Star Wars: Leia - Temptations Of The Dark Side Part 2 (MF,viol,nc-cons)
by Pegasus ([email protected])

She looked out of the porthole and into distance space. She had slept a
while, the rest almost cleansing her soul of the evil that had once
enshrouded it. She felt vital, alive, determined to face down the terror
that threatened to consume her. For the time being, the guilt had abated,
her fierce drive for survival blotting out the memories of the debasements
she had willingly given herself to. She covered her used flesh with a
flowing white gown, then stared out into the deep blackness of the void
beyond the bulkhead in front of her.

Leia had no idea of how long she had slept. In space, the body clock gives
up on you. Time has little meaning. Inside of her there was worry. She had
no idea how long remained until the rebel fleet emerged from hyperspace to
destroy the new Death Star. She spared a thought for Han's rebel strike
force on the surface of the forest moon. If she hadn't been so headstrong
and stupid, she wouldn't be in this situation now. She felt needed elsewhere.
Instead she was fighting for possession of her own soul.

Images began to flash through her mind. Occasionally this happened--the
Force seemingly engulfed her mind, treating her to images or sensations of
what was to be. She felt cold, yet warm, thrilled perhaps. She didn't feel
happy, she felt superior. And she was superior, better than anybody else,
comfortable with the powers she felt coursing through her body.

"Already the future speaks to you, just as it did your father before you."

Leia jumped, then turned around to face the Emperor, standing framed in the
doorway, flanked by two of his red-garbed personal guards. His surprise
arrival had more than startled her, it affected her on a deeper level.

Instinctively she wanted to run, yet to her horror she found herself stepping
towards him. Just the one step, but it was enough. The Emperor looked at Leia
warmly, a thin evil smile slowly spreading across his cruel features.

"Already you have some inkling of the glorious future that awaits you, my
student," the Emperor continued, slowly hobbling towards the princess. "A
lifetime of true power here at my side. I have foreseen it."

Leia returned his gaze with a steely look of defiance that was obviously not
reflected inside of her. "Never. I'll never turn to the Dark Side. You can be
assured of that."

The Emperor sighed and shook his head slowly.

"Already you have denied what I have taught you. When my men abused you, you
chose the only option for survival.and you gloried in it!"

"It was a mistake, damn you! A mistake! I've made them before and I'll make
them again. And each time I'll learn from them. I won't repeat them!"

"Oh but you will, girl." the Emperor smiled, turning and advancing upon his
student. "I sensed how your soul was warmed to the power of domination, how
you thrilled to the sensations coursing through your body--feelings that I
forced into you. I watched over your mind as I left, I felt your lust
inflamed by my power.power that you desire. power I will give to you."


"All power needs a conduit, my student.a media for transfer."

Leia backed away as she saw a triumphant glint flash through the Emperor's
mind, both of his hands pointing accusingly at her.

"No...please, don't!"

"And that conduit, my dear, is pain."

Blue lightning bolts shot out from the Emperor's outstretched hands, catching
Leia full in the chest, the agony excruciating as the flashes of raw evil
power flicked across her entire body, setting every nerve ending on fire. Her
eyes screwed shut as the pain continued for what seemed like an eternity. She
was dimly aware of falling back onto the bed, but more than that she could
feel the all-pervasive aura of the Force around her. Once again the warm
blackness returned. It could save her from the agony--the ebony cloak of the
Dark Side would shield her from all the pain. But she knew it was wrong!

Her eyes flickered open as she heard the incessant evil cackling of the
Emperor, leaning over her splayed body, the arcs of sapphire lightning
causing her body to convulse in abject torment. He was reveling in her
pain, enjoying her every spasm of suffering.

There was nothing she could do now. Her survival instincts took over--the
Force began to creep into every pore of her body, warming her, yet darkening
her soul, taking the pain away and yet replacing it with feelings and
sensations that Leia knew that she would not be able to control. She closed
her eyes and the laughter died away, a thin smile on her lips as she knew
that she would survive the pain.survive it, and more.

The Emperor's attacks were more concentrated now, the agony bolts striking
her breast, burning through the thin fabric of the white gown with
contemptuous ease, but now that the pain was gone, the sensation could be
replaced with any one of a thousand feelings of her choosing. She smiled at
the gentle caress of a skilled lover on her breast, allowing the pinprick
feelings of arousal flood her body, her nipples swelling and erect. Then
the feelings spread throughout her body, her legs spreading wide as the
fire of lust spread into her cunt, wetting her crotch to a sodden mess
almost within an instant. She moaned and let her lover touch her everywhere.

The Emperor roared with triumphant laughter, standing over his prot‚g‚,
raining his lightning bolts into her squirming body. Thrilling to the
sight of her flesh being uncovered as his lightning danced across her
body, reducing her clothing to ash and vapor as he first targeted her
tits, watching them respond magnificently to their torment and then
down, lower, between her thighs. How he thrilled as her beautiful little
cunt was revealed, how his own arousal flared when her legs had spread,
revealing her wetness to him. He knew that she was now--and always would
be--a disciple of the Dark Side.

He ceased his attack, looking down with a mixture of triumph and desire as
the vapor slowly cleared, allowing him to witness the full erotic glory of
his prize. She was still moaning, now with frustration rather than lust,
the ash slowly clearing from her body as she writhed before him. The Emperor
let a small moan of desire escape his lips as his back arched towards him,
presenting her generous breasts to him, both crowned with bloated nipples
that sung out for him to enjoy them. Her sleek legs were still parted, the
pinkness of her wet pussy still exposed to him. Leia's eyes were closed, her
head thrown back, lips barely open in a pout of sexual wantonness.

"Please..." her eyes opened, staring straight into his with an intensity that
could not be denied. "I...need..." The Emperor's smile vanished and he looked
down coldly at her. Like a judge after the guilty verdict, he prepared to
pass sentence.

"Your life as you knew it is over, girl. The rebel fleet will be destroyed
and I will use you to bring young Skywalker over to the Dark Side, just as I
have done with you. You will be my concubine and the remnants of the rebel
forces will dissipate forever when they see you by my side."


"Their spirits will be broken when they see your stomach grow fat with my
child. It will force their minds to conceive of the acts we will perform

He smiled as he watched her hand reach pathetically towards him, her eyes
begging him to reawaken the fire that had consumed her body seconds earlier.
Unbidden, the Emperor's two personal guards stood behind him, unfastening
his black cloak, before turning and leaving their master alone with his new

The Emperor enjoyed the small gasp of fear that escaped Leia's mouth as he
stepped forward, shedding his cloak behind him. His body was warped, wrinkled
and bent through its prolonged exposure to the Dark Side of the Force. A
lesson he would make sure would never be repeated on his latest prot‚g‚. His
new slave would be preserved forever just as she was now, sustaining her at
the point of submission for the rest of her life.

She knelt on the bed before him, eyes looking up at the Emperor's face, an
expression of desire, lust and subservience painting her features. He nodded
slowly and her face dropped level with his wasted cock: small, grey and
shriveled. Her hands stretched out, pulling on the skin, stretching it, then
caressing it slowly, her thumb and forefinger forming a ring around it...a
ring she used to begin to jerk him off. To her frustration, the Emperor's
prick did not respond. Her other hand daintily cupped his testicles, her
fingers running tiny feather touches across both of them...and still no

She leaned forward, inhaling his scent as her tongue slowly began to paint
tiny spit trails along the length of his cock, the princess lifting it in
order to tease the underside, an unbelievable sense of satisfaction thrilling
her as she felt the first pulse shoot through it. She drew closer, crushing
her tits against his legs, taking the entire length into her mouth and
dancing her tongue around every square millimeter, slowly building his
arousal into a half-erection. Leia wanted to please her master so badly...
she needed his cock. Already her body felt like a void--a dark, inky black
void that needed to be filled so desperately. Filled with this cock. Her
cunt drooled profusely now, a small moistening at the top of her thighs
increasing as her pussy demanded more.

Cold, clammy hands ran through her hair as Leia worshipped the Emperor
intimately with her mouth, tongue and lips, grazing his cockhead with her
teeth and laughing evilly as she dropped back and watched the first
transparent drop of precum ooze from the tip.

She looked up into the Emperor's eyes.

"With my flesh I honor you, Master. Teach me the true power of the Force and
take my body and my servitude as your payment."

" will bear my child...the most powerful being in
the Universe, who will inherit the Dark Empire that we will create for him."

Leia smiled and continued to masturbate her master slowly, never losing the
eye contact that signified her complete devotion to him. The Emperor's precum
flowed freely now from his full-blooded erection, dripping down the shaft and
running over Leia's hand. Switching hands she brought the stained fingers to
her mouth and closed her eyes in depraved pleasure as her tongue emerged from
her beautiful ruby lips and sought out the precious fluid.

"My body exists for your pleasure, my womb exists for your child. Take me

She leaned back on the bed, smiling in complete fulfillment as she awaited
the moment of completeness, her body sending out every conceivable signal of
readiness to her master. Both her hands stretched down to play with her wet
cunt, her arms squeezing her breasts out, both nipples pointing towards the
Emperor. Slowly she drew her legs outwards, bending them at the knees,
letting the lips of her cunt open slightly.

"Whore," the Emperor spat as he crawled on his hands and knees up the length
of the bed until he could rest his hands on the inviting breasts of his
conquest. "The Emperor's whore awaits her pleasure."

He crushed her tits with inhuman strength, smiling as he heard Leia scream
in pain. Looking down he enjoyed the sight of his fingers disappearing into
the pliant flesh and his cock pulsed in desire as he slowly began to rub
it--first on her thigh and then across her slit, before finally thrusting
feebly over her clitoris.

"Whore!" screamed Leia in frustration, pain and desire. "Yes. I'm a fucking
whore! Treat me like the piece of shit I am!"

The Emperor was inflamed still further, crushing one tit harder and pulling
back from the other, enjoying the deep red marks he had left on it. He
brought his hand back and cackled to himself as he spanked the free breast
hard, enjoying the sight of it jiggling enticingly, but especially delighting
in Leia's squirming body humping itself against his cock.

"NO!" she screamed, thrashing her head from left to right. "Please, no!"

In all his years of existence, the Emperor had never known a woman like this.
His mouth curled into a sneer as he pushed his cock hard into Leia's warm,
silky tightness, a small giggle escaping him as he came up against her
virginity--a pleasing annoyance that he enjoyed disposing of as he brutally
rammed his prick deep into her cunt. Again she screamed and again the Emperor
felt a pulse of precum ooze in sympathy from his weapon.

He feebly began to hump into her pussy, allowing Leia to do most of the work
as her hips swiveled beneath him, taking his cock to every corner of her
depths. She was in ecstasy now, her servitude to her master now total, her
body and mind now absorbing the power of the Dark Side of the Force
completely, the raptures increasing exponentially as she allowed the evil to
fully cloak her, the good forced out forever.

The Emperor stabbed into her sharply, his desire alive for the first time in
decades, his cock expanding still further in the sheath of Leia's cunt until
he could feel his thrusts hitting her cervix. More pain for his slave to
endure and to embrace in her journey to complete capitulation. Her felt her
legs wrap themselves around him, her arms doing likewise around his neck as
she brought her torso up to rub against his.

Whore.she was his whore, a fucking slut who must know her position. The
Emperor could feel his new charge digging for her orgasm, fucking herself
against him in wild abandon. There would be one more lesson for his student
to learn. He could feel his own orgasm approaching, his fingers grabbing a
handful of hair. As he felt the tightness in his cock and balls reach a
fever pitch he jerked her head back, pulling her hair cruelly. She screamed
in pain and convulsed in agony as once again her tit was molested with a
vice-like grip that sent a wave of sharp torment through her body.

The Emperor squirted his cum deep into her womb as he continued to cause her
pain, smiling in glee as watched the suffering of the girl who called him
"Master" and who would worship him and all he stood for, for the rest of her

She flopped back onto the bed in tears, so close to that final release and
yet now infinitely far away, her orgasm denied her by the master she loved
more than life itself. A solitary tear escaped her right eye as her fingers
massaged her cunt, her thumb stroking her clit. The Emperor stood above her,
watching her masturbate, allowing the subtle reverberations in the Force
wash over him. His denial of her release had caused a delicious upset in the
balance of the Force, which brought back his arousal with a vengeance.

Leia plaintively looked into the face of her master.

"Please may I cum, Master? I beg of you...please!"

The Emperor moaned at the sensations still coursing through his prick,
nodding his head in agreement to his slave's wishes as he felt another surge
of orgasmic rapture flow through his body, arcs of pitch-black cum dripping
from his cock over Leia's tits and face. He drenched her as she came, marking
her forever as a servant of the Dark Side.



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