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Now this is a fantasy I've had since I first saw that music video from Fountains Of Wayne all those years ago. I've actually had many fantasies because of that video but this story was always my favorite version.

Stacy's Mom Has Got It Going On
by Muhabba

The sun shone through soccer mom Rachel's bedroom window as she inspected her naked body in her full length mirror. As a stay at home mom she took great pains to look her best for her hard-working husband. She tried getting a few part time jobs over the years, just to help out, but for some reason or another they just never worked out. She knew she wasn't the brightest bulb in the box but she always meant well and she always worked as hard as she could and she tried never to let her looks do her work for her but it just seemed never to work out. Luckily her husband was smart enough for the both of hem and made more than enough money to support her and their teenage daughter, Stacy.

Rachel ran her hands over her flat stomach and raised them up to cup her large, 36 C-cup breasts, still firm after age and having Stacy. She turned around and looked over her shoulder at her still high and tight butt atop her long legs. Her tan skin gleamed in the sunlight and just seemed to set off her blonde hair and blue eyes. She ran her hands down her torso and over her shaved pubic mound as she giggled and grabbed her robe before walking to her bedroom door. "Oh dear," she muttered as she saw that she had forgotten to close her bedroom door again. She threw her robe on and cinched the belt as she walked out into the hall, the short robe barely covering her thighs. "I'll be forgetting my own head one of these days," she said to no one as she began to make her way out to her back yard for her weekly massage.

As she made her way past her daughter's bedroom door Rachel thought she heard crying coming from inside. She knocked at the door and when she didn't hear a answer she opened up the door and poked her head inside. "Stacy, sweetie? Are you o.k.?" she asked as she spied her daughter sobbing on her bed.

"Ye... yes," Stacy sobbed, not even looking at her mother.

Rachel slowly stepped in and made her way over to her daughter. She peered down at Stacy, her young body just starting to develop a young woman's curves. "She definitely her mother's daughter," she thought as she looked over her daughter's body filling out her tight jeans, and pink blouse. "You don't look o.k.," she said as she sat down, her robe sliding up her golden thighs and gaping open to reveal a great deal of tan cleavage. "Tell me what's the matter," she said as she stroked her Stacy's blonde, silky hair.

"It's... it's Tom... Tommy," Stacy sobbed into her pillow.

"Your little friend?" Rachel asked. "The one who's over here all the time?"

Stacy flipped over and moved up a little, her mother's hand now stroking her stomach through her thin blouse. "He's my boyfriend, mom," she exclaimed through her tears.

"Oh Stacy," Rachel said, moving her head down and soothingly rubbing up and down Stacy's thigh. "You can do much better than him," she said helpfully. "Why, when your father was his age..."

"But I love him," Stacy interrupted. "I can't be... believe you sa... said that," she sobbed.

Rachel shifted her long legs, not realizing how much silky, golden skin she was flashing. "If you love him then what's the problem?" she asked, still stroking her daughter absentmindedly.

Stacy sat up and snuggled against her mother, wrapping her arms around her and nuzzling against her tan chest. "I... I found a journal he wrote. It was full of poems and stories," she cried in-between her mother's firm breasts.

Rachel hugged her child to her, still not sure about what was wrong. "And they weren't any good?"

Stacy cried harder against her mother's large chest. "They were about you!" she cried. "They were love poems and sex stories about you!"

"Oh dear," Rachel said as she patted her daughter's head. She'd gotten used to her husband's friends staring at her or hitting on her or drunkenly groping her or hiding cameras in her bedroom during dinner parties, but this was new. "It'll be o.k., sweetie, I promise," she said.

"H... How?" Stacy asked between sobs.

Rachel wasn't ready for that question. She just meant to reassure her daughter, she wasn't ready with a answer yet. "I'll... I'll just have to talk to him. I'm sure that'll set him straight."

Stacy's sobs slowly stopped and she looked up at her mother, her eyes wide and expectant. "R... Really? And he'll stop?"

Chewing her bottom lip as she tried to think, Rachel nodded head. "Sure. I'm sure that'll be all it takes."

"Oh, thank you, mom," Stacy said, squeezing her mother tightly. "I love you!"

"I love you too, sweetie," Rachel said as she patted Stacy's head. She readjusted her robe to cover her gleaming cleavage and started out of her daughter's room. "I'm off to get my massage. You get some rest and I'll call you for dinner," she said before exiting the room and closing the door behind her. "Oh, what can I do?" she wondered as she moved through the house, her tight ass swaying side to side as she made her way outside. She thought about calling her husband and asking him what she should do but decided that since she was the stay at home parent that it was her responsibility. "Besides, it's private," she thought as she stepped outside into the back yard and saw Esteban, her personal massage therapist. "Oh thank God. This should help to clear my head."

Dave stood in the middle of the backyard with his massage table set up next to the Olympic sized, in-ground pool. He watched the blonde MILF approaching him and his dick stared to harden, her white robe seemed to highlight her tan flesh and barely reached her thighs as her legs scissored back and forth, bringing her closer to him. Her firm tits swayed slightly beneath her robe as he lick his lips hungrily before getting into character. "Ahhh, Senorita Hunter. So good to see you today," he said in his best fake Spanish accent.

"Esteban," Rachel said as he reached him and leaned in, pressing her impressive chest against his as he gave her two quick pecks on either side of her face. "You don't know how much I need this right now."

Dave resisted the urge to jump the sexy soccer mom and fuck the shit out of her on the ground. She'd spent 8 months going through therapists, most of them male, a few female, and all had tried hitting on her and by then, when Dave had applied for the job, he had already heard the stories, and yes she was the hottest client he had ever had, so he had decided to take a long approach by first making her believe he was a faintly gay, European masseur. It was a last minute decision and it had made sense at the time. Since she was the first to admit that she wasn't all that bright he had spent this last year taking advantage of that fact, always trying to find a way between her long, golden legs. "Are you having muy problemos, Senorita?" he asked with all the sincerity that he could muster. "Please be getting a divorce, please be newly single, please be drunk, please be unsatisfied with your love life in some small way, please have just found out your husband is gay," he chanted in his hand.

"Oh, just mother daughter stuff, Esteban," Rachel said as he untied her robe and let it slide to the ground.

Dave's dick lurched in his pants and he quickly stepped behind his table before his client saw the bulge. Her body was perfect, her large tits high and firm on her chest, her dark pink nipples always hard, her stomach flat and toned, her legs long, her ass tight, and her pussy always shaved. He watched her ass flex as she laid face down on the table, her golden body completely free of tan lines.

Rachel shifted her naked body around until she was comfortable. "We won't need the towel today, the only person here is Stacy," she said.

Dave had lost count of the number of fantasies he'd masturbated to involving Rachel and her cute little daughter. "Si, Senorita," he said as he grabbed his bottle of massage oil. When he had first started working for Rachel the first thing that he had convinced her of was that all the best massages were done completely naked and that towels were only used for mixed company and for the last year he had enjoyed uninhibited visual pleasure staring at Rachel's naked body.

"And I've had a really stressful day," Rachel said as she closed her eyes and relaxed. "So can I get the European massage?"

Dave nearly dropped his bottle of oil. "Oh yes, Senorita," he said, almost losing his fake accent. "The European massage is all the rage in, ah, Europe." A few months ago he had achieved his greatest feat so far, he had convinced her of trying out 'Esteban's European Massage'. She had only asked for it a few times since then but she appeared to be getting more and more used to it. Plus she paid him extra for it.

Dave oiled up his hands and started at Rachel's shoulders, working his fingers into her pliant flesh as he worked her muscles. As a actual masseur he wasn't half bad and he could feel his client start to relax as his hands met at her neck and started to work down to her shoulder blades. The oil caused her golden skit to practically glow in the sunlight as his hands slid to her sides, his slick fingers caressing the sides of her large tits pressed against his table. He heard her moan slightly as he squeezed the sides of her breasts and continued working down her sides. His oily hands slid over her hip bones and danced across her lower back, just above her tight ass.

Rachel moaned as Esteban's talented hands worked over her willing body. "Mmmm, Esteban. You're soooo good."

Dave licked his lips as he stared at Rachel's ass. "Si, Senora. Very muy talented hands," he muttered as he positioned himself at the bottom of the table and stared at his client's long legs. Her legs were spread slightly and he stared hungrily at the tight looking slit between her thighs as his hands slid up to her calves. He took his time with her calves so he could stare at her shaved pussy lips before working himself up to her thighs. He took even longer with her pliant thighs, spreading her legs open wider so he could get a better look at her exposed pussy. His client moaned again as his fingers slid up higher and higher towards her tight rear-end.

As his fingertips reached the bottom swell of Rachel's ass Dave spread her toned cheeks apart revealing her puckered, little asshole. His oily fingers slid wetly across her tight hole and then lightly caressed her puffy pussy lips. He kneaded her tight ass like dough before sliding his fingers in between her tan cheeks again. He lightly caressed her holes and returned to her cheeks before repeating the process, causing the beautiful woman to writhe beneath his fingers. She began gasping and mo aning in pleasure on the table and he knew not to press his luck. He caressed her tight asshole and now wet labia one last time before giving her firm cheeks a final squeeze and saying, "You can flip over now Senora."

Rachel moaned contentedly before rolling over onto her back, her large tits swaying on her chest. "You are a Godsend, Esteban," she purred as she settled on her back and opened her legs slightly to give Esteban easier access.

Dave choked as Rachel spread her legs a bit, her golden pussy lips opening slightly to reveal a peek at her pink insides. "Uhhh, yes, Senorita," he managed. After a year of staring at her naked body he never tired of it. In fact, it just made him what to fuck more. His eyes were wide as his hands and fingers went into automatic and he started with her shoulders, working her muscles and making his way down her arms to her hands. He went back to her shoulder s before sliding his hands to her sides, her forearms bumping and rubbing against her large breasts, causing them to ripple and slosh around on her chest. The need to suck her hard nipples was nearly overwhelming.

As he moved around Rachel's impressive chest Dave's slick hands slid over her flat abdomen to just above her pubic mound. He started at her ankles and made his way up to her calves, his eyes darting between her large tits and her now wet pussy. His hands climbed up to her thighs and she moaned and spread her legs even wider as his fingers stopped just below her wet labia. He stretched his hands up to her panting chest and caressed the golden flesh of her firm tits, filling his palms with her warm flesh and slightly tweaking her hard nipples. His client cooed as he roughly squeezed her large breasts, kneading them and causing her to squirm on the table in pleasure.

As Rachel panted and moaned beneath him David slid one hand off of her chest, over her flat stomach to the hot juncture of her legs, starting his 'European Massage'. His middle finger slid over her hard clit and between her wet labia, causing her to hiss in pleasure. He slid his finger into her tight hole and began sawing it in and out as he continued rubbing her large tits, her hips humped up against his hand as he added a second finger and quickly found her G-spot ne stled inside her wet cunt. He rubbed his finger against her magic spot as his thumb slid over her clit and his other hand tweaked her hard nipples. She panted and moaned erotically as she humped his hand, her own hands gripping his wrists to keep his hand between her thighs as she humped herself up against him.

Rachel's sexy body lurched as she grunted and came, her tight pussy clamping down on Esteban's talented fingers as her juices flowed out of her. "Oh, Esteban, yessss..." she groaned as her muscles tensed and relaxed and her body felt like it was melting into her therapist's massage table. She looked up at Esteban as he pulled his fingers out of her sated body. "Esteban, you just gave me a great idea," she grinned widely.

"Please be a affair, please be a affair, please be a affair," Dave chanted to himself as he fought the urge to lick his fingers clean.


The next day at precisely 2:00PM, (because his dad had told him that women like punctuality) Tommy knocked nervously at Stacy's front door. His palms were slick with sweat because of his nervousness and he wiped them on his pants legs. The reason he was so nervous was the fact that it wasn't Stacy that had invited him, it was Stacy's mom. He'd barely begun to fantasied about Stacy's mom when the door opened and there she was wearing a short, white, Terrycloth robe. His p alms and mouth went dry as he stared at her firm thighs.

Rachel smiled sweetly at the young boy as she said, "Well hello, Tommy. It's a pleasure to see you again."

Tommy nodded numbly and muttered, "Uh huh," as his eyes trailed up Mrs. Hunter's long legs to her magnificent chest.

"Won't you come in?" Rachel asked as she held the door open and gestured for Tommy to enter.

It took Tommy a moment to realize Mrs. Hunter had said anything after the word, "come". He shambled inside and waited for the tall blonde sex-goddess. She closed the door and walked in front of him and he followed her swaying ass, hypnotized as they entered the living room.

"Have a seat," Rachel said, holding her hand out to the couch.

Tommy blinked before realizing someone was already sitting on the couch. "Uh, oh, Stacy! Hi," he said hoping Stacy hadn't caught him ogling her mother.

Stacy rolled her eyes at Tommy. "Tommy," she said coldly, crossing her arms across her chest.

Tommy finally realized that Stacy was wearing a robe similar to her mother's as he got up on the couch and sat next to her. He licked his lips as he stared at her slender, tan legs.

Rachel sat down with Tommy between her and Stacy and patted his thigh. "Now Tommy, I bet you're wondering why we called you here today," she began.

"Uh huh,"Tommy said at he now stared at Stacy's mom's silky looking thighs.

"Now Stacy told me some troubling news," Rachel continued. "It seem you have a bit of a crush on me."

Tommy's eyes went wide. His hard dick throbbed in his pants and wouldn't let him have a coherent thought that didn't involve sex. "Uh..."

Rachel patted Tommy's thigh again, her fingertips unknowingly brushing across his throbbing prick. "I just want you to know that it's perfectly natural and that there's nothing wrong with that. But I'm married and much to old for you, understand?"

Tommy nodded numbly, barely hearing her. His eyes were glued to the gap in Mrs. Hunter's robe revealing a great deal of tan cleavage and her fingers making the slightest contact with his hard cock. "Uh huh," he mumbled.

"So I'm going to help you through your little crush," Rachel finished happily.

"Uh huh," Tommy mumbled.

"So I want you to kiss me," Rachel chirped.

Tommy choked and forgot how to breath.

Stacy was on her feet in a flash, her robe gaping open momentarily to flash her bald, little pussy. "What!" she screamed at her mother. "Moooommm, you said you were going to help me! How is this helping?"

Rachel squeezed Tommy's thigh, still not realizing how much contact she was making with his hard dick, before standing up and placing her hands on Stacy's shoulders. "Sweetie, I said I was going to help you and I am."

"No, you said to be here in only a robe," Stacy said angrily. "You didn't say anything about you kissing my boyfriend!"

"Only a robe!" Tommy thought, realizing that Stacy and maybe her mother were both naked under their robes.

Rachel gently pushed Stacy back onto the couch. She bent down, revealing a great deal of cleavage to Tommy, and whispered into her daughter's ear, "Just trust me." She sat back down on the other side of Tommy, completely sure of the plan she had come up with during her massage. She patted Tommy's thigh, and accidentally his dick, again. "Now, Tommy. Kiss me."

"I, uh... I, uh..." Tommy stammered as he sat stock still and Stacy's mom placed her hands on either side of his face. "Miss... Miss Hun... Hun...," he stammered again as she bent down and pressed her full lips to him. She pressed in tightly with just a bit of pressure before she broke the kiss and pulled back.

"I think it'll be o.k. To call me 'Rachel' this afternoon, Tommy," Rachel giggled. "Now I want you to kiss Stacy just like I kissed you."

Stacy was staring in open mouth shock at her mother. "Mom, what... I don't... what do you think you're doing?"

Rachel reached over Tommy's lap and patted her daughter's naked thigh. "We're showing Tommy that you and he have chemistry together. You'll see. You'll feel it, like, a spark. I felt it with your dad and Tommy will feel it with you." She sat up straighter and looked at Tommy. "Now kiss Stacy just like I kissed you."

Tommy look bewildered between Rachel and Stacy. "I... I don't... I..." he stammered.

Stacy just shrugged her shoulder. She loved her mother and realized the she, perhaps, wasn't the greatest thinker in the world but she always meant well. "Whatever," she said under her breath and pulled Tommy to her.

Tommy was still dumbfounded as Stacy pulled his lips to her's. He applied the same gentle pressure that Rachel had and felt Stacy respond before she broke the kiss.

Rachel smiled warmly and clasped her hands together. "Very good, very good," she beamed as the kids broke their kiss. She gently pulled Tommy to her, her large, pillowy chest pressed against his shoulder. "Now we'll move on to the next step."

"Wait," Stacy said, starting to get upset with her mother's strange plan. "I thought we were supposed to be, like, 'sparking' or whatever."

"There's nothing wrong with helping things along," Rachel said as she bent down towards Tommy. "Now, we're going to kiss again and this time I'm going to do something different. Ready?" she asked and Tommy immediately nodded. She leaned forward and kissed him again but this time she used her tongue. She slid her warm tongue across his lips, almost asking permission before sliding inside of his mouth.

Tommy's eyes shot open in surprise as Rachel's tongue slid into his mouth. His hands clenched open and close, not knowing what to do as he moaned into his girlfriend's mother's mouth. He'd of course heard of kissing like this but he and Stacy hadn't tried it yet.

Rachel broke the kiss. "See? Wasn't that nice?" she asked, not noticing both of the kids' shocked expressions. "Now show Stacy."

Tommy didn't hesitate, he immediately leaned over and kissed Stacy, plunging his tongue into his girlfriend's mouth. And as he felt her begin to respond a plan started to form in his mind. Unaware that Stacy's mom already had a plan of her own, his plan quickly formed and seemed almost perfect and like a fantasy come true for him and every adolescent boy who had ever lived. His hands went up and cupped Stacy's beautiful face as his tongue explored her moist mouth, trying to r emember everything Rachel's tongue had done to him.

As Tommy cupped her face Stacy leaned in closer and kissed him just as passionately. She had never felt like this before, her heart was racing in her chest and she felt a strange tingling starting to course through her young body.

Tommy suddenly broke the kiss. "I don't think I'm doing this right," he said, putting his own plan into motion.

Stacy looked dreamily at Tommy. "No, no. I'm pretty sure we were doing it right."

Tommy looked up at Rachel. "Oh God, let this work," he thought. "No, no. Something feels wrong," he said. He pretended to think it over. "I got it. Maybe you should kiss Stacy so she knows what if feels like from someone who knows what they're doing."

"No, no, really," Stacy pleaded as she leaned in closer to Tommy and tucked one of her slender legs underneath her and baring a great deal of tan thigh. She hadn't been sure of her mother's plan, thought it was ridiculous actually, but what her mother had taught Tommy had her tingling all over. "It was fine, really."

"But you don't know for sure," Tommy said as he rubbed Stacy's thigh and realized her robe had pulled up higher when she tucked her leg under her so he began stroking the insides of her tan leg. "If your mother shows you what she showed me, then you'd know what to do to me and how I was doing with you. See? It makes perfect sense." His sat staring back and forth from hot daughter to sexy mother. He was pretty sure that he could get Rachel to fall for it, he didn't lust after her for her brain after all. And even though Stacy was smarter than her mother she did have her "Blonde" moments and hopefully with everything that was happening she wouldn't look to hard at his logic.

Stacy was puzzled and confused so she looked expectantly up at her mother, hoping for a clue as to what to do next.

Rachel thought long and hard. She had done her best to plan out this afternoon's events, hopefully pushing Tommy's crush from her onto her daughter but Tommy had apparently found a flaw in her plan. She had planned on showing the young boy everything he would need to know to please her daughter but she hadn't thought about teaching Stacy what she'd need to know to please Tommy. "That makes sense, I guess," she said.

"Excellent," Tommy said with a clap of his hands, now feeling confident enough to use his free hand to stroke Rachel's firm thigh as he went back to stroking Stacy's thigh and moving higher and higher. "Now remember, you're family so use plenty of tongue."

Her mother leaned forward and Stacy met her halfway. "Mom, are you sure this makes sense?" she asked hesitantly.

"Pretty sure," Rachel said as she cupped her daughter's beautiful face, trying to keep a confident tone in her voice and acting like this was her plan all along. "Just trust me, sweetie," she said as her lips moved to meet her daughter's.

"If you're sure," Stacy whispered as her lips met her mother's. At first her mother applied a gentle pressure with her lips before her tongue licked across her lips. Stacy's eyes shot wide open as her mother's warm tongue slid inside of her mouth and she moaned in appreciation as her mother's tongue explored inside of her.

Tommy was staring hungrily as Stacy kissed her mother and he had to fight back the urge to cum in his pants. This was the hottest thing he had ever seen and if he had it his way it was only the start to his afternoon.

Rachel gently broke the kiss with her daughter and sat up, tucking one of her long legs up underneath her, unconsciously mirroring her daughter and unknowingly giving Tommy easier access to her inner thighs. "There, how was that sweetie?" she asked her daughter.

Stacy never lost her wide eyed stare as her head moved slowly as if on a pivot. Her gaze slowly moved from her mother to Tommy and her freshly kissed lips broke into a wide grin. In a flash she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's head and kissed him, plunging her bubble gum pink tongue into his mouth. She pressed her barely covered teenaged body against his as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back just as passionately and she promised herself never to d oubt her mother again.

Rachel watched the children tongue wrestle for a moment as she smiled warmly, proud of herself for her plan and for decisively fixing the plan when Tommy had pointed out the flaw. She decided the flaw in her plan was concentrating solely on Tommy but as long as she included her daughter from now on there shouldn't be any more problems. After a few more moments of kissing she began gently trying to pull the kids away from each other. "O.k., o.k.," she muttered, having difficulties in separating the young lovebirds. "We, ugh... we have to, argh... have to move onto the next step," she grunted.

It took Tommy a moment to realize what Rachel had said so he broke the kiss with Stacy and pushed her back. "Next step?" he asked as he stared hopefully at Rachel, not realizing that Stacy's robe had opened enough to reveal her tan chest with dark pink nipples and the golden flesh going all the way down to her belly button.

"Next step?" Stacy asked hopefully as her mother reached over and closed her robe over her small breasts.

"Yes," Rachel said as she grasped the lapels of her robe, "The next step." She slowly opened her robe, inching it from her shoulders down her arms and revealing her large, tan breasts capped with hard, dark pink nipples the same color as Stacy's. Both kids stared at her with dazed, open mouthed expressions as she released her robe.

"Mom?" Stacy gasped out in wonderment. Since hitting puberty she'd always been jealous of her mother's large breasts, despite her mother assuring her that she was developing at the same pace as her, and she'd of course seen them often enough, but never in this context, never after kissing her mother like she'd just kissed her, never with such a sexual charge in the air. But she'd promised herself never to doubt her mother again so she just waited silently for whatever was coming next .

"Urck," Tommy choked.

Rachel smiled wider, strangely proud of the effect that her breasts were having on the children. She turned towards Tommy, trying to keep the smirk from her mouth, "Tommy, have you see breasts before? Up close, in real life I mean?"

Tommy barely shook his head, his eyes wide and not blinking.

"Then I'm proud to be the first," Rachel said. "These are breasts," she continued without the slightest bit of irony as she cupped the large orbs, "Women like them to be touched and caressed. Now don't just start squeezing and groping them, that can be painful and not all women like that. Watch me." She began softly caressing her breasts, squeezing them slightly and working them around her chest. "These are nipples," she continued, somewhat breathlessly. "They get hard when women get excited. Or cold. You can use your fingers on them like this," she finished as she started rolling the hard nubs between her fingers. Her breathing started to pick up as she felt herself begin to get turned on and she pinched her nipples more firmly. "Or you can suck on them," she said as she lifted one large tit up and wrapped her lips around the hard nipple. She sucked firmly on her tit and rubbed the nipple with her tongue and moaned a little as her body b egan to respond more. She momentarily forgot about the kids as her eyes fluttered with she nursed on her firm tit but was brought back when Stacy shifted on the couch, unconsciously opening her legs wider. She released her breast, the nipple popping out of her mouth as she turned to Tommy. "Now Tommy, I want you to do to me what I just did to me."

Tommy raised is shaking hands up to Rachel's spectacular chest. He let his fingers lay lightly on the warm, silky flesh before sliding them around in circles. The heavy orbs barely moved so he increased the pressure and heard his girlfriend's mom's breathing catch so he guessed he was doing it right. And at the moment he realized that he'd never be able to break up with Stacy, he would now have to be Mr. Stacy for the rest of his life, or however that worked. Not that he was planning on breaking up with Stacy, she was hot a hell, but now he was her's forever. Her's and her mom's. He ran his thumbs across Rachel's hard nipples and heard her coo and felt his confidence build. He had gotten the sexy mom and daughter to kiss, what would happen when he tried to expanded on his plan. He squeezed more firmly, causing Rachel to moan out and her golden skin to ooze out from between his fingers, she definitely seemed to be one of the women who liked that sort of thing.

Stacy was fascinated by what her boyfriend was doing to her mom. "Suck them," she whispered as her little pussy throbbed and she unconsciously spread her legs even wider.

Tommy leaned forward, releasing one of Rachel's large tits from his hand and latching on to it with his mouth. His free hand trailed down her body until he found her silky thigh and began to rub it as he sucked hungrily at her tit. He traced the ridges of her aureole wetly with his tongue as he continued squeezing her other tit. Her tits were far to large for his hands to contain so he just rolled the large orbs around and around on her chest. He could hear her lustful moans as he worked at her chest and his hard cock throbbed with the need to cum. He switched breasts and took a moment to look up at her face and saw her head thrown back with her eyes closed as she enjoyed everything he was doing to her. He covered both of her large, fleshy orbs with his tongue before he heard Stacy moan behind him. He smothered his face with Rachel's tits before releasing them and sitting up straighter. "O.k., Stacy's turn," he said.

Rachel opened her eyes and looked lustfully at her daughter and saw Stacy staring back at her with the same hungry look in her eyes. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath at she thought, "No, no. This isn't really sexual. I'm just showing Stacy to help her in her relationship with Tommy." "Are you ready, Stacy?" she asked as she opened her eyes, still unsure about involving her daughter like this. She had thought it was perfectly reasonable to show Tommy on her own body what women want, and then perform it on Stacy, that was the reason they were wearing robes after all, but she hadn't thought about her needing to show Stacy until Tommy had brought it up.

Stacy hastily pulled down her robe, revealing her own small, pale breasts. "Oh yes, mommy," she answered quickly. "Show me."

Tommy stared at Stacy's tiny, white tits. She'd let him touch her chest once, over her shirt, but she'd never let him see them before. Her mother's large tits were definitely better, he thought, but there was something about Stacy's tan lines that just did it for him. Stacy's tits were smaller versions of her mother's but with her tan lines, the pale flesh exposed and standing out from her tan skin, they looked... creamy. He licked his lips as Rachel bent down towards her daughter's white chest.

"Oh, mother," Stacy groaned out, capturing her hard nipple with her tongue and sucking it into he warm mouth.

Rachel smile to herself in pride, glad that her daughter was enjoying what she was doing to her. The taboo of incest never occurred to her, all that was important to her right now was that the kids learn to enjoy each other so Tommy would forget his crush on her and concentrate on Stacy. "A perfect plan," she thought with pride as she softly nuzzled at her daughter's chest.

Tommy was perfectly happy to just sit and stare as Rachel licked and suckled at Stacy's small tits, switching from one to the other, covering them with her lips and tongue, leaving them shiny with her saliva and causing her daughter to moan with pleasure. But there was just something about the way Stacy's pale tits sat surrounded by the tan skin of her chest. "This is the best day ever!" he thought as he bent forward and captured one of Stacy's nipples between his lips.

"Oh yessss..." Stacy moaned as she raised her hands up, placing them behind Tommy and her mother's heads, holding them to her chest. Her young body had never felt like this before. Her heart was hammering in her chest, her nerves felt like they were on fire, and her virgin pussy felt like it was drenched in her juices. Her mother released her nipple and kissed up her chest to her neck, up to her jaw and to her panting mouth.

Tommy watched as Rachel slid her tongue into Stacy's mouth to kiss her. After a few moments of listening to them coo in pleasure he followed, releasing Stacy's plump tit, kissing up her chest, licking up her neck and then adding his tongue to theirs. His moans joined the mother and daughter as he slid one hand onto one of Rachel's large tits and his other across Stacy's smaller chest.

Rachel made sure to pay equal attention to both Tommy and Stacy before breaking away and sitting up straighter to supervise their progress, not even bothering to remove Tommy's hand from her tit. "I guess he still has some feelings for me that I'll just have to keep working on," she thought. "But still it's so nice to see the kids getting along together." Tommy's hand tugged on her breast, trying to pull her back into the kiss and she had to struggle to remove his clasping hand from her chest which distracted the kids from the kiss. Both of the teenagers quickly bent forward towards her and latched onto her tits with their mouths and began sucking enthusiastically. "Oh children," she moaned as the kids sucked at her tits with all the enthusiasm of hungry calves. She held the sucking children to her golden breasts, taking a few moments to enjoy the enthusiast teens licking at her heavy breasts.

"O.k. children," Rachel said as she tried to pull the kids from her chest. "We're not here for me.' If was proving difficult to push the kids away, whenever she pushed one away the other started sucking harder and as she tried to push that one away the other latched back on. "That's enough," she said firmly, trying to hold the children back. Even though Tommy and Stacy were doing wonderful things to her tits she still had a plan to follow. "We have to move on to the next step," she said between grunts as she struggled against the kids.

Stacy stopped short as her mother's words finally registered in her lust addled brain. "Next step?"

Tommy never stopped playing with both sets of tits. "What's the next step?" he asked eagerly.

"Stacy, help me remove Tommy's clothes," Rachel said as she stood up and dragged Tommy to his feet.

Stacy took a moment to think about what her mother had just said before grinning wildly and shoving Tommy off the couch, her small, pale breasts jiggling as he struggled against her and her mother. With him finally on his feet she stood behind him and tugged his shirt up and off of him as her mother yanked his pants and underwear down to his ankles, freeing his hard, throbbing cock. She licked her lips as she got down on her knees with her mother and took in every detail of her boyfriend's prick. Her heart fluttered in her chest as she memorized every detail from the veins crisscrossing along the shaft to the throbbing purple head and the small bubble of pre-cum at the tip.

Rachel's hand reached around Tommy's shaft and gripped him firmly as she began to jerk him off.

"Oh God!" Tommy grunted as he suddenly came. With barely a single tug on his prick he came, shooting out between Rachel and Stacy and landing on the carpet between their knees.

Rachel tried not to smirk at how quickly Tommy had cum before turning her head to her daughter who seemed enraptured by the sight of Tommy cumming. "That's called a 'hand-job'," she said. "As Tommy gets more used to sex the longer it will take him to cum. But until then this should keep him from cumming to soon today." She released his still hard prick and stood up in front of him, her large tits swaying back and forth slightly on her chest. "Now stand up please," she said to her daughter who quickly joined her. She whispered into Stacy's ear who grinned and then they both pushed the naked Tommy back onto the couch and together counted, "1, 2, 3!" In a flash she and her daughter shrugged their robes off and stood completely naked in front of.the teenage boy.

"Urk..." Tommy choked, his throat suddenly dry and his tongue numb. He couldn't speak and wasn't even sure he was breathing anymore and was sure his heart was about to beat out of his chest. His girlfriend's naked teenage body was a nearly perfect duplicate of her mother's, only smaller. His eyes trailed up from their feet up their long legs to their wet, glistening groins. His eyes were nearly popping out of his head as he stared at their wet pussies, the first he had ever seen away from his computer. Stacy had tan lines below her waist, just like on her chest and it made her untouched pussy look all the more delectable. "Ohhhh Godddd..." he moaned in lust.

Rachel smiled in pride as she thought about how well her plan was going as Tommy stared at Stacy's naked body and she motioned for her daughter to sit back down. As she joined the kids on the couch she and Stacy opened their legs wide, allowing Tommy a unobstructed view between their thighs. She nearly giggled as his head strained back and forth, unable to decide which pink pussy to look at. She reached over and gripped his wrist and brought his sweaty palm between her tan thighs, pulling his hand to the wet juncture of her wide spread legs.

"Ohhhh Godddd..." Tommy moaned as Rachel took his hand and placed it on her warm thigh a hair's breadth from her hot pussy. He guessed it was a hair's breadth since she was completely shaved.

"Now this is a vagina," Rachel said using the hand not holding Tommy's wrist to present her pussy to him. "Notice how it's wet, almost shiny in the light, and my labia, or lips, appear puffy"

"Urk," Tommy drooled.

"That means I'm 'turned on' or 'horny'," Rachel continued. "That's because of the work you kids did with the kissing and playing with my breasts."

Tommy could no longer make noise but Stacy grunted, "Uh huh." She was enthralled by everything her mother had been doing this afternoon. She had no idea she could be turned on this much and it was all because of Tommy and her mother, and she felt oddly grateful but wasn't quite sure for what.

Using her free hand Rachel opened her delicate labia to expose her hard, little clit. "This little pearl is called the clitoris or 'clit'. It's usually hidden but comes out when a woman is excited," she said as she pulled Tommy's hand to her wet hole. "Now I want you to put your finger into my 'vagina' but let me control it, o.k?"

Tommy barely nodded as he continued to stare at what was surely every young man's idea of the entrance to heaven. He refused to even blink.

"Ohhhh..." Rachel moaned as she slid Tommy's middle finger into her horny hole. After everything she and the kids had done so far her sexy body was begging for release but she wasn't doing this for herself, it was all for Stacy, so she'd just have to wait until she was alone or her husband returned home to take care of her needs. "O.k. Tommy, add your ring finger," she said breathlessly.

Tommy did as he was told, amazed at the feel of Rachel's tight cunt. She slid his fingers in and out of her body as she slowly rolled her hips up to meet his hand and she panted and moaned, her large tits rising and falling as she finger-fucked herself with his hand. "Thank you, God," his whispered in his mind, afraid of thinking to loud and waking himself out of whatever dream he was living in.

"Oh yessss..." Rachel hissed, momentarily forgetting her plan as she felt her pleasure rise. "Nope, nope, nope," she told herself. "Stick to the plan." She forced herself to stop humping Tommy's hand as she gripped his wrist tighter and moved his hand around, working his fingers inside of her until they reached a familiar spot and caused her hips to lurch. "Right there! Oh, right there!" she yelped. "You feel that, Tommy? Right there?"

Tommy wiggled his fingers around inside Rachel's tight pussy, noticing what felt like a rough patch inside of her that caused her to groan and grunt. "Yeah, uh, yeah," he said numbly.

"That's, uh, oh... that's called... called the 'G-spot'," Rachel moaned out. "Now... now delicately... delicately rub there and use your thumb... thumb to stroke my... my clit." She moaned and gasped with each word, barely able to speak as Tommy used his fingers on and inside of her, bringing her to the brink of a much needed orgasm. "He'd make a wonderful masseur," she thought as she released her hold on his wrist and brought her hands up to squeeze and massage her large tits and pinch her hard nipples.

"Oh mommy," Stacy gasped out as she trailed one hand between her slender legs while she used her other hand to squeeze one of her small tits.

Tommy looked over his shoulder at his masturbating girlfriend as he finger-fucked her mother. In his mind he high-fived himself.

Rachel opened her eyes at the quiet gasps coming from her horny young daughter. "Al... almost for... forgot," she thought as she released her tan breasts and grabbed Tommy's wrists, pulling his hand away from her sweaty body. "O... o.k., Tommy," she panted. "That's... that's enough of that." She managed to pull his hands away without to much trouble since he appeared distracted by her naked, teenage daughter as she fingered herself. She sat up straighter and placed a hand on Tommy's and the other hand on his arm, directing his hand to her panting daughter. "You did very good, Tommy. Now show Stacy," she said hoping that all of his lustful thoughts were now directed to her daughter and she could excuse herself to her bedroom to take care of her own needs.

Stacy moaned, "Ohhhh yessss..." as she removed her fingers from her hot pussy and spread her legs wide. "Show me, Tommy."

Tommy started to move towards Stacy before remembering his own plan to watch Stacy and her mother together. He looked at the hot mother from over his shoulder. "I thought you were going to show Stacy so she'd know what to expect and tell if I'm doing it right."

A quizzical look spread over Rachel's sexy face. "I don't... well, I really... I'm not..."

Stacy moaned out in lust, staring expectantly between Tommy and her mother.

"Well, I suppose that's right," Rachel said, trying to change her original plan from instructing Tommy what to do to please her daughter to having sorta sexual contact with her daughter. She couldn't quiet figure out how they fit together but since Tommy was now paying more attention to her daughter it could only mean that her plan must be working. Tommy slid back and allowed her to bend over him, her large tits sliding over his legs and her tight ass just inches from his face. "Now Tommy, you pay attention, o.k.?"

"Yes, ma'am," Tommy answered as one of his hands slid over Rachel's taunt back-side and his other hand slid under her naked body to grope her silky smooth tits.

"Teenage boys are so distractable," Rachel thought as she felt Tommy's hands slide over her tan body. She directed her attention to her daughter and slid her hands up her thighs. "Now, Stacy. It should feel something like this," she said a little breathlessly. She heard her daughter coo as her hands reached the burning juncture of her trembling thighs. She opened Stacy's wet pussy-lips with two fingers, amazed by how wet she was while she unconsciously licked her lips, and brought her middle finger up to Stacy's dripping hole. She slowly entered her daughter's virgin pussy and her knowledgeable finger quickly found the teenage girl's G-spot, causing the girl to buck her hips. As she began sawing her finger in and out of the young girl's tight hole she began sliding her thumb over her clit.

"Oh God, Mom!" Stacy gasped out as she began bucking her hips up to meet her mother's fingers.

"Oh God," Tommy choked out as he stared at Rachel finger-fucking her daughter. "There is a God and he loves me," he thought. "And, uh... and don't forget about her ti... her breasts," he muttered, torn between being afraid of interrupting them and startling them back to reality by talking and desperately needing to see the sexy, naked mom sucking and lick her sexy, naked daughter's tits.

"Oh, yes," Rachel thought as she raised her head up to her daughter's heaving chest. "Such a good boy to be paying attention." She extended her warm, pink tongue and licked around her daughter's puffy aureole before pursing her lips and sucking Stacy's hard nipple into her wet mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Stacy gasped out as she came, her tight pussy clamping down on her mother's thrusting finger, her sweet juices sliding out of her spasming cunt and soaking into the couch.

"Stacy!" Rachel gasped out in shock. "Language, young lady," she chided her daughter, somewhat shocked that Stacy knew such language.

"I'm, I"m sorry, mom," Stacy mumble with a dopey grin spread across her face as her sexy, twitching body relaxed slowly on the couch. "But, just... that was great," she giggle.

"That's no excuse, young lady," Rachel said as she sat up, her firm breasts sliding over Tommy's painfully erect cock, and waged her dripping finger at her post-orgasmic daughter's face.

"Sorry, mom," Stacy said as she stretched her naked body out, her legs stiffly hanging over the edge of the couch, her arms above her head, and her small tits pulled up high on her chest.

Rachel absentmindedly wiped Tommy's pre-cum from her tits, accidentally using the hand covered in her daughter's cum, and looked down at the teenage boy's lap. "Poor dear," she thought, finally noticing Tommy's throbbing prick. "That looks painful." She slapped her golden thighs enthusiastically, happy that her plan was working out so well. "A perfect Mother/Daughter bonding moment," she thought as she looked back over at her daughter with a twinkle in her eye. "Stacy, lets get down on the floor."

"Oh my fucking sweet Baby Jesus, please," Tommy thought, hoping that what was happening was what was going to happen next. He took a deep shuddering breath as he opened his legs wide to allow Rachel and Stacy room between his knees and nearly came just from the visual.

"Now, you've already touched a erect penis," Rachel began, instructing her daughter. "So next I'll show you how to give a blow-job." She reached out and nonchalantly grabbed the base of Tommy's throbbing prick. "First you grab the base firmly and then use your lips and tongue along the tip or 'head'," she said as she bent forward and licked the pre-cum from the tip of her daughter's boyfriend's cock, causing the young boy to twitch. She stuck her pink tongue out and swirled it around the sensitive tip until it gleamed in the sunlight.

"Ohhh fuuuck," Tommy moaned out as the hot MILF licked his dick. He had no idea what he had done to deserve a blow-job from the hottest woman that he had ever seen but he swore to God that this was the best reward he could have ever gotten.

Rachel pulled away and released Tommy's cock before wagging her finger at him. "Language, young man."

"Sorry, ma'am," Tammy said, afraid that he had accidentally made her angry enough to stop.

Rachel turned to her naked daughter. "Now you try, Stacy."

Stacy delicately wrapped her hand around the base of her boyfriend's cock just like her mother had shown her. Next she bent forward and tentatively licked the tip of Tommy's dick, tasting a male's flesh for the first time. She licked again and raised her eyebrows as she decided that it wasn't nearly as gross as she had thought and began lapping at her boyfriend's dick more enthusiastically.

Tommy could barely suppress the urge to simply begin thrusting himself into Stacy's mouth and cumming. His eyes rolled up and he desperately fought the urge to cum already.

Rachel patted Stacy's back. "Very good, sweetie. I'm proud of you," she said as she leaned forward next to her daughter. "Now I want you to lick the shaft, like this. Do what I do," she instructed before licking the side of Tommy's shaft from the base to the tip, causing the horny boy to moan out in pleasure. Stacy mirrored what she was doing, licking up and down the throbbing cock, their warm, pink tongues occasionally meeting and rolling over and against each othe r. As their tongues met at the tip they pressed against each other, their lips pressing against one another as they kissed around Tommy's sensitive cock-head.

Tommy's eyes were now locked on the sight of mother and daughter hungrily kissing one another around his dick. It seemed that with everything they had done to and with one another that kissing each other around a hard cock was no big deal. And it was the new Hottest Thing He'd Ever Seen. With no warning and a small lurch of he hips he came, showering Rachel and Stacy's faces with his thick, warm cum.

"Heeey! Watch it," Stacy squeeled as her boyfriend covered her's and her mother's faces with semen.

Rachel smirked as the last of Tommy's seed showered down on her and her daughter. She giggled when she looked up at the teenage boy and saw the expression of horror on his face.

"I... am... sooo sorry," Tommy said. "I don't... I didn't..."

Rachel giggled again. "It's o.k., Tommy. You'll get used to it."

"Ewww, mom," Stacy continued to sequel. "This is so gross."

"Not really," Rachel said as she scooped a bit of cum from her daughter's astonished face and then licked it from her finger. "It's not bad, really. Try it," she said as she leaned closer to Stacy, her own large breasts pushing into her daughter's smaller ones.

Hesitantly Stacy scooped a bit of cum from her mother's face, staring at the white blob for a moment before licking it off of her finger. She swished it around in her mouth for a moment before swallowing it. "Huh, it really isn't that bad," she said in amazement.

"You should, ah... you should clean each other up before it dries," Tommy said.

Mother and daughter looked at each other for a moment before Rachel shrugged her shoulders as if to say, "Why not," before leaning forward and licking the cum from the side of her daughter's face.

Stacy giggled, "Mooommm," before leaning forward and licking some of Tommy's cum from her mother's face. They took turns giggling and licking cum from each others' faces for several minutes, their hands trailing up and down their sides, before deciding that they were both clean.

Tommy watched in wide-eyed fascination, his cock still hard as Rachel and Stacy licked his cum off of each other, wondering if they would do that if he had cum on their tits.

Rachel patted Stacy's thigh. "O.k. sweetie, up on the couch." When she had first come up with her plan she had worried about the best way to approach this next part, possibly letting Tommy just start on Stacy and then simply directing him but after everything that had gone on this afternoon she had a better idea. Stacy sat next to her boyfriend, her hand going into his lap and lightly playing with his still erect dick as they stared lovingly at each other. "My plan is working perfectly," she thought to herself. "Now spread your legs, sweetie."

"Huh?" Stacy said as she stared blankly at her mother.

Rachel patted her daughter's firm thigh again before gripping both of her knees and gently spreading her slender legs open. "Well, this next part is very hard to see," she started to explain. "So I thought I'd just show you and then you could explain it to Tommy when you're together. Trust me, it'll be better than just me giving directions."

Stacy cocked a eyebrow quizzically at her mother as she said, "Okkkaaayyy."

Rachel smiled warmly up at her daughter before bending forward and placing a quick kiss on one of her knees, causing Stacy to jump a little. When her daughter had relaxed again she kissed her leg a little above her knee and then a little higher up again. She kissed up the nervous girl's leg higher and higher until she reached her trembling thigh and just below her wet little slit before stopping. As she began kissing up Stacy's other leg she thought about everything they had b een doing this afternoon and the whole taboo of it but it was for the kids' own good and besides, they weren't hurting anybody. As she began to reach her daughter's inner thigh she could see Stacy tugging on Tommy's hard prick as he sucked on her nipples and knew that everything they had done this afternoon was great for the kids relationship.

Stopping her kisses just short of Stacy's pussy Rachel switched back to her daughter's other leg, this time trailing her warm tongue up to Stacy's inner thigh and then switching to the other leg. Leaving wet trails on her daughter's tan thighs she leaned up and kissed her way down from the horny girl's belly button to just above her hot little pussy. Next she licked up back to her belly button and causing her daughter to shiver in pleasure.

As Rachel licked back down her daughter's fluttering stomach Tommy nearly started chanting, "Do it, do it, do it," but was to afraid to speak or release his tongue from Stacy's tits.

At first Stacy had been worried about her mom making-out with her boyfriend, then she had been worried about her mom making-out with her, but now as her mother's tongue slid wetly up and down her puffy labia she didn't care that it was incest. "Yes, mommy, yes," she whispered, unable to stop her hips from rolling up towards her mother's talented mouth.

Rachel wrapped her arms around her daughter's thighs to hold her steady as she licked her way up her daughter's slit from her little asshole to her hard little clit. She rubbed Stacy's clit with her nose, causing the teenage girl to shudder before sliding her tongue between her we labia. She circled around her daughter's dripping hole before pushing her tongue into Stacy's eager pussy. She rolled her tongue up into a tube and pushed it in and out of her daughter's tight pussy, fucking her with her tongue, causing the horny girl to moan out and roll her hips up, humping her face.

Stacy squeezed hard on Tommy's cock, not noticing the look of pain on his face as she shouted out, "I'm cumming, mommy!" Her whole, young, ripe body seized, her muscles locking like coiled springs as her orgasm crashed through her. Her juices splashed across her mother's tongue and face before her body started to relax and she collapsed on the couch and released her death grip on her boyfriend's prick.

Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand Rachel sat up and looked at her daughter's twitching body with pride. "It's been so long since I've been with another woman I was afraid I'd forgotten how," she thought before turning her playful gaze to the teenage boy. "You're next, Tommy," she said as she patted his thigh.

A smile broke across Tommy's face at the idea of getting another blow-job and hopefully not cumming to soon this time but instead of kneeling in front of him Rachel leaned back until she was flat on her back with her long, tan legs spread wide. Her moist, pink slit seemed to shine against the tan flesh surrounding it and he burned the image of her naked body into his mind. Her large tits flattened a little and spread to her sides slightly with gravity bit still kept their shape as she raised her arms up to him and said, "Come here, Tommy."

Rachel giggled as Tommy frantically made his way to the floor and made his way between her spread legs before leaning over her sexy body. "I suppose you can guess at what's coming next," she said and he enthusiastically nodded his head. "Now, I'll guide you in but I want you to go slow. Every girl is very sensitive there and I don't want you just randomly poking around and maybe hurting Stacy when you two finally have sex."

Tommy had totally forgotten that Stacy had even existed as he laid down between her mother's thighs but he nodded anyway.

"Good, good," Rachel said as she looked up at Tommy. She looked around him to where Stacy was now staring at them from the couch. "Now Stacy, this is one of those things that's easier to show you than give directions. Like when I went down on you, understand?"

Stacy nodded dumbly, astonished by everything that had happened this afternoon.

Rachel smiled proudly at herself. Her plan was going so well someone should nominate her for "Mother Of The Year". "Maybe I should write a book?" she wondered, amazed by how worried some of her friends were about having, "The Talk," with their teenage kids. "Maybe I should give them some pointers?" she thought as she reached down the length of her body and gripped the base of her daughter's boyfriend's cock and moved him to the entrance of her wet pussy.

Just as Tommy settled on top of her Rachel looked up at him. "Now remember to start out slow, o.k., Tommy?" she said.

Tommy just nodded his head. He looked up and saw Stacy staring at him and her mom in wide eyed fascination. For some reason the fact that she was about to watch him fuck her mom just turned him on more.

Rachel nodded her head. "O.k., Tommy, let's do it."

Pushing in slowly Tommy moaned out as Rachel's tight pussy parted around him when he entered her. He had spent so much time masturbating about doing what he was finally getting to do that he could barely believe that his greatest fantasy was coming true, he was actually getting to fuck Stacy's mom. Her wet, tight walls gripped him, seeming to draw him in so that he barely needed to move, her hot cunt just seemed to swallow him. This was absolute pleasure as he continued to pus h in slowly and them bottomed out, his balls resting on her compacted ass cheeks and he grunted out, "Oh, fuck yes."

Rachel slapped Tommy on the shoulder. "Language, mister," she said sternly while she released his prick as he bottomed out inside of her.

"Sorry, ma'am," Tommy said meekly, amazed that even as her hot, wet pussy seemed to ripple around his shaft that she was still worried about cussing. He looked up at the blue sky outside the window behind the couch and prayed, "Thank you for this, sweet baby Jesus."

Rachel shifted herself around a little bit, getting used to the teenaged prick buried inside of her. "Now move in and out slowly," she instructed as Tommy began sliding back. A unexpected groan of pleasure escaped her lips as he began to slowly fuck her. "Mmmm, just, ah... ohhh... watch your... watch your language," she groaned. She may be having sex with the kids but that was no excuse to get lax on her parenting but even keeping up with her parenting she was finding it diff icult to remain objective during all the sex. She had thought that she could remain objective while teaching the kids how to have sex but with everything she had done with both of them her pussy felt like it was on fire as Tommy fucked her. "Oh God," she groaned as she unconsciously rolled her hips up to meet her daughter's boyfriend's thrusts.

Tommy grinned when Rachel groaned and his confidence grew. He slowly raised the tempo of his thrusts, causing the sexy older woman to pant and moan underneath him. "She's into it," he thought to himself. "She's sooo into me." As he thrust into her faster he made sure he was plunging in as deep as he could, rocking his hips and making sure to hit her G-spot with his prick and her clit with his groin, making her gasp and moan louder.

"I am suuuch a good teacher," Rachel thought as the teenage boy fucked her, obviously paying attention to everything she had shown him as she wrapped her long legs around him. "Stacy is going to feel sooo lucky when they have sex."

On the couch Stacy sat with her legs tucked under her, her knees spread wide, her fingers plunging in and out of her wet pussy, stimulating her newly found G-spot with her fingers and her hard, little clit. "Oh thank you for showing me this, mom," she thought as she masturbated furiously while watching her boyfriend fuck her mom.

Tommy's hips thrust faster and faster, driving his dick in and out of the sexy MILF writhing underneath him. "No. Not a MILF," he thought. "It's not 'Mother I'd Like to Fuck', now it's 'Mother I Have Fucked'." He grinned wildly and bent his head down, watching Rachel's large tits sway around on her chest for a few moments before catching a ripe nipple between his lips and sucking hard on the hard nub while he lashed it with his tongue.

"Oh fuck, Tommy. That feels sooo gooood," Rachel moaned out as she wrapped her arms around Tommy's head to keep him at her chest.

Stacy grinned as she bent down and playfully slapped her mother's shoulder with her sticky hand. "Watch your language, mom."

Rachel grinned up at her daughter as the horny teen plunged her fingers back between her spread legs. "I'm... I'm sorry... sorry, sweetie," she gasped out. "But I'm... I'm going to... going to... cum!" she shouted out as her orgasm rolled through her sexy body. Her spasming cunt gripped and rippled along the length of Tommy's prick as he buried himself balls deep inside of her and shuddered.

"Ohhh, Goddd," Tommy grunted as he came, shooting his seed deep inside of his fantasy woman. As he emptied his balls he slid off of the sexy mother, her nipple escaping out of his mouth with a pop and his now softening prick sliding out of her warm cunt, their cum spilling out of her and soaking into the carpet. He smiled dopily up at his girlfriend as enough blood was reaching his brain to let him remembered his own plan.

Stacey kept masturbating as her boyfriend and mom panted on the floor, her eyes darting between Tommy's soft and sticky cock and her mother's wet and messy pussy.

Rachel took a deep breath, her large tits sliding around on her chest, and sat up on her elbow, closing her long legs slightly. "Well, kids, I hope you've been paying attention because now it's your turns," she announced.

"Here's my chance," Tommy thought as he slowly got up and climbed up on the couch, sitting next to Stacy. He whispered his idea into her ear, pretending that he had just thought it up as he stroked her slender thigh. She whispered back into his ear and he whispered his response back, hoping that she wouldn't figure out that it had been his goal almost all along. She nodded her head and gave him a quick peck on his lips and a quick squeeze to his soft prick before climbing down off the couch and kneeling next to her mother.

"Tommy's so thoughtful," Stacy thought as she placed her hand on her mother's shoulder. "Mom, Tommy had a idea," she said as she slid her hand back and forth across her mother's shoulder. "You've spent all afternoon showing us what to do and taking care of both of us," she continued as her hand slowly slid down to her mother's chest, "but we haven't really been taking care of your... needs."

Rachel looked quizzically at her daughter. "What do you mean, sweetie?" she asked, barely noticing as her daughter's hand slid down to cup one of her breasts. "Was something wrong with the plan?" she wondered. "Did I forget something?"

Stacy took a deep breath as she thought of the best way to put Tommy's idea. "Well, we've all been concentrating on me and Tommy but nobody's been concentrating on you," Stacy said, lovingly stroking her mother's silky smooth tits.

Rachel looked worriedly at her daughter. "Concentrating on me how?" she asked, wondering if her plan had failed some how. "Was he whispering that he still wants me?" she asked herself.

"Well, it's just..." Stacy said, trying not to stumble over the words and deciding that it would be simpler to just show her. In a flash she bent down and kissed her mother, sliding her tongue between her mother's lips as she squeezed her firm breast and pinched the hard nipple. She caressed her mother's wet tongue with her own as she toyed with her tit, causing her mother to moan in pleasure into her mouth. Her mother's hand cupped the back of her head and reached up wit h her other hand to cup one of her small tits. They both moaned in naked lust and Stacy took that as a que and straddled her mother's sweat slick body.

Rachel kissed her horny daughter passionately as she thought, "That Tommy is such a smart boy." She caressed her daughter's small, plump tit and shivered as Stacy rolled one of her hard nipples between her delicate fingers. She kept her hand on her daughter's chest to massage her breasts as she released her hold on Stacy's head and slid her hand down her daughter's back to cup one of her taunt ass cheeks.

Tommy drooled as he watched the mother and daughter make out, his cock once again rock hard and throbbing. He grinned as he thought, "I am such a good planner."

Stacy broke the sensual kiss with her mother and licked down to her jaw, enjoying the sound of her mother moaning. She licked down her mother's neck to her collar bone, kissing the space where the bones met just below her neck and then continued licking down to her mother's well endowed chest. She crawled between her mother's knees' causing her to spread her long legs, her own pale ass high in the air as she placed her hands on her mother's firm tits. She squeezed her mother's large tits slightly, her mother gasping in pleasure, raising the firm flesh up higher and began using her lips, tongue and fingers on her mother's nipples, just as she'd been taught by her mother.

"I was wrong," Tommy thought as he licked his dry lips. "This is heaven." His eyes crawled over Stacy's plump ass to the slight peek of her pink pussy lips just barely showing below her white ass, her puffy lips obviously wet. His eyes journeyed to Rachel's tight, wet slit gleaming in the sunlight before trailing up her tan body to her chest where Stacy was nursing at her tits.

"Oh God, baby, yes," Rachel hissed in lust as her daughter mirrored everything she had taught her. Her hands trailed up and down Stacy's silky smooth back as her daughter licked and sucked her tits. She cooed as her daughter gave her breasts a last, firm squeeze and then began kissing down her chest. A noise from the couch caught her attention and she looked up and saw Tommy sliding off the couch, kneeling behind Stacy as her daughter kissed down farther to just above her burning cunt.

Rachel looked down the length of her body, propping herself upon her elbows as Stacy got comfortable between her legs and Tommy got into position behind Stacy's upthrust, heart shaped ass. "You kids... you kids don't have to... to do this," she panted but secretly hoped that they would. She had spent all afternoon denying her own bodies needs as she attended to the kids' that her body was practically begging for sex, even if it was with her daughter. She had cum with Tommy fucking her but she hadn't taken the time to enjoy it, she'd just accepted it as a simple act of sex and then moved on. But now...

From between her mother's wide spread legs Stacy looked up her mother's sexy body at her face as she felt Tommy moving around behind her.

"Sure," Tommy agreed with Rachel as he held Stacy's waist in one hand and the base of his prick with his other. "But you deserve it."

"Yeah, mom," Stacy chirped as she wrapped her arms around her mother's thighs. "You've been super awesome."

"Such good, good children," Rachel groaned as she felt her daughter begin to kiss around her swollen pussy.

Stacy moaned into the hot juncture of her mother's legs as she felt Tommy place the head of his dick at the entrance to her hot pussy. "I have such a wonderful and considerate boyfriend," she thought as she wiggled her ass at him. She'd been hesitant when he suggested it but he was right, fucking her mom really was the best way to pay her back for everything she had done for them this afternoon.

"Thank you mom and dad for moving us to this neighborhood," Tommy thought as he placed his cock-head at the entrance to Stacy's pale, pink pussy lips. ""Thank you mom for meeting Rachel in the supermarket." He gripped Stacy's slender waist with both hands. "Thank you dad for cutting off my allowance and suggesting | mow Rachel's lawn for money and me meeting Stacy for the firsst time." He braced himself, trying to remember everything Rachel had taught him. "And thank you God that Stacy is only marginally smarter than her mother," he thought before starting to slowly slide his cock into his girlfriend's tight, wet, hot virgin cunt for the first time.

Stacy slid her tongue into her mother's dripping pussy just as Tommy slid his hard prick into her. "Mmh ghdd," she moaned as her virgin hole parted around his dick and her mother moaned above her and rolled her hips up to meet her tongue. It was so hard to concentrate on tongue fucking her mother's pussy while Tommy was fucking her, her eyes fluttered as pure pleasure coursed through her and Tommy filled her completely, leaving his cock buried inside her and giving her time to get used to the intrusion. She gripped her mother's thighs tighter as she rolled her tongue around inside of her mother's cunt, tasting her mother's juices as she slowly humped her face. She began rocking her own slender hips to encourage Tommy to start and was rewarded as he pulled his cock out slowly, leaving just the tip in before slowly sliding back in.

Propped up on her elbows so she could watch her daughter eat her out while Tommy fucked her, Rachel smiled proudly as she began toying with her tits. "Such good kids to play together so well," she thought as she tugged her hard nipples. Her daughter was driving her wild between her legs and she was amazed that it was her daughter's first time pleasuring another woman. "I should seriously write a book," she thought as she threw her head back and moaned out in pleasure, humping her pussy against her daughter's talented mouth.

Tommy rocked his dick in and out of his girlfriend's cunt as she ate out her mother. "I can't believe this is happening," he thought. His girlfriend's pussy was so much tighter than Rachel's and with the added visual of her tonguing her mother's pussy while Rachel writhed around in lust he could already feel his balls boiling and ready to cum.

"Ohhh ghddd," Stacy moaned into her mother's pussy, her body feeling like it was on fire. The taste of her mother and Tommy's cum together inside of her mom tasted so good and with Tommy's prick plunging in and out of her, her body was sizzling. As her boyfriend began fucking her faster and faster she could feel her small tits jiggling with each thrust and felt her orgasm begin to crest.

Rachel kept her head thrown back as she gasped out, "Yes, baby yes. You are such a good learner," as she humped her beautiful daughter's face faster and more firmly. "Tongue mommy, tongue your mother," she moaned as she raised her head up and looked down her naked body at the fucking teenagers. The sight of Stacy licking her as Tommy fucked her daughter sent her over the edge. "You're making mommy cum!" she gasped out as a orgasm unlike any she'd ever had before tore through h er sexy, twitching body.

Stacy's eyes shot open as her mother came, clamping her thighs around her head as her mother's cum flowed into her open, groaning mouth, triggering her own orgasm. She could feel her tender pussy clamp around Tommy's prick as he buried himself deep inside of her body, the pleasure overwhelming her so she couldn't concentrate enough to keep lapping at her mother's gushing juices so the warm liquid just slid down her chin to soaked into the carpet.

"Oh God, oh god, oh fuck," Tommy gasped out, fighting the urge to cum. "Get up. Get up and roll over," he groaned quickly as he slapped Stacy's pale ass for some reason that escaped him, it just seemed like the thing to do. Luckily Stacy complied quickly and scurried up her mother's panting, cum wracked body and laid down next to her, mother and daughter lovingly wrapping their arms around each other as they continued to come down from their orgasms. "Oh fuuuck," he moaned as his cock erupted, showering their tits in his cum. What felt like a gallon of semen exploded from his cock, raining down on Rachel's tan tits and Stacy's pale ones, covering their chests in his thick seed.

As his cock finally stopped shooting the largest load of his life, Tommy's prick quickly deflated and lay limply between his legs. He relaxed a little, sitting back on his calves as he memorized the sight of mother and daughter covered in his cum and they looked up at him with sly gleam in their eyes.

Rachel quickly reached up and slapped the head of Tommy's prick, causing him to shout out in pain. "Language, young man. I will not have swearing in this house," she said sternly.

"Yeah, that she won't tolerate," Tommy thought to himself, already trying to come up with another plan to talk the sexy mother/daughter combo into another 3-way.

The End


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