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Description: Jaina Solo is captured and tortured to death in this very dark
and brutal story.

Content Codes: F-machine, tentacle, ncon, tort, mutil, snuff

Star Wars: Flaying Solo
by JD ([email protected])

In the year 32 BBY battle raged on the surface of Naboo and high above the
planet in the cold blackness of space. Young Anakin Skywalker, guided by the
force, flew a successful attack against the ships of the Trade Federation and
destroyed the droid control ship.

Also caught by the ferocity of his attack and by the Naboo fighter pilots
crossfire was a vessel stopped by the Trade Federation blockade. Newly out of
port, it's Twi'lek captain loved her ship like a child. Anakin's fire cut
through the hull and killed the crew. The force sensitive Twi'lek Captain
bled to death over her control panel as the badly damaged ship drifted away
from the blockade, away from Naboo, away even from shipping lanes to glide
silent, cold and dead through infinite space.

In the year 28 ABY the galaxy was even less peaceful, being gripped by war
with the Yuuzhan Vong. The elite X-Wing unit Rogue Squadron was instrumental
in the defense of the New Republic; the lynchpin of any successful space
campaign. The very finest pilots of the Republic; men and women who could put
their craft through the most torturous of maneuvers in space dog fights and
destroy the hardiest of foes. The youngest member, 19-year-old Jaina Solo,
flew with a skill to match her uncle Luke when he destroyed the Death Star.

The petite pilot, along with every other pilot in the squadron, would happily
bet on herself to win any dogfight against any foe. Her Jedi training
augmented her flying skills and she could fly blindfolded through a minefield
if she had too. The conversation over the channels was quietly professional
as the squadron dropped out of hyperspace, though it turned to surprise when
they found the Vong ships totally free of life. Fires burned in escaping
oxygen from great rips in the hulls of the vessels.

Jaina could tell immediately that there was something wrong with what she was
seeing, more than just the destroyed ships. The information on the Vong's
fleet movements had been exact; this should have been a perfect ambush, but
someone else beat them to it!

It took a more experienced pilot over the channels to nail what was wrong.

"Look at the way that metal's twisted outwards. Whatever destroyed these
ships was inside them!"

"I guess you don't need to outfight something if it's already got bombs in
it," offered Jaina, just before the penny dropped for New Republic's elite.
Machine code chattered from their R2 Units as each vessel received remote

Shockwaves rocked through space as the droid units in the X-Wings
exploded violently. Fast cut off screams of pain and surprise sounded over
communication channels as Rogue Squadron was destroyed from within. Jaina
looked from side to side as her ship lurched sideways, buffeted by the
explosive deaths of her comrades. Shrapnel tore through Jaina Solo's X-Wing
and a heat-seared helmeted head and part of a body slammed against her
cockpit; the clear window held as blood smeared across it.

Static blazed through Jaina's radio as a half destroyed transmitter from the
nearest X-Wing sputtered on the last of its power, then silence reigned. The
young pilot felt great sadness and anger, but Jedi training dampened the
emotion and she tuned into the Force. She felt the old vessel as it emerged
from the shadow of a burning Vong battleship, and then her damaged systems
registered the unavoidable pull of a powerful tractor Beam.

Jaina tried contacting the vessel on an open hail, but there was no reply. It
was many times larger than her small fighter - though both were dwarfed by
the Vong hulks - and while she was hazy on the exact model she believed it to
date back to when her grandfather Anakin would have been a boy - back in the
last decades of the Old Republic. She realized that whoever was on the ship
had sabotaged both the Vong craft and the New Republic fighters. The
information on the Vong movements had also surely come from the battered old
vessel's crew.

Jaina Solo wondered why she alone of Rogue Squadron hadn't suffered a quick
and violent death; as a powerful and already experienced Jedi she thought
herself more dangerous to any foe than many of her dead comrades.

The small fighter touched down in the ship's landing bay; the kindest word
for the interior of the craft was decrepit. There was evidence of automated
repairs, but rough, as if by someone who didn't know what they were doing and
had to learn as they went on. Instead of standard droid units, a panel was
being wielding onto a nearby wall by specialized cables, some had attachments
at the end to hold the panel to the all, another was a welding torch and so
on. The pilot watched the process from her cockpit, and wondered why the ship
didn't have droids or crew doing the work.

The repair cables gave some indication as to how the ship managed to stay
flying after so many decades. Jaina wondered who would travel on such a ship.
Some kind of perverted strategic genius with no respect for the lives of
either the Yuuzhan Vong or the New Republic pilots. As a Jedi, Jaina did not
consider revenge - but she would make sure this threat to the New Republic
was neutralized by any means necessary.

The pilot needed at least to deactivate the tractor beam and get herself off
the vessel. She popped her cockpit and flipped out, drawing and igniting her
purple tinged lightsaber as she landed. Nobody had tried to attack and the
repairing cables ignored her so she pulled off her helmet and tossed it back
up into the X-Wing. Jaina shook out her dark brown hair and walked towards
the door out of the bay. Motors whirred, and she turned to see gun unnoticed
emplacements destroy her X-Wing.

They re-targeted, green bolts of sizzling energy death, and Jaina backed
away, swinging her lightsaber in blurring arcs to deflect the attack, never
enough to overwhelm. Jaina was being forced from the bay, but the guns
weren't being aimed to kill her. The phrase `It's a trap' was never far from
her mind. Her loose orange flightsuit moved easily against her body as she
backflipped through the door and smacked the close button. The thick metal
door shut from four directions and met in the middle, and Jaina was safe in
the corridor.

Now she either had to find another way off of the ancient rust-bucket, or
more likely use the old ship itself to get back to base station and report
the fate of Rogue Squadron. She felt as if she was being watched, but she
couldn't see anyone. Jaina's Jedi trained mind couldn't feel any life,
anything even that felt like a droid, yet there was emotion in the old ship.
If she really stretched her mind she could almost taste a Twi'lek mind but it
felt far more machine than any Twi'lek. The Jedi pilot moved cautiously down
the corridor, feeling out for the source of the emotion. There was a lot of
anger, and hatred - both born of pain. It was only when floor panels burst up
in front and behind her and hundreds of cables fired out that she realized
the emotions came somehow from the ship itself.

The ceiling panels dropped seconds later and even more cables burst down,
writhing like snakes or tentacles or even prehensile tails. Jaina could
barely see past the coils of metal in either direction as they closed in. She
slashed out with her purple lightsaber, the energy weapon humming through the
air as it carved instantly through the thinnest cables and wiring and more
slowly through the thicker, tougher cables. They seemed to be controlled the
same way as the welding tools. She pushed back hard with her mind, keeping
the attack at bay as she tried to hack a path through.

There were cables of all varieties and girths from large to cables that were
actually wiring. Some were made of shiny metal; some rubberized or coated
with insulating plastic, some with strange tool attachments and many just
with smooth rounded ends onto which attachments could be put. The lighting
was mostly blocked by the mass of cables; the black insulating plastic
wrapped around the sharpest ended wires made them hard to see as they
slithered amongst the thicker, stronger cables.

The ceiling panel above her head dropped too, and she had to reach up with
her hand and force-throw it away before the heavy panel landed on her. She
managed it, but now the cables and wires were writing on all sides, and Jaina
struggled to hold them back with the force. Sweat poured down her face with
the effort, while even slicing the thickest cables caused the ship no pain
and there seemed to be an endless supply. The force shield around the pilot
shrank with every passing second until the floor bucked up beneath her feet
and tipped her into the mass of cables behind her.

Jaina grunted as the cables slammed roughly into her back. She felt coarse
and smooth edges through the orange flight suit. The ship's thickest cables
lashed around her arms instantly, coiling along her muscular limbs and
preventing further swings of the lightsaber. Still more coiled around the
petite pilot's short legs as she struggled. Wires whipped painfully against
her fingers, dragging the lightsaber from her grip. Yet more of the thin
sharp-ended wires dug into the material of her flightsuit, tearing it to
shreds around her; her belt, gloves and other equipment was dragged loose
too. Jaina's dark brown hair shook from side to side; for every cable she
knocked away with the force, another took its place in the assault.

She was quickly stripped to her boots, and growing increasingly physically
tired. Her limbs ached and deep scratches bled freely across her whole body;
one across her right breast was stinging particularly painfully. Jaina hadn't
said a word. This assault wasn't being carried out by an individual amenable
to reason or someone likely to be cowed by shouted threats. She just kept on
struggling, muscles bulging beneath her skin as she pulled against the cables
that painfully secured her limbs. She managed to stomp her boots once or
twice, but the ship seemed impervious to them.

Fresh wires emerged from ceiling above Jaina's head; the ship had her
restrained and stripped and was now ready to target specific areas. She felt
a cable around her throat, forcing her chin up, but not strangling. Jaina
turned her dark eyes to the ceiling just in time for two wickedly sharp wires
to spear down and pierce each pupil dead center. Jaina finally screamed as
her ocular humors leaked around the sharp points. She pulled her head
backwards as far as she could, but the little wires followed, surging forward
and coiling into balls inside Jaina's dripping eye sockets.

They kept forcing more and more inside while Jaina's tear ducts streamed down
her face. She couldn't believe she was blinded, nor the pain it brought.

A second pair of long wires dropped down from the ceiling to floor level, and
then doubled back up through the air. Jaina felt the very thin wire curve
loops around the base of each of her bare breasts. The metal cut in
agonizingly tight on the first loop. Jaina's small but firm breasts bulged
outwards as the wires looped thrice more around each tit until they only had
a few inches left and then speared their sharp points through the blinded
Jedi's stiffly protruding nipples. The pressure on her tits meant blood
spurted quickly around the duel wire-piercing and from the earlier scratch on
her right breast.

Thicker wires dropped from the writing mass above; there were small pliers on
the end of each. They darted into Jaina's screaming open mouth and grabbed
teeth. The cable at the screaming Jedi's throat kept her head in place as six
teeth were yanked bloodily from her wide maw. Blood spattered down onto the
now darkly purple and bleeding flesh of her strangled breasts as the little
white teeth were withdrawn into the ceiling. The wires in Jaina's eyesockets
were now coiled so tightly that the ship could jerk her head from side to
side; it did so, wrenching her neck painfully without quite going far enough
to break it.

Amongst the writhing cables on the floor came one specially adapted to wield
a lightsaber. Jaina's had been de-activated, but the metal weapon tore
painfully at her cunt when the cable forced it inside her dry hole. Blood
dribbled down her barely furred pussy lips as she was brutally raped with her
lightsaber. The sensitive membranes in her pussy were shredded by the weapon
she built herself.

Another of the small sharp wires was called into service, and Jaina's screams
reached a new pitch as her tiny clit was pierced by the sharp metal. The
little wire forced itsway through Jaina's bud and then curved back to knot
around itself below. The ship drew back the slack on the wire and tugged on
the wailing Jedi's swelling clit. Another six of the sharp wires came from
the walls, three on either side, and pierced Jaina's Labia. They tied back on
themselves like the wire through her clit, and then spread her bleeding lips
wide around the pounding rape cable.

She could mercifully no longer feel her breasts, the nerves deadened by the
torturous wire constricting the flesh, however her nipples still bled freely.
Jaina's chin was drenched with blood from her pulled teeth and ocular fluid
from her eyes. He thighs were similarly wet with blood as the ship shredded
her cunt by twisting the lightsaber's straight edges within her. Jaina knew
none of the wounds were fatal, and held out hope that her attacker would err
or stop to gloat, and that she would overcome and escape. Her throat was
hoarse from screaming and she thought she no longer had the strength to use
the force. In fact, she was subconsciously keeping herself awake, aware and
out of shock with it.

The thickest cable yet emerged from the floor, far thicker than those that
wrapped her limb and drenched in highly irritant ship oil. It tapered to a
thin point before thickening out to the diameter of a volleyball for the rest
of its oil drenched length. The ship forced it up Jaina's tiny tight ass
without ceremony; The fighting ring of anal muscle expanded quickly and then
burst as the thick cable thundered into the 19 year old pilot's virgin
rectum. Jaina's body jerked forward, tugging on the cunt piercing wires.

Her pelvis was shattered by the brutal impact as the ship slammed the end
right up to her bowel. Jaina's rectum was destroyed in one agonizing blow as
her buttocks were spread obscenely wide by the violation. The oil added an
additional layer of torment, stinging her like burning acid as it worked into
her torn rectal lining. Jaina's boots were lifted off the floor, and her body
weight was forced down on her ass; the lightsaber cable raping her cunt
slipped further inside at the same time.

She started to piss herself from the sheer agony in every part of her body.
The waste stream had barely started when a small pencil-thick cable homed in
on and pushed up into her urethra. The flow was stopped instantly as the
cable burrowed up past a ring of muscle into Jaina's bladder. The urgent
pressure and need to pee somehow registered even through the storming prison
of agony her body had become. The pressure grew worse as the ship forced more
of the cable up her piss-tube, coiling it into her bladder like the cables in
her eye sockets. Thicker and faster moving than those wires, it took scant
seconds to stretch her bladder to breaking. Jaina could do nothing as
internal pressure inflated and burst; piss and blood dribbling around other
organs. The ship withdrew the urethra cable, and a heavy stream of bloody
piss sprayed from Jaina's crotch.

It seemed as if the ship could do no more to her, when new wires, gleaming
in the light and lacking entirely in insulation twisted in from the writing
mass. Poor blinded Jaina had no idea they were coming until they punctured
her skin in dozens of places, passing like worms just under the surface and
emerging at far points. They curved around inside her legs, and emerged back
from where they had entered, and her back and flat stomach both looked like
the skin was ribbed from beneath.

The thick cables that had long held her limbs withdrew back into the ship and
Jaina was left suspended only by the incredibly thick cable that was now
stretching her large intestine, the coils in her eyes, and around her breasts
and now hundreds of thin wires just underneath her skin. The lightsaber
wielding cable picked that moment to finally tear through her bartered cervix
and shove the weapon into Jaina's uterus. Jaina tried to move her limbs, but
the tiny wires were too strong with so many wrapped under her skin.

Even limb, her neck, her face, her scalp, back and front, all had tiny wires
under the skin. The little wires all moved at once, up, down, or from side to
side the side. Jaina's skin was flayed from head to ankles and tugged loose
as her flight suit had been; it fell in great bloody sheets and small scraps
to the metal corridor; her scalp and rich brown hair slid off like a wig and
left her blood slicked skull gleaming in the light.

As suddenly as the attack had begun every cable and every wire withdrew back
into the ship. Unable to uncoil properly, the thin wires sliced off her
breasts; the skinless bags of meat had been close to falling off in pieces
anyway, and Jaina's femininity splatted onto the cables withdrawing into the
floor. Her clit was rent in twain, and the nub end dragged away as Jaina's
bloody swollen pussy lips were ripped open by the withdrawing wires.

The cable pulled out hard from the incredibly gaping abyss that had been
Jaina's Solo's rectum. The ship had to tug hard, and Jaina heard and
definitely flesh tearing before the thick oily cable sank back into the floor
with Jaina's intestines being uncoiled and dragged along afterwards. A river
of blood and steaming shit drained out around her slithering disembowelment,
while Jaina's wet red legs kicked uselesslessly.

The rape cable in Jaina's cunt twisted the weapon horizontally and then
ignited it. The long purple shaft burst out through the visible muscular wall
of Jaina's stomach and then sliced downwards towards her crotch; the smell of
cauterized flesh filled the air as the cable pulled out of her cunt, slicing
through one fleshy side and finally cutting through her internal clitoral
tissue an the bloody remains of her clit. Still conscious Jaina keened
quietly, desperate for the force to end her life as blood flowed down her
skinless body and de-breasted chest - though it poured in greatest quantity
from around the dark purple intestinal tube that connected her ass to the

Jaina's petite body was by then suspended above the only ground by wires that
had coiled into all the space inside her eyesockets. The pressure on her neck
added to the dying Jedi's sum suffering as the flayed pilot swayed gently.
There were still scraps of skin hanging from her body, and she brushed them
with shaking fingers as she found the strength to stroke across her raw
torso. She slipped her hands into the cauterized wound in her stomach, and
followed the edges down to the gap where her clitoris had been.

Jaina had never believed such agony could exist, nor that her Jedi training
and mental control could be used against her to keep her alive to feel every
bit of it. The pressure on the cables coiled in her empty eye sockets told
the ship they were going to break under the weight. The blood spattered cable
gripping her lightsaber rose again from the floor. The ship slashed it around
her, and then horizontally. Jaina felt all four cuts as her arms and legs
dropped away, along with the severed length of her intestine. Semi digested
food poured from the neatly sliced tube. The stump wounds were instantly
cauterized by the purple beam and despite the agony of dismemberment, the
pressure on her neck and skull lessened by half.

It took another three minutes for Jaina Solo's mutilated body to finally die
suspended by her eye sockets, swaying in the breeze from the ships oxy-units.
The unbelievable agony was 100% present right to the end, with the only
respite being death as her organs and brain gave up from blood loss and
massive trauma.

The ship's strange melded mind was a mixture of the long dead Twi'Lek captain
and soulless machinery and it felt something akin to joy through it's
decrepit hulk as Jaina Solo suffered and died. Monitored communications told
it that Anakin Skywalker was dead, but that his descendants - including one
who bore his name - lived on. The first of them had been punished in his
stead and the rest would follow.


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