Star Ocean: A Quirk Of Fate (MF)

"Dammit, Rena!" Claude yelled out after slamming the innroom door,
emphatically expressing rage against his infatuation's stubborn tendencies.
"How could you trust someone like Dias so easily?"

Realizing he was talking to himself, the ensign paused for a moment, letting
his anger boil over before sending his fist hard into the wooden wall. To his
surprise, a muffled yelp came through the closed barrier. With a quizzical
look, he reached over and quickly jimmied the door. A figure quickly fell
through, tumbling across the room and landing in a heap across from the bed.

With a huff, Celine Jules picked up her pointed hat from the floor and looked
at Claude, more annoyed that she'd been caught eavesdropping than embarrassed
that she was doing it in the first place.

"Sorry, darling." she half-apologized while fixing her headgear into place.
"You just startled me with..."

"Uh, Celine?" Claude interjected nonchalantly. The intruder stopped
mid-sentence and glared at him. Beaming, Claude motioned downward, watching
as Celine's gaze lowered to her dress. It had fallen down to her waist, and
now gaped open, releasing her bountiful breasts for all to see.

"Oh..." she stammered. "Oh my..." Her haughtiness was quickly drained at the
gaffe, now that she was wholly exposed to the one man who had so far been
able to resist her advances. But as the sorcerer looked at him again, she saw
the one thing she had awaited since she'd first lay eyes upon Claude Kenni.


Now aware that Celine was making no attempt to cover herself, the young
ensign eagerly feasted on the treasures which jutted forth from this
beautiful woman's chest. They were much larger than Rena's, at least from
what scarce glances he'd managed of her undergarments, and drooped just
slightly from the weight, resting comfortably on her ribs.

Celine smiled as she watched Claude, the man who she wanted more than anyone
else, spiraling into her web of lust. Arching her back, she thrust her boobs
forward, grinning broadly as her hands slowly circled the attractive mounds.
Her twin fleshy globes swayed slightly at the motion, the hardening tips
attesting to their owner's growing arousal.

"Do you want to see them up close?" she asked coyly. She deftly cupped her
left breast and squeezed it gently, watching Claude's eyes nearly pop at the
sight. "And... this...?" she continued, trailing her other hand down the
purple fabric and into the cleft between her legs. Claude's face quivered
slightly as he slowly nodded his head. He could think of nothing more
fulfilling than banging Rena while she screamed out his name, but the every
fiber of his being was urging him to go for the alluring alternative before

"That's wonderful, darling." Celine said, grabbing his waist and hoisting
herself up on her knees. "Because I've been trying to show them to you for
a very long time."

Standing paralyzed by her charms, Claude could only watch as the petite
wizardress stood up, guiding her lover to the bed in a graceful waltz before
crawling on top of him. Holding his cheeks, she thrust her tongue into his
mouth and collapsed onto his body, her bosom sandwiched delightfully against
his muscled front. The two kissed each other passionately, the ensign totally
losing any remaining restraint as Celine slowly ground her pelvis into his,
spreading warm between their intertwined legs.

She moaned as their tongues intertwined in each other's mouths, wishing
they could lock lips all night, but knowing enough to act fast before Claude
thought about his foolish virgin. The magician's hands moved quickly, forcing
him to roughly grope her breasts and pussy. She lifted herself up on her
arms, hovering low over her man and panting heavily, surprised at how hot she
had gotten so quickly. Wild with amorous fervor, she brazenly reached down
and pulled the lower half of her dress up, revealing her tantalizing slit.

"I'm sure you've noticed I don't like to wear panties..." Celine announced

"Yeah." Claude stuttered back, caressing her hips with his hands. "I caught
more than enough peeks in the Cross Cavern."

"Did you like it?" she continued, licking her lips at the thought. As her
voyeur watched, the overpowering female pinned her robes to her belly with
a trembling wrist, spreading her hole with two outstretched fingers.

"I've kept it trimmed, just for you..." the heraldic wizard rasped, the full
heat of her love-starved tunnel resting on the Terran's pulsating member.
Celine panted at the dual stimuli -- soft hands at her chest, and hard
throbbing at her legs. "Would Rena ever do something like that?

"No..." Claude replied longingly, not having the will to mention they hadn't
exactly gone all the way yet -- or even any of the way! A guilty tinge
entered his consciousness at the thought of his Arlian crush, and the space
cadet blathered on to drive it away. "You're beautiful, Celine."

"Then let's not waste another second..." she purred, undoing the bonds about
her partner's gray bomber jacket and whisking it off. While Claude lay in
amazement at his heraldic partner's ferocity, she took him unawares again by
slipping her hands into the waistband of his matching pants. His futuristic
garb drew not a word of surprise from the horny wizard, who simply reached
inside and opened the self-contained buckle, standard issue on any of the
starship uniforms.

"Looks like you want this just as much as I do..." Celine continued, licking
her lips as she raiser herself up to shimmy Claude's pants down, allowing his
boxer shorts to tent up noticeably. "Quite the tool, I must say!" The space
ensign grinned broadly at her remark, watching as his amorous mate gingerly
freed his penis from the confining fabric.

"Oooh, I can't wait to put this inside me!" she crooned, running seductive
fingers up and down the shaft, which twitched at every touch.

"So, don't..." Claude said with trepidation, as if deciding something
exceedingly important. After quickly making up his mind, he pulled her down
to his level, her voluptuous bosom pressing into his chest. A simple buck of
the hips, and the eager male was sliding into her wet passage.

"Oh my, Claude!" the surprised sorceress burst out, amazed by his sudden
influx of vigor. "If I'd known you wanted me this bad, I would've tried
harder to get us together!"

Simple smiling, he continued to slam into his purple-haired lover, pushing
just as hard into her tightness and she was bouncing atop his stiff pole.

"Celine... you're so warm!" he croaked, talking not only about the fire
blossoming between her thighs, but the large protrusions that seemed to want
to burrow through his shirt.

"Then let's get even closer, darling..." she responded, reaching between
them to lift his shirt. Even she was shocked by how stimulated Claude had
become -- her nipples slid along his pectorals as if covered in grease. She
knew, though, that his sweat was merely a physical manifestation of how well
she'd turned him on, and did not mind in the least.

Claude repeatedly entered the sexy wizardress, never tiring from the feeling
of her fleshy sheath engulfing his long-unused tool. It had been nearly two
months since he'd been marooned on this strange world, and with no one to see
to his needs. Back on board, he would've had his pick of sexually mature
teenagers like himself, who all saw sex as the mutually beneficial act it was
and would almost always partake.

Rena, the sweet girl he'd lusted after since arriving, had repeatedly spurned
his advances for no reason at all, even those that had nothing to do with
furious bed-creaking. And for no good reason! But Celine, who he now realized
had been wanting him all this time, was perfectly willing to put out, and
would probably be up to trying kinky things that the blue-haired female could
never dream of. His decision became crystal clear.

"I've been a fool..." he confessed, watching her stare into his eyes as if
knowing all along what he'd been thinking. "How could I be so lucky to
deserve a woman like you?"

"Don't think about it..." Celine consoled him sweetly. "Just enjoy the magic
that two people can share..."

It didn't take much long after that. Her inviting hole pulled on his cock for
a few more minutes, and then Claude groaned with a rush of emotion, holding
his new love tight as white cream rocketed up his shaft.

"Don't stop!" the curvy magician encouraged, lost in her own bliss. "I'm
coming too!"

The two bedmates swapped internal fluids for some time, moaning and rubbing
their hands over each other's sweaty bodies until the last ounce of energy
had been drained. Panting and exhausted, Celine rolled over onto her side,
still embracing Claude while he drew the bed's comforter over their trembling
forms. The friendly cocoon wrapped them in swimmy thoughts just as their love
did, and soon, both were asleep.

* * *

Claude woke up first from the cat nap, almost confused to find the sun set
low in the sky before remembering what had happened. Heart bursting with
excitement over the new world he's discovered, the elated ensign reached out
a loving finger, caressing his partner's cheek until consciousness stirred

"Mmmm..." she mumbled, eyes creaking open from the dream world but still
showing a spark of the afternoon's festivities. "Do you want to do it again?"

Instead of nodding, Claude reached down to her breasts, caressing the
sensitive skin before inexpertly mashing his lips to hers in a sloppy kiss
that left both breathless.

"Good." Celine said with a snicker. "Me too."

There would be nothing between them this time, for she wanted everything
her body touched to be part of him. Taking care not to disturb the warm air
bubble underneath the covers, the two lovebirds shed their clothes completely
before Celine slid under Claude, throwing her head back in ecstasy when he
probed her deepest tunnel.

Not once did Claude look back on his choice. The horny wizardress let him
poke her pussy all night, and even surprised him more than once by pulling
off and sucking his sperm down her practiced throat. Not caring where she
learned the skill, he simply thanked her profusely before sticking it to
her again, delighting in the sounds of her orgasm even more than his own
_ _ _

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