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Star Trek : Future Imperfect

Part 2/4

"SICK?!" cried McCoy, loud enough to attract the attention of
a number of Ambassadors, who seemed to naturally speak in quieter tones.
"Ahhh, yeah," said Slater,"We'll just get him back to his quarters
and then we'll get out of here."
"Nonsense!" cried McCoy,"I'm Ship's Doctor, I'll look at you."
Spock was standing next to Kirk, who looked up at The Vulcan with
a shrewd glance, he'd instructed Spock to surreptitiously inform McCoy that
a diversion was needed. The Captain had noted they were keeping an eye on
him, he'd allowed himself to be cornered by the Betazed so they wouldn't
notice McCoy behind them. Now he was able to approach while
they concentrated on The Doctor.
"I assure you," Tuvok was saying to McCoy,"He will be fine, he
just needs rest."
"You a Doctor, hmmm boy?" asked McCoy, gazing irritably up at
Tuvok, then he answered for him,"No, but I am, so let me do my job!"
"Doctor, is there a problem?" Kirk asked, coming up behind Slater,
who jumped slightly. Everybody in the room was watching them now, there
was no way they could move away with arousing suspicion.
"The Oltarian Delegate's sick," said McCoy,"This muscle-bound
idiot won't let me treat him."
Tuvok found the reference to himself as muscle-bound to be curious,
obviously his image (as portrayed by Trelane) was some form of bodyguard
to an Oltarian Ambassador, he wondered if Slater was also a bodyguard, or
just an aid.
"He'll be fine, Doctor," said Kirk,"I'll escort them back to their
quarters myself."
"But Captain..." started McCoy.
"That won't be necess...." started Tuvok.
Kirk held up his hands, cutting them both off,"It'll be fine,
Bones, and Mr. Tuvok, I insist."
If Sulu or Slater's surprise at Kirk's use of Tuvok's name showed,
the Captain made no sign. Tuvok's own face remained blank.
McCoy wondered off, grumbling, most of The Ambassadorís had gone
back to their own conversations.
"This way, gentlemen," said Kirk, and led them away.


"Vat do you think it's like down there?" Chekov asked Sulu, sitting
beside him at the weapons console.
"Boring," replied Sulu,"You've been to one Ambassador/Diplomat
get-together, you've been to them all."
Uhura giggled,"What excuse did you use to get out of it this
time, Sulu?"
The Helmsmen grinned,"I told Mr. Spock that it was time for me to
purge the old data-fragments from Helm."
Uhura laughed, that was a job almost as boring at making small
talk with unimaginative Ambassador's to whom capitulation and negotiating
had become second nature.
"Surely Mr. Spock vould know that vas a lie?" said Chekov with
a worried look on his face, as the youngest member of The Bridge Crew
he was more mindful of the rules and regulations than most.
Sulu just smiled.
"Mr. Spock may be Vulcan, but he understands a bored helmsman
at a party is worse than no helmsman."
They were enroute to Kalsdarn VII, where a discussion of the
distribution of resources and aid to a planet that had formerly been
under Klingon Domination, but recently overthrown them and made a claim
of independence, then a request to join The Federation. It was
a political bombshell, because The Klingons were just looking for an
excuse to declare open war.
"Enough chit-chat," replied Mr. Scott, although he did have a
small grin on his face. As Engineer, he 'had the comm' when Kirk and
Spock were off The Bridge,"Mr Chekov, anything on those sensor sweeps?"
"Nothing sir," replied Chekov,"No energy-trails, no ships, no
polaron surges or tachyon emissions beyond normal parameters."
"Aye," said Scott, nodding his head grimly, as if Chekov had
just told him there were fifteen Klingon Birds Of Prey surrounding them,
weapon system's powered up,"Keep an eye out, Mr. Chekov, those Klingon's
know about the request from those poor Valorian's, they won't want the
Amabassador's to approve their membership to The Federation."
Chekov nodded, but as he checked the sensors again, there was
still nothing to see.
So he was more surprised than anyone when they were hit by a
powerful phaserblast.


"You must be very sick," Kirk said to Sulu,"You seemed.....
withdrawn at the function."
Sulu nodded, he didn't want to take the chance of his old Captain
recognizing his voice.
"Is it catching?" Kirk asked.
Sulu shrugged.
"It's just that I couldn't help but notice your companions were
similarly afflicted, I hope they're not coming down with it."
Sulu couldn't help but admire him, he was fishing, letting him
know he knew something was up without coming out and saying it, perhaps
creating a diplomatic incident.
"You do not need to fear any epidemic, Captain," said Tuvok,"We
were cleared by your Doctor McCoy upon our arrival here."
They hadn't been, but it was standard procedure for this to happen,
so he'd cut off this option before Kirk could exploit it.
"Of course," said Kirk, then stopped suddenly, making Sulu, Slater
and Tuvok come to a quick halt.
"Is something the matter?" asked Slater.
"Not at all," said Kirk,"These are your quarters, after all."
Sulu cursed inwardly, he'd known they were in the Ambassador's
section, where the best quarters were reserved for visiting dignitaries,
but from Kirk's manner and the speed of his walk, he'd had no idea they
were approaching their quarters.
"Of course," said Tuvok,"Please excuse us, the Ambassador needs
"Tell me," started Kirk,"Do...."
Then the ship was rocked to the side, the familiar buzz of a ship's
phaser only just preceding it.
"What the hell?" cried Slater, lying on his back on the ground,
beside him Tuvok was lifting himself from Sulu, whom he'd fallen onto.
Kirk was already on his feet, flicking the communicator on the
wall, opening a channel to The Bridge.
"Scotty? What's going on?"
"Cap'n, we're under attack from an unknown source!"
"Raise shields!" he yelled, knowing Scott would have already
done so,"Scan every frequency we know, I'm on my way!"
He turned to face the three time-travellers,"Get into
your quarters."
"Of course..." started Tuvok,"We...."
"NOW!" cried Kirk, the tone of authority totally undeniable.
They moved through the doors which shut behind them, Kirk stepped
forward, locked them and then moved for the Turbo-Lifts.


Nurse Christine Chapel hummed lightly to herself as she went over
the medical reports for the last month, fairly boring this month, no
ancient plagues or epidemics for at least five weeks.
"Christine," said a deep, familiar voice behind her.
Her eye's widened, she turned around.
Spock stood staring at her, his eyes blazing with a fierce passion.
"Spock?" she said, unsure of what was going on.
"Christine," he growled,"I've been a fool!"
He rushed forward and slid an arm around her waist, pushing her
back against one of the beds. Then he pulled her forward and kissed her
with a rough passion that shocked her, she did not respond at first, and
then she relaxed and went along with the kiss, feeling a joy and
satisfaction at last.
And Trelane sat on the medical table behind them, watching with
a smug grin on his face.

The short skirt had quickly been pulled up over her waist, her
top torn away to reveal plump, medium sized breasts.
"Spock," she said, even as she eagerly spread her legs to either
side of the sickbed,"Maybe we should wait, I'm not sure if...."
But Spock was having none of it, he was on his knees between her
legs, holding a long, thick cock in his hands. He leaned forward and she
felt the fat tip pressing between her shaven cuntlips, and then he thrust
forward and Nurse Chapel's greatest fantasy became a reality.
"OH!" she cried,"Oh shit, Spock! Spock, it's splitting me open!"
she could feel his large prick penetrating her steadily moistening cuntlips
and parting her pussy open,"You're so big!"
"Take it," grunted Spock,"You'll take my cock up your cunt! You
tight human bitch!"
She was loving it, she'd always gotten off on rough sex, on dirty
talk from the men she was with. She'd always sensed a deep repression in
Spock, a potential she'd longed to bring out, and now it was out, how? she
didn't care, she was just loving it.
The blonde nurse jerked her hips upward, sliding onto the length
of her lover's eager cock. Her eyes felt like they were bugging out of
her head as she felt the half-Vulcan fuck deeply into the stretched open
lips of her tight twat.
Spock grinned fiercely at her, the expression seemed alien on his
face as he fucked her tight vagina, feeling the roof of her vagina rubbing
along the top of his Vulcan meat as her cunt clung tightly to his cock,
almost like a velvet cock-glove. The Science Officer fucked the nurse with
everything he had, thrusting his hips back and forth faster and faster,
slamming every inch that he could into Christine's tight, juicy pussy.
She could feel him inside of her, he was stabbing his prick quickly
in and out of her, making her pant and moan as her body writhed about under
him, she thrust her hips up and down, crying out in ecstasy.
Her hands were gripping the sides of the bed, squeezing the
mattress as she arched her back and rolled her head back and forth, her
mouth wide open in a wordless, soundless cry of ecstasy that finally
broke with a low, keening noise that seemed to personify lust.
The friction of the Vulcan cock slamming in and out of her cunt
had Christine's mind in a whirl. She squirmed and wriggled her sweaty
ass around on the mattress wantonly, crying out eagerly as Spock fucked
her faster and faster, harder and harder.
Spock grinned eagerly down between Christine's splayed wide
thighs, watching as his thick, long cock fucked in and out of her cunt.
Her pink, shaven cuntlips clinging to his meat as he pulled back from her
cunt, then disappearing back into her cunt as he plunged his shaft back
inside. Watching the way her pussy stretched and clasped onto his prick,
just watching that was a huge turn-on, feeling it around his meat was
driving him wild.
With grunts and moans of lust which were echoed by Spock, Nurse
Christine Chapel lifted her legs up, drew her knees back and began to shove
and fuck her cunt back up at Spock's plunging cock. Her knees were pressed
so far back that they were pressing against her tits, she liked the way
squashing her tits and rubbing the sweaty flesh against her erect nipples
made her feel. This position also created deeper penetration, and with
each forward thrust, the hard bone above the base of his cock pressed
hard against her clit, rubbing the erect love button and causing wild
blasts of erotic sensation to flood her system.
Her cries of passion were becoming breathless moans as he pounded
forward, pressing weight down on her tits and making it harder for her to
catch her breath. But, despite this, she didn't attempt to pull her knees
away but just cried, moaned and whimpered, loving the feel of hard Vulcan
meant slamming in and out of her cunt.
"Ooooh, yes!" she screamed,"Fuck me Spock! FUCK ME!!!"
"I am!" cried Spock,"I'm fucking your tight little cunt! Can you
feel my cock in your cunt, splitting your vagina open? Can you? Can you
fucking feel it?"
Christine's body had seemed to be growing hotter and hotter before,
with these words it seemed to catch on fire, her body seemed to be burning
up with the release of her passion for Spock, and his reciprocation - AT
LAST! Her cunt clasped onto his cock each time he pulled out, not wanting
to release his glorious meat, then her fuckhole expanded in order to take
every last inch of him as he plunged back inside of her, fucking her to
the hilt, filling her up completely. She pulled her knees from her tits
and spread her legs wide in order to get more of that cock deep inside
of her eager snatch. They stared into each other's eyes, seeing a returned
lust there. Both were approaching orgasm, both knew it and both were
eager to cum.
"YES!" cried out Christine,"That's it, Spock! FUCK ME! I'M FUCKING
CUMMING!!!!!!!" The Nurse could feel waves of pleasure surging outwards
from within her throbbing, clasping cunt.
The Vulcan Science Officer fucked the Nurse harder, his body
becoming more and more excited by her eager, shameless crys of lust and
her thrusting hips. His own hips pumped up and down, his cock stretching
open and filling up her bucking cunt, cramming all of his hot, throbbing
shaft. The convulsing nurse screamed out in pleasure and slammed her
hips up and then she was cumming, her quivering thighs locking in place
and her back arching away as she squealed out her orgasm. His fat prick
slammed again and again into her quivering hole like a jackhammer, she
strained her snatch up high and ground her clit deliciously against her
lover's cock as she came, climaxing in a surge of pure, mindless ecstasy.
"Ooooh, yes! Spock YES!" she moaned as her juices blasted free,
then came up against the cuntplug that was his cock. As he pulled back,
some of the juices escaped, but then he thrust forward again and with
a squelching noise her cuntlips were thrust back inside her hot, gushing
Spock's body, despite it's higher stamina, was showing the strain,
his face screwed up, eyes half-closed as he gasped out obscenities and
curses, feeling her hot cunt around his meat.
He couldn't hold it anymore, with a deep grunt of pleasure, he
threw back his head and slammed his hips forward, grinding his cock hard
against her clit, cramming every inch into her cunt. She moaned out
happily as she felt him shoot stream after stream of thick, ropey sperm
deep inside the Nurse's cunt. Feeling the Vulcan's spurting cum inside of
her sent Christine into wild spasms of ecstasy, her cunt contracting around
his meat.
As Spock came, he reached forward and grabbed Christine's medium
sized, plump tits and gripped them tightly, twisting and squeezing her
sweaty titflesh as cum from his dick filled up her hot, juicy cunt. She
cried out in happiness and satisfied lust as she felt her lover's fucking
cock shoot into her, filling her throbbing pussy with his sperm.
Spock moaned happily, thrusting his hips forward and emptying
his balls inside her juiced up fuckhole. She leaned forward, reached up
and squeezed the Vulcan's asscheeks with both hands, pulling his cock deeper
into her eager, cum-flooded snatch. She laughed happily as he continued
to fuck her, despite cumming, his cock still hard inside of her.
"Oh Spock!" she laughed.....

... and her eyes opened.
She was laying in bed, her sheets wrapped around her feet, her
hands thrust deep between her thighs, fingers jammed up her cunt, juices
running over her digits and down the sheets below her.
She sighed, as she always did after similar dreams. Spock hadn't
come to his senses, it was just another wet dream.
"Nurse Chapel," said a voice over the communicator set into her
wall, she leaned over and flicked a switch with one gooey finger. She
felt a flush of shame, then chided herself, it wasn't like it was some kind
of video-phone.
"Dr. McCoy?" she asked.
"Get down to Sickbay," he said, his voice always seemed to be
grumbling,"We've got wounded."
"Yes Doctor," she said, all thoughts of Spock and sex gone from
her head. She slid out of the bed and grabbed a clean uniform, her
sweatiness and flushed skin could easily be explained by tension and her
rush down to Sickbay, not that anyone would ask.
Trelane lay in the bed next to her, a smile on his face as she
slid one finger in and out of her juices on the bed.
"What an interesting imagination these things have," he said,"How
absolutely delightful."


"Status, Mr. Scott," demanded Kirk as he stepped onto the Bridge,
moving for the command chair which Scotty had already vacated.
"Whatever it is, it came out of nowhere," said Scotty,"Chekov
was running intensive scanning sweeps and didn't see anything."
"And now, Mr. Chekov?" asked Kirk.
"Still nothing, sir," replied Chekov, lifting his hands up to
indicate nothing even as he stared at the information on his monitors.
"Well, that phaser blast didn't come from nowhere."
He flicked a switch on the side of his command chair,"Mr Spock,
what's the status on the Ambassadors?"
"They have been returned to their quarters, which are now locked
and guarded by Security forces," came the dry, emotionless reply from his
Science Officer.
"Good, Mr. Spock," said Kirk,"Get to the Bridge."
"Sir!" cried Chekov,"I'm registering something, a massive surge
in Tachyon emissions and... there's a vave approaching us."
"A wave?" asked Kirk.
"It's the best way to describe it, sir," said Chekov,"It doesn't
register visually or as any form on known energy, but there is a vave
"All hands, brace for impact," Kirk said, his voice transmitted
throughout the ship.
The Ship was rocked to the side as the wave hit them, lifting them
then dropping them back down.
"Damage repo..." started Kirk, then his voice dropped off and
he stared in shock at the ship that had appeared as if from nowhere
on the viewscreen.
It was The U.S.S Excelsior.


Tuvok raised an eyebrow.
He'd been able to access the ship's datalogs from the computer
inside their quarters, using access codes given to him by Sulu. They
were now watching what was happening on the Bridge.
"Is that what I think it is?" asked Slater.
"What the hell is Trelane up to?" asked Sulu,"Why has he brought
my ship here?"
"Trelane has acted so far to keep us off balance," said Tuvok,"He's
'thrown us in at the deep end' as it were, perhaps to see if we can
"Sink or swim, eh?" muttered Sulu,"Well dammit, we're going to
He walked to the door, which remained firmly shut.
"Open," he muttered irritably.
"Open, access code Sulu-One-Zero-Three."
"Unable to comply," came the Computer's voice,"In emergency
situations, Ambassador's Quarters may only be opened by Senior Crew."
"Who's that, then?" asked Slater, not used to his Captain not
being a 'senior Crewmember'.
"Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock... I guess Scotty as well."
Tuvok was watching the monitor.
"Captain," he said,"You should see this."
Sulu walked over to the monitor, his eyes widened when he saw
what was happening on The Viewscreen. Kirk had obviously made contact
with Excelsior.
To be precise, he was talking to Captain Hikaru Sulu.


"Why did you attack our ship?" Kirk demanded.
"Why did you attack ours?" replied Sulu.
Both Captain's were using just the right mixture of anger and
diplomacy to get their message across. Both men pretended to be arguing
from a position of power, although Sulu obviously had the upper hand.
"Don't try and confuse the issue," replied Kirk,"We did not
fire on your ship, you know we didn't, don't try and put me on the backfoot,
I repeat my question for the last time, why did you attack our ship?"
"Don't pretend righteous indignation with me," replied Sulu
angrily, both he and Kirk had changed to an angrier tone of voice in
order to indicate to the other that they were close to some kind of
breaking point,"This is the last time I'LL be asking you, why did you
attack our ship unprovoked."
"End communication," snapped Kirk, cutting off Sulu before he
could say the same thing.
"And now what?" asked Spock.
"We let them try to contact us again," replied Kirk,"We don't
answer straight away, we let them sweat it out," he turned to Uhura,"Any
luck contacting Starfleet yet?"
"None, sir," she said,"We are being jammed, but from what source
is unknown."
"May I remind you, Captain," said Spock,"That from all
indications their ship is much more powerful than us. Also, we have not
had a chance to make intensive sensor sweeps to try and gauge their
system resources or power levels... given that they were able to approach
us entirely undetected and fire upon us, they may already know our own
strengths and weaknesses. It seems obvious that, whatever the case, their
technology is far more advanced than our own."
"Think about that Spock," said Kirk,"It's obvious their technology
is superior to ours, we've taken heavy damage on several decks and yet
I'm arguing as if our positions were reversed. They've got to be thinking,
maybe I know something they don't know."
They stared up at the viewscreen, Excelsior seemed to have a
vitality about it, it almost appeared to thrum with a quiet power.
"Excelsior," said Kirk,"It's a human word, but obviously an
alien ship."
"It is possible that Excelsior is a word in their language," said
Spock,"Or even what we think of as a callsign is just a picture on their
ship, like twentieth century fighter planes had on their nosecones."
"Is there anything like it in our memory banks?" asked Kirk,"I
can't believe that we've made first contact with an entirely new race
in such heavily populated space."
"Nothing," replied Spock,"It's an extremely large ship, it's
configuration and design seem similar to Federation ships but more advanced,
note that the warp nacelles are much closer to the bulk of the ship, which
heavily interferes with ship functions on our own."
The Excelsior appeared to them to be a brown colored ship seamlessly
wielded together with large warp nacelles. The familiar Federation 'saucer'
was more streamlined and ran down into the main hull of the ship, creating
the impression that the ship had been grown, rather than built.
Sulu had appeared to them to be a basically humanoid figure with
a large, elongated head. The large, expressive eyes were a shocking
blue in color, and the face tapered down to a small chin, the mouth nothing
more than a small slit. His body had appeared slight, his uniform a black
and white, skin tight material that was white over the shoulders, black
on the chest and waist, then white from the hips down.
"Uhura, have they hailed us yet?"
"No, sir," she said, holding the large communications piece in
her ear.
"They can play the waiting game too, it seems," muttered Kirk,"We'll
see who can wait longest."
"Captain," said Spock, once again at his Science station,"They are
lowering their shields."
"Good," said Kirk,"We..."
A photon torpedo fired from Excelsior and sped directly towards
them, a twinkling orange star of deadly force.
"Full power to Shields!" cried Kirk.
The ship was rocked back as the torpedo smashed into the Shields,
weakening them severely.
"Captain, it would appear they called your bluff," remarked Spock
dryly,"Shields at 27%, they will not survive another torpedo blast."
Kirk felt his heart sink, but gave no outward indication, The
Excelsior's Captain had obviously suspected Kirk had some secret, he'd
just taken a risk himself and been proven right, Kirk had no secret.
"Open a hailing frequency," he muttered darkly.
Uhura opened a channel.
"They are not responding," she said.
"Using all my tricks against me," muttered Kirk.
"Captain," said Spock,"We do not stand any chance in a battle
with them, our only option may be to surrender."
Kirk seemed to lower down in his seat, then he stood up and
stared angrily at the screen,"Uhura, open a channel."
"Channel open, sir."
"This is Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation Starship, U.S.S
Enterprise," he said,"You have left us with no choice."
Sulu glanced uneasily at Chekov, was the Captain actually going
to surrender?
"So," said Kirk,"I have no choice, surrender now or we will
destroy you and your ship."
He made a cutting gesture with his hand, and Uhura closed the
"Do you have a problem with this tactic, Mr. Spock?" asked Kirk,
turning to stare at his Science Officer.
Spock opened his mouth, hesitated, then spoke.
"You are Captain of this ship, I follow your lead, as
does everybody onboard."
Kirk grinned, Spock did have a problem, but was willing to put
some trust in Kirk. He hadn't lied, just redirected the topic.
"They are lowering their Shield's again," Spock said.
"All available power to Shields," replied Kirk.
Yet again, a photon torpedo fired from the ship and sped towards
them, blasting the shields and rocking the ship.
Prepared for the blast, the Bridge Crew had adequately braced
"Damage report?" asked Kirk.
"Shields are gone," said Spock emotionlessly,"Primary power has
been severely depleted, I recommend moving to secondaries for now. Injuries
reported on decks 5, 7 and 11, no fatalities."
"Change to secondary power," said Kirk,"Uhura, open a channel."
Uhura hesitated a second, then put her place in her captain and
opened the channel.
"You were warned, Excelsior," said Kirk,"You have left us no
"Sir, we are being hailed," said Uhura.
"Onscreen," he replied.
The alien (Sulu) appeared on the viewscreen, his thin mouth was
pursed in irritation.
"Give up the pretense, Captain," it muttered,"We have no wish to
destroy you, we've deliberately not fired on critical systems to avoid
fatalities. You bit off more than you chewed when you attacked us without
provocation. I implore you, for the sake of your crew, to surrender."
"The reason you haven't fired on critical systems," replied Kirk
with a smug grin on his face,"Is because you don't know where our critical
systems are, and we've deliberately not fired because we don't want to
destroy YOUR ship," he smiled,"In fact, you haven't done any damage to
us at all."
"Really," replied Sulu,"Then why are your shields down?"
"We lowered them," replied Kirk,"Because you're not a threat
to us, you're free to scan us if you wish, you'll see that we're
"You're arrogance may doom your crew," replied Sulu, then cut
the communication off before Kirk could reply, much as he had done to
Sulu earlier.
"This guy is good," muttered Kirk,"Spock, when they scan us,
try and slide in under them and scan their ship, it'll have to be quick."
"I believe I'm beginning to see your strategy," said Spock,"I
will perform the task to the best of my abilities."
"That's all I ask, Mr. Spock," said Kirk with a grin.

End Part 2/4

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