Star Wars: Leia - Temptations Of The Dark Side Part 1 (MMF,voy,ncon)
by Pegasus ([email protected])

Consciousness returned to Leia slowly, the dark metal room around her slowly
coming into focus as her head cleared. How had she got here? She remembered
the breakneck speederbike chase through the forest on the moon of Endor...
The lightning fast dueling of her craft with the Imperial's as she had sped
through the foliage... Getting separated from Luke... The blaster bolt
catching the tail-end of her craft... The sudden on-rush of green and ground
as she landed clumsily... And that was it. Nothing. Except now.

She got to grips with her situation quickly. It didn't take long for to
become aware that once again she was a captive of the Empire. Her wrists hurt
her badly and looking down she could see the cuffs cutting cruelly into her
flesh. She leaned back and relaxed, letting an almost unnatural calm settle
over her, soothing the pain in her limbs.

In the months since her captivity on the Bespin mining colony, she had begun
to have growing suspicions that she possessed some connection with the
mysterious Force.

It surrounded her flesh like a glove of invigorating energy, feeding her
perceptions of the past, the future... Mostly in her dreams, but recently,
their power had grown even when she was awake. It was especially noticeable
when she in Luke's presence. Through the almost subconscious presence of the
Force she could feel her closeness to him... She knew in her heart of their
familiar connection. It all seemed so clear now.

She shivered slightly in the gloom, aware now of another presence... A dark,
malevolent evil that was deep, bottomless--enveloping her body and mind in a
raw blackness that she could not ignore. All at once, she sensed the nearness
of Darth Vader... Closer and closer, she could feel him coming. She felt the
resonance of the Dark Side striking her deep inside her soul... A dark
reflection of her own connection with the Force... Far stronger, far more
powerful than anything that she had sensed before. Part of her yearned to
reach out and touch the darkness, to submerge herself in it and lose herself
in its warmth. Yes... It was warm, inviting...

The cold sound of metal on metal drew her from her reverie. Standing framed
in the doorway was the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. Vader.

"Your highness... Once again I find myself your captor," the Dark Lord
gloated, looking down from atop his massive frame towards the form of the
cowering rebel.

"It's a pleasure I'm looking forward to snatching away from you again," the
princess retorted, drawing herself up to her maximum height and staring up
defiantly into the unmoving mask of her jailer.

"This time, escape is unlikely," Vader replied, his finger pointing
menacingly at the young woman. "And you shall prove to be perfect bait for
Skywalker... Just as you were before."

The mention of Luke's name filled Leia's heart with some element of hope...
That feeling reaching out from her soul to escape the prison cell,
instinctively touching her brother's mind via the conduits of the Force that
flowed so freely around her. Yes, her brother. She could sense it so clearly

Vader's head cocked slightly, the adept Dark Jedi easily perceiving the
neophyte handling of the Force.

"Interesting..." he murmured, studying the princess in new light. "This is
something I had not foreseen. Even in death, Obi-Wan's influence still
reaches far and wide."

Vader turned and marched from the cell--only the rhythmic, labored
exhalations from his breath mask escaping him as he departed. He summoned
his shuttlecraft and ordered his troops to put his captive in the hold...
The Emperor would want an audience with her. Deep inside Vader, on a
subconscious level that even he would not admit existed, he began to pity
the poor princess. She had revealed her instinctive oneness with the
Force... And Vader had seen how the Emperor had exploited others like her

* * *

When Leia next awoke, she could feel her own fear drip from her even before
she got her bearings. Ice-cold shards of pure, distilled panic shot through
her heart, even as her newly found connection with the Force bathed her in
the warm darkness that she had sensed from Vader earlier. The fear carried
itself through her body and in her mind she could once again feel the warmth
of the Dark Side reaching out to her... As if beckoning to her... Offering
to protect her from the cold. Only a supreme force of will stopped her from
stepping off the abyss, allowing herself to be swallowed by the inviting
dark comfort.

She opened her eyes, but could see nothing. She realized that she had been
injected with Tetranin-7, an agent that temporarily robbed the victims of
their sight, whilst at the same time enhancing the sense of touch. She knew
immediately that her combat fatigues had been stripped from her, replaced
with a smooth, silken fabric that danced across her skin. She also knew that
she had been tossed onto a bed with sheets made from a slightly courser weave
of the same fabric. It felt good across her skin and she stretched herself
over the bed, delighting in the feel of the texture against her seemingly
naked skin. Despite her fear, she even sighed at the sensation, before
issuing a deeper moan of enjoyment. The drug was doing its job perhaps too
well, pondered Leia as yet another superhuman force of will took her back to
her surroundings.

She heard an evil cackle of laughter from one of the corners of the chamber
she was in. Feelings of deep hate, evil and lust coursed through her body.

"You are the perfect lure, princess," the voice rasped, once again breaking
out in a short fit of evil laughter.

"Skywalker will sense your suffering and give himself to us of his own free
will... Not knowing that you, already, will call me...master!"

Leia had never seen the Emperor before, but she recognized his hateful
voice... And all at once she knew why she felt so scared and why the Dark
Side of the Force beckoned to her so powerfully. She froze solid and
whimpered to herself as she felt a cold hand slide itself across her cheek
and down over the sheer, silken fabric, small yelps of fear escaping her
as the Emperor's palm slid slowly across her breast.

"Such raw talent... Such a powerful affiliation with the Force... It will be
my pleasure to be your teacher... To show you true power...and of course,
many other things."

The Emperor cackled again before withdrawing...but not leaving. Leia could
still sense his all-pervading evil in the room, but they were not alone now.
She had heard the door open, felt the rush of cold air bathe her body, felt
the presence of the two men who now stood over her helpless form.

"Keep them away from me!" Leia screamed, backing away to the end of the bed,
until the headboard prevented her from moving any further.

She had perceived their attentions so clearly before they had even entered
the room. Two male pleasure slaves... Minds blank save the rapacious desires
of their libido... Men born and bred with the simple urge to fuck... To fuck
until their victims were almost as vegetative as they were, their minds bent
to the pleasures of the flesh.

Leia yelped and whimpered with fear as she a stiff warm hardness brush her
cheek. Instinctively she jerked her head right, her pouting lips brushing the
other slave's hardened cock.

"Temptation of the female to the Dark Side is such a rare pleasure," intoned
the Emperor from his corner of the room. "The rape of the mind is so much
easier to accomplish following the defilement of the body."

"NO!" Leia screamed as she felt two sets of hands hold her head still, two
lust-engorged cocks dripping their lubricating precum across her face,
leaving warm slimy trails across her cheeks then over her lips. "You can't
do this to me!"

"Oh, don't worry," the Emperor spat maliciously. "They're under strict
orders to leave your womb unmolested. The first part of your training will
be to react to the baser urges of the male. What is in your heart, girl? Do
you have an urge for sensual pleasures? Whatever weaknesses you have, we
will find them...together."

Leia's mind was awash with the powerful desires of the two men who aimed to
have her. She could sense their eyes gazing admiringly over her body, taking
in the generous swell of her tits, lusting after the curvature of her legs,
knowing full well what treasure lay at their juncture. The desire was
overwhelming her... As were their hands. They had left her head now and were
busy elsewhere, moving down into the nape of her neck, across her shoulders
and down, slipping beneath the silky fabric to run teasingly across her
breasts. Against her wishes she felt she breasts rise, her nipples hardening
powerfully. A low moan escaped her mouth, the pouting lips parting gently.
One hardened prick ran its way along the length of her mouth and this time
there was no hesitation. Leia's mouth sucked gently on the meat, her tongue
darting out to taste the male hardness. It drew back across the length of
her lips, the rubbery cockhead changing position slightly.

A hard pinch on one of her nipples caused her to cry suddenly, her mouth
opening wide, allowing the intruder to push his cockmeat inch by inch into
her wet, hot mouth. Her tongue ran over the tip, dipping into the piss slit,
thrilling to the tart taste of the precum fluid that oozed freely from the
cockhead as she coaxed it out with a combination of excellent tongue-work
and good old fashioned suction.

The Emperor laughed slowly as he watched Leia descend slowly into the
sensuous trap of his own creation. Deprived of her sight, her tactile
senses boosted a dozen-fold, her own empathic connection with the Force
was betraying her.

"Excellent..." he observed, much surprised at the sensations the girl's
performance was engendering in his own wasted body. The Emperor was well
over a hundred years old and whilst his body was preserved by the rich
evil of the Dark Side of the Force, it was rare indeed that his slumbering
libido was ever awakened.

He watched intently as Leia submerged herself in the raw sexuality of the
moment, producing a cry from her slave lover as she used both hands to
stimulate his shaft, jacking furiously on the meat while her free hand
tickled the underside of his scrotum before moving around to caress his
buttocks. Her mouth devoured the prick meat voraciously, her tongue
savoring the texture and flavor of the lust-hardened flesh, thrilling to
the pleasurable jerking of his cock deep in her oral cavity.

The Emperor signaled to the other slave, taking him away from the thorough
ravishment of her breasts, allowing him access to her legs. Leia moaned in
appreciation as she heard and felt the protective silk being ripped away
from her legs and then her pussy. She yelped at the rush of cold air
attacking her sodden cunt and silently begged the second slave to hurry as
he slowly began to caress her calves... Slowly moving up to her thighs...
Moving upwards... Upwards...

Skilled hands expertly cupped her pussy, fingers running up the length of
her crack, parting any stray hair that crossed her lips, before moving into
maddeningly exciting feather touches on her clitoris. She groaned deeply in
ecstasy, redoubling her efforts on the cock in her mouth, one hand jerking
wildly on the shaft, the other snaked around her slave lover's ass, digging
between his buttocks, desperately seeking the tiny brown pucker of his anus.
The Emperor smiled, allowing the desire he now possessed for this beautiful
young creature to wash over him, fuelling the evil with the adept nature that
only a Dark Jedi Master could muster. The girl was attacking the slave's cock
with a whore's wantonness, instinctively employing her Force-derived empathic
powers to effectively service her lover, his needs flowing into her mind as
quickly as he thought of them. The Emperor cackled to himself quietly. It was
wonderful to see an obvious virgin grow and blossom so quickly once exposed
to the power of the Dark Side. He smiled as he reached into her mind,
satisfied to see the girl reaching for the inviting warmth of the eternal
darkness to keep the demons away.

As Leia's finger dug deeply into her lover's rectum, she could feel sheer
bliss down below. The second slave was now an inch deep into her cunt, his
thumb still attacking her clitoris, massaging ecstasies from it she had not
believed possible. His spare hand was occupied jacking his cock wildly, his
eyes drinking in the convulsing body of yet another frigid whore that he
and his brother had broken.

Leia giggled uncontrollably as the cock left her mouth with a wet slurping
noise. She reached down with both hands, pulling apart the silken fabric
that trapped her breasts, sighing as she heard the delicious ripping noise
of the texture.

"Yesss..." she whispered hoarsely, bringing both of her hands around her
generous tits, holding them out invitingly. "I can feel your desires... Take
them. Have them. Make them yours, lover."

She hissed deeply as the single finger dug deeper into her cunt, the thumb
circling her clit, upping its pace, the lust-inducing hardness of her lover's
prick now buried between the twin mounds of her magnificent breasts. Each
thrust of her lover between her mammaries was reflected in a finger thrust
into her sopping cunt.

"Fuck me... Fuck my tits... Make me cum... Do it..."

Each time she urged her slave lover on, the second slave would strum her
clit wonderfully, urging her to fill the air with obscenities. It was only
a matter of time now... Soon she would reach that plateau of rapture she

"Fuck my cunt... Rub my fucking clit you gorgeous stud... Give me your

Leia could sense her vision beginning to improve as the drug cleared her
system, yet the incredible sensations wracking her body continued unabated,
drawing her ever closer to release. She smiled as she looked down and saw
the well-lubricated love muscle pistoning obscenely between her breasts and
gasped in genuine joy when she saw the white cream leak from the red-angry
helmet before spurting wildly over her tits, her neck and then over her
face. Slick trails covered her from her forehead to her nipples. Her tongue
instinctively darted outwards to taste the slime that now coated her.

At the same time she could feel her own tidal wave of an orgasm approaching.
The finger assaulting her cunt pushed deeper into her, against her
maidenhood, the thumb on her clit replaced with a tongue... Lips sucked
deeply on the button, pushing her over the edge, making her cum like she
never had before.

"Yes... Give it to me... Yes... Oh yesssss... YES!"

The first slave fed his softening cock to her as she came, enjoying the
sensations of his last dregs of jism expertly blown from him as Princess
Leia reached her high.

"A marvelous performance," intoned the Emperor patronizingly, slowly clapping
his hands.

Leia's post-fucking glow was punctured abruptly as the Dark Jedi Master
slowly walked over to the side of the bed, cackling to himself slowly and
quietly, pleased at the disgusted look on the Princess's face as his gray,
wizened features made their presence known.

"Lust is a perfect conduit for the Dark Side of the Force... A lesson I
perceive you have learned well, my student. But it is just one facet of the
power I will enslave you to."

Leia pulled back from the abyss, jumping away from the beckoning warmth of
the Dark Side... But it had felt so good... Her body had responded so
naturally, so magnificently to it. Now she felt cold. Cold and lonely.

"I- I- I am not your student," she uttered, her brown eyes wide with fear as
the Emperor leaned closer to her, his foul breath expelled against her face.

"Aren't you... Aren't you indeed," he smiled. "You will learn to use your
fear, girl... You will learn to embrace the hatred I bring forth from you.
And it won't just be your hatred of me, my dear... It will be your own
disgust for yourself."

"No..." she started, now more than aware of the second slave, whose cock
remained as rock hard as it had been since before her own release.

"Your journey to the Dark Side is nearer than you yourself would believe,"
he smiled, before turning away and leaving the room.

The hardened cock was now inches from her face and Leia screwed her eyes
shut, turning her head away in rejection, even as the warmth of the Dark Side
once again began to embrace her body. The lust of the slave seeping into her
mind, her hands rising against her will to grasp the tightened meat.

"NO!" she cried in despair as her hands took on a life of their own, slowly
jerking and teasing at the penis, her soul screaming in evil joy with every
gasp of pleasure the slave produced. She found herself facing the cock she
was exciting, her eyes drawn to the hardness in her hands, her cunt drooling
in anticipation as her mouth watered, her lips parting to take the member

Tears sprung from her eyes, blurring her vision as she slowly devoured the
proffered meat, her soul feeling total fulfillment at the sensation of rock
hardness in her mouth, her mind full to brimming with the self-disgust and
personal loathing that the Emperor had promised her.

The slave took her head in both hands and pumped savagely into her, laughing
and grunting brutally as he fucked into her.

"Take it, you fucking whore!" he cried as he crossed the point of no return,
allowing the laughter to build as he enjoyed the sensation of his cream
shooting deeply into her mouth, enjoying her gag reflex as his cum coated her
tonsils. Leia's self-disgust and hatred flowed freely through her as her
tongue flicked at the underside of the cockhead, forcing the spurts of cream
to ejaculate even more wildly into her mouth.

Once finished, she cleaned him with her tongue, then collapsed into a weeping
fetal ball of despair as the two slaves left her to her mental torment, the
taste of them in her mouth, their essence drying into a flaky mess on her
face, neck and breasts. Even as she wept, her hand snaked down between her
legs and pushed into her pussy, her thoughts occupied with the image of the
Emperor--so cold, so evil, so powerful. Power... Desire... Lust... All three
were beginning to merge in her soul.


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