Spy Kids: Carmen Gets Tortured (BDSM,tort,ncon)
by Spykidder

Carmen, the daughter of two spies and brother of another one, was on a
mission to disrupt the actions of Dr. Georg, a scientist working on a plan
to rule the world.

As she entered his base in her spy gear, she heard a metallic clicking and
turned around just in time to see her be injected with a substance that
forced her into a deep sleep.

When she woke she found her arms changed upright to a bar above her, with
nothing but a bra and ... her diaper. Yes, she still wore her diaper after
14 years due to a bed-wetting problem that still haunted her.

Suddenly the door to her room opened and the lights turned on, to reveal a
short, shrewdish looking man. Dr. Georg.

"Well well, Ms. Cortez, or should I say baby Carmen?" He said.

"Go to hell, Georg!"

"I think not, baby. I want to know where the Base where you and your family
are equipped and briefed."

"No way, you pschotic asshole!" Carmen said

"Then you give me no choice" he snapped his hands and another man walked in.
He looked old and had no regrets about getting answers from patients.

"My friend, Jak, will get the information, no matter what happens to you."

"You can try, but I won't tell you," Carmen said.

"That's what they all say," Georg said with a laugh as he left the room.

Jak came up to Carmen and said, "Well this is so sweet, we have a baby in the
torture room, and I have 2 bottles for you." He then pulled out two 10-inch
long plastic bottles and set them at a table by his side.

"Do you have any idea what I'm about to do to you, baby?"

Carmen shook her head fearfully, eyeing the bottles near Jak. Just after
that, Jak cut carmen's bra and her diaper off of her and got the bottles. He
then noticed the yellow stain on the diaper.

"Aww, you're already wet, but not with your juices. Well, it will still make
it easier to get in one of your holes."

He then mercilessly slammed one of the bottles in her pussy, breaking her
hymen and forcing her to scream out loud.

"Carmen, your going to wish that was all I do to your virgin body," he said,
then added, "You have two choices, I can strap the one in your pussy there
for a long time and ram another one up your virgin ass, or you can tell me
where your base is. What is your choice?"

Carmen was still in pain from the huge bottle in her pussy, which was over 3
inches wide and was tearing her lower body, but she knew that if she told
him the location of the base, her parents and brother would be dead, not to
mention her if they killed her.

"Never, you piece of crap!"

"Oh well," he said.

He then went behind her and started to spread her ass cheeks for penetration.
He put the bottle up against her sphincter and pushed it in her ass. It
didn't go in very far, but he kept shoving it until it was all the way in.
Blood started trickling down her ass from the penetration in her bowles. He
strapped that one in and started to talk to her Carmen again.

"What do you say now, baby whore?"

Carmen was in so much pain she could hardly think, but she knew she could not
tell them.

"Never," she said weakly.

"Your choice, Ms. Cortez"

He then pulled out two nipple clamps and placed them on Carmen's perky small
tits, clamping it on her nipples. They were extraordinarily painful to her,
sending a mild electric shock through her every time she moved her body. It
was the final straw to her used body.

She screamed out the name of the city, "AAATTLanta, its in Atlanta!"

Jak then pulled out her ass and pussy bottles' and took off her nipple clamps
and untied her hands. She slumped to the ground in pain and fainted from

"Guards, please have Ms. Cortez sent to their base in Atlanta so she may be
another casualty to add to their lists."


The took her tortured body and used her as a toy until they were tired of her
ass, pussy, and tits, and had her sent to Atlanta.

The End


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