This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Spider-Man 3:
Rebuilding An Empire Part 1 - Spider-Whore Part 1 (MMF,anal,ncon)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"Stop it! Stop it!" Mary Jane screamed hysterically from a cab that dangled
precariously between two buildings in an unfinished construction site.

Below where she hung trapped her boyfriend and hero to the city, Spider-Man,
was being beaten mercilessly by the transformed hand of the Sandman which
took the shape of a sledgehammer. Cackling with delight was Venom who had
pinned Spider-Man to a steel girder with his black webbing. With a final
blow Sandman's sledgehammer came crashing down on Spider-Man's body. The
superhero's body shook violently one last time and he spit blood from his
mouth before the last breath left his body.

"Who's going to save you now???" Venom screamed at the crowd that had
gathered in the streets below as he threw Spider-Man's limp body towards
them. The onlookers quickly dispersed as the body came hurtling towards
them. It hit the street with a thud and they just as quickly began
converging on it in disbelief. "Do you want the girl? I have no used for
her anymore," Venom asked turning around expecting to see the Sandman, but
finding him gone instead. "Pussy."

"Stay away!" Mary Jane cried as Venom made his way to the taxi. "Please
don't kill me!"

"You know," Venom said reaching into the car and pulling Mary Jane out by
the throat, "with Peter gone chaos is free to return to the city and you no
longer have any place in it. Besides," the black mask retracted exposing
Eddie Brock's face, "I never liked redheads." Eddie became Venom once again
and hoisted MJ over his head ready to reunite her with Peter.

"Before you kill her, as much as she deserves it, let me have the girl."

"Harry!" Mary Jane shouted as she looked over Venom's shoulder and saw Harry
in his New Goblin garb standing on one of his gliders. "They killed Peter!
Please help me!"

"Shut up MJ. Nobody's talking to you."

"Why do you want her? She's given you nothing but problems."

"I'm starting a new business venture and I need her for it to be successful."

"I'm not one to think of myself, but what's in it for me?"

"I let you kill Peter Parker. Where my father and Otto Octavius failed
before you were successful. You will forever been known as the man who
killed Spider-Man. What more do you want?"

"Harry! How could you!" Mary Jane cried with tears near instantaneously
appearing on her face.

"I said shut up," Harry scowled at the redhead. "Actually, Eddie I do have a
proposition for you. Meet me in Central Park at three a.m. the morning after
tomorrow and let's humiliate Peter Parker one last time. Just name your

"With Parker gone there isn't anything I could want that I wouldn't be able
to get myself," Venom said nonchalantly tossing MJ at Harry. "Humiliating
Peter one more time is all I need."

"Good, I'll see you then. I hope you don't suddenly get shy in front of the
camera. I'll explain everything later."

"Unlike my weaker half there isn't a thing I won't do. I'll see you in a
few days," Venom replied. Nodding in agreement the two villains went their
separate ways. Once grief-stricken and depressed Mary Jane became agitated
and angry at Harry as they made their way to Oscorp Tower.

"Why'd you let Peter die?!? Why?!? Why didn't you help him?!?" MJ screamed
kicking at Harry's legs.

"I hope you know I can't feel a thing and even if I did and I dropped you,
you wouldn't survive the fall so I suggest you stop struggling."

"You bastard!" The redhead screamed as the duo arrived at their destination.

"Ah MJ, I always liked your feistiness," Harry grinned as his mask retracted
kissing her on the lips. She quickly broke the kiss and spit in his face.
"But sometimes you can be a bitch!" Harry's demeanor suddenly changed and he
threw Mary Jane down. She cried out as she hit the rooftop of the building
with a loud thud. "It doesn't matter though," He said grabbing her red hair
and dragging her to her feet. "Tomorrow you'll be a new person and behaving
yourself." Harry opened a plain white door on the rooftop and shoved MJ
inside. She crashed onto a slick white tile floor and as she was forced up
by Harry she looked around. "Is everything ready Spencer?"

"Yes Mr. Osborn. We're prepped and ready to go."

"Good. Then let's begin."

Fear and panic began to race through Mary Jane when she spotted an
unconscious Aunt May strapped to a surgical table. A few seconds later a
hand with a wet cloth was placed over her mouth and nose and she passed out.

* * *

"Unnnh!" Mary Jane moaned as she slowly regained consciousness. With her
head spinning and feeling very groggy MJ tried to sit, but couldn't. She was
strapped down to a surgical table similar to the one May had been strapped
to. Looking around she didn't see the elderly lady. Mary Jane looked down at
her arm when she felt it start to throb and noticed a small needle mark.

"Good, you're finally awake."

"What did you do to me Harry?" MJ growled looking to her right and seeing a
smug Harry Osborn sitting comfortably in a leather chair.

"Don't worry. You weren't injected with any that can kill you... At least
not until I tell it to."

"What the hell did you do to me? Where's May?"

"Don't worry about her MJ. Just worry about yourself. You've been injected
with a batch of microscopic nanobots that are now in your bloodstream.
They're harmless to you and will remain so unless you give me a reason to
have them release the toxin they're carrying into your blood. If that
happens your death will be slow, agonizing, and very very painful. And just
so you don't try anything stupid or give me a reason to activate them the
same nanobots are in the bloodstream of Peter's aunt. Oh, you really should
know that if you still have any thoughts of going to the police or anyone
else I have the city's water supply ready to be poisoned in an instant.
Schools will be affected first. I don't think you really want the deaths of
hundreds or even thousands of children on your hands do you?"

"You bastard..." Mary Jane said in disbelief her face turning pale. "You'd
kill all those innocent people including children because you're mad at me?
You're insane Harry."

"I'm as sane and happy as ever. Peter's dead so there's no more Spider-Man
and I've got my father's money and an easy life to live now. If I still had
any feelings for you then I could add you to the list of great things in my
life, but I don't and at this point I could care less what happens to you.
As for the children and innocent people you referred to, whether they live
or die is up to you."

"You asshole..."

"Now you're starting to irritate me and if you keep this up someone might

"Please tell me one thing. Why didn't you let Eddie kill me after you let
him kill Peter???"

"That feistiness of yours is going to translate well into the camera. To
answer your question I'm starting a new division within Oscorp, but under a
different name and you're getting in on the ground level to help me make it
a huge success. Get some sleep MJ, you're going to have a busy morning

* * *

Mary Jane frantically ran through Central Park looking for a policeman or a
good Samaritan, but at three in the morning the only people she saw were
derelicts. Huffing and puffing and no longer able to run without some rest
she hid among some trees hoping to lose her pursuer. The redhead waited with
bated breath as she listened for the rustling of leaves and branches to
indicate where her follower was.

As the sounds moved closer and closer to her Mary Jane briefly thought about
taking off again, but decided against it when the sounds stopped. She waited
in hiding for several minutes listening for anything, but heard nothing.
Then as she started to creep her head up MJ's abdomen was struck by the
black webbing of Venom and she was violently yanked forward.

She hit the ground with a thud and a look of fear crossed her face as she
crawled to her knees and gazed upon the menacing black figure in front of
her. Venom grabbed Mary Jane by the neck lifting her up off the ground.

"Time to join your boyfriend," Venom hissed as he began squeezing MJ's

"Please don't kill me..." the redhead begged. "I'll do anything you want."

"There's nothing I want from you."

"Please Eddie... Anything," Mary Jane pleaded struggling to unbutton her
shirt. Venom stopped squeezing her neck as her shirt fell to the ground.
With trembling hands Mary Jane then unclasped her bra and dropped it as
well. Venom stared at her heaving breasts for several minutes saying and
doing nothing. "Please... I'm begging you..."

Venom's mouth opened and his elongated tongue shot out licking up and down
MJ's bare torso to her chagrin. Then it began slithering between her breasts
covering her in alien saliva. Mary Jane bit her tongue and did her best to
not show any discomfort as the large appendage wrapped itself around her
right breast squeezing it and flicking itself across her nipple. Then it did
the same to her left breast before Venom released her neck and dropped Mary
Jane unceremoniously to the ground.

She coughed several times before sitting up on her knees and staring
directly at Venom's groin. The black suit had peeled away just enough to
expose Eddie's erect cock. Mary Jane took Eddie's shaft in her hand and
began slowly running her hand back and forth across it. After a few seconds
of gentle stroking MJ licked the tip of the penis several times before
taking the head into her mouth.

The human and alien sides of Venom alternated between moans and animalistic
grunts as Mary Jane bobbed her head back and forth wrapping her tongue
around the shaft as her lips slid along the surface. After several minutes
of MJ's tongue lashing Venom's hands grabbed the back of her head and
plunged it down hard onto Eddie's cock as it began to thrust forward. Mary
Jane nearly gagged several times as the erect prick quickly and fiercely
plunged deep into her throat

"You Spider-Whore!" Eddie's voice groaned thrusting ever harder into MJ's

"What's going on?!?" A voice demanded.

Mary Jane broke her head away from Eddie's groin and turned to see a
tattered and beaten up Spider-Man hanging upside down from a tree. "Peter!"
MJ screamed getting up and running to Spider-Man's side. "I thought you were

"So did I!" Venom growled with Eddie's dick still exposed.

"And that's why you were sucking Eddie, I mean Venom's, well just whoever's

"I didn't want to Peter, but he was going to kill me! Please forgive me!"
Mary Jane pleaded.

" Evil or not," Spider-Man said flipping over and landing on the ground,
"it's unfair to any man to leave him hanging. Take the rest of your
clothing off and come here." Mary Jane did as she was told without question
and was standing nude in the middle of Central Park. As she neared him
Spider-Man shot her and the tree he was just hanging from with webbing.
Within seconds the redhead was hanging horizontally from the tree at groin
level with the superhero. Spider-Man then lowered his tights enough to
expose his cock. "Now suck it."

"I'm so glad you're not mad at me Peter!" Mary Jane said with obvious
relief. She eagerly stroked Spider-Man's dick several times licking at the
head like a lollipop. As she went to take it into her mouth the man in red
had new instructions.

"I want you to tongue my balls first."

With a big grin on her face MJ pressed Peter's cock against his abdomen and
began flicking her tongue at his scrotum. Mary Jane let out an excited moan
when Venom's tongue began pressing up and down her pussy. Then as she took
one of Peter's testicles into her mouth sucking on it like hard candy Mary
Jane squealed in delight as Venom's large tongue slipped into her pussy and
began thrashing about rubbing against her insides. The redhead spent several
minutes taking turns tonguing and sucking one side of Spider-Man's scrotum
before switching to the other.

"Now you can suck my cock," Peter said when his balls became sensitive and
his dick was fully erect.

As Mary Jane eagerly took Spider-Man's hard-on into her mouth she felt
Eddie's cock start to penetrate her pussy. Slowly it inched into her body
filling her wet cunt. Her head was bobbing back and forth over Peter's shaft
ever increasing the pace as more of Eddie's dick filled her insides.

Then as Venom grabbed Mary Jane's hips and began to thrust into her slick
opening with force Peter grabbed the back of her head and began to piston
himself down her throat. Mary Jane's entire body shook as she was being
rammed at both ends. Her gag reflex quickly began to come into play as Peter
pumped the entire length of his shaft into her mouth and down her throat
with no rest. Several times she almost choked on the penetrating cock and
she spit all over herself whenever it pulled out. Then suddenly both Venom
and Spider-Man pulled out.

Mary Jane then lowered her feet and stood upright as Peter broke the
webbing. That didn't last long as she wrapped her arms around Spider-Man as
he reached under her knees and lifted her up. Slowly Peter began to lower
the redhead and with a smile she moaned as his dick split her pussy apart
and pushed it's way inside. Venom then grabbed Eddie's cock pushing it
against MJ's asshole.

"God that's tight," Mary Jane moaned as the tip of the cock finally
penetrated her anus.

Venom worked it in pushing it in faster that she would have liked, but
having a cock penetrate both her pussy and her ass was bliss for MJ. Venom's
hands were grasping the redhead's buttocks to support her body as both
superhero and villain alike worked up their pace. With her hands around
Spider-Man's neck MJ leaned back against Venom. Her breasts shook violently
with each hard thrust into her sloppy cunt and asshole.

"Oh fuck me! I'm fixing to come!" Mary Jane shouted as she felt her body
start to burn with desire.

Harder and harder Spider-Man and Venom pumped their raging cocks into MJ.
The redhead was screaming that she was about to come and they weren't too
far off themselves. Suddenly Spider-Man felt Mary Jane's pussy clamp down on
his shaft and Venom felt her sphincter began to squeeze on his shaft as she
screamed like a banshee.

When MJ's orgasm subsided and her screaming stopped Peter was slamming his
dick hard into her cunt as his semen erupted from his cock burrowing deep
into her womb. Then a few minutes later as he pulled out Venom began coming
in her ass. MJ could feel thick warm cum squirt deep into her bowels.

With a happy content smile on her face Mary Jane was lowered to the ground
as semen spilled from her sticky cunt and ass. She got to her knees and
quickly licked Peter's shaft clean before doing the same to Venom. When she
was finished the black suit covered Eddie's groin once again and Spider-Man
pulled his tights back up.

"You're girlfriend only temporarily bought you time. This isn't over by a
long shot," Venom sneered before using it's webbing to swing away between
the trees.

* * *

"And that's a wrap. We've got all the footage you asked for Mr. Osborn," the
lone cameraman in Central Park said stepping from behind the camera.

"Including the shots of the cum oozing out of both sides of MJ?" Harry asked
pulling the Spider-Man mask from his face.

"The shots couldn't be better."

"Excellent Richie. Thanks for you help," Harry replied smiling handing the
man a manila envelop full of cash. "Have the master copy delivered to my
mansion tomorrow and be ready. If this does half as well as I think it will
I'll have another job for you and your crew."

"Thank you Mr. Osborn. Glad we could be of help."

As Richie and his crew began loading their equipment into some nearby vans
Harry turned to see Mary Jane still sitting on the ground.

"What's wrong MJ? You did great. Get dressed we're leaving in a few

"Thank you Mr. Osborn. My apologizes for keeping you waiting," Mary Jane
replied as she grabbed her clothes and redressed her sticky filthy body.

"There's no need to be so formal with me. Look, I know I can lose my temper
sometimes, but you're still my number one girl. I need to make some money to
revitalize Oscorp and pornography is the fastest way to do it. Your name
alone and the fact your Spider-Man's ex-girlfriend will bring in plenty of
sales. As far as Venom goes there are enough freaks out there that'll buy it
because he's in it. I just had to act like this was one last jab at Peter so
he'd agree to do it."

Mary Jane could only look at Harry with a confounded look on her face. "This
whole thing was just to make pornography to make yourself a little extra
money? What about the nanobots, the threat to poison the city's drinking
water, the fact that you let Peter get killed?"

"My relationship with Peter was broken beyond repair once my father died.
Sure a side of me was sad to see him die on tv, but you have to do what you
have to do to get ahead in life. My father did it and now I am too. As far
as the nanobots and my threat to poison the city those are real and whether
or not anything happens is up to you. It's really late and we're both tired
so let's go home and get some rest. We've got a funeral to go to in the

Mary Jane could only follow Harry to his car in silence in part due to the
insanity that was overtaking him. At least when the video was released for
sale she wouldn't have the embarrassment of dealing with family.


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