Star Ocean: In A Lightsome Mood (mF)

Chapter 1 - A Quirk of Fate

Rena sat back lazily on the stone benches surrounding the Lacour arena,
enjoying a well-deserved day off after the strenuous trials of the Hoffman
ruins. Her legs were splayed out loosely on the back of the seats in front
of her, allowing the wind to gently caress her bare legs. Looking out in
front of her, she made a mental note to change her position if any of the
janitors happened to enter the battleground below. The last thing she
wanted was to ruin her restful mood if some dirty old man got a look under
her dress.

Trying to shrug off the boredom that always set in when she wasn't out
adventuring, Rena threw her head back and gazed into the sky, only to draw
back in surprise as a comically upside-down image of Celine appeared in her
field of vision.

"Hey there..." the Heraldic wizard announced, ignoring Rena's startled jolt.
Celine grabbed the back rest with both hands, vaulting easily over it and
gently sliding beside her friend.

"Oh, hello Celine." Rena sputtered, trying not to show her surprise. "What
brings you here?" She ruffled her skirt and set her feet on the ground, now
more concerned about a lecherous comment from her friend than a stranger.

"Well, nothing much..." Celine replied loosely, deftly running a finger along
the stone seat. "Just feelingly a little randy today."

"What?" Rena shot back, still not used to the candor with which her comrade

"You know..." Celine continued. "Just need to someone to do the old' in and
out with. Wouldn't happen to know if Claude was free, would you dear?"

"So that's it!" Rena's mind ignited with a bright spark. "Why else would she
be in such a friendly mood!"

"Come on..." Celine persisted, tugging gently on Rena's sleeve. "I need a fix
real bad! It won't take long, I'll just borrow him quick. Promise!"

Rena's normally cheerful face soured quickly, and she turned to her companion
with an obviously annoyed leer. "If you use him all up, who's going to take
care of me tonight?" she groused thickly.

Celine let out a rebuffed "hmmph!" sound and stiffened, turning her face
away. "Claude's not even that special," she retorted, attempting to strike
deep. "I'm sure I could easily find someone else..."

"Then why don't you!" Rena shouted, finally losing her temper. The tension
mounted quickly, neither daring to move for risk of losing ground. The
Arlian was about to give way and apologize when Celine thought of a brilliant
solution to one-up her rival.

"I don't blame you for being testy." the long-haired wizard started, turning
once again. "You're probably just scared he'll find out about what you and
Dias did in the caves." Winking, she watched as Rena's mouth dropped open in
horror, then went for the killer blow. "I don't blame you, he being too busy
protecting that kid his girlfriend. And it was certainly quite a show,

Leaning closer to the now petrified girl, Celine whispered strange words into
her long ears, feeling power course through between them as the spell took

Standing up, the wizard snickered at the sight of the dumbfounded female
gawking lewdly forward, frozen as she processed the subconscious commands
Celine had given.

"Don't worry," she announced to no one in particular. "I have a feeling
you'll be forgetting about Claude in no time." Looking around at the milling
people scattered about the stadium, she thought for a moment. "And for me..."
she said with a sly note. "I think I'll pay that boy a visit!

* * *

Rena's head swirled, time seeming to slow as the siren-esque incantation
captivated her. She blinked, trying to clear her vision from the magic's
effects, only to find when she opened her eyes that she was alone again.

"Dammit!" the baffled girl mused, quickly darting around to try and catch
the trickster. "How did she know! And what could she be up to?" Unwilling
to leave her secret affair to chance, Rena began to make rounds about the
castle, seeking not onto her rival, but at least looking for something to
take her mind off being bested in a magical duel before she could even
take a shot. The longer she walked, however, the harder it became to get
stop thinking about the Heraldic sexpot, smug little grin and all.

It soon became apparent why, as the gentle teenager wandered through
another hallway, spying a soldier kissing his girlfriend goodbye for the
day. Suddenly, a fierce fire lit itself in the Arlian's loins, completely
catching her by surprise. As the hot flash raged on, Rena's breath rate
sharply increased, catching the attention of a few passing tourists.
Noticeably excusing herself to the nearest room, she barely checked for
any prying eyes before sliding a helpless hand past her body's defenses,
rocking the knuckles across her flaming mound until the mood passed.

Continuing on, Rena felt the unavoidable longings increasing over time. She
tried to fight them off, of course, thinking it rather improper that she
should be reduced to pants-dropping begging state from the slightest sexual
thought. "I can't believe she would stoop this low!" Rena whispered softly
while roaming Lacour's hallways.

Every few minutes, she would have to duck into an empty room to stave off
the cries from her body. Darting quickly against a wall, she would lean
back, watching as her hands moved of their own accord underneath her
clothing. Only a few seconds of bliss could be afforded to her secretive
ministrations at a time, but the immense satisfaction of twiddling her
starving cunny and breasts were more than enough compensation.

"This will never do!" she thought to herself, not even realizing she had
just pleasured herself in the Princess' former bedroom of all places. Her
mind was reeling now with desire for release. To the various people who
passed by, she looked as if in a daze, panting and disheveled from her
numerous quickies. "I need some privacy..." she reasoned, heading for the
staircase to the basement.

* * *

"He'd better be in here..." Celine wondered as she passed through the
threshold of the laboratory entrance, tiptoeing around on her pointed heels
so as not to disturb anything. Her entire body was flushed with heat at the
thought of some impending action, making it as hard for her to concentrate
as poor Rena.

The threatening guards that had previously been posted at the door were gone
now, along with everyone else. The entire room was apparently deserted, and
the Heraldic wizard slowly ceased her stealthy creep as she peered around.
The place was messier than she remembered, with dozens of reports,
calculations, and sketches scattered the desk that lined the lower half of
the room.

Perusing the top secret documents, ranging from specs on the Lacour Hope to
siege and evacuation procedures, she noticed many of them had writing that
trailed off at the end, as if the scientists working on them had suddenly
had to abandon their creations mid-sentence. "I wonder what made everyone
clear out?" she pondered idly.

Before she could think about whether or not it was a good idea to leave
herself, a low mutter drifted from one of the corners of the room. From the
rebounding echo, Celine's could easily determine that it was coming from the
elevated platform, just a short staircase away. With the lithe grace of years
of training, she bounded up the steps and twirled around, her levitating cape
spinning gently around her body. She expected to find Leon here, working hard
at some problem after chasing his coworkers away, but what she found was a
completely different problem altogether.

The boy was seated between two purple tubes which supplied power to the
underground complex, lab coat crumpled up beside him. His green pants and
white undies were around his knees, cock pointed straight up to the ceiling,
surrounded by his pistoning hand.

At first, Celine was too shocked to even move, watching Leon masturbate
openly in front of her. Recovering quickly, she slinked back into the shadows
of the stairwell and watched him intently, completely fascinated by this turn
of events. Fortunately for her, he was in a position roughly perpendicular to
her, and not in any real danger of discovering his stalker.

Taking great effort, Celine was finally able to pry her eyes from the show,
glancing quickly at a nagging streak in her field of vision. When she was
what it was, she immediately looked back. Set up in a semicircle around the
half-nude little scientist were photographs. They were ordinary baggage for
a high-ranking official like Lacour's little prince, except these were
definitely not the kind that boys his age normally possessed.

Although too far away to make out extreme details, the glossy spread clearly
depicted Rena at her erotic best. Over the background of the cave-like
Hoffman ruins, she and Dias were screwing like crazy, just as Celine had
known. Most of them showed her clawing at a slab of wall while Dias pumped
into her still-clothed sex from behind, no doubt seconds after he'd convinced
the blue-haired beauty to pull aside her panties. They varied in content,
showing the taker obviously had some skill in snapping choice moments of live

The arc of photos continued in a more-or-less perfect reconstruction of the
exquisite fuck. Dias had stopped plowing into her long enough to lower her
undies and hike her skirt up, baring her smooth ass to him. Then the
masterful lovemaker raised her shirt, fondling her small breasts in tune
with his thrusts. As last ready to fill her womb, he had lain down on his
back, watching as Rena rode him backwards to a mind-blowing orgasm before
collapsing in a sweaty heap. The last shot was quite a gem, a close up of
his blue-downed rod disappearing into her furry hole, love juices oozing

"What a little voyeur!" Celine said quietly before slowly treading over to
her soon-to-be conquest. "I'll show him something to make him forget about
those." When she finally reached him, he had his head back, eyes closed as
he savored the feel of his hand. This was perfect.

"I don't blame you for getting undressed, it sure got warm here over the past
few days." the horny wizard casually remarked, swaying on her tiptoes and
clasping her hands behind her back. She pretended to be interested in looking
at the ceiling, forcing herself to miss the color drain from poor Leon's face
as he realized he was busted. But she had to carry out her plan quickly, lest
the rock-solid penis she needed so much deflate from embarrassment.

"Maybe I'll join you, so you don't feel so out-of-place..." she continued,
turning to him with her hands on her hips. Her lips were set in a delicious
smile, enough to make the mute-struck boy's member jerk quickly in
appreciation. Seeing his assent, Celine began to strip, starting with her
floating rings. She slid the one with her cape down to her legs, where it
gently clanged on the ground as it left the magical field around her body.
Gripping the top of her pointy hat on one hand, she tossed it and the ring
over her shoulder, grinning broadly while running gloved fingers along the
long purple mane atop her head.

Stepping out of her shoes, she slid down into a kneeling position before
crossing her legs, coming to rest in a seated position on the floor. With two
quick strokes, the white stockings around her slender legs joined the pile on
the ground. Emitting a delicate sigh, she wiggled her pink toes, relishing
the freedom as her restricting garments fell away one by one.

Leon was still sitting there motionless, his hand still locked around his
pole as he watched this older beauty revealing her body to him. Without any
thought, his arm began to move rapidly up and down, fingers once again
dancing in his crotch.

With the boy losing his inhibitions, it was time for Celine to up the ante as
well. With a sashay of her hips, she effortlessly undid the clasp on her
belt, which dropped behind her. Next went her gloves, both of which she
grasped at one time before sliding them off in a stunning display of agility.

Finally, she was ready for the big finale. Leon was most likely not expecting
a woman to walk around without undergarments, but Celine had long ago decided
to enjoy the erotic feeling of having nothing between her intimates the and
world but a simple dress. Pulling the ribbon on the midsection which held the
entire outfit together, she watched Leon's eyes grew wider. Licking her lips,
she paused for only a moment before undoing the bind, letting the silky
material slide down her sleek form.

Now, totally nude, she was a truly a sight to behold. Leon became the latest
of a select group to learn the answer to the oft-wondered question of exactly
how far down a wizard's tattoo went. Cascading from the back of her neck and
down off her shoulders, it flowed in matching lines over her mountainous
breasts and along the plain of her stomach before passing into the valley of
her waist, where the parts merged. The pattern of dots acted as a royal
carpet, proudly accentuating her shaven pussy before splitting apart again to
run down her inner thighs and legs before disappearing entirely in pointed
ends at her ankles.

Leon, trying to absorb the beautiful image in front of him, found his eyes to
be utterly inadequate tools for such a task. Like any other teenager, he had
an irresistible crush on the generous mounds that jutted out from her chest,
letting his mouth fall open as they jiggled with each gentle sway of Celine's
naked form.

Before he could be captivated by the splendor of her nether lips, Celine
decided to pounce "Well?" she asked coyly, unlocking her legs and spreading
them wide. "Don't you want to touch me? You can do *anything* you want..."

Despite the overly-suggestive line, it worked like a charm. Leon immediately
ceased his self-pleasure, grasping for the floor before crawling over to his
elder. His cock hung down, eagerly awaiting to bathe in her vaginal juices,
but aroused enough to hold out for a little foreplay.

And that is exactly what Celine had in mind. As her inexperienced lover knelt
in front of her, their genitals mere inches apart, she could feel her womb
start to churn. The first drops of fragrant musk were already beginning to
lubricate her labia, and her feminine scent would soon envelop the both of
them in a cloud of forbidden desire.

"Why don't you start with my tits?" she nearly commanded, grabbing one of his
hands roughly and smashing it into her soft flesh. The boy scientist
immediately got the picture, reaching forward with both hands to knead her
sensitive mounds. "Oh, that's nice..." she purred softly, tracing lines along
her puffy twat with her fingers. More moans and panting were Leon's reward as
he nearly mauled her breasts with vigor, flicking the sensitive nubs with his

"You naughty boy!" Celine began, become immensely turned on by her own dirty
talk. "I'll bet you do this to all the girls in the castle! Feel them up all
the time, right!"

"No..." Leon replied with a meek smile, his voice cracking from recent
disuse. "They won't let me."

"Well, don't you worry, darling." the wizard added knowingly, letting her
head fall back behind her. "From now on, you can play with me anytime! You
can even fuck me, if you want." Leon's smile turned into a bursting grin as
she looked over to him.

"Do you *want* to fuck me?" she asked plaintively. "Because I'd really like
if you would make it feel good. My... pussy." The last word, the most erotic
of all words, was spoken in a hush, as if Celine had the same inhibitions
about referring to her vagina as Leon undoubtedly did.

The young scientist looked at her in awe, still not fully understanding that
this seductress was planning on bouncing up and down on his shaft in a sweaty
heap before long. Each new step in this process was like an amazing angel's
kiss. "You really mean..." he started to say, but was cut short.

Grabbing Leon's face in her hands, Celine looked deep into his eyes. Her face
had changed into a much more serious look. She was asking him to see through
the fog of her charms and make a decision on whether or not he really wanted
to go through with this. Without a moment's hesitation, Leon of course nodded
his assent.

The boy's world entered slow motion as Celine guided him. Her gentle hands
raised him, then pulled up on his arms as she helped separate the scientist
from his shirt. Nearly naked now, he let himself be coaxed onto his back,
raising his legs so she could slide his pants off. The cool metal floor
distracted him for only a moment, and while he was shifting his bare butt
back and forth, he did not even notice the nude wizard lie back, her virile
body calling out to him.

With unbounded eagerness, he climbed onto his lover. Celine smiled warmly as
instincts took over, his stiff little cock flopping uselessly on her flesh as
it sought her moist folds. Not wanting to spoil the innocence of the moment,
the nude wizard waited patiently for Leon to finally penetrate her.

At last, with a rush he sunk into her womanly depths, his head coming to rest
between the two breasts which so captivated him. It took only a few gentle
stabs before Leon found his courage. "Oh, Celine..." he moaned, quickly
pounding into his mate with swift strokes. "I never thought it would be like
this!" His eyes glazed over, totally lost in his own world, his pistoning
hips the only indication of consciousness.

"I'm glad you like it!" Celine cooed, looking down at his boyish body.
Reaching around with her hands, she seductively caressed his hairless
buttocks. "And if you keep this up, I'll hike my skirt for you anytime!" She
threw back her head in happiness as his jerkings suddenly found a sweet spot.

"Am I doing good then?" Leon rapsed, barely able to eke out the words to his

"Stupendous." Celine confirmed, pulling him into her harder. "In fact, I
think we'll be doing a lot more of this." Gazing down the length of his body,
she found peace is the wave-like undulation of his thin hips, falling easily
into a semi-trance as she watched him get laid for the very first time.

Although the sex was in no way boring for the prone temptress, she knew it
was pointless to try and orgasm with her protegee since his youthful
exuberance would leave her in the dust. So she bid her time, whispering
erotic encouragements in an attempt to bring him to an explosive climax as
soon as possible. Once he was taken care of, her own pleasure was just a
short while behind.

It wasn't long before Celine felt the familiar tingling along the length
inside her, and knew it was about to happen. Her lips let loose with
unladylike wanting, daring Leon to fill her up with his seed. "Uhh uhh..."
Leon panted, reduced to a nearly fetal glassy-eyed state by the allure of
adult flesh. "It's going to happen!"

"That's right..." Celine concurred, bringing her hands to his maturing
soldiers and hugging tightly. "Now come inside me! Let it all out!" Leon
wasted no time, shafting her harder even as he began erupting into the warm
tunnel. In her relatively larger channel, his penis sprayed every which way,
generously coating the fleshy walls with sperm, and on occasion managing to
shoot past her defenses. Celine licked her lips, feeling his creamy load
settle deep inside her womb.

* * *

As the two lay on the ground, Leon catching his breath while Celine simmered
in her own sexual juices, neither became aware that their idyllic sanctuary
had been visited. As Rena slipped through the doorway, she at first saw only
the mess on the floor. "Leon's going to have a fit when he sees this!" the
young girl thought, eagle eyes poring over the contents of the room for a
safe spot to sit and play with herself.

Then her eyes picked up on the motionless post-coital couple, Celine
absentmindedly stroking her partner's hair as he shivered with small orgasmic
aftershocks. "That was wonderful, darling!" she beamed, lifting his torso off
to get a good look at his dazed face, as well as her messy crotch. "But now
it's time for me to get some!" Letting her breasts cushion his face once
more, she rocked forward on her dainty butt, using the momentum to swing into
a standing position.

Watching Leon hug his elder mate, dragged off to endure another bout of wild
lovemaking, the spying Arlian lost complete control, flipping her skirt and
plunging a sticky middle finger into her own hole without a second thought.
Her gaze fell quickly to her shameless masturbation, the duo's next
destination eluding her comprehension.

With elegant dexterity, Celine marched over to the far end of the room, the
lust in her eyes growing with each step. Totally oblivious to Leon's sexy
whimpers as their bodies rubbed together, she laid his form atop a ring
shaped table, positioning their weight directly on top of one of the four
struts, still straddling his awe-inspired body.

Delaying her own pleasure, Celine leaned over, sloppily licking his open lips
before mashing them with her own. Her tongue dug into his oral cavity,
waltzing with Leon's momentarily before she withdrew, leaving hands on his
chest while she began to ride him.

Celine fell into an instant frenzy. She could barely hold onto him before her
luscious mouth erupted in more obscenities. "Dear Gods, you're good!" she
grunted, relishing the inexperienced but exuberant attention her slit was
receiving. "Are you sure you haven't done this before?" she added, the
sentence marked with numerous pants.

"Never." Leon replied, happily watching her damp hole suck on his member.
"I've... uh... taken pictures of naked girls and stuff, but never tried to do
anything else."

"Aww!" Celine swooned in adoration of his cute reasoning. "I feel so bad for
you! I wish I could let you stick it to me forever. My cunt is almost on
fire, though. If you keep doing me like this, I'm going to come all over

Rena's ears caught the rhythmic sound of the petite wizard's creamy globes
smacking wetly against Leon's thighs. Forcing herself to ignore the equally
radiant sight of her own damp box, she watched the far corner of the lab in
wide-eyed in amazement. Shifting her gaze around the two fleshy bodies, she
focused on the tiny spot where they met, catching moments of calm before
Celine's purple muff swallowed the erect cock beneath.

The sensuality at this new stimulus was too much for the teenager to take
standing up. Dropping to her knees, she jammed her other hand through the
waistband of her panties, frigging herself like mad while her companions
fucked each other silly. "Oh... I wish that was me!" Rena sighed dreamily,
knowing that even had she the nerve to push Celine off and replace the
throbbing quim with her own, she would never be able to spare the few seconds
it would take and go without feeling something inside of her.

"That's it!" the Heraldic wizard purred, speeding up her passionate bouncing.
"Oh, I'm going to come soooo hard!" she wailed, pleased with Leon's open-
mouthed smile at he watched her sweaty boobs flap wildly about. By now,
Celine was really getting into the movements, rapidly assailing the hard rod
below with deep thrusts. Though Leon had just spent himself minutes before,
the potent medicine of her slick vagina quickly prevented any limpness from
setting in.

Celine allowed her hands to roam Leon's slightly-muscled physique, speaking
softly as they continued to screw. "I'm getting so excited watching you ram
that thing into me..." she whispered breathlessly. "Do you want to watch me
cream all over you soon? I'm beautiful when I'm coming..." Leon nodded
quickly, unable to fathom how this experience could be any better, and yet
knowing it soon would.

"Ahhhh! Ooooooohhhhhh!" the sorcerer moaned as shocks of pleasure signaled
her imminent climax. "I can't believe how hot you're making me! Oh, yes, do
it! Fuck me!" Leon could only watch though a thick haze as his lover's slick
body shivered in bliss. He was dimly aware his overused cock was spilling
again into Celine's sensuous slit, but was lost to make out the details
through his own orgasm. The experienced wizard bucked on, totally unaware of
Leon's arms dragging her down in an embrace.

Rena was also being taken to wonderful places as well. Mere feet away from
the conjoined pair, she had long since fallen on her side, gasping loudly as
all ten of her fingers took turns reaching her most sensitive spot. Frantic
moans and grunts escaped her parted lips, going unnoticed only because Celine
and Leon were making as much noise on their own.

Bringing a sleeve to her mouth, Rena bit down hard, screaming as loud as she
could as the infinitely restful release took her, shattering the sexual spell
she'd been held under. As her feet twitched, the closed limbs hiding the
glorious miracle unfolding between her legs, boiling tears ran freely from
her eyes, so happy was she to be set free of such an embarrassing, if
exquisite affliction.


The three spent the new few minutes in the void between conscious and
unconsciousness, their fried brains feebly wandering back to reality. Rena
stirred first, yanking her shaking hand out of her soaked and rather useless
panties. Spreading the gooey cunny-cream all over her clothes, she was
eventually able to fix herself into a more presentable fashion. Still
trembling from the power of her orgasm, the young girl rolled over in an
attempt to get up -- and found herself face to face with a very aroused

"Couldn't wait?" he teased, snatching her hand and bringing it to his mouth.
He sucked hungrily on her fingers, savoring the sweet taste of his girl, and
knowing it was turning her own all over again. "Some guards mentioned a
flustered girl heading downstairs." he continued. "Thought I'd go and

"I'm sorry..." Rena fumbled, closing her eyes again as Claude shuffled over.

"Don't be." his soft voice soothed, easing her chin upwards so he could place
his lips on the sheen of sweat about her neck. "I can't wait either..."

"Take me..." she ordered hoarsely, protesting not in the least as the ensign
reached under her skirt, grabbing the bottom of her underwear and slipping
them off. Rena hugged him tightly as the cool air brushed her cunt, feeling
his strong arms grab her naked butt.

"I hope I'm as good as Dias..." Claude remarked, bringing her into the air
across his arms. He could actually feel the heat emanate from Rena's face as
she blushed.

The other lovebirds took a few minutes longer to recuperate. When Celine was
ready to come down from her sexual high, she bounded up, surprising herself
with the enthusiastic strength mustered.

"Fantastic!" she cheered, looking around for only a moment before bringing
her face close to Leon's. "That was really good, lover!" she crooned, rubbing
noses together. Then, a flurry of emotion took hold, and she mated lips with
the young boy. "I love you!" she chanted, kissing him rapidly. "Love you love
you love you!" Finishing with an extra long smooch, she slowly rolled off of
him, sadly watching their bodies part ways.

"Remember..." Celine said alluringly. "You just tell me next time you want
it. With a final kiss on the cheek, she sprinted over to her clothes, not
even noticing the seeping mess flowing from her crotch. Looking back only a
second, she grabbed the pile, gliding off into the staircase still
wonderfully naked. Leon more than confused about her sudden departure, but
his cream-coated penis knew that more of the same was just a plea away.

"What a woman..." he squeaked, leaning over and crashing the short distance
to the ground. He could already see himself ravishing this elder beauty time
and time again. It was only a matter of when their next encounter would be.

"But why wait?" he thought, an evil smile spreading across his lips. "When I
can let Precis in on the fun too..."

Chapter 2 - Lose One's Illusions

"Geez!" Precis lamented, slamming the door of her inn room behind her and
throwing herself onto the bed with a final display of effort. "What a day!"

The little girl felt absolutely drained. Not only had the party's exhaustive
efforts in the Hoffman Ruins securing materials for the Lacour Hope been only
yesterday, but she'd spent the better part of this day chasing after a
malfunctioning Bobot through the maze of streets in the city. Sweat clung to
every inch of her panting body, making her feel more than a bit

Allowing herself to lay in blissful peace for only a moment, face hot as
fire, Precis slowly began to disrobe. Daydreams of a wonderful, cool shower
drifted through her mind as she absentmindedly unzipped her blue coat. She
imagined being back at home, spinning wheels and dials to convert the river
runoff into a icy cascade, relishing the sensation of her lithe body becoming
taut under the temperature change. Although the young machinist wouldn't give
up this adventure for anything in the world, she had to admit they were
operating at a loss without the vast store of inventions left behind at home.

Steam radiated off her chest as the heavy material came open. Sitting up,
Precis yanked her arms out and slung it to the floor, kicking off her overly-
large boots and dumping them to the ground as well. They were indeed comfy,
with generous padding comprising a large part of their bulk, and she had nary
a blister to show for all the previous days of walking. However, that
protection came at a price, in the form of the smelly waves that now emanated
from Precis' socks.

Wrinkling her nose, she pulled her shirt overhead, exposing creamy plum-sized
breasts capped with tiny pink nipples. Shivering noticeably as the cooler air
enveloped her chest, Precis undid the tie on her shorts and slid them down,
exposing a matted pair of pink panties. She paused for a moment, looking down
at her secret shame and remembering how mortified having the older girls seen
them was...

* * *

After spending hours battling monsters amid the ruins, everyone was long
overdue to heed nature's call. After a patently embarrassing silence by the
girls, more out of a desire for self-sufficiency than any hesitation on
bearing their genitals, Rena had at last pled with her beau for a quick rest
stop. The men stood guard while Celine picked out a dead-end tunnel for them
to attain some privacy for the more conservative females, calling out to
their suitors in a seductive voice before disappearing into the fog.

"Feel free to come and watch, boys!" she teased, much to Rena's shock and
Opera's usual giggle. Precis herself felt both scared and awed by the
wizard's actions, her usually boisterous attitude subdued by this glimpse
into the adult world. Some part of her protested this jump-start that she
knew was quite out of her league, the other half ravenously wondering how far
this consistent jabbing between the sexes would go... like if the men did
indeed take Celine up on her offer. No one noticed the quick smile that
passed between Rena and Dias's faces, especially Claude, who quickly riveted
himself to the task at hand.

Once safely around a bend in the tunnel, the ladies wasted no time in getting
down to business. The heraldic vixen quickly asserted her free spirit
attitude, boldly undoing her clothing and learning against a cavern wall
before draining herself right in front of the others. Not about to be seen as
prudes, the others quickly followed, baring their own and blue and yellow
bushes before each other in a silent test of trust. Rena and Opera uttered
slight grunts as they began to pee, nudging Precus to summon up the courage
to bare her own nearly hairless snatch to the world.

The intelligent minor was greatly releived to find that no one really paid
any attention to her underdeveloped vagina, being not at all used to letting
anyone at all see her naked body, much less three near-strangers! The lack of
a sly barb became noticeably evident before Celine suddenly spoke.

"I see you've wasted no time getting your jollies already, Rena..." the
crouched mage said sneakily, pointing to a creamy white streak nestled in the
forest above her mound. Rena turned a bright crimson, furiously trying to
hide her privates while still maintaining balance, and Celine only laughed

"It's quite all right, dear." she assured, looking down at her own snatch. "I
plan to get stuffed real soon myself."

"Oh really?" Opera smirked incredulously, concealed a slight curiosity. "Who
with this time?"

"Thinking maybe Ashton again." the purple-clad woman replied. "I mean, you
have Ernest to keep you happy, and Rena gets bopped twice as much as both of
us between Claude and Dias..."

"Celine!" Rena burst out with a horrified gasp.

"And I wouldn't dream of interfering in anything Precis has going with that
little Lacour tyke" she continued on, watching her own bladder finally empty.
"Well, you are doing it with him, aren't you?" Celine asked, not knowing
herself whether she was joking or not.

"Knock it off." Opera ordered, a little annoyed at how easily her companion
could discharge such an insensitive remark.

"Uhhh... no..." Precis recovered, clearly flustered. "I don't even like him
like that."

"Well, don't worry about a thing." Celine finished, standing up. "Just
remember that you can have anything you want if you're willing to spread your
legs a little." Opera rolled her eyes and got up also. Rena, having been too
engrossed in herself to listen to the exchange, rose nonchalantly and made
her way back towards the rest of the group, evidentially unaware of what was
going on.

Precis was the last one to leave, still trying to deal with the funny feeling
she felt at Celine's suggestion. Did the callous sorceress really suggest she
let that pompous boy *do it* to her? She had to admit it certainly made her
think, if anything. The poor teenager's head was so cloudy from the tingling
in her loins, she did not even notice Opera had stopped to wait for her.

"She didn't bother you or nothing, kid?" the tall blonde asked, looking quite

"Nah, of course not!" the little girl replied cheerfully, choking back the
quiver in her voice. The duo walked some more, Opera apparently pondering
something deeply.

"I guess you're old enough, if you really want to..." she huffed, speaking
quickly. "Just want to let you know I'm here if you want to talk about
anything." With a gentle sigh, Opera patted the youngster on the back,
feeling immensely proud of the motherly role she'd just offered.

"Oh, thanks!" Precis answered, looking straight at the ground. "You don't
think I really should?" she asked with trepidation.

"Well," Opera shot back with an innocent smile "It is certainly fun. But I do
know is that if you want to catch boys like a woman, you're going to have to
start dressing like a big girl down there..."

* * *

While Precis knew the remark wasn't meant to hurt her, she felt
overwhelmingly inadequate with her current wardrobe. After all, her father
had been buying her clothes for the past 14 years. It hadn't even crossed her
mind that it was time to "upgrade" yet.

But now, as she sat staring at the flimsy cotton that covered her private
parts, feeling the echo of the past lift away, a raging thought swept through
her tiny frame. "It would be so easy..." she thought, poking softly at her
concealed womanhood. Tentatively, the horny genius slipped a small finger
into her panties, feeling the warm engulf her slender digit as it passed
under the waistband.

"So nice..." she whispered, snaking across the light fuzz covering her virgin
hole. Then, savoring the wet slide down her slick crack, Precis drew a sharp
intake of breath as she pleasured herself, slowly parting the fleshy vee to
allow her probing hand inside.

This wasn't the first time the brunette had masturbated, but not by much.
When she still lived in Linga, this wondrous art was completely foreign to
her. But after journeying with the party for only a few days, primal instinct
had taught her what delights the pristine blossom between her legs could
bring. Watching Rena climb into Claude's sleeping bag one night in the woods
surrounding Lacour, she gave herself over to the erotic urges. Allowing her
hands to work of their own accord, she was soon reduced to a sobbing mess,
crying tears of happiness as her cunny's maiden voyage ended with a set of
come-soaked clothes she guiltily threw away the next morning.

Bringing herself back from another flashback, Percis tried to concentrate on
the task at hand - literally. Flushing all other thoughts from her head, she
began to speed up the delightful ministrations, whimpering softly as she
committed the dirty act. Pausing with a moan each time she sparked movement
from the small red nub below her blonde fuzz, Precis continued to roughly
shove a solitary finger through her fat vaginal lips.

"I wonder what *he* would do..." her brain echoed, and Precis suddenly found
herself imagining Leon at the foot of her bed. Running one hand up and down
her bare leg, he used the other to carefully maneuver hers, reaching untold
combinations of stimuli. Overcome by her fantasy, the whiz kid fell back,
cheeks reddening as her lover crawled up beside her. Now he was cupping her
small breasts, rubbing the aureoles while still he guided her efforts.

She was well on her way to creaming her panties, as well as the surrounding
bed, when startling knock on the door vanquished the dream-Leon. Unwilling to
cease any sexual activity, she groaned worriedly, straining her ears to
listen for another. It came a few seconds later, and Precis woefully tore
herself away from her honeypot, halfheartedly sitting up and sliding into her

Another rap on the door spurred her into action. Realizing that she had not
even bothered to lock the door earlier, her awkward limbs moved in a flurry
of action. Thrusting one sneaker through the leg of her shorts, she sat back
down to quickly take care of the other one. In her haste to dress, the large
boot ripped a deep line through the fabric, going completely unnoticed by the
frazzled girl. Throwing the vest on over her naked torso, Precis made way to
the door, holding it closed with one arm while she slid the peephole open
with the other.

Leon stood on the other side of the door, staring intently at the wooden slab
in front of him for sign that it would open. He was just as exited as his
mate on the other side was, puffing excitedly as if from running a great
distance. Seemingly fed up with the wait, his hand reach for the doorknob,
freezing Precis in place.

Opening her mouth to utter a warning of protest, she suddenly felt the power
drain from her voice. Whether it was fear or arousal, she placidly watched as
the threshold in front of her widened, stepping back only to avoid being
bumped by the swinging barrier. When cast all the way open, her twin stepped
through in slow-motion as if in a daze. Instantly, she melted, wholly
submissive to him. Her hand dropped away, allowing the vest to part slightly
under the influence of gravity. The twin bumps underneath remained concealed,
but it was now apparent there was nothing that could stop him from reaching
out to touch her forbidden places.

"Precis..." was all Leon could summon as he stared at her half-naked body.
Her entire being flared like an aphrodisiac, erotic taunts exuding from each
crevice. The shear in her shorts ran all the way from the cutoff to her
crotch, exposing a generous amount of the damp pink cotton underneath. Her
defenseless skin glimmered longingly with a light coat of sweat from the
previous workout. To Leon, she was beyond irresistible.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do this..." the scientist rasped
before catching his trembling mate in his arms, holding her bosom tight to
before melding her lips together. With little experience but what Celine had
taught him, he enthusiastically mashed his mouth into Precis' face, forcing
her to return the favor with equal passion. As the couple continued kissing,
Leon bore a zealous hand down between her legs, seeking the hidden treasure

"Aaaah!" the young girl cried out, sensing her most sacred spot touched by
another being for the very first time. Precis tried to shy away from his
probing touch, some shadow of self-preservation forcing her to try and defend
her feminine honor. Knees buckling, she stood there helpless as he cupped her
slit, massaging the labia with his outer fingers and snaking the middle digit
inside. Precis swayed back and forth as Leon wore down her resistance, the
devious adolescent leisurely directing his reward over to their conjugal bed,
not even bothering to close the entranceway behind him.

Collapsing roughly on top of his partner, he pinned her to the sheets with
his bulk. The pressure knocked the wind out of the petite youngster with an
audible grunt, both from his weight and jabbing finger which poked
dangerously close to her maidenhead. As Precis lay sideways on the bed,
recovering from the onslaught, Leon rose victorious, knowing she had already
lost the willpower to stop what was about to happen.

Bending down, he effortlessly slid her lower garments off, the damp underwear
gliding off with them. Her bald twat glistened invitingly, a strip of goo
highlighting it's beauty straight as an arrow all along her inner thighs. "We
should have done this right away..." he intoned sadly, the words only faintly
registering with the prostrate girl.

When Leon had first met Precis, he's felt the certain spark that could only
be puppy love unfold in his heart. Her hyper, spunky attitude was
overwhelmingly attractive to the drudgery of his work. Though it was far from
thankless, he could sense that his fellow workers would just as soon not take
commands from someone ten years their junior.

So the opportunity to team up with a party of reckless adventurers was
impossible to resist, especially seeing that the same female who made his
heart skip on sight had already proven to be a capable asset. Never in ten
thousand years did he think that such a fateful decision would lead him to
this moment. Precis' still figure, so diametrically opposite to her natural
state, was ready to make love with him. Steeling himself, Leon parted his lab
coat, snapping clear his belt before lowering his own shorts quickly, as if
this fantastic experience were but a dream that would soon fade away.

Precis was still staring at the ceiling when Leon crammed his little member
into her. All at once, the haze cleared from her head, and she erupted in an
intense scream as Leon invaded her womanly reaches, easily plowing through
the hymen. Having no knowledge of such things from his original encounter
with Celine, he tirelessly pressed on, sinking into her freshly-deflowered
hole with boundless energy. "Leon!" she cried out impulsively. "Noooo!"

But it was far too late to halt the eager boy now. As sharp pain exploded in
her loins, the young girl feebly tried to push her lover off, his frenzied
thrusts rapidly spearing her belly. "Please..." she whimpered, powerless to
stop the forceful buffeting wreaking havoc on her tender passage.

"I can't!" gasped Leon, stuffing her bulging twat ever harder. "It's so tight
and warm!" He pushed on, oblivious to the fading cries of despair.

The brief shock of having a large pole of flesh shoved into an opening that
was only accustomed to her slim finger faded slowly, Leon's pounding
deadening nearly all sensation in her lower body. Precis let him continue to
ravage her, resigned to her fate much earlier than she would have thought
possible, more out of exhaustion in the futility of struggling against his
male drive than from any sense of preserving her innocence.

For a few moments, she simply lay back and accepted the fucking, allowing
Leon to harshly rock her frail form to and fro along the bedspread. After
such a rush of emotion, it was almost relaxing to watch his cherubic face,
contorting in grunts as he helped himself to her tight channel. Even through
the maddening throbbing that filled her cunt, Precis smiled at the sight of
her young partner pushing into her, eyes were closed in a state of pure
bliss, and she was suddenly filled with a rationale to make the best of this
situation. The longer Precis thought about what was happening, the less she
wanted to chastise Leon for what he was doing, and rather attempt to enjoy
herself if possible.

"We really... shouldn't be doing this..." Precis spoke finally, a thin smile
spreading across her lips. "What if someone... uhhh... sees us?" The
importance of her remark escaped the coupling teens, for neither of them
couple see the gaping doorway, inviting anyone with a penchant for voyeurism
to take advantage of this erotic show.

Leon pumped into her for a few more seconds while forming his response.
Leaning down, he drew his mouth close to her ear, speaking softly. "Does it
matter?" he asked in a decidedly serious tone. To seal his lady from any
further protest, his lips roamed over her face, fondling her cheeks before
settling on Precis' parted lips.

She confidently returned the favor, the two's unsophisticated smooched making
quite a sight. In appreciation, Leon pulled nearly all the way out of her
slippery wetness, the bulging head spreading her nether rim apart once again.
Then, with a rush he replenished her sparsely-haired mound, feeding it the
delicious shaft it so desired.

"Yeeeeeesss!" Precis hissed, the elongated lunge rocketing all the way up her
love canal. "Oh, that's good!" Gritting her teeth against the lingering
vestiges of discomfort, the determined female began to grind her hips against
Leon's, panting slightly from the exertion. The enthusiastic boy opened his
eyes, happily watching his tiny lover writhe underneath, emitting sexy little
moans from time to time as his pistoning rod began to churn her innermost
recesses, awakening the intelligent beauty's most basic sexual drive.

"Leon..." Precis called out longingly, at last working up the courage to peer
between their conjoined bodies. She couldn't believe the force with which he
was pummeling her dainty privates, their stomachs slapping together in a
delightful rhythm. After viewing such a titillating sight, she allowed her
head to roll back, arching her back slightly in response to the fire which
was being kindled in her former virginity.

This slight motion was enough to dislodge the precarious hold of Precis'
jacket. The flaps gradually spread open, baring pert breasts beneath to the
willing male. Leon took advantage of this new twist without hesitation,
sinking down from outstretched palms to resting on his elbows. In this new
position, he could easily grope her exposed chest while continuing to fuck.

Leon's added stimulation only threw Precis deeper into depravity. As the
untouched nipples atop her petite fleshy mounds hardened from his touch, she
could feel her legs moving as if of their own accord. With ease, they crept
up past the young boy's clenched buttocks, linking together effortlessly over
his back.

As Precis' tiny limbs shifted upwards, so did her fragile girlhood, coming
into perfect alignment with the jutting shaft that continued to pierce her
wet folds. Unconsciously, Leon lengthened his strokes, now able to reach all
the way insider her gooey pussy. Having him bottom out near her womb came as
a utter delight to the young lady, who quickly flushed bright red as her
emotions took hold. She found herself completely unable to control the stream
of profanity which looses from her parted lips.

"Yes... more!" she cried out, cradling his back in her arms while they
screwed. "Please, keep going!" she added, exerting more pressure on their
frail tangle. Then, a particularly deep push brushed against her cervix, and
she wailed out in overwhelming appreciation, hugging Leon tightly as he
crashed on top of her perspiration-drenched body.

Even with time to admire Precis' transformation for a mere second, the slick
scientist knew the tables had turned. He had trudged up here from the
basement, his head dancing with visions of violating this little girl while
she placidly laid back and endured. Without thinking, however, he had chosen
to fornicate with the one girl in the group who had greater reserves of
energy than even the wanton Celine.

The pain of her lost cherry entirely annihilated, Precis ceased to be the
passive spectator in her own inaugural sexual experience. Displaying
staggering strength and resolve, the brunette teenager rolled her man over
onto his back, impaling herself on his erect cock with the force of gravity.

Deservedly stupefied by his sudden loss of control, Leon could only lie still
and watch as Precis shrugged her shoulders, allowing the interfering vest to
drop away from her back. Altogether naked now except for the anklet socks
covering her small feet, she assumed a marvelously radiant stance atop his
body, seemingly incognizant that her immature slit was crammed with more meat
than any fourteen year old in Lacour had ever been honored with!

Not about to waste any time and let the pleasure of their rubbing sex organs
flame out, Precis quickly resumed the rough play of before, exercising
extreme care as she adjusted to this new perspective, bouncing lightly at
first. As time passed, her enthusiasm waxed, manifesting itself with an
increase in the rate of her jiggling body. It would have taken rock-solid
will for anyone watching to resist sneaking up from behind and slipping it to
the sexually-awakened girl.

* * *

Having heard a piercing yell emerge from one of her rooms, the innkeeper
quickly rushed over to investigate, stopping dead in her tracks halfway when
low grunts and moans began to wander out of the same doorway. She briefly
fantasized about watching the rutting kids, knowing there had to be some hot
action if they had been so busy as to forget to *close*, much less lock their
only egress. Discretion got the better of her, and she tiptoed back to her
desk, closing off the entire wing the party had reserved so the noise
wouldn't distract the other customers.

Claude and Rena returned to the inn soon afterwards, still aglow from their
own recent encounter. The Arlian's snatch was just as cum-soaked as Celine's
had been and Precis' soon would be. Walking slightly bow-legged from the mess
in her panties, Rena approached the counter first to find a composed matronly
woman waiting for them.

"Now that it's any of my business, you know." the elder lady began,
rehearsing an obviously prepared speech. "But you know those two kids in your

"What about them?" demanded Claude, sidling over beside Rena with a knowing
look on his face."

"I think you should know what they're doing in there." the woman replied
plainly. "Made such a racket I could barely concentrate!" Rena tried to
stifle a grin, but failed miserably, forcing a sharp stare from the

"You should know that it's not healthy for them..." the proprietor continued,
but was cut short by the blonde ensign.

"We'll take care of it." he accounted forcefully, whipping the room key from
his pocket. Walking over and releasing the nearby lock, the unmistakable
symphony of a sexual encounter wafted into the reception area. The woman
immediately burst into a blush as several clients turned their heads to
listen to the musical sounds. Rushing from behind the desk, she shooed Claude
an Rena inside and slammed the door, just slow enough to catch another
incoherent affirmation of how much Precis was enjoying herself.

* * *

"Leeeeeooon!" she howled, startling Rena even before the door snapped shut
behind her. Claude paused a moment, tossing an arm around his girlfriend's
shoulder to sooth her nerves.

"So that's what they're up to..." she remarked with a giggle "I feel so
corrupting. Do you think Leon saw me and... got ideas?" Her mind was clearly
racing now, evident by the shortness of breath.

Claude laughed as he rubbed her shoulder. "I'm sure that was more Celine's
doing than yours." he responded, looking over to her. "But you look just as
excited, dear. Sure you're not sad he picked someone his own age to
experiment with next?"

"Oh, you're incorrigible, Claude!" Rena spat back in mockery, continuing to
walk down the hallway, towards wall at the end where lewd shadows provided a
flawless guide of what lay within. "Do you really think we should just barge
in?" she asked, no longer trying to hide the quiver in her voice.

"If you insist..." Claude teased, halting once again to embrace her. "Because
I can see you really have your heart set on it..." Rena paused, thinking
about his offer, and his expression quickly turned into a smile of amazement.

"Wow!" the ensign exclaimed. "You really mean it!" The prim female turned
beet red, knowing there was no sense denying it. "What turned you on to such
naughtiness lately?" he queried, shuffling their hips together in an mock
slow dance.

"Let's just say a certain wizard had something do with it..." Rena confessed,
allowing Claude to rock her gently. "You don't think he'll tell anyone, do

"I think he'd keep a secret from his King if it meant a chance to enjoy what
I have..." the cocky male reassured her, planting a quick smooch on his
partner's lips.

"Then let's show that magician that the best lovers make the best
teachers..." Rena whispered hoarsely, breaking free of his grasp except for a
single hand, to lead him to yet another voyage of discovery.

* * *

Claude and Rena's presence in the doorway easily went unnoticed by the twin
lovebirds. Each were far too engrossed in mind blowing sex to even care at
this point. By the time Rena first gazed at the motionless penis, wishing it
was her own box pleasuring him instead, Leon was nearing a climax of epic
proportions. Precis, too, was on the verge of a faith-shattering orgasm. Her
vagina seemed to defy conventional physics, it's fleshy walls caressing the
small prick beneath with blinding speed.

"I'm getting close..." he said breathlessly, laboring tremendously to stave
off coating her insides with his sticky cream. Precis continued riding him
forcefully, beads of sweat flying from her nude body. Already her pace was
winding up to a magnificent crescendo, for without her conscious knowledge,
the most powerful force on earth was about to overtake her spirit.

A slow smile spread across the girl's face as she came, eyes folding shut in
order to block out all other stimulus, focusing all of her power on simply
enjoying the pleasure coursing through her loins. Girlish cream spilled out
of her warm quim, coating Leon's manhood in the proof of her love. The warm
blast was exactly the signal he was longing for. Counterattacking, the prone
scientist shot his own reserve deep into Precis's hole, his long shaft
carrying it all the way to her parched womb.

The pair continued bucking together for several seconds as the sensations
carried them away into heaven. Just as in the former half of the day, Leon
followed his mate's spent body as it fell down to his own, wrapping him in a
warm cocoon of heat. As her sensitive nubs brushed against his own, Leon felt
a final surge of delight enter his phallus, forcing even more cum to spurt
between them before he was finally able to rest.

Precis panted wearily on top of him, her slick body the antithesis of the
exact reason she had returned to the inn for. Although knowing the cleansing
water was only a few steps away, she still could not bring herself to move
and disturb the magic of their afterglow. Snuggling even closer to Leon,
resting her head on the bed directly adjacent to his, she allowed the
satisfying allure of sleep to take her. It was a fitful slumber, wholly
ignorant of the impregnating juice stirring in her belly, or the two friends
staring at her upended behind.

* * *

Claude couldn't take his eyes off the irresistible sight before him. Precis'
small pussy was still occupied by the boy's deflating rod, but the puckered
opening above shone invitingly, begging to be filled by his cock. Entranced,
the alien ensign stepped forward, blinded by his own lust, seeking the two
quivering globes in front of him. Rena latched onto him just before he got
too far away, spinning Claude around to look at her.

"Remember..." she warned, the warmth of desire burning in her eyes as well.
"Not a word to anyone..." And with that, they both stepped forward into

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