Space Quest 5: Ambassadorial Tour (MF)

"Captain, this isn't quite the venue I had in mind for our discussion on..."
the ambassador protested plainly, raising the wine glass above her head.
Beatrice Wankmeister had nimbly missed spilling the delectable beverage
when Quirk excitedly herded her onto one of the many couches decorating his
quarters, and was now composing herself from the flurry of diversions that
began as soon as she'd entered Captain Quirk's quarters.

"Oh, nonsense!" the smarmy officer replied back with barely a thought. "My
mission is to make you as comfortable as possible, and get to know one of
the most attractive... err... *active* political figures in this sextor...
I mean sector!" Beatrice raised a curious eyebrow at the slips, but was
prevented from replying by another attempt to smooth things over. "In a
strictly professional sense, of course!" the Captain continued, once again
flashing his trademark cocky grin.

More bemused than anything, the blonde ambassador tipped the beverage to her
lips and took a deep draught, thinking his antics cute instead of dangerous.
"Of course." she added without emotion, deftly slipping a leg over her lap
as Quirk set down beside her, stretching his entire body with enough force
to drown out any other sound.

"Well, I really am beat from the full station tour," he prattled on,
extolling on the great sacrifice such a menial task could bear to appear.
"But if you'd like to tell me anything about those sludge bandits that the
Starcon brass couldn't bear to hear at the conference, I'm all ears." He
flashed her a bright wink, so fake it nearly caused the civilian to wince.

"Captain..." Beatrice went on with a slight edge to her voice. "If you had
been paying attention to anything but my chest the entire briefing, you would
realize I'm not the type of woman to let a group of stiff incumbents belittle
me into backing down! This is important!"

"Yes, yes, of course you are" Quirk soothed, taking her hand into his and
caressing the smooth flesh. "I found out all I could about your career before
you came on board."

"I'll bet you did..." the ambassador remarked sharply, pulling her captive
limb away. "So then you should know why I have to come along with you and
make sure the threat is eliminated."

"That's right." Captain Quirk quipped, reaching for the nearby table. "Say,
isn't it time for a refill?" he joked, pouring another healthy dose of
alcohol into Beatrice's glass before she had a chance to object. He waited
with a wide grin until she hesitantly took a sip just to make him look away.

"Tell you what," the Captain said as he rose, flashing two mock pistols at
his partner. "You help yourself for a second while I slip into something a
little more comfortable." Never ceasing his chipper mood, the overbearing
officer departed for the washroom.

* * *

"I'll need a lot more than champagne to deal with this guy." Beatrice mused,
tossing back the clear concoction with ease. Taking a quick glance in the
direction Quirk had gone, she hurriedly poured another helping and set it
down besides the decanter.

Laying back on the surprisingly soft material, the overworked politician
allowed herself a moment's peace for the first time all day. After running
her hands through a golden mane much in need of a rinse, Beatrice unbuttoned
her white coat, allowing the flaps to dangle mercifully by her sides. She
knew, of course, that the one less layer between her ample breasts and Quirk
would be sure to crank up his horniness factor a notch, but the delightful
loosening was too much to ignore over that.

She had just settled down into a near-nap when the Captain's heavy footsteps
began approaching. Rousing not quite as majestically as she would have liked,
Ambassador Beatrice took a deep breath before focusing the lure of sleep
away. It was surprising how easily the alcohol had taken effect, she thought
idly, not even noticing her new friend's attire until he took a seat.

"You've got to be kidding..." Beatrix said shockingly upon noticing Quirk
would be attempting to iron out the mission's difficulties in a gaudy purple
bathrobe, and apparently nothing else.

"I have one for you, too." he said invitingly, cocking his head towards the

"No thank you." the young woman replied quickly, looking over to her papers
scattered on the coffee table. She opened her mouth, attempting to suggest
they get down to work, but was suddenly silenced by the officer's
long-expected move.

"Don't you think it's a little late for work?" the lustful officer crooned,
nudging her chin with his nose in order to coyly rub against her neck through
the black turtleneck shirt.

"Captain..." Beatrice warned, but making no attempt to cease his playful
ministrations. "This is quite out of line in our current capacities."

"I know you won't mind just a little break..." Quirk mumbled, now losing
himself in her blonde mane. "As I said, I've read ALL about your people."
Beatrix sighed at this remark.

"It's always the same when a Terran meets a Betaroid..." she continued sadly,
now pinned against the armrest as the aggressive officer advanced. "I assume
you're referring to my planet's lack of any sexual inhibition."

"Well, how many starship captains are blessed with a chance to meet someone
from a world where everyone puts out?" Quirk blurted, trying even less to
conceal his true intentions.

"Too many!" Beatrice growled, pushing him off with little effort. Finally fed
up, she turned to him. "I should know, since I was the one who agreed to a
scholastic exchange between us. Turning a blind eye as your men impregnated
all sixty of my female cadets within twenty-four hours of arriving was NOT
what the committee had in mind!"

"Ehh..." the captain sputtered, trying to hide his pride. "I can explain

"You don't need to." Beatrix hissed. "From what I've heard from the petty
officers aboard here, you deal in sex as if it were another denomination of

"All I'm saying is..." Quirk butted in, quickly realizing he was no longer
in charge of the conversation and acquiescing.

"Look," Beatrix began, steeling herself for a tirade. "I really need you to
convince the panel for me to come along with you on board the Goliath, and
you really want to get in my pants. Now that our cards are on the table,
let's deal." With that, she took full command of the situation.

Standing up and brushing the small table aside with a sweep of her foot,
the ambassador swiveled out of her white overcoat, tossing it to her side
effortlessly. Her black jump suit was akin to a shiny carapace, made from
some plastic-like outer coating over a velvet smooth inner lining.
Representive of the latest fashion trend in this part of the galaxy, it
was truly a pleasure to the eye. Fortunately for her thrilled audience,
it would not be on display for long.

Stepping back theatrically, Beatrice fished the tiny zipper out from behind
her neck, slicing downwards to her middle and delicately peeling it off her
confined flesh. When the twin voluptuous mounds beneath were revealed,
Captain Quirk was barely able to contain himself. At last allowing herself
to crack a smile, she sank into the couch once again, this time on her back.

"No need for foreplay, Captain..." she teased. "Let's just stick it in and
get it over with."

"Yes, ma'm!" the now docile officer replied eagerly, getting up to smooth
his mate's form on the plush fabric. Almost forcefully, he extended her
still-clad legs to where he had been sitting moments before, leaving the
willing female totally prone on one of his many copulation sites. Without
any resistance, Beatrice allowed him to remove her boots before pulling
her clothes all the way off. Now as naked as Quirk's many conquests, she
simply lay still and awaited the inevitable.

"I love when people of rank can *unngghhh*" Quirk gasped, mounting the
ambassador and sliding in. "work out their differences!" Assured that this
was really okay by Beatrice's blank stare, he happily pounded into her soft
folds, gazing at the nipples beneath him bouncing jauntily with each thrust.

The long robe hid the action going on from both parties, thankfully for
Beatrice. From her long experience, though, she knew the likes of him would
never squeeze more than the barest drop of lubrication from her deep channel
before finishing. Not that it was entirely unpleasant, of course. Having a
stiffy rocket between her yellow pubic curls was never painful, but more
often than not ended up being a chore.

"Looks like it's been awhile..." Beatrix remarked interestedly upon not
feeling torrents of sperm immediately inundate her tight canal. Her casual
voice completely belied the present scene, emerging from a tranquil throat
mere feet away from the unprofessional pistoning nearby.

"I went without for two whole days!" the satiated captain replied
breathlessly, the rhythmic slapping of his balls into Beatrice's inner
thighs becoming a melodious backdrop for the two rutting lovers. "Wanted
to save it up as soon as I saw the photo on your Starcon record."

"I'm flattered, I guess!" she let out with a sharp intake of breath as his
large hands began to cover her full rack. While she would never let on,
Beatrice's pink aureoles were the most sensitive part of her body. Even
having someone as trying as Quirk rub them was a joyful experience.

While the abundant flesh rising from the ambassador's chest had caught the
eye of every male on Space Station 22, Quirk was now privy to something
even delectable -- her fair-haired snatch. As Beatrice was buffeted by his
vigorous, repeated entry, the victorious skipper took the opportunity to
change positions. Pausing deep within his lady's innards, he ascended to
his knees, raising the blonde civilian's legs to the ceiling.

Now, the previously hidden secret between Beatrice's legs was out in the
open, and she was helpless to watch the violation of her nether region. With
this new alignment, Captain Quirk was able to penetrate even deeper than

"I can't believe I'm getting off from this..." Beatrice bemoaned, suddenly
unable to deny the sparks coursing through her loins at the increased depth
of the sly captain's strokes. Catching herself vocalizing such an intimate
thought, she peered past her bobbing breasts for a moment, glad to see Quirk
had been too busy helping himself to her feminine charms to notice her
emotion betray an otherwise composed attitude. "Might as well enjoy it..."
she thought to herself, beginning to buck slowly against the ram slipping
through the gate of her womanhood.

The pair continued making ardent love for some time, the shapely ambassador
becoming more enamored at Quirk's lasting power. "I guess he doesn't have a
reputation with the ladies for nothing!" she pondered with astonishment. She
could feel her hole leaking copious amounts of fluid, undoubtedly not the
first cream dripped onto the luxurious sofa. Her clit was reeling from such
intense treatment, throbbing agreeably with its master's decision to take a
hiatus from tireless duty.

"Are you ready?" Quirk asked touchingly, concealing a gentleman's demeanor
beneath his wanton appearance. When Beatrice failed to reply, her mouth open
with silent happiness, he lowered his arms from the bear-hug around her
upended limbs, seeking the red button above his pistoning rod. The ambassador
absolutely melted as all ten fingers alternately stimulated the tiny flap,
sweat beginning to stream from her forehead in large beads.

His technique was poor, but the sheer overwhelming presence of such attention
to her hot spot was more than enough compensation. Beatrice's climax came as
an explosion, ripping through her curvy frame with such power even Quirk was
aware of the soft cries that at last broke through his prim lover's facade.

"Then here it comes!" he hollered, erupting into her wetness. Their come
mingled, churned by the spent officer's still-pumping phallus and Beatrice's
fluttering vaginal walls. It was a long-awaited moment for the proper
ambassador, at last allowed to let herself go totally into the moment.
Letting her legs fall, Beatrice grabbed Quirk in a fit of passion, holding
his body tight to hers until the show was over.

* * *

She was the first to awaken after the duo dozed off, feeling the heavy weight
of Captain Quirk's mass pressing against her nude body. She lay still for a
moment, collecting herself. While it was relieving to allow the Starcon
officer to help her out of her guard, the brief fling was over now, and it
was time to weave an authoritive air once again.

"Come on..." she prodded, heaving her chest into Quirk's gently. The slight
motion was enough to jar the sleeping man, who quickly pushed himself up on
his hands, still embedded in her slick chamber. He was not in the least bit
surprised to find a naked woman underneath him, and took it right in stride.

"Last night was... just shy of forgettable." she alluded with a clever smile.
Beatrice didn't realize her hands were still locked on his shoulders, their
conjoined forms a step away from the passionate engagement of the previous

"Then maybe you would like a repeat performance" Quirk chimed, back to his
old self with the break of day. Without invitation, he began shoving his
flaccid member into her slit with effort, attempting to raise the mast once

"No, no..." Beatrice grunted reluctantly, pulling back into a sitting
position. Quirk disengaged with a wet slurp, proving their touching genitals
had kept her yellow flower moist through the night. "Once was nice, but again
would be... awkward." Sliding off the couch regrettably, she paddled over to
the bunched clothes still lying on the carpet, gathering a garment in each

"Maybe we'll get to know each other better on the trip to the G-6
quadrant." she offered hopefully, shrugging her shoulders at the prospect.
It felt odd to be standing bare in front of him now, but after giving
herself over totally, it would feel even uncomfortable to allow shame to
creep in. Although her planet had trained it's females well to drive the
dirty connotations of sex away, there was still a part of her that felt
indecisive afterwards.

"Besides, you won't a chance at another night like this if you don't make
sure I'm registered for the voyage." she added lightly, giving him a nice
view of her round behind before passing into the bathroom to refresh

* * *

Beatrice's last day at the station was a whirlwind of activity after
Commandant Plussbucket relented in his previous stance. Once cleared for a
slot on the Goliath, she spent the remainder of her time packing up to beam
the much-needed documentation over to her new home. The work was interrupted
only for a moment when she passed by an auditorium on deck seven, where the
janitor she'd met yesterday was receiving his captain's stripes due to an
exemplary performance on the Starcon Aptitude Test.

"Maybe I underestimated Roger Wilco..." she considered thoughtfully on the
powerlift ride back to the Quirk's deck. Although seeing him again in such
an familiar setting would be clumsy at best, it was sadly unavoidable.

Knocking on Quirk's door produced no response, and Beatrice grew momentarily
flustered. The most important evidence of the toxic pollution going on in
this sector was in the maps she'd carelessly left in his quarters. Chancing
intrusion charges, the blonde woman cast a glance up and down the corridor
before releasing the lock and letting herself inside.

The central room where the Captain had taken her less than a day ago was
brightly lit, but the bedroom beyond was noticeably dimmer. She could make
out without difficulty the writhing forms rutting on her former mate's large
bed. Sensing a nearby presence, Quirk quickly rolled off his latest conquest,
throwing his head back in relief at the false alarm.

"Just came to pick up my things!" Beatrice said cheerfully, only a little
bit distraught he had sought affection in another so quickly. A diminutive
ensign with short red hair appeared slowly from under the covers, clutching
the bedspread with both hands under her eyes. While hidden, the exertion
and unabashed bliss on her cherubic face was unmistakable. Both she and her
superior officer were panting heavily from the interrupted lovemaking.

"Bea, I can explain..." Quirk started, his elaborate recovery mechanism
already gearing up.

"Quirk, you already know I'm Betaroid." she explained benevolently, sweeping
the wayward documents into her hands. "I'm fine with it. Now go ahead and
have fun!"

"Yes, ma'am." he replied, brazenly turning over and hammering his
subordinate's scarlet flower. Amid the squeals of delight emanating from her
replacement, Beatrice managed an inward chuckle on the way out. The previous
night had certainly been an entertaining diversion, but she had no future
with him. Besides, a capital starship had a near limitless supply of virile
men who didn't have the advantage of being able to look up her profile. While
her next mission was of grave importance, the ambassador would be sure to
afford a bit of time to indulge in leisure.

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