Spykids: Carmen's Interrogation (Mf,BDSM,food,tort,anal,ncon)
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

Gas! Hissing through the vent, the green smoke-like tendrils curled and
expanded, filing the room slowly. Reacting immediately, Carmen Cortez raced
for the door but as she approached the steel shutters fell into place
blocking her only escape route.

The young spy urgently surveyed the room trying to find an alternative exit.
But it was hopeless. The gas continued to pervade the small room, enveloping
Carmen in it's mist. Carmen's eyes began to hurt as the gas stung them and
her chest was now heaving, struggling to breath. Carmen took a huge gulp of
clean air so that she didn't have to breath in more intoxicating fumes.

Desperately, she pounded on the door in a futile effort to break it open. Her
eyes hurt so much she could hardly see, but still she continued to bang on
the door.

"Help!!! me!" she cried out to her brother, unaware that her
sibling spy had himself already been captured.

Carmen's head was starting to pound, starved of air. She couldn't hold her
breath much longer and it already felt like her chest was exploding.

Against her better judgement, Carmen opened her mouth and gasped for air.
Instantly, the gas was in her throat, chocking her, burning, stinging. She
held her breath again but now it was too late, the gas was already in her
lungs, tearing at her chest. She couldn't breath and was now starting to

Carmen was convinced she was going to die. As she surrendered to the gas,
her thoughts were of her parents, Ingrid and Gregorio. How she missed them.
How she had failed in her attempts to rescue them.

The gas finally took full effect and Carmen succumbed to the poison within
her system. She collapsed to the cold stone floor where she lay, writhing
and spasming, her body jerking uncontrollably in a fit, which became so
violent her entire body was thrashing out of control. Mercifully, she passed

Carmen awoke to find herself stripped down to her panties and bra and
chained, spread-eagled, to a wall. Large metal restraints were clamped around
her wrists and ankles whilst a metal band stretched around her forehead so
that she could move it. She struggled against her bonds but it was hopeless
and she could hardly move.

"Good evening, young spy" came a male voice to Carmen's left. Unable to turn
her head, Carmen moved her eyes as far as she could and saw the speaker, a
man in his mid fifties, bald and wearing oversized spectacles which made his
eyes look like a cartoon character.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Painmaster and I've been asked to get
some information from you" The man spoke, softly, with a slight German

"You'll get nothing from me" Carmen said, defiantly.

"Oh I think I will, dear. I am very good at my job" Painmaster replied.

"What do you want?" asked Carmen, now scared of what might happen to her. In
her training she had been instructed about interrogation techniques but she
had never before been tortured.

"One simple thing, my dear. Just tell me the password for the Omega data bank
and I'll let you go".

Carmen knew the code but she dared not reveal it to anyone. Only she knew it
and in fact only her mother and father knew that she had the hidden password
to the Omega project, a deadly device which could destroy entire cities. It
was too dangerous to tell anyone, let alone this madman.

"I don't know the code" Carmen lied.

"Oh I think you do dear. In fact I know you do" Painmaster said, his face now
so close to Carmen's she could smell his foul breath.

"Oh yeah? What makes you so sure, Baldie?" Carmen asked. He must be guessing,
she assured herself.

"Firstly, please don't call me baldie. And secondly I know...because your Mom
told me so" Painmaster smiled, baring his yellow teeth.

No! It couldn't be! Carmen couldn't believe her mother would betray her
country or her daughter. He has to be bluffing.

"You liar! My mom would never..."

"Oh it wasn't easy and she put up a great fight. But as I said, I am VERY
good at my job. Here, watch..." Painmaster said and at this his finger
stabbed on a concealed button. The wall directly before Carmen slid open
to reveal a screen which crackled into life, revealing an image of Ingrid
Cortez. Carmen's mother was naked and drenched in sweat, electrodes attached
to her nipples and genitals. She was gasping for breath.

"Watch, this is my favourite bit, the bit where your mom breaks" said
Painmaster gleefully.

On the screen, Ingrid was being subjected to a series of electric shock, her
naked body rising up against the leather straps which held her to the bed.
She was screaming, begging Painmaster to stop.

"...have...mercy...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhh" Ingrid wailed. Off screen
Painmaster was heard to say "Who has the fucking code?"

"Carmen... my daug...daughter. Carmen...has...code. Just
aaaaggggh" Ingrid screamed.

The screen switched off. Carmen was crying now, unable to comprehend what
her mother had endured.

"And so you see I will get the code from you" spat Painmaster.

"Shock me all you want, I'll tell you nothing" Carmen said, her voice

"Oh I think you are too young for electric shocks dear. I have something a
lot more fun in store for you, a more natural form of torture".

At this Painmaster grabbed Carmen's sweat-stained bra and ripped it from
her, exposing her well formed young breasts. The man licked Carmen's face and
down her neck until his mouth was on her left breast, where he took Carmen's
small, jutting brown nipple into his mouth and sucked it. Carmen squirmed,

Now Painmaster's hand was in the young girl's panties, his fingers rubbing
her vagina, his unclipped finger nails scratching her. Carmen sobbed from
the ordeal, her young body violated. To her embarrassment she couldn't stop
herself from urinating over Painmaster's hand and silently he wiped it on
her face.

Painmaster ripped the panties off Carmen, rendering her totally naked, the
first time she had ever been naked in front of a man. Painmaster gazed at
Carmen's nude body, her full breasts, her slightly wide hips and the her
gorgeous flat stomach. Painmaster particularly liked the fact that Carmen
was, like many Mexican women, blessed with a large puff of dark brown pubic
hair between her legs which was far more abundant than most 15 year olds.
Painmaster liked hairy women, it reminded him of his mother. The torture
expert peered closely at Carmen's armpits and to his great pleasure saw that
she did have a few wisps of hair there, something else he found especially

"And now we begin" Painmaster said and pulled from his pocket a tiny, red
chilli pepper. Using a small knife, the man made a precise incision into the
chilli so that it's seeds were exposed.

"This is an ancient technique you know, insertion of a chilli pepper into a
bodily orifice" said Painmaster, genuinely excited with task in front of him.
Carmen swallowed hard.

Painmaster continued "after a few seconds it will start to burn. And then it
will become unbearably hot until the pain drives you mad" he laughed.

Carmen was frozen with fear. She had once got some chilli onto a cut on her
finger whilst cooking and it had hurt more than anything she had ever known.

"One last chance. Tell me the code" Painmaster asked standing directly in
front of the naked spy.

"Get lost, Baldie" Carmen said, spitting at him.

"I asked you not to call me that" retorted Painmaster and at that he grabbed
at Carmen's vagina, pulling the lips harshly open and forcing the chilli into
her, his middle finger shoving it deep within her. Them he stood back to
admire his handiwork.

Carmen's eyes were wide with fear. Sure enough, within seconds she could
feel a warmth inside her as the chilli nestled against the inside of her
vagina. At first it merely tingled and was almost pleasant. But then as it
took effect it wasn't pleasant at all and Carmen started to cry again as
the chilli started to burn into her inner flesh.

"The code" Painmaster asked again.

In moments the chilli was burning Carmen's vagina, causing unbearable pain
in her most sensitive area. The young girl had never experienced such searing
agony before and she found herself unable to cry out from the pain.

"AAAAaggggggggggggghhh!!!!" Carmen screamed, her body puling against the
clamps that secured her to the wall, desperate to escape. Her face was
contorted in pain, neck muscles stretched taught, her mouth agape.

Now Painmaster was forcing a second, larger chilli into the girl's tortured
vagina, inflicting even worse pain.

"Noooooooo!!!! can'" Carmen begged.

"The code" Painmaster said again.

Carmen's naked body was wet with perspiration. The pain was unbearable and
it felt as if her entire vagina was on fire. But she had to hold out, she
couldn't reveal the code.

"can't...tell you. Must...hold...out..." Carmen stuttered.

Painmaster took a third Chilli and pushed it between Carmen's legs, beyond
her vagina and towards her anus. Unlubricated, it was difficult to get the
small little pepper passed the girl's tight sphincter.

"oh god no! NO!!!! Please..please... not there, not there!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Carmen begged.

Painmaster pushed forward and the chilli ripped open just as it broke through
the muscle of Carmen's anus. The insane man used his finger to squish the
pepper deep inside her anal cavity.

Now the pain was too much. Assaulted in both her vagina and anus, Carmen went
out of control, her body jerking and spasming against her restraints.

the tortured young spy screamed as her most private areas were subjected to
indescribable, intense heat.

"The pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can'!!!"

"Is it unbearable?" Painmaster asked, grinning

"yes.oh yes, please...stop...the...pain...take...them...out...of...meee...
aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh" Carmen wailed, now unaware
of anything but the agony between her legs.

"The code" Painmaster asked again.

Unable to withstand any more torture, Carmen was broken.

"Nebula... the Now please...please, I... can't...
bear.. it," Carmen spluttered.

In an instant, Painmaster pressed a button and the metal restraints
withdrew from Carmen. The tortured young spy immediately crumpled to the
floor, urgently pushing her fingers into her vagina to pull out the
chillies. After what seemed like an eternity she extracted them and then
turned her attention to her anus. But try as she might she could not get
the pepper from there and knew that there was only one thing she could do
to release herself from the vile torment in her rectum.

Oblivious to the embarrassment of it, Carmen squatted on the floor and
squeezed her bowels as hard as she could.

Carmen grunted as she forced a large brown turd from within, which pushed
the chilli from her insides.

Painmaster grinned and left the room, leaving Carmen on the floor, writhing
in agony, clutching at her hairy vagina which still burned unbearably. The
pain from her damaged genitals was so severe, Carmen did not even realise
she had just doomed the world.


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