This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. This is an adult story
not to be read by anyone under 18. This follows the storyline of the movie
Spiderman. With the obvious exceptions of Harry Osborne being replaced by a
Harriet Osborne, that role will be played by a blonde Christina Ricci. Mary
Jane is still being played by a red haired Kirsten Dunst. Eliza Dusku (she
played Faith on Buffy) is Pamela Parker (spiderwoman). For those of you who
are comic book fans I know that Jessica Drew played Spiderwoman, but I choose
to use the name Pamela Parker instead. This story contains: mf, oral, cons,

Spiderman: Spiderwoman Part 1
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Pamela Parker ran after the school bus, she had been chasing after it for
over a mile before it finally let her on the bus. Pamela had her long black
hair tied back and was in her usual conservative clothes, and black rim
glasses. She was a very beautiful girl, but her good looks were hidden behind
her less than sexy clothes. She was however extremely smart, so smart that
she was a sure bet at winning the science award. She always had her camera
with her very much interested at being a photojournalist someday. The bus
drove to the class field trip a laboratory that was studying spiders.

After arriving, her best friend Harriet Osborne join her after her rich dad
Norman Osborne dropped her off. Pamela had met Norman many times, he was
impressed at the way Pamela worked so hard in school, wishing that it would
rub off on his daughter Harriet. No such luck there. Pamela and Norman shook
hands and they exchanged small talk like before, then Harriet and Pamela
joined their class.

Pamela looked at the gorgeous red head Mary Jane Watson, her incredible smile
firm breasts and perfect figure. Pamela had realized years ago that she was a
lesbian, and always living next to Mary Jane she had been lusting after her
for years. Only her best friend Harriet knew of this. Harriet had also opened
up to Pamela that she was bisexual. With Pamela being the smart girl type and
Harriet a rich girl outcast they had been close friends for a long time.
Harriet shook her head as she watched Pamela eye Mary Jane.

"Come on Pamela quit being so obvious." She whispered.

"Sorry I can't help it, she's so gorgeous."

"Well, she is, but that doesn't change the fact that she has a boyfriend
Pamela, a big boyfriend named Flash Thompson!"

Pamela sadly nodded her head as they toured the spider labortory. Mary Jane
was standing by the spider aquarium when Pamela spoke to her.

"Hey Mary Jane, let me take your picture, ya know for the school paper."

"Sure Pamela" She smiled.

Pamela couldn't help herself but get a close up of Mary Jane's incredible
chest with the zoom on the camera. Then she finally took the PIC. Shortly
after that a spider fell and landed on her hand biting her "OK fuck!" she

Pamela noticed, that Harriet seemed to be chatting a lot to Mary Jane, "could
she be flirting with her" she wondered. She shook it off though, after all
Harriet knew Pamela liked Mary Jane so naturally Harriet wouldn't be trying
to get with her.

As the day went on Pamela was starting to feel sick. As soon as she got home
she barely said a word to her Aunt May and Uncle Ben and went right to bed.

* * *

Flash Thompson and Mary Jane were alone in Flash's bedroom and the two teens
were making out. Flash moved his hands under MJ's shirt to her red bra. He
took his hand and put MJ's hand on his crotch with his pants unzipped. MJ
knew what he wanted so she pulled out his 6 inch cock from his pants and
began to stroke him off slowly. Flash got her top unbuttoned, and reaching
back he unhooked her bra revealing her firm breasts which he roughly

After a short while he pushed her to the floor in front of his cock, "Suck
it MJ you know how much I love that!" Mary Jane reluctantly took his average
cock in her mouth and began sucking him. He pulled her by her red hair
forcing all of him in her mouth. Flash leaned back and began pumping his
cock in and out of MJ's mouth taking his hands down to squeeze on her pink
nipples. Mary Jane hoped he would explode in her mouth and they would be
done, but he held back.

When he got tired of the blowjob he pulled her up and yanked down her skirt
leaving her in her shoes and red bikini panties.

"OK, MJ come take a ride on Flash's summer sausage!"

'More like Vienna sausage,' she thought to herself, as she grabbed her
panties' waistband and slid them down her legs. Exposing her red pubic hair
and pink pussy to Flash. Then she climbed on top of him, he took one of her
breasts in his mouth and sucked hard on it as she sat down on his cock. MJ
slowly began riding him causing him to moan. He went to the other breast and
sucked hard on it biting down hard on her nipple. MJ yelled out in pain then
slapped him on the back, "Not so hard you big ox!"

"Oh, OK. Sorry" he replied.

Mary Jane did most of the work as usual riding him as he was more gentle now
sucking her tits. After a few more minutes Flash let her know he was coming.

"Oh yeah fuck here it comes MJ take it on your face you redhead bitch.

MJ got on her knees and took his load all over her face some landing in her
hair and in her eye, most of it landing on her chin. After that she went to
the bathroom and wiped it out of her hair as best as she could, and rinsed
out his salty cum from her mouth with mouthwash.

* * *

Back at OsCorp Norman Osborne was desperate not to lose his contract with
the military for his experiment performance enhancer drugs. Problem was they
weren't quite ready yet, the drugs sometimes had side effects, like madness,
insanity, as a result of the performance enhancers. The military had told
him he was out of time though either he had them ready in 2 days or they were
going with someone else. Norman had decided to use them on himself, against
the the project expert's advice.

After they were administered to him, he woke up with madness in his eyes, and
killed the project expert.

Osborne didn't remember any of this though he woke up in his home found by
his daughter Harriet.

"Daddy, what are you doing on the floor?"

"I...I can't remember," he said still seeming dazed and confused.

His female assistant came through the door "Mr. Osborne there's been an
accident at the lab, Dr. Martin has been murdered and the glider and flight
suit has been stolen."

Norman and his daughter looked at each other shocked at the news.

* * *

Pamela Parker woke up from her bed she had slept all afternoon and all night
it was early the next morning. She was in a plain white bra and blue Jean
shorts her hair she wore down for a change. She picked up her black rim
glasses and put them on. Surprisingly everything was blurry. She took them
off, and her vision was clear. 'Weird,' she thought. Pamela looked in the
mirror, it was strange it was like her body had more muscle tone, and her
firm breasts seemed a bit firmer. "Wow cool!" she said.

Pamela looked out her window and saw Mary Jane, she was getting ready for
school. She was brushing her hair and looking in her mirror. She was dressed
in a white bra and panties. Pamela watched as MJ went through different
clothes to wear. She decided on a black top and long beige skirt. Then after
looking herself over she took off her shirt. Pamela's eyes grew big as the
sexy redhead removed her bra exposing her beautiful twin mounds. Pamela
licked her lips at the thought of how good it would be to take one of MJ's
firm breasts in her mouth. Her pink nipples stood erect as MJ tried on other
tops without a bra. Ultimately she decided on the same black top but without
her bra. After that she left the room. Pamela realized she was touching
herself the whole time down her unzipped Jean shorts.

'God I gotta have that girl,' she thought to herself.

Pamela felt good, more alive than ever, she rushed downstairs practically
climbing the wall as she did. She kissed her Uncle Ben and Aunt May good-bye
as she bolted out the door. She was chasing after the bus but was unable to
get them to stop. As it sped off the banner on the side of the bus stuck to
her hand. She practically had to pry it off her hand. She was eating lunch
when again she noticed things were sticking to her hands, then she noticed
something really strange, something white growing from her wrists. She moved
her hand forward and suddenly webbing came out. She was able to do the same
with the other hand. It was very weird indeed.

When her day ended she made her way home in an alley, she saw a spiderweb
and realized what the web in her wrists must mean. The spider that bit her
passed something on to her somehow. She looked closer to her fingers to see
tiny tiny bristles forming. Pamela put her hands on a wall and then her feet,
before long she was climbing the wall. Later she was running from building
to building leaping as this new skill of hers seemed to have everything to
do with a spider. After several tries she learned to swing from her webbing.
She ended up losing track of time, which meant she didn't help her aunt and
uncle paint the kitchen like they had agreed.

She noticed Mary Jane her sweet fantasy girl riding with Flash in his new
car. That's when she decided, she needed a car. She found an ad in the paper
for female wrestlers needed. Beat the champion Medusa and earn $3000. So
Pamela came up with an idea for a costume. She new in wrestling outfits for
women were almost provocative so she came up with a great idea. She were tall
red boots with a spiderweb design sowed in. Her top was basically a long
sleeved red tubetop with a spiderweb and a big black spider in the front. Her
bottoms were skin tight blue biker shorts that hugged her sexy curves. Her
mask was red with a black spiderweb design the eyes were big and white, on
the back of the mask her long black hair was down and visible.

Everyone that fought the wrestling match with Medusa before had left the ring
in a stretcher. Now it was Pamela's turn. Pamela proved to be too quick for
Medusa and she pinned her in 2 minutes to win the match.

Afterwards when she went to collect her money she was given only $100.
"What's this? The ad say $3000!" Demanded Pamela.

The boss looked up at her and said, "the ad said for three minutes in the
ring you get $3000, you pinned her in two."

"I need that money!" Insisted Pamela.

"I missed the part where that was my problem!" Snapped the man.

Pamela stormed out. She made her way to the elevator when she heard a loud
scream come from the office she was just in.

A man came running out with a bag full of money running toward the elevator.
"Stop him!" Yelled the manager. Pamela looked at the manager, the guy that
had just ripped her off, then moved out of the robbers way allowing him to
get escape.

The manager was infuriated. "I saw what you did in the ring, you could have
taken that guy, now he's escaped with my money!"

Pamela just glared at him and said "i missed the part where that became my
problem!" With that she gave him a mean smirk as he walked away. After
celebrating her victory, Pamela noticed a crowd of people around the
sidewalk, she moved in to see what all the commotion was. There on the
ground with a gunshot wound was her Uncle Ben.

"What happened!?" She asked the officer on the scene.

"Carjacking miss, you know this man?"

"Yes," tears streaming down her face, "he's my uncle."

Ben Parker said only Pamela's name before passing away right there in front
of Pam. She heard the police scanner on where the car was. She took off after
the car jacker. She had him cornered in a warehouse and seeing him up close
she realized, it was the same man she let escape earlier at the managers
office. She wailed into him showing him no mercy using her spider quickness
with a series of punches and kicks. Then she gave him a front kick
accidentally knocking him through a window and he fell two stories to the
ground killing him on impact. Pamela quickly left not wanting to have to
answer to the police. Pamela couldn't help but feel responsible, if she had
stepped in and not step aside for the thief her Uncle would still be alive.

to be continued...


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