eyebrows.

"How are you feeling, my dear." Asked Mrs. Robinson innocently. "Not feeling
a little...wet, are we?" She smiled. Any second now the statuesque female
would be turned into a rampant sex fiend. Maureen eagerly eyed the swell of
Maya's large breasts under the tight fitting tunic. Mrs. Robinson began to
slowly unzip her space suit to reveal a surprisingly large cleavage. "Feeling
hot and horny? Would you like Maureen to give you a good licking?"

"No." Said Maya flatly. Maureen's innuendo was lost on the innocent young
alien. Emotion of any kind was almost unknown to her. The humans of Moonbase
Alpha were teaching her about love and laughter, but very little about lust.
"I'm afraid whatever you husband was trying to achieve here, he failed."

Suddenly a screen on a post in the middle of the room lit up. "Maya?"
Verdeshi appeared in glorious black and white. "Could you come to command
center, please? There's been an...incident." At the same moment the medical
center doors opened and Doctor Mathias and two nurses wheeled in Sandra and
placed her onto the bed next to Mrs. Robinson.

"I'll be right there." Maya said worriedly and left without a backward glance
at Maureen Robinson. The reluctant stowaway smiled and picked up the device.
Maybe the device wouldn't work on strange alien females with sideburns and
Rice Krispies for eyebrows, but it had already been proven on humans.

She aimed first at the doctor, who stood stunned for a few seconds.

In that time Maureen had stripped off her silver spacesuit and was standing
over the medical team in a gleaming silver Basque, black stockings and thigh
length boots. "I'm ready for my internal examination, doctor." She announced.
"You may use your tongue!"

The two nurses were aghast, until Maureen struck them with the ray. They
instantly left their sedated patient and began to strip the black doctor
while Mathias hungrily lapped at Maureen's neatly trimmed cunt. One of the
girl's then took position behind Maureen and gently caressing her huge
breasts while the other knelt behind the doctor licking out his anus while
fondling his bollocks between his legs. Maureen laughed as Mathias's tongue
expertly probed her hot cunt. "Enjoy yourselves, my children." She lifted
the skirt of the nurse behind her and softly stroked the girl's black
skin-tight Lycra panties and edged a finger under the leg band. " I think
I am going to like it here!"

* * *

Fifteen minutes after receiving Tony's message, May still had not appeared
in Command center. An urgent message on Verdeshi's com-lock had brought the
Italian running towards the Psychon's private quarters. The door was sealed,
and only when Tony appeared on Maya's personal com-link did it slide open.

Inside Maya was lying on her bed; dressing in the sparkling, flowing gown she
had first appeared to the Alphan's in.

"Maya!" The security chief gasped. "Are you OK?" The tall alien rose from the

"What do you think?" The material of the dress was thin and clung to every
supple curve of Maya's young body. The gown parted at the midriff and spilt
to cover her ample breasts with sparkles that seemed to grasp at each tit.
A central split in the skirt revealed almost all of Maya's long legs,
including the top of her black stockings. "Don't I look OK?"

Tony was confused. "Is this some kind of joke?" He stammered.

Maya sighed. "Does this look like a joke?" She slowly peeled back the
spangles that hid her breasts and revealed her pert breast and budding pink

"Now Maya," Tony could not take his eyes from the huge hanging globes. "This
really isn't the time, or the place."

"Please fuck me!" Maya begged. "You know you want my pretty pussy! I know
you've been dying to see my sweet little cunt."

"Now Maya," Tony tried to stay calm but his heart was pounding. His dick was
growing, diverting blood from his reason. He'd waited so long to even catch
a glimpse of Maya's body. "We've discussed inter species sex and Doctor
Russell says."

"Oh fuck Doctor Russell!" Maya blinked her blue eyes. "In fact, fuck her
now!" Her shape shimmered and suddenly it was Helena Russell's half-naked
body in the revealing cat suit. Tony stared at her breasts. Fuller than
Maya's, Helena's Tit's dropped slightly with age but had very large and
inviting nipples. "Fuck her tits and spunk in her face!" When Maya changed,
all her characteristics changed too, so to Tony these words came from the
impeccable lips of the haughty Doctor Russell.

Tony was shocked, but incredibly aroused. "If I'm going to screw anyone,
it's going to be you, you little minx!"

"Oh, Tony!" The girl pouted. Her body shimmered again and regained her own
more sylph-like face. "Maybe I don't want you to fuck me now! I'll just have
to find someone else to fuck me if you don't want to!" She tweaked her nipple
playfully. "Maybe Alan Carter would put his big Australian cock in me, if I
begged." Maya dropped to her knees and Tony could see her thin black panties
as the alien spread her legs wide and invitingly.

"Maya, stop this!" Tony began, but was cut short when the girl began running
her cheek up and down his thigh.

"Please fuck me, Alan, I'd beg." Maya teased. "But that might not be enough!
He might only fuck me if I promise to give him a blow job first! I might have
to take out his prick and put as much of it as possible in my mouth." She
extended her tongue over the bulge in Verdeshi's trousers.

"Maya!" Tony struggled with his words. "We shouldn't!"

However it was too late. Maya had released his prick from their tight prison.
"Alan might force me to suck his dick before he'd fuck me. And I'd have to do
it too, because I'm such a cheap little fuck slut!"

She began sucking down hard on Tony's shaft. As her tongue probed Verdeshi's
balls she stared miseviously into Tony's eyes. "You're a bad girl!" He
sighed. "And don't think I ain't going to spank your ass for this!"

"Please spank me!" Maya smiled teasingly. She left a line of spittle as she
temporarily withdrew Tony's cock from her face. "Spank my ass until it turns
purple. Then you must fuck it with you huge cock until I'm screaming and

* * *

Doctor Russell waved a small block of Perspex over John Koenig's forehead.
With the charge she had given him, the Commander would be out for another
hour at least, enough time for her to do some preliminary mental tests.

The matronly figure stooped over her patient, not realising the one of
Koenig's large hands was beginning to move. In fact Helena was so engrossed
the first she realised of the commanders consciousness was when the hand
placed itself squarely on her large backside and began to squeeze it

"John!" The doctor cried.

"Helena?" The commander's voice was cracked and dry. "What happened to me?
What made me do those terrible things?"

Helena sat on the edge of Koenig's bed. "I don't know, yet." The woman's
voice was upper class and condescending. She felt totally in control of the
situation now. Helena had always been able to wrap the commander around her
little finger. Everyone on the base knew she was the real power behind the
throne of Moonbase Alpha. "You were obviously acting under some sort of
strange influence when you attacked Sandra." She enjoyed treating all men
as if they were children.

"Obviously! I must have been out of my mind." Koenig agreed as he eyed the
split in the doctor's skirt where her white pantyhose became invitingly dark.
"Why fuck that tit-less bitch when I could fuck your big baps!"

Suddenly he launched his fist up Helena's skirt and grabbed at the doctor's
warm pulpy thigh.

"John!" She screamed. "Get away!" But the commander was already pinning his
partner to the bed while his fingers began groping at her panty-covered

"I'm going to fuck the life out of you, slut!" He snarled as he began mauling
Helena's huge breasts through the thin nylon tunic. The perverted commander
slithered over his partner's hot body. He began sucking and biting at the
warm material as it stretched over the Doctor's massive knockers. "And for
once we're going to do it my way!"

"John, you don't know what you're doing!" The middle-aged woman screamed.

"Of course I do!" John sneered. "I'm raping a little stuck up cunt of a
Doctor!" The commander pulled his huge prick back into his hand.

"And to start I'm going by creaming your tits!"

Koenig grabbed the woman's small soft hand and forced his massive cock into
it. Helena felt repulsed by the warm, pulsing organ.

"You've never even wanked me off, have you, bitch!" John was now shouting
into Helena's paler than usual face. "Well now I'm going to pay you back with
every time you've ever said no to me!" He began pumping the small hand around
his cock faster and faster, grabbing it tighter and tighter as he approached
orgasm. "You fucking prick teaser!"

Helena's face was a mask of torment as she unwilling tossed her attacker off.
Her hope was that after orgasm John would collapse as he usually did during
their infrequent lovemaking.

Suddenly Koenig's cock exploded. Hot spunk rained again over Helena's face
and tits, soaking into the smooth nylon body.

The commander stood over her for what seemed like hours, milking more and
more cum over her defenceless body. John's prick finally seemed to droop and
his cum became runnier and Helena held her breath, waiting for the chance to

"I think that's all the cum I've got inside me!" The commander sighed as cock
began dripping. Helen relaxed; any second now John should begin to weaken.
"So I'd better make room for some more." He laughed as his dick jerked again.
"It's raining, Helena!" A stream of amber piss hit the Doctor's elegant face
just under the nose. Giggling John tried to aim into her lush red mouth.

"That was a good starter!" Koenig breathed heavily as the stream died down.
"But now for the main course!" As strong as ever the commander pulled the
Doctor's skirt high above the woman's hips. "Lovely!" He drooled over thick
pantyhosed legs with and her deep control fronted briefs. "Now for some hot
cunt fucking!" To Helena's horror John's monster prick began to rise again,
even bigger and thicker than before.

Koenig placed one arm across the woman's throat and with the other hand he
pawed away at her pantyhose. "You've needed a good fucking for years, Helena.
You've known it and I've known it. You needed to have the stuffing knocked
into you, you rich bitch!"

The terrified doctor could feel her tights ripping, exposing her reinforced
panty crotch to John's thick fingers. Petrified, she summoned all her
strength to push the huge man off her. As he rolled heavily off the bed
Helena took her one chances and rammed the tip of her size five boots deep
into Koenig's scrotum.

Gasping for air, Russell raced for the door. As she left the room she took
one last look at the fallen commander. Koenig was rolling in agony on the
floor, but was smiling evilly. "I knew you liked it rough!" He grinned. "Just
wait until next time. I won't be so kind!"

* * *

Chief Eagle pilot Alan Carter stole a bunch of genetically modified roses
from the hydroponics laboratory on his way to see Sandra in the sick bay.
Sandra was one of his closest friends, almost a little sister to the broad
Australian. He was sickened and appalled by the commander's attack and if
Verdeshi hadn't assured him that Koenig had been placed under sedation he
would have probably killed the commander.

When the blonde spaceman entered the sick bay it was almost deserted. Shan
was just waking from her medication. The only other person in the room was
the female they had picked up earlier in the day. Carter didn't even give
her a second look as he ran to console his friend.

However Maureen Robinson had noticed the tall pilot. With Mathias' cum still
leaking from her cunt Maureen was still feeling horny. Her three medical
friends where fucking each other sideways with a variety of implements in
the operating theatre. Mrs. Robinson had wanted to be left alone with Sandra
when the abused girl woke. The evil space traveller had a craving for
corrupting the innocent and the vulnerable, and Sandra struck her as both.

Alan was trying to comfort the small young girl as she propped herself up on
her pillows. The medics had pulled her cum soaked clothes and given the
unconscious girl a good fucking while she was asleep. Now the girl had been
dressed in a medical dressing gown. The thin silk material was wrapped
loosely over her pert boobs, but Alan didn't notice such things about Sandra.
That was to change.

Maureen reached under her bed and pulled out the inhibitor ray. Carter was
so engrossed in telling his friend how well she looked that he never even
noticed the tingling on the back of his neck as the ray hit him.

"You look fine." Alan said, stroking her short bobbed hair. "Fine." His
fingers drifted down the girl's cheek and neck. "F.." Finally his fingers
traced the opening of the gown. "Fuckable!" He growled and savagely ripped
the material from her shoulders and chest.

Sandra screamed. Alan slapped her.

"Shut you face, you whore!" He screamed in her face. One hand grabbed
Sandra's tiny left boob and twisted it viciously. "You let Koenig fuck you,
now it's my turn!" He pinched the girl's tiny nipple and twisted it.

Sandra screamed again. This time Mathias came running from the operating
theatre. Sandra was so relieved to see him that she didn't notice that the
doctor wasn't wearing any trousers.

"Doctor, help!" The tiny girl screamed.

"Of course," Mathias grabbed Sandra from behind and pinned back her arms so
she couldn't resist, then he dragged her onto the floor. "I'm here to help!"

Alan laughed as he unbuckled his trousers. Bending over Sandra's struggling
body he swiftly ripped the gown completely off, leaving the oriental in just
her white tanga underwear. "I'll toss you for who goes first!" He laughed
while pumping his cock.

"Hey, I wanted to go first!" Said Mathias while rubbing his dick up and down
Sandra's protesting cheek. Alan shrugged.

"Why don't you both go at the same time?" Mrs. Robinson was sitting on the
edge of her bed, frigging herself.

"Top and bottom?" Asked Carter. Mathias smiled in agreement.

"How about front and back?" Suggested Maureen. Sandra screamed even louder as
her former best friend peeled the white panties from her peach shaped arse.

Mrs Robinson crawled over to the female captive, her mature bosom swinging
with every movement. "Scream all you want, my child." She whispered
seductively in Sandra's ear. "Your screams are music to me!" Then Maureen
kissed the girl full on the lips, tickling Sandra's unwilling tongue with
her own. Then she kissed Alan's cock full on the tip. "I'm sure that's all
the lubricant you need!" Mathias and Carter positioned themselves at the
entrance of each of Sandra's holes and then, smiling at each other entered
her in a single thrust.

Sandra screamed.

Maureen leaned back against the wall and began to wank off again. "Be sure
to save some cum for me, boys!" She laughed. Unfortunately the entrance of
Maya interrupted her pleasure.

Mrs. Robinson reached out for the ray gun but Maya's long stocking clad leg
reached it first and kicked it out of the red head's reach. Maya stooped
swiftly and picked up the ray gun. As she did so Maureen could see the tops
of the Alien's black hold up stockings and the inviting crotch of Maya's
tiny black panties.

"So it was this thing that affected John." The alien mused as she studied
the home made looking weapon. "And these two, I presume?"

"Maya!" Screamed Sandra as the double penetration dragged on. "Make them

Maya turned sharply towards the orgy. "Fuck off you pathetic little slut!"
She spat at the girl. "Just fucking enjoy yourself for a change. It might
even hurt less." She laughed. "And as for you," Maya gazed at Maureen
Robinson's glistening pussy and began to hitch up the skirt of her gown to
reveal her tiny thong underwear. "I've got a little proposition."

She smiled as she sat astride Maureen's generous hips.

"How can I help?" Mrs Robinson smiled. "By giving you a good fist fucking,
I hope." Her attitude sharply changed. "Because if not I'll have to get the
boys here to give you a beating. And then I'll fuck you!"

"Don't worry," Maya began softly tracing the outline of Mauren's huge fleshy
orbs with her fingertips. "I'm not here to disturb your fun. In fact, once I
realise just what you machine was attempting to do to me It gave me an excuse
to finally do some fucking!" She had to raise her voice above the sound of
Sandra's howling. "Now what's the range of your machine?" She asked while
flicking her tongue over Mrs. Robinson's stiff nipple.

"Only a few yards." The redhead admitted. "The valves have only a short
range." She reached her pelvis to meet the young females and ground wetly
against it.

"Valves!" Maya grinned. "It seems you've been lost in space through the whole
micro chip revolution!" While Alan was busy thrusting himself into Sandra's
virgin arse he didn't notice Maya pluck the com-lock from his belt. "Do you
mind if I try something?" Maureen ran her fingers gently up the back of
Maya's stockings and grinned evilly. "You can try anything with me,
anything!" She cackled.

"As long as I can do the same to you." Mrs. Robinson peeled the sparkling
flakes from the alien's breasts.

"Later." Maya smirked. She pulled a green, pulsating crystal from the heart
of the ray gun and inserted it into the com-lock. "Let's see if psycho-sexual
waves can be transmitted through television." She murmured as she traced the
outline of Maureen's lips with her pointed nipple.

Maureen delicately kissed the offered bud. "So we could control people by
remote control? Do I take it that you're offering to help me turn your
friends into helpless sex slaves?"

"I prefer to think of it as letting people free!" Maya began lapping at Mrs.
Robinson's ear. "Because of that bitch Russell I haven't had a good fuck
since my father died. Now I'm horny as fuck and I don't want any stupid twat
with outdated earth morals to get in the way of me screwing everyone on this
base. " The girl paused while her tongue connected with Maureen Robinson's.
"With these com-locks we can connect straight to one person, or the entire
base at once. It will only take a few minutes to re-programme them to carry
your inhibitor suppression signal."

"So we can take over the entire moon in one go?"

"We could, but where would be the fun in that?" Maya had begun to kiss
Maureen's flat stomach and tongue her navel. The alien looked up as she
reached the redhead's think bush and smiled slyly.

"I agree, what's the fun in being top cats if there's no mouse?" Mrs.
Robinson sighed as Maya's tongue lapped her wet clit.

"I'm thinking more of a bitch than a mouse. Let me call Tony first." Maya
said. "Mind you, he might not even need a blast from the ray. I've just given
him his first blowjob in two years. I think he'd do anything I asked as long
as I promised to just touch his cock again." She giggled.

"Do it later!" Maureen pleaded as Maya inserted first one, then three and
finally all five fingers into the older woman's cunt. "Don't stop now."

"Don't worry, I've got something to keep you occupied while I finish
converting the com-lock." Maya sat astride Mrs. Robinson's hips, her gown
spilt to completely expose her panties.

Maureen watched in amazed delight as the shiny black material began to
stretch and expand, as if something was uncurling within. In seconds a large
purple cock emerged from the top of Maya's panties.

"One of the benefits of being a Metamorph." The alien explained.

Maureen laughed as she guided the penis, which was 12 inches long and still
growing, between her full red lips. As she began to suck the cock towards
the back of her throat, Maya made the first of several silent calls with the

* * *

Helena knew she should have gone straight back to medical center but as she
was still dripping with John's piss and cum she needed to change first. It
wouldn't do for her subordinates to see her like this. Despite her near rape
Doctor Russell's first thought was of how people saw her. She was an upper
class snob of the first order.

The petite blonde was surprised to find a security guard outside her
quarters. "Mr. Verdeshi ordered me here." The burly guard explained. "He
said they'd been some sort of incident in the commander's quarters." Helena
nodded sagely, but secretly she was pleased. Obviously the guard outside
Koenig's quarters had reported the incident. Now the doctor would have a
chance to play the victim for a while, and she would be centre of attention.
"Mr. Verdeshi is waiting for you inside."

Helena smiled as the door slid open for her. She would soon have Tony
pandering to her every whim as she played the martyr once again.

However this time Helen was in for a surprise.

The living rooms on Alpha were, by necessity, very small. Even the command
staff quarters consisted of little more than a bed, some storage units and
a bathroom. Usually Helena's room was scrupulously clean and tidy. However
the doctor was horrified to find her clothes strewn across the floor and

"Ah, Helena!" Called Verdeshi. "You came at last! I good job too, because
I'm about to cum too!" On the bed in front of him the security chief had
laid out items of Helena's lingerie. Panties, tights, bra, all arranged in
the rough shape of a woman. Tony was kneeling on the bed without his trousers
fisting his cock for all he was worth.

Trembling, the doctor noticed that Verdeshi was wanking off into her
favourite pair of ivory silk French knickers.

"Don't worry, Helena," Tony noticed the startled look on her face. "I've got
plenty of cum left for your tight twat!" He smiled.

"What on Earth do you think you're doing?" Helena screamed. To the vein
doctor, to defile her beautiful clothes was almost as bad as decimating her

"What does it look like?" The Italian teased. "I giving you clothes a much
need cum bath. I bet these knickers have never even seen a cock before!"

"If you don't stop I'll." Helen began but Tony shouted her down.

"Tell your boyfriend?" He sneered. "The man who's just raped one woman and
then tried to attack you? Face it Helena, John's finished. I'm in charge now,
and what I want gets done!"

"And what do you want?" Russell was trembling now. Tony walked over to her,
raised her skirt began teasing his cock over the cotton crotch of the
doctor's ripped pantyhose. With his hands behind her broad back he released
the zip of her tunic top. "I want to fuck your brains out, doctor. It was
your suggestion that Maya and me never fucked. I missed getting my end away
for years because of you, you frigid cow! Now I'm going to make you pay by
making you my little slut! If John had fucked you a few times it might have
saved poor Sandra. So when I tell the rest of Alpha that it was you fault
the girl was raped everyone will turn against you. You'll be hounded until
you have no choice but to turn to me for protection. And you know what price
I'll be expecting." He grinned sickeningly. "You'll do every sick and
perverted act I command, and you'll thank me for it!"

"You can't!" Helena began, but was sharply interrupted.

With a savage pull the cream top with the white medical sleeve was pulled
away from the doctor's shoulders. The woman stood vulnerable with the tunic
hanging from her wrists.

Tony stood back and admired the woman's ample breasts in their lacy white
bra. "Fucking hell I didn't think they were that big!" He sighed as he groped
at the huge tits, squeezing the large brown nipples until Helena thought they
would burst. "I'm going to tit fuck you until you drown in cum!"

One of Helena's talents was that of a sculptress. Next to her bed she kept a
crude bust of Koenig. As Tony grabbed her again around the back the doctor
reached out slowly for the crude form.

"Like the feeling of my cock between your legs?" Verdeshi began lapping at
the doctor's ear lobe as he pulled up the back of the doctor's skirt.

"Not that what you like matters," He sneered as his fingers invaded the
waistband of the woman's underwear and traced a line down her butt crack.
"As of now, you're just my little fuck toy!" He was still wanking furiously
as his index finger found Helena's tiny anus and forced its way in up to
the knuckle. At the same time Tony shot a bolt of cum across the room.

Helena moved quickly and brought the sculpture down hard on the back of
Tony's dark head. The security chief dropped like a stone, dribbling cum
down Helena's leg. The doctor's blonde hair bobbed as she ran, still
half-naked, to the door.

Outside she collapsed against the wall. Her large breasts were heaving with

"What's the matter, miss?" Asked the security guard.

"Thank God you're here!" Sighed Helena. "You must.Oh my God!" Her blue eyes
widened with shock as she noticed that the guard was not wearing trousers.
Instead he was wearing black stockings and a suspender belt. Below the belt
he wore a pair of purple silk panties, bulging with a huge cock. Thick pubic
hairs escaped the leg bands of the knickers. Helena's mouth went dry as she
recognised the panties as her own.

"I must...what?" The guard asked violently. "Fuck your fat ass?" He grabbed
at the waistline of the doctor's tight skirt. With a violent tug the guard
revealed the doctor's panties. The guard began to slobber as he placed a hand
on the flat Lycra panel of the panties that held Doctor Russell's matronly
figure in check. Russell tried to run but the with her skirt now around her
boots she tripped. She was at the mercy of her third attacker of the day.

It was the sight of Helena's large backside; clad in only thin pantyhose and
white panties that saved her. The crack of her plump white cheeks was still
exposed from where Tony had invaded her anus. Whimpering, Helena tried to
pull tight her pantyhose, but the effect was only to pull the material of her
pants even tighter.

The guard was so taken by the sight that he pulled out his huge cock and
began furiously pumping away. Kneeling over the doctor's trembling body he
came almost immediately splashing cum over the back of the doctor's legs.

She leapt to her feet and kicked off her skirt and dived towards the travel
tube while the guard was busy wiping his dripping cock on Helena's knickers.

The woman stumbled inside and punched the buttons that would send the travel
tube to take her to medical center. As the door slid shut Helena heard the
guard slam into it. "Come back here and suck me off you cunt!" She could hear
fade into the distance.

The train like travel tube was fitted with a two way video that Helena
thought she could use to contact command center with. However the sight that
appeared on the screen just horrified the doctor even more. All of the highly
trained men and women were in various states of undress but they were all
involved in one extreme sexual act or another. Most of their faces were
blurred or obscured by other body parts but Helena could plainly recognise
senior technician Yasko. The oriental was strapped to the front of Alpha's
multi-million dollar central computer, her wrists tied by bare electrical
wiring to the guttered innards of the machine. Another female technician was
flogging her with whip consisting of other wires wrapped together. The
Japanese girl's nipples were connected to the computers power supply. Blood
was streaming from Yasko's face and breasts but Helena could plainly see that
she was laughing with each lash.

The Doctor could count on no help from there.

At least the tube would take her straight to her laboratory. From there she
could try to find out what was happening on the base. Alpha had been affected
by strange cosmic influences on almost a weekly basis since the improbable
accident that had blown the Moon out of Earth orbit. Helena was certain that
given time she could develop an antidote to the strange sickness that was
affecting the Alphan males.

The journey to the medical center took only a few seconds. Helena took a
quick look from the corner of the tube door before rushing across the
corridor to the entrance to her private office. Helena was not only afraid
of other member's of Tony's security force out to attack her, but she was
also worried that member's of her own staff would see her in such a state
of undress. It would be hard to maintain discipline after they had seen the
top doctor in her lingerie.

As she scurried to the door, Helena realised she had dropped her com-lock
somewhere in the struggle. Frantically she fought to remember the combination
to the door. Just as the door slid quietly open the doctor was startled by a

"Doctor Russell?" The tiny voice came from behind a communication post.
Helena froze, fearing another attack.

However the naked and terrified figure that emerged from behind the pillar
was that of Sandra Benes. Her face and body were bruised and blood dripped
from between her legs.

"Good God, Sandra!" Russell gasped. "What happened to you?"

The small woman collapsed into the doctor's arms. "It was Alan and Doctor
Mathias! That woman from the space capsule, she did something to them and
they attacked me!" She began sobbing onto Helena's large chest. "They did
terrible things to me!" Sandra screamed.

"Hush!" The doctor tried to smother the young woman's cries; afraid they
would alert her attackers.

"But Alan!" Sandra protested. "He was like a brother to me!" She began to
dribble over Helena's warm soft breasts. "And he fucked my arse!"

"Sandra!" Helena was shocked. "You have to keep calm." She urged.

"But he was fucking my arse!" Sandra grabbed Helena tight around the waist.
"Fucking my hole! Fucking me so fucking hard up my tight fucking arse hole!
Ripping me in fucking two with his huge fucking cock!"

"Sandra, I know you've been raped, but there's no reason to be hysterical
about it!" The doctor showed her usual compassion for the sick.

"But they put their cocks in my cunt and ass, doctor!" Sandra was screaming
now. She was holding the doctor so close Helena could almost taste the sweat
and cum the girl was covered in. "Their big, hard sweaty cocks right up
inside me! It was fucking horrible!" Sandra screamed and then forced her
fist between the doctor's thighs. "Especially as I'm a fucking lesbian!"
Her long fingers began to grope towards Helena's twat. "I want cunt, not

Helena ripped the small girl away and slapped her hard against the face to
bring her back to her senses. The girl hit the floor heavily, but as she
turned around to face Helena again Sandra was smiling.

"Oh yes!" She sighed. "That's what I wanted. Hit me again!" She rose steadily
to her feet. "Hit me, Helena!" She pleaded. "I want you to hurt me!"

Helena was stiff with fright. Somehow the small girl was becoming more
sinister the more submissive she was acting.

Sandra began running her fingers furiously across the huge black bush. "Fuck
me Helena! Push your fist up my cunt and fuck me!"

"No." The doctor stammered.

"You can do anything you want to me!" Sandra smiled. "Fuck me, whip me. You
can even piss on me if you want!" Helena turned white.

"Do you like that?"

Sandra continued and dropped to her knees. "You can piss in my mouth and
order me to swallow it and I'll thank you for doing it. I'll even lick you
out afterwards!"

"No!" Helena leapt back into her office and forced the door closed. She
picked a microscope from her desk and slammed it into the door control panel,
fusing it. Outside Sandra began slamming on the door.

"Fuck me Helena!" She pleaded. "Fuck me you bitch!"

The doctor crouching in fear against the wall and began to cry. It seemed
like every one on the moonbase was against her now. How could she possible
fight alone against almost 300 perverted men and women?

With a tremendous effort of will she pulled herself up she could still access
the main computer from here. It was possible she could still find a way to
overcome the strange force that had taken over Alpha. Also Sandra had
mentioned the strange woman who had been picked up that morning. Everything
seemed to start after that capsule had been brought to the Moon. Maybe she
was the carrier of some form of infection. Helena turned her monitors on the
sick bay where the redheaded woman had been taken, but the only bodies on
the screen were that of Alan Carter and several nurses engaged in a vicious
looking orgy.

There were no clues for the doctor there only more feelings of revulsion as
she noticed more of her friends and colleagues engaged in bestial sex acts.

Helena was beginning to feel exhausted. The shock and strain of the past few
hours, she thought. The doctor splashed water from a small faucet onto her
face. She pulled off her bra, which was glued to her chest with cum and sat
down to pull her ripped pantyhose. The woman was so tired she almost forgot
to pull off her boots first. Staggering to her feet Helena wondered if she
could find a medical gown to wear. Even now, alone and afraid, Doctor Russell
could not bear to walk around half-naked and exposed.

"OK, Helena," There was suddenly a strong masculine voice in the room. "I
want you to walk towards me slowly. Don't make any sudden moves!"

"John?" Helena was shocked. "How do you get in? I shorted out the door!" She
clutched the far wall in fear.

"You're not thinking straight, Helena!" The commander placed his palms wide
as a placating gesture and walked slowly towards her. "You're very confused
and ill!"

"Ill? What the fuck are you talking about?" The Doctor edged away. She was
close to hysteria since Koenig had appeared almost as a ghost.

"You're the sick pervert! You're all fucking perverts! If I let you come any
closer you're going to make a grab for my cunt!" She placed a computer
console between herself and her ex-lover.

"Listen to yourself, Helena!" Koenig was shocked. "You're not yourself! Just
look at the way you're dressed, walking around in your dirty underwear.
Covered in sweat and God knows what else! Helena, come to me." He pleaded.
"Come to me and I'll sedate you, help you become yourself again."

"Keep away from me you piece of shit!" The Doctor's large white tit's shook
in fear as she crouched over the desk.

"I only want to help."

"You only want to fuck me!"

"Try to stay calm Helena! Try to remember everything that happened to you
after you were hit by the ray gun!"

"What ray gun?"

"Are you saying you don't remember that? Or attacking poor Sandra? She was
assaulted and beaten pretty badly!"

"That wasn't me, it was you, bastard!"

John shook his head. "She said you'd behave like this, that you were too far
under the influence of the machine. But I still think you can be saved!"

"She?" Screamed the Doctor. "You mean that lying dyke bitch Sandra? She's
just trying to save her own skin. When I get hold of her I'll."

Helena's stumbled over her own rage.

"You see, Helena?" John soothed. "You're not thinking right. Sandra is your

"Friend?" She spat. "I never liked her. She's just a common fuck slut. No
better than the rest of you!"

"What do you mean "Like the rest of us"?"

"Perverts!" She screamed. "You're all sex obsessed! I'm the only normal one
here! Look at all you now, fucking all over Alpha!"

"What people do in their own time is their own affair." Koenig said. "Just
because we never."

"In their own time!" Helena screamed. "They're fucking all over the place!
In the corridors, everywhere!"

Gravely John turned on the wall monitor. It showed a corridor scene of
well-ordered calm, with immaculately uniformed Alphan's going about their
business with calm efficiency. "C-command center!" Helena ordered John to
alter the picture. However the scene was again that of a hive of industry,
with no sign of the previous perversions. The doctor was shaking with
disbelief. "Turn it to the bloody medical center!"

She almost screamed. "Alan was fucking the arse of one of my nurses just a
few minutes ago!"

However the medical monitor showed only Alan, fully clothed, attending to
Sandra. The girl's face was very badly bruised. "Sandra said you did that
to her." Koenig said softly.

"Well of course I hit her!" Helena was indignant. "The little bitch tried
to rape me! You all wanted to rape me! You all want to fucking rape me!"

The commander bit his lower lip. "It's exactly as Doctor Robinson predicted.
She's an expert on sexual behaviour. She said you were so frustrated you'd
take your perverted fantasies out on others! Perhaps you've been suppressing
a lesbian tendency. The Doctor is willing to give you her full attention
until you feel better."

"The Doctor?" Helena was hysterical. "But I'm the Doctor! I am Alpha's chief
medical officer!"

"I don't think you should be allowed to continue. I fact I've already
arranged for a replacement!" Koenig pointed to a female figure on the screen
dressed in a doctor's white-sleeved tunic.

"No!" Cried Helena. "It's not true!" Tears streamed down her face. "I'm the
only doctor here!" She leaned far over the console to get a better view of
the screen.

The woman on the monitor turned to face Helena. It was Maureen Robinson.

"Hello, my sweet victim!" Mrs. Robinson smiled and Helena nearly collapsed
in shock.

That was when Koenig struck. One hand forced Helena onto the desk and the
other grabbed at the strong waistband of the doctor's panties and pulled
down. The tight fitting underwear stuck on Helena's thick thighs, trapping
her legs.

"It was a trap!" The blonde cried.

"Of course!" Maureen lifted the tight skirt of her doctor's outfit as she
climbed onto a bed. "And you're finally going to get the fucking you deserve,
and through the magic of closed circuit television the whole base is going to
watch! I only wish we could beam it back to Earth."

"You bitch!" Screamed Helena as she felt something warm and stiff probe the
crease of her arse. Suddenly her face covered the bank of monitors on the far

"Oh please, scream some more!" Begged Mrs. Robinson. "That really turns me
on! I'm going to have to have some cock myself!" A male Alphan took off his
trousers and climbed onto the bed behind the woman. Maureen bent forward and
offered her backside to the man. "Out of sympathy for you, I think I'll have
my arse fucked as well!" She smiled as a well-greased cock slid between her
ass cheeks. "Oh! It feels so painful as it creeps in, does it, dear? Even to
me, and I've had my arse fucked hundreds of time! This must be killing you!"

"John! NO! Not my ass!" Tears streamed from Helena's face as she felt a fat,
hot cock force it's way inch-by-inch inside her tiny anus.

"Please, John!" She wailed.

On the screen the figure behind Maureen paused between stroking his cock in
and out of the mature woman's wide backside. "What do you want, you fat cow?"
Koenig asked.

"John?" Helena could hardly believe her eyes. "But who?"

Suddenly the huge prick was sucked out of the doctor's arse and the terrified
woman was twisted around to face her attacker.

Maya sneered back at her. "Who else do you know who can turn herself into a
bug and crawl into a locked room through the air vent?" The Psychon was
naked, with full round breasts, a narrow waist and a massive cock hanging
between her legs. "Looks like I can fuck human's after all, doctor! Men and
woman, apparently!" The alien observed sarcastically as she forced her prick
into Helena's hot cunt. "And you were so sure I couldn't!"

"Indeed." Agreed Maureen, motioning Koenig to continue pumping her backside.
"And that just made poor little Maya so fucking frustrated! And it makes me
wonder just how far interspecies sex can go?" her voice too was dripping with
sarcasm. "Let's try a little experiment! Maya, can't you change into all
sorts of different animals?"

Helena realised what was about to happen, but was powerless to stop it.
Suddenly the sound of panting filled the air and the older woman was pinned
to the desk by a hot sweating hairy body.

Maya had transformed into a huge black alsation. "Look, everybody!" Maureen
urged. "The very right and proper Doctor Russell is being fucked by a dog!"
On the monitors on the back wall Helena could see herself being raped from
several angles.

The animal began lapping the doctors pale face. The dog gently flicked its
tongue around Helena's vibrant lips until it forced entry to her mouth.

Doctor Russell nearly choked as the thick tongue filled her entire mouth.
The dog's huge cock was burning its way through her cunt again and again.
Helena was finding it hard to hold back tears.

"Mmmmm!" Moaned Mrs. Robinson as she ground herself on John's cock. She
pulled up her white top and started pawing at her huge tits.

"Its so horney seeing you be fucked, Helena! It makes my nipples burn!"
Maureen crooked her little finger and Tony appeared and began to slowly lick
her tits. The Italian's back was covered in scratches. "You look like you're
enjoying that, Helena! And so is Maya! She looks so happy, as happy as a dog
with two dicks!"

Something wet began to muzzle at Helena's dry rosebud of an arse. "No!" She
screamed. "It's not possible!" The Doctor's delicate face contorted with pain
as Maya's second cock ravaged her tight backside.

In Command Centre the fucking crowd applauded as Helena screamed in agony.
All except senior technician Yasko, who was wanking a male colleague with one
hand and had the other up her own cunt while one of her colleagues buggered
her with a foot long scientific probe.

"Oh, that looks so painful!" Maureen laughed. "I'm not sure the little Doctor
can be enjoying this at all! But there's one animal I've always want to see
fuck a stuck up twat. That's the Oblik creature from the planet Triton 4!
It's an eight foot tall, six armed horned ape," She explained. "And its two
penises can grow up to four feet long!"

Helena could only scream as The Psychon took on this new form. The changes
in shape had not stopped Maya's vicious assault on the Doctor's bottom. A
warm, rubbery prick nuzzled the flaps of Helena's cunt

Terror had total hold over her now. Her backside was a huge red hole of pain.
She could no longer feel her legs or arms. Helena's body involuntarily began
to ride with the rhythm of her attacker to try to lessen the pain. "Oh God!"
She screamed.

"I think you're finally beginning to enjoy yourself, you little fuck whore!"
Sneered Mrs. Robinson. "What a pity that the Oblik cums with the speed and
force of a rifle shot!"

Helena struggled to find meaning to the words as the furious fucking from the
creature reached its climax.

As the hairy creature came inside Helena, it shot a bolt of hot cum through
the doctor's body, blowing her head right off.

In the months that followed the Alphan's gave themselves freely to the rule
of Maureen Robinson and Maya. They would lure innocent space travellers to
help them with their story of being lost and defenceless nomads. This way
there were always fresh delights for the crew. Maya perfected the sex ray
to work over the vast distances of space and it was fitted as standard as
weaponry on the fleet of Eagle spaceships.

Within weeks Doctor Helena Russell was totally forgotten by the inhabitants
of Moonbase Alpha.


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