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Additional Credit & Author's note: Story requested by Psycho as part of the
DSE (Story) Victim Exchange Program. As Elijah Wood voices Spyro in the `The
Legend' games I believe him to be past dragon puberty, whatever that is, and
as such this story is set with Spyro not/no longer a minor. I don't get the
appeal of Spyro as a sexialised character, but Psycho loves that little
purple bastard, so here you go:

Description: A raven leads Spyro the dragon out of the realms and through a
dangerous forest to meet his real father, who means him harm.

Content Codes: M/M = M-plant/m-dragon, M-dragon/M-dragon, incest, snuff, nc,
rape, anal, viol, cum, cann, imp (giant cock), xeno/beast/fur (whatever
dragons are classified as)

Spyro: The Legend Of Spyro's Death
by JD ([email protected])

Though he had once saved his best friend Sparx the dragonfly from a hungry
bird, Spyro the dragon didn't notice as a large raven swooped down from the
sky and plucked Sparx from the air. The raven banked away and gained height
as Sparx struggled weakly. The bird's sharp beak muffled his protests, and
soon he had swallowed the dragonfly utterly. It had been a long flight for
the raven, and he was pleased to eat before gliding back down to land on a
tree branch near Spyro. Spyro realized that Sparx was no longer hovering near
him, and started to call for his friend.

"Who are you calling to?" enquired the raven.

Spyro noticed him for the first time. He could see the bird was bigger than
normal ravens, and he hadn't met many that wanted to talk to him before. He
sat back on his haunches and swished his tail across the grass before

"My friend, Sparx. He was fluttering around here a minute ago!"

The raven looked furtive, but Spyro was not used to bird expressions and
missed it. After a moment the raven glided down off the branch and landed in
front of the small purple dragon. He seemed to be checking Spyro's
appearance; the shape of his horns, the yellow scales on his belly, his

"Say, you are Spyro, aren't you?" he asked the little dragon.

"I thought you were!" he continued, when Spyro nodded, "Your real father is
trapped! He's unable to return to the realms, and he told me what you looked
like because he was watching you from afar with a crystal ball! He won't let
me near it, says ravens muck it up."

"My real father?" gasped Spyro, Sparx momentarily forgotten.

"I need you to follow me through Sectin forest out of the realms."

Spyro was tough for a little dragon. He had faced many of the threats to the
realms, but even he was nervous about Sectin forest. Residents of the realms
had gone into the dark foreboding trees and not come out. The raven saw
Spyro's concern and sought to re-assure him,

"Hey listen, your father wouldn't want you coming through the forest if it
was dangerous to you! Most of the nasty stuff is hibernating this time of
year, and the rest you could beat easy being a dragon and all. Come on Spyro,
we can't wait around! Your real father needs you!"

So Spyro set off after the raven, who told him his name was Rab the Raven,
but "Everyone calls me Rab or Rabby." Spyro remembered Sparx as they reached
the edge of the Sectin Forest, but decided his friend must have hidden for a
joke before and would either catch up, or go home. Spyro the dragon sometimes
felt guilty about taking his friend on dangerous adventures, and decided it
was best to leave him out of this one as it involved the trip through the
Sectin Forest.

He wanted to ask Rab questions about his real father, but the raven kept
flying ahead, circling back and flying again. All he'd gotten from the bird
was that his father was a big red dragon with what Rab described as giant
horns. He'd also been told his real father's red scales were so dark as to be
almost black.

Once he'd been walking through the forest for a while get started to get
hungry. The raven, being larger than average, was able to hunt down food big
enough for him, although he complained that as a carrion bird he wasn't as
fond of hunting. Spyro didn't know what a carrion bird was. Rab told Spyro it
was very important he got the little dragon to his real father alive.

It seemed that Rab was right about most of the nasty creatures of the forest
hibernating. Spyro never even had the feeling that he was being watched, and
started to relax a little. His usually cocky, near-obnoxious, air returned.
Rab told him on one fly back past that he was talking to the forest birds,
and that they hadn't seen any sign of trouble on their route. Spyro slept
that night under a forest tree, and continued after breakfast the next
morning. Rab told him they were three quarters of the way through the forest.

The raven was off ahead when Spyro felt the weight of his bladder again, and
he stopped to urinate besides a tree. He sighed quietly as the pungent yellow
stream splashed down from his sheathed penis on the forest floor. The last
drops dribbled from his sheath when a rustling noise made him turn his head,
and suddenly the nearest bush seemed to explode at him. Vines lashed out,
coiling around his body. He flamed in surprise, but the plant was too wet to
burn and merely scorched. The vines tightened, wrapped around his small legs
and tail, and looped twice around his chest. The rough fibrous vines held
down even his stubby wings.

"Rab!" cried Spyro, but the raven was already flying back towards him.

"Oh no!" he said, "Raptor-Vine! They're normally inactive for six months!
What the hell is it doing grabbing you this time of year? Flame it!"

"I can't!" cried Spyro, "it's too wet and my flame is too weak!"

Rab flew in and pecked at the hostile plant's vines with his big yellow beak,
half severing one, then another. Two new vines lashed out together and
smashed the big bird against a tree; he slid down dazed but unbroken. The new
vines were different, slick and smooth and leaking sap. They rubbed against
Spyro's purple scales, searching for a way in. The small dragon was held in
the air above the forest floor, and didn't understand the vines' intent as
they slid against his body. One of them pressed into his mouth suddenly,
between his teeth and over his tongue. Spyro was so surprised he didn't
manage to ignite a blast of flame before it surged forward into his throat.

The purple dragon's eyes watered as the slick vine stretched out his throat.
Rab could see it pressing his neck out from within as the Raptor-Vine started
to pump roughly into the young dragon's gullet. Spyro gagged hard on the
vine. The talons on his feet opened and closed into semi-fists as he fought
to free his legs and scrape the vine from his mouth. He could only breathe
occasionally and his lungs hurt as he was denied the oxygen he needed. The
mindless Raptor-Vine was instinctively capable of forcing enough of its vine
down Spyro's throat to fill it to capacity without actually damaging the
purple dragon beyond the painful stretching.

The oral rape sounded loudly and wetly through the Sectin Forest as Spyro was
held helplessly in the air. He wished he could make the pain stop, but was at
least grateful it wasn't getting worse. He'd forgotten about the second of
the slick vines, until it prodded his bottom. The rough Vines held Spyro's
tail up and away from his ass, and the slick pointed tip dribbled sap as it
poked his puckered hole. Spyro renewed his struggles, but it was no good. The
vine surged into his asshole with bone shaking force.

Spyro the dragon was tough, but he would have screamed like an ordinary
little dragon if his throat weren't stuffed. The slick vine was self-
lubricated, but it stretched his ass out wider than a grown human's fist as
it worked into him. Spyro saw stars as the plant's vine doubled his agony
with brutal rectum pummelling thrusts. Rab tried to help him again, and was
lashed unconscious for his trouble. Spyro was barely aware of the raven as it
seemed to him as if red-hot spikes were forced down his throat and into his

After a few minutes of the Raptor-Vine pumping into Spyro's ass, the dragon
became aware of an undercurrent of pleasure. The vine was roughly massaging
his dragon prostate through the wall of his rectum, and his sticky red penis
emerged from his shaft. It grew out to a hard seven-inch length beneath his
yellow-scaled belly as he was rocked between the pumping vines. He managed
fewer and fewer gasps of air, asphyxiating as he choked on the violating
vine. He seemed light-headed through oxygen starvation and his struggles
lessened, but at the same time the little purple dragon's agonised pleasure
grew until he spurted watery sperm across the forest floor beneath him. His
little penis throbbed as he came, and for a moment he only felt pleasure -
and then the agony rushed back.

Moments before he would have died the Raptor-Vine plant reached its own
climax. The vines pumped sap-seed into Spyro's tight bottom and down his
stretched throat. His yellow-scaled belly bulged out softly from the sheer
quantity of the milky sap-seed pumped into him before the plant withdrew. As
it disentangled its other vines from Spyro's body, the slick vines pumped
more seed-sap all over him. His half open eyes stung as they were covered,
but the Raptor-Vine kept pumping until not a single inch of his own scales
showed through the sap-seed bukkake. They finally withdrew back to the bush
which had shielded the Raptor-Vine from view.

Spyro was crying, mentally shattered and physically violated. In all his
adventures he had never been so helpless before a foe, and now he'd been hurt
badly by something so minor as a plant! He deeply regretted ever entering the
Sectin Forest, but at least his tears washed the stinging mess from his eyes.
His own penis was covered with the plant's sap-seed, and it started to tingle
even as it retracted back into his sheath. He was ashamed that it had made
him feel good for that one moment.

"Spryo?" Rab's voice was shaky, buy he was okay. The raven was tough
physically, if not as tough as Spyro.

"R-Rab? It was in me." Spyro wailed pitifully. There was a croak to his voice
from his raped raw throat.

"You got to follow me, there's a stream about a mile from here. Need to get
you washed off."

Spyro could barely walk, but he managed to push up to his feet and stumbled
after the raven. Rab walked himself, hopping along the forest floor until his
head cleared. He was glad that Raptor-Vines didn't bother with birds. After a
few minutes Syro realized that a kind of pins and needles sensation was
building in his butt and stomach, and also all over his skin. It grew, slowly
becoming increasingly painful until he staggered to a halt,

"Rab! It's burning me Rab, feels like it's on fire! Rab!"

Spyro's words broke off as the pain exploded through his body. He
hallucinated through bleary eyes. He saw green-tinged flame leaping from his
skin as he collapsed to the mud. He tried rolling and scraping the imaginary
flames off him; it helped a little through clearing the sap-seed, but most of
the gooey mess was too deep inside his body and the little dragon's agony
grew. He had flamed things in his time, but he had never considered what it
might feel like to burn to death. As the hallucinatory burning seemed to
affect even his horns he finally had a good idea.

The little dragon was screaming hysterically as Rab took to the air, and his
cries once again echoed through the Sectin Forest until the raven returned
with a broken-off twig in his beak. Fat purple berries hung from it, and once
he landed he plucked them and forced them into the squealing Dragon's mouth.
The antidote was as out of season as the un-hibernated plant, but the raven
was relieved to see it work on the dragon. Spyro kept crying as the pain
faded, and it was some time before Rab was able to lead him to the stream and
get the rest of the plant's sap-seed cleaned off. Spyro's eyes were rimmed
red from all his tears, and he kept murmuring about the nightmarish pain he
had suffered through.

Once they started walking again, Spyro found the remains of the sap-seed kept
dribbling out of his ass, leaving a trail in the forest. Rab the raven grew
more and more confident, and cheered Spyro up with stories about how big and
powerful his real father was. Spyro got the idea that Rab worked with his
real father, the same as Sparx did with him. He liked the raven, and was
starting to trust him, although he wished there was something to alleviate
the soreness that remained throughout his body. Finally, big black bird and
little purple dragon glided out of the Sectin Forest together, and were faced
with a mountain range.

"We don't need to cross the mountains. Your real father is trapped in a cave
close to here on this side, Spyro! He is going to be so happy I brought you
to him!"

As they grew close to the cave, Spyro saw bones of various animals littered
about the place. There were a few skulls he recognized as belonging to young
dragons. Those seemed to be piled like trophies, where the others were just
randomly discarded across the rocky dirt. Most of Spyro's cockiness had been
raped out of him, but he still felt confident that he could succeed against
whatever had killed these creatures and other dragons. He had done so before.
He was Spyro the Dragon! He'd beaten the baddest of the bad!

The cave mouth itself was unnaturally dark, and Spyro could only see a few
feet inside. He strode forward purposefully, hoping to inspire Rab the Raven
with his confidence. To his surprise, there was a large fluttering of wings
from behind, and he turned around to see a huge dragon, exactly as Rab had
described his real father. Massive bodied, dark red scales and giant horns.
Muscles like young cattle moved under his scaled skin as he stepped forward
and looked down on Spyro, grinning wildly.

"My son," he said, "My 300th son. So many eggs have I fertilized, all male.
All sent on to the same fate before I was magically exiled from the realms.
You were denied to me my son, but now you are here at last!"

"One of the Raptor-Vines got him, boss," said Rab, "But I gave him them
berries and he's alright now, aren't you Spyro? I led him safe through the
Sectin Forest for you, boss."

"Father?" asked Spyro, "Rab told me you were trapped and needed me to come."

"I am trapped, my son, my Spyro. I can no longer enter the realms, but this
is no matter now. You do not need to understand, all you need is to be here!"

Spyro's father slammed a talon-toed forefoot down across Spyro's body, and
lifted him into the air. With his other talon-toed forefoot he held Spyro's
mouth shut, so the dragon could not flame. The little dragon would have been
almost entirely helpless against such a large and powerful dragon as his real
father, even if he wasn't still very weak from the Raptor-Vine rape. He
caught a strong scent of dragon musk, and realized his father's cock was
slipping from its sheath beneath his dark belly.

"I am immune to Raptor-Vine sap-seed, or I should have to be patient until it
was all drained out - and that would have gone poorly for you, Raven," the
big red dragon turned his face towards Rab, "Take your reward, bird!"

Rab flew up and landed just behind Spyro's head. The little dragon felt the
weight of the bird on his back as he looked up, and then with a sudden
explosion of pain he could only see through one eye. The sight that greeted
him was a rat-tail of optic nerve disappearing between into Rab's large
yellow beak. Spyro's skull throbbed like a beating drum.

"I love eating the eyes of young dragons," explained the raven after he
swallowed, "but I'd never have a chance if it wasn't for my deal with the big
fellow here. Make sure you squeeze your ass nice and tight when he fucks you,
Spyro. He likes that!"

Spyro's little heart was breaking. He had come to save his father and been
betrayed in the cruellest way possible. His remaining vision blurred and then
went dark as the throbbing in his head doubled. Rab's weight disappeared as
the bird flew away, leaving the dragons to it. Spyro could not see him leave,
or anything else ever again. The little purple dragon moaned his pain through
his held-shut jaws, and he couldn't tell if the liquid trickling down his
face was tears or blood or both.

The big red dragon, who truly was Spyro's real father, kept a tight grip on
his son's body. He released the little dragon's jaw, confident that his son
could not yet flame hot enough to do more than scorch his scales. The big red
dragon always let his sons grow old enough that they could mate a female
before destroying them as a rival. He used his freed up forefoot to snap off
Spyro's yellow horns near their bases, first one, then the other. Spyro did
not feel much pain as they were mostly dead tissue, but when the red dragon
pressed the pointed end of the longest into his ass he did feel it.

"That slides in real easy, son," said the red dragon, "I bet you liked being
fucked by the Raptor-Vine didn't you? Did it make you come? I bet you sprayed
all over the floor! My son, the horny little plant fucker!"

As the big red dragon spoke, he pumped Spyro's own broken horn into his
asshole, making the last of the sap-seed within squelch wetly. The horn's end
was rounded and did not pierce Spyro's rectum, but it did hurt as it prodded
him internally. The horn also rubbed his dragon prostate, and the blinded
purple dragon's penis emerged again from his sheath. Spyro's father pumped
the horn harder into his son, pounding his ass until Spyro's body shuddered.
He lifted Spyro up to his face and took his hard penis between his huge
dragon lips.

Spyro cried out as he came into his father's mouth, but the quantity was tiny
compared to the sheer size of his father, and barely wet the big red dragon's
lips. Spyro's real father dropped the shit-stained horn to the floor besides
the cave mouth, and adjusted his grip until he held Spyro around the middle
with both great talon-tipped forefeet. Spyro could only feel this happening
to him, and could not see that the big red dragon's cock had extended over
three feet from the sheath. The tip was as wide as a cooking apple, and
pumping clear pre-cum like a tap.

"Spyro? This is how you die, like all your half-brothers before you. I'm
going to masturbate with your body, and I hope you stay alive long enough to
feel it all."

"Please. father. please don't hurt me anymore," Spyro managed to beg, weakly
flaming between words.

His wings fluttered weakly outside of his father's talons, but he could
barely lift his head. He felt the hot wet tip pressing against his leaking
bottom, beneath his tail, and then stretching into it. Spyro found the breath
to squeal again as the apple sized cockhead started pumping scalding dragon
pre-cum up into his rectum. The old dragon's body temperature was far hotter
than Spyro's own, and his pre-cum burned terribly inside the little purple
dragon's stretched ass. Spyro squealed pitifully as his father forced as much
of his giant cock into the small purple dragon as he could, without bursting
through his rectum. Spyro's legs kicked frantically, and his wings fluttered
in a blur. His stomach was bulged out from within by the sheer size of the
cock throbbing up his ass.

The big red dragon pulled Spyro off his cock. The little dragon's ass gaped
open as the steaming precum drained out. Spyro's father listened to the
little dragon's pathetically bleated gratitude for almost a minute, and then
slammed Spyro down very hard onto his cock. Spyro's sudden scream was cut off
immediately as the steel-hard apple sized cockhead burst up his throat, and
out between his jaws. Bloody viscera hung raggedly from the length of the red
dragon's cock as he impaled his son from asshole to mouth.

The force of his father's brutal penetration shattered Spyro's spine. His
legs and wings finally stopped kicking and fluttering. Where nerves were
still connected to his brain he received pain signals like a fireworks
display on New Year's Eve. Blood dribbled from his mouth and ruptured rectum.
He could taste his only bottom and stomach smeared along his tongue beneath
the long cock that speared him. Spyro's father was groaning with pleasure at
the squeezing his cock got from Spyro's tightly packed internals, and he
masturbated with his son's body. The broken-bodied purple dragon felt truly

When Spyro was dragged far enough down his father's shaft, his ass split wide
open on the widening shaft. Still the big red dragon kept rubbing him up and
down his length. Spyro felt the cock moving back and forwards through his
throat, over his tongue and out between his slack jaws. The red dragon
crushed Spyro's body in his powerful grip, mashing organs and grinding bones
together. Spyro's blood coated and lubricated his father's shaft. The big red
dragon gritted his teeth and masturbated the little dragon into little more
than mush held together by scaly purple and yellow skin.

The fear and suffering in Spyro's head came to an end seconds after his
father came. If he had still possessed eyes he would have seen the red
dragon's boiling sperm shoot clear across the cave mouth. Spyro's father
didn't even notice the moment of his son's death, so wrapped up was he in his
climax. He dragged Spyro's body down all the way to the base of his giant
cock, where it was so thick that the purple dragon's torso split wide open,
and gore rained down onto the rocky floor beneath. Spyro's lower jaw was
dislocated and then torn free, to bounce in the bloody dust.

When he was finally recovered from his pleasure, the big red dragon pulled
the remains of Spyro's penis from the messy remains, and swallowed it whole.
He continued to eat every scrap of his son's body, besides the skull. That he
licked and chewed the flesh from, before leaving it outside his cave with the
others, as a memento. Finally, he lay down and licked his great shaft clean
of blood and minced dragon, before settling into a deep and satisfied sleep.

Rab rested too, before flying off to seek out a fertile female dragon to lure
from the realms and be forcefully impregnated with future sons.


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