Star Wars: Delusions Of Grandeur (MF,Ff)
by PJ

During the last days of the Republic...

Valiant Base
Corval Prime
Outer Rim

Winter was pushed and shoved by maintenance personnel rushing to service the incoming squadron of X-Wing fighters. The roar of engines filled the massive hanger bay when another fighter dove into the bay, hovering while a tech waved it into an empty service area.

"Winter! WINTER!" shouted a grizzled officer from the far side of the hanger.

Winter slipped past techs and exhausted pilots, making her way to the waiting officer.

"Sir!" saluted Winter nervously.

"At ease, agent Winter!" smiled General Nguyen, returning the girl's salute. "Let's go into my office where we can talk!"

Winter followed Nguyen down a bright stone corridor to a simple, square office. Winter sat in a stiff folding chair facing a utilitarian metal desk covered with papers. A young woman sat in another chair in a dark corner behind the desk. She was dressed in tight black leathers and had a spiked collar around her slim white neck. Rich, gleaming blonde hair fell around the woman's bare shoulders and down her back. Winter glanced at the blaster pistol strapped to the young woman's right thigh, the weapon looked well-cared for and well-used.

"Agent Winter, this is Salome," introduced Nguyen before he sat down behind his desk. "She'll get you inside Reaver's gang."

Salome nodded briefly, evaluating Winter with her sharp blue eyes.

Winter shifted beneath the harsh scrutiny. "What exactly is my mission, sir?"

"An important Republic scientist has fled Coruscant and headed out into the Outer Rim. The man's name is Praetorius, he's a genius in robotic engineering. We believe that he was working on a new kind of battle droid design to bolster the Republic's dwindling armed forces before he disappeared. Salome says that the leader of the Blood Reaver gang is preparing to meet with Praetorius to
purchase some of these new battle droids, you will infiltrate Reaver's gang and go with them to Praetorius' hideout. When you find him, try to get him to return with you, we need his knowledge, it would greatly increase our own chances when we finally go up against the Republic."

"What do I offer him?" asked Winter.

"The Rebellion has access to the resources of several worlds, with more signing on every day. We can offer him equipment, raw materials, anything he might need to conduct his research. And, if necessary, you will offer him something more..personal."

Winter blushed, lowering her face.

"Very well," whispered the white-haired girl.

"Do you have any other questions, agent Winter?"

"No, sir."

"Then may the Force be with you," wished General Nguyen, offering Winter his right hand.

* * *

The Chancellor's Palace

Mara Jade entered her bedroom, closing the door behind her and shutting her weary eyes for a moment. Pushing away from the door, Mara unzipped her red jumpsuit and slipped out, leaving it on the floor while she walked into the refresher unit to bathe. Emerging from the refresher relaxed and clean, Mara was surprised when hot, clenching hands snatched her shoulders and spun her into a wall. Burning lips covered Mara's mouth, ravenous and demanding. Mara's wide green eyes looked into narrow, red orbs. Mara relaxed, pressing her naked body against her attacker's, resting her small hands on the nude man's firm chest as she returned his starving kiss.

"I caught you off guard," whispered Sidious, kissing the left side of Mara's neck.

"You cheated," smiled Mara, wrapping her thin arms around the Sith's narrow waist, grinding her crotch over his left thigh.

Sidious chuckled, lowering his mouth to Mara's left breast, licking her tender, brown nipple. Mara gasped, her hips moving faster, her lips trembling in bliss.

Sidious threw Mara onto the floor, falling on top of her, opening her long legs roughly. He licked both of Mara's panting tits, then slid his tongue across her tight belly to her crotch. Mara squeezed Sidious' head with her thighs when he started sucking on her pussy, his tongue flicking up and down her young slit.

"Yes, Master! Yes!" groaned Mara, arms outstretched on the floor, back arching with pleasure while the Sith devoured her cunt, probed her vagina with an earnest tongue.

Planting kisses on Mara's sleek inner thighs, Sidious knelt up, inserting his hard prick into the girl's wet muff. He began humping Mara's pussy, driving deep into her sex. Mara panted harshly, crossing her arms over her head, thrusting her pelvis forward toward her master. Sidious lowered his torso over Mara's. He kissed her passionately, massaging her tongue with his, running his slim fingers through her thick red hair.

The lovers' bodies were soon gleaming with sweat. The lights of the capital city illuminated them as they writhed upon each other, Sidious's strokes quickening, his cock stabbing harder into Mara's yielding cunt. Mara dug her fingers into Sidious' back, her nails scratched ruby trails over the Sith's pale flesh. Sidious grinned with excitement, he pounded into the young girl's pussy, his shaft driving down through her slick, clutching vagina. Mara screamed, her whole body shuddering when the orgasm claimed her. Sidious grunted from his own climax, his cum gushing into Mara's womb.

The lovers moved to Mara's bed to rest. Mara snuggled next to Sidious, running a finger down his gaunt torso. Sidious was extremely thin, his chalky white skin hot to the touch. The Dark Side burned within him, it seemed to be consuming him a little bit at a time.

"Are you well, Master?" asked Mara softly, caressing Sidious' cheek.

The Sith turned his glowing red eyes toward Mara, peering into her thoughts.

"Do not worry, my young Mara, I am well," smiled Sidious, lightly squeezing Mara's right breast with his hand.

"I missed you, Master. I'm glad I'll be able to stay with you for awhile," murmured Mara, hugging Sidious affectionately, resting her chin on his right shoulder.

"I'm afraid you'll have to leave tomorrow," replied Sidious, returning his hot gaze to the bed's dark canopy.

"Why, Master?" frowned Mara.

"I have a task for you, a very important task that only my Hand can accomplish."

"What is it?" inquired Mara, curious despite herself.

"You remember Dr. Praetorius?"

"Ugh! He flirted with me during your last gala."

"He has fled Coruscant for the Outer Rim. He fancies himself the next ruler of the galaxy."

"How could he accomplish that? He has no armies, no fleets."

"But he is a master of robotics. He's building an army of battle droids as we speak."

"He'll need a control ship to command them, destroy that and his armies are useless."

"These battle droids will not need a command ship, they will be fully autonomous; perfect warriors."

"He was building them for you, wasn't he?" guessed Mara.

"Very good," smiled Sidious. "Yes, the Republic's armies are weakening since so many worlds are beginning to withdraw their support. They sense that war is coming and they're fleeing like rats from a sinking ship."

"Do you know where he's fled to?"

"Yes, but we'll discuss that in the morning. Tonight, the only two beings in the galaxy are you and me," murmured Sidious, rolling onto his side to face Mara, kissing her softly on the lips.

Mara moaned softly, kissing her master back. She pushed him onto his back, straddled his crotch. While Sidious groped her firm tits, Mara enfolded his cock with her cunt, began thrusting forward with her strong hips.

* * *

Mara sipped from a glass of juice while Sidious pulled up a holographic star chart.

"This is the Tartarus system, on the edge of the Outer Rim. My spies report that Praetorius has set up a base on Tartarus III. The planet used to be a Republic base of some size, before the planet was razed during the Clone Wars."

"Are most of its defenses still intact?" inquired Mara, munching on a freshly baked muffin with jam.

"The defenses were destroyed during the Clone Wars, but Praetorius is an engineering genius, I believe that he will have repaired and even upgraded them when he took over the planet," replied Sidious, clasping his black-robed arms behind his back.

"How do you want me to get in?"

"My agents have identified the smuggler Praetorius uses to bring in supplies. You will infiltrate the smuggler's crew and go with them on their next supply run to Tartarus III."

"Sounds simple enough," grinned Mara.

"It won't be. When you land on Tartarus III, disable the planet's defense grid then contact me via Hyper-Com, I'll have a strike force ready to attack Praetorius' base."

"Do you want the doctor dead or alive?"

"Alive would be nice, but if he gives you any trouble, kill him. I need his research, nothing more."

"Then I better head out," declared Mara, rising from her comfortable chair and washing down her breakfast with the last of her fruit juice.

"Do not fail me."

"I won't," grinned Mara confidently from the doorway.

* * *

Independent Light Freighter Blood Rose
On-route to Blood Reaver rendevous point

"So, you're an agent for the noble Rebellion," smirked Salome, lounging in her pilot's chair.

"That's right," nodded Winter, keeping her attention on the co-pilot's controls.

"You look pretty sharp, you could do a lot better as a free agent like me," said Salome with a toss of her gold curls.

"I'm helping to protect freedom for all sentient beings, not just trying to line my own pockets at the expense of others," retorted Winter.

"A girl's got to eat," chuckled Salome. "So, how experienced are you?"

"I've been on several infiltration missions," answered Winter.

"No, I mean sexually. A smile and a wink won't get you into Reaver's gang, you know."

"I've..had some experience," muttered Winter, hiding her face behind her long, white-silver hair.

"Humph! I thought as much," grunted Salome, rising from her chair. "C'mon, let's go to my cabin."

"Why?" asked Winter with wide eyes.

"I want to see how much you know, maybe I can give you a few pointers," replied Salome as she left the freighter's cockpit.

Winter reluctantly walked after Salome, her face hot, her heart racing. She entered Salome's cabin, a small compartment with a brightly colored rug, ornate tapestries hanging over the bulkheads, and small, scented candles that gave the cabin a warm, comforting glow.

Salome pulled back the sheets of her wide bunk before unbuckling her weapons belt.

"C'mon, get undressed!" urged Salome with a backward glance at Winter, "We've only got a few hours until we reach the rendevous coordinates."

Winter hesitantly unzipped the front of her orange flight suit, tugging it off her smooth, white shoulders.

Salome had creamy tan skin; she hopped onto the bed and stretched out on her left side, watching with her trademark smirk as Winter slowly removed her suit.

"Not bad," nodded Salome, examining Winter's naked body brazenly.

Winter blushed even deeper, her hands clasped in front of her stomach.

"C'mon, get over here," smiled Salome, patting the mattress in front of her.

Winter approached the bunk and took her place next to Salome.

"You ever have sex with another girl?" asked Salome.

"," stammered Winter, avoiding Salome's eyes.

"You'll like it. I'll show you how it's done," said Salome, sliding down to Winter's legs and prying them apart.

"What are you doing?" demanded Winter fearfully.

"I'm going to tongue you, just relax," grinned Salome before her face disappeared between Winter's slim thighs.

Winter shivered when Salome's tongue touched her clit. The young girl's pussy became hot as Salome sucked on her labia, tugging on the soft petals with her lips.

"It...feels..good!" gasped Winter, clutching the sheets beneath her with both hands while Salome inserted a tongue into her vagina, licking her warm, pink folds.

Salome moaned inside Winter's cunt, licking up her trembling slit, the blonde girl's cheeks stroking Winter's pussy lips. Winter began pushing forward with her hips, grinding her crotch over Salome's face. Salome squeezed Winter's small buttocks, running her mouth over the girl's moist cunt, tasting, licking. Salome fastened her mouth on Winter's pussy, sucked deeply on it, flicked her
tongue in and out of the panting girl's hole. Winter writhed, her body on fire, her pussy melting within Salome's wanton mouth. She orgasmed with a sharp gasp, perspiration beading over her pale, white breasts while her juices streamed past Salome's thirsty lips.

"Your turn," panted Salome, positioning herself on hands and knees upon the bunk, ass facing Winter.

The young girl crawled forward, honey gleaming between her legs as she leaned her head forward and tentatively licked Salome's warm cunt. Salome groaned, closing her eyes, rubbing her buttocks over Winter's face. Winter grasped Salome's taut ass, nuzzling her mouth inside the young woman's pussy.

"That's it! Use your tongue!" moaned Salome, her body quivering.

Winter delved inside Salome's vagina, slurping loudly on her twat, caressing the young woman's stiff clit. Salome fondled her left breast, moving her buttocks up and down, panting while Winter licked her cunt, sucked on her delicate clit. Winter pressed her right index finger into Salome's pussy,
shoving it deep inside, her digit becoming coated with Salome's sticky nectar.

"Harder! Shove harder!" groaned Salome, lowering her right hand to her clit, stroking it as she fucked Winter's finger.

Winter licked each of Salome's taut buttocks, the flesh warm and silky. She pressed her face into Salome's crack, lapped the juices dripping from the girl's pink slit.

Salome's ass shuddered, a gasp escaped her panting lips as her orgasm exploded within her. Warm honey squirted from Salome's pussy, and Winter drank it down, covering Salome's hole with her mouth, her throat gulping down every sweet drop.

"Not bad for a first timer," giggled Salome, falling onto her side, breathing heavily.

* * *

Outer Rim

Mara reclined against a stained wall, waiting in a dark, reeking alley mouth.

Two men staggered out of the tavern, laughing raucously while they stumbled down the street.

"Hey, handsome! Want a girlfriend?" smiled Mara seductively, licking her purple-painted lips.

"I'll catch up with you at the ship," grinned one of the men, a tall, burly man with greasy black hair and a stubbly chin.

"Remember, we lift off at dawn!" exclaimed the second drunk, cursing that he couldn't sample the young whore's wares.

"You're a pretty little bitch," drooled the drunk, pawing clumsily at Mara's breasts.

"Let's move deeper into the alley, where we can have some privacy," smiled Mara, taking the drunk's left hand and placing it over her ass.

"Lead the way, baby!" grinned the bleary-eyed drunk, groping Mara's buttocks while she slowly walked deeper into the alley's dark heart.

When they could no longer be seen from the street, Mara turned to face her drunken lover. The burly man pushed Mara against the wall, wetly kissing her neck and cleavage. He pulled down the red leather corset covering Mara's tits, drooling as he sucked deeply on them.

Mara fake-moaned, digging her left hand into the man's dirty hair, reaching behind her back with her right.

The drunk stopped ravaging Mara's warm breasts when he heard a soft, humming sound.

"What's that?" grunted the drunk.

"This!" replied Mara, ramming her vibro-knife into the oblivious man's left side.

The drunk staggered back, clutching his gushing side.

Mara raised her knife and drove it into the man's chest, piercing his sluggish heart.

Mara let the corpse fall into the garbage, switching off her knife and replacing in the sheath strapped to the small of her back. She left the alley without a backward glance, heading for the spaceport.

* * *

"Where is that son of a whore?" spat Captain Xath, his tentacles writhing in agitation.

"I told him to be back by dawn! He went off with some hooker after we left the tavern."

"Damn him! I'm going to be late for the delivery! And that cheap human bastard will take it out of my fee!" grimaced the bulbous, slime-skinned alien.

"Need a new crewman for your ship?" asked Mara, appearing from behind the landing ramp.

"Hey! You're the.."

"You've never seen me before," said Mara, her green eyes narrowing.

"Oh! Yeah! I've never seen you before," grinned the crewman sheepishly.

"You know how to crew a freighter?" asked Xath, gazing at Mara's lithe body appreciatively.

"Aye, sir! I served on a Republic supply ship for four years," nodded Mara enthusiastically.

"You'll obey my orders without question?" glowered the alien.

"I'll do whatever you tell me to do, sir," smiled Mara, leaning forward, her cleavage creamy and alluring.

"Uh, you'll do then," agreed Xath, his tentacles engorging. "Get your gear on board and let's go before I lose anymore time!"

"Hey, Mara, if you ever get lonely," suggested the crewman with a leer.

"Get lost," sneered Mara, retrieving a small bag from behind the ramp before walking past the glowering crewman.


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