This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. This is an adult story
not to be read by anyone under 18. This follows the storyline of the movie
Spiderman. With the obvious exceptions of Harry Osborne being replaced by a
Harriet Osborne, that role will be played by a blonde Christina Ricci. Mary
Jane is still being played by a red haired Kirsten Dunst. Eliza Dusku (she
played Faith on Buffy) is Pamela Parker (spiderwoman). For those of you who
are comic book fans I know that Jessica Drew played Spiderwoman, but I choose
to use the name Pamela Parker instead.

Now on to part two:

Spider-man: Spiderwoman Part 2 (FF)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Pamela Parker had just gotten back from attending her Uncle Ben's funeral.
She was taking out the trash, when she heard shouting and name calling from
next door. It was Mary Jane's dad as usual. Mary Jane ran out the front door
on the brink of tears. She stopped when she saw Pamela.

"Did you hear all that?"

" I heard but wasn't easedropping I was just taking out the trash."

"He's always yelling at me."

"Well everybody yells."

"Your aunt don't and your uncle didn't."

"Oh they got pretty loud sometimes."

"So where you going after school Pam?"

"Well I'll probably move to the city, maybe I can be a photographer, work my
way through college. How bout you MJ?"

"Yeah, I'm moving to the city too, I can't wait to get out of here. I
wanna... well I wanna act, you know on stage."

"Really? That would be perfect MJ you were great in all the school plays, I
cried when you played Cinderella."

"Pamela that was the second grade."

"Well, even so, I can see your name in lights someday, you have lots of good
things in store for you."

MJ smiled and even blushed a little at the compliment.

"What do you think is in store for you Pam?"

"I don't know...but whatever it is, its something I havn't felt before."

Their conversation was interupted as Flash Thompson showed up in his slick
car, MJ got in and waved good-bye to Pam.

Later that night, the general of the U.S. army met with leaders from the
company aerospace.

"So along with the glider you have the perfomance enhancer drugs ready for
human testing Mr Orton?"

"Yes general, but I was curious what of your commitment to OsCorp?"

"Well, nothing would make me happier than to see Norman Osborne out of

The men took place in a bunker as they all got ready to watch Aerospace's
best pilot have a demonstration with the glider. Suddenly they started to
pick up an unidentified object. They never got to identify it though as it
moved quickly firing missles that destroyed the glider and pilot, then more
missles killed the general and everyone else in the bunker.

Only days later there was the graduation ceremony. Pamela and Harriet were
graduating with their class. Harriet turned around to see her dad.

"Good news Pam, my dad go us set up in an apartment in the city."

"Oh that's great Harriet." Responded Pamela.

They turned around to see Harriet's dad Norman.

"You've made it, its not the first time I've been proven wrong.
Congratulations sweetheart!"

"Thanks daddy."

"Pamela, the science award good job...I know this has been a difficult time
for you with your Uncle, but try and enjoy this day. Commencement, the end
of one thing the start of something new. You know Harriet considers you a
sister, that makes you family. If you ever need anything you let me know."

Harriet wondered off and noticed MJ and Flash Thompson, she was giving him
back his ring. No doubt they were breaking up. Harriet used this opportunity
to go talk to her.

"Hey MJ looks like you and Flash had a fight."

"Yeah Harriet, we broke up."

"Sorry to hear that, look maybe we could get some coffee or something, you
really shouldn't be alone right now."

"That sounds good, lets go."

The two women were off to the local caffe. Harriet decide that they would
have more privacy back at her fathers mansion.

Pamela made her way back home. Pam ignored Aunt May's request for something
to eat and went straight to her room. Pam sat on her bed, tears starting to
stream down her face. Her Aunt came in and sat beside her.

"I really missed him today Aunt May."

"I know you did Pam, I miss him too, but he was there you spirit."

"I can't help but remember the last thing i said to him, he was trying to
tell me something, and I threw it back in his face."

"Pam, he loved you, and you loved him, he had no doubt at the woman you would
become, and neither do I!"

Aunt May hugged Pam as she let the tears flow.

Pamela took out her spiderwoman costume she eyed it, wondering if she should
throw it away, then she remembered what her uncle last told her. "With great
power comes great responibility." She knew she had a gift, or a curse
depending how you look at it, she had seen what happens when she dosen't use

Back at Harriet Osbourne's room Harriet was comforting MJ over her break up.
They were hugging, and Harriet gave MJ a kiss on the mouth. MJ always had
thoughts of what another woman would be like, and Harriet's tender kiss only
stirred those feelings more. Harriet released her dirty blonde hair from its
scrunchie. MJ did find Harriet to be very pretty, and she loved her big
breasts, so much bigger than her own. Harriet caressed MJ's cheek softly as
she gazed into her beautiful eyes. The two had their graduation gowns
removed, MJ in a black mini skirt and a pink top, Harriet was wearing a black
dress that stopped right above her knees.

Harriet wanted to go a bit farther, so she leaned in and kissed MJ full on
the lips, this time opening her mouth and sliding in her tongue. MJ was torn
on whether or not to go this far so soon. It had only been hours since she
broke up with her long time boyfriend. Certainly she was on the rebound, and
of course, to complicate things this was an affair with another girl,
something she had never experienced before, but she went with it. MJ saw
Harriet remove her dress leaving her huge rack naked with black see through
panties. MJ was lost in her beauty. Her huge tits with dark areola's, her
shapely hips, and the way the panties barely covered her sexy ass had MJ's
mind spinning.

MJ then let Harriet undress her, pulling off her pink top displaying her
plain white cotton bra, her tits encased in the bra were certainly not plain
though. Harriet removed MJ's skirt as well. She behold something more
revealing, a white thong, lacey and very sexy. The two slowly leaned in and
started to kiss again.Harriet's big tits smashing against MJ's smaller ones
as they kissed. Their kissing was intense, Harriet was very into MJ and she
wanted nothing more than to eat the red head out til her body was limp.
First off though, she undid MJ's bra to find a nice 34B set of breasts the
nipples were red and quarter size, and at this moment very hard, the
firmness though! Her breasts seemed to defy gravity.

Harriet then removed MJ's thong, she breathed in the aroma of MJ's scent
already on her thong. It was a wonderful scent that only got Harriet more
aroused. She eyed the heart shape red patch of MJ's pubes, her ever so
pretty cunt lips visible. It was the most beautiful thing Harriet had ever
seen. She removed her own black panties to reveal that her pubes were black
as opposed to the dirty blonde hair on her head. Harriet pulled the thinner
girl onto her lap and pushed her face into her breasts. MJ started licking
and sucking on Harriet's huge tits. This might have been new to her but she
was had always wanted to try it, and Harriet's tits were so nice, she
wondered why she never tried girls before now.

As she sucked on Harriet's boobs she straddled her lap and began to grind
into her. Their clits rubbed up together as Harriet squeezed and slapped on
MJ's cute butt. MJ lightly nibbled on her hard nipples, causing the dyed
blonde teen to moan. Her tongue licked up and down on Harriet's aroused
nipples, as Harriet's box began to drip with her female juices.

Harriet pulled her away from her chest, then Harriet started to kiss down
her body. She put MJ on her back and kissed both of her breasts. MJ shut her
eyes tight absorbing the pleasure she felt as Harriet went lower. She left a
trail of saliva with her wet kisses as she kissed on her white toned tummy.
Lower still she went past her bellybutton to MJ's red pubic hair. Harriet's
hand caressed the silky red pubic hair and found her cunt lips. MJ stuck out
her tongue in pleasure as Harriet's fingers opened up her hood and entered
inside of her. Once it was open Harriet dug her tongue into her pussy. She
pushed her tongue in deep intoxicated by the red head's sweet taste as MJ
pushed her head hard between her legs. Harriet took her time, driving the
teen crazy as her tongue went up and down her vagina lips.

"Oh H...Har...Harri...Harriet oh yessssssss, ohh lick it ohhh lick my pussy,
oh yesss I've always fantasized about this, oh God I love your fucking

Harriet licked it up and down giving her clit rough love bites as she ate her
out. MJ wrapped one leg around Harriet's neck as her body started to convulse
in the pleasure.

"Harriet, Harriet, ohhhh im cummmming baby oh yesssssssssssssssssss!"

MJ covered her new lovers face with her sweet juices as Harriet didn't miss
a drop licking them up. They lay back Harriet on top of her squeezing on her
firm tits as MJ caressed Harriet's naked backside.

* * *

Pamela made adjustments to her costume, she now wore skin tight blue stretch
pants, red high heeled spiderweb boots. On her top half she wore a red
spiderweb halter top that had long sleeves and gloves. She wore a red
spidermask that showed part of her face, mostly just her mouth, her black
hair she wore down and it went to the middle of her back. She looked hot to
say the least.

Downtown New York City a grocery store was being robbed. Out of no where came
Spiderwoman. All three crooks were givin round house kicks knocking them out.
Spiderwoman tossed the money in the bag back to the owner. Then she was gone
like a shot.

The next day the headlines read "MASKED WOMAN FOILS BANK ROBBERS"

Two jewel theives were on their way out of a store when they were ambused by
Spiderwoman. The police showed up and to their shock they found the two
thievies on a giant spiderweb between two street lamp posts.

The headlines read the next day"SPIDERLIKE WOMAN STRIKES AGAIN"

A woman was being mugged in central park when suddenly a web pulled away the
robbers gun. Spiderwoman swung down and gave the guy a superkick to the face.
The woman was tossed back her purse with a note that said "courtesy your
friendly neighborhood Spiderwoman."

Next day the Daily Bugle's headline read "WHO IS SPIDERWOMAN?"

"Who is Spiderwoman? She's a criminal thats who she is, whats she doing on
my front page?" Asked the Bugle's editor J. Jamenson.

"She's news we sold out every copy with her on the front page." Said his

"Sold out!?"

"Yes, every copy!" He repeated.

"Tomorrow's paper I want Spiderwoman on the front page, with a decent
picture this time."

"We don't have a good picture of her nobody does, shes always swinging away."

"Ah what is she shy? We can get a picture of Julia Roberts in a thong then we
can surely get a picture of this skintight pants wearing bitch! Put an AD in
be famous, I'll make her infamous!"

Later that day Pamela caught up with MJ and found out that she was working as
a waitress. She was amazed that even in a orange waitress outfit the redhead
looked so beautiful! She was taken back when she learned that MJ was going
out with Harriet. Harriet knew that Pam was crazy about MJ, so why would she
date her if they were friends. Of course she played it off like she knew they
were dating to MJ. Saying they lived together and she had heard that. Pam
told MJ they should get together some time, she agreed they should. MJ just
told her not to tell Harriet she was waiting tables. Pam said she wouldn't,
she just wish to herself that Harriet had told her...that she was dating MJ.

Pamela made her way back to the apartment that her and Harriet shared,
Harriet and her father Norman were both there. Norman was talking on his
cellphone as Harriet was doing a paper for college.

"Hey Pam are you OK? You look like you just got second place in the science

"Well I was late to work and the doctor at the clinic fired me."

"You were late again? Where do you go Pam?"

"I don't know...around."

Noticing her dad was off the phone. "Hey dad you think you could get Pamela
a job?"

"Not a problem Pamela, I'll make a few calls for you."

"No thats OK Mr. Osbourne I'd rather get things on my own, I couldn't take
any help." Pam insisted.

"You wanna earn things on your own, I respect that. What skills do you have
Pam?" Asked Norman.

"Well I was thinking of something in photography."

Pamela noticed something in the paper "WILL PAY CASH MONEY FOR PHOTOS OF
SPIDERWOMAN" at the Daily Bugle.

Pamela set up a camera, because of her spider sense she knew where a crime
would happen before it took place. So she had her camera set up to take

She weeded out the bad pictures, and found that she had several good ones to
sell to the Bugle. She took them in to Mr. Jamenson, she was surprised when
he said they were all crap. He offered her $200 for all of them.

"Thats kinda low isn't it?" Pam, asked.

"Then take them somewhere else!"

Pam started to get up.

"Wait sit down." He looked back through the pics. "I'll give you $300, thats
a standard freelance fee."

"I'd like a job sir."

"No job, freelance, best thing in the world for a girl your age. Here, give
this to the girl at the desk, she'll make sure you get paid. Now get me some
more photos of that paper selling bimbo maybe i'll take them off your hands.
I never said you had a job though, now get out of here."


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