Speed Racer: Speed Changes Gears (MMm,Mm,m-mast,oral,ncon,cons)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Speed Racer was driving the Mach Five down the street when he sees two older
men attacking a girl. Speed stops to help the girl and soon find himself in
a fight. The men are strong and fast. They soon have Speed beaten down.

"Such a good looking boy," one of them says.

One holds him while the other unzps his pants, pulling out his long cock.
"OPEN WIDE!" he laughs rubbing his cock across Speeds lips. The guy pulls
Speed's hair.

"AAAHHH!!!" he screams soon finding a cock in his mouth.

The guy begins to fuck his mouth. "Thats right fag boy," he pushed his cock
farther down. Speed gagged as he felt enter his throat. The other guy let him
go. Speed was now on his knees taking cock.

"My turn!" said the other guy. A "POP!" sound came when pulling out of
Speed's mouth.

"Unzip me!" he told Speed. Hands shaking he pulled down the zipper. "Go on,"
the guy said as he pulled it down. Speed's hand found the semi-hard cock and
pulled it out. The guy looked at Speed.

"You want it?" Speed knodded. "Tell me fag boy!"

Speed didn`t know what happened, but he said yes. "YES!" he said as his mouth
opened and his tongue fell out like a dog. The guy put the head of his cock
on his tongue. Speed moved his head taking more and more of the cock. Speed's
nose felt the guy`s pubic hairs. He then switched guys as they had their way
with him. They both soon came all over his face giving Speed his first taste
of cum.

The guys heard the sirens. They left Speed. Speed drug himself to the Mach
Five, but didn`t bother giving chase. The cops drove by. Speed drove home
after cleaning up.

Speed was working on the Mach Five getting ready for the race. He went to
clean up. As he stood in the shower with the hot water beatting down on him
he thought why he said yes to those men. His own cock became hard as he
washed his body. His hand began to stroke his cock. He leaned back on the
shower wall, stroking his cock, until he felt himself cum. Speed looked in
his hand covered in his own cum. He brought it to his mouth and his tongue
snaked out. Speed licked his own cum. Falling down on his knees he said, "I

Speed didn't eat much dinner. That left more for Spridle and Chim Chim. Speed
laid in bed tossin' and turning. He couldn't sleep. Speed got dessed went to
the shop found a set of keys to one of Pop's cars. Speed went for a drive,
cruising downtown. He seen a young guy on the corner. Speed stopped. "Need a

The guy looked at him, "You looking?"

Speed licked his lips, "Yes."

The guy got in and they drove until they was out of the city. Speed pulled
off the road.

The guy with his legs open rubbing his crotch. "It's pretty big," he warned.

"Show me," Speed said.

"You take it out."

Speed unzipped his pants and soon pulled out a thick cock. Speed lowered his
head, opening his mouth, taking the cock. It stretched his mouth. He kept
going down on it. They were soon both naked laying on a blanket. The guy had
his finger in Speed's ass. Speed had his ass in the air like some whore. The
guy took some light weight motor oil, poured it on Speed's asshole. Speed
thought he would pass out as the guys cock entered his virgin ass. "OOOHHHH!
It burns!!!"

Speed felt his ass stretch. The pain left and Speed soon was fucking him
back. The guy laid on his back holding his cock. Speed lowered himself on it.
"OOOHHH YESSS!!!" he said.

It felt so good to be fucked. He bounced up and down. The guy held Speed's
cock jacking him off as he fucked. Speed soon felt the cock swell in his ass,
his cock soon was cumming. The guy's mouth was open, taking Speed's lode.

They drove back to the corner. Speed drove away. The next day he won the
race. He had found a different gear.


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