Star Trek: Deep Space
by Anonymous

Captain James Tiberius Kirk leaned back idly and regarded the colorful
display on the viewscreen. A vast expanse of nebula covered the entire
display. It was a dazzling example of a diffuse nebula, a spectral image
composed of rarefied gases and dust built on a grand scale. The view
hadn't changed for hours. Kirk was bored out of his skull.

When Starfleet had sent word for the Enterprise to gather as much data as
possible on the immense interstellar cloud, Spock had insisted that they
follow the order literally. He had laid out a hex pattern over part of the
closest part of the nebula, and the Enterprise was dutifully scanning each
hex before moving on. Each scan took nearly a day, and had a draining effect
on the bridge crew. At least when they were moving through empty space there
was the anticipation of discovery, or of an impending destination. For the
next week all they had to look forward to was a slightly different view of
the same damn nebula.

He silently cursed whoever designed the layout of the bridge stations. He
couldn't even ogle Lt. Uhura's legs and cleavage without making an obvious
turn in his chair. Without the occasional female ensign bringing them coffee
or paperwork to sign, he'd have nothing to keep his mind active at all.

Finally the turbo elevator door swished open and out stepped Spock to relieve
him on the bridge. "About time, Mr. Spock."

"I am precisely on schedule, Captain." Spock regarded him with one eyebrow
slightly cocked. "Do I sense some restlessness on your part?"

"Not at all, Mr. Spock." Kirk stood slowly, letting the tension ease out of
his back muscles. The Captain's chair is not built for comfort, he thought
to himself. "I enjoy staring at a static expanse of space for 8 hours at a

Spock sat down in Kirk's place in the command chair and methodically checked
the controls built into each arm. "Your sarcasm is noted. I too am beginning
to find this duty repetitive and wearisome. On the `bright side,' we only
have one more week before our survey is complete and we can bring the results
to Starbase 3."

Kirk smiled and rolled his eyes to the amusement of the bridge crew, and
walked to the turbo elevator. The doors whooshed open and Kirk stepped in. A
blue-uniformed woman stood across from him in the elevator, with a medical
tricorder slung over one shoulder. She had apparently been waiting for him.


"Chatterley, sir," she responded smiling slightly. "Dr. McCoy sent me to give
you your treatment." Kirk's brow raised and he appraised her carefully. Her
one-piece uniform ended a regulation 7.6 cm below her crotch, revealing a
fabulous pair of legs sheathed in panty hose and a pair of high black boots.
Bringing his gaze slowly back up to her face he appreciated that the standard
neckline of the medical uniform was the lowest in Starfleet. He had always
wondered why, but who would complain?

"Deck 5," he said and activated the hand-grip to start the elevator into
motion. "Did he inform you exactly what my condition is?"

"Satyriasis, sir."

"And that is?"

"Excessive sexual desire, difficult to control." She shifted her feet,
moving closer to him.

"And Dr. McCoy gave you instructions as to the appropriate treatment?" Kirk
could feel himself salivating, after his last `private nurse' ,Ensign
Holland, had been transferred to the Farragut he hadn't expected another
one so quick. He'd have to send `Bones' a bottle of Aldebaran whiskey in

"Yes, sir." Ensign Chatterley smiled knowingly. Kirk released the handgrip,
bringing the turbo elevator to a halt.

"Then let's get started." He smiled and stepped towards her. Her eyes were
slightly wide as she set down the tricorder.

"Right here?"

"There's no time like the present. I'm feeling another attack come on as we
speak." He reached out to take her in his arms but she reached up under his
uniform shirt and grabbed the waistband of his slacks.

"I'll need to examine the affected area first," she said, "before we can
begin effective treatment." She gave a rough tug and slipped the black cloth
dropped to his knees, with a second tug his briefs quickly followed. A
bulging erection bobbed free and she gripped it one-handed, massaging it
lightly with her palm. "You seem to have an enlarged growth here. I recommend
that treatment be done orally."

"You want me to take medication?"

"No, I mean I'm going to take the growth into my mouth!" She leaned forward
and in one move took the entire member into her mouth and throat. Kirk moaned
slightly and adjusted his stance to avoid falling over. She began to massage
his balls with one hand and held onto his legs with the other as she pumped
her lips up and down his thick shaft, coating it with saliva. Jim Kirk moaned
again and steadied himself against the side of turbo-elevator. This is
obviously a head nurse he thought to himself, smirking. Chatterley continued
to piston furiously on the erect cock, and slid one narrow finger between
his legs. She moved the tip down the ridge of skin beneath his scrotum and
touched his puckered anus. The Captain made no move to resist, so she began
to move her finger in a gentle corkscrew until the tip was stuck firmly in
his ass. Then she followed with a gentle circular motion in time with the
sucking of his cock.

This was almost as much as Kirk could take. His knees buckled and he felt
ready to spew a hot load down her throat. Lt. Chatterley gripped the base of
his cock tightly with one hand. and discontinued her other efforts. With a
grunt he shook, but couldn't cum. He breathed deeply a few times and then
opened his eyes. "What the devil?"

"Dr. McCoy warned me not to let the treatment end too quickly. He said nurse
Hill did that, and ended up having to treat you two to three times a day."
Lt. Chatterley grinned evilly. Capt. Kirk sighed, but he agreed. Hill had
quickly become worn out and he ended up having to approve a transfer for her
to Starbase 15. He'd have to let Chatterley do whatever she and Bones thought

Kirk stood her up and looked deep in her eyes. A kiss didn't feel appropriate
right now, so he did the next best thing. He turned her around roughly and
pushed her against the wall, before kneeling down behind her. One quick tug
brought her uniform panties down to her ankles, where she quickly stepped out
of them. He raised the short uniform dress and bending her forward began to
apply a wicked tongue-lashing. Chatterley kept her crotch trimmed with
medical precision, no more than a quarter-inch thick and tight to her bikini
line. There was nothing to keep Kirk's tongue from getting quickly to her
clit. After a few short licks on her cunt he spread her nether-lips apart
and directed his attention directly to the pink bud. Chatterley squirmed in
delight, and wiggled back on his face. She had to steady herself on the sides
of the turbo-elevator, but her hands kept slipping until she gripped the hand
holds mounted along the walls.

Kirk licked furiously. It was his experience that any woman, regardless of
species, would always give better after she got a little herself. Jim was
moving his tongue in irregular arcs back and forth across her sensitive clit.
It was an old technique that a fellow cadet had suggested in the academy to
pass his Vulcan language course. Kirk was making the letters of the Vulcan
alphabet with his tongue. He kept it up for two complete cycles before she
began to shudder furiously and he felt her juices flow in a cascade down his
chin. At the last he had a strange sense of movement and as he leaned back,
allowing her to compose herself he realized what it was. The turbo elevator
door slid open on a surprised Pavel Chekov, and a red-shirted security

"Captain?" He ventured as Kirk stood, raising his uniform pants, and
Chatterley straightened her dress. Kirk glared at the helmsman and escorted
the Lieutenant out into the hall.

"Is there a problem, ensign?" Kirk stressed the last word indicitively.

"No problem, sir," Chekov snapped to attention and entered the elevator with
the security officer as the Captain disappeared down the hall. As the red
shirt grabbed the hand hold to initiate the turbo-elevator's journey, Pavel
bent down and picked up a small pile of cloth from the metal floor. He held
Chatterley's panties up and grinned. "Rank has its privileges!"
_ _ _

The pair arrived at Kirk's quarters and entered without a word. Kirk locked
the door by pressing his security code into the keypad next to the door. He
turned back to Lt. Chatterley and gave her his best suave look. "Now," he
said, "where were we?"

"I remember where you were, but I think you were approaching it with the
wrong end." Chatterley stripped off her uniform in one smooth motion and
reclined back on the Captain's firm bed. Kirk stripped off his own tunic,
and posed a moment in bare-chested glory before removing his boots and
slacks and joining her on the bed.

"What did you have in mind?"

Chatterley grabbed Kirk's cock firmly in her hand and pulled him to her,
kissing him deeply at the same time. "It's time for your injection," She
cooed. He responded by pushing apart her legs and swinging himself into
position between them. With one quick thrust he pushed inside her well
lubricated crotch. Kirk thrusted again and again into her steaming cunt. He
used his forearms to move her legs up and up, finally pushing them up onto
his shoulders. Lt. Chatterley squealed in delight and arched her back to
meet each thrust. He kept up the pace until she stopped him.

"Turn me over," she insisted. Kirk withdrew and allowed her to flip over on
her hands and knees. "Use your aft thrusters, Captain." She smiled, "ahead
full!" Jim Kirk chuckled lightly and complied. He pushed his gleaming cock
into her pussy again, and rocked forward on his knees until it was buried
to the hilt. He pulled out and thrust again, and again. Chatterley leaned
back into each thrust, maximizing the effect. She kept it up as Kirk's cock
became more sensitive, and he began to near a climax of his own.

When she felt he was close, Chatterley let his thrust carry them both
forward, so that she was laying on her stomach, and she pushed one arm down
beneath her into her own crotch. She pushed her fingers back as far as they
could go, until she felt the captain's balls with her fingertips. Each thrust
brought Kirk the extra sensation of the lieutenant's fingertips rubbing his
scrotum. This was more than he needed, and finally Kirk arched his back and
pushed his cock as far as it would go. Chatterley felt his hot, sperm spewing
deep inside her. It triggered her own orgasm again, and Kirk held himself in
as long as he could while she shuddered and rocked violently on the bed.

When it was over Kirk collapsed exhausted beside her, and Chatterley
responded by sitting up and pulling on her stockings and boots. "Are you
going?" he asked. She smiled and pulled her dress on again.

"I have other patients, captain." His eyebrows raised. "Not like that." She
stood and recovered the medical tricorder from where she had left it beside
the bed. "Dr. McCoy has me look in on some patients a few days after they
leave sickbay, to be sure they're healing properly and following his
directions." Jim nodded, and after she left slept restfully until his next
duty shift.


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