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Greetings. My name is Doctor Evil and I am here to present to you a series of
tales from the realms of popular fiction, in particular television and movies. I
inhabit the dark realms within these universes, and it is here I see the things
that weren't shown, the things that might have happened and the things that
should have happened. I present these tales of dark pleasures to you the
readers who deserve to know the entire story. Did you ever wonder what could
happen if the situation was changed in one of your favourite films or television
shows? I am here to present the answer to you. If you have a situation which
you would like to see exposed, then inform me and I shall do my utmost to
find out the real truth for you. Today's story exposes a situation from the Star
Wars universe.

What actually happened to Princess Leia when she was captured by the
Empire in Star Wars? Just what happened after Darth Vader and the
interrogation droid entered her cell and shut the door?

Well here today we have those answers for you!

In a tale called:

"Star Wars - Leia's Interrogation"

Chapter 1

Leia stood and watched in amazement at how quickly her small
force was broken up, many were dead, the remainder captured. She watched
as they were marched along ahead of her, and were then escorted to a
freighter, probably bound for the spice mines or some other labour camp. She
caught one final glimpse of her friends as she was shoved roughly into a stark
metal elevator which then shot upwards to her new accommodation. She
heard the giant turbolasers of the Star Destroyer power up and fire, no doubt
obliterating her little blockade runner. She hoped the R2 droid had escaped in

The Star Destroyer slowed to a halt and Leia was marched into a shuttle
behind Vader in the main docking bay. The Stormtroopers escorting her threw
her down into one of the shuttle's acceleration couches and then took their
positions alongside her. Where they thought she could possibly go inside a
shuttle after take off she didn't know, but that was the Imperial mindset all
over. She looked around and was startled to see Vader standing quite close
by. He stood unmoving, looking out of one of the viewports, seemingly
unaffected by the shuttle's sudden movements. She watched him for some
time and somehow she knew that he was aware of her eyes on the back of his
helmet. "You wish to destroy me," he stated quite simply. "Yes, yes I do,"
she gasped. "Good, feel that hatred and use it to survive. I would hate to see
anything happen to you, at least not until we have our answers," he said
almost casually over his shoulder. She could see why he had acquired such
power so quickly, he was such an imposing figure, his simplest gestures were
enough to frighten most people. She wasn't most people though. "Where are
you taking me?" she demanded. "To a new space station," he said, pointing a
gloved finger at what appeared to be a small moon. As the shuttle moved
closer she realised that the station wasn't on the moon, it was the moon. She
gasped in amazement, and turned to look at Vader for some reaction. "You
are impressed? It is a tool, nothing more. True power comes from the force." "I
agree, but not this twisted version of it that you seem to worship. It should be
for the good of all people, not the corruption of a few." "You are still young and
naive, you have much to learn. Pray that you survive to gain that wisdom." He
turned away from her and moved towards the hatch, waiting for it to be
opened. With a sudden hiss the hatch lowered and Vader strode powerfully
away from her, and before she could react further she was quickly pulled to
her feet by the guards and marched down the ramp.

The elevator opened up onto a small control area, dominated by a control desk
in the middle of the room. Behind it was a long corridor leading off to where
she supposed the cells were, and two officers were seated behind the desk
staring alertly at the new arrivals. "Prisoner transfer from Lord Vader's shuttle,"
said the trooper on her left. "Princess Leia, yes she's here on the list," said
the smaller officer standing to his full height behind the control panel. He
ticked her off on his clipboard and motioned for the two troopers, one either
side of the lift entrance, to move forwards and take custody of her. "That will
be all, you may go," he said dismissively to her two original escorts. They
grunted their acceptance and made their way back into the lift, leaving her with
the four new Imperials. "Well, well, well. I don't think we've ever had royalty in
here before have we Rikk?" asked the standing officer. "No I don't believe we
have Brinn," said the other officer as he stood up. "Rikk, it says here that she
is highly dangerous, and is a top level Rebel operative. We'd better make sure
she isn't armed." "Quite correct Brinn, can't be too careful with these Rebel
scum. She could be carrying any sort of horrific weapon." "Alright boys just
take me to my cell," instructed Leia. "Sorry Princess, you're not in charge
here. We have to search you for weapons first. Take her to exam room one,"
ordered Brinn.

The door slammed shut behind her and Leia found herself alone in a stark
white room. Looking around her she saw several panels around the walls
which obviously had something behind them, but she could not tell what. With
a snap the lights suddenly became even brighter and one of the walls slowly
slid down to reveal a long desk, with Rikk, Brinn and four other Imperial
officers sitting behind it. From their insignia she recognised two of them as
medics, but the other two were standard officers. She could also see the light
glinting off the white armour of several Stormtroopers standing behind them,
but she could not make out just how many were standing there. Then she
realised they were actually behind a giant viewpanel, so she was still sealed
into the room. The comm system crackled into life and she could hear the
background noise of the other room. "Prisoner initial examination. Prisoner
designated Leia Organa, Princess. Rebel sympathiser, held by order of Lord
Vader," stated a voice she was unfamiliar with. "What do you think you're
doing? You'll all be hauled before the senate for this treatment of an official
representative." "I'm afraid not Princess. The Senate has been disbanded, and
no one will defend a Rebel traitor. You are all alone my dear." Leia guessed
that it was one of the older officers speaking to her, but because of the intense
lighting she could not tell. "Begin the examination," ordered another new
voice. "You will be searched for weapons, or other devices. You will remove
your clothing immediately." Leia stood staring at the screen in disbelief. Had
she heard them correctly? This was unthinkable for someone in her position.
"You want me to remove my clothing? You've got to be joking," stated Leia. "I
assure you we are quite serious. This is standard procedure, and we want to
make sure everything is done by the book. We don't want people to say that
we gave you special treatment now do we?" "I do not recognise any authority
you think you have over me or anyone else, and I will not do this." "Yes, I was
afraid you might take this unfortunate position," she could tell this was the
older man on the end as he turned to face the troopers as he finished
speaking. "Bring in our guarantees." She heard another panel slide open
behind her and she spun around to face it. She could see four Stormtroopers
standing alongside a group of her crew. "If you refuse to co-operate I'm afraid I
will have to start executing these men," said the older man, motioning to the
lead trooper. Before Leia was able to react the trooper had raised his rifle and
shot one man dead. He slumped to the floor and the troopers pushed another
man forwards in front of the viewpanel. "You can refuse for hours before I run
out of these Rebel scum, and it's such an entertaining way to execute them
don't you think?" Leia reeled in shock from what she had just seen. She knew
that the Empire was ruthless, but she had never had it brought home to her in
such a personal way before. "No decision, alright then it's time for number two
then," he said with a wave of his hand. "No wait!" Leia screamed at him.
"Alright damn you, I'll do as you ask." "See Brinn, I told you it would only take
one to convince her. You owe me 20 credits," said Rikk smugly.

She could feel her hands begin to tremble, but she bit down on her lip and
forced herself to go through with this. Her loyal friends lives were at stake, and
perhaps if she co-operated they would all live to destroy each and every one of
the men at the table in front of her. Reaching up to the back of her neck she
undid the fastener and then opened up the back of her robes. She pulled it
forwards, pulling her arms out of the sleeves, and allowing the robes to fall
down to be held in place by the belt she was wearing. With the top of her
robes down the body suit she was wearing underneath could be clearly seen,
revealing the shape of her lithe form to all the men at the desk in front of her.
She reached back and undid her belt, and allowed the robes to fall to the floor
around her ankles. She hesitantly stepped out of the robes and stood staring
at the older man at the end of the table, wearing only her body suit and boots.
"What are you waiting for Princess? We do have better things to be doing you
know, so hurry up." Realising that this was not going to be enough, she
glanced back at her crewmates in the second room, only to see the flight
officer shoved hard up against the screen with a blaster rifle firmly jammed
behind his ear. She could see the look of fright on his face, and the solemn
resolve beneath it. He would not cry out for help, he would not beg her to help
him. Like all the other members of the alliance, he knew how important the
over all plan was, but like the rest of the captured soldiers, he knew they were
all unfortunately expendable. If she could help him live a little longer, then she
would do it. Damn these people for putting her in this position, and damn
herself for being so naive to believe nothing would happen to her because of
her connections with the senate. "Let's get going before we're too old to
appreciate this," said the older man. Yes it was just as she'd suspected. They
just wanted to see her strip her clothes off for their own amusement, well she
wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing her cringe. She would retain her
dignity. With a new resolve she started to remove the remainder of her
clothes. She pulled off one boot and then the other and then added them to
the pile of her clothing. She then slid the straps of her suit over her shoulders
pulling the top of her suit down to the top of her breasts. Well this was it, she
had to be strong now and think of the people she was saving. She pulled the
top of the suit down over her pert breasts, revealing their pink little nipples
standing upright in the cold examination room. She could hear the noises of
appreciation coming over the comm system, they weren't even pretending to
be impartial observers any longer. She lowered the suit, slowly sliding it down
over her flat stomach, before sliding it lower, revealing her dark patch of pubic
hair. Quickly she slid the suit to her feet and picked it up and held it in front of
her. "Put the suit with the rest of your clothing," ordered the older man the
instant she held it up in front of herself. She dropped the body suit on top of
the pile and stood naked before the table of men. Despite her resolve she was
still self-conscious about standing nude in front of all these strangers, as well
as her own friends in the room behind her. "Turn around Princess," ordered the
man. Slowly she turned to face her friends, and trying to give them a
reassuring look, she stood still waiting for the next instruction while the men
behind her admired her firm white buttocks. "Hmmm I'm not sure about that,
what do you think......" said Brinn's voice trailing off into a murmur she couldn't
make out. "Move your legs further apart," ordered Brinn. She quietly complied
and slid her feet further away from each other. "Good, now reach forwards and
grab your ankles," he ordered. She hesitated and gave another look at her
friends watching her, before she gave in and bent forwards. Her medium sized
breasts hung free, showing them off to her friends before her, and exposing her
rear end to the Imperials behind her. "I told you she'd do it, that's another 20
you owe me Brinn," said Rikk. She was going to enjoy shooting those two

"Now we'll need to check you for weapons Princess. Climb up on the table,"
instructed the older man. Leia looked at the table which had emerged from the
wall opposite the door. It was a metal bench, with no padding whatsoever. At
one end was an indentation for her head, and at the other were two raised
cups, like the heel end of shoes, obviously for her to rest her feet in. Silently
she climbed up onto the bench and laid down, realising that if she put her legs
up in that position she would be exposing herself totally to these people, she
momentarily hesitated. "So your modesty returns does it Princess? Is it worth
a man's life?" he asked menacingly. "No don't do that. I'll do it damn you, just
don't hurt them." Using her rage to cover her nervousness she slid her feet up
into place and laid back on the bench. Instantly metal bindings sprang out of
the bench to hold her down. One was around her neck, another held her arms
at the elbow and another at her wrist. Out of each footrest had sprung a
covering for the remainder of her foot, stopping her from removing her feet.
Restraints also held her at the knees and around the waist. "What do you
think of our little table?" asked the older man. She realised that the voice was
coming from somewhere nearby. They had all entered the room now that she
was restrained, and she could hear them moving around at the end of the
bench. "It's a kind of molecular unstable metal, which means we are able to
manipulate it's shape and change it to suit our needs at any given time. Here
let me show you." Suddenly the end of the table began to rise, while the leg
supports moved further apart, spreading her legs even wider. She knew the
lewd sight she must be presenting them with, however there was nothing she
could do about it so she chose to say nothing. "I think I'll do the honours
today boys." She could hear the disappointed grumbles coming from Rikk and
Brinn, and was glad for small mercies. Suddenly she tried to spring upwards
off the table as she felt a hand on her pussy. "Now you see why we have the
restraints," said the older man with a chuckle as she continued to try and get
up. "I'll be checking you internally for any hidden items, and then you can go
to a cell." As her mind was trying to absorb the full impact of what was about
to happen to her, he began the procedure. She felt his hands on her pussy
lips, and with some pressure he slid them apart to reveal her pink interior. She
was glad she couldn't see what was happening, she just wished they would
hurry up and get it over with. She felt one of his hands slowly manipulating her
pubic region while he was doing something else, and then as she felt a metal
object on her pussy, she realised he had been preparing his equipment. She
felt some sort of gelatinous substance being rubbed over and inside her
pussy, before she felt the tip of the metal object at her opening. Slowly the
object slid inside and then it began to spread apart, forcing her pussy open
with it. "That's better, now we can see properly. Brinn bring that light over
here." She could feel his hands still moving around her pussy, in and out.
Then with a sudden gasp he stood up so she could see his face. "You're a
virgin my dear! You're such a pretty thing, how have you managed to hang
onto it?" "I am a Princess, I have to be intact for my marriage to be binding."
"Hmmm, well in that case I'm afraid you'll have to be under extra protection."
She was dumbstruck. "You're not going to try and take it?" "We wouldn't dare,
that's something to be preserved at all costs." It seemed very strange that
these ruthless killers would value something like a girl's virginity, but she
wasn't going to argue with them. Suddenly she let out a loud grunt as an
invading finger was forced inside her anus, and began to wiggle about. It was
shortly joined by another, and she was just grateful that they were lubricated
beforehand. "Did that hurt? Sorry, just checking for weapons. Who knows, you
may have a blaster rifle hidden up here." She could hear the others chuckling
at this, and it gave her the last bit of resolve she needed to endure the
remainder of the exam. She felt a hand snake it's way up her stomach to her
breasts and begin to squeeze and pinch them. "These appear to be real." "Of
course they're real," said Leia indignantly. "I wasn't suggesting anything, we
can't be too careful though." She then heard them move away, and she was
alone in the room again. "I'd say we're finished for the time being Princess.
You can get dressed again and we'll take you to your cell," said the older man
from inside the viewing room. The clamps suddenly snapped open and the
table tipped forwards, dumping her alongside her white clothing on the floor.
Quickly she began to dress and then stood to look at her comrades in the
next room. "Ah yes, thank you for reminding me. We don't need them any
longer, take them out and have them shot," ordered the older man as two
troopers entered the room and forced her out the door.

To be continued.

Copyright (c) Dr Evil Productions 1999


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